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Dictionary of American idioms
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obey the call of natureobey the call of nature
object to someone or somethingobligate someone to someone or something
oblige someone by somethingoblige someone to do something
oblige someone with somethingobliterate someone or something from something
obsessed with someone or somethingobstinate as a mule
obtain something for someone or somethingoccasion
occasionoccupy oneself
occupy oneselfoccupy oneself by something
occupy someone with somethingoccur to someone
oceans of someone or something and an ocean of someone or somethingodd jobs
odd jobsodd man out
odd somethingoddball
oddsodds and ends
odds and endsodds are against
odds are againstodds are against one
odds-on favoriteodor of sanctity
of a pieceof a piece
of a single mind (about someone or something)of age
of ageOf all the nerve!
Of all things!of benefit (to someone)
of courseof course
of die devilof die devil
of interest (to someone)of it
of itof late
of lateof mature years
of necessityof necessity
of no availof no avail
of old(1)of old(1)
of old(2)of old(2)
of one mind (about someone or something)of one's life
of one's lifeof one's own accord
of one's own accordof one's own free will
of one's own free willof oneself
of oneselfof service
of serviceof service (to someone)
of sortsof sorts
of the first waterof the first water
of the old schoolof the persuasion that...
of the same mindof the same mind
of two minds (about someone or something)off the air
off the airoff the record(1)
off the record(1)off (on something)
off (one/he/she/it) goes!off (one/he/she/it) goes!
off (to a flying start)off (to the side) with someone
off (work)off a duck's back
off a duck's backoff again, on again
off and onoff and on
off and runningoff balance
off balanceoff base
off baseoff campus
off centeroff center
off chanceoff course
off dayoff day
off dutyoff duty
off feedoff feed
off from workoff guard
off guardoff in a flash
off in a flashoff like a shot
off limitsoff limits
off of workoff on a sidetrack
off on someone or somethingoff on the right foot (with someone or something)
off on the wrong footoff one's back
off one's backoff one's chest
off one's chestoff one's feet
off one's feetoff one's game
off one's handsoff one's hands
off one's headoff one's head
off one's high horseoff one's high horse
off one's nutoff one's nut
off one's rockeroff one's rocker
off one's trolleyoff one's trolley
off seasonoff season
off someone or something goesoff the air
off the batoff the bat
off the beamoff the beam
off the beaten pathoff the beaten track
off the beaten trackoff the cuff
off the cuffoff the ground
off the groundoff the handle
off the handleoff the hog
off the hogoff the hook
off the hookoff the mark
off the recordoff the record(2)
off the record(2)off the shelf
off the subjectoff the top of one's head
off the top of one's headoff the track
off the wagonoff the wagon
off the walloff the wall
off to a bad startoff to a good start (with someone or something)
off to a running startoff to one side
off to the racesoff topic
Off with you!off-again, on-again
off-again, on-againoff-center
offend against someone or somethingoffend someone with something
offer one cannot refuseoffer something for something
offer something to someone (as something)offer something up (to someone or something)
officiate (as something) (at something)offshoot
oftenogle (at) someone or something
Oh, boy.Oh, sure (someone or something will)!
Oh, ye of little faith.Oh, yeah?
oil someone's palmoil the wheels
oil the wheelsoink out
old as Methuselahold as the hills
old as the hillsold battle-axe
old boyold boy
old boy networkold boy network
old college tryold college try
old countryold country
old enough to be someone's fatherold enough to be someone's mother
old flameold flame
old guardold guard
Old habits die hard.old hand
old handold hand at doing something
old hatold hat
old maidold maid
old moneyold money
Old NickOld Nick
old one-twoold poacher makes the best gamekeeper.
old school tieold school tie
old storyold story
old warhorseold wives' tale
old worldold world
olive brancholive branch
omit someone or something from somethingon one's hands
on one's handson the contrary
on the contraryon the heels of
on the heels ofon the lam
on the lamon the watch
on the watchon (one's) guard (against someone or something)
on (the) one handon a diet
on a dimeon a dime
on a first-name basis (with someone)on a fool's errand
on a larkon a limb
on a limbon a moment's notice
on a pedestalon a pedestal
on a power tripon a roll
on a scratched horseon a scratched horse
on a shoestringon a shoestring
on a silver platteron a string
on a tight leashon a volcano
on a volcanoon a wing and a prayer
on accounton account
on account ofon account of
on active dutyon advance notice
on again, off againon air
on airon all four
on all fouron all fours
on all fourson an average
on an averageon an even keel
on an even keelon and off
on and offon any account
on approvalon approval
on averageon behalf of
on behalf ofon behalf of someone
on bended kneeon board
on board(1)on board(1)
on board(2)on board(2)
on borrowed timeon borrowed time
on Broadwayon call
on callon campus
on cloud nineon cloud nine
on condition thaton condition that
on consignmenton course
on crediton dangerous ground
on dead centeron deck
on deckon deposit
on depositon die money
on die moneyon duty
on dutyon earth
on earthon easy street
on easy streeton edge
on edgeon end
on endon faith
on faithon file
on fileon fire
on fireon foot
on footon good terms (with someone)
on guardon guard
on handon hand
on high cottonon high cotton
on holdon hold
on horsebackon ice
on iceon impulse
on in yearson in years
on its feeton land
on lineon loan (from someone or something)
on locationon medication
on moral groundson no account
on occasionon occasion
on one handon one hand
on one's accounton one's account
on one's backon one's back
on one's bad sideon one's bad side
on one's behalfon one's behalf
on one's best behavioron one's chest
on one's cheston one's coattails
on one's coattailson one's deathbed
on one's feeton one's feet
on one's good behavioron one's good behavior
on one's good sideon one's good side
on one's headon one's head
on one's heelon one's heel
on one's high horseon one's high horse
on one's honoron one's honor
on one's kneeson one's knees
on one's last legson one's last legs
on one's mindon one's mind
on one's nerveson one's nerves
on one's ownon one's own
on one's own accounton one's own account
on one's own feeton one's own feet
on one's own hookon one's own hook
on one's own timeon one's own time
on one's parton one's part
on one's personon one's shoulders
on one's shoulderson one's toes
on one's toeson one's uppers
on one's upperson one's way
on one's wayon one's way ((to) some place)
on one's way (to something or some place)on oneself
on oneselfon order
on pain ofon pain of
on paperon paper
on par (with someone or something)on pins and needles
on pins and needleson probation
on purposeon purpose
on recordon record
on saleon sale
on scheduleon schedule(1)
on schedule(1)on schedule(2)
on schedule(2)on season
on seasonon second thought
on second thoughton shaky ground
on short noticeon sight
on sighton someone or something
on someone's accounton someone's back
on someone's behalfon someone's case
on someone's doorstepon someone's good side
on someone's headon someone's heels
on someone's nerveson someone's or something's last legs
on someone's say-soon someone's shoulders
on someone's tailon someone's watch
on someone's wrong sideon something
on speaking terms (with someone)on spec
on standbyon table
on tableon tap
on targeton the (witness) stand
on the airon the air
on the alerton the alert
on the alert (for someone or something)on the average
on the averageon the back
on the backon the back burner
on the ballon the ball
on the bandwagonon the bandwagon
on the barrelheadon the barrelhead
on the beamon the beam
on the benchon the bench
on the biason the bird
on the bleeding edgeon the blink
on the blinkon the block
on the blockon the books
on the borderlineon the bottom rung (of the ladder)
on the brainon the brain
on the bright sideon the brink (of doing something)
on the brink ofon the brink of
on the buttonon the button
on the cardson the cards
on the carpeton the carpet
on the cheapon the cheap
on the chinon the chin
on the contraryon the cuff
on the cuffon the cusp (of something)
on the cutting edgeon the defensive
on the doleon the dole
on the doton the dot
on the doubleon the double!
on the double!on the edge
on the edge of one's seaton the eve of
on the eve ofon the eve of something
on the face of iton the face of it
on the fast trackon the fence
on the fenceon the fence (about something)
on the flyon the fly(1)
on the fly(1)on the fly(2)
on the fly(2)on the fringe
on the fritzon the front burner
on the goon the go
on the good side of someoneon the heels of something
on the hogon the hog
on the horizonon the horns of a dilemma
on the hot seaton the hour
on the houron the house
on the houseon the increase
on the increaseon the job
on the jobon the knees of the gods
on the knees of the godson the lam
on the leading edgeon the level
on the levelon the line
on the lineon the lips
on the lipson the lookout
on the lookouton the lookout (for someone or something)
on the looseon the loose
on the makeon the make
on the mapon the map
on the markon the market
on the marketon the mend
on the mendon the money
on the moveon the move
on the noseon the nose
on the off chanceon the other foot
on the other footon the other hand
on the other handon the outs
on the outson the outs (with someone)
on the phoneon the pill
on the point ofon the point of
on the point of doing somethingon the prowl
on the Q.T.on the Q.T.
on the QTon the rag
on the right trackon the rise
on the roadon the road
on the road to recoveryon the rocks
on the rockson the ropes
on the ropeson the run
on the runon the safe side
on the safe sideon the same wavelength
on the sauceon the scene
on the shelfon the shelf
on the sideon the side
on the skidson the sly
on the slyon the spot
on the spoton the spur of the moment
on the spur of the momenton the spur of the moment
on the stageon the stage
on the stickon the street
on the strength ofon the strength of
on the strength of somethingon the string
on the stringon the table
on the takeon the take
on the telephoneon the throne
on the tip of one's tongueon the tip of one's tongue
on the townon the town
on the track ofon the track of
on the track of someone or somethingon the trail of
on the trail ofon the trail of someone or something
on the triggeron the trigger
on the up and upon the up and up
on the up-and-upon the verge of doing something
on the verge ofsomethingon the vine
on the vineon the wagon
on the wagonon the wait list
on the waiting liston the wane
on the wane and on the waxon the wane and on the wax
on the warpathon the warpath
on the watch for someone or somethingon the way
on the wayon the way (to something or some place)
on the wholeon the whole
on the wingon the wing
on the wordson the words
on the wrong footon the wrong foot
on the wrong side of someoneon the wrong side of the bed
on the wrong side of the bedon the wrong track
on the wrong trackon thin ice
on timeon time
on tiptoeon top
on topon top of
on top ofon top of something
on top of the worldon top of the world
on trackon trial
on trialon vacation
on viewon with someone
on wordson words
On your bike!on your life
on your lifeon your mark, get set, go
on-again, off-againon-again, off-again
Once a priest, always a priest.Once a whore, always a whore.
once and for allonce and for all
once bitten, twice shyonce bitten, twice shy
Once bitten, twice shy.once for all
once for allonce in a blue moon
once in a blue moononce in a while
once in a whileonce more
once upon a timeonce upon a time
once-in-a-lifetime chanceonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity
oneone for the books
one for the booksone and all
one and onlyone and the same
one and the sameone at a time
one brick shy of a loadone by one
One cannot be in two places at once.One cannot love and be wise.
one damn thing after anotherone damn thing after another
one eye onone eye on
one eye on someone or somethingone false move
one final thingone final word
one foot in the graveone foot in the grave
one for the (record) booksone for the road
One good turn deserves another.One hand for oneself and one for the ship.
One has to draw the line somewhere.one in a hundred
one in a millionone in a thousand
one jump ahead (of someone or something)one law for the rich and another for the poor
one little bitOne man's loss is another man's gain.
one man's meat is another man's poisonone man's meat is another man's poison
One man's meat is another man's poison.One man's trash is another man's treasure.
One moment, please.one more time
one move ahead (of someone or something)one of these days
one of these daysOne of these days is none of these days.
one on the cityone on the city
one sandwich short of a picnicOne swallow does not a summer make.
One swallow does not make a summer.one that got away
One thing leads to another.one thing or person after another
one to a customerone too many
one upone up
one up (on someone)one way or another
one's (butter and) egg moneyone's (own) way
one's (own) way (with someone or something)One's bark is worse than one's bite.
one's bearingsone's best bib and tucker
one's best shotone's better half
one's claws are showingone's days are numbered
one's deepest sympathyone's ears are red
one's ears are ringingone's eyes are bigger than one's stomach
one's fair shareone's fill of someone or something
one's for the askingone's frame of mind
One's future looks bright.one's goose is cooked
one's heart goes out to someoneone's heart is (dead) set against something
one's heart is in one's mouthone's heart is in the right place
one's heart is set on somethingone's heart misses a beat
one's heart skips a beatone's heart stands still
one's home away from homeone's John Hancock
one's John Henryone's last resting place
one's luck runs outone's mind went blank
one's money's worthone's money's worth
one's name is mudone's next of kin
one's next-door neighborone's nose is in the air
one's number is upone's old stamping ground
one's own rowone's own row
one's own worst enemyone's say
one's sea legsone's second wind
one's startone's sunset years
one's walking papersone's way of life
one's word is one's bondone's work is cut out for one
one-armed banditone-armed bandit
one-horse townone-man show
one-night standone-night stand
one-track mindone-two
one-upmanshiponeself again
onlyonly have eyes for someone
only way to goonto a good thing
onto someoneonto something
ooze (out) (from someone or something)ooze out (of someone or something)
ooze with somethingopen
openopen (out) on(to) something
open (up) one's kimonoopen a conversation
open a few doors (for someone)open and aboveboard
open and aboveboardopen and shut
open and shutopen arms
open armsopen fire
open fireopen fire (on someone or something)
open fire (on someone)open for business
open heartopen heart
open into somethingopen its doors
open its doorsopen letter
open letteropen market
open marketopen marriage
open marriageopen mind
open one's eyesopen one's eyes
open one's heartopen one's heart
open one's heart to someone or somethingopen oneself to criticism
open ontoopen onto
open Pandora's boxopen Pandora's box
open questionopen question
open season (on some creature)open season (on someone)
open secretopen secret
open sesameopen sesame
open shopopen shop
open some doors (for someone)open someone up
open someone's eyes to someone or somethingopen something out
open something upopen something up (to someone)
open the dooropen the door
open the door to someoneopen the door to something
open the floodgatesopen the floodgates
open to criticismopen to question
open to somethingopen up
open upopen up (about someone or something) (with someone)
open up (on someone or something) (with someone)open up (on someone, something, or an animal)
open up (to someone)open up (with someone)
open up one's eyesopen up one's eyes
open up to somethingopen with someone or something
open-and-shut caseopen-door policy
open-door policyopen-minded
openhandedopening gambit
operate against someone or somethingoperate from something
operate on someoneoperate on something
Opportunity knocks but once.Opportunity makes a thief.
opposed to somethingopposite number
opposite numberopposite sex
opposite sexopt for something
opt in favor of someone or somethingopt in(to something)
opt out (of something)optional origin
optional originor else
or otheror other
or soor so
or what?or words to that effect
orbit (around) someone or somethingordain someone (as) something
order aboutorder about
order of the dayorder someone about
order someone aroundorder someone in(to something)
order someone off ((of) something)order someone off the field
order someone outorder someone out of some place
order something from someone or somethingorder something in
orient someone to somethingoriginate from something
originate in somethingoriginate with someone or something
ornament something with somethingoscillate between someone or something and someone or something else
other fish to fryother fish to fry
other placeother side of the tracks
other side of the tracksother things being equal
Other times, other manners.other way (a)round
ounce of common sense is worth a pound of theory.ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit.
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Our house is your house.
oust someone from somethingout
out of one's elementout of one's element
out of one's shellout of one's shell
out of the ordinaryout of the ordinary
out of the questionout of the question
out of workout of work
out (from under someone or something)out (in bloom)
out (in blossom)out (of something)
out (of) the windowout (on strike)
out an amount of moneyout and about
out and aboutout at some place
out at the elbowsout at the elbows
out backout back
out coldout cold
out forout for
out for bloodout from something
out from underout from under
out frontout in droves
out in forceout in force
out in large numbersout in left field
out in left fieldout in the cold
out in the coldout in the open
out in the openout like a light
out like a lightout loud
out loudout of
out ofout of (one's) reach
out of (one's) reachout of (all) proportion
out of a bandboxout of a bandbox
out of a clear skyout of a clear sky
out of accountout of account
out of actionout of action
out of all proportionout of all proportion
out of boundsout of bounds
out of breathout of breath
out of characterout of character
out of circulationout of circulation
out of commissionout of commission
out of conditionout of condition
out of consideration (for someone or something)out of context
out of controlout of courtesy (to someone)
out of dateout of date
out of debtout of earshot
out of fashionout of fashion
out of favor (with someone)out of focus
out of gasout of gas
out of gearout of gear
out of handout of hand
out of harm's wayout of hock
out of hot waterout of hot water
out of itout of keeping
out of keepingout of keeping (with something)
out of kilterout of kilter
out of left fieldout of line (with something)
out of line without of line with
out of line(1)out of line(1)
out of line(2)out of line(2)
out of luckout of luck
out of mindout of mind
out of necessityout of nowhere
out of nowhereout of one's blood
out of one's bloodout of one's depth
out of one's elementout of one's hair
out of one's hairout of one's hand
out of one's handout of one's head
out of one's headout of one's mind
out of one's mindout of one's mouth
out of one's mouthout of one's pocket
out of one's pocketout of one's sails
out of one's sailsout of one's senses
out of one's sensesout of one's skin
out of one's skinout of one's skull
out of one's wayout of one's way
out of one's witsout of one's wits
out of orderout of order
out of patienceout of place
out of place(1)out of place(1)
out of place(2)out of place(2)
out of practiceout of practice
out of printout of print
out of reachout of school
out of schoolout of season
out of seasonout of service
out of shapeout of shape
out of sightout of sight
out of sight, out of mindout of sight, out of mind
Out of sight, out of mind.out of someone's hands
out of sortsout of sorts
out of spiteout of step
out of stepout of step (with someone or something)
out of stockout of stock
out of styleout of sync
out of the ballparkout of the blue
out of the blueout of the closet
out of the corner of one's eyeout of the corner of one's eye
out of the frying pan (and) into the fireout of the frying pan into the fire
out of the frying pan into the fireout of the goodness of one's heart
out of the holeout of the hole
Out of the mouths of babes (oft times come gems).out of the ordinary
out of the pictureout of the picture
out of the questionout of the rain
out of the rainout of the red
out of the redout of the running
out of the runningout of the swim
out of the swimout of the swim of things
out of the wayout of the way
out of the woodsout of the woods
out of the woodworkout of thin air
out of thin airout of this world
out of this worldout of this world
out of touchout of touch
out of touch (with someone or something)out of town
out of townout of tune
out of tuneout of tune (with someone or something)
out of turnout of turn
out of w(h)ackout of wedlock
out of wedlockout of whack
out of whackout of wind
out of workout ofone's senses
out on a limbout on a limb
out on bailout on bail
out on paroleout on parole
out on the townout on the town
out to (a meal)out to get someone
out to lunchout to lunch
out to winout West
Out, please.out-and-out
out-of-pocket expensesout-of-pocket expenses
outer spaceouter space
outside ofoutside of
outside of somethingover (and done) with
over (with)over a barrel
over a barrelover age
over ageover and above something
over and done withover and done with
Over and out.over and over (again)
over easyOver my dead body!
over one's dead bodyover one's dead body
over one's headover one's head
over someone's headover spilled milk
over spilled milkover the coals
over the coalsover the counter
over the edgeover the hill
over the hillover the hump
over the humpover the long haul
over the long haulover the short haul
over the short haulover the top
over the topover the traces
over the tracesover the wall
over with(1)over with(1)
over with(2)over with(2)
overdose (someone) on somethingoverdose someone with something
overflow into somethingoverflow with someone or something
owe someone a debt of gratitudeowe something (to someone) (for something)
owing toown
ownown up
own upown up (to something)
own up to someoneoyster