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Dictionary of American idioms
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vaccinate someone or an animal against somethingvaccinate someone or an animal with something
vacillate between someone and someone else or something and something elsevacuum something out
vacuum something up (from something)vain
vainvain as a peacock
value someone or something above someone or somethingvalue someone or something as something
value someone or something for somethingvalue something at something
vanish awayvanish from something
vanish into somethingvanish into thin air
vanish into thin airvanishing cream
vanishing creamvanity case
vanity caseVariety is the spice of life.
variety showvariety show
variety storevariety store
vary (from something) (in something)vary between someone and someone else
vary between something and something elsevary from something to something
vary with somethingvault into something
vault over someone or somethingveer (away) (from someone or something)
veer off (from someone or something)veer toward someone or something
veg outvegged out
vent one's spleenvent something (up)on someone or something
venture (up)on someone or somethingventure forth
venture out ((of) something)verbal diarrhea
verbal diarrheaverge (up)on something
verge into somethingverify something with someone
Very good.very last
very thingvery well
very wellvest someone with something
vest something in someone or somethingvested interest in something
vicious circlevicious circle
vie (with someone) (for someone or something)vie (with someone) (over someone or something)
Vietnam syndromeVietnam syndrome
villain of the piecevim and vigor
vindicate someone of somethingvine
vinevirtual reality
Virtue is its own reward.visit from the stork
visit something (up)on someonevisit the plumbing
visit with someonevisiting nurse
visiting nursevisualize someone or something as someone or something
visually impairedvoice
voicevoice (in something)
voice boxvoice box
volunteer as somethingvolunteer for something
vomit something outvomit something up
vote (up)on someone or somethingvote a split ticket
vote a straight ticketvote a straight ticket
vote against someone or somethingvote for someone or something
vote invote in
vote of confidencevote of thanks
vote one outvote one out
vote someone invote someone into something
vote someone on(to something)vote someone or something down
vote someone outvote someone out of something
vote something invote something into law
vote something throughvote with one's feet
vouch for someone or something