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Dictionary of American idioms
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go off

go off
1. Lit. [for an explosive device] to explode. •

The fireworks all went off as scheduled.

The bomb went off and did a lot of damage.

2. Lit. [for a sound-creating device] to make its noise. •

The alarm went off at six o'clock.

The siren goes off at noon every day.

3. Fig. [for an event] to happen or take place. •

The party went off as planned.

Did your medical examination go off as well as you had hoped?

* * *
{v.} 1. To leave; to depart. * /Helen's mother told her not to go off without telling her./ 2a. To be fired; explode. * /The firecracker went off and scared Jack's dog./ 2b. To begin to ring or buzz. * /The alarm clock went off at six o'clock and woke Father./ 3. To happen. * /The party went off without any trouble./ * /The parade went off without rain./

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