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Dictionary of American idioms
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race against someone or somethingrace against time
race against timerace around
race around (after someone or something)race for something
race into someone or somethingrace into something
race someone for somethingrace someone to some place
race through someone or somethingrace through something
race to someone or somethingrace to stand still
race to stand stillrace up to someone or something
race with someone or somethingrack and ruin
rack and ruinrack one's brain
rack one's brainrack one's brain(s)
rack outrack something up
racked with painradiate from someone or something
radio hamradio ham
raffle something offrag
ragrag doll
rag dollrag on someone
rag outrag someone about someone or something
rag traderag trade
rage against someone or somethingrage at someone or something
rage out of controlrage over someone or something
rage through somethingragged
raggedrail against someone or something
rail at someone (about something)railroad
railroadrailroad someone into something
railroad something through (something)rain
rainrain (up)on someone or something
rain cats and dogsrain cats and dogs
rain checkrain check
rain check (on something)rain down on someone or something
rain in on someone or somethingrain on
rain onrain on someone or something
rain on someone's paraderain or shine
rain or shinerain something down (on someone or something)
rain something outrained out
rained outrainproof
rainproofrainy day
rainy dayraise hackles
raise hacklesraise (an) objection (to someone or something)
raise a (big) stink (about someone or something)raise a few eyebrows
raise a handraise a hand
raise a hand (against someone or something)raise a hue and cry (about something)
raise a rowraise a row
raise a stinkraise a stink
raise a stink (about something)raise Cain
raise Cainraise eyebrows
raise eyebrowsraise funds
raise fundsraise havoc
raise havocraise havoc with someone or something
raise heckraise heck
raise hell (withsomething)raise hob
raise hobraise hob with someone or something
raise money for someone or somethingraise money to do something
raise one's glass to someone or somethingraise one's sights
raise one's sightsraise one's voice
raise one's voiceraise one's voice (to someone)
raise one's voice against someone or somethingraise some eyebrows
raise someone from somethingraise someone from the dead
raise someone or an animal from somethingraise someone or something to something
raise someone or something to the surface (of something)raise someone or something up
raise someone to somethingraise something with someone
raise the anteraise the bar
raise the devilraise the devil
raise the devil (with someone)raise the devil (with something)
raise the dickens (with someone or something)raise the roof
raise the roofraise up
raised in a barnrake in
rake inrake off
rake offrake on someone
rake over the coalsrake over the coals
rake someone over the coalsrake something around
rake something inrake something off
rake something off (of) somethingrake something out
rake something out of somethingrake something up
rake through somethingrake up
rake uprake-off
rake-offrally around someone or something
rally to someone or somethingralph something up
ram down one's throatram down one's throat
ram into someone or somethingram someone or something down someone's throat
ram something downram something in
ram something into someone or somethingram something through (something)
ram through somethingramble on
ramble on (about someone or something)ramble on about
ramble on aboutrandom
randomrange from something to something
range over somethingrank
rankrank above someone
rank among somethingrank and file
rank and filerank as something
rank on someonerank someone (out)
rank someone among somethingrank someone or something as something
rank someone with someonerank with someone or something
rant (at someone) about someone or somethingrant against someone or something
rant and rave (about someone or something)rant at someone or something
rap at somethingrap on something
rap one's knucklesrap one's knuckles
rap someone across the knucklesrap someone on the knuckles
rap someone's knucklesrap something out (on something)
rap with someonerarin' to go
rasp something outrat
ratrat around
rat onrat on
rat on someonerat out
rat outrat race
rat racerate
raterate someone or something above someone or something else
rate someone or something among somethingrate someone or something as something
rate someone or something below someone or something elserate someone or something with someone or something else
rate something at somethingrate with someone
rate with someonerather
ratherration something out (among someone)
Rats abandon a sinking ship.rattle
rattlerattle around in something
rattle awayrattle its saber
rattle offrattle off
rattle on (about someone or something)rattle one's saber
rattle one's saberrattle something off
raunch someone outrave about
rave aboutrave about someone or something
rave over someone or somethingravished with delight
raw dealraw deal
raw recruitraze something to the ground
reach a compromisereach a conclusion
reach a dead endreach a decision
reach an accord (with someone)reach an agreement (with someone)
reach an impassereach an understanding with someone
reach back (in)to somethingreach down
reach first basereach first base
reach first base (with someone or something)reach for someone or something
reach for the skyreach for the sky
Reach for the stars!reach in(to something)
reach one's stridereach out
reach out (after someone or something)reach out (for something)
reach out into somethingreach out to someone
reach someonereach something down
reach something up to someonereach to something
reach toward someone or somethingreact against someone or something
react to someone or somethingread (someone) something out of something
read (something) to someoneread about someone or something
read between the linesread between the lines
read for somethingread from something
read from the same pageread into
read intoread it and weep
Read my lips!read of someone or something (somewhere)
read offread off
read onread one like a book
read one like a bookread one one's rights
read one one's rightsread one's mind
read one's mindread oneself to sleep
read overread over
read someone like a bookread someone or something as something
read someone out (for something)read someone out of something
read someone the riot actread someone's lips
read someone's mindread something back (to someone)
read something in somethingread something into something
read something offread something out
read something overread something through
read the handwriting on the wallread the riot act
read the riot actread up (on someone or something)
read up onread up on
readjust to someone or somethingready
readyready (to do something)
ready moneyready money
ready, set, goready, willing, and able
real McCoyreal thing
reality of the situationrealize one's potential
realize something from somethingream someone out
ream something outreap something from something
reappoint someone as somethingrear
rearrear back
rear endrear end
rear its headrear its head
rear its ugly headrear up
reason against somethingreason something out
reason with someonereassign someone to something
reassure someone about somethingreassure someone of something
rebel against someone or somethingrebel at someone or something
rebound from somethingrebuke someone for something
recall someone from somethingrecall someone or something from something
recall something to mindrecall something to someone
recast something in somethingrecede from something
receive someone as someone or somethingreceive someone into something
receive someone or something backreceive someone with open arms
receive something from some placereceive something from someone
receive with open armsreceive with open arms
reckon someone as someone or somethingreckon someone or something among something
reckon someone or something into somethingreckon with
reckon withreckon with someone or something
reckon withoutreckon without
reckon without someonereckonsomeone or something in
reclaim someone or something from someone or somethingrecognize one for what one is
recognize someone as someone or somethingrecognize someone or something by something
recognize someone or something for somethingrecognize something for what it is
recoil at the sight (of someone or something)recoil at the thought (of someone or something)
recoil from someone or somethingrecommend someone as something
recommend someone for somethingrecommend someone or something to someone
recompense someone for somethingreconcile oneself to something
reconcile something with somethingreconstruct something from something
record something from somethingrecord something in something
record something on somethingrecount something to someone
recoup something from someone or somethingrecover from someone or something
recover from somethingrecover something from someone or something
recruit someone for somethingrecruit someone from something
recruit someone into somethingrecuperate from something
red as a cherryred as a poppy
red as a rosered as a ruby
red as bloodred carpet
red carpetred cent
red centred eye
red eyered eye
red eyered herring
red herringred in the face
red inkred tape
red tapered-carpet treatment
red-letter dayred-letter day
red-light districtred-light district
rededicate oneself or something to someone or somethingredound on someone
reduce someone to silencereduce someone to tears
reduce something by somethingreduce something from something to something
reduced to doing somethingreed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall.
reef a sail inreek of something
reek with somethingreel back (from something)
reel offreel off
reel something inreel something off
reel under somethingrefer someone back to someone or something
refer someone to someone or somethingrefer something back to someone or something
refer to someone or somethingreference
referencerefersomething back
refill a prescriptionrefine on
refine onreflect (back) (up)on someone or something
reflect credit (up)on someone or somethingreflected in something
refrain from somethingrefresh someone with something
refresh something with somethingrefund something to someone
refuse something to someonerefuse to do something
regain one's composureregain one's feet
regain one's feetregain something from someone or something
regale someone with somethingregard
regardregard someone or something as someone or something
regard someone or something with somethingregardless of something
register for somethingregister in something
register on somethingregister someone as something
register someone for somethingregister someone in something
register something with someone or somethingregister with someone
regress to somethingregular as clockwork
regular fixtureregular guy
regular guyrehearse for something
reign over someone or somethingreimburse someone for something
reimburse something to someonerein
reinrein back on someone or something
rein someone or something inrein something up
rein upreinforce someone or something with something
reinstate someone as somethingreinstate someone in something
reinvent the wheelreissue something to someone
reject someone or something out of handrejoice at something
rejoice in someone or somethingrejoice over something
relapse into somethingrelate something to someone
relate something to somethingrelate to someone or something
related to someonerelation
relationrelative to
relative torelative to someone or something
relax into somethingrelax one's hold on someone or something
relay something to someonerelease someone or something from something
release someone to someonerelegate someone to someone or something
reliance on someone or somethingrelieve one of one's duties
relieve oneselfrelieve someone of something
religious about doing somethingrelinquish something over someone
relinquish something to someone or somethingrelocate someone or something in something
reluctant to do somethingrely (up)on someone or something
remain at some placeremain away (from someone or something)
remain behindremain down
remain in (something)remain in touch (with someone or something)
remain onremain together
remain under somethingremain up
remain within (something)remand someone (in)to the custody of someone
remand someone over to someoneremark (up)on someone or something
Remember me to someone.remember someone as something
remember someone in one's willremember someone to someone
Remember to write.remind someone about someone or something
remind someone of someone or somethingreminisce about someone or something
reminisce with someonereminiscent of someone or something
remit something to someone or somethingremonstrate (with someone) (about someone or something)
remove someone from somethingremove someone or something from someone or something
remunerate someone for somethingrend something from someone or something
rend something into somethingrender something down
render something in(to) somethingrender something to someone or something
rendersomething up (to someone or something)renege on something
renounce someone for somethingrent something (out) (to someone)
rent something from someonerepair to some place
repatriate someone to some placerepay someone by something
repay someone for somethingrepay someone with something
repeat oneselfrepeat oneself
repel someone from somethingreplace someone or something by someone or something
replace someone or something with someone or somethingreplenish something with something
reply to someone or somethingreport (up)on someone or something
report about someone or somethingreport back (on someone or something)
report back (to someone or something)report for something
report inreport in sick
report something to someonereport to someone or something
repose (up)on somethingrepose in something
represent someone in somethingrepresent someone or something as something
represent something to someonereprimand someone for something
reproach someone for somethingreproach someone with something
reproduce something from somethingreprove someone for something
repulse someone or something from somethingreputation (as a something)
reputation (for doing something)reputed to
request someone to do somethingrequest something from someone
request something of someonerequire something from someone
require something of someonerequisition something for someone or something
requisition something from someone or somethingrescue someone or something from someone or something
research into someone or somethingresemble someone or something in something
reserve something for someone or somethingreside in some place
reside in someone or somethingresign from something
resign oneselfresign oneself
resign oneself to somethingresistance
resistanceresonate with someone
resort to somethingresound through(out) something
resound with somethingrespect someone as something
respect someone for somethingrespond to someone or something
responsible partyrest
restrest (up)on something
rest against someone or somethingrest assured
rest assuredrest from something
rest homerest home
rest in peacerest in something
rest is gravy.rest is history.
rest on one's laurelsrest on one's laurels
rest on one's oarsrest on one's oars
rest roomrest room
rest something against somethingrest something in someone or something
rest up (for something)rest up (from something)
rest with someone or somethingrestore someone's belief in something
restore someone's faith insomethingrestore someone's trust in something
restore something to someonerestore something to something
restrain someone from somethingrestrict someone or something to someone or something
result from somethingresult in something
resurrect someone or something from somethingretail at something
retail for somethingretail something to someone
retain something over someone or somethingretaliate against someone or something
retire (in)to somethingretire from something
retire on somethingretire someone or something from something
retire to some placeretool for something
retool something for somethingretreat
retreatretreat (from something) (to some place)
retrieve someone or something from some placeretrieve something from someone
return from some placereturn someone or something to someone
return someone's complimentreturn something for something
return the complimentreturn the compliment
return the favorreturn to haunt one
return to some placereturn with something
reunite someone or something with someone or somethingrev something up
rev uprev up
reveal someone or something to someonerevel in something
Revenge is a dish best served cold.Revenge is sweet.
revenge oneself (up)on someone or somethingreverberate through something
reverberate throughout somethingreverberate with something
revere someone or something for somethingreverse
reverserevert to someone or something
review for somethingrevolt against someone or something
revolted at someone or somethingrevolve about someone or something
revolve around someone or somethingreward someone for something
reward someone with somethingrhapsodize over someone or something
rhyme or reasonrhyme or reason
rhyme something with somethingrhyme with something
rich in somethingrich man's joke is always funny.
rich with somethingricochet off something
rid ofrid of
rid of someone or somethingrid oneself or something of someone or something
riddle someone or something with somethingride
rideride roughshod over
ride roughshod override (up)on someone or something
ride awayride by someone or something
ride herd onride herd on
ride herd on someone or somethingride off
ride off in all directionsride on
ride on one's coattailsride on one's coattails
ride on someone's coattailsride on something
ride outride out
ride out (of some place)ride over someone or something
ride roughshod over someone or somethingride someone about something
ride someone or an animal downride something down
ride something outride the brake
ride the brakeride the gravy train
ride the gravy trainride to some place
ride upride up
ride up (on someone)ride with someone
riding highriding high
riding for a fallriding for a fall
rifle through somethingrig out
rig outrig someone or something out (in something)
rig something upright
rightright along
right alongright and left
right and leftright as rain
right at a certain timeright away
right awayright down
right downright down someone's alley
right fieldright field
right in the kisserright now
right off the batright on
right onright on time
Right on!right out
right outright side of the tracks
right side of the tracksright side up
right stuffright to do something
right to somethingright up someone's alley
right-hand manright-hand man
right-wingrile someone up
ring a bellring a bell
ring around somethingring back
ring inring in
ring in someone's earsring in someone's mind
ring in the new yearring off the hook
ring outring out
ring out the oldring someone back
ring someone upring something up
ring the bellring the changes
ring the changesring the curtain down (on something)
ring the curtain upring true
ring truering up
ring upring with something
rinse someone or something downrinse someone or something off
rinse someone's mouth out (with soap)rinse something down (with something)
rinse something outrinse something out of something
rinse something with somethingriot
riotriot of color
rip intorip into
rip into someone or somethingrip off
rip offrip on someone
rip someone offrip someone or something apart
rip someone or something to somethingrip someone or something up
rip something away (from someone)rip something away (from something)
rip something downrip something in half
rip something in tworip something off
rip something off (of) someone or somethingrip something out
rip something out of someone or somethingrip something up
ripe old ageripen into something
ripple of excitementripple of protest
ripple through somethingripsnorter
rise (up) against someone or somethingrise above something
Rise and shine!rise from someone or something
rise from the ashesrise from the ashes
rise from the deadrise from the grave
rise from the ranksrise in something
rise in the worldrise in the world
rise torise to
rise to one's feetrise to the bait
rise to the challengerise to the occasion
rise to the toprise up
rise uprisk
riskrisk of rain
risk of showersrisk of thunder(storms)
risk one's neck (to do something)risk something on someone or something
rival someone in somethingrivet one's gaze on someone or something
rivet one's glare on someone or somethingrivet someone's attention
rivet something onrivet something on(to) something
riveted to the groundroad
roadroad gang
road gangroad hog
road hogroad show
road showroad sign
road signroad test
road testroad to hell is paved with good intentions.
roam aboutroam around
roar at someone or somethingroar away
roar something outroast
roastroasting ear
roasting earrob Peter to pay Paul
rob Peter to pay Paulrob someone blind
rob someone of somethingrob the cradle
rob the cradlerob the till
rob the tillrobbery
rockrock and roll
rock and rollrock around
rock houndrock hound
rock someone to somethingrock the boat
rock the boatrock'n'roll
rockerrocket (in)to something
rocket something into somethingrocky road
Roger (wilco).roll
rollroll (oneself) up in something
roll (over) in one's graveroll about
roll alongroll around
roll aroundroll away
roll backroll by
roll downroll down something
roll inroll in something
roll in(to some place)roll off (someone or something)
roll onroll one's sleeves up
roll out the red carpetroll out the red carpet
roll out the red carpet (for someone)roll over
roll over and play deadroll over something
roll prices backroll someone or something (up) in something
roll someone or something overroll something away
roll something backroll something down
roll something down somethingroll something in
roll something in somethingroll something off
roll something off (of) someone or somethingroll something on
roll something onto somethingroll something out
roll something overroll something to someone or something
roll something uproll something up (into something)
roll up one's sleevesroll up one's sleeves
roll with the punchesrolling in it
rolling in moneyrolling in something
rolling in the aislesrolling stone gathers no moss
rolling stone gathers no mossrolling stone gathers no moss.
Roman collarRoman collar
Rome was not built in a day.Rome wasn't built in a day
Rome wasn't built in a dayromp all over someone
romp aroundromp on someone
romp through somethingroof
roofroof something over
room and boardroom and board
room clerkroom clerk
room serviceroom service
room toroom to
room togetherroom with
room withroom with someone
root around (for something)root for
root forroot for someone or something
root of the matterroot of the problem
root someone or something outroot someone or something out of something
root something in somethingroot something out
root something uproot-bound
root-boundrooted in something
rooted to somethingrooted to the spot
rope Intorope Into
rope inrope in
rope offrope off
rope someone inrope someone into doing something
rope someone into somethingrope someone or an animal up
rope something offrope something together
roserose by any other name would smell as sweet.
rose-colored glassesrose-colored glasses
rot awayrot off
rot outrotate on something
rotten applerotten apple spoils the barrel.
rotten eggrotten egg
rotten luckrotten to the core
rotten to the corerough
roughrough diamond
rough diamondrough idea (about something)
rough idea (of something)rough it
rough itrough sledding
rough sleddingrough someone up
rough something inrough something out
rough something uprough stuff
rough timerough up
rough uprough-and-ready
roughhouseroughly speaking
roughly speakingroughneck
roundround down to something
round offround off
round off to somethinground out
round outround robin
round robinround someone or something up
round something downround something off
round something off (with something)round something out
round something upround the clock
round the clockround trip
round tripround up
round upround up to something
round-trip ticketrounding error
rouse someone from somethingrouse someone out of something
rouse someone to somethingroust someone out
roust someone out of somethingrout someone or something out of some place
route someone or something around somethingroute something to someone
routsomeone or something outrow
rowrow (someone or something) out to something
royal painroyal road
royal roadroyal treatment
rub (away) at somethingrub (up) against someone or something
rub downrub down
rub elbowsrub elbows
rub elbows (with someone)rub it in
rub it inrub off
rub offrub off ((of) something)
rub off (on someone)rub off on(to) someone or something
rub outrub out
rub salt in a woundrub salt into one's wounds
rub salt into one's woundsrub shoulders
rub shouldersrub shoulders withsomeone
rub someone or an animal downrub someone or something with something
rub someone outrub someone's nose in it
rub someone('s fur) the wrong wayrub something against someone or something
rub something awayrub something in
rub something into somethingrub something off
rub something off (of) somethingrub something on
rub something onto somethingrub something out
rub something over somethingrub something together
rub something uprub the wrong way
rub the wrong wayrub up against
rub up againstrub up to
rub up torub-a-dub
rub-a-dubrubber check
rubber checkrubdown
rubdownruffle feathers
ruffle feathersruffle its feathers
ruffle someone's feathersruffle something up
rug ratruin of someone or something
rule against someone or somethingrule for someone or something
rule in favor of someone or somethingrule of thumb
rule of thumbrule on something
rule outrule out
rule over someone or somethingrule someone or something out
rule the roostrule the roost
rule with a velvet gloverule with an iron fist
ruminate about somethingruminate on something
rummage around (somewhere) (for something)rummage through something
rumor has it that...rump session
rumple someone or something uprun
runrun (a)foul ofsomeone or something
run (around) in circlesrun a comb through something
run a feverrun a make on someone
run a red lightrun a risk
run a riskrun a risk (of something)
run a tabrun a taut ship
run a temperaturerun a temperature
run a tight shiprun a tight ship
run acrossrun across
run across someone or somethingrun across something
run afterrun after
run after someonerun against someone
run aground (on something)run along
run alongrun amok
run amuckrun an errand
run aroundrun around
run around after someone or somethingrun around in circles
run around in circlesrun around like a chicken with its head cut off
run around like a chicken with its head cut offrun around with someone
run as somethingrun at someone or something
run awayrun away
run away (from someone or something)run away with
run away withrun away with someone
run away with somethingrun back
run back over somethingrun back to someone or something
run behindrun behind someone or something
run between something and something elserun circles around
run circles aroundrun circles around someone
run counter to somethingrun down
run downrun down some lines
run down to some placerun down to someone or something
run dryrun dry
run errandsrun errands
run for itrun for it
run for one's liferun for one's money
run for one's moneyrun for something
run for the hillsrun from someone or something
run from something to somethingrun in
run inrun in circles
run in somethingrun in the blood
run in the bloodrun in the family
run in(to something)run into
run intorun into a brick wall
run into a brick wallrun into a stone wall
run into someonerun into someone or something
run into the groundrun into the ground
Run it by (me) again.run it down
run its courserun its course
run its courserun like clockwork
run low (on something)run of luck
run of luckrun off
run offrun off (with someone)
run off at the mouthrun off at the mouth
run off in all directionsrun off something
run off with someone or somethingrun on
run on all cylindersrun on something
run one's eye over somethingrun one's feet off
run one's fingers through one's hairrun one's hand through one's hair
run one's head against a brick wallrun one's rhymes
run outrun out
run out (on someone)run out at someone or something
run out of some placerun out of steam
run out of timerun out on
run out onrun over
run overrun over (something)
run over someone or somethingrun over something with someone
run over to somethingrun over with something
run raggedrun ragged
run rampantrun rings around
run rings aroundrun rings aroundsomeone
run riotrun riot
run roughshod over someone or somethingrun scared
run scaredrun short
run shortrun short (of something)
run someone inrun someone or something down
run someone or something inrun someone or something into something
run someone or something offrun someone or something off (of) something
run someone or something outrun someone or something out of something
run someone or something to earthrun someone or something to something
run someone raggedrun someone through (with something)
run someone through somethingrun something back
run something by (someone) (again)run something down
run something inrun something in (for something)
run something into somethingrun something into the ground
run something offrun something onto something
run something outrun something out of something
run something overrun something over to someone or something
run something through somethingrun something up
Run that by (me) again.run that by me again!
run that by me again!run the gamut
run the gauntletrun the gauntlet
run the good racerun the risk (of something)
run the showrun through
run throughrun through something
run torun to
run to seedrun to seed
run to someone or somethingrun to something
run true to formrun true to form
run uprun up
run up (to someone or something)run up against
run up againstrun up to some place
run wildrun wild
run with someone or somethingrun with something
run with the hare and hunt (ride) with the houndsrun with the hare and hunt (ride) with the hounds
run with the hare and hunt with the houndsrun-down
running commentaryrunning commentary
running highrunning start
running startrunt of the family
runt of the litterrush
rushrush at someone or something
rush for somethingrush hour
rush in(to something)rush off (from some place)
rush on somethingrush out (of something)
rush someone into somethingrush someone or something in
rush someone or something into somethingrush someone or something out
rush someone or something out of somethingrush someone to the hospital
rush something into printrush something off (to someone or something)
rush something through (something)rush through something
rush to conclusionsrush to someone or something
Russian rouletteRussian roulette
rust awayrust away
rust beltrust out
rustle something uprustproof