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Dictionary of American idioms
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kangaroo courtkangaroo court
Katie bar the doorkeel
keelkeel over
keel overkeel something over
keen aboutkeen about
keen about someone or somethingkeen on doing something
keen on someone or somethingkeep house(1)
keep house(1)keep (close) watch (on someone or something)
keep (close) watch (over someone or something)keep (going) on about someone or something
keep (going) on at someone or somethingkeep (it) in mind that
Keep (on) trying.keep (one) posted
keep (one) postedkeep (someone or something) within bounds
keep a civil tongue (in one's head)keep a civil tongue in one's head
keep a civil tongue in one's headkeep a close check on
keep a close check onkeep a close rein on someone or something
keep a close watch on someone or somethingkeep a firm grip on someone or something
keep a promisekeep a secret
keep a stiff upper lipkeep a stiff upper lip
Keep a stiff upper lip.keep a straight face
keep a straight faceKeep a thing seven years and you'll (always) find a use for it.
keep a tight grip on someone or somethingkeep a tight rein on someone or something
keep abreast (of) someonekeep abreast (of) someone
keep afterkeep after
keep after someone (about something)keep an act up
keep an ear to the groundkeep an ear to the ground
keep an eye onkeep an eye on
keep an eye on someone or somethingkeep an eye open
keep an eye openkeep an eye out
keep an eye outkeep an eye out (for someone or something)
keep atkeep at
keep at arm's length from someone or somethingKeep at it!
keep at somethingkeep atsomeone (about something)
keep awaykeep away
keep backkeep back
keep banker's hourskeep body and soul together
keep body and soul togetherkeep books
keep bookskeep company
keep companykeep company (with someone)
keep coolkeep cool
keep downkeep down
keep faith with someonekeep fit
keep fromkeep from
keep from somethingkeep good time
keep good timekeep harping on something
keep housekeep house(2)
keep house(2)keep in good with someone
keep in mindkeep in mind
Keep in there!keep in touch (with someone or something)
keep in touch withkeep in touch with
Keep in touch.keep in training
keep inside ((of) something)keep it down (to a dull roar)
Keep it up!keep late hours
keep late hourskeep off
keep offkeep off ((of) something)
keep off (of) someone's backkeep off (of) someone's case
keep onkeep on
keep on (doing something)keep on (the) track
keep on an even keelkeep on keeping on
keep on someone (aboutsomething)keep on something
keep on the good side ofkeep on the good side of
keep on the good side of someonekeep on the left(-hand) side (of something)
keep on the right side of someonekeep on the right(-hand) side (of something)
keep on top (of someone or something)keep on trucking
keep on with somethingkeep one at a distance
keep one at a distancekeep one in one's place
keep one step ahead of someone or somethingkeep one's act up
keep one's balancekeep one's balance
keep one's cards close to one's chestkeep one's cards close to one's vest
keep one's chairkeep one's chin up
keep one's chin upkeep one's cool
keep one's distancekeep one's distance
keep one's distance (from someone or something)keep one's ear to the ground
keep one's end of the bargainkeep one's end of the bargain up
keep one's end upkeep one's end up
keep one's eye onkeep one's eye on
keep one's eye on someone or somethingkeep one's eye on the ball
keep one's eye on the ballkeep one's eye out (for someone or something)
keep one's eye(s) on someone or somethingkeep one's eyes open
keep one's eyes openkeep one's eyes open (for someone or something)
keep one's eyes peeledkeep one's eyes peeled
keep one's eyes peeled (for someone or something)keep one's feet
keep one's feetkeep one's feet on the ground
keep one's feet on the groundkeep one's finger on the pulse of something
keep one's fingers crossedkeep one's fingers crossed
keep one's fingers crossed (for someone or something)keep one's hand in
keep one's hand inkeep one's hand in (something)
keep one's hands off (something)keep one's hands to oneself
keep one's headkeep one's head
keep one's head above waterkeep one's head above water
keep one's mind on someone or somethingkeep one's mouth shut
keep one's mouth shutkeep one's mouth shut (about someone or something)
keep one's nose cleankeep one's nose clean
keep one's nose out of someone's businesskeep one's nose out of something
keep one's nose to the grindstonekeep one's nose to the grindstone
keep one's opinions to oneselfkeep one's own counsel
keep one's own counselkeep one's pants on
keep one's placekeep one's promise
keep one's seatkeep one's shirt on
keep one's shirt onkeep one's shoulder to the wheel
keep one's side of the bargainkeep one's temper
keep one's temperkeep one's weather eye open
keep one's weather eye openkeep one's wits about one
keep one's wits about onekeep one's word
keep one's wordkeep oneself to oneself
keep open housekeep open house
keep out (of something)keep out (of)
keep out (of)keep out from under someone's feet
Keep out of my way.Keep out of this!
keep pacekeep pace
keep pace (with someone or something)keep people straight (in one's mind)
keep plugging alongkeep plugging along
keep quiet (about someone or something)keep sight of someone or something
Keep smiling.keep someone at something
keep someone backkeep someone company
keep someone downkeep someone from doing something
keep someone from someone or somethingkeep someone honest
keep someone in (a state of) suspensekeep someone in ignorance (about someone or something)
keep someone in sightkeep someone in stitches
keep someone onkeep someone on (something)
keep someone on tenterhookskeep someone or an animal in
keep someone or an animal in linekeep someone or something about
keep someone or something apartkeep someone or something around
keep someone or something at a distancekeep someone or something at arm's length
keep someone or something away (from someone or something)keep someone or something back
keep someone or something by someonekeep someone or something down
keep someone or something for someonekeep someone or something from doing something
keep someone or something goingkeep someone or something hanging (in midair)
keep someone or something in checkkeep someone or something in mind
keep someone or something in mind (for someone or something)keep someone or something in order
keep someone or something in reservekeep someone or something in some place
keep someone or something in with someone or somethingkeep someone or something off ((of) someone or something)
keep someone or something on (the) (right) trackkeep someone or something out (of something)
keep someone or something out of the waykeep someone or something still
keep someone or something togetherkeep someone or something under something
keep someone postedkeep someone up
keep someone, something, or an animal back (from someone or something)keep something by
keep something downkeep something for a rainy day
keep something for another occasionkeep something from someone
keep something inkeep something of someone's or something's
keep something onkeep something on an even keel
keep something on its feetkeep something quiet
keep something stillkeep something to a minimum
keep something to oneselfkeep something under one's hat
keep something under wrapskeep something until some time
keep something upkeep something with someone
keep step withkeep step with
keep still (about someone or something)keep still (forsomeone or something)
Keep still.keep tab on
keep tab onkeep tab(s) (on someone or something)
keep the ball rollingkeep the ball rolling
keep the ball rollingkeep the faith
keep the faithkeep the home fires burning
keep the home fires burningkeep the stork busy
keep the stork flyingkeep the wolf (wolves) from the door
keep the wolf (wolves) from the doorkeep the wolf from the door
keep things hummingkeep things humming
keep things straight (in one's mind)Keep this to yourself.
keep timekeep time
keep to oneselfkeep to oneself
keep to somethingkeep to the straight and narrow
keep togetherkeep track
keep trackkeep track (of someone or something)
keep under one's hatkeep under one's hat
keep under somethingkeep up
keep upkeep up (with someone or something)
keep up an actkeep up appearances
keep up appearanceskeep up one's act
keep up one's endkeep up one's end
Keep up the good work.keep up with
keep up withkeep up with the Joneses
keep up with the Joneseskeep up with the times
keep watchkeep watch
keep watch on someone or somethingkeep watch over someone or something
keep within somethingKeep your chin up.
keep your fingers crossedkeep your fingers crossed
Keep your head down.Keep your mouth shut (about someone or something).
Keep your nose out of my business.Keep your opinions to yourself!
Keep your pants on!Keep your powder dry.
Keep your shirt on!Keep your shop and your shop will keep you.
kettle of fishkettle of fish
key someone upkey to success
keyed upkeyed up
keyed up (about something)keyed up (oversomething)
kick a habitkick about
kick aboutkick about someone or something
kick against someone or somethingkick against the pricks
kick against the prickskick around
kick aroundkick ass
kick at someone or somethingkick back
kick backkick back (at someone or something)
kick buttkick down
kick downkick in
kick inkick in (on something) (for someone or something)
kick in the (seat of the) pantskick in the ass
kick in the buttkick in the guts
kick in the pantskick in the pants
kick in the teethkick it
kick itkick like a mule
kick like a steerkick off
kick offkick one's heels up
kick oneselfkick oneself
kick oneself (for doing something)kick out
kick outkick out (at someone or something)
kick overkick over
kick over the traceskick over the traces
kick some ass (around)kick someone or an animal out
kick someone or something aroundkick someone or something aside
kick someone or something awaykick something around
kick something back (to someone or something)kick something down
kick something inkick something in (on something) (for someone or something)
kick something offkick something off (of) someone or something
kick something outkick something out of something
kick the (natural) stuffing out of someonekick the bucket
kick the bucketkick the habit
kick upkick up
kick up a fusskick up a fuss
kick up a rowkick up a storm
kick up one's heelskick up one's heels
kicksomething offkid
kidkid around (with someone)
kid someone about someone or somethingkid's stuff
kiddie carkiddie car
kill for somethingkill off
kill offkill someone or an animal off
kill someone with kindnesskill the fatted calf
kill the goose that laid the golden eggkill the goose that laid the golden egg
Kill the goose that lays the golden egg(s).kill time
kill timekill two birds with one stone
kill two birds with one stonekilled outright
killer instinctkilter
kindkind of
kind ofkind of something
Kind of.kindled spirits
kindled spiritskindly
kindlyking's ransom
king's ransomKings have long arms.
kink upkiss and make up
kiss and tellkiss of death
kiss offkiss someone
kiss someonekiss someone off
kiss someone on somethingkiss someone or something off
kiss someone's asskiss something away (from something)
kiss something good-byekiss the dust
kiss up to someonekissing cousins
kith and kinkitten
kittenklutz around
knee-deep in somethingknee-high by the 4th of July
knee-high to a grasshopperknee-high to a grasshopper
knee-high to a jackrabbitknee-jerk reaction
kneel downkneel down (before someone or something)
kneeling buskneeling bus
knew it was comingknit
knitknit one's brow
knit something togetherknit together
knock (up) against someone or somethingknock about
knock aboutknock about (some place) (with someone)
knock about (somewhere)knock against someone or something
knock aroundknock around (some place) (with someone)
knock at somethingknock away (at something)
knock back a drinkknock back on one's heels
knock back on one's heelsknock cold
knock coldknock down
knock downknock for a loop
knock for a loopknock it off
knock it offKnock it off!
knock offknock off
knock off (doing something)knock off (work)
knock off one's feetknock off one's feet
knock on somethingknock on wood
knock on woodknock one back
knock one off one's feetknock one over
knock one's block offknock one's block off
knock one's head (up) against a brick wallknock one's knees together
knock oneself outknock oneself out
knock oneself out (to do something) (for someone or something)knock out
knock outknock over
knock overknock over something
knock some heads togetherknock some sense in
knock some sense into someoneknock someone back (an amount of money)
knock someone coldknock someone dead
knock someone down a notch (or two)knock someone down a peg (or two)
knock someone down to sizeknock someone for a loop
knock someone into somethingknock someone off
knock someone or something aboutknock someone or something around
knock someone or something downknock someone or something over
knock someone outknock someone over (with a feather)
knock someone some skinknock someone up
knock someone's block offknock someone's socks off
knock something against somethingknock something back
knock something downknock something into a cocked hat
knock something offknock something off (of) someone or something
knock something outknock something out of someone
knock something out of somethingknock something over
knock something to someoneknock something together
knock the (living) daylights out of someoneknock the bejeebers out of someone or something
knock the bottom out (of something)knock the habit
knock the hell out of someone or somethingknock the living daylights out of
knock the living daylights out ofknock the props out from under someone
knock the socks off (of) someoneknock the starch out ofsomeone
knock the stuffing out ofknock the stuffing out of
knock the stuffing out of someoneknock the wind out of someone's sails
knock through somethingknock-down, drag-out fight
knocked inknocked out
knocked outknocked up
knocksomething offknot
knotknot something together
knotty problemknotty problem
know something inside outknow something inside out
know a thing or two aboutknow a thing or two about
know a trick or twoknow about someone or something
know all the anglesknow as much about something as a hog knows about Sunday
know at a glance that...know better (than to do something)
know enough to come in out of the rainknow enough to come in out of the rain
know from somethingknow if one is coming or going
know if one is coming or goingknow in one's bones
know in one's bonesknow no more about something than a frog knows about bedsheets
know of someone or somethingknow one for what one is
know one in high placesknow one in high places
know one is aliveknow one is alive
know one's ABCsknow one's onions
know one's own mindknow one's own mind
know one's placeknow one's place
know one's stuffknow one's way about
know one's way aroundknow one's way around
know shit from Shinolaknow someone as someone
know someone by sightknow someone from someone
know someone or something as somethingknow someone or something by name
know someone or something by somethingknow someone or something like a book
know someone or something like the back of one's handknow someone or something like the palm of one's hand
know something backwards and forwardsknow something by heart
know something from memoryknow something from something
know something in one's bonesknow something inside out
know something only too wellknow something through and through
know the ropesknow the ropes
know the scoreknow the score
Know thyself.know what's what
know what's whatknow when one is not wanted
know where all the bodies are buriedknow where it's at
know where one is coming fromknow where someone stands (on someone or something)
know where something is atknow whereof one speaks
know which is whichknow which side one's bread is buttered on
know which side one's bread is buttered onknow which way to turn
know which way to turnknow-how
knowledgeKnowledge is power.
known factknown quantity
knowsomething forwards and backwardsknuckle
knuckleknuckle down
knuckle downknuckle down (to something)
knuckle sandwichknuckle under
knuckle underknuckle under (to someone or something)
kowtow to someone or something