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Dictionary of American idioms
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saber rattlingsaber rattling
sack in/outsack in/out
sack outsack something up
sacked outsacred cow
sacred cowsacrifice fly
sacrifice flysacrifice someone or something for someone or something
sacrifice someone or something to someone or somethingsad sight
sadder but wisersaddle
saddlesaddle an animal up
saddle shoesaddle shoe
saddle someone with someone or somethingsaddle up
saddled withsaddled with
saddled with someone or somethingsafe
safesafe and sound
safe and soundsafeguard against someone or something
safeguard someone or something against someone or somethingsafety blitz
safety blitzsafety glass
safety glasssafety in numbers
safety in numberssafety island
safety islandsag away (from something)
sag downsag under something
sage advicesail
sailsail (right) through
sail (right) throughsail (right) through something
sail against somethingsail along (something)
sail aroundsail close to the wind
sail close to the windsail for some place
sail from some place to some place elsesail in(to something)
sail intosail into
sail into someonesail into someone or something
sail under false colorssail under false colors
sail up a riversailor collar
sailor collarsake
sakeSakes alive!
salad dayssalad days
sales checksales check
sales talksales talk
Salisbury steakSalisbury steak
sally forthsalt
saltsalt away
salt awaysalt of the earth
salt of the earthsalt pork
salt porksalt something away
salt something downsalt something with something
salute someone with somethingsalvage something from someone or something
same as someone or somethingsame difference
same for me.same here
same hereSame here.
same o(l)' same o(l)'same old story
same to you.sand
sandsand lot
sand lotsand something down
sand trapsand trap
sands of timesandwich board
sandwich boardsandwich someone or something between people or things
satiate someone or an animal with somethingsatisfy someone or an animal with something
satisfy something by somethingsatisfy something withsomething
saturate someone or something with somethingSaturday night special
saunter alongsave (money) on something
save (money) toward somethingsave (one's) face
save (something) for a rainy daysave (up) (for something)
save a bundle (on something)save face
save facesave for a rainy day
save for a rainy daySave it!
save money up (for something)save one's bacon
save one's breathsave one's breath
save one's necksave one's neck
save oneself (for marriage)save someone or something from someone or something
save someone's necksave someone's skin
save something for someone or somethingsave something up
save the daysave the day
save upsave up
saved by the bellsaving grace
saving gracesavings account
savings accountsavings bond
savings bondsavor of something
saw into somethingsaw something (up) (in(to) something)
saw something downsaw something off
saw something off (of) somethingsaw through something
saw woodsaw wood
say (in something)say a mouthful
say a mouthfulSay cheese!
say graceSay hello to someone (for me).
Say no more.say one's peace
say one's peacesay one's piece
say something (right) to someone's facesay something about someone or something
say something against someone or somethingsay something for something
say something in a roundabout waysay something out loud
say something over (and over (again))say something to oneself
say something to someonesay something to something
say that...say the word
say the wordsay uncle
say uncleSay what?
Say when.say-so
say-soSays me!
says whosays who
Says who?Says you!
scab overscale
scalescale down
scale downscale something down
scale something to somethingscamper along
scamper awayscandal sheet
scandal sheetscar over
scarce as hen's teethscarcely any
scarcely anyscarcely ever
scarcely everscarcely exchange more than some number of words withsomeone
scarcely have time to breathescarcer than hen's teeth
scare awayscare away
scare one out of one's mindscare one out ofone's wits
scare out of one's witsscare out of one's wits
scare someone or an animal offscare someone or an animal out of something
scare someone or an animal to deathscare someone or something away (from someone or something)
scare someone or something upscare someone out of a year 's growth
scare someone out of somethingscare someone stiff
scare something out of someonescare the living daylights out ofsomeone
scare the pants off (of) someonescare the shit out of someone
scare the wits out of someonescare to death
scare to deathscare up
scare upscared silly
scared stiffscared to death
scaresomeone or an animal outscarf out
scarf something downscatter something about
scatter something aroundscavenge (around) for someone or something
scheme against someone or somethingscheme for something
schiz(z) outschool
schoolschool of hard knocks
school of hard knocksschool of hard knocks
school of thoughtschool someone in something
scoff at someone or somethingscold someone about something
scold someone for somethingscoop something out
scoop something out of somethingscoop something up
scoot down (to some place)scoot over
scoot over to someone or somethingscope (on) someone
scope someone or something outscore
scorescore against someone or something
score something (up) against someone or somethingscore something for something
score with someone or a groupscot-free
scot-freescotch broth
scotch brothScott
Scottscour something for someone or something
scour something offscour something off (of) something
scour something outscour something out of something
scout aroundscout around
scout around (for someone or something)scout someone or something out
scout someone or something upscowl at someone or something
scramble for someone or somethingscrape
scrapescrape along (on something)
scrape along (withsomething)scrape by (on something)
scrape by (something)scrape by (with something)
scrape someone or something togetherscrape someone or something up
scrape something away (from something)scrape something off
scrape something off (of) someone or somethingscrape something out
scrape something out of somethingscrape something together
scrape the bottom of the barrelscrape the bottom of the barrel
scrape through (something)scrape together
scrape togetherscrape up
scrape upscratch
scratchscratch about (for something)
scratch around (forsomething)scratch around for
scratch around forscratch at something
scratch one's backscratch one's back
scratch someone or something from somethingscratch someone or something out
scratch someone or something upscratch someone's back
scratch something awayscratch the surface
scratch the surfacescream at someone or something
scream bloody murderscream bloody murder
scream down (on someone or something)scream for something
scream someone downscream something out
scream with somethingscreeching (drunk)
screen someone or something (off) (from someone or something)screen someone or something out of something
screen testscreen test
screensomeone or something outscrew
screwscrew around
screw aroundscrew around with someone or something
screw offscrew someone around
screw someone or something upscrew someone out of something
screw someone overscrew someone up
screw something (on)(to something)screw something down
screw something into somethingscrew something up
screw upscrew up
screw up one's couragescrew up one's courage
screwed upscrewed, blued, and tattooed
scribble away (at something)scribble something down
scrimp and savescrimp on something
scrounge aroundscrounge around
scrounge around (for someone or something)scrounge someone or something up
scrub someone or something downscrub someone or something off
scrub something awayscrub something off
scrub something off (of) somethingscrub something out
scrub something out of somethingscrub up
scrunch downscrunch down into something
scrunch something down (into something)scrunch something up
scuff something upscuffle with someone
scurry alongscuttle across something
scuttle awayscuzz someone out
sea changesea legs
sea legsseal a bargain
seal someone's fateseal something (up) (with something)
seal something off from someone or somethingseal the bargain
sealed (up)sealed with a kiss
sealsomething offseam
seamseam something with something
seamy side of lifesearch
searchsearch after someone or something
search for someone or somethingsearch high and low (for someone or something)
search mesearch me
Search me.search one's heart
search one's heartsearch out
search outsearch someone for something
search someone or something outsearch something for someone or something
search through somethingsearch with a fine-tooth comb
search with a fine-tooth combsearchsomething with a fine-tooth comb
season something with somethingseat
seatseat belt
seat beltsecede from something
second bestsecond best
second bestsecond best
second childhoodsecond childhood
second classsecond class
second cousinsecond cousin
second handsecond nature
second naturesecond nature to someone
second sightsecond sight
second thoughtsecond thought
second thoughts (about someone or something)second to none
second to nonesecond wind
second windsecond-best
second-guesssecond-guess someone
section gangsection gang
section handsection hand
secure something against someone, something, or an animalsecurity against something
security blanketsecurity blanket
seduce someone from somethingsee
seesee (to it) that something is done
see a lot ofsee a lot of
see a man about a dogsee about
see aboutsee about someone or something
see aftersee after
see after someone or somethingsee ahead (of someone or something)
see around somethingsee better days
see better dayssee beyond one's nose
see beyond one's nosesee beyond something
see daylightsee daylight
see doublesee eye to eye
see eye to eyesee eye to eye (about someone or something) (withsomeone)
see eye to eye (on someone or something) (with someone)see fit
see fitsee fit (to do something)
see how the land liessee how the land lies
See if I care!see into
see intoSee no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
see no further than the end of one's nosesee no objection (to something)
see offsee off
see one homesee one home
see one's way (clear) (to do something)see one's way clear
see one's way clearsee out
see outsee over something
see reasonsee reason
see redsee red
see servicesee service
see someone about someone or somethingsee someone across something
see someone as someone or somethingsee someone as something
see someone back (to something)see someone down to something
see someone homesee someone in
see someone into somethingsee someone off
see someone off somethingsee someone or something around something
see someone or something in a new lightsee someone out (of something)
see someone to some placesee someone to something
see someone to the doorsee someone up to something
see something against somethingsee something as something else
see something in someone or somethingsee something of someone or something
see something throughsee stars
see starssee the last of
see the last ofsee the (hand)writing on the wall
see the beatsee the beat
see the color of one's moneysee the color of one's money
see the color of someone's moneysee the last of someone or something
see the lightsee the light
see the light (at the end of the tunnel)see the light (of day)
see the light at the end of the tunnelsee the light at the end of the tunnel
see the light of daysee the light of day
see the sightssee the sights
see thingssee things
see throughsee through
see through someone or somethingsee to
see tosee to it
see to itsee to someone or something
see which way the wind is blowingsee with rose-colored glasses
see with rose-colored glassesSee ya, bye-bye.
See ya.See you around.
See you later, alligator.See you.
seed moneyseed money
seeing is believingseeing is believing
Seeing is believing.seeing pink elephants
seeing pink spidersseeing snakes
seeing that...seeing things
seek after someone or somethingSeek and ye shall find.
seek professional helpseek revenge (against someone)
seek someone or something outseek something from someone or something
seem like someone or somethingseep away
seep in(to something)seep out (of something)
seep through somethingseethe with someone or something
seethe with somethingsegregate someone from someone else
segregate someone, something, or an animal into somethingsegregatesomething from something else
segue into somethingseize (up)on something
seize onseize on
seize onseize on
seize onto someone or somethingseize someone or something with something
seize something upseize the opportunity
seize the opportunityseize up
seized with somethingselect from someone or something
select someone from somethingselect someone or something as something
select someone or something for someone or somethingself-conscious
self-possessedSelf-praise is no recommendation.
Self-preservation is the first law of nature.self-seeking
self-seekingsell at something
sell down the riversell down the river
sell like hotcakessell off
sell offsell one a bill of goods
sell one a bill of goodssell one on
sell one onsell out
sell outsell out (to someone)
sell shortsell short
sell snow to the Eskimossell snow to the Eskimos
sell someone a bill of goodssell someone or something as something
sell someone or something shortsell someone out and sell someone down the river
sell something at somethingsell something for a certain price
sell something for a songsell something off
sell something on creditsell something out
sell the farmselling point
send after someone or somethingsend ahead for something
send away (for something)send C.O.D.
send C.O.D.send for someone or something
send in for somethingsend off
send offsend off for something
send one about one's businesssend one about one's business
send one about one's businesssend one packing
send one packingsend one to one's death
send out (for someone or something)send out a warrant (on someone)
send someone (out) on an errandsend someone after someone or something
send someone away with somethingsend someone back for something
send someone before someone or somethingsend someone below
send someone down for somethingsend someone for someone or something
send someone from pillar to postsend someone in
send someone in for someonesend someone into a state or condition
send someone into somethingsend someone off
send someone off (to something)send someone on a wild-goose chase
send someone or something across (something)send someone or something along
send someone or something aroundsend someone or something around for someone or something
send someone or something awaysend someone or something back
send someone or something downsend someone or something on (ahead) (of someone or something)
send someone or something under somethingsend someone or something up
send someone outsend someone out (for someone or something)
send someone out of somethingsend someone over
send someone over (to) some placesend someone packing
send someone to glorysend someone to the locker room
send someone to the showerssend someone up
send someone up (the river)send someone up the wall
send something by somethingsend something C.O.D.
send something from somethingsend something in
send something into somethingsend something off (to someone or something)
send something over ((to) some place)send something to someone or something
send to the minorssend to the minors
send upsend up
send up a trial balloonsend word
send wordsend word to someone
senior citizensenior citizen
sense of humorsensitize someone to something
sentence someone to something (for something)separate but equal
separate off (from something)separate someone from someone else
separate someone or something into somethingseparate something from something else
separate something off from somethingseparate something out
separate something out of somethingseparate the men from the boys
separate the men from the boysseparate the sheep from the goats
separate the sheep from the goatsseparate the wheat from the chaff
separatesomething offserious about someone
serve a (useful) purposeserve a sentence
serve a sentenceserve as a guinea pig
serve as someone or somethingserve notice
serve noticeserve notice (on someone)
serve on somethingserve one right
serve one rightserve someone right
serve someone with somethingserve someone's purpose
serve something aroundserve something for something
serve something in somethingserve something on someone
serve something outserve something to someone
serve something upserve time
serve timeserve under someone or something
serve upserve up
serve with someoneservice
setset in one's ways
set in one's waysset off
set offSet a beggar on horseback, and he'll ride to the devil.
set a precedentSet a thief to catch a thief.
set a trapset ablaze
set ablazeset about
set aboutset about doing something
set afireset afire
set asideset aside
set backset back
set back on one's heelsset back on one's heels
set downset down
set eyes onset eyes on
set eyes on someone or somethingset fire to
set fire toset fire to someone or something
set footset foot
set foot in some placeset for life
set forthset forth
set forth on somethingset free
set freeset great store by
set great store byset great store by someone or something
set inset in
set in one's waysset loose
set looseset of new threads
set of new threadsset of pipes
set of wheelsset off (for something)
set off on somethingset on
set onset on foot
set on footset one (back) on one's feet
set one back on one's heelsset one on one's feet again
set one's (own) priceset one's cap for
set one's cap forset one's face against
set one's face againstset one's hand to
set one's hand toset one's hand to the plow
set one's hand to the plowset one's heart against something
set one's heart onset one's heart on
set one's heart on someone or somethingset one's hopes on someone or something
set one's house in orderset one's house in order
set one's mind at restset one's mind at rest
set one's mind onset one's mind on
set one's mind on someone or somethingset one's mind to something
set one's sightsset one's sights
set one's sights on someone or somethingset one's teeth on edge
set one's teeth on edgeset out
set outset out (for some place) (from some place)
set out (on something)set out on one's own
set out to do somethingset right
set rightset sail
set sailset sail for some place
set someone about somethingset someone apart from someone else
set someone back (some amount of money)set someone down (on(to) something)
set someone offset someone on fire
set someone or an animal on someone or an animalset someone or something above someone or something
set someone or something downset someone or something free (from something)
set someone or something on fireset someone or something to work
set someone or something up against someone or somethingset someone or something up as something
set someone straightset someone up
set someone up (in business)set someone's mind at ease (about someone or something)
set someone's teeth on edgeset something (up)on something
set something against someone or somethingset something apart from something else
set something asideset something aside (for someone or something)
set something at somethingset something back
set something back from something elseset something before someone, something, or some creature
set something beside somethingset something down
set something down as somethingset something down in black and white
set something down to somethingset something for something
set something forthset something forward
set something inset something in a place
set something in a type faceset something in motion
set something into somethingset something off
set something out (for someone or something)set something over something
set something rightset something straight
set something to musicset something up
set something up (with someone)set store by
set store byset the ball rolling
set the ball rollingset the pace
set the paceset the record straight
set the stage forset the stage for
set the stage for somethingset the table
set the world on fireset the world on fire
set toset to
set to do somethingset to music
set to musicset to rights
set to rightsset to work (on someone or something)
set tongues (a)waggingset tongues wagging
set tongues waggingset type
set up shop somewhereset upon
set uponset upon someone or something
settle (something) (out of court)settle a score
settle a scoresettle a score with someone
settle downsettle down
settle forsettle for
settle for somethingsettle in
settle onsettle on
settle on somethingsettle someone's affairs
settle someone's hashsettle the score (with someone)
settle upsettle up
settle up with someonesetup
sevenseven-day wonder
seven-year itchseventh heaven
seventh heavensever ties with someone
sew someone or something upsewed up
sewed upsexual harassment
sexual harassmentSez me!
Sez who?shack up (with someone)
shack up withshack up with
shackle someone with somethingshades of someone or something
shadow of itselfshadow of one's former self
shadow of oneselfshady character
shady dealshag (off)
shagged outshaggy dog (story)
shaggy dog (story)shaggy-dog story
shake (hands) on somethingshake a disease or illness off
shake a habitshake a leg
shake a legshake down
shake downshake hands
shake hands (with someone)shake in one's shoes
shake in one's shoesshake in one's boots
Shake it (up)!shake off
shake offshake someone down
shake someone or something offshake someone or something up
shake someone upshake someone's hand
shake something offshake something out
shake something upshake the dust from one's feet
shake the dust from one's feetshake the habit
shake the lead outshake up
shake upshake-up
shameshame of it (all)!
Shame on you!shank it
shank's mareshape
shapeshape someone up
shape upshape up
shape up or ship outshape up or ship out
Shape up or ship out.share and share alike
share someone's painshare someone's sorrow
sharp as a razorsharp as a tack
sharp as a tacksharp tongue
sharp witShe will get hers.
shed (some) light on somethingshed crocodile tears
shed light onshed light on
shell outshell out
shell out (an amount of money)shellacking
shift for oneselfshift for oneself
shift one's groundshine
shineshine up to
shine up toshine up to someone
ship come inship come in
ship outship out
shipping and handlingships that pass in the night
shirk one's dutyshirk one's duty
Shit happens.shock of one's life
shoe is on the other foot.shoe on the other foot
shoe on the other footshoestring
shoestringshoestring catch
shoestring catchshoo away
shoo awayshoo-in
shoo-inshook up
shoot questions atshoot questions at
shoot a lineshoot a line
shoot a place upshoot ahead of
shoot ahead ofShoot first, ask questions later.
shoot for somethingshoot from the hip
shoot from the hipshoot off one's mouth
shoot off one's mouthshoot one's breakfast
shoot one's cookiesshoot one's mouth off
shoot one's wadshoot one's wad
shoot oneself in the footshoot out
shoot outshoot someone down in flames
shoot someone or something (all) to hellshoot someone, something, or an animal down
shoot something downshoot something out
shoot straightshoot straight
shoot the breezeshoot the breeze
shoot the bullshoot the cat
shoot the crapshoot the place up
shoot the shitshoot the works
shoot the worksshoot up
shoot upshootone's supper
shop around forshop around for
shop around (for something)shoplifter
shopliftershopping center
shopping centershopping list
shore leaveshore leave
shore patrolshore patrol
shore someone upshore something up
shore upshore up
short haulshort haul
short and sweetshort and sweet
short and the long of itshort end
short endshort end of the stick
short for somethingshort fuse
short listshort list
short of breathshort of breath
short of somethingshort of(1)
short of(1)short of(2)
short of(2)Short reckonings make long friends.
short shriftshort shrift
short tempershort with someone
short-order cookshort-order cook
shot at someoneshot at something
shot full of holesshot in the arm
shot in the armshot in the arm1.
shot in the darkshot in the dark
shot through withshot through with
shot through with somethingshot to hell
shot to piecesshot to ribbons
shotgun weddingshould have stood in bed
shoulder to shouldershoulder to shoulder
shoulder to cry onshoulder to cry on
shoulder to shouldershoulder to the wheel
shoulder to the wheelshouldn't happen to a dog
shout about someone or somethingshout down
shout downshout from the housetops
shout from the housetopsshout someone or something down
shove down one's throatshove down one's throat
shove offshove off
shove one's way somewhereshove someone around
shove someone or something down someone's throatshow
showshow a clean pair of heels
show a clean pair of heelsshow and tell
show aroundshow around
show causeshow cause
show good faithshow in
show inshow of hands
show of handsshow off
show offshow one to one's seat
show one's (true) colorsshow one's colors
show one's colorsshow one's face
show one's faceshow one's hand
show one's handshow one's teeth
show one's teethshow signs
show signsshow signs of something
show someone (to) the doorshow someone around (some place)
show someone inshow someone into somewhere
show someone one's stuffshow someone or something off
show someone out (of something)show someone to a seat
show someone upshow someone up as something
show something to good advantageshow the door
show the doorshow up
show upshowdown
showdownshower someone or something with something
shrinking violetshroud someone or something in something
Shrouds have no pockets.shrug off
shrug offshrug something off (as something)
shuck something offshudder to think
shudder to thinkshuffle off this mortal coil
shush (up)shut
shutshut down
shut downshut off
shut offshut one's eyes
shut one's eyesshut one's eyes tosomething
shut outshut out
shut someone or something outshut someone up
shut something downshut the door
shut the doorshut the door (up)on someone or something
Shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.shut up
shut upShut up about it.
Shut up!Shut your cake hole!
Shut your pie hole! Shut your face!shut-eye
shut-eyeshuttle someone or something from person to person
shuttle someone or something from place to placeshy
shyshy away
shy awayshy away (from someone or something)
sick (and tired) of someone or somethingsick (up)
sick and tiredsick and tired
sick as a dogsick at heart
sick in bedsick to death (of someone or something)
side againstside against
side against someoneside by side
side by sideside of the tracks
side of the tracksside street
side streetside with
side withside with someone
sidle away (from someone or something)sidle up (to someone or something)
sift something from somethingsift something out
sift something out of somethingsift something through something
sift through somethingsigh about something
sigh for someonesight
sightsight for sore eyes
sight for sore eyessight unseen
sight unseensight-read
signsign (up) with someone or something
sign for someonesign for something
sign insign in
sign of the timessign of the times
sign of things to comesign off
sign offsign off on something
sign onsign on
sign on (with someone or something) (as something)sign on the dotted line
sign on the dotted linesign one's own death warrant
sign one's own death warrantsign out
sign outsign over
sign oversign someone in
sign someone onsign someone out
sign someone out of some placesign someone up (for something)
sign someone up (with someone or something)sign something away
sign something for someonesign something in
sign something outsign something out of some place
sign something over (to someone)sign up
sign upsign up (for something)
signal (to) someone (to do something)signal for someone
signal for somethingsigned, sealed, and delivered
signed, sealed, and deliveredsilence gives consent
silence gives consentSilence gives consent.
Silence is golden.silent as the dead
silent as the gravesilent majority
silent majoritysilly as a goose
silt upsilver
silversilver anniversary
silver anniversarysimmer down
simmer downSimon Legree
Simon Legreesimple
simplesin against someone or something
since time immemorialSince when?
sing a different tunesing a different tune
sing along (with someone or something)sing another tune
Sing before breakfast, you'll cry before night.Sing before breakfast, you'll cry before supper.
sing for one's suppersing for one's supper
sing from the same hymnbooksing in tune
sing in tunesing of someone or something
sing one's heart outsing one's praises
sing one's praisessing out
sing out of tunesing out of tune
sing someone to sleepsing someone's or something's praises
sing something outsing the praises of someone or something
sing to someone or somethingsing together
single filesingle out
single outsingle someone or something out (for something)
sink insink in
sink back (into something)sink below something
sink downsink in
sink into despairsink into oblivion
sink one's teeth insink one's teeth into
sink one's teeth intosink one's teeth intosomething
sink or swimsink or swim
sink something insink something in(to) someone or something
sink to (doing) somethingsink under (something)
sinking feelingsiphon something off (from something)
sit throughsit through
sit aroundsit around (somewhere)
sit around somethingsit at something
sit at the feet of someonesit back
sit backsit back and let something happen
sit bolt uprightsit by
sit bysit by someone
sit downsit down
sit down on somethingsit down to something
sit for an examsit for one's portrait
sit for someonesit idly by
sit insit in
sit in (for someone)sit in (on something)
sit in judgment (up)on someone or somethingsit on
sit onsit on a bomb
sit on a bombsit on a volcano
sit on a volcanosit on its hands
sit on one's asssit on one's hands
sit on one's handssit on someone or something
sit on the fencesit on the fence
sit on their handssit out
sit outsit right with someone
sit something outsit still for something
sit through somethingsit tight
sit tightsit up
sit upsit up and take notice
sit up and take noticesit up for
sit up forsit up with
sit up withsit up with someone
sit well (with)sit well (with)
sit well with someonesit with
sit withsit with someone
sitting ducksitting on a gold mine
sitting on a powder kegsitting on a powder keg
sitting on top of the worldsitting on top of the world
sitting prettysitting pretty
six bitssix bits
six feet undersix of one and half a dozen of the other
six of one and half-a-dozen of the othersix of one and half-a-dozen of the other
sixth sensesixty-four-dollar question
size upsize up
size someone or something upskate
skateskate around
skate around someone or somethingskate on something
skate on thin iceskate on thin ice
skate over somethingskating rink
skating rinkskeleton in the closet
skeleton in the closetskeleton(s) in the closet
sketch something insketch something out
skid across somethingskid into someone or something
skid lidskid lid
skid rowskid row
skim over somethingskim something off
skim something off (of) somethingskim the surface
skim the surfaceskim through something
skimp on somethingskin
skinskin alive
skin aliveskin and bones
skin and bonesSkin me!
skin off one's noseskin off one's nose
skin someone aliveskin-deep
skin-deepskinny as a beanpole
skipskip (out)
skip bailskip bail
skip itskip it
Skip it!skip off (with something)
skip outskip out
skip out (on someone or something)skip out with something
skip over someone or somethingskip rope
skip through somethingskirmish with someone or something
skirt aroundskirt around
skirt around someone or somethingsky
skysky is the limit
sky is the limitsky's the limit.
slack offslack off
slack off (on something)slack up (on something)
slam dunkslam into someone or something
slam someone or something downslam something down (on(to) something)
slam the brakes onslam the door in someone's face
slant against somethingslant something against someone or something
slant something toward someone or somethingslant toward someone or something
slantsomething in favor of someone or somethingslap against someone or something
slap downslap down
slap in the faceslap in the face(1)
slap in the face(1)slap in the face(2)
slap in the face(2)slap on the wrist
slap one's wristslap one's wrist
slap someone downslap someone in something
slap someone on somethingslap someone on the wrist
slap someone's wristslap something against someone or something
slap something downslap something on
slap something on someoneslap something onto someone or something
slap something togetherslap together
slap togetherslash (out) at someone
slash and burnslate
slateslate someone or something for something
slated forslated for
slated for somethingslated to do something
slave away (at something)slave driver
slave driverslave over something
slave to somethingsled down something
sled over somethingsledding
sleepsleep a wink
sleep a winksleep around
sleep aroundsleep around (with someone)
sleep around the clocksleep in
sleep like a babysleep like a log
sleep like a logsleep off
sleep offsleep on
sleep onsleep on something
sleep outsleep out
sleep over (with someone) (some place)sleep something away
sleep something offsleep through something
sleep tightsleep together
sleep withsleep with
sleep with someonesleeping giant
slice in(to something)slice of the action
slice of the cakeslice someone or something up
slice something offslice through something
slick as a whistleslick something down
slick something upslide along
slide aroundslide by
slide down from somethingslide down something
slide into somethingslide out of something
slide over somethingslide something around
slide something inslide something into something
slide something outslide something out of something
slightly rattledslim chance
slim downslim someone down
sling hashsling hash
sling something at someone or somethingsling something out
sling the catslinging match
slinging matchslink around
slink awayslink in(to something)
slink offslink out (of some place)
slip a cogslip a cog
slip aroundslip away
slip awayslip back (to someone or something)
slip between the cracksslip by
slip downslip from something
slip in (some place)slip in(to something)
Slip me five!Slip me some skin!
slip of the lipslip of the lip
slip of the penslip of the pen
slip of the tongueslip of the tongue
slip offslip off
slip off ((of) someone or something)slip off (to some place)
slip on somethingslip one over
slip one over on someone or somethingslip one's mind
slip one's mindslip one's trolley
slip outslip out (of something)
slip overslip over
slip past someone or somethingslip someone a Mickey
slip someone fiveslip someone or something past someone or something
slip something backslip something down
slip something inslip something in(to) something
slip something offslip something on
slip something overslip something over on someone or something
slip something over someone or somethingslip something through (something)
slip through one's fingersslip through one's fingers
slip through someone's fingersslip through something
slip upslip up
slip up on someone, something, or an animalslip up on something
slip up somethingslippery as an eel
slippery customerslippery slope
slither alongslither away
slob upslobber (all) over someone or something
slobber over someone or somethingslobber over something
slog through somethingslop around
slop out (of something)slop over
slop something aroundslop something on(to) someone or something
slop something over somethingslope (down) toward something
slope away from somethingslope down (to something or some place)
slope up (to something)slosh around (in something)
slosh overslosh something (all) over someone or something
slosh something aroundslosh something on(to) someone or something
slosh through somethingsloshsomething on
slouch aroundslouch behind something
slouch downslouch down (in something)
slouch overslough something off
Slow and steady wins the race.slow as molasses in January
slow burnslow burn
slow but sureslow down
slow downslow going
slow off the markslow on the draw
slow on the drawslow on the uptake
slow on the uptakeslow someone or something down
slow someone or something upslow study
slow tuneslow tune
slow upslow up
slower and slowerslower than molasses in January
slowly but surelysluff (off)
slug it outslug it out
sluice something downsluice something out
slump downslump down in(to) something
slump overslur over something
slush upslut's wool
sly as a foxsmack (dab) in the middle
smack in the facesmack of something
smack one's lipssmack one's lips
smack someone downsmack something down (on(to) something)
smack the roadsmack-dab
smallsmall change
small fortunesmall frog in a big pond
small frog in a big pondsmall fry
small frysmall hours (of the night)
small potatoessmall print
small talksmall talk
Small things please small minds.small wonder
small wondersmall-time
small-timesmart ass
smart at somethingsmart from something
smart guysmart money
smart mouthsmart under something
smarten upsmash hit
smash hitsmash into something
smash out of somethingsmash someone's face in
smash something insmash something up
smash through somethingsmear campaign (against someone)
smear someone or something with somethingsmear something on(to) someone or something
smearsomething onsmell a rat
smell a ratsmell blood
smell fishysmell like a rose
smell of somethingsmell out
smell outsmell someone, something, or an animal out
smell something upsmell to (high) heaven
smell to high heavensmell up
smell upsmile
smilesmile (up)on someone or something
smile at someonesmile on someone or something
Smile when you say that.smiling like a Cheshire cat
smirk at someone or somethingsmite someone with something
smoke and mirrorssmoke like a chimney
smoke like a chimneysmoke out
smoke outsmoke screen
smoke screensmoke someone, something, or an animal out
smoke someone, something, or an animal out of somethingsmoke something up
smoke-filled roomsmoke-out
smoke-outSmokey Bear
Smokey Bearsmoking gun
smooth as glasssmooth as silk
smooth awaysmooth away
smooth downsmooth down
smooth oversmooth over
smooth sailingsmooth sailing
smooth something awaysmooth something back
smooth something downsmooth something onto someone or something
smooth something outsmoothsomething on
smother someone or something with somethingsmuggle someone or something across something
smuggle someone or something into some placesmuggle someone or something out
smuggle someone or something out of some placesmuggle someone or something past (someone or something)
smuggle someone or something through (something)smugglesomeone or something in
snack off (of) somethingsnail's pace
snail's pacesnake along
snake in the grasssnake in the grass
snakebite medicinesnap
snapsnap at someone
snap at someone or somethingsnap at something
snap back (after something)snap back (at someone)
snap back (on someone or something)snap into something
snap it offsnap it off
Snap it up!snap one's cookies
snap one's fingers atsnap one's fingers at
snap out ofsnap out of
snap out of somethingsnap someone's head off
snap something backsnap something in
snap something into somethingsnap something off
snap something onsnap something out
snap something out of somethingsnap something up
snap to (attention)Snap to it!
snap upsnap up
snarl at someone, something, or an animalsnarl someone or something up
snarl something outsnatch at someone or something
snatch someone or something (away) from someone or somethingsnatch someone out of the jaws of death
snatch something out of somethingsnatch something up
snatch victory from the jaws of defeatsnatchsomeone from the jaws of death
snazz something upsneak
sneaksneak around (some place)
sneak around someone or somethingsneak away
sneak awaysneak away (from some place)
sneak in(to some place)sneak out (of some place)
sneak up onsneak up on
sneak up on someone or somethingsneak up to someone or something
sneer at someone or somethingsneeze at
sneeze atsneeze at someone
sneeze at somethingsneeze into something
sneeze on someone or somethingsniff at someone or something
sniff outsniff out
sniff someone or something outsnip something off
snip something off (of) somethingsnipe at someone or something
snitch on someonesnoop around (something)
snoop into somethingsnort at someone or something
snotnose(d) (kid)snow bunny
snow insnow in
snow jobsnow job
snow someone or something insnow someone or something under
snow someone or something under with somethingsnow under
snow undersnowball into something
snowed insnowed under
snuff someone outsnuff something out
snug as a bug in a rugsnug as a bug in a rug
snug down (some place)snuggle (up) against someone or something
snuggle down (into something)snuggle down (with someone)
snuggle down (with something)snuggle up (to someone or something)
So (what)?so --- as to
so --- as toso --- that
so --- thatso as to
so as toso bad
so badso bad one can taste it
so be itso be it
So be it.so clean you could eat off the floor
so cold you could hang meatSo do I.
so farso far
so far asso far as
so far as anyone knowsso far as possible
so far as someone is concernedso far as something is concerned
so far, so goodso far, so good
So far, so good.So gross!
so help meso help me
So help me(, God)!so it goes
so it goesSo it goes.
so longso long
so long asso long as
So long.so mad I could scream
So many countries, so many customs.so many(1)
so many(1)so many(2)
so many(2)so much as
so much asso much for
so much forso much for someone or something
So much for that.so much the better
so much(1)so much(1)
so much(2)so much(2)
so much(3)so much(3)
so quiet you could hear a pin dropso soon
so still you could hear a pin dropso that
so thatso to speak
so to speakso what
so whatSo's your old man!
So, sue me.so-and-so
soak insoak in
soak in(to something)soak one's face
soak someone or something with somethingsoak someone to the skin
soak something in somethingsoak something off
soak something off (of) somethingsoak something out
soak something out of somethingsoak something up
soak through somethingsoak up
soak upsoaked to the skin
soap operasoap opera
soap someone or something downsob all the way to the bank
sob all the way to the banksob one's heart out
sob oneself to sleepsob something out
sob something to someonesob story
sob storysober as a judge
sober someone upsober up
social climbersocial climber
sock itsock it
sock it to someonesock someone or something in
sock something awaysocked in
soda jerksoda jerk
soft answer turneth away wrath.soft as a baby's backside
soft as a baby's bottomsoft as down
soft as silksoft as velvet
soft drinksoft drink
soft in the headsoft money
soft on someonesoft sell
soft soapsoft touch
soft touchsoft-pedal something
soften one's stance (on someone or something)soften someone up
soften something upsoften up
soil one's diaper(s)soil one's hands
soil one's handssold on
sold onsold on someone or something
sold outsolicit for someone or something
solicit someone for somethingsolid as a rock
some creature's time has comesome elbow room
some loose endssome of these days
some of these daysSome people (just) don't know when to give up.
Some people (just) don't know when to quit.Some people (just) don't know when to stop.
some pumpkinssome punkins
some shut-eyesomebody up there loves/hates me
somebody up there loves/hates meSomeone better keep quiet about it.
Someone had better keep still about it.someone of note
someone or something from hellSomeone or something is supposed to.
Someone will be with you in a minute.someone's ace in the hole
someone's bread and buttersomeone's claim to fame
someone's dirty laundrysomeone's fate is sealed
someone's hands are tiedsomeone's level best
someone's point is well takensomeone's time has come
someone's train of thoughtsomeone's true colors
someone's word is goodsomeone's word of honor
something about someone or somethingsomething else
something elsesomething else again
something else againsomething else (again)
Something is better than nothing.something is enough to plague a saint
something is killing someoneSomething is rotten in (the state of) Denmark.
something never failssomething of sorts
something of the sortsomething or other
something to shout aboutsomething to that effect
Something's got to give.something's up
somewhere to hang (up) one's hatson
sonson of a bachelor
son of a bitchson of a bitch
son of a gunson of a gun
son of a sea biscuitsong
songsong and dance
song and dancesonic boom
sonic boomsoon
soonsoon as possible
Soon ripe, soon rotten.sooner
soonersooner or later
sooner or laterSooner than you think.
sooner the better.sop something up
sopping (wet)sore
soresore (at someone)
sore spotsore spot
sorrow over someone or somethingsorry 'bout that
Sorry (that) I asked.sorry about that
sorry sightsort
sortsort of
sort ofsort of something
Sort of.sort oneself out
sort outsort out
sort something outsought after
sought aftersoul
soundsound sheet
sound sheetsound as a barrel
sound as a bellsound as a dollar
sound as ifsound asleep
sound effectssound effects
sound likesound like a broken record
sound offsound off
sound off (about something)sound out
sound outsound someone out
sound something outsound truck
sound trucksoup
soupsoup something up
Soup's on!souped up
sour as vinegarsour grapes
sow one's wild oatssow one's wild oats
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwindspace
spacespace out
space probespace probe
space someone outspaced (out)
spaced outspaced out
spade something upSpain
Spainspar with
spar withspar with someone
spare someone somethingSpare the rod and spoil the child.
spare tirespark something off
sparkle with somethingspatter on someone or something
spatter someone or something upspatter someone or something with something
spatter something aroundspatter something on(to) someone or something
spaz aroundspaz down
spaz outspeak
speakspeak (up)on something
speak about someone or somethingspeak against someone or something
speak down to someonespeak for
speak forspeak for itself
speak for oneselfspeak for someone or something
speak for themselvesspeak from something
speak highly of someone or somethingspeak ill of someone
speak of someone or somethingSpeak of the devil (and in he walks).
speak of the devil and he appearsspeak of the devil and he appears
speak off-the-cuffspeak one's mind
speak one's mindspeak one's piece
speak one's piecespeak out
speak outspeak out (about someone or something)
speak out (against someone or something)speak out (on something)
speak out of turnspeak out of turn
speak someone's languagespeak the same language
speak the same languagespeak to someone
speak to somethingspeak up
speak up (against someone or something)speak up for someone or something
speak volumesspeak volumes
speak well ofspeak well of
speak with a forked tonguespeak with a forked tongue
speak with someone (about someone or something)speakeasy
speakerspeaking (quite) candidly
speaking for oneselfspear something out (of something)
specialize in somethingspeculate about someone or something
speculate in somethingspeculate on something
speed away (from someone or something)speed someone or something up
speed trapspeed trap
speed upspeed up
speeds of some amountspell disaster
spell outspell out
spell someone (at something)spell someone down
spell something for someonespell something out
spell troublespell trouble
spend money like it's going out of stylespend money like there's no tomorrow
spend something for somethingspend something on someone or something
spend the nightspend the night
spend time in somethingspending money
spending moneyspew one's guts (out)
spew something outspew something up
spice something upspick-and-span
spick-and-spanspiel something off
spiff something upspiffed out
spiffed upspill
spillspill (out) into something
spill (over) into somethingspill one's guts
spill out (of something)spill over
spill over on(to) someone or somethingspill the beans
spill the beansspill the works
spin a yarnspin a yarn
spin aroundspin doctor
spin offspin off
spin one's wheelsspin one's wheels
spin outspin out
spin something offspin something out
spin something out of somethingspine-chilling
spinoffspiral down
spiral upspirit away
spirit awayspirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
spirit someone or something away (somewhere)spirit someone or something off (to some place)
spit (up)on someone or somethingspit and image of someone
spit and polishspit at someone or something
spit something inspit something in(to) something
spit something on(to) somethingspit something out
spit something upspit up
spit upspite
spitespitting image
spitting imagespitting image of someone
splash aboutsplash around
splash downsplash on someone or something
splash oversplash someone or something up
splash someone or something with somethingsplash something (all) over someone or something
splash something aboutsplash something on(to) someone or something
splatter someone or something upsplay out
splice something (in)to somethingsplice something together
splinter off ((of) something)splinter off (fromsomething)
split hairssplit hairs
split a gutsplit end
split endsplit hairs
split in somethingsplit off (from something)
split one's sides (with laughter)split people up
split secondsplit second
split someone or something up (into something)split someone or something with someone or something
split something between (someone and someone else)split something between (something and something else)
split something fifty-fiftysplit something into something
split something offsplit something off (of) something
split the differencesplit the difference
split ticketsplit ticket
split upsplit up
split up (with someone)split-up
split-upsplitting headache
splurge on someone or somethingspoil for
spoil forspoiled rotten
spoiling for a fightspoken for
spoken forsponge
spongesponge bath
sponge bathsponge on
sponge onsponge someone or something down
sponge something awaysponge something from someone
sponge something from somethingsponge something off
sponge something off of someone or somethingsponge something up
spook someone or somethingspoon
spoonspoon something out
spoon something upspoon-feed
spoon-feedspoon-feed someone
sport of kingssport with someone or something
sporting bloodsporting blood
sporting chancespot
spotspot check
spot checkspot someone (something)
spot someone as somethingspotlight
spotlightspout from something
spout off (about someone or something)spout something out
sprain one's anklesprawl about
sprawl aroundsprawl out
spray someone or something with somethingspray something onto someone or something
spraysomething onspread it on thick
spread it on thickspread like wildfire
spread like wildfirespread oneself too thin
spread oneself too thinspread out
spread over someone or somethingspread someone or something around
spread something aroundspread something on
spread something on thickspread something onto something
spread something outspread something over someone or something
spread something under someone or somethingspread something with something
spread the wordspread to someone or something
spring (forth) from someone or somethingspring (up)on someone, something, or an animal
spring a leakspring a leak
spring at someone or somethingspring back (to some place)
spring chickenspring chicken
spring for somethingspring into action
spring on onespring on one
spring out at someonespring out of something
spring something on someonespring to attention
spring to lifespring to one's feet
spring to someone's defensespring up
spring upsprinkle someone or something with something
sprinkle something onsprinkle something on(to) someone or something
sprout upsprout wings
sprout wingsspruce someone or something up
spruce upspruce up
spur someone onspurt (out) (from someone or something)
spurt out (of someone or something)spurt something out
sputter outsputter something out
spy (up)on someone or somethingsquabble about someone or something
squabble over someone or somethingsquabble with someone
squabble with somethingsquad
squadsquander something away
squander something on someone or somethingsquare
squaresquare oneself with
square oneself withsquare (meal)
square accounts (with someone)square away
square awaysquare deal
square dealsquare meal
square mealsquare off
square offsquare off (for something)
square one's shoulderssquare one's shoulders
square peg in a round holesquare peg in a round hole
square shootersquare shooter
square someone awaysquare something off
square something upsquare something with someone
square upsquare up
square up (for fighting)square up to someone or something
square up with someonesquare with someone
square with somethingsquared away
squared awaysquash someone or something up
squash something downsquash something in
squash something into somethingsquash up against someone or something
squawk about somethingsqueak
squeaksqueak by
squeak bysqueak by (someone or something)
squeak something throughsqueak through
squeak throughsqueak through (something)
squeaking wheel gets the oil.squeaky wheel gets the oil.
squeal (on someone) (to someone)squeal with something
squeeze (themselves) togethersqueeze (themselves) up
squeeze by (someone or something)squeeze out of
squeeze out ofsqueeze someone or something in
squeeze someone or something into somethingsqueeze someone or something through (something)
squeeze someone or something togethersqueeze someone or something up
squeeze something from somethingsqueeze something out
squeeze something out of somethingsqueeze through something
squeeze up against someone or somethingsquiff out
squint at someone or somethingsquint out of something
squirm in(to something)squirm out (of something)
squirm with somethingsquirrel something away
squirt from somethingsquirt out (of someone or something)
squirt something at someone or somethingsquirt something out
squirt something out of somethingstab at someone
stab at someone or somethingstab at something
stab in the back(1)stab in the back(1)
stab in the back(2)stab in the back(2)
stab in the darkstab in the dark
stab someone in somethingstab someone in the back
stab something at someone or somethingstack
stackstack something against someone or something
stack something upstack the cards
stack the cardsstack the cards (against someone or something)
stack the deck (against someone or something)stack up
stack up to someone or somethingstag party
stag partystage
stagestage fright
stage frightstage whisper
stage whisperstagestruck
stagestruckstagger around
stagger from somethingstagger in(to some place)
stagger out (of some place)stagger under something
stain something with somethingstake
stakestake a claim
stake a claimstake a claim to someone or something
stake one's reputation on someone or somethingstake out a claim on something
stake out a claim to somethingstake someone or something out
stake someone to somethingstake something off
stalk in(to some place)stalk out of some place
stall for timestall someone or something for something
stall someone or something offstammer something out
stamp a fire outstamp on someone or something
stamp outstamp out
stamp someone or something as somethingstamp someone or something with something
stamp someone outstamp something (up)on someone or something
stamp something onto somethingstamp something out
stamp something out of someone or somethingstampede in(to some place)
stampede out of some placestampede someone or something into something
stamping groundstamping ground
stampsomething outstand
standstand (in) back of someone or something
stand (up)on someone or somethingstand a chance
stand a chancestand a chance (of doing something)
stand and deliverstand apart (from someone or something)
stand aroundstand aside
stand at somethingstand back (from someone or something)
stand behind someone or somethingstand between someone or something and someone or something else
stand bystand by
stand by one's gunsstand by one's guns
stand by someonestand by someone or something
stand correctedstand down
stand forstand for
stand for somethingstand head and shoulders above someone or something
stand idly bystand in (for someone)
stand in awe (of someone or something)stand in awe of
stand in awe ofstand in for
stand in forstand in one's way
stand in one's waystand in with
stand in withstand off
stand offstand off from someone or something
stand off some placestand on ceremony
stand on ceremonystand on one's (own) two feet
stand on one's dignitystand on one's head
stand on one's own feetstand on one's own feet
stand on somethingstand one in good stead
stand one in good steadstand one's ground
stand one's groundstand out
stand outstand out (against someone or something)
stand out (from someone or something)stand out (from something)
stand outside ((of) something)stand over
stand overstand over someone or something
stand patstand pat
stand pat (on something)stand someone in good stead
stand someone or something offstand someone to a treat
stand someone upstand something on its head
stand still (for someone or something)stand still for something
stand tallstand the gaff
stand the gaffstand the test of time
stand there with one's bare face hanging outstand to lose something
stand to reasonstand to reason
stand togetherstand trial
stand trialstand up
stand upstand up against someone or something
stand up and be countedstand up and be counted
stand up forstand up for
stand up for someone or somethingstand up in court
stand up tostand up to
stand up to someone or somethingstand up with
stand up withstand up with someone
stand well with someonestand with someone
standard timestandard time
standing jokestandoffish
starstar as someone or something
star in somethingstar-crossed lovers
stare at someone or somethingstare in the face
stare in the facestare into something
stare out at someone or somethingstare someone down
stare someone in the facestark raving mad
stars in one's eyesstars in one's eyes
start (off) with a bangstart (off) with a clean slate
start (off) with someone or somethingstart (over) with a clean slate
start as somethingstart back (to some place)
start for some placestart from scratch
start from scratchstart from some place
start instart in
start in on someone or somethingstart off
start off (by doing something)start off (on something)
start off as someone or somethingstart off from some place
start off on the wrong footstart on someone or something
start outstart out
start out (on something)start out as something
start out with someone or somethingstart over
start someone in (as something)start someone off (on something)
start someone out (as something)start someone out at an amount of money
start someone overstart someone up (in something)
start somethingstart something
start something upstart something up with something
start the ball rollingstart the ball rolling
start upstart up
start up with someone or somethingstartle someone out of something
starve for some foodstarve for someone or something
starve someone or an animal into somethingstarve someone or an animal out of some place
starvesomeone or an animal outstash bag
stash bagstash something away
stash something in somethingstate
statestate of mind
state of the artstate-of-the-art
state-of-the-artstation someone at something
status symbolstatus symbol
stave offstave off
stave someone or something offstave something in
stave something offstay after (someone or something)
stay after someone (about something)stay at some place
stay at somethingstay back (from something)
stay behindstay by someone or something
stay clear of someone or somethingstay down
stay for somethingstay in
stay instay in (something)
stay in touch (with someone or something)stay loose
stay off (something)stay on (after someone or something)
stay on (some place)stay on something
stay on the good side ofsomeonestay on the right side of someone
stay on top of someone or somethingstay out
stay outstay out (of something)
Stay out of my way.Stay out of this!
stay over (somewhere)stay put
stay putstay to something
stay under (something)stay up (for something)
stay up latestay up late
stay up until a particular timestay with
stay withstay with someone or something
stay within somethingstayone step ahead of someone or something
steady as a rocksteak
stealsteal one's thunder
steal one's thundersteal a base
steal a glance at someone or somethingsteal a march on
steal a march onsteal a march on someone or something
steal awaysteal away
steal away (from someone or something)steal from someone or something
steal out of some placesteal over someone or something
steal someone's heartsteal someone's thunder
steal something from someone or somethingsteal something off someone
steal the showsteal the show
steal the spotlightsteal the spotlight
steal up onsteal up on
steal up on someone or somethingsteam
steamsteam across something
steam in((to) something)steam out (of some place)
steam someone upsteam someone's beam
steam somethingsteam something off (of) something
steam something outsteam something out of something
steam something upsteam up
steamed (up)steamed up
steamed upsteaming (mad)
steel oneself for someone or somethingsteel someone against someone or something
steely gazesteep someone in something
steep something in somethingsteer away from someone or something
steer clear (of someone or something)steer clear of
steer clear ofsteer into something
steer someone or something through somethingsteer something for something
steer something toward someone or somethingsteer through something
steer toward someone or somethingstem from something
stem the tidestem the tide
step all overstep all over
step aside (for someone)step back (from someone or something)
step back on someone or somethingstep between someone or something and someone or something else
step downstep down
step down (from something)step forward
step instep in
step in(to some place)step in(to the breach)
step insidestep inside
step inside (some place)step into
step intostep into one's shoes
step into one's shoesstep into someone's shoes
step into somethingstep off
step offstep off (of) something
step off on the wrong footstep on it
step on itstep on one's toes
step on one's toesstep on someone or something
step on someone's toesstep on the gas
step on the gasstep out
step outstep out (of something)
step out (on someone)step out into something
step out of linestep out on
step out onstep outside
step over (to) some placestep over someone or something
step right upstep something down
step something offstep something up
step upstep up
step up to somethingstep up to the plate
step-by-stepstepped up
stepped upsterling character
sterling characterstew in one's own juice
stew in one's own juicestick
stickStick 'em up!
stick aroundstick around
stick at somethingstick by one
stick by onestick by someone or something
stick in one's crawstick in one's craw
stick in one's throatstick in one's throat
stick in someone's mindstick in something
stick it to someonestick man
stick one's foot in one's mouthstick one's neck out
stick one's neck outstick one's neck out (for someone or something)
stick one's nose in(to something)stick one's nose into
stick one's nose intostick one's nose up in the air
stick one's oar instick one's tongue out
stick outstick out
stick out (from someone or something)stick out (of someone or something)
stick out a milestick out against something
stick out like a sore thumbstick out like a sore thumb
stick shiftstick someone or something up
stick someone with someone or somethingstick something down
stick something instick something into someone or something
stick something on(to) someone or somethingstick something out
stick something out to someonestick something through someone or something
stick something togetherstick something up
stick to the pointstick to the point
stick to one's gunsstick to one's guns
stick to one's knittingstick to one's knitting
stick to one's ribsstick to one's ribs
stick to someone or somethingstick to someone's fingers
stick togetherstick together
stick upstick up
stick up forstick up for
stick up for someone or somethingstick with
stick withstick with
stick withStick with it.
stick with someone or somethingstick-in-the-mud
stick-upstickone's nose in (where it's not wanted)
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.sticksomething on
sticky fingerssticky fingers
stiff as a pokerstiffen something up
stiffen upstigmatize someone as something
still waters run deepstill waters run deep
still as deathstill life
still lifestill tongue makes a wise head.
Still waters run deep.stimulate someone or an animal into something
sting someone for somethingsting someone with something
stink on icestink something up
stink to high heavenstink with something
stinking richstinking with something
stir someone (in)to somethingstir someone up
stir something aroundstir something in
stir something into somethingstir something up
stir upstir up
stir up a hornet's neststir up a hornet's nest
stitchstitch in time saves nine.
stitch something onstitch something onto something
stitch something upstock
stockstock in trade
stock something (up) with somethingstock up (on something)
stock up (with something)stock-in-trade
stock-in-tradestoke something up
stoked on someone or somethingstoked out
Stolen fruit is sweetest.Stolen pleasures are sweetest.
stomp on someonestone
stonestone dead
stone wallstone wall
stone's throwstone's throw
stone's throw awaystone(-cold) sober
stool (on someone)stool (pigeon)
stool pigeonstool pigeon
stooliestoop down
stoop overstoop to doing something
stop at nothingstop at nothing
stop at somethingstop behind someone or something
stop bystop by
stop by (some place)stop cold
stop coldstop dead in one's tracks
stop for someonestop for something
stop in (some place)stop off
stop offstop off (some place) (for a period of time)
stop on a dimestop on something
stop one or something dead in one's or something's tracksstop over
stop overstop over (some place)
stop shortstop short
stop short of a placestop short of doing something
stop someone coldstop someone from doing something
stop something up (with something)stop street
stop streetStop the music!
Stop the presses!stop the show
stop the showstop up
stop upstop, look, and listen
store something awaystore something in something
store something upstorm
stormstorm around
storm at someone or somethingstorm in(to some place)
storm is brewing.storm out (of some place)
stow awaystow away
stow something awaystraddle the fence
straight and narrowstraight as an arrow
straight dopestraight face
straight facestraight from the horse's mouth
straight from the horse's mouthstraight from the shoulder
straight from the shoulderstraight low
straight manstraight off
straight offstraight off the bat
straight outstraight out
straight shooterstraight shooters
straight shootersstraight talk
straight ticketstraight ticket
straight upstraightaway
straighten outstraighten out
straighten someone or something upstraighten someone out
straighten something outstraighten up
straighten upstraighten up and fly right
strain a pointstrain a point
strain after somethingstrain at gnats and swallow camels
strain at the leashstrain away (at something)
strain for an effectstrain something off
strain something off of somethingstrain something through something
strand someone on somethingstrange to say
strange to saystranger to something or some place
strap someone or something downstrap someone or something in(to) something
strap something onto someone or somethingstrapped for
strapped forstrapped for something
strapsomeone or something instrapsomething on
straw bossstraw boss
straw in the windstraw in the wind
straw manstraw poll
straw pollstraw that breaks the camel's back
straw that breaks the camel's backstraw that broke the camel's back
straw votestraw vote
stray (away) (from something)stray in(to something)
stray onto somethingstreak
streakstreak across something
streak of bad luckstreak of good luck
streak of luckstreak of luck
stream down (on someone or something)stream in(to something)
stretch a pointstretch a point
stretch away (from something)stretch away to some place
stretch forth (from something)stretch it
stretch of the imaginationstretch of the imagination
stretch one's legsstretch one's money
stretch outstretch out to someone or something
stretch someone or something outstretch something out (to someone or something)
stretch the pointstretch the truth
Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach.strew something (all) over something
strew something on someone or somethingstrew something over someone or something
strew something with somethingstricken with something
strictly businessstride
stridestride in(to some place)
stride out of some placestrike
strikestrike a balance (between two things)
strike a bargainstrike a bargain
strike a chord (with someone)strike a deal
strike a happy mediumstrike a happy medium
strike a matchstrike a pose
strike a sour notestrike all of a heap
strike all of a heapstrike at someone or something
strike back (at someone or something)strike for something
strike goldstrike gold
strike homestrike home
strike home with someonestrike it rich
strike it richstrike one funny
strike one funnystrike one's colors
strike one's colorsstrike one's fancy
strike one's fancystrike out
strike outstrike out (at someone or something)
strike out atstrike out at
strike out for some placestrike out on one's own
strike over somethingstrike someone as something
strike someone funnystrike someone or something down
strike someone or something from somethingstrike someone or something on something
strike someone or something with somethingstrike someone's fancy
strike something (up)on somethingstrike something down
strike something into somethingstrike something off (of) someone or something
strike something outstrike something up
strike the hourstrike the hour
strike the right notestrike up
strike upstrike up a conversation
strike up a friendshipstrike up the band
strike while the iron is hotstrike while the iron is hot
Strike while the iron is hot.strikebreaker
strikebreakerstrikesomething off
string alongstring along
string along (with someone)string of bad luck
string of good luckstring out
string outstring someone along
string someone upstring something out
string something togetherstring up
string upstrings attached
strings attachedstrip
stripstrip down
strip for somethingstrip someone or something down to something
strip someone or something of somethingstrip something away (from someone or something)
strip something instrip something off (of) someone or something
strip to somethingstripe
stripestripsomeone or something down
stripsomething offstrive after something
strive against somethingstrive for something
strive to do somethingstrive toward something
stroke of geniusstroke of luck
stroke of luckstroke someone's ego
stroll aroundstroll through something
strong as a horsestrong as a lion
strong as an oxstrong language
strong languagestrong, silent type
strong-arm tacticsstruggle against someone or something
struggle along (with someone or something)struggle along under something
struggle for somethingstruggle on with something
struggle through (something)struggle to do something
struggle to the deathstruggle with someone for something
struggle with someone or somethingstrum something on something
strung outstrung out
strut aroundstrut in(to some place)
strut one's stuffstrut out of some place
stub one's toe against somethingstub one's toe onsomething
stub something outstubborn as a mule
stuck in trafficstuck on
stuck onstuck on someone or something
stuck on somethingstuck with
stuck withstuck with someone or something
study for somethingstudy up on someone or something
Stuff a sock in it!stuff and nonsense
stuff and nonsensestuff and nonsense
stuff one's facestuff someone or something in
stuff someone or something into someone or somethingstuff someone or something with something
stuff someone's head with somethingstuff something down someone's throat
stuff something down somethingstuff something up
stuff something up somethingstuff the ballot box
stuff the ballot boxstuffed shirt
stuffed shirtstuffed up
stuffed upstumble (up)on someone or something
stumble acrossstumble across
stumble across someone or somethingstumble into someone or something
stumble on someone or somethingstumble over someone or something
stumble through somethingstumbling block
stump for someonestump someone
sub for someone or somethingsub someone for someone else
sub something for something elsesubdivide something into something
subject someone or something to somethingsubject to
subject tosubject to something
subjugate someone to someonesubmerge someone or something in something
submerge someone or something under somethingsubmit someone or something to something
submit to somethingsubordinate someone or something to someone or something else
subpoena someone to do somethingsubscribe to something
subsist on somethingsubstance
substancesubstitute for someone or something
substitute someone for someone elsesubstitutesomething for something else
subtract something from something elsesucceed
succeedsucceed as something
succeed at somethingsucceed in something
succeed someone as somethingsucceed to something
succumb to somethingsuch and such
such and suchsuch as
such assuch as it is
such as it issuch as...
Such is life!such that
such thatsuch-and-such
such-and-suchsuck (some) brew
suck (some) sudssuck in
suck insuck someone in
suck someone or something downsuck someone or something in
suck someone or something into somethingsuck someone or something under
suck someone's hind titsuck something from something
suck something insuck something up
suck up to someonesucker list
sucker listsucker for someone or something
sucker listsucker someone in
sucker someone into somethingsue for something
sue someone for somethingsue the pants off (of) someone
suffer a setbacksuffer from something
suffer under someonesuffice for someone or something
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.suffix something onto something
suffuse something with somethingsugar daddy
sugar daddysuggest itself to someone
suggest something to someonesuggestive of something
suit (oneself) upsuit one's actions to one's words
suit oneselfsuit someone or something to something
suit someone to a Tsuit someone's fancy
suit to a Tsuit to a T
suit upsuit up
suit yourselfsuit yourself
Suit yourself.suited for something
sulk about someone or somethingsulk over someone or something
sum (something) upsum and substance
sum totalsum total
sum upsum up
summon someone before someone or somethingsummon someone to someone or something
summon something upsun
sunsun belt
Sunday bestSunday best
Sunday driverSunday-go-to-meeting clothes
sunny-side upsunny-side up
superimpose something on(to) someone or somethingsupper
supplysupply and demand
supply someone or something with somethingsupply something (to someone or something) (from something)
Suppose I do?Suppose I don't?
supposed to do somethingSupposed to.
Supposing I do?Supposing I don't?
sure thingsure thing
sure as eggs is eggssure as fate
sure as God made little green applessure as hell
sure as I'm standing hereSure as shooting!
sure as you livesure bet
sure enoughsure enough
sure thingSure thing.
surf and turfsurf the Net
surge in(to something)surge out (of something)
surge upsurpass someone or something in something
surprise someone by somethingsurprise someone with something
surrender someone or something to someone or somethingsurrender to someone or something
surround someone or something with someone or somethingsurvival of the fittest
survival of the fittestsusceptible to something
suspect someone of somethingsuspend someone from something
suspend someone or something from somethingsuspend something by something
suspicious charactersuss someone out
sustain someone in somethingswab something down
swab something outswab something out of something
swallowswallow hook, line, and sinker
swallow hook, line, and sinkerswallow one's pride
swallow one's prideswallow one's words
swallow one's wordsswallow someone or something up
swallow something downswallow something hook, line, and sinker
swallow upswallow up
swamp someone or something with somethingswan song
swan songswap notes (on someone or something)
swap someone or something for someone or something elseswap someone or something with someone
swap with someoneswarm (all) over someone or something
swarm around someone or somethingswarm in(to something)
swarm out of somethingswarm through something
swarm with someone or somethingSWAT team
SWAT teamswathe
swatheswathe someone or something in something
swathe someone or something with somethingsway back and forth
sway from side to sidesway someone to something
swear (up)on someone or somethingswear at someone or something
swear byswear by
swear by someone or somethingswear in
swear inswear like a trooper
swear offswear off
swear off (something)swear on a stack of Bibles
swear on one's mother's graveswear out
swear outswear someone in (as something)
swear someone to somethingswear something out against someone
swear something to someoneswear to something
sweat outsweat out
sweat bloodsweat blood
sweat bulletssweat for something
sweat something offsweat something out
sweat something out of someoneSweeney
sweepsweep along
sweep down on someone or somethingsweep in (from some place)
sweep in(to some place)sweep off
sweep off one's feetsweep off one's feet
sweep one off one's feetsweep out of
sweep out ofsweep out of some place
sweep over someonesweep someone in
sweep someone into somethingsweep someone or something aside
sweep someone or something awaysweep someone or something out of something
sweep something backsweep something down
sweep something insweep something into something
sweep something offsweep something off (of) something
sweep something outsweep something under the carpet
sweep something upsweep the city
sweep the citysweep through (something)
sweep under the rugsweep under the rug
sweep upsweep up after someone
sweepsomeone or something outsweet
sweetsweet and sour
sweet as honeysweet as sugar
sweet nothingssweet on
sweet onsweet on someone
sweet talksweet talk
sweet toothsweet tooth
sweet-talk someonesweeten (up) the deal
sweeten someone upsweeten something up
sweeten the potsweeter than honey
sweetheart agreementsweetheart deal
sweetie piesweetie pie
swell outswell up
swell with somethingswell-headed
swell-headedswelled head
swelled headswerve (away) (from someone or something)
swerve into someone or somethingswift and sure
swift as an arrowswift as lightning
swift as the windswift as thought
swill something downswim
swimswim against the current
swim against the currentswim against the tide
swim aroundswim before someone's eyes
swim for itswim for someone or something
swim in somethingswim into something
swim toward someone or somethingswim with something
swimming in somethingswimming with someone or something
swindle someone out of somethingswindle something out of someone
swing around (to something)swing at someone or something
swing for somethingswing from something
swing into actionswing into high gear
swing into somethingswing one's weight
swing one's weightswing something
swing to somethingswing with someone or something
swirl about someone or somethingswirl around
swish aroundswish something off (of) someone or something
swishsomething offswitch
switchswitch (around) (with someone or something)
switch aroundswitch back (to something)
switch from someone to someone elseswitch from something to something else
switch into somethingswitch off
switch onswitch over (to someone or something)
switch someone or something aroundswitch someone or something off
switch someone or something over to someone or somethingswitch someone or something over to something
switch someone or something throughswitch something (from something) (in)to something
switch something back (to something)switch something on
switch something outswitch something over (to something)
switch something to something elseswitch to something
switched onswitched on
swoon over someone or somethingswoop
swoopswoop down (up)on someone or something
sword rattlingsword rattling
sworn enemiessworn enemies
sympathize with someone (about someone or something)synchronize something with something else