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Dictionary of American idioms
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label someone or something as somethinglabel someone or something with something
labor at somethinglabor for someone or something
labor for somethinglabor movement
labor movementlabor of love
labor of lovelabor over someone or something
labor the pointlabor the point
labor underlabor under
labor under an assumptionlace into
lace intolace into someone or something
lace someone into somethinglace someone up
lace something uplace something with something
lack for somethingLadies first.
ladies' manladies' room
ladies' roomladle something out
ladle something out of somethingladle something up
lady friendlady friend
lady of the eveninglady of the house
lady of the houselady's man
lady's manlady-killer
lady-killerlag behind (someone or something)
lag behind in somethinglaid back
laid outlaid out
laid uplaid up
lam into someone or an animallamb
lamblame duck
lame ducklament (for) someone or something
lament over someone or somethingland
landland (up)on both feet
land (up)on one's feetland (up)on someone or something
land a blowland a job
land all overland all over
land at some placeland in something
Land o' Goshen!land of nod
land of nodland on
land onland on one's feet
land on one's feetland so poor it wouldn't even raise a fuss
land someone in somethingland something at some place
land too poor to raise a racket onland up somehow
land up somehow or somewhereLand(s) sakes (alive)!
land-office businessland-office business
landing shiplanding ship
landslide victorylane
lanelanguage that would fry bacon
languish in some placelanguish over someone or something
lap (up) against somethinglap of luxury
lap over (something)lap something up
lap uplap up
lapse from gracelapse into something
large as lifelarge as life
large as life (and twice as ugly)large order
large orderlarge-eyed
large-eyedlarger than life
lash against somethinglash at someone or something
lash back (at someone or something)lash down on someone or something
lash into someone or an animallash into something
lash outlash out
lash out (against someone or something)lash out (at someone or something)
lash someone or something downlash someone or something to something
lash something aboutlash something together
last (from something) until somethinglast but not least
last but not leastlast call (for something)
last chance (for something)last ditch
last ditchlast for something
last hurrahlast lap
last laplast laugh
last laughlast laugh (on someone)
last leglast leg
last outlast out
last rounduplast something out
last standlast stand
last strawlast straw
last will and testamentlast word
last wordlast-ditch
last-ditchlast-ditch effort
last-ditch effortlatch on
latch onlatch on(to someone)
latch onto somethinglatch string
latch stringlatch string is always out.
late bloomerlate in life
late in the daylate unpleasantness
later onlater on
Later, alligator.lather
latherlather something up
lather uplaugh
laughlaugh about someone or something
laugh all the way to the banklaugh all the way to the bank
laugh all the way to the bankLaugh and the world laughs with you
laugh at someone or somethinglaugh away at someone or something
laugh in one's beardlaugh in one's beard
laugh in one's sleevelaugh in one's sleeve
laugh in someone's facelaugh off
laugh offlaugh on the wrong side of one's mouth
laugh on the wrong side of one's mouthlaugh one out of
laugh one out oflaugh one's head off
laugh one's head offlaugh oneself out of something
laugh oneself sillylaugh out of the other side of one's face
laugh out of the other side of one's mouthlaugh someone off the stage
laugh someone or something downlaugh someone out of something
laugh something awaylaugh something off
laugh something out of courtlaugh up one's sleeve
laugh up one's sleevelaugh with something
laughing matterlaughing matter
laughingstocklaunch (one's lunch)
launch forth ((up)on something)launch forth on something
launch into somethinglaunch out on something
launch something against someone or somethinglaunch window
launch windowlaurel
lavenderlavish something (up)on someone
law of averageslaw of averages
law unto oneselflaw unto oneself
lawful agelawful age
lay intolay into
lay (oneself) downlay (some) rubber
lay a (heavy) trip on someonelay a finger on
lay a finger onlay a finger on someone or something
lay aboutlay about one
lay about onelay alongside something
lay an egglay an egg
lay aroundlay aside
lay asidelay at one's door
lay at one's doorlay away
lay awaylay bare
lay barelay by
lay bylay claim to something
lay downlay down
lay down on the joblay down one's arms
lay down one's armslay down one's cards
lay down one's cardslay down one's life
lay down one's lifelay down one's life (for someone or something)
lay down the lawlay down the law
lay down the law (to someone) (about something)lay emphasis on something
lay eyes onlay eyes on
lay eyes on someone or somethinglay for
lay forlay for someone or something
lay hands onlay hands on
lay hold oflay hold of
lay hold of someone or somethinglay in
lay inlay into someone or something
lay it onlay it on
lay it on the linelay it on the line
lay it on thicklay it on with a trowel
lay lowlay low
lay low and sing smalllay of the land
lay of the landlay off
lay offlay off ((from) something)
lay off ((of) someone or something)lay off (someone or something)
lay onlay on
lay on the linelay on the line
lay one onlay one's cards on the table
lay one's cards on the tablelay one's finger on
lay one's finger onlay one's hands on
lay one's hands onlay one's hands on someone, something, or an animal
lay oneself open tolay oneself open to
lay oneself outlay oneself out
lay outlay out
lay overlay over
lay over (some place)lay rubber
lay rubberlay some sweet lines on someone
lay someone awaylay someone down
lay someone off (from something)lay someone or something in(to) something
lay someone outlay someone out in lavender
lay someone to restlay someone up
lay something against somethinglay something alongside ((of) something)
lay something asidelay something aside for someone or something
lay something at someone's doorlay something at someone's feet
lay something away (for someone)lay something before someone
lay something bylay something down (on something)
lay something for someone or somethinglay something in
lay something onlay something on someone
lay something on someone or somethinglay something out
lay something out for someone or somethinglay something out on someone or something
lay something over someone or somethinglay something to rest
lay something to somethinglay something to waste
lay something togetherlay something under something
lay something uplay stress on something
lay the blame (for something) on someonelay the blame at one's door
lay the blame at one's doorlay the blame on someone or something
lay the fault at one's doorlay the fault at one's door
lay the finger on someonelay their heads together
lay their heads togetherlay to
lay tolay to heart
lay to heartlay to rest
lay to restlay up
lay uplay waste
lay wastelay waste to something
lay-away planlay-away plan
laze something awayleach away
leach in(to something)leach out of something
leach something away (from something)leach something out
leach something out (of something)leachsomething away
lead a dog's lifelead a dog's life
lead a merry chaselead a merry chase
lead back (to some place)lead by the nose
lead by the noselead down to something
lead forthlead in(to something)
lead offlead off
lead off (with someone or something)lead on
lead onlead one a merry dance
lead one a merry dancelead someone astray
lead someone by somethinglead someone by the nose
lead someone down (something)lead someone down the garden path
lead someone down to somethinglead someone in
lead someone into somethinglead someone on
lead someone on a merry chaselead someone or an animal out
lead someone or an animal out of somethinglead someone or an animal to something
lead someone or something (away) (from someone or something)lead someone or something against someone or something
lead someone or something back (to someone or something)lead someone or something forth
lead someone or something offlead someone to believe something
lead someone to do somethinglead someone up something
lead someone up the garden pathlead the life of Riley
lead the waylead the way
lead tolead to
lead up to somethinglead with someone or something
lead with somethinglead-footed
lead-footedlead-pipe cinch
leading lightleading light
leading questionleaf
leafleaf out
leaf throughleaf through
leaf through somethingleague
leaguerleak in(to something)
leak outleak out
leak out (of something)leak something (out)
leak something to someoneleak through something
leak toleak to
lean across someone or somethinglean against someone or something
lean and meanlean back
lean back (against someone or something)lean back (on someone or something)
lean downlean forward
lean in(to something)lean on
lean onlean on someone
lean on someone or somethinglean out of something
lean overlean over backward
lean over backwardlean over backwards (to do something)
lean something against someone or somethinglean something forward
lean times (ahead)lean toward doing something
lean toward someone or somethinglean-to
leapleap at someone or something
leap at the chance (to do something)leap at the opportunity (to do something)
leap down (from something)leap for joy
leap forwardleap of faith
leap out (of something)leap over something
leap to conclusionsleap up
leap yearleap year
learn (something) the hard waylearn about someone or something
learn by heartlearn by heart
learn by rotelearn by rote
learn by somethinglearn from someone or something
learn of someone or somethinglearn one's way around
learn one's way aroundlearn something by heart
learn something by rotelearn something from someone or something
learn something from the bottom uplearn the hard way
learn the hard waylearn the ropes
learn the ropeslearn to live with something
learning experiencelease something (out) to someone
lease something backlease something from someone
least little thingleast of all
leave a bad taste in one's mouthleave a bad taste in one's mouth
leave a bad taste in someone's mouthleave a lot to be desired
leave a sinking shipleave alone
leave aloneleave an impression (on someone)
leave at the altarleave at the altar
leave behindleave behind
leave flatleave flat
leave for some placeleave go of someone or something
leave hangingleave hanging
leave high and dryleave high and dry
leave holding the bagleave holding the bag
leave in the lurchleave in the lurch
leave it at thatleave it at that
leave it to someoneLeave me alone!
leave no stone unturnedleave no stone unturned
leave of absenceleave off
leave offleave off something
leave one to one's fateleave one to one's own devices
leave one to one's own resourcesleave one's mark
leave one's markleave one's mark on someone
leave oneself wide open for somethingleave oneself wide open to something
leave openleave open
leave outleave out
leave out in the coldleave out in the cold
leave out of accountleave out of account
leave someone coldleave someone flat
leave someone for deadleave someone high and dry
leave someone holding the babyleave someone holding the bag
leave someone in peaceleave someone in the lurch
leave someone or something (at) some placeleave someone or something alone
leave someone or something beleave someone or something behind
leave someone or something hanging (in midair)leave someone or something in (something)
leave someone or something in one's handsleave someone or something out of something
leave someone or something to someoneleave someone or something with someone or something
leave someone to itleave someone up in the air
leave someone with an impressionleave someone, something, or some creature alone
leave someone, something, or some creature beleave something (lying) about
leave something (lying) aroundleave something aside
leave something downleave something for another occasion
leave something for someone or an animalleave something on
leave something on someone or somethingleave something open
leave something to chanceleave something to someone
leave something upleave something up in the air
leave the door open (for something)leave the matter open
leave the matter openleave the room1.
leave well enough aloneleave well enough alone
leave with someoneleave without a leg to stand on
leave without a leg to stand onleave word (with someone)
leave word for someone to do somethingleave word with
leave word withleave-taking
leave-takingleavesomeone or something out
lecture ((to) someone) about someone or somethinglecture ((to) someone) on someone or something
lecture at someone (about something)lecture someone for something
leer at someoneleft
leftleft and right
left fieldleft field
left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.left-handed
left-handedleft-handed compliment
left-handed complimentleft-handed compliment
leg manleg man
leg to stand onleg to stand on
leg upleg up on someone
leg workleg work
legal agelegal age
legend in one's own (life)timelegislate against something
legislate for somethingLegree
lend (someone) a handlend a hand
lend a handlend a hand (to someone)
lend an ear tolend an ear to
lend an ear to someone or somethinglend color to
lend color tolend color to something
lend itself tolend itself to
lend oneself or itself to somethinglend oneself to
lend oneself tolend someone a hand with something
lend something out (to someone)lend something to someone
lend your ear to someone or somethingLend your money and lose your friend.
lengthen outleopard cannot change his spots.
Less is more.less said (about something), the better.
less thanless than
less than no timeless than no time
less than pleasedlesser (of the two)
lesser of two evilslesson
letlet one's hair down
let one's hair downlet alone
let alonelet alone someone or something
let belet be
let bygones be bygoneslet bygones be bygones
Let bygones be bygones.let down
let downlet down easy
let down easylet down one's hair
let down one's hairlet drop
let dropLet every man skin his own skunk.
Let every tub stand on its own bottom.let fall
let falllet fly with something
let George do itlet George do it
Let George do it.let go
let golet go (with something)
let go hanglet go hang
let go oflet go of
let go of one's mother's apron stringslet go of one's mother's apron strings
let go of someone or somethinglet grass grow under one's feet
let grass grow under one's feetLet her rip!
let it all hang outlet it all hang out
let it all hang outLet it be.
Let it go.let it lay
let it laylet it rip
let it ripLet it roll!
let knowlet know
let looselet loose
let loose (with something)let loose of someone or something
let me (just) sayLet me get back to you (on that).
Let me have it!let me see
let me seelet off
let offlet off (some) steam
let off steamlet off steam
let off the hooklet off the hook
let onlet on
let on (about someone or something) (to someone)let on (to someone) (about someone or something)
let on somethinglet one have it
let one have itlet one in on
let one in onlet one's emotions show
let one's guard downlet one's hair down
let one's left hand know what one's right hand is doinglet one's left hand know what one's right hand is doing
let oneself golet oneself go
let oneself in for somethinglet out
let outlet out (with) something
let out some kind of soundlet pass
let passlet ride
let ridelet sleeping dogs lie
let sleeping dogs lieLet sleeping dogs lie.
let sliplet slip
let someone (get) bylet someone (get) off (something)
let someone (get) pastlet someone down
let someone get by with somethinglet someone get on with something
let someone golet someone have it (with both barrels)
let someone in for somethinglet someone know (about something)
let someone offlet someone off (easy)
let someone or an animal (get) out (of something)let someone or an animal out
let someone or an animal out of somethinglet someone or something alone
let someone or something at someone or somethinglet someone or something down
let someone or something inlet someone or something into something
let someone or something through (something)let someone pass by
let someone slide bylet someone, something, or some creature be
let something (get) outlet something off
let something outlet something out (to someone)
let something passlet something ride
let something slidelet something slide by
let something slip (out)let something slip by
Let the buyer beware.let the cat out of the bag
let the cat out of the baglet the chance slip by
let the chips fall where they maylet the chips fall where they may
Let the chips fall where they may.Let the cobbler stick to his last.
Let the dead bury the dead.let the grass grow under one's feet
let the grass grow under one's feetLet them eat cake.
let things slidelet up
let uplet up (on someone or something)
Let us do something.let well enough alone
let well enough aloneLet's bump this place!
Let's call it a day.Let's do lunch (sometime).
Let's do this again (sometime).let's don't
let's don'tLet's dump.
Let's get down to business.Let's get out of here.
Let's get together (sometime).Let's go somewhere where it's (more) quiet.
let's have itlet's have it
Let's have it!Let's not go through all that again.
Let's rock and roll!let's say
Let's shake on it.Let's talk (about it).
letsomeone, something, or some creature aloneletter
levellevel a charge against someone
level bestlevel best
level offlevel off
level outlevel playing field
level something at someone or somethinglevel something down
level something offlevel something out
level something to the groundlevel something up
level the (playing) fieldlevel with
level withlevel with someone (about someone or something)
levy something (up)on someone or somethingliar is not believed (even) when he tells the truth.
liberate someone or something from someone or somethingliberty
libertylicense to do something
lick and a promiselick and a promise
lick at somethinglick into shape
lick into shapelick of work
lick one's bootslick one's boots
lick one's chopslick one's chops
lick one's lipslick one's wounds
lick someone or something into shapelick something into shape
lick something offlick something off (of) something
lick something uplick the --- out of
lick the --- out oflickety-split
lid on somethinglie
lielie about
lie about someone or something (to someone)lie ahead of someone or something
lie alongside ((of) someone or an animal)lie around
lie aroundlie around (some place)
lie at anchorlie at death's door
lie backlie before someone or something
lie behind someone or somethinglie beyond someone or something
lie doggolie down
lie down on somethinglie down on the job
lie down on the joblie down under something
lie fallowlie in
lie in ruinslie in something
lie in statelie in state
lie in waitlie in wait
lie in wait (for someone or something)lie like a rug
lie lowlie low
lie out (in something)lie through one's teeth
lie through one's teethlie through one's teeth
lie tolie to
lie to someone (about someone or something)lie with someone
lie within somethinglief
lifeLife begins at forty.
life in the fast laneLife is just a bowl of cherries.
Life is short and time is swift.Life is too short.
Life isn't all beer and skittles.life of Riley
life of Rileylife of the party
life of the partyLife's been good (to me).
lift a fingerlift a finger
lift a hand (against someone or something)lift off
lift one's elbowlift someone or something down (from something)
lift someone or something uplift something from someone or something
lift something offlift something off (of) someone or something
lift uplight
lightlight (up)on someone or something
light as a featherlight as air
light housekeepinglight housekeeping
light intolight into
light into someone or somethinglight on
light onlight out
light outlight out (for some place)
light out (of some place) (for some place)light purse makes a heavy heart.
light someone or something uplight something up
light something with somethinglight up
light uplight-fingered
light-fingeredlighten something up
lighten uplighten up (on someone or something)
Lightning never strikes (the same place) twice.lightning never strikes twice in the same place
lightning never strikes twice in the same placelike
likelike (two) peas in a pod
like a bat out of helllike a bird
like a birdlike a blind dog in a meat market
like a bolt from the bluelike a bolt out of the blue
like a booklike a book
like a bump on a loglike a can of corn
like a fish out of waterlike a fish out of water
like a glovelike a glove
like a hole in the headlike a hole in the head
like a horselike a horse
like a house afirelike a house on fire
like a kid with a new toylike a lamb to the slaughter
like a lightlike a light
like a millionlike a million
like a million (dollars)like a million dollars
like a million dollarslike a steel trap
like a steel traplike a three-ring circus
like a ton of brickslike anything
like anythingLike breeds like.
like clockworklike clockwork
like crazylike crazy
like death warmed overlike father, like son
like father, like sonlike fighting snakes
like flies to manurelike gangbusters
like greased lightninglike hell
like helllike hell and high lightning
like herding frogslike I was saying
like it islike it is
Like it or lump it!like it was going out of style
Like it's such a big deal!like lambs to the slaughter
like looking for a needle in a haystacklike looking for a needle in a haystack
like looking for a needle in a haystacklike mad
like madLike mother, like daughter.
like nobody's businesslike nothing on earth
like one of the familylike pigs to the slaughter
like rats abandoning a sinking shiplike shooting fish in a barrel
like stealing acorns from a blind piglike stink
like taking candy from a babylike the devil
like the dickenslike the wind
like there ain't no tomorrowlike there's no tomorrow
like tolike to hear oneself talk
like tryin' to scratch your ear with your elbowlike two peas in a pod
like two peas in a podlike water
like waterlike water off a duck's back
like water off a duck's backlike water off a duck's back
like, you knowlikely as not
liken someone or something to someone or somethinglikes of someone or something
Likewise(, I'm sure).lily
limblimber someone or something up
limit someone to somethinglimit something to something
line driveline drive
line of fireline of fire
line of least resistanceline of least resistance
line of scrimmageline of scrimmage
line on someone or somethingline one's own pocket(s)
line one's pocketsline one's pockets
line someone or something upline someone or something up (in something)
line someone or something up against somethingline someone or something up behind someone or something
line someone or something up on somethingline someone or something up with someone or something
line someone or something up with somethingline someone up (for something)
line someone up (with someone)line someone up behind someone or something
line something with somethingline up
line upline up against someone or something
line up alongside someone or somethingline up behind someone or something
line up for somethingline up in(to) something
line up on somethingline up with someone
linger aroundlinger on
linger on (after someone or something)linger on something
linger over somethinglining
linklink (up) with someone or something
link someone or something to someone or somethinglink someone or something together withsomeone or something
link someone or something up (to something)link someone or something withsomeone or something
link up to someone or somethinglinksomeone or something and someone or something together
lion's sharelion's share
lion's share of something)lip
liplip service
lip serviceliquid assets
liquid assetsliquor someone up
liquor upliquor up
list someone as somethinglist someone or something among something
list someone or something offlist to a direction
listen for someone or somethinglisten in
listen inlisten in (on someone or something)
listen to reasonlisten to reason
listen to someone or somethinglisten up
Listeners never hear any good of themselves.lit up like a Christmas tree
lit up like a Christmas treelitmus test
litter something aboutlitter something around
litter something uplitterbug
littlelittle (hard) work never hurt anyone.
little (hard) work never killed anyone.Little and often fills the purse.
little bird told me.little bit (of something)
little bittylittle by little
little does one thinklittle does one think
little folklittle folk
little frog in a big pondlittle frog in a big pond
little knowledge is a dangerous thing.little learning is a dangerous thing.
little offlittle old someone or something
little pitchers have big earslittle pitchers have big ears
Little pitchers have big ears.little pricey
little shaverlittle steep
Little strokes fell great oaks.little theater
little theaterLittle thieves are hanged, but great ones escape.
Little things please little minds.little white lie
live (together) with someonelive a dog's life
live a life of somethinglive above someone or something
live among someonelive and learn
live and learnlive and let live
live and let livelive apart (from someone)
live beyond one's meanslive by one's wits
live by somethingLive by the sword, die by the sword.
live downlive down
live for someone or somethinglive for the moment
live from day to daylive from hand to mouth
live from hand to mouthlive happily ever after
live high off the hoglive high off the hog
live high on the hoglive in
live inlive in (with someone)
live in a fool's paradiselive in a fool's paradise
live in an ivory towerlive in an ivory tower
live in hope(s) of somethinglive in sin
live in somethinglive in the fast lane
live in the fast lanelive in the past
live in the presentlive it up
live it uplive large
live next door (to someone)live off someone
live off someonelive off (of) someone or something
live off the fat of the landlive off the fat of the land
live off the landlive on (after someone or something)
live on (after someone)live on an amount of money
live on borrowed timelive on borrowed time
live on one's ownlive on something
live outlive out
live out of a suitcaselive out of a suitcase
live out of canslive out one's days
live out one's lifelive over someone or something
live something downlive something out
live something overlive the life of Riley
live through somethinglive to do something
live to the (ripe old) age of somethinglive together
live under someone or somethinglive under something (negative)
live under the same roof (with someone)live up to
live up tolive up to one's end of the bargain
live up to one's side of the bargainlive up to something
live wirelive wire
live with someonelive with something
live within one's meanslive within something
live without somethingliven something up
living daylightsliving daylights
living endliving end
Lo and behold!load
loadload into something
load off one's feetload off one's mind
load someone or something down (with someone or something)load someone or something in
load someone or something into somethingload someone or something up (with someone or something)
load something onload something onto someone or something
load something with somethingload the bases
load the basesload up (with something)
loaded for bearloaded for bear
loaded to the barrelloaded to the gills
loaf aroundloaf something away
loan sharkloan shark
loan something to someonelob something at someone or something
lobby against somethinglobby for something
local yokellocal yokel
lock horns (with someone)lock in on someone or something
lock on(to someone or something)lock on(to) someone or something
lock someone or an animal (up) in (something)lock someone or something away
lock someone or something outlock someone or something out of something
lock someone or something up (somewhere)lock something in
lock something onlock something onto someone or something
lock the barn door after the horse is stolenlock the barn door after the horse is stolen
Lock the stable door after the horse is stolen.lock up
lock uplock, stock, and barrel
lock, stock, and barrellocksomeone or an animal up
lodge a complaintlodge a complaint
lodge someone with someonelodge something against someone
lodge something against somethinglodge something in something
lodge with someonelog off
log onlog out
log someone for somethinglog someone off
log someone on (to something)log someone out
log something uploggerhead
loinloiter around
loiter over somethingloiter something away
loll about (some place)loll around
loll backloll out
lollygag (around)lone wolf
lone wolflong
longlong and short of it
long and short of itlong and the short of it
long arm of the lawlong ball
long balllong face
long facelong for someone or something
long gonelong haul
long haullong in the tooth
long pulllong pull
long shotlong story short
Long time no see.long-winded
long-windedlongest way round is the shortest way home.and The longest way round is the nearest way home.
Look (at) what the cat dragged in!look (out) on(to) something
look (up)on someone or something as somethinglook (up)on someone or something with something
look a gift horse in the mouthlook a gift horse in the mouth
look about (for someone or something)look after
look afterlook after number one
look after someone or somethinglook ahead to something
look alikelook alive
look aliveLook alive!
look around (at something)look around (in) some place
look around for someone or somethinglook as if butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth
look as if butter wouldn't melt in one's mouthlook as if butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth
look as if one has come out of a bandboxlook as if one has come out of a bandbox
look asidelook askance at someone or something
look atlook at
look at someone cross-eyedlook at someone or something
look at the crux of the matterlook at the heart of the matter
look at the world through rose-colored glasseslook at the world through rose-colored glasses
look away (from someone or something)look back
look backlook back (at someone or something)
look back (onsomeone or something)Look before you leap.
look beyond someone or somethinglook bleak
look bleaklook daggers
look daggerslook daggers at someone
look down (at someone or something)look down on
look down onlook down one's nose at
look down one's nose atlook fit to kill
look forlook for
look for a needle in a haystacklook for a needle in a haystack
look for someone or somethinglook for someone or something high and low
look for troublelook forward to
look forward tolook forward to something
look good on paperlook here
look high and low (for someone or something)look high and low for
look high and low forlook in (on someone or something)
look in onlook in on
look in the eyelook in the eye
look intolook into
look into somethinglook like a million dollars
look like a million dollarslook like a saddle on a sow
look like someone or somethinglook like something
look like something the cat dragged inlook like the cat that ate the canary
look like the cat that ate the canarylook like the cat that swallowed the canary
Look me up when you're in town.look on
look onlook on (with someone)
look on someone as somethinglook on the bright side
look oneselflook oneself
look outlook out
look out (of) somethinglook out for
look out forlook out for number one
look out for someonelook out forsomeone or something
look overlook over
look sharplook sharp
look smalllook small
look someone in the eyelook someone in the face
look someone or something overlook someone or something up
look the other waylook through something
look tolook to
look to one's laurelslook to one's laurels
look to someone or something (for something)look toward someone or something
look under the hoodlook up
look uplook up (from something)
look up and down (for someone or something)look up and down something
look up at someone or somethinglook up to
look up tolook up to someone
look uponlook upon
Look who's here!Look who's talking!
look-seelooking over one's shoulder
loom large (on the horizon)loom out of something
loom uploop
looseloose cannon
loose endsloose ends
Loose lips sink ships.loose translation
loosen someone or something uploosen someone up
loosen uplop something off
lop something off (of) somethinglope along
lord it overlord it over
lord it over someoneLord knows
Lord knowsLord knows I've tried.
Lord love a duck!Lord willing and the creek don't rise
lose tracklose track
lose (all) one's marbleslose a bundle
lose at somethinglose by something
lose contact with someone or somethinglose count of someone or something
lose facelose face
lose favor (withsomeone)lose ground
lose groundlose ground (to someone or something)
lose heartlose heart
lose itlose money on something
lose one's appetitelose one's balance
lose one's balancelose one's cool
lose one's griplose one's grip
lose one's grip on someone or somethinglose one's head (over someone or something)
lose one's head (over)lose one's head (over)
lose one's heartlose one's heart
lose one's hold on someone or somethinglose one's lunch
lose one's marbleslose one's marbles
lose one's mindlose one's reason
lose one's shirtlose one's shirt
lose one's temperlose one's temper
lose one's temper (at someone or something)lose one's tongue
lose one's tonguelose one's touch (with someone or something)
lose one's train of thoughtlose oneself
lose oneselflose oneself in someone or something
lose outlose out
lose out (on something)lose out to someone or something
lose patience (with someone or something)lose sight of
lose sight oflose sight of someone or something
lose sleep about someone or somethinglose sleep over someone or something
lose some amount of timelose something at something
lose something in somethinglose something to someone
lose the use of somethinglose to someone or something
lose touchlose touch
lose touch with realitylose touch with someone or something
lose trace of someone or somethinglose track (of someone or something)
losing streakloss
lostlost and gone forever
lost causelost cause
lost in somethinglost on someone
lost uponlost upon
lost without someone or somethinglost-and-found
lot of give-and-takelot of nerve
lot of promiselot of someone or something
Lots of luck!lots of people or things
loud and clearloud mouth
loud mouthloud-mouthed
loud-mouthedlounge around (some place)
lounge lizardlounge lizard
louse someone or something uplouse up
louse uplousy with someone or something
love affairlove affair
love at first sightLove begets love.
love gamelove game
Love is blind.Love makes the world go round.
Love me, love my dog.love of money is the root of all evil.
Love will find a way.Love you!
love-hate relationshiplove-in
love-inLovely weather for ducks.
lovers' lanelovers' lane
low man on the totem polelow profile
low seasonlow season
low-hanging fruitlow-key
lowdownlowdown (on someone or something)
lower one's sightslower one's voice
lower oneself to some levellower someone's ears
lower the boomlower the boom
lower the boom on someoneluck
luckluck into something
luck of the drawluck out
luck outluck out of something
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.lucky break
lucky doglucky for you
lucky starlucky star
lucky streaklull before the storm
lull someone into a false sense of securitylull someone or an animal to sleep
lumber alonglumber off
lump in one's throatlump in one's throat
Lump it!lump someone and someone else together
lump sumlump sum
lumpsomething and something else togetherlunar module (L.M.)
lunar module (L.M.)lunatic fringe
lunch off somethinglunch out
lunge at someone or somethinglunge for someone or something
lurch at someone or somethinglurch forward
lurch toward someone or somethinglure someone or something away (from someone or something)
lure someone or something inlure someone or something in to something
lurk aroundlust after someone
lust forlust for
lust for someonelust for something
luxuriate in somethingluxury