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Dictionary of American idioms
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a lot

{n.}, {informal} A large number or amount; very many or very much; lots. * /I learned a lot in Mr. Smith's class./ * /A lot of our friends are going to the beach this summer./ - Often used like an adverb. * /Ella is a jolly girl; she laughs a lot./ * /Grandfather was very sick last week, but he's a lot better now./ * /You'll have to study a lot harder if you want to pass./ - Also used as an adjective with "more", "less", and "fewer". * /There was a good crowd at the game today, but a lot more will come next week./ - Often used with "whole" for emphasis. * /John has a whole lot of marbles./ * /Jerry is a whole lot taller than he was a year ago./ Compare: GOOD DEAL, GOOD MANY, A NUMBER. Contrast: A FEW, A LITTLE.

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