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Dictionary of American idioms
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wade across somethingwade in
wade inwade in(to something)
wade throughwade through
wade through somethingwaffle about
waffle aroundwag
wagwag one's chin
wag one's chinwage something against someone or something
wager on someone or somethingwager something on someone or something
wait (around) (for someone or something)wait (on) tables
wait (up)on someonewait at something (for someone or something)
wait at tablewait at table
wait for the next wavewait for the other shoe to drop
wait onwait on
wait on hand and footwait on hand and foot
wait on someone hand and footwait on table
wait on tablewait one's turn
wait something outwait up
wait upWait up (a minute)!
wait up (for someone or something)wait up (until something)
wait uponwait upon
wait-and-see attitudewaiting in the wings
waiting listwaiting list
waiting roomwaiting room
wake (up) from somethingwake (up) to something
wake someone (up) from somethingwake someone or an animal up
wake someone up (to something)wake the dead
wake upWake up and smell the coffee.
waken to somethingwalk
walkwalk (right) into a trap
walk (right) into someone or somethingwalk a tightrope
walk a tightropewalk across something
walk ahead of someone or somethingwalk all over
walk all overwalk all over someone or something
walk alongwalk along something
walk aroundwalk around something
walk away from someone or somethingwalk away with
walk away withwalk away with someone or an animal
walk away with somethingwalk back ((to) something)
walk down somethingwalk in on someone or something
walk in(to something)walk of life
walk of lifewalk off
walk off the jobwalk off with
walk off withwalk off with something
walk onwalk on air
walk on airwalk on eggs
walk on eggswalk on eggshells
walk on stage and off againwalk on thin ice
walk outwalk out
walk out (of something)walk out (on someone)
walk out (on something)walk out with someone
walk overwalk over
walk over (to someone or something)walk right in
walk right up (to someone or something)walk soft
walk someone outwalk someone over to someone or something
walk someone through somethingwalk someone's feet off
walk tallwalk the chalk
walk the chalkwalk the floor
walk the floorwalk the plank
walk the plankwalk through something
walk togetherwalk up something
walk up to someone or somethingwalk with someone
walk with somethingwalking dictionary
walking dictionarywalking encyclopedia
walking encyclopediawalking papers
walking paperswall
wallwall someone or something in
wall someone or something offwall something off (from someone or something)
wall something upwall-to-wall (with) something
wallow (around) in somethingwallow in something
walls have earswalls have ears
Walls have ears.waltz around something
waltz in(to some place)waltz off
waltz off (with something)waltz through something
waltz up (to someone)wander about
wander aroundwander away (from someone or something)
wander from somethingwander in(to something)
wander off (from someone or something)wangle out of something
wangle something from someonewangle something out of someone
Wanna make sumpin' of it?want ad
want adwant for nothing
want for somethingwant in((to) something)
want off ((of) something)want out (of something)
want someone for somethingwant someone or something back
want someone or something in somethingwant someone or something out of something
want something for someone or somethingWant to make something of it?
war against someone or somethingwar baby
war babywar over someone or something
war with someoneward off
ward offward someone or something off
warm as toastwarm body
warm one's bloodwarm one's blood
warm outwarm out
warm someone or something upwarm someone up
warm something overwarm the bench
warm the benchwarm the cockles of someone's heart
warm upwarm up
warm up to someone or somethingwarm-up
warm-upwarmed over
warn someone about someone or somethingwarn someone against someone or something
warn someone away from someone or somethingwarn someone of something
warn someone offwarpath
warrantwarts and all
was hadwash and wear
wash and wearwash away
wash off ((of) someone or something)wash one's dirty linen in public
wash one's dirty linen in publicwash one's hands of
wash one's hands ofwash one's hands of someone or something
wash outwash out
wash over someonewash overboard
wash someone or something awaywash someone or something off
wash someone or something overboardwash someone or something up
wash someone outwash someone out of something
wash someone upwash something away
wash something down (with something)wash something down something
wash something of somethingwash something off (of) someone or something
wash something outwash something out of something
wash up (for something)washed out
washed outwashed up
washed upwashout
washoutwashsomeone's mouth out (with soap)
washsomething offwaste
wastewaste away
waste awayWaste not, want not.
waste of spacewaste one's breath
waste one's breathwaste someone
waste something awaywaste something on someone or something
watch every pennywatch every penny
watch for someone or somethingwatch it
watch itWatch it!
Watch my lips!watch one's dust
watch one's dustwatch one's language
watch one's languagewatch one's step
watch one's stepwatch out
watch outwatch out for someone
watch out for someone or somethingwatch over
watch overwatch over someone or something
watch someone or something like a hawkwatch the store
Watch your mouth!Watch your tongue!Watch your language!
watched pot never boilswatched pot never boils
watched pot never boils.watcher
waterwater down
water downwater over the dam
water over the damwater over the dam
water something downwater under the bridge
water under the bridgewater wagon
water wagonwatered down
watered downwaterfront
waterfrontwatering hole
watering holeWaterloo
Waterloowave at someone
wave back (at someone)wave someone back (from something)
wave someone or something asidewave someone or something away (from someone or something)
wave someone or something offwave someone or something on
wave something aroundwave to someone
waver between someone and someone elsewaver between something and something else
wax and wanewax angry
wax eloquentwax poetic
wax wrothway
wayway it plays
way offway off
way off (base)way out
way the wind blowsway the wind blows
way to a man's heart is through his stomach.ways and means
ways and meanswayside
waysideWe aim to please.
we areWe had a lovely time.
We must do this again (sometime).We must learn to walk before we can run.
We need to talk about something.We were just talking about you.
we willWe'll try again some other time.
We've had a lovely time.We('ll) have to do lunch sometime.
weak as a babyweak as a kitten
weak link (in the chain)weak sister
wealth of somethingwean someone (away) from something
wear (up)on someonewear (up)on something
wear and tearwear and tear
wear and tear (on something)wear away
wear awaywear away at someone or something
wear blinderswear blinders
wear downwear down
wear more than one hatwear off
wear off ((of) something)wear on
wear onwear on (for a period of time)
wear on someonewear one's heart on one's sleeve
wear one's heart on one's sleevewear out
wear outwear out one's welcome
wear out one's welcomewear someone down
wear someone outwear someone to a frazzle
wear something (up)on somethingwear something away
wear something downwear something off
wear something off (of) somethingwear something out
wear the britches (in the family)wear the pants (in the family)
wear the trouserswear the trousers
wear thinwear thin
wear through somethingwear two hats
wear wellwear well
weary of someone or somethingweary someone with something
weasel outweasel out
weasel out (of something)weasel word
weasel wordweather
weatherweather eye
weather eyeweather permitting
weather the stormweather the storm
weave aroundweave in and out (of something)
weave something from somethingweave something into something
weave through somethingwed someone to someone
wed someone to somethingwed(ded) to someone
wedded to somethingwedge
wedgewedge someone or something (in) between people or things
wee folkwee folk
wee hourswee hours
wee hours (of the night)weed out
weed outweed someone or something out
week in, week outweek in, week out
week of Sundaysweek of Sundays
weeks runningweep about someone or something
weep and you weep alone.weep for joy
weep for someone or an animalweep over someone or something
weigh (up)on someoneweigh against someone or something
weigh anchorweigh anchor
weigh downweigh down
weigh inweigh in
weigh in (at something)weigh on
weigh onweigh on one's mind
weigh on one's mindweigh on someone's mind
weigh one's wordsweigh one's words
weigh someone downweigh someone or something down
weigh someone's wordsweigh something against something
weigh something outweigh something up
weigh uponweigh upon
weight downweight down
weight of the world on one's shouldersweight of the world on one's shoulders
weight off one's mindweight someone or something down (with something)
weight something against someone or somethingweird out
weirded outwelcome
welcomeWelcome aboard.
welcome matwelcome mat
welcome someone inwelcome someone into something
welcome someone or something backwelcome someone to something
welcome someone with open armswelcome someone with something
welcome to do somethingWelcome to our house.
welcome with open armswelcome with open arms
weld someone and someone else togetherweld something and something else together
well and goodwell and good
Well begun is half done.well disposed to(ward) someone or something
Well done!well in hand
well into somethingwell out (of something)
well out(side) of somethingwell over
well putwell put
Well said.well up (from something)
well up (inside someone)well up (out of something)
well up in yearswell up with something
Well, bust my buttons!Well, shut my mouth!
well-to-dowelsh on someone
welsh on something (with someone)welter in something
Were you born in a barn?wet
wetwet behind the ears
wet behind the earswet blanket
wet blanketwet one's whistle
wet one's whistlewet someone or something down
whack at somethingwhack someone or something up
whack something offwhack something up
whacked (out)whale away
whale awaywhale into someone or an animal
whale the --- out ofwhale the --- out of
whale the tar out of someonewham bam thank you ma'am
what for(2)what for(2)
What (a) nerve!What (in) the devil?
What (in) the dickens?What (in) the hell?
What a pity!What a pity!
What a shame!what about
what aboutWhat about (doing) something?
What about (having) something?What about it?
what about thatwhat about that
What about you?What are you drinking?
What are you driving at?What are you having?
What brings you here?What can I do for you?
What can I say?What can I tell you?
What can't be cured must be endured.What difference does it make?
What do you know (about that)?What do you know for sure?
What do you know?What do you say?
What do you think about that?What do you think of that?
What do you think of this weather?What do you think you are doing here?
What do you think?What do you want me to say?
What does that prove?What else can I do for you?
What else can I do?what for
what for(1)what for(1)
What gives?What goes up must come down.
What happened?what have you
what have youWhat have you been up to?
what ifwhat if
What if I do?What if I don't?
What if...?What in (the) Sam Hill?
what isWhat is it?
what is whatwhat is what
what makes someone tickwhat makes something tick
What makes you think so?What more can I do?
What must be, must be.what not
what notWhat now?
What number are you calling?what of it
what of itWhat of it?
What one doesn't know won't hurt one.What price something?
What say?what someone or something is cracked up to be
What someone said.What the deuce?
What the devil?What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.
What the fuck?What the heck!
What the hell?What the shit?
What was the name again?what will
what withwhat with
what with somethingWhat would you like to drink?
What would you say if...?What you don't know can't hurt you.
What you don't know won't hurt you.What you see is what you get.
What'll it be?What'll you have?
What's (there) to know?What's buzzin' (cousin)?
What's coming off?what's coming to one
what's cookingwhat's cooking
What's cooking?what's doing
what's doingWhat's done cannot be undone.
What's done is done.What's eating someone?
What's going down?What's going on (around here)?
What's got(ten) into someone?What's happ(ening)?
what's his facewhat's his name
What's in a name?What's in it for me?
What's it to you?What's keeping someone?
What's new with you?What's new?
What's on tap for today?What's poppin'?
What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.what's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander
what's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the ganderWhat's shakin' (bacon)?
What's that?What's the (big) idea?
What's the (good) word?what's the big idea
what's the big ideaWhat's the catch?
What's the damage?What's the deal?
What's the drill?What's the good of something?
what's the ideawhat's the idea
What's the matter (with you)?What's the problem?
What's the scam?What's the scoop?
what's upwhat's up
What's up, doc?What's up?
what's whatwhat's what
what's withwhat's with
What's with someone or something?What's wrong?
What's your age?What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine.
What's yours?What(ever) goes around, comes around.
What(ever) will be, will be.Whatever turns you on.
wheedle someone into somethingwheedle something away from someone
wheedlesomething out of someonewheel
wheelwheel and deal
wheel and dealwheel around
wheel someone or something aroundwheel someone or something away
wheel someone or something into somethingwheel someone or something off
wheel someone or something out of somethingwheelhorse
wheelhorsewheelsomeone or something in
wheelsomeone or something outwheeze something out
when all is said and doneWhen do we eat?
when hell freezes overwhen hell freezes over
When in Rome(, do as the Romans do).when it comes right down to it
when it comes towhen it comes to
when it comes to somethingwhen least expected
When one door shuts, another opens.when one is good and ready
when one's ship comes inwhen one's ship comes in
When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.when push comes to shove
when push comes to shovewhen push comes to shove
When the cat's away, the mice will play.when the chips are down
when the chips are downwhen the dust settles
when the fat lady singswhen the going gets rough
when the going gets toughWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going.
when the shit hits the fanwhen the time is ripe
When the wolf comes in at the door, love creeps out of the window.when you get a chance
when you get a minutewhere
whereWhere (have) you been hiding (yourself)?
Where (have) you been keeping yourself?Where can I wash up?
Where do (you think) you get off?Where have you been all my life?
Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.Where in the world...?
Where is the restroom?Where is your powder room?
where it's atwhere it's at
Where on (God's green) earth?where one is coming from
where someone is atwhere someone lives
where someone's head is atwhere the action is
where the rubber meets the roadwhere the shoe pinches
where the shoe pincheswhere the sun don't shine
Where there's a will, there's a way.Where there's life there's hope.
Where there's smoke there's fire.Where will I find you?
Where's the beef?Where's the fire?
wherewithal (to do something)whet someone's appetite
whether --- orwhether --- or
whether one is coming or goingwhether one is coming or going
whether or notwhich
whichwhich brings me to the (main) point
which is whichwhich is which
which was whichwhich was which
whiff of somethingwhile
whilewhile a period of time away (doing something)
while agowhile ago
while awaywhile away
while backwhile back
While there's life there's hope.whine about someone or something
whine something outwhip around
whip back (on someone)whip hand
whip handwhip into something
whip someone into a statewhip someone into doing something
whip someone or something aroundwhip someone or something into shape
whip someone or something onwhip someone up
whip something away (from someone)whip something into shape
whip something into somethingwhip something off
whip something outwhip something over (to someone)
whip something upwhip something written off to someone
whip through somethingwhip up
whip upwhipping boy
whipping boywhirl around
whirl someone or something aroundwhisk someone around
whisk someone or an animal offwhisk someone or something away
whisk someone or something off (to something)whisk something off (of) someone or something
whisksomething offwhisper about someone or something
whisper something aroundwhispering campaign
whispering campaignwhistle
whistlewhistle a different tune
whistle a different tunewhistle at someone or something
whistle forwhistle for
whistle for someone or somethingwhistle in the dark
whistle in the darkwhistle-stop
whitewhite around the gills
white around the gillswhite as a ghost
white as a sheetwhite as snow
white as the driven snowwhite elephant
white elephantwhite knuckle something
white liewhite lie
white salewhite sale
white-collar workerswhite-collar workers
whitewash somethingwhitewash something
whittle at somethingwhittle someone down to size
whittle something awaywhittle something down
whittle something down (to size)whittle something out of something
whiz (right) through somethingwhiz past someone or something
Who (in) the devil?Who (in) the hell?
Who cares?Who could have thought?
Who do you think you are?Who do you think you're kidding?
Who do you think you're talking to?Who do you want (to talk to)?
Who do you want to speak to?Who do you wish to speak to?
Who do you wish to talk to?Who is it?
Who is this?who is who
who is whoWho knows?
who laughs last laughs bestwho laughs last laughs best
Who was it?Who would have thought?
Who's calling(, please)?Who's on the line?
Who's on the phone?Who's there?
who's whowho's who
Who's your friend?Whoa, Nellie!
whole bag of trickswhole ball of wax
whole cheesewhole cheese
whole enchiladawhole heap more
whole hogwhole hog
whole kit and caboodlewhole lot
whole lotwhole lot more
whole nine yardswhole nother thing
whole shebangwhole shooting match
whole showwhole show
whole wide worldwhole works
Whom the gods love die young.whoop it up
whoop it upwhy and wherefore
why and whereforeWhy buy a cow when milk is so cheap?
Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?why don't you?
Why keep a dog and bark yourself?Why not?
whys and wherefores of somethingwide
widewide of the mark
wide of the markwide open
wide place in the roadwide-eyed
widowwiener roast
wiener roastwig
wigwig out
wiggle out of somethingwild
wildwild about someone or something
wild and woollywild goose chase
wild goose chaseWild horses couldn't drag someone away (from something.)
wild pitchwild pitch
wild-goose chasewildcat strike
wildcat strikewill
willwill be the death of someone or something (yet)
will come of somethingWill do.
will eat someone for breakfastwill have someone for breakfast
Will I see you again?will not
will not hear ofwill not hear of
will not hear of somethingwill something away
will something to someonewill stop at nothing
Will that be all?Will wonders never cease!
Will you excuse us, please?Will you hold?
willieswimp out (of something)
win (out) (over someone or something)Win a few, lose a few.
win at somethingwin by a nose
win hands downwin hands down
win in a walkwin in a walk
win one's spurswin one's spurs
win outwin out
win overwin over
win someone away (from someone or something)win someone or something back (from someone or something)
win someone over (to something)win someone's heart
win something at somethingwin the day
win the heart of someonewin through something
wince at somethingwind
windwind around
wind around someone or somethingwind back
wind downwind into something
wind someone upwind something (up) (into something)
wind something around somethingwind something down
wind something inwind something off
wind something onwind something onto something
wind something upwind through something
wind upwind up
wind up (as) somethingwind up (by) doing something
wind up (somewhere)wind up somehow
wind up with someone or somethingwindbag
windowwindow dressing
window dressingwindow of opportunity
windsomeone around one's little fingerwine and dine someone
wing itwink
winkwink at
wink atwink at someone
wink at somethingwink something away
winner take allwinning streak
winning streakwinter over (some place)
Wipe it off!wipe out
wipe outwipe out an old score
wipe out an old scorewipe someone or something (off) (with something)
wipe someone or something offwipe someone or something off the face of the earth
wipe someone outwipe someone's slate clean
wipe something (off) (on something)wipe something away
wipe something downwipe something off
wipe something off (one's face)wipe something out
wipe something upwipe the floor up with someone
wipe the floor withwipe the floor with
wipe the slate cleanwipeout
wirewire ahead (for something)
wire for somethingwire someone or something for something
wire something back to someonewire something in
wire something togetherwire something up
wired into someone or somethingwise
wisewise as an owl
wise as Solomonwise guy
wise guywise someone up (about someone or something)
wise to someone or somethingwise up (to someone or something)
wise up towise up to
wish for someone or somethingwish is father to the thought.
wish listwish on
wish onwish someone or something (off) on someone
wish someone or something awaywish you were here.
wishful thinkingwit
witch-huntwith child
with childwith (one's) eyes (wide) open
with a free handwith a free hand
with a grain of saltwith a grain of salt
with a heavy heartwith a silver spoon in one's mouth
with a silver spoon in one's mouthwith a vengeance
with a view to doing somethingwith a whole skin
with a whole skinwith a will
with advance noticewith all one's heart
with all one's heartwith all one's heart (and soul)
with all the fixin(g)swith all the trimmings
with an eye towith an eye to
with an eye to doing somethingwith bad grace
with bad gracewith bated breath
with bells onwith bells on
with bells on (one's toes)with both hands tied behind one's back
with childwith each passing day
with easewith every (other) breath
with everything (on it)with fire
with firewith flying colors
with flying colorswith good grace
with good gracewith heart and soul
with heart and soulwith impunity
with itwith it
with might and mainwith might and main
with my blessingwith no strings attached
with one hand tied behind one's backwith one's boots on
with one's boots onwith one's pants down
with one's pants downwith one's tail between one's legs
with open armswith open arms
With or without?With pleasure.
with reference towith reference to
with reference to someone or somethingwith regard to
with regard towith regard to someone or something
with relation towith relation to
with relishwith respect to
with respect towith respect to someone or something
with someone or something for some timewith something to spare
with the bestwith the best
with the best will in the worldwith the Joneses
with the Joneseswith the naked eye
With whom do you wish to speak?With you in a minute.
withdraw from somethingwithdraw into oneself
withdraw into somethingwithdraw someone from something
withdraw something from someone or somethingwithdraw something into something
wither awaywither on the vine
wither on the vinewither up
withhold something from someone or an animalwithin a hair('s breadth) of something
within a stone's throw (of something)within an ace of
within an ace ofwithin an ace of (doing) something
within an inch of one's lifewithin an inch of one's life
within boundswithin bounds
within callwithin call
within calling distancewithin earshot (of something)
within hailing distancewithin limits
within one's graspwithin one's rights
within range (of something)within reason
within reasonwithin shouting distance
within someone's graspwithin someone's reach
within walking distancewithout
withoutwithout (so much as) a (for or) by your leave
without a doubtwithout a hitch
without a moment to sparewithout a paddle
without a paddlewithout a shadow of a doubt
without any strings attachedwithout batting an eye
without batting an eyewithout fail
without failwithout further ado
without half tryingwithout missing a beat
without numberwithout number
without questionwithout rhyme or reason
without rhyme or reasonwithout so much as doing something
witness for someone or somethingwitness to something
wobble aboutwobble around
Woe is me!wolf
wolfwolf in sheep's clothing
wolf in sheep's clothingwolf something down
woman of ill reputewoman's place is in the home.
woman's work is never done.won't hear of something
won't hold waterWon't you come in?
wonder about someone or somethingwonder at someone or something
Wonders never cease!woo
woowoo someone away (from someone or something)
woods are full of someone or somethingwool
wordword (from someone or something)
word (once) spoken is past recalling.word by word
word for wordword for word
word of mouthword of mouth
word to the wiseword to the wise
word to the wise (is enough).word to the wise is sufficient.
word with someone (about something)words of one syllable
words of one syllablewords to live by
work through channelswork through channels
work (one's way) into somethingwork (one's way) through something
work (up)on somethingwork against someone or something
work among someone or somethingwork around someone or something
work around to someone or somethingwork as something
work at somethingwork away (at something)
work cut outwork cut out
work down (the line) (to someone or something)work for someone
work for somethingwork in
work inwork into
work intowork itself out
work like a beaverwork like a horse
work like a mulework like a slave
work of artwork off
work offwork on
work onwork on someone
work on somethingwork one's ass off
work one's buns offwork one's butt off
work one's fingers to the bonework one's fingers to the bone
work one's tail offwork one's way along something
work oneself (up) into a latherwork oneself (up) into a sweat
work oneself upwork oneself up (to something)
work oneself up into somethingwork out
work outwork out (all right)
work out (as something)work out (at something)
work out (somehow)work out for the best
work overwork over
work some fat offwork some weight off
work someone or something inwork someone or something into something
work someone or something overwork someone or something to someone or something
work someone overwork someone up
work something downwork something down (into something)
work something down (over something)work something in
work something into somethingwork something off
work something outwork something out (with someone)
work something out of somethingwork something over
work something through (something)work something under something
work something upwork something up into something
work things outwork through channels
work togetherwork toward something
work under someonework under something
work upwork up
work up a thirstwork up to something
work uponwork upon
work with someone or somethingwork with something
work wonders (with someone or something)worked up
worked upworked up (aboutsomething)
worked up (over something)working girl
working girlworking stiff
worldworld is one's oyster
world is one's oysterworld is one's oyster.
world on one's backworld on one's back
world on one's shouldersworld on one's shoulders
world without endworld without end
worlds apartworlds apart
worlds apartworm
wormworm (has) turned.
worm (one's way) in(to something)worm (one's way) out (of something)
worm inworm in
worm may turnworm may turn
worm something out of someoneworn to a frazzle
worn to a frazzleworried sick (about someone or something)
worry about someone or somethingworry an animal out of something
worry oneself about someone or somethingworry over someone or something
worry something out of someoneworry through something
worse for wearworse for wear
worship someone as somethingworship the ground someone walks on
worst of somethingworst-case scenario
worth a centworth a cent
worth its weight in goldworth of a thing is what it will bring.
worth one's saltworth one's salt
worth someone's whileworthy of the name
would (just) as soon do somethingwould as soon do something as look at you
would like (to have) someone or somethingwould not be caught dead (doing something)
would not be seen dead (doing something)would rather
would thatwould that
Would you believe!Would you excuse me?
Would you excuse us, please?Would you please?
wouldn't dream of doing somethingwouldn't put it past one
wouldn't put it past onewouldn't touch someone or something with a ten-foot pole
wouldn't want to be in someone's shoeswrack
wrackwrack and ruin
wrangle (with someone) (about someone or something)wrangle (with someone) (over someone or something)
wrap around someone or somethingwrap one around one's finger
wrap one around one's fingerwrap one's car around something
wrap someone or something (up) (in something)wrap someone or something (up) (with something)
wrap someone or something around somethingwrap something around someone
wrap something upwrap up
wrap upwrapped up (in someone or something)
wrapped up (with someone or something)wrapped up in
wrapped up inwreak havoc (with something)
wreak havoc withwreak havoc with
wreak something (up)on someone or somethingwreak vengeance (up)on someone or something
wreathe (itself) around someone or somethingwreathe someone or something in something
wreathe something around someone or somethingwrench
wrenchwrench something from someone
wrench something offwrench something off (of) someone or something
wrench something out of somethingwrest someone or something (away) from someone or something
wrest something offwrest something off (of) something
wrestle something from someonewrestle something into something
wrestle with someonewrestle with something
wriggle in(to something)wriggle out (of something)
wring something from somethingwring something out
wring something out of someonewring something out of something
wringing wetwringing wet
wrinkle something upwrinkle up
write (up)on someone or somethingwrite about someone or something
write against someone or somethingwrite away
write away for somethingwrite back to someone
write down to someonewrite for something
write home aboutwrite home about
write in(to something) (for something)write of someone or something
write offwrite off
write off (to someone) (for something)write on and on
write someone down as somethingwrite someone for something
write someone in (on something)write someone or something about something
write someone or something offwrite someone or something off (as a something)
write someone or something upwrite something against someone or something
write something back to someonewrite something down
write something inwrite something into something
write something offwrite something off (on one's taxes)
write something outwrite something to someone
write something to somethingwrite something up
write to someonewrite up
write upwrite-off
write-upwriter's block
writer's blockwriter's cramp
writer's crampwrithe under something
writhe with somethingwriting
writingwritten in stone
wrong numberwrong side of the tracks
wrong side of the trackswrote the book on something
wrought upwrought up