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Dictionary of American idioms
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habituate someone to someone or somethinghack (away) at someone or something
hack aroundhack one's way through something
hack someone (off)hack someone or something apart
hack somethinghack something down
hack something offhack something out
hack something out of somethinghack something to something
hack something uphacked (off)
had (just) as soon do somethinghad as soon
had as soonhad better
had betterhad rather
had ratherhad rather do something
had sooner do somethinghadn't oughta
haggle (with someone) over someone or somethinghaggle about something
haggle with someone (over someone or something)hail a cab
hail a taxihail from
hail fromhail from some place
hail someone as somethinghail-fellow-well-met(1)
hairhair and hide(, horns and tallow)
hair of the dog that bit onehair stand on end
hair stand on endhaircut place
haircut placehairdo
hairdohale and hearty
hale and heartyhale-fellow-well-met
half a chancehalf a chance
half a bubble off plumbhalf a loaf is better than none
half a loaf is better than noneHalf a loaf is better than none.
half a mindhalf a mind
half an eyehalf an eye
half badhalf bad
half in the baghalf the battle
half the battlehalf the time
Half the truth is often a whole lie.Half the world knows not how the other half lives.
half underhalf-and-half(1)
half-timehalfhearted (about someone or something)
ham actorham actor
ham it upham it up
ham something upham-handed
hammerhammer (away) at someone
hammer (away) at somethinghammer and tongs
hammer and tongshammer at
hammer athammer on someone or something
hammer outhammer out
hammer someone inhammer something down
hammer something homehammer something in
hammer something into someonehammer something into something
hammer something onhammer something onto something
hammer something outHancock
handhand and foot
hand and foothand and glove
hand and glovehand down
hand downhand in
hand inhand in glove
hand in glovehand in glove (with someone)
hand in handhand in hand
hand in somethingHand it over.
hand it tohand it to
hand offhand off
hand onhand on
hand outhand out
hand overhand over
hand over fisthand over fist
hand over handhand over hand
hand someone or something over (to someone or something)hand someone something
hand something aroundhand something back (to someone)
hand something down (to someone)hand something down from someone to someone
hand something inhand something in (to someone)
hand something off (to someone)hand something on (to someone or something)
hand something out (to someone)hand something over
hand something to someonehand something to someone on a silver platter
hand something to someone on a silver platterhand something up (to someone)
hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.hand to hand
hand to handhand with something
handlehandle on something
handle someone with kid gloveshandle to one's name
handle to one's namehandle with gloves
handle with gloveshandout
handouthands down
hands downhands off
hands offHands off!
hands uphands up
Hands up!hands-down
hands-offhandsome is as handsome does
handsome is as handsome doesHandsome is as handsome does.
handwriting on the wallhandwriting on the wall
hang a few onhang a huey
hang a lefthang a louie
hang a ralphhang a right
hang aroundhang around
hang around (some place)hang around (with someone)
hang backhang back
hang back (from someone or something)hang behind
hang behindhang behind (someone or something)
hang by a hairhang by a hair
hang by a threadhang by a thread
hang by somethinghang down (from someone or something)
hang firehang fire
hang fivehang from something
hang heavyhang heavy
hang in (there)hang in (there)
hang in effigyhang in effigy
hang in the balancehang in the balance
Hang in there.hang it
hang itHang it all!
hang it uphang loose
hang of somethinghang off
hang offhang on
hang onhang on (someone's) every word
hang on (to someone or something)hang on for dear life
hang on someone's coattailshang on the words of
hang on the words ofhang on to
hang on tohang on to one's mother's apron strings
hang on to one's mother's apron stringshang on to your hat
hang on to your hatHang on to your hat!
hang one onhang one on
hang one's hat (up) somewherehang one's head
hang one's headhang out
hang outhang out (of something)
hang out (some place)hang out (with someone or something)
hang out one's shinglehang out one's shingle
hang overhang over
hang over one's headhang over one's head
hang over someone or somethinghang over someone('s head)
hang roundhang round
hang someone by the neckhang someone for something
hang someone in effigyhang someone or something from something
hang someone or something with somethinghang someone out to dry
hang something on someonehang something on someone or something
hang something out (of something)hang something over someone or something
hang something uphang ten
hang tenhang together
hang togetherhang tough (on something)
hang uphang up
hang up (on someone or something)hang with someone
hanker after someone or somethinghanker for someone or something
happen (up)on someone or somethinghappen on
happen onhappen to someone or something
happy as a clam (at high tide)happy as a clam (in butter sauce)
happy as a larkhappy as can be
happy as the day is longhappy as the day is long
happy camperhappy hour
happy hourhappy hunting ground
happy hunting groundHappy is the bride that the sun shines on.
Happy is the country which has no history.happy-go-lucky
happy-go-luckyharbinger of things to come
harbor something against someone or somethinghard
hardhard act to follow
hard as a rockhard as nails
hard as nailshard as stone
hard at doing somethinghard at something
hard cashhard cash
hard feelinghard feeling
hard feelingshard going
hard goinghard line
hard linehard luck
hard luckhard nut to crack
hard nut to crackhard of hearing
hard of hearinghard on someone
hard pressed (to do something)hard put
hard puthard put (to do something)
hard row to hoehard row to hoe
hard sellhard sell
hard sleddinghard sledding
hard timehard times
hard to believehard to swallow
hard to takehard up
hard uphard up (for something)
hard wayhard way
Hard words break no bones.hard-and-fast
hard-topharden oneself to something
harden something offharden something up
harder than the back of God's headhardheaded
hardheartedhardly any
hardly anyhardly dry behind the ears
hardly everhardly ever
hardly exchange more thansome number of words with someonehardly have time to breathe
hardly have time to thinkhare
harebrainedhark back
hark backhark(en) back to something
harmonize with someone or somethingharness an animal up
harness someone or an animal to somethingharp away at
harp away atharp on someone or something
has come and gonehas the world by the tail (with a downhill drag)
hash househash house
hash outhash out
hash something over (with someone)hash something up
hash uphash up
hassle someone about somethinghassle someone with something
Haste makes waste.hat
hathat in hand
hat in handhatch
hatchhatch an animal out
hatchet facehatchet face
hatchet jobhatchet job
hatchet manhatchet man
hate one's gutshate one's guts
hate someone or something like sinhate someone's guts
hats off tohats off to
hats off to someone or somethinghatter
haulhaul down
haul downhaul down one's colors
haul down one's colorshaul in
haul inhaul in one's horns
haul in one's hornshaul off
haul offhaul off and do something
haul over the coalshaul over the coals
haul someone (up) before someone or somethinghaul someone in
haul someone on the carpethaul someone or something over to something
haul someone over the coalshaul something (from some place) to some place
haul something downhaul something up (from something)
haul up (somewhere)haulsomething from some place (to some place)
have a soft spot in one's heart forhave a soft spot in one's heart for
have one's ass in a slinghave one's ass in a sling
have someone by the ballshave someone by the balls
have (a) use for someone or somethinghave (got) a glow on
have (high) hopes of somethinghave (some) bearing on something
have (some) time to killhave (too much) time on one's hands
have a (good) head forhave a (good) head for
have a (good) mind tohave a (good) mind to
have a (good) mind to do somethinghave a bad attitude
have a bad case of the simpleshave a bad effect (on someone or something)
have a ballhave a ball
have a bear by the tailhave a bellyful
have a big mouthhave a blast
Have a blimp!have a blowout
have a bone to pickhave a bone to pick
have a bone to pick (with someone)have a brush with something
have a burr under one's saddlehave a buzz on
have a carehave a care
have a case (against someone)have a change of heart
have a clean conscience (about someone or something)have a clear conscience (about someone or something)
have a close callhave a close shave
have a clue (about something)have a conniption (fit)
have a corncob up one's asshave a death wish
have a drinking problemhave a familiar ring (to it)
have a few too manyhave a field day
have a field dayhave a finger in the pie
have a finger in the piehave a fit
have a fithave a flair for something
have a gift for (doing) somethinghave a gift for gab
have a glass jawhave a go at
have a go athave a good arm
have a good command of somethingHave a good day.
have a good head on one's shouldershave a good head on one's shoulders
have a good head on one's shouldersHave a good one.
have a good thing goingHave a good time.
Have a good trip.have a green thumb
have a grudge (against someone)have a hand in
have a hand inhave a head for something
have a hearthave a heart
have a heart of goldhave a heart of stone
have a heart-to-heart (talk)have a heart-to-heart talk
have a heart-to-heart talkhave a hidden talent
have a hitch in one's gitalonghave a hunch (that something is the case)
have a hunch about somethinghave a keen interest in something
have a kick to ithave a load on
have a look atsomeone or somethinghave a look for someone or something
have a loose screwhave a lot going (for one)
have a lot on one's mindhave a lot on one's plate
have a low boiling pointhave a mind as sharp as a steel trap
have a mind of one's ownhave a mind of one's own
have a mind tohave a near miss
Have a nice day.Have a nice flight.
Have a nice one.Have a nice trip.
have a nodding acquaintance withhave a nodding acquaintance with
have a nose for somethinghave a one-track mind
have a passion for someone or somethinghave a penchant for doing something
have a place in somethinghave a poker upone's ass
have a price on one's headhave a price on one's head
have a rare old timehave a rough idea about
have a rough idea abouthave a rough time (of it)
have a roving eyehave a run of something
have a run-in (with someone or something)Have a safe journey.
Have a safe trip.have a say in
have a say inhave a score to settle (with someone)
have a scrape (with someone or something)have a screw loose
have a screw loosehave a seat
have a set-to (with someone)have a snowball's chance in hell
have a snowball's chance in hellhave a soft spot (in one's heart) for someone or an animal
have a spazhave a stake in something
have a strokehave a sweet tooth
have a sweet toothhave a thing about someone or something
have a thing going (with someone)have a thirst for something
have a tiger by the tailhave a time
have a timehave a tough time (of it)
have a way withhave a way with
have a way with someone or somethinghave a way with words
have a weakness for someone or somethinghave a weight problem
have a whale of a timehave a word with
have a word withhave a yellow belly
have a yellow streak downone's backhave all one's buttons
have all one's buttonshave all one's marbles
have an accidenthave an ace upone's sleeve
have an affair (with someone)have an affair with
have an affair withhave an alcohol problem
have an appetite for somethinghave an argument (with someone)
have an ax(e) to grindhave an ear for
have an ear forhave an ear for something
have an ear to the groundhave an ear to the ground
have an easy time of ithave an edge on
have an edge onhave an effect on someone or something
have an eyehave an eye
have an eye forhave an eye for
have an eye for someone or somethinghave an eye on
have an eye onhave an eye on someone or something
have an eye outhave an eye out
have an eye out (for someone or something)have an impact on someone or something
have an itch forhave an itch for
have another guess cominghave another think coming
have arrivedHave at it.
have at someonehave bats in one's belfry
have been aroundhave been around
have been hadhave been to hell and back
have bigger fish to fryhave broad shoulders
have calluses from patting one's own backhave carnal knowledge of someone
have cause to do somethinghave clean hands
have come a long wayhave confidence in someone
have designs on someone or somethinghave dibs on
have dibs onhave dibs on something
have donehave done
have done withhave done with
have doubts about someone or somethinghave egg on one's face
have eyes in the back of one's headhave eyes only for
have eyes only forhave faith in someone
have feelings about someone or somethinghave feet of clay
have fitshave fits
have forty winkshave fun
have got a load onhave got a screw loose
have got a tiger by the tailhave got it all together
have got it madehave got it made in the shade
have got one's ass in a slinghave got one's mind in the gutter
have got tohave got to
have got what it takeshave growing pains
have had enoughhave had it
have had ithave had it (up to here)
have had its dayhave hair
have hairhave half a mind to do something
have half a notion to do somethinghave hell to pay
have hidden talentsHave I got something for you!
Have I made myself clear?have in mind
have in mindhave in one's hair
have in one's hairhave in the palm of one's hand
have in the palm of one's handhave intimate relations with someone
have ithave it
have it (all) over someone or something (in something)have it all over
have it all overhave it all together
have it both wayshave it coming
have it cominghave it in for
have it in forhave it in for someone
have it in one to do somethinghave it made
have it madehave it made in the shade
have it outhave it out
have it overhave it over
Have it your way.have just one oar in the water
have kittenshave kittens
have lots (everything) going for onehave lots (everything) going for one
have money to burnhave money to burn
have more important fish to fryhave more luck than sense
have more than one string to one's fiddlehave no business
have no businesshave no business doing something
have no staying powerhave no truck with something
have no use forhave no use for
have none ofhave none of
have none of somethinghave nothing on
have nothing onhave nothing on someone
have nothing on someone or somethinghave nothing to do with
have nothing to do withhave nothing to do with someone or something
have nothing to do with somethinghave on
have onhave on the ball
have on the ballhave one foot in the grave
have one in the ovenhave one too many
have one's ass in a slinghave one's back to the wall
have one's brain on a leashhave one's cake and eat it too
have one's cake and eat it toohave one's druthers
have one's earhave one's ear
have one's ear to the groundhave one's ears on
have one's ears onhave one's eye on someone or something
have one's eye out (forsomeone or something)have one's feet on the ground
have one's feet planted firmly in the groundhave one's feet planted firmly in the ground
have one's fillhave one's fill
have one's finger in the piehave one's finger in too many pies
have one's finger(s) in the tillhave one's fling
have one's flinghave one's hand in something
have one's hand in the tillhave one's hand in the till
have one's hands fullhave one's hands full
have one's hands full (with someone or something)have one's hands tied
have one's hands tiedhave one's head above water
have one's head in the cloudshave one's head in the sand
have one's head in the sandhave one's head screwed on backwards
have one's head screwed on backwardshave one's heart (dead) set against something
have one's heart go out to someonehave one's heart in one's mouth
have one's heart in the right placehave one's heart in the right place
have one's heart on one's sleevehave one's heart set on something
have one's heart stand stillhave one's hide
have one's hidehave one's luck run out
have one's mind in the gutterhave one's name inscribed in the book of life
have one's nose in a bookhave one's nose in the air
have one's nose out of jointhave one's nose to the grindstone
have one's nose to the grindstonehave one's number
have one's numberhave one's rathers
have one's shoulder to the wheelhave one's sights trained on something
have one's way with someonehave one's wings clipped
have one's wings clippedhave one's wires crossed
have one's wits about onehave one's wits about one
have one's words stick in one's throathave one's work cut out
have one's work cut outhave one's work cut out for one
have oneselfhave oneself
have oneself somethinghave or take a shot at
have or take a shot athave other fish to fry
have pity on someone or an animalhave pull with someone
have qualms abouthave qualms about
have recourse to somethinghave relations with someone
have rocks in one's headhave rocks in one's head
have second thoughts abouthave second thoughts about
have seen better dayshave seen better days
have sohave someone around (for something)
have someone backhave someone by something
have someone dead to rightshave someone down
have someone for breakfasthave someone in
have someone in one's cornerhave someone in one's pocket
have someone in one's spellhave someone on the string
have someone or something (well) in handhave someone or something about
have someone or something aroundhave someone or something cornered
have someone or something in mindhave someone or something in one's hands
have someone or something in one's sightshave someone or something in tow
have someone or something on one's handshave someone or something on one's mind
have someone or something on the brainhave someone over (for something)
have someone pegged assomethinghave someone underone's spell
have someone up (for something)have someone's best interest(s) at heart
have someone's blood on one's handshave someone's eye
have someone's hidehave something against someone or something
have something at handhave something at one's fingertips
have something cinchedhave something coming (to one)
have something doinghave something down to a T
have something for (a meal)have something for someone
have something for somethinghave something going (for oneself)
have something going (with someone)have something going for one
have something going for onehave something hanging over one's head
have something hung up and saltedhave something in common (with someone or something)
have something in handhave something in stock
have something in store (for someone)have something made
have something onhave something on
have something on filehave something on one('s person)
have something on the ballhave something on the ball
have something outhave something out (with someone)
have something stick in one's crawhave something to burn
have something to do with somethinghave something to spare
have something up one's sleevehave sticky fingers
have sticky fingershave the ball in one's court
have the best ofhave the best of
have the best of someone or somethinghave the better of
have the better ofhave the cards stacked against one
have the cart before the horsehave the cart before the horse
have the constitution of an oxhave the constitution of an ox
have the courage of one's convictionshave the courage of one's convictions
have the courage of one's convictionshave the deck stacked against one
have the devil to payhave the facts straight
have the gall to do somethinghave the gift of gab
have the goods onhave the goods on
have the guts to do somethinghave the guts to do something
have the hots for someonehave the jump on
have the jump onhave the last laugh
have the last laughhave the laugh on
have the laugh onhave the lead
have the leadhave the makings of
have the makings ofhave the makings of something
have the Midas touchhave the mullygrubs
have the patience of a sainthave the patience of Job
have the presence of mind to do somethinghave the right-of-way
have the right-of-wayhave the shoe on the other foot
have the stomach for somethinghave the time of one's life
have the time of one's lifehave the worst of
have the worst ofhave to
have tohave to do with
have to do withhave to do with something
have to get marriedhave to go some (to do something)
have to hand it to someonehave to live with something
have toohave too many irons in the fire
have too many irons in the firehave too much of a good thing
have too much on one's platehave two left feet
have two strikes against onehave two strikes against one
have what it takeshave words
have words with someone (over someone or something)Have you heard?
Have you met someone?Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
Haven't we met before?haw
hazardhazard a guess
hazard an opinionhaze
hazeHe gives twice who gives quickly.
he laughs best who laughs lasthe laughs best who laughs last
He lives long who lives well.He puts his pants on one leg at a time.
He that cannot obey cannot command.He that hath a full purse never wanted a friend.
He that is down need fear no fall.He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.
He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime.He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.
He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin.He travels fastest who travels alone.
He wears a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head.He who begins many things, finishes but few.
He who excuses himself accuses himself.He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day.
He who hesitates is lost.He who laughs last, laughs best.
He who laughs last, laughs longest.He who pays the piper calls the tune.
He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.
He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.He will get his.
head above waterhead above water
head and shouldershead and shoulders
head and shoulders above someone or somethinghead away from someone or something
head back (some place)head for
head forhead for (the) tall timber
head for someone or somethinghead for the hills
head for the hillshead for the last roundup
head in the cloudshead in the clouds
head in the sandhead in the sand
head in(to something)head off
head offhead on
head outhead out
head out (for something)head out after someone, something, or an animal
head over heelshead over heels
head over heels in debthead over heels in love (with someone)
head someone off at the passhead someone or something at someone or something
head someone or something into someone or somethinghead someone or something off
head something outhead something up
head Southhead start
head starthead start (on someone)
head start (on something)head toward someone or something
head uphead up
headed for somethingheader
headerheads or tails
heads or tailsheads up
heads upHeads up!
heads will rollheads-up
headshrinkerheal over
heal someone of somethingheal up
heap coals of fire on one's headheap coals of fire on one's head
heap of somethingheap sight
heap something (up)on someone or somethingheap something up
heap something with somethinghear
hearhear a peep out of someone
hear a pin drophear a pin drop
hear about someone or somethinghear from someone or something
hear of someone or somethinghear someone out
hear something throughhear the beat
hear the beathearing impaired
hearken to someone or somethingheart
heartheart and soul(1)
heart and soul(1)heart sink
heart sinkheart and soul
heart and soul(2)heart and soul(2)
heart goes out toheart goes out to
heart in one's mouthheart in one's mouth
heart is in the right placeheart is in the right place
heart miss a beatheart miss a beat
heart of goldheart of gold
heart of stoneheart of stone
heart of the matterheart set
heart setheart skip a beat
heart skip a beatheart stand still
heart stand stillheart-searching
heart-to-heartheartbeat away from being something
heat someone upheat something up (to something)
heat upheave in sight
heave in sightheave in(to) sight
heave something at someone or somethingheave something up
heave toheave to
heave upheave up
Heaven forbid!Heaven help us!
heaven knowsheaven knows
Heaven protects children(, sailors,) and drunken men.heavenly days!
heavenly days!Heavens to Betsy!
heavy goingheavy heart
heavy heartheavy into someone or something
heavy purse makes a light heart.heavy-duty
heckheck of it
heck of ithedge about
hedge abouthedge against something
hedge between keeps friendship green.hedge one's bets
hedge someone inhedge someone or something in
hedge something against somethinghedged in
hedged inheed
heelheels over head
heels over headheist someone or something (up)
hell and high waterhell and high water
hell aroundHell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
hell of a messhell of a note
hell of a someone or somethinghell on a holiday
hell on earthHell's bells (and buckets of blood)!
hell-bent for leatherhell-bent for somewhere or something
Hellfire and damnation!helluva someone or something
help (someone) outhelp oneself
help oneselfhelp oneself (to something)
help outhelp out
help out (with something)help out some place
help someone alonghelp someone back (to something)
help someone down (from something)help someone in something
help someone in(to something)help someone off (of) something
help someone off with somethinghelp someone on with something
help someone or an animal (get) over somethinghelp someone or an animal out (of something)
help someone or something out with someone or somethinghelp someone or something with someone or something
help someone up (from something)Help yourself.
helping handhelter-skelter
helter-skelterhem and haw
hem and hawhem and haw (around)
hem inhem in
hem someone or something inhen
henhen party
hen partyHenry
Henryhepped (up)
herd someone or something togetherhere
hereHere (it) goes.
here and nowhere and now(1)
here and now(1)here and now(2)
here and now(2)here and there
here and therehere goes
here goeshere goes nothing
here goes nothingHere goes nothing.
Here today, (and) gone tomorrow.Here we go again.
Here you go.Here's looking at you.
Here's mud in your eye.Here's to someone or something.
Here's to you.Here's your hat, what's your hurry?
here, there, and everywherehesitate over something
hew something downhew something out
hew something out of somethinghew to something
hidden agendahide
hidehide behind someone or something
hide from someone or an animalhide one's face
hide one's facehide one's face in shame
hide one's head in the sandhide one's head in the sand
hide one's light under a bushelhide one's light under a bushel
hide or hairhide or hair
hide outhide out
hide out (from someone or something)hide someone or something away (some place)
hide someone or something behind somethinghide something in something
high camphigh camp
high and dryhigh and dry
high and lowhigh and low
high as a kitehigh as a kite
high as the skyhigh fashion
high fashionhigh gear
high gearhigh jinks
high jinkshigh man on the totem pole
high off the hoghigh off the hog
high onhigh on
high on somethinghigh place
high placehigh roller
high seashigh seas
high seasonhigh season
high signhigh sign
high stylehigh style
high timehigh time
high-pressure someone into somethinghigh-sounding
highbrowhigher education
higher educationhigher-up
higher-uphightail it
hightail ithightail it out of somewhere
highway robberyhighway robbery
highways and bywayshike something up
hind endhind end of creation
hinder someone from somethinghindside first
hinge (up)on someone or somethinghinge on
hinge onhint at something
hint for somethinghint something to someone
hip to someone or somethinghire out
hire outhire someone away (from someone or something)
hire someone or something outhired man
hired manhiss at someone or something
hiss someone off ((of) the stage)hiss something out
hissy (fit)history
historyHistory repeats itself.
hit the bookshit the books
hit the jackpothit the jackpot
hit (up)on someone or somethinghit a happy medium
hit a plateauhit a snag
hit a sour notehit against someone or something
hit and misshit and miss
hit at someone or somethinghit back (at someone or something)
hit below the belthit below the belt
hit between the eyeshit between the eyes
hit bottomhit bottom
hit homehit home
hit it offhit it off
hit it off (with someone)hit on
hit onhit on all cylinders
hit on all cylindershit on someone
hit on somethinghit one close to home
hit one where one liveshit one's stride
hit one's stridehit or miss
hit or misshit out (at someone or something) (in something)
hit out (for something or some place)hit parade
hit paradehit pay dirt
hit someonehit someone (right) between the eyes
hit someone below the belthit someone hard
hit someone in somethinghit someone or an animal on something
hit someone up (for something)hit someone with something
hit something offhit the (broad) side of a barn
hit the bookshit the booze
hit the bottlehit the brakes
hit the brickshit the bull's-eye
hit the bull's-eyehit the ceiling
hit the ceilinghit the deck
hit the deckhit the dirt
hit the dirthit the fan
hit the fanhit the ground running
hit the hayhit the hay
hit the high spotshit the high spots
hit the jackpothit the nail (right) on the head
hit the nail on the headhit the nail on the head
hit the panic buttonhit the pavement
hit the roadhit the road
hit the roofhit the roof
hit the sackhit the sack
hit the saucehit the sauce
hit the skidshit the spot
hit the spothit the trail
hit townhit town
hit uponhit upon
hitch a ridehitch one's wagon to a star
hitch one's wagon to a starhitch someone or something (up) (to something)
Hitch your wagon to a star.hither and thither
hither and thitherhither and yon
hither and yonhither, thither, and yon
hitting on all cylindershive of activity
hoard something uphoarse as a crow
hobnob with someone or somethingHobson's choice
hoe one's own rowhoe one's own row
hog wildhog-tie
hog-tiehoist with one's own petard
hoist with one's own petardHoist your sail when the wind is fair.
hold (on) tighthold (something) out on someone or something
hold a brief forhold a brief for
hold a candle tohold a candle to
hold a grudge (against someone)hold a meeting
hold all the aceshold all the cards
hold all the trumpshold all the trumps
hold backhold back
hold back (on something)hold by something
hold courthold court
hold downhold down
hold everythinghold everything
Hold everything!hold fire
hold firehold forth
hold forthhold forth (on someone or something)
hold goodhold good
hold good for someone or somethinghold it
hold itHold it!
hold no brief for someone or somethinghold off
hold offhold off (from) doing something
hold off (on someone or something)hold on
hold onHold on (a minute)!
hold on (to someone or something)Hold on for a minute!
hold on someonehold on to
hold on tohold on to your hat
hold on to your hatHold on to your hat!
hold one's horseshold one's horses
hold one's breathhold one's breath
hold one's end of the bargain uphold one's end up
hold one's end uphold one's fire
hold one's firehold one's ground
hold one's head uphold one's head up
hold one's head uphold one's liquor
hold one's mouth the right wayhold one's nose
hold one's nose to the grindstonehold one's nose to the grindstone
hold one's ownhold one's own
hold one's peacehold one's peace
hold one's temperhold one's temper
hold one's tonguehold one's tongue
hold oneself togetherhold out
hold outhold out (against someone or something)
hold out (for someone or something)hold out an olive branch
hold out an olive branchhold out the olive branch
hold overhold over
hold someone accountable (for something)hold someone back
hold someone for ransomhold someone hostage
hold someone or an animal downhold someone or something at bay
hold someone or something at somethinghold someone or something by something
hold someone or something in checkhold someone or something in high regard
hold someone or something in low regardhold someone or something in reserve
hold someone or something offhold someone or something out (of something)
hold someone or something overhold someone or something together
hold someone or something uphold someone or something up as an example
hold someone or something up to ridiculehold someone or something up to scorn
hold someone to somethinghold someone up to something
hold someone's attentionhold someone's hand
hold someone, something, or an animal back (from someone or something)hold something against someone
hold something against someone or somethinghold something back for a rainy day
hold something for someonehold something in
hold something in abeyancehold something out (to someone)
hold something over someone('s head)hold something together
hold stillhold still
hold still (for someone or something)hold still for something
hold terror for someonehold the bag
hold the baghold the fort
hold the forthold the line
hold the linehold the line (at someone or something)
Hold the phone.hold the purse strings
hold the stagehold the stage
hold tohold to
hold togetherhold true
hold truehold up
hold uphold up (on someone or something)
hold up one's endhold up one's end
hold waterhold water
hold your hathold your hat
Hold your horses!Hold your tater!
Hold your tongue!holdout
holdoverholdsomeone or something out
holdsomeone responsible (for something)holdup
holehole in
hole inhole in one
hole in onehole in the wall
hole outhole out
hole uphole up
hole up (somewhere)hole-in-the-wall
holier-than-thouholistic health
holistic healthholler before one is hurt
holler before one is hurtholler something out
holler unclehollow
hollowhollow out
hollow outhollow something out
holy catsholy cats
Holy cow!holy Joe
Holy mackerel!Holy moley!
holy terrorholy terror
home brewhome brew
home freehome in (on someone or something)
Home is where the heart is.home on
home onhome on(to something)
home platehome plate
home runhome run
homely enough to stop a clockhone for someone or something
honest and aboveboardhonest broker
honest brokerHonest to God.
honest to goodnesshonest to goodness
Honest to goodness.Honest to Pete.
Honesty is the best policy.honeymoon is over
honeymoon is overhoneymoon is over.
honk at someone or somethinghonky-tonk
honorhonor someone as something
honor someone for somethinghonor someone with something
honor someone's checkhooched (up)
hoodwink someone into somethinghoodwink someone out of something
hoof ithook
hookhook in(to something)
hook oneself on someone or somethinghook someone on something
hook someone or something up (to someone or something)hook someone or something up (with someone or something)
hook someone up (with someone)hook something down
hook something into somethinghook something on(to someone or something)
hook something uphook up
hook uphook up with someone
hook, line and sinkerhook, line and sinker
hook, line, and sinkerhooked on
hooked onhooked on something
hooksomething onhookup
hoophoot and holler
hoot someone downhoot someone off the stage
hop in(to something)hop off ((of) something)
hop on(to something)hop something up
hop to ithop to it
Hop to it!hop up (to someone or something)
hop, skip and a jumphop, skip and a jump
hop, skip, and a jumphope
hopehope against (all) hope
hope against hopehope against hope
Hope deferred makes the heart sick.Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.
hope for somethinghope for the best
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.Hope springs eternal (in the human breast).
hopeless at doing somethinghopped up
hopped uphopping mad
horn inhorn in
horn in (on someone)horn in (on something)
horns of a dilemmahorns of a dilemma
horse and buggyhorse and carriage
horse aroundhorse around
horse around (with someone or something)horse of a different color
horse of a different colorhorse of another color
horse operahorse opera
horse sensehorse sense
horse tradehorse trade
hose someone downhose someone or something down
hot and botheredhot and bothered
hot potatohot potato
hot airhot air
hot and heavyhot and heavy
hot and botheredhot and heavy
hot as firehot as hell
Hot damn!Hot diggety (dog)!
hot doghot dog
hot doghot dog
hot dog roasthot dog roast
Hot dog!hot enough to burn a polar bear 's butt
hot numberhot number
hot off the presshot off the press
hot on somethinghot on the trail (of someone, some creature, or something)
hot onehot one
hot rodhot rod
hot seathot seat
hot stuffhot stuff
hot tickethot under the collar
hot under the collarhot water
hot waterHot ziggety!
hotbed of somethinghotfoot it (off to) somewhere
hotfoot it out of somewherehound
houndhound someone from some place
hound someone or an animal downhound someone out (of something or some place)
hound something out of someonehour
househouse detective
house detectivehouse divided against itself cannot stand.
house mosshouse of cards
house of cardshouse of correction
house of ill famehouse of ill fame
house of ill reputehousebroken
housebrokenhousehold name
household wordhousetop
housetophover around (someone or something)
hover between something and something elsehover over
hover overhover over someone or something
How (are) you doing?How (are) you feeling?
How (have) you been?how about
how aboutHow about a lift?
how about thathow about that
How about that!How about you?
how areHow are you getting on?
How bout them apples?How can I help you?
How can I serve you?how come
how comeHow come?
How could you (do something)?how do you do
how do you doHow do you do.
How do you know?How do you like school?
How do you like that?How do you like them apples?
How do you like this weather?How does that grab you?
How dumb do you think I am?How goes it (with you)?
how goes it?how goes it?
how isHow is someone fixed for something?
How is someone getting along?How is someone making out?
How many times do I have to tell you?How may I help you?
How should I know?how so
how soHow so?
how the land lieshow the land lies
How the mighty have fallen.how the other half lives
how the wind blowshow the wind blows
How will I know you?How will I recognize you?
How're things (with you)?How're things going?
How's (it) with you?How's business?
How's by you?how's come
how's comeHow's every little thing?
How's it going?How's my boy?
how's thathow's that
How's that again?How's the boy?
How's the family?How's the wife?
How's the world (been) treating you?How's tricks?
How's your family?howdy and a half
howl at someone or somethinghowl someone down
howl with somethinghowling success
howling successhuddle
huddlehuddle (up) (together)
huddle around someone or somethinghuddle someone together
hue and cryhue and cry
hue and cryhuff and puff
hug the roadhug the road
hum with activityhumble
humphunch over
hunch something uphunch up
hung up (on someone or something)hunger after something
hunger for someone or somethingHunger is the best sauce.
hungry as a bearhungry as a hunter
hungry for somethinghunker down (on something)
hunker down to somethinghunky-dory
hunthunt after someone or something
hunt and peckhunt and peck
hunt downhunt down
hunt for someone or somethinghunt high and low (for someone or something)
hunt someone or something downhunt someone or something out
hunt someone or something uphunt through something
hunt uphunt up
hurl insults (at someone)hurl someone or something at someone or something
hurl someone or something downhurl someone or something into something
hurl someone or something out (of some place)hurl something around
hurl something away (from someone or something)hurlsomeone or something out
hurry awayhurry back (to someone or something)
hurry down (to somewhere)hurry off
hurry onhurry on with
hurry on withhurry one on one's way
hurry someone or something alonghurry someone or something in(to something)
hurry someone or something uphurry up
hurry uphurry up and wait
hurt for someone or somethinghurt someone's feelings
hurtin' for somethinghurtle through something
hush fell over someone or somethinghush money
hush someone uphush something up
hush uphush up
Hush your mouth!hush-hush
hush-hushhustle and bustle
hustle uphygienically challenged
hype someone or something (up)hypothesize about something
hypothesize on something