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Dictionary of American idioms
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pace aboutpace around
pace back and forthpace off
pace offpace something off
pace something outpace up and down
pack of liespack of lies
pack a punchpack a punch
pack a walloppack down
pack it inpack of lies
pack offpack off
pack one's bagpack one's bag
pack ratpack rat
pack someone off (to someone or something)pack someone or something (in) like sardines
pack someone or something inpack someone or something into something
pack someone or something togetherpack something away
pack something downpack something in something
pack something off (to someone or something)pack something up (in something)
pack them inpack up
pack uppackage deal
packed (in) like sardinespacked (in) like sardines
pad down (some place)pad out
pad something outpad the bill
pad the billpaddle
paddlepaddle one's own canoe
paddle one's own canoepaddy wagon
paddy wagonpain
painpain in the ass
pain in the asspain in the butt
pain in the neckpain in the rear
paint a gloomy picturepaint a gloomy picture
paint on somethingpaint oneself into a corner
paint oneself into a cornerpaint over something
paint something inpaint something on
paint something onto somethingpaint something out
paint the lilypaint the lily
paint the town (red)paint the town red
paint the town redpair
pairpair off
pair offpair up
pair uppair up (with someone)
pal around (with someone)pal up (with someone)
pale around the gillspale around the gills
pale as a ghostpale as death
pale at somethingpale beside someone or something
pale by comparisonpale in comparison
pally (with someone)palm
palmpalm off
palm offpalm someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)
pan across to someone or somethingpan for something
pan gravypan gravy
pan outpan out
pan over someone or somethingpander to someone or something
Pandora's boxPandora's box
panic at somethingpanic someone by something
pant forpant for
pant for airpant for someone or something
pant something outpants
paperpaper over something
paper over the cracks (in something)paper trail
par for the coursepar for the course
parade by (someone)parade rest
parade restparade someone or an animal out
parade someone or something in front of someone or somethingparadise (on earth)
parallel barsparallel bars
parcel outparcel out
parcel someone or something outparcel something up
Pardon (me).Pardon me for living!
Pardon my French.pardon someone for something
pare downpare down
pare something down (to something)pare something off
pare something off (of) somethingpark it (somewhere)
parlay something into somethingparley with someone
parliamentary lawparliamentary law
part and parcelpart and parcel
part and parcelpart company
part companypart company (with someone)
part from someonepart in something
part of the furniturepart of the furniture
part over somethingpart someone or an animal from someone or an animal
part someone's hairpart with
part withpart with someone or something
partake in somethingpartake of
partake ofpartake of something
partial topartial to
partial to someone or somethingpartially sighted
participate (in something) (with someone or something)particular
particularparticulars of something
parting of the waysparting of the ways
partition something into somethingpartition something off
partners in crimeparty
partyparty line
party lineparty to
party toparty to something
party's over.pass
passpass around
pass aroundpass as someone or something
pass awaypass away
pass bypass by
pass by (someone or something)pass by the board
pass by the boardpass for
pass forpass for someone or something
pass for somethingpass from something
pass gaspass in review
pass into somethingpass judgment (on someone or something)
pass musterpass muster
pass offpass off
pass onpass on
pass on someone or somethingpass out
pass outpass over
pass overpass over (someone or something)
pass sentence on someonepass someone on (to someone)
pass someone or something bypass someone or something off (onsomeone) (as someone or something)
pass someone or something uppass something along (to someone)
pass something around (to someone)pass something back (to someone)
pass something down (to someone)pass something forward
pass something in (to someone)pass something off
pass something off (as something)pass something off (on someone) (as something)
pass something onpass something on (to someone)
pass something out (to someone)pass something over (to someone)
pass something to someonepass the buck
pass the buckpass the hat
pass the hatpass the hat (around) (to someone)
pass the time (of day)pass the time of day
pass the time of daypass the time of day (with someone)
pass through one's mindpass through one's mind
pass through someonepass through someone's mind
pass through somethingpass under something
pass uppass up
pass uponpass upon
pass with flying colorspass with flying colors
passed ballpassed ball
passport to somethingpast caring
past masterpast master
past master at somethingpast one's peak
past one's peakpast someone's or something's prime
paste someone onepaste something down
paste something on someonepaste something up
pat answerpat on the back(1)
pat on the back(1)pat on the back(2)
pat on the back(2)pat someone on the back
pat someone or something on somethingpat something down
patch a quarrel uppatch someone up
patch something together (with something)patch something up
patch uppatch up
path of least resistancePatience is a virtue.
patient as Jobpatrol
patrolpatter of tiny feet
pattern something after somethingpattern something on something
pave the waypave the way
pave the way (for someone or something) (with something)pavement
pavementpawn someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)
pay one's respect topay one's respect to
pay (someone or something) a visitpay a call
pay a callpay a call on someone
pay a visit tosomeone or somethingpay an arm and a leg (for something)
pay as one goespay as one goes
pay as you gopay attention
pay attentionpay attention (to someone or something)
pay by somethingpay court to
pay court topay court to someone
pay dirtpay dirt
pay downpay down
pay forpay for
pay for somethingpay heed to someone
pay homage to someone or somethingpay in advance
pay in advancepay into something
pay lip service (to something)pay lip service to
pay lip service topay off
pay offpay on something
pay one a left-handed complimentpay one a left-handed compliment
pay one back in his own coinpay one back in his own coin
pay one's debt (to society)pay one's dues
pay one's last respects (to someone)pay one's own way
pay one's waypay one's way
pay outpay out
pay someone (for something) (with something)pay someone a backhanded compliment
pay someone a complimentpay someone back
pay someone offpay someone respect
pay someone's waypay something back (to someone)
pay something downpay something in
pay something into somethingpay something off
pay something outpay something out (for someone or something)
pay something out (to someone)pay something up
pay the penaltypay the piper
pay the piperpay the price
pay through somethingpay through the nose
pay through the nosepay through the nose (for something)
pay to do somethingpay tribute to someone or something
pay uppay up
paysomeone a left-handed complimentpeace
peacepeace of mind
peal outpearl
peckpeck at something
peck something uppecking order
pecking orderpedestal
pedestalpeek at someone or something
peek in (on someone or something)peek in(to something)
peek out (from behind someone or something)peek out (from underneath someone or something)
peek out of something (at someone or something)peek over something
peek through (something)peek under something
peel offpeel off
peel off ((of) something)peel off (from something)
peel outpeel something away (from something)
peel something back (from something)peel something off ((of) something)
peel something off from somethingpeep
peep at someone or somethingpeep in(to something)
peep out (of something) (at someone or something)peep over something
peep through somethingpeep under something
peeping Tompeeping Tom
peer aboutpeer at someone or something
peer in(to something)peer out at someone or something
peer over somethingpeer through something
peer under somethingpeg
pegpeg away
peg awaypeg away (at something)
peg outpeg someone as something
peg something downpelt down (on someone or something)
pelt someone or something with somethingpen
penpen is mightier than the sword.
pen palpen pal
pen someone or an animal in (some place)pen someone or an animal up
penalize someone for somethingpenalty box
penalty boxpencil someone or something in
penetrate into someone or somethingpenetrate something with something
penetrate through somethingpenny for one's thoughts
penny for one's thoughtspenny for your thoughts!
penny pincherpenny pincher
penny saved is a penny earned.penny wise and pound foolish
penny wise and pound foolishpenny-wise and pound-foolish
pension someone offpeople something with someone
people who live in glass houses should not throw stonespeople who live in glass houses should not throw stones
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.pep someone or something up
pep talkpep talk
pepper someone or something with somethingper head
perceive someone or something as somethingperch on something
perch someone or something on somethingpercolate through something
perfect strangerperform something on someone or something
Perhaps a little later.period of grace
period of graceperish from something
perish in somethingperish the thought
perish the thoughtPerish the thought.
perish with somethingperk someone up
perk something upperk up
perk uppermeate something with something
permeate through somethingPermit me.
permit someone inpermit someone into something
permit someone out (of something)permit someone through (something)
permit someone up (something)permit someone up to something
persecute someone for somethingpersevere at something
persevere in somethingpersevere with something
persist in doing somethingpersist with something
person of colorperspective on something
persuade someone of somethingpersuade someone to do something
pertain to someone or somethingpester someone about someone or something
pester someone into somethingpester someone out of something
pester someone with somethingpester the life out of someone
pet hatepet name
pet namepet peeve
peter outpeter out
petition someone or something for somethingphase someone or something into something
phase someone or something out of somethingphasesomeone or something in
phasesomeone or something outphone in (to someone or something)
phone someone upphone something in (to someone or something)
phony as a three-dollar billphoto finish
photo finishphoto op(portunity)
physical (with someone)Physician, heal thyself.
pick holes inpick holes in
pick a bonepick a bone
pick a fightpick a fight
pick a fight (with someone)pick a hole in
pick a hole inpick a lock
pick a pocketpick a pocket
pick a quarrelpick a quarrel
pick a quarrel (withsomeone)pick a/the lock
pick a/the lockpick and choose
pick and choosepick apart
pick apartpick at
pick atpick at someone or something
pick at somethingpick holes in something
pick of somethingpick off
pick offpick on
pick onpick on somebody your own size
pick on someone or somethingpick on someone your own size
pick one's teethpick one's teeth
pick one's waypick one's way
pick one's way through somethingpick out
pick outpick over
pick overpick someone or something apart
pick someone or something from someone or somethingpick someone or something off
pick someone or something off (of) someone or somethingpick someone or something out
pick someone or something out (for someone or something)pick someone or something out of something
pick someone or something to piecespick someone up
pick someone's brain(s)pick something away
pick something overpick something up
pick the brains ofpick the brains of
pick to piecespick to pieces
pick uppick up
pick up after someone or somethingpick up on something
pick up speedpick up the check
pick up the pacepick up the pieces (of something)
pick up the tabpick up the tab
picked overpickpocket
pickuppicture is worth a thousand words.
picture of (good) healthpicture perfect
picture someone as someone or somethingpicture someone in something
piddle aroundpiddle something away
Pidgin EnglishPidgin English
pie in the skypie in the sky
piece (of the action)piece of cake
piece of cakepiece out
piece outpiece something out
piece something togetherpiecework
pieceworkpierce through something
piercing screampig in a poke
pig in a pokepig out
pig outpig out (on something)
piggy bankpiggy bank
pile in(to something)pile off (something)
pile on((to) someone or something)pile out (of something)
pile someone inpile someone into something
pile someone or something onpile someone or something on(to) someone or something
pile something uppile the work on (someone)
pile uppile up
pilfer from someone or somethingpilfer something from someone or something
pillar of societypillar of society
pillar of strengthpillar of support
pillar to postpillar to post
pilot someone or something through (something)pilot something in
pilot something into somethingpilot something out
pilot something out of somethingpimple
pinpin curl
pin curlpin down
pin downpin money
pin moneypin one's ears back
pin one's ears backpin one's faith on
pin one's faith onpin one's faith on someone or something
pin one's heart on one's sleevepin one's heart on one's sleeve
pin one's hopes on someone or somethingpin someone down (on something)
pin someone or something against somethingpin someone or something beneath someone, something or an animal
pin someone or something under someone or somethingpin someone's ears back
pin something (on)to somethingpin something back
pin something downpin something on someone
pin something on someone or somethingpin something up
pin something up on(to) somethingpinch
pinchpinch and scrape
pinch and scrapepinch pennies
pinch penniespinch someone for something
pinch something backpinch something from someone or something
pinch something offpinch something off (of) something
pinch-hit for someonepine after someone or something
pine awaypine away
pine away (after someone or something)pine for someone or something
pine over someone or somethingpink
pinkpink around the gills
pink around the gillspins and needles
pinup girlpinup girl
pipe downpipe down
pipe dreampipe dream
pipe something awaypipe something from some place (to some place)
pipe something inpipe something into some place
pipe uppipe up
pipe up (with something)piper
piperpiping hot
pipped (up)pique someone's curiosity
pique someone's interestpiss off
piss offpiss someone off
pissed (off)pit against
pit againstpit of one's stomach
pit one's shoulder to the wheelpit someone or something against someone or something
pitch (the) woopitch a curve
pitch a curvepitch a tent
pitch blackpitch camp
pitch darkpitch dark
pitch forwardpitch in
pitch inpitch in (and help) (with something)
pitch intopitch into
pitch outpitch out
pitch someone a curve(ball)pitch someone or something out (of) something
pitch someone or something over somethingpitch something at someone or something
pitch something awaypitch something in
pitch something into somethingpitch something out
pitch woopitch woo
pitchsomeone or something outpity
pitypivot on something
place a strain on someone or somethingplace an order
place for everything, and everything in its place.place of business
place of concealmentplace one's trust in someone or something
place someoneplace someone in an awkward position
place someone or something above someone or somethingplace someone or something at something
place someone or something before someone or somethingplace someone or something behind someone or something
place someone or something in jeopardyplace someone or something next to someone or something
place someone or something on someone or somethingplace someone with someone or something
place something asideplace something at a premium
place something backplace something down (on something)
place something in somethingplace something under someone or something
place something with someone or somethingplace the blame on someone or something (for something)
place the blame onsomeone or somethingplace to call one's own
plague on both your housesplague on both your houses
plague someone or something with somethingplain
plainplain and simple
plain as a pikestaffplain as day
plain Janeplain Jane
plain white wrapperplain white wrapper
plan for someoneplan for something
plan onplan on
plan on someoneplan on something
plan something outplane something away
plane something downplane something off
plank over somethingplant something in something
plant something on someoneplaster one's hair down
plaster over somethingplaster something on
plaster something onto somethingplaster something up
plaster something with somethingplate
plateplatonic love
platonic loveplatter
playplay (the) devil's advocate
play (up)on somethingplay a big part (in something)
play a bit partplay a joke on someone
play a large part (in something)play a part in
play a part inplay a part in something
play a prank on someoneplay a role in something
play a trick on someoneplay a waiting game
play a waiting gameplay against someone or something
play along (with someone or something)play along (with)
play along (with)play around
play aroundplay around (with someone or something)
play around withplay around with
play at somethingplay ball
play ballplay ball with someone
play both ends (against the middle)play by ear
play by earplay cat and mouse with
play cat and mouse withplay cat and mouse with someone
play deadplay down
play downplay down to someone
play dumbplay fair
play fairplay fast and loose
play fast and looseplay fast and loose (with someone or something)
play first chairplay footsie
play footsieplay footsie with someone
play for keepsplay for keeps
play for somethingplay for time
play freeze-outplay games (with someone)
play hard to getplay hard to get
play hardball (with someone)play havoc with
play havoc withplay havoc with someone or something
play hell with someone or somethingplay hob withsomeone or something
play hookyplay hooky
play ignorantplay in something
play in the big leaguesplay innocent
play into one's handsplay into one's hands
play into someone's handsplay it cool
play it for all it's worthplay it safe
play like someone or somethingplay off
play offplay on
play onplay on someone's heartstrings
play on somethingplay one false
play one falseplay one for
play one forplay one's cards close to one's chest
play one's cards close to one's vestplay one's cards right
play one's cards rightplay one's cards well
play one's heart outplay one's trump card
play ostrichplay ostrich
play outplay politics
play politicsplay possum
play possumplay safe
play safeplay second fiddle
play second fiddleplay second fiddle (to someone)
play someone against someone elseplay someone for a fool
play someone off against someone elseplay someone or something down
play someone or something upplay something as something
play something back (to someone)play something by ear
play something offplay something on someone or something
play something outplay something over
play something throughplay something up
play something with someone or somethingplay the (stock) market
play the devil withplay the devil with
play the devil with somethingplay the field
play the fieldplay the fool
play the gameplay the game
play the heavyplay the horses
play the marketplay the market
play the poniesplay through
play to someone or somethingplay to the crowd
play to the galleryplay to the gallery
play tricks onplay tricks on
play tricks on someoneplay up
play upplay up to
play up toplay up to someone
play uponplay upon
play with a full deckplay with fire
play with fireplay with someone or something
play-by-play descriptionplayed out
played outplead for someone
plead for somethingplead guilty to something
plead to somethingplead with someone
please oneselfpleased as Punch
pleased for someone or somethingpleased with someone or something
pledge something to someoneplenty of something
plight one's troth to someoneplod along
plod away at somethingplod through something
plonk something downplot against someone or something
plot something on somethingplot something out
plot thickens.plot with someone
plow intoplow into
plow into someone or somethingplow something back
plow something back into somethingplow something in
plow something under (something)plow something up
plow through somethingpluck at someone or something
pluck something from someone or somethingpluck something off (of) someone or something
pluck something outpluck something out of something
pluck uppluck up
pluck up one's couragepluck up one's courage
pluck up someone's courageplucksomething off
plug (oneself) in(to something)plug away
plug awayplug away (at something)
plug inplug in
plug intoplug into
plug something inplug something into something
plug something upplumb loco
plume oneselfplume oneself
plummet to earthplummet to something
plump for someone or somethingplump something down
plump something upplunge down something
plunge from somethingplunge in(to something)
plunge something into someone or somethingplunge to something
plungesomething inplunk (oneself) down
plunk downplunk down
plunk someone or something downply between something and something else
ply someone with something elsepock something with something
pocket moneypocket money
pocket of resistancepocket one's pride
pocket one's pridepoetic justice
poetic licensepoint
pointpoint at someone or something
point down to somethingpoint of no return
point of viewpoint of view
point outpoint out
point someone or something outpoint something at someone or something
point something uppoint the finger at someone
point to someone or somethingpoint to something
point to something as somethingpoint toward someone or something
point uppoint up
poise oneself for somethingpoise over someone or something
poised for somethingpoised to do something
poison someone against someone or somethingpoison someone or an animal with something
poison something with somethingpoison-pen
pokepoke a hole in something
poke a hole throughsomethingpoke about (in something)
poke alongpoke around
poke aroundpoke around (in something)
poke at someone or somethingpoke fun at
poke fun atpoke fun at someone or something
poke one's nose in(to something)poke out (of something)
poke someone in somethingpoke something at someone or something
poke something inpoke something into something
poke something outpoke something out of something
poke something through someone or somethingpoke through (something)
polarize something into somethingpoles apart
poles apartpolish off
polish offpolish something off
polish something uppolish the apple
polish the applepolitical football
Politics makes strange bedfellows.pollute something with something
ponder (up)on somethingpontificate on something
pooch outpool
poolpoop out
poop someone or something outpooped (out)
pooped outpooped out
poor as a church mousepoor as a church mouse
poor as church micepoor but clean
pop (some) topspop around (for a visit)
pop back (for something)pop by (for a visit)
pop down (for a visit)pop fly
pop flypop for something
pop inpop in
pop in (for a visit)pop in(to something)
pop offpop one's cork
pop one's corkpop out (of something)
pop over (for a visit)pop someone off
pop someone on somethingpop something in
pop something into somethingpop something on
pop something on(to) somethingpop something out
pop something out of somethingpop something up
pop the questionpop the question
pop uppop up (some place)
pore over somethingpork
porkpork out (on something)
port of callport of call
port of entryport of entry
portent of things to comeportion something out
portray someone as someone or somethingportray someone or something as someone
pose a questionpose as someone
pose as someone or somethingpose for someone or something
possessed by somethingpossessed of
possessed ofpossessed of something
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.possum
postpost someone somewhere
post something on somethingpost something to someone
post something uppostage and handling
poster child (for something)postpone something until something
posture as someone or somethingpot
potpot call the kettle black
pot call the kettle blackpot is calling the kettle black.
pot of goldpot something up
potluck supperpotluck supper
pounce (up)on someone or somethingpound
poundpound of flesh
pound of fleshpound a beat
pound along somethingpound away (at someone or something)
pound away atpound away at
pound for poundpound of flesh
pound on someone or somethingpound one's ear
pound outpound out
pound someone inpound someone's head in
pound something downpound something in
pound something into someonepound something into something
pound something on someone or somethingpound something out
pound something uppound the books
pound the pavementpound the pavement
pour (all) over someone or somethingpour along something
pour cold water onpour cold water on
pour cold water on somethingpour down (on someone or something)
pour forthpour in(to something)
pour it on thickpour it on thick
pour money down the drainpour money down the drain
pour money down the drainpour oil on troubled water(s)
pour oil on troubled waterspour oil on troubled waters
pour one's heart outpour one's heart out to someone
pour oneself into somethingpour out
pour outpour out (of something)
pour out one's soulpour something back (in(to something))
pour something inpour something into something
pour something offpour something off (of) something
pour something on(to) somethingpour something out on(to) someone or something
pour something over someone or somethingpour something through something
pour through somethingpour with rain
pouring rainpoursomething out
pout about someone or somethingPoverty is no sin.
Poverty is not a crime.powder
powderpowder one's face
powder one's nosepowder room
powder roompowder up
power behind the thronepower behind the throne
power playpower something up
power something with somethingpower up
powers that bepox on someone or something!
practice (up)on someone or somethingPractice makes perfect.
Practice what you preach.praise someone or something to the skies
prance aroundprance around something
prattle (away) about someone or somethingpray for someone or something
pray over somethingpray to someone or something
pray to the porcelain godpreach about something
preach against someone or somethingpreach at someone
preach to someonepreach to the choir
preach to the convertedprecedence over someone or something
precious fewprecious little
precipitate into somethingprecipitate something into something
preclude someone or something from somethingpredicate something (up)on something
predispose someone or something to(ward) somethingpreface something by something
preface something with somethingprefer someone or something to someone or something else
prefer something against someoneprefix something to something
prejudice someone or something against someone or somethingprelude to something
prepare someone for somethingprepare someone or something for something
prescribe something for someoneprescribe something for something
presence of mindpresence of mind
present someone (to someone) (at something)present someone withsomething
present something to someonepreserve someone or something against something
preserve someone or something from someone or somethingpreserve something for someone or something
preside at somethingpreside over something
press (the) fleshpress (up)on someone or something
press against someone or somethingpress box
press boxpress charges (against someone)
press conferencepress conference
press down on someone or somethingpress for something
press forwardpress on something
press on(ward)press one's luck
press one's luckpress someone or something into service
press someone to the wallpress something (up)on someone
press something against someone or somethingpress something in
press something into somethingpress something on
press something onto somethingpress something out
press something out of somethingpress something together
press the fleshpress the flesh
press the panic buttonpressed for cash
pressed for moneypressed for time
pressure grouppressure group
pressure someone into somethingpresume (up)on someone or something
pretend to somethingpretty
prettypretty as a picture
Pretty is as pretty does.pretty kettle of fish
pretty kettle of fishpretty oneself or something up
pretty pennypretty penny
pretty picklePretty please?
pretty state of affairsprevail (up)on someone or something (to do something)
prevail against someone or somethingprevail upon
prevail uponprevent someone from doing something
Prevention is better than cure.prey (up)on someone or something
prey onprey on
prey on one's mindprey on one's mind
prey on somethingprice on one's head
price on one's headprice one has to pay
price someone or something out of the marketprice something down
price something outprice something up
prick up its earsprick up one's ears
prick up one's earspride
pridepride and joy
Pride goes before a fall.Pride goeth before a fall.
pride must take a pinchpride must take a pinch
pride oneself in somethingpride oneself on
pride oneself onpride oneself on something
prime moverprime something with something
primp (oneself) upprimrose path
print something in somethingprint something out
print something upprivate
privateprivate eye
private eyeprivy to something
prize someone or something above someone or somethingprobe into something
probe something for somethingproceed (from something) (to something)
proceed against someone or somethingproceed with something
Procrastination is the thief of time.procure something (from someone or something) (for someone or something)
prod at someone or somethingprod someone into something
produce something for somethingproduce something from something
profit by somethingprofit from something
progress to somethingprogress toward something
progress with somethingprohibit someone from something
prohibit something from somethingproject into something
project something on(to) someone or somethingproject something onto someone
projectsomething upon someone or somethingpromise
promisepromise someone the moon
promise something to someonepromise the moon
promise the moonpromise the moon (to someone)
Promises are like piecrust, made to be broken.promote someone (from something) (to something)
prone to somethingpronounce something on someone or something
proof is in the pudding.proof of the pudding is in the eating
proof of the pudding is in the eatingprop someone or something up (against someone or something)
prophet is not without honor save in his own country.propose a toast
propose something to someonepropose to someone
prospect for somethingprosper from something
prostrate oneself before someone or somethingprotect someone or something against someone or something
protect someone or something from someone or somethingprotest about someone or something
protest againstsomeone or somethingprotrude from someone or something
proud as a peacockprove oneself as something
prove something to someoneprove to be something
provide against somethingprovide for someone or something
provide someone with somethingprovide something for someone or something
provide something under somethingprovided that
provoke someone into somethingprowl about
prowl aroundprune
pruneprune something away
prune something of somethingprune something off
prune something off (of) somethingpry around
pry into somethingpry something from someone
pry something from somethingpry something off
pry something off (of) somethingpry something out (ofsomething)
pry something out ofsomeonepry something up
psych outpsych out
psych someone outpsych someone up
psych uppsyched up
psyched uppsyched (out)
psyched (up)psyched up (for something)
public enemypublic enemy
public speakerpublic speaker
public-address systempublic-address system
publish or perishpucker something up
pucker uppuff (away) at something
puff alongpuff out
puff someone or something uppuff something out
puff uppuff up (into something)
puffed uppuffed up
pull in one's hornspull in one's horns
pull something on onepull something on one
pull (out) in front of someone or somethingpull (some) strings
pull (up) alongside ((of) someone or something)pull a boner
pull a fast onepull a fast one
pull a few stringspull a gun (on someone)
pull a jobpull a knife (on someone)
pull a long facepull a long face
pull a musclepull a stunt (on someone)
pull a trick (on someone)pull ahead (of someone or something)
pull all the stops outpull around to something
pull at someonepull at someone or something
pull away from someone or somethingpull back (from someone or something)
pull datepull date
pull downpull down
pull down (an amount of money)pull down about one's ears
pull down about one's earspull for someone or something
pull inpull in
pull in one's earspull in one's horns
pull in some placepull in(to some place)
pull offpull off
pull off (something)pull on something
pull one over on someonepull one's teeth
pull one's teethpull one's (own) weight
pull one's belt in (a notch)pull one's chestnuts out of the fire
pull one's chestnuts out of the firepull one's leg
pull one's legpull one's punches
pull one's punchespull one's weight
pull one's weightpull oneself together
pull oneself togetherpull oneself up by one's (own) bootstraps
pull oneself up by the bootstrapspull oneself up by the bootstraps
pull outpull out
pull out (of something)pull out of a hat
pull out of a hatpull over
pull overpull over (to something)
pull rankpull rank
pull rank (on someone)pull someone about
pull someone apartpull someone aside
pull someone downpull someone in
pull someone into a placepull someone into something
pull someone or an animal downpull someone or an animal through (something)
pull someone or something apartpull someone or something around
pull someone or something awaypull someone or something away from someone or something
pull someone or something back (from someone or something)pull someone or something by something
pull someone or something inpull someone or something into something
pull someone or something over (to something)pull someone or something to pieces
pull someone or something underpull someone or something up
pull someone through (something)pull someone up short
pull someone's legpull someone's or something's teeth
pull something downpull something down over someone or something
pull something offpull something on
pull something on someonepull something out
pull something out of a hatpull something out of someone
pull something out of someone or somethingpull something out of the fire
pull something out of thin airpull something over someone or something
pull something topull something together
pull something toward oneselfpull something up
pull something up (out of something)pull something up to something
pull stringspull strings
pull the plug (on someone)pull the plug (on something)
pull the plug onpull the plug on
pull the rug out (from under someone)pull the rug out from under
pull the rug out from underpull the wool over one's eyes
pull the wool over one's eyespull the wool over someone's eyes
pull throughpull through
pull through (something)pull together
pull togetherpull together (as a team)
pull uppull up
pull up (somewhere)Pull up a chair.
pull up one's sockspull up one's socks
pull up shortpull up short
pull up stakespull up stakes
pull up to somethingpull wires
pull wirespullout
pulloutpulse through someone or something
pump (some) ironpump someone for something
pump someone up (for something)pump something into someone or something
pump something out of someone or somethingpump something through something
pump something uppumped (up)
pumpsomething inpumpsomething out
punch a hole in somethingpunch in
punch outpunch someone in something
punch someone on somethingpunch someone out
punch someone's lights outpunch something down
punch something inpunch something into something
punch something outpunch something out of something
punch something uppunch-drunk
punch-drunkPunctuality is the soul of business.
punctuate something with somethingpunish someone by something
punish someone for somethingpunish someone with something
punk outpuppy love
puppy lovepurchase something for someone
pure and simplepure and simple
pure as the driven snowpure luck
purge someone or something from somethingpurge someone or something of someone or something
purge something awaypurpose
purposepurr like a cat
purr like a kittenpurse
pursepurse something up
purse stringspurse strings
push (oneself) away (from something)push (oneself) by (someone or something)
push (oneself) off (on something)push (up) against someone or something
push ahead (with something)push along
push aroundpush around
push at someone or somethingpush down on something
push for somethingpush forward
push offpush off
push onpush on
push on (to something)push on (with something)
push on someone or somethingpush one's luck
push one's luckpush out
push overpush over
push past (someone or something)push someone around
push someone inpush someone into something
push someone or something (away) (from someone or something)push someone or something about
push someone or something about in somethingpush someone or something across (something)
push someone or something ahead of someonepush someone or something along
push someone or something aroundpush someone or something aside
push someone or something back (from someone or something)push someone or something down
push someone or something forwardpush someone or something into someone or something
push someone or something offpush someone or something off (of) someone or something
push someone or something on (ahead) (of someone or something)push someone or something out of something
push someone or something overpush someone or something over (something)
push someone or something to someone or somethingpush someone or something toward someone or something
push someone or something uppush someone to something
push someone to the wallpush someone too far
push someone, something, or an animal into somethingpush something (up) against someone or something
push something inpush something off on(to) someone
push something through (something)push something to
push the envelopepush the panic button
push the panic buttonpush through (something)
push toward someone or somethingpush up daisies
push up daisiespush up on something
pushed for cashpushed for money
pushed for timepushing up (the) daisies
pushsomeone or something around in somethingpushsomeone or something out
pussyfoot aroundput
putput out
put output to it
put to itPut 'em up!
Put 'er there(, pal).put (it) in black and white
put (it) in black and whiteput (it) in writing
put (it) in writingput (some) years on someone or something
put (something) forthput (the) pressure on someone (to do something)
put a bee in one's bonnetput a bee in one's bonnet
put a bee in someone's bonnet (about someone or something)put a bug in one's ear
put a bug in one's earput a cap on something
put a contract out on someoneput a damper on something
put a dog off the scentput a hold on something
put a horse out to pastureput a new face on
put a new face onput a plug in (for someone or something)
put a premium on somethingput a smile on someone's face
Put a sock in it!put a spin on something
put a stop to somethingput a strain on someone or something
put aboutput about
put acrossput across
put all one's eggs in one basketput all one's eggs in one basket
put an amount of time in on somethingput an animal down
put an animal output an end to
put an end toput an end to something
put another wayput aside
put asideput away
put awayput back the clock
put back the clockput balls on something
put byput by
put downput down
put forthput forth
put hair on someone's chestput ideas into one's head
put ideas into one's headput ideas into someone's head
put input in
put in a good word (for someone)put in a hard day at work
put in a hard day's workput in a word for
put in a word forput in an appearance
put in an appearanceput in an appearance (at something)
put in for somethingput in mind of
put in mind ofput in one's place
put in one's placeput in one's two cents worth
put in one's two cents worthput in one's way
put in one's wayput in some place
put in the way ofput in the way of
put it mildlyput it on the line
put it on thickput it on thick
put money up (for something)put off
put offput off by someone or something
put onput on
put on a (brave) frontput on airs
put on airsput on an act
put on an actput on ice
put on iceput on one's thinking cap
put on one's thinking capput on paper
put on paperput on the back burner
put on the back burnerput on the dog
put on the dogput on the line
put on the lineput on the map
put on the mapput on the ritz
put on weightput one at (one's) ease
put one foot in front of the otherput one in one's place
put one in one's placeput one in the picture
put one in the pictureput one off one's stride
put one on a pedestalput one on a pedestal
put one on one's feetput one on one's feet
put one on one's guardput one on one's honor
put one out of (one's) miseryput one out of the way
put one out of the wayput one over onsomeone
put one through one's pacesput one through one's paces
put one wiseput one wise
put one's back (in)to somethingput one's back to it
put one's back to itput one's best foot forward
put one's best foot forwardput one's cards on the table
put one's cards on the tableput one's dibs on something
put one's face onput one's feet up
put one's finger onput one's finger on
put one's finger on somethingput one's foot down
put one's foot downput one's foot down (about someone or something)
put one's foot in itput one's foot in it
put one's foot in one's mouthput one's hair up
put one's hand onput one's hand on
put one's hand toput one's hand to
put one's hand to the plowput one's hand to the plow
put one's hand upput one's hands on someone, something, or an animal
put one's head in the sandput one's head in the sand
put one's head on the block (for someone or something)put one's heart (and soul) into something
put one's heart on one's sleeveput one's heart on one's sleeve
put one's house in orderput one's house in order
put one's mind to somethingput one's money on a scratched horse
put one's money on a scratched horseput one's money on someone or something (to do something)
put one's neck on the lineput one's nose in (where it's not wanted)
put one's nose out of jointput one's nose out of joint
put one's nose to the grindstoneput one's oar in
put one's own house in orderput one's shoulder to the wheel
put one's shoulder to the wheelput one's thinking cap on
put one's trust in someone or somethingput one's two cents(' worth) in
put oneself in another's placeput oneself in another's place
put oneself in someone else's placeput oneself in someone else's shoes
put oneself output out
put out (about someone or something)put out (some) feelers (on someone or something)
put out a warrant (on someone)put out of action
put out of actionput out of the way
put out of the wayput over
put overput paid to something
put people or things togetherput people's heads together
put pressure on somethingput roots down (some place)
put some creature out of its miseryput some distance between someone and oneself or something
put some sweet lines on someoneput some teeth into something
put someone across (in a good way)put someone away
put someone down (for something)put someone down as something bad
put someone input someone in an awkward position
put someone in mind of someone or somethingput someone in touch with someone or something
put someone in(side) (something)put someone into power
put someone offput someone off (of) something
put someone off the scentput someone off the track
put someone off the trailput someone on
put someone onput someone on hold
put someone on the spotput someone onto someone or something
put someone or an animal output someone or an animal out of something
put someone or an animal to sleepput someone or some creature to death
put someone or something above someone or somethingput someone or something ahead (of someone or something)
put someone or something among someone or somethingput someone or something at someone's disposal
put someone or something before someone or somethingput someone or something down
put someone or something down as somethingput someone or something forward
put someone or something input someone or something in(to) jeopardy
put someone or something into orderput someone or something into something
put someone or something on holdput someone or something on ice
put someone or something on somethingput someone or something out of one's mind
put someone or something out of the wayput someone or something over
put someone or something through (to someone)put someone or something to the test
put someone or something under somethingput someone or something with someone
put someone output someone out of the way
put someone out to pastureput someone through something
put someone through the wringerput someone to bed and send someone to bed
put someone to bed with a shovelput someone to shame
put someone to sleepput someone under
put someone upput someone up (for something)
put someone up against someoneput someone up to something
put someone up with someoneput someone's eye out
put someone's nose out of jointput something across (to someone)
put something asideput something aside (for something)
put something aside for a rainy dayput something at a premium
put something at an amountput something at someone's feet
put something atsomeone's doorput something away
put something backput something behind one
put something behind someone or somethingput something by
put something downput something down in black and white
put something down to somethingput something forward
put something input something in a nutshell
put something in layawayput something in mothballs
put something in quotesput something in the way of someone or something
put something in will-callput something in((side) someone or something)
put something in(to) orderput something in(to) print
put something in(to) serviceput something in(to) someone's head
put something into effectput something into force
put something into practiceput something into use
put something into wordsput something off
put something onput something on hold
put something on paperput something on someone or an animal
put something on someone or somethingput something on the cuff
put something on the mapput something on the street
put something output something over
put something over on someoneput something plainly
put something rightput something straight
put something through its pacesput something to (good) use
put something to bedput something to rest
put something togetherput something up
put teeth in(to) somethingput that in your pipe and smoke it
put that in your pipe and smoke itPut that in your pipe and smoke it!
put the arm on someoneput the bite on
put the bite onput the bite on someone
put the blame on someone or somethingput the brakes on someone
put the brakes on somethingput the cart before the horse
put the cart before the horseput the chill on someone
put the clamps onput the clamps on someone or something
put the fear of God in(to) someoneput the feed bag on
put the finger on someoneput the freeze on someone
put the hard word on someoneput the heat on
put the heat on (someone)put the kibosh on someone or something
put the make on someoneput the moves on someone
put the nose-bag onput the pedal to the metal
put the screws onput the screws on (someone)
put the skids on (something)put the skids under someone or something
put the squeeze onput the squeeze on (someone)
put the squeeze on someoneput the touch on someone
put their heads togetherput their heads together
put throughput through
put through one's pacesput through one's paces
put to bedput to bed
put to bed with a shovelput to it
put to rightsput to rights
put to seaput to sea
put to shameput to shame
put to sleepput to sleep
put to the swordput to the sword
put to useput to use
put too fine a point on somethingput two and two together
put two and two togetherput up
put upput up a (brave
put up a (braveput up a (brave) front
put up a (brave, good, etc.) flghtput up a (brave, good, etc.) flght
put up a fightput up a struggle
put up one's dukesput up or shut up
put up or shut upPut up or shut up!
put up toput up to
put up withput up with
put up with someone or somethingput upon
put uponput upon by someone
put wear (and tear) on somethingput weight on
put weight on some part of the bodyput wise
put wiseput words in(to) someone's mouth
put words into one's mouthput words into one's mouth
Put your money where your mouth is!Put your trust in God, and keep your powder dry.
put-up jobputdown
putdownputsomeone's back up
putt alongputter about
putter aroundputty in someone's hands
putz aroundpuzzle over someone or something
puzzle something out