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Словарь металлургических терминов
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Tack weldsTailings
Tandem millTandem welding
Tangent bendingTapping
TarnishTaylor process
Tee jointTeeming
TemperTemper carbon
Temper colorTemper embrittlement
Temper rollingTempered layer
Tempered martensiteTempered martensite embrittlement
TemperingTensile strength
Tensile stressTension
Tension testingTerminal solid solution
Ternary alloyTernary system
TextureThermal aging
Thermal analysisThermal cutting
Thermal decompositionThermal electromotive force
Thermal embrittlementThermal fatigue
Thermal inspectionThermal shock
Thermal sprayingThermal stresses
Thermal wearThermit reactions
Thermit weldingThermochemical machining
Thermochemical treatmentThermocouple
Thermomechanical workingThin-wall casting
Thomas converterThread rolling
ThreadingThree-point bending
Three-quarters hardThreshold stress
Throat of a fillet weldThrowing power
Tiger stripesTilt boundary
Time quenchingTime-temperature curve
Tin pestTin tossing
TinningTint etching
Toe crackToe of weld
Toggle pressTolerance
Tolerance limitsTonghold
Tool steelTooling
ToothTooth point
Top-and-bottom processTorch brazing
Torch solderingTorsion
Torsional momentTotal carbon
Total cyanidTotal elongation
Total indicator variationTough pitch copper
ToughnessTramp alloys
Tramp elementTranscrystalline cracking
Transformation hardeningTransformation ranges
Transformation temperatureTransformation-induced plasticity
Transgranular crackingTransgranular fracture
Transition latticeTransition metal
Transition phaseTransition point
Transition structureTransition temperature
Transverse directionTransverse rupture strength
Travel angleTrees
TrepanningTriaxial stress
TribologyTrimmer blade
Trimmer dieTrimmer punch
Trimming pressTrimming shoe
TRIP steelTriple point
Triple-action pressTroostite
Troy ounceTrue strain
True stressTruing
Tube reducingTube stock
Turk's-head rollsTurning
Twin bandsTwist boundary
Type metal