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Dictionary of American idioms
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nag at someone (about someone or something)nail
nailnail down
nail downnail one's colors to the mast
nail one's colors to the mastnail someone down (on something)
nail someone to a crossnail someone's ears back
nail someone('s hide) to the wallnail something back
nail something downnail something into something
nail something onnail something onto something
nail something to somethingnail something up
naked as a jaybirdnaked eye
naked truthname
namename calling
name callingname day
name dayname is mud
name is mudname of the game
name of the gamename someone after someone else
name someone as somethingname someone forsomeone else
name someone or something for someone or somethingName your poison.
named afternamed after
narrow downnarrow down
narrow escapenarrow escape
narrow something down (to people or things)narrow squeak
nary anary a
Nature abhors a vacuum.nature stop
nause someone outnear
nearnear at hand
near at handnearer the church, the farther from God.
nearly jump out of one's skinneat as a pin
Necessity is the mother of invention.Necessity knows no law.
neck and neckneck and neck
neck of the woodsneck of the woods
neck with someonenecktie party
necktie partyned
nedneed (to be) done
need doingneed I remind you of...
need I remind you that...Need I say more?
need something like a hole in the headneed something yesterday
needle in a haystackneedle in a haystack
needle someone about someone or somethingneedless to say
Needs must when the devil drives.neglect to do something
negotiate (with someone or something) (about someone or something)negotiate (with someone or something) (over someone or something)
neighbor on somethingNeither a borrower nor a lender be.
Neither can I.neither does someone
neither fish nor fowlneither fish nor fowl
neither fish nor fowlneither here nor there
neither here nor thereneither hide nor hair
neither hide nor hairneither rhyme nor reason
neither rhyme nor reasonNellie
nervenerves of steel
Nervous NellieNervous Nellie
nervous breakdownnervous breakdown
nervous prostrationnervous prostration
nest eggnest egg
nest in somethingnest together
nestle (up) against someone or somethingnestle down (in something)
nestle up (to someone or something)never
nevernever a dull moment
Never ask pardon before you are accused.never fear
Never halloo till you are out of the woods.Never in a thousand years!
never in my lifeNever make a threat you cannot carry out.
never mindnever mind
Never mind!never say die
never say dieNever say die.
Never speak ill of the dead.Never tell tales out of school.
Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.never would have guessed
new bloodnew blood
new broom sweeps cleannew broom sweeps clean
new broom sweeps clean.New brooms sweep clean.
new dealnew deal
new kid on the blocknew leaf
new leafnew lease on life
new lease on lifenew man
new mannew money
new moneynew one on someone
next doornext door
Next question.next to nothing
next to nothingnext to someone or something
next to(1)next to(1)
next to(2)next to(2)
next worldnibble at something
nibble away at somethingnice and some quality
nice breakNice going!
Nice guys finish last.Nice job!
Nice meeting you.nice Nelly(1)
nice Nelly(1)nice Nelly(2)
nice Nelly(2)Nice place you have here.
Nice weather we're having.Nick
nicknick something up
nickel-and-dime someone (to death)nigger in the woodpile
nigger in the woodpileniggle (over something) (with someone)
niggle about somethingnight
nightnight and day
night and daynight letter
night letternight life
night lifenight on the town
night owlnight owl
night personnightcap
ninenine days' wonder
nine times out of tennine-to-five job
nine-to-five jobnineteen to the dozen
nip and tucknip and tuck
nip at someone or somethingnip in the bud
nip in the budnip something in the bud
nip something offnip something off (of) something
no account(1)no account(1)
no account(2)no account(2)
no big dealno biggie
no buts about itNo can do.
No comment.no contest
no dealno deal
no diceno doubt
no doubtno earthly reason
no endno end
no end of somethingno end to
no end toNo fair!
no flies on someoneno frills
no frillsno go
no gono good
no goodno great shakes
no great shakesno hard feelings
no hard feelingsNo harm done.
no holds barredno ifs, ands, or buts (about it)
no jokeno kidding
no kiddingNo kidding!
no laughing matterNo lie?
no longerno longer
no love lostno love lost
No man can serve two masters.no matter
no matterno matter how you slice it
no matter whatno matter what
no matter what (happens)No more than I have to.
No news is good news.no nonsense
No offense meant.No offense taken.
No one is indispensable.No pain, no gain.
no picnicno picnic
no point in somethingno problem
no questions askedNo rest for the wicked.
no saleno sale
no salesman will callno shortage of something
No siree(, Bob)!no skin off someone's nose
no skin off someone's teethno soap
no sooner --- thanno sooner --- than
no sooner said than doneno spring chicken
no spring chickenno stress
no sweatno sweat(1)
no sweat(1)no sweat(2)
no sweat(2)no thanks to you
no trespassingno two ways about it
no two ways about itno use
no useno use crying over spilled milk
no use crying over spilled milkno way
no wayNo way!
No way, José!no wonder
no wonderNo, no, a thousand times no!
No, thank you.No, thanks.
no-win situationnobody
nobodynobody home
nobody homenobody's fool
nobody's foolnod
nodnod at someone
nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.nod off
nodding acquaintancenodding acquaintance
noise something aboutnoise something abroad
noise something aroundnominate someone as something
nominate someone for somethingnominate someone to something
None but the brave deserve the fair.none of someone's beeswax
none of someone's businessNone of your lip!
none other thannone the wiser
none the worse for wearnone too
none toonone too something
noodle aroundnoodle over something
nose aboutnose about
nose about (for someone or something)nose around (for someone or something)
nose around (something)nose down
nose downnose in a book
nose in a booknose in(1)
nose in(1)nose in(2)
nose in(2)nose in(to something)
nose is out of jointnose is out of joint
nose outnose out
nose out (of something)nose out of
nose out ofnose over
nose overnose someone or a group out
nose something (out) (onto something)nose something out
nose something out of somethingnose up
nose upnosh on something
not all therenot all there
Not (too) much.not a bit
Not a chance!not a clue
not a fewnot a few
not a glimmer (of an idea)not a hope in hell
not a kid anymorenot a leg to stand on
not a leg to stand onnot a little
not a littlenot a living soul
not a moment to sparenot able
not able to call one's time one's ownnot able to get something for love or money
not able to go onnot able to help something
not able to make anything out of someone or somethingnot able to make head or tail of something
not able to see the forest for the treesnot able to stomach someone or something
not able to waitNot again!
not agree with someonenot all something is cracked up to be
not all thereNot always.
not amount to a hill of beansnot any hard feelings
Not anymore.not as young as one used to be
not at allnot at all
not badnot bad
Not bad (at all).not bat an eye
not bat an eyelidnot believe one's ears
not believe one's eyesnot born yesterday
not breathe a word (about someone or something)not breathe a word of it
not buy somethingnot by a long shot
not by a long shotnot by any means
not by any meansnot care two hoots about someone or something
not dry behind the earsnot enough room to swing a cat
not exchange more than some number of words with someonenot feel like oneself
not feeling oneselfnot for (anything in) the world
not for a momentnot for all the coffee in Brazil
not for all the coffee in Brazilnot for all the tea in China
not for hirenot for love nor money
Not for my money.not for publication
not for the worldnot for the world
not get one's hopes upnot give a hang about someone or something
not give a hoot about someone or somethingnot give a tinker's damn
not give anyone the time of daynot give it another thought
not give two hoots about someone or somethingnot going to win any beauty contests
not grow on treesnot half bad
not half badnot have a care in the world
not have a leg to stand onnot have a snowball's chance in hell
not have a stitch of clothes (on)not have all one's marbles
not have anything onnot have anything on
not have anything to do with someone or somethingnot have anything to do with something
not have the heart tonot have the heart to
not have the heart to do somethingnot hold a candle to someone or something
not hold a stick to someone or somethingnot hold water
not hold with somethingnot hurt a flea
Not if I see you first.Not if I see you sooner.
Not in a thousand years!Not in my book.
not in the leastnot in the least
not in the same league with someone or somethingnot just whistling Dixie
not know beans (about someone or something)not know enough to come in out of the rain
not know from nothingnot know if one is coming or going
not know one's own strengthnot know someone from Adam
not know the first thing about someone or somethingnot know what to make of someone or something
not know where to turnnot know whether one is coming or going
not know which end is upnot know which way to turn
not know which way to turnnot let any grass grow under one's feet
not let any grass grow under one's feetnot let someone catch someone doing something
not let the grass grow under one's feetnot lift a finger (to help someone)
not lift a hand (to help someone)Not likely.
not long for this worldnot made of money
not miss muchnot miss something for love nor money
not miss something for the worldnot move a muscle
not on any accountnot on your life
not on your lifenot one iota
not one's cup of teanot one's cup of tea
not one's placenot one's scene
not one's scenenot open one's mouth
not playing with a full decknot put (a lot) of stock in something
not put it past someoneNot right now, thanks.
not see any objection (to something)not see beyond one's nose
not see beyond one's nosenot set foot somewhere
not shed a tearnot show one's face
not sleep a winknot so bad
not so badnot so hot
not so hotnot take no for an answer
not take stock in somethingnot tell a (living) soul
not the thingnot the thing
not the only fish in the seanot the only fish in the sea
not the only pebble on the beachnot the only pebble on the beach
not to get to first basenot to get to first base
not to give one the time of daynot to give one the time of day
not to give quarternot to give quarter
not to know one from Adamnot to know one from Adam
not to know the first thing aboutnot to know the first thing about
not to know what to make ofnot to know what to make of
not to know whether one is coming or goingnot to know whether one is coming or going
not to lift a fingernot to lift a finger
not to mentionnot to mention
not to put too fine a point on itnot to speak of
not to speak ofnot to touch (something) with a ten-foot pole
not to touch (something) with a ten-foot polenot to touch a drop
Not to worry.not too shabby
not touch someone or something with a ten-foot polenot trouble one's (pretty) (little) head about something
not under any circumstancesnot up to scratch
not up to snuffnot utter a word
not want to catch someone doing somethingnot whatsomething is cracked up to be
not with itnot worth a damn
not worth a dimenot worth a dime
not worth a hill of beansnot worth a hill of beans
not worth a plugged nickelnot worth a red cent
not worth a red centnot worth a tinker's damn
not worth a tinker's damnnot worth beans
not worth mentioningnot worth one's while
not worth the paper it's printed onnot worth the paper it's written on
not worth the troublenotch
notchnotch above (someone or something)
notch below (someone or something)notch better than (someone or something)
notch something upnote
notenote something down
noted for somethingnothing
nothingnothing but
nothing but skin and bonesNothing comes of nothing.
nothing doingnothing doing
Nothing doing!nothing down
Nothing for me, thanks.nothing if not
nothing if notNothing is certain but death and taxes.
Nothing is certain but the unforeseen.Nothing is given so freely as advice.
nothing likenothing like
Nothing much.nothing of the kind
nothing of the kindnothing short of
nothing short ofnothing short of something
Nothing so bad but (it) might have been worse.nothing succeeds like success
nothing succeeds like successNothing succeeds like success.
nothing to be sneezed atnothing to boast about
nothing to choose fromnothing to it
nothing to itNothing to it!
nothing to sneeze atnothing to sneeze at
nothing to speak ofnothing to write home about
nothing upstairsNothing ventured, nothing gained.
notify someone about someone or somethingnotify someone of something
now --- nownow --- now
now and thennow and then
Now hear this!now or never
now or nevernow that
now thatnow then
Now what?Now you're cooking (with gas)!
Now you're talking!now, now
nowhere nearnowhere near
nudge someone or something asidenuisance
nukenuke a tater
nuke a taternull and void
null and voidnumber
numbernumber among
number amongnumber in something
number of things or peoplenumber off (by something)
number one(1)number one(1)
number one(2)number one(2)
number someone or something among somethingnumber someone with something
nurse a drinknurse a drink
nurse a grudgenurse a grudge
nurse a grudge (against someone)nurse someone back to health
nurse someone or an animal alongnurse someone through (something)
nurse something alongnursing home
nursing homenut
nutnut case
nut casenut up
nuts aboutnuts about
nuts about someone or somethingnuts and bolts
nuts and bolts ofnuts and bolts of
Nuts to you!nutshell
nutshellnuttier than a fruitcake
nutty as a fruitcakenutty as a fruitcake
nuzzle up (to someone or something)nuzzle up against someone or something