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Dictionary of American idioms
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face (someone or something) into somethingface (that) only a mother could love
face (the) factsface away (from someone or something)
face downface down
face liftface lift
face offface on(to) something
face someone downface someone or something forward
face someone with somethingface something down
face something head-onface something with something
face that could stop a clockface the music
face the musicface up (to someone or something)
face up toface up to
face valueface value
faced withfaced with
Fact is stranger than fiction.facts of life
facts of lifefade away
fade away (into something)fade back
fade backfade back (into something)
fade downfade from something
fade from viewfade into something
fade outfade something down
fade something infade something out
fade something upfag someone out
fagged outfail
failfail in something
fail someone on somethingfail to do
fail to dofaint dead away
faint from somethingFaint heart never won fair lady.
faint of heartfair
fairfair and square
fair and squarefair and impartial
fair and squarefair catch
fair catchfair game (for something)
fair playfair play
fair sexfair sex
fair shakefair shake
fair something outfair to middlin'
fair-haired boyfair-haired boy
fair-weather friendfair-weather friend
fairy godmotherfairy godmother
fairy talefairy tale
Faith will move mountains.fake it
fake offfake someone out
fake someone out of somethingfall
fallfall (a)foul of someone or something
fall (all) over oneself (to do something)fall (down) at something
fall (flat) on one's facefall (up)on someone
fall (up)on someone or somethingfall all over
fall all overfall all over someone
fall apart (at the seams)fall asleep
fall asleep at the switchfall asleep at the switch
fall awayfall away
fall away (from someone or something)fall away toward something
fall backfall back
fall back onfall back on
fall back on(to) someone or somethingfall behind
fall behindfall behind (in something)
fall behind (on something)fall behind (someone or something)
fall behind (with something)fall below something
fall beneath somethingfall between something and something else
fall between two stoolsfall by some amount
fall by the waysidefall by the wayside
fall downfall down on someone or something
fall down on the jobfall down on the job
fall duefall due
fall flatfall flat
fall forfall for
fall for someonefall for something
fall from gracefall from grace
fall from powerfall from someone or something
fall guyfall guy
fall head over heelsfall head over heels in love (with someone)
fall heir to somethingfall ill
fall infall in
fall infall in
fall in forfall in for
fall in linefall in line
fall in lovefall in love
fall in love (with each other)fall in love (with someone)
fall in love (with something)fall in on someone or something
fall in withfall in with
fall in with someone or somethingfall in with something
fall in(to something)fall in(to step)
fall in(to) linefall in(to) place
fall into a trapfall into decay
fall into disfavorfall into disgrace
fall into disusefall into one's lap
fall into the habit offall into the habit of
fall into the wrong handsfall off
fall offfall off (of) something)
fall off the wagonfall off the wagon
fall onfall on
fall on deaf earsfall on hard times
fall on one's kneesfall on one's sword
fall on(to) someone or somethingfall out
fall outfall out (of something)
fall out (with someone) (about someone or something)fall out (with someone) (over something)
fall out of bedfall out of favor (with someone)
fall out of love (with someone)fall outside something
fall overfall over backwards
fall over backwardsfall over backwards (to do something)
fall over someone or somethingfall over yourself
fall over yourselffall overboard
fall shortfall short
fall short of one's goal(s)fall short of the goal(s)
fall short of the recordfall through
fall throughfall through something
fall tofall to
fall to one's kneesfall to pieces
fall to piecesfall to someone
fall toward somethingfall under someone or something
fall under someone's spellfall wide of the mark
fall wide of the markfall within something
false movefalter in something
familiar with someone or somethingFamiliarity breeds contempt.
familiarize someone with somethingfamily
familyfamily that prays together stays together.
family treefamily tree
famous last wordsfan
fanfan of someone
fan outfan out
fan out (from some place)fan something out
fan the breezefan the breeze
fan the flames (of something)fancy doing something
fancy doing somethingfancy footwork
Fancy meeting you here!fancy pants
fancy pantsfancy someone as someone or something
fancy someone's chancesFancy that!
far afieldfar afield
far and awayfar and away
far and away the bestfar and near
far and nearfar and wide
far and widefar be it from me to do something
far cryfar cry
far cry from somethingfar from it
far from itfar from the madding crowd
far gonefar gone
far into the nightfar out
far-off lookfar-out
far-outfaraway look
farm outfarm out
farm someone outfarm something out
fart aroundfashion
fashionfashion something into something
fashion something on somethingfashion something out of something
fast and furiousfast and furious
fast buckfast buck
fast friendsfast one
fast talkerfast talker
fast timefast time
fast-talk someone into somethingfast-talk someone out of something
fasten (up)on someone or somethingfasten on
fasten onfasten someone or something (on)to someone or something
fasten something down (to something)fasten something up
faster and fasterfat
fatfat and happy
fat and sassyfat as a pig
fat catfat chance
fat chancefat city
fat cityfat hit the fire
fat is in the firefat is in the fire
fat is in the fire.fat of the land
fat of the landfate
fatefate worse than death
Father ChristmasFather Christmas
father something on someoneFather's Day
Father's Dayfatten someone or an animal up (with something)
fatten up (on something)fault
faultfault someone (for something)
faunch aroundfavor
favorfavor someone or something with something
favorite sonfavorite son
fawn (all) over someonefawn (up)on someone
fear and tremblingfear and trembling
fear for someone or somethingfeast (up)on something
feast one's eyes ((up)on someone or something)feast one's eyes on
feast one's eyes onfeast or a famine
feast or a faminefeather
featherfeather in one's cap
feather in one's capfeather one's (own) nest
feather one's nestfeather one's nest
feature someone as somethingfeature someone in something
fed upfed up
fed up (to some degree) (with someone or something)feed
feedfeed (up)on someone or something
Feed a cold and starve a fever.feed off (of) something
feed one's facefeed someone a line
feed someone, something, or an animal with somethingfeed something back into something
feed something back to someonefeed something into something
feed something to someonefeed something to someone or an animal
feed the kittyfeeding frenzy
feel a draftfeel a draft
feel a glow of contentmentfeel a glow of happiness
feel a glow of peacefulnessfeel a glow of satisfaction
feel about (for someone or something)feel around (for someone or something)
feel at homefeel blue
feel fitfeel for someone
feel for someonefeel for something
feel free (to do something)feel free to do
feel free to dofeel guilty (about something)
feel in one's bonesfeel in one's bones
feel it beneath one (to do something)feel like
feel likefeel like a million
feel like a millionfeel like a million (dollars)
feel like a new manfeel like a new man
feel like a new personfeel like doing something
feel like someone or somethingfeel like two cents
feel like two centsfeel low
feel lowfeel no pain
feel no painfeel of something
feel on top of the worldfeel one's gorge rise
feel one's oatsfeel one's oats
feel one's wayfeel one's way
feel outfeel out
feel out of placefeel out of place
feel out of thingsfeel pinched
feel somehow about someone or somethingfeel someone out (about someone or something)
feel someone upfeel something in one's bones
feel something with somethingfeel the pinch
feel the pinchfeel up
feel upfeel up to something
feel up to somethingfeeling (kinda) puny
feeling (that something is the case)feeling about something
feeling no painfeet
feetfeet of clay
feet of clayfeet on the ground
feet on the groundfell
fellowfellow traveller
fellow travellerfemale of the species is more deadly than the male.
fence an animal infence in
fence infence someone in
fence someone or an animal outfence someone or something off (from something)
fence something infence with
fence withfence-sitter
fence-sittingfend for oneself
fend someone or something offfender bender
ferret outferret out
ferret something out (from something)ferret something out of someone or something
ferretsomething outferry someone around
ferry someone or something across somethingferrysomeone or something across
fess up (to something)festoon someone or something with something
fetch something infetch something out
fetch something out of somethingfetch up
fetch up at some placefeud (with someone) (over someone or something)
feud (with someone) about (someone or something)few
fewfew and far between
few and far betweenfew bricks short of a load
few cards short of a deckfew cards shy of a full deck
fickle finger of fatefickle finger of fate
fiddle about (with something)fiddle about (withsomeone)
fiddle aroundfiddle around
fiddle around (with someone)fiddle around (with something)
fiddle something awayfiddle while Rome burns
fiddle withfiddle with
fiddle with someone or somethingfiddler
fiddlerfidget around
fidget with somethingfield
fieldfield a question
field goalfield goal
field questionsFields have eyes, and woods have ears.
fifth columnfifth column
fifth wheelfifty-fifty
fight (one's way) back (to something)fight (one's way) through (something)
fight (with) someone or some creature (over someone or something)fight (with) someone or something (about someone or something)
fight about someone or somethingfight against someone or something
fight against timefight against time
fight back (at someone or something)fight fire with fire
fight fire with fireFight fire with fire.
fight for someone or somethingfight it out
fight it outfight off
fight offfight on
fight one's way outfight one's way out (of something)
fight over someone or somethingfight shy of
fight shy offight someone or something down
fight someone or something hammer and tongsfight someone or something off
fight someone or something with somethingfight something down
fight something outfight something through (something)
fight the good fightfight to the death
fight tooth and nailfight tooth and nail
fighting chancefighting chance
fightsomeone or something tooth and nailfigure in
figure infigure in something
figure onfigure on
figure on doing somethingfigure on someone or something
figure outfigure out
figure someone as somethingfigure someone or something in (on something)
figure someone or something in((to) something)figure someone or something out
figure something upfigure up
figure upfiguresomeone or something in
filch something (from someone)file charges (against someone)
file for somethingfile in((to) something)
file out (of something)file past (someone or something)
file something (away)file something against someone
file something away (from something)file something down
file something offfile something off ((of) something)
file something with someone or somethingfill (in) the gap
fill (in) the gapfill in
fill infill in (for someone or something)
Fill in the blanks.fill one's face
fill one's shoesfill one's shoes
fill outfill out
fill someone full of leadfill someone in (on someone or something)
fill someone or something up (with something)fill someone's head with something
fill someone's shoesfill something in
fill something outfill something to something
fill the basesfill the bases
fill the billfill the bill
fill the gapfill up
fill upfilled to the brim
film overfilter in(to some place)
filter something outfilter something out of something
filter through (something)filthy lucre
filthy lucrefilthy rich
filthy richfinal fling
final sayfinal word
financially embarrassedfind
findfind fault
find faultfind (something) out (about someone or something) (from someone or something)
find (something) out the hard wayfind a happy medium
find a way around someone or somethingfind against someone or something
find fault (with someone or something)find favor with someone
find for someone or somethingfind it in one's heart
find it in one's heartfind it in one's heart (to do something)
find it in oneself (to do something)find its way somewhere
find one's ---find one's ---
find one's feetfind one's own level
find one's tonguefind one's way (around)
find one's way (somewhere)find one's way around (something)
find oneselffind oneself
find oneself with someone or somethingfind oneself without someone or something
find outfind out
find out the hard wayfind out the hard way
find someone guiltyfind someone in
find someone innocentfind someone out
find something outfinders keepers
finders keepersFinders keepers(, losers weepers).
findsomeone not guiltyfine and dandy
fine feathers do not make fine birdsfine feathers do not make fine birds
Fine feathers make fine birds.fine how do you do
fine kettle of fishfine kettle of fish
fine printfine someone for something
fine state of affairsFine weather for ducks.
Fine words butter no parsnips.fine-tooth comb
fine-tooth combfine-tune something
finger in the piefinger in the pie
finger someone as someoneFingers were made before forks.
finish (something) by doing somethingfinish (something) off with something
finish someone or an animal offfinish someone or something off
finish someone or something upfinish something off
finish upfinish up
finish with somethingfinishing touch(s)
fink on someonefink out (on someone or something)
fire (something) at someone or somethingfire (something) away at someone or something
fire (something) back (at someone or something)fire (up)on someone or something
fire away (at someone)Fire is a good servant but a bad master.
fire over somethingfire someone up
fire someone with angerfire someone with enthusiasm
fire someone with expectationsfire someone with hope
fire something back (to someone or something)fire something into someone or something
fire something off (to someone)fire something up
fire under someonefire up
firebugfired up
firing on all cylindersfiring squad
firing squadfirm hand
firm something upfirm up
first things firstfirst things first
first and lastfirst and last
first and foremostfirst and foremost
first basefirst base
First catch your hare.first class
first classfirst come, first served
first come, first servedFirst come, first served.
first cousinfirst cousin
first crack at somethingfirst hundred years are the hardest.
First impressions are the most lasting.first leg (of a journey)
first leg (of the journey)first of all
first of allfirst off
first offfirst see the light of day
first step is always the hardest.first stone
first stonefirst string(1)
first string(1)first thing (in the morning)
first thing off the batfirst thing off the bat
First things first.first-class(1)
first-stringfirstest with the mostest
fish forfish for
fish for a complimentfish for a compliment
fish for somethingfish fry
fish fryfish in muddy
fish in muddyfish in troubled waters
fish or cut baitfish or cut bait
Fish or cut bait.fish out of water
fish out of waterfish someone or something out
fish someone or something out of somethingfish something up
fish something up out of somethingfish story
fish storyfish tale
fishing expeditionfist
fitfit and trim
fit around somethingfit as a fiddle
fit as a fiddlefit for
fit forfit for a king
fit for the godsfit in (somehow) (with something)
fit in (with someone or something)fit in with
fit in withfit in((to) something)
fit like a glovefit like a glove
fit outfit out
fit someone for somethingfit someone or something (up) with something
fit someone or something infit someone or something in((to) something)
fit someone or something out (for something)fit someone or something out (with something)
fit someone or something up (with something)fit someone to a T
fit something onfit something on(to) something
fit something to somethingfit something together
fit the billfit the bill
fit to a Tfit to a T
fit to be tiedfit to be tied(1)
fit to be tied(1)fit to be tied(2)
fit to be tied(2)fit to kill
fit togetherfit with something
fits and startsfive o'clock shadow
five o'clock shadowfive-finger discount
fix (up)on someone or somethingfix an animal
fix on somethingfix someone or something up
fix someone up (with someone)fix someone up (with something)
fix someone up withfix someone up with
fix someone's wagonfix someone's wagon
fix somethingfix something for (a meal)
fix something on(to) somethingfix something over
fix something with someonefix up
fix upfixed up
fixin(g) to do somethingfizz up
fizzle outfizzle out
flack outflag down
flag downflag someone or something down
flake away (from something)flake down
flake off ((of) something)flake out
flake something offflake something off of something
flame upflame with anger
flame with lustflame with resentment
flame with vengeanceflank (up)on someone or something
flanker backflanker back
flap aroundflap one's gums
flap one's jawsflare out
flare something outflare up
flare upflare-up
flashflash a smile (at someone)
flash across somethingflash back (on someone or something)
flash back (to someone or something)flash card
flash cardflash in the pan
flash in the panflash into one's mind
flash into viewflash off
flash onflash on someone or something
flash on somethingflash out
flash something aroundflash something at someone or something
flash something up (some place)flash through one's mind
flash with angerflash with eagerness
flash with recognitionflat
flatflat as a board
flat as a pancakeflat as a pancake
flat brokeflat broke
flat bustedflat on one's ass
flat outflat-footed
flatfootflatten someone or something out
flatter one's figureflatter oneself
flatter oneselfFlattery will get you nowhere.
flavor food with somethingflea in one's ear
flea in one's earflea market
flea marketfleck something with something
flee from someone or somethingflee to something
fleet of footfleeting glance
flesh and bloodflesh and blood
flesh outflesh out
flesh something out (with something)flesh up
flesh upflex something out of shape
flexed out of shapeflfty-flfty(1)
flfty-flfty(1)flick out
flick something offflick something off someone or something
flick something onflick something out
flick something with somethingflick through something
flicker outflight of fancy
flinch from someone or somethingfling one's head back
fling oneself atfling oneself at
fling oneself at someonefling oneself at someone's head
fling oneself at someone's headfling someone or something around
fling someone or something asidefling someone or something away
fling someone or something backfling someone or something down
fling someone or something outfling someone or something out of something
fling something at someone or somethingfling something in
fling something in(to) somethingfling something off
fling something off (of) somethingfling something off of oneself
fling something onfling something on oneself
fling something up (in something)fling something up in someone's face
fling upflip around
flip one's lidflip one's lid
flip one's wigflip out
flip outflip over
flip over someone or somethingflip side
flip someone for somethingflip someone off
flip someone or something overflip someone out
flip someone the birdflip through something
flirt with someoneflirt with the idea of doing something
flit aboutflit from person to person
flit from something to something elsefloat (up)on something
float a loanfloat around
float into somethingfloat on air
float through somethingflock
flockflock after someone or something
flock around someone or somethingflock in((to) some place)
flock to someone or somethingflock together
flog a dead horseflog someone to death
flog something to deathflood in(to something)
flood out (of something)flood someone or something out of something
flood someone or something with somethingfloodsomeone or something out
floor itfloor one
floor onefloor someone
flop aroundflop as something
flop downflop into something
flop someone or something overflop something down
flop something down on(to) somethingflora and fauna
floral tributeflotsam and jetsam
flounce in(to some place)flounce out (of some place)
flounder aroundflounder through something
flow (from something) (to something)flow across something
flow alongflow away
flow from somethingflow in(to something)
flow out (of something)flow over someone or something
flow with somethingflower child
flower childflower power
flower powerflub something up
flub the dubflub up
fluctuate between someone and someone elsefluctuate between something and something else
fluctuate with somethingfluff one's lines
fluff one's linesfluff something out
fluff something upfluff stuff
fluff stuffflunk out
flunk outflunk out (of something)
flunk someone outflush it
flush itflush someone or something out of some place
flush something awayflush something out
flush with somethingflushsomeone or something out
flutter aboutflutter about something
flutter aroundflutter around something
flutter downflutter over someone or something
fly across somethingfly apart
fly aroundfly around someone or something
fly at one's throatfly at one's throat
fly at someone or somethingfly away
fly ballfly ball
fly blindfly blind
fly byfly by the seat of one's pants
fly by the seat of one's pantsfly from someone or something (to something)
fly from something (to something)fly in the face of
fly in the face offly in the face of someone or something
fly in the ointmentfly in the ointment
fly in the teeth of someone or somethingfly into a rage
fly into a ragefly into something
fly into the face of dangerfly off
fly off the handlefly off the handle
fly off with someone or somethingfly out (of something)
fly over someone or somethingfly past (someone or something)
fly someone or something infly someone or something in(to some place) (from some place)
fly someone or something outfly someone or something out of something
fly the coopfly the coop
fly to someone or somethingfly to something
fly up to somethingfly-by-night
flying highflying high
flying saucerflying saucer
flying startflying start
flying tackleflying tackle
flying visitflying visit
flying wedgeflying wedge
foam at the mouthfoam at the mouth
foam upfob off
fob offfob someone or something off (on(to) someone)
focus on someone or somethingfocus something on someone or something
fog overfog something up
fog upfoggiest (idea)
foggy bottomfoggy bottom
foist someone or something off (on someone or something)fold back
fold one's handsfold something away
fold something backfold something into something
fold something overfold something up
fold upfold up
fold, spindle, or mutilatefolding money
follow in one's footstepsfollow in one's footsteps
follow in someone's footstepsfollow in someone's tracks
follow on (after someone or something)follow one's heart
follow one's heartfollow one's nose
follow one's nosefollow orders
follow outfollow out
follow someone or something aboutfollow someone or something around
follow someone or something outfollow someone up and follow up (on someone)
follow someone's leadfollow something through
follow something up and follow up (on something)follow suit
follow suitfollow the crowd
follow throughfollow through
follow through (on something)follow through (with something)
follow upfollow up
follow up (on someone or something)follow-up
followerfoment trouble
fond offond of
fond of someone or somethingfood for thought
food for thoughtfool
foolfool (around) with someone or something
fool and his money are soon partedfool and his money are soon parted
fool and his money are soon parted.fool around
fool aroundfool around
fool aroundfool away
fool awayFool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me.fool someone into something
fool's paradisefool's paradise
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.foot
footfoot in both camps
foot in the doorfoot in the door
foot the billfoot the bill
foot the bill (for something)foot-in-mouth disease
foothold (somewhere)footloose and fancy-free
footloose and fancy-freefootstep
footstepfor real(1)
for real(1)for sure
for surefor (all) one's trouble
for (some) days runningfor (some) months running
for (some) weeks runningfor (some) years running
for a drivefor a fall
for a fallfor a lark
for a livingfor a loop
for a loopfor a loss
for a lossfor a ride
for a ridefor a song
for a songfor a spin
for allfor all
for all I carefor all I know
for all intents and purposesfor all it's worth
for all one caresfor all one cares
for all one is worthfor all one is worth
for all one knowsfor all one knows
for all practical purposesfor all someone's problems
for all thatfor all that
for all the worldfor all the world
for as much asfor as much as
for aughtfor aught
for bearfor bear
for better or for worsefor better or worse
for better or worsefor broke
for brokefor certain
for certainfor chicken feed
For crying in a bucket!for crying out loud
for crying out loudFor crying out loud!
for days on endfor days on end
for dear lifefor dear life
for examplefor example
for fearfor fear
for fear offor fear of
for fear of somethingfor free
for freefor fun
for funfor giggles
for goodfor good
for good measurefor good measure
For goodness sake!For gosh sake!
for grantedfor granted
for Heaven's sake!for Heaven's sake!
For heaven('s) sake!for hours on end
for hours on endfor instance
for instancefor it
for itfor keeps
for keepsfor kicks
for laughsfor laughs
for lifefor love or money
for love or moneyfor miles
for my moneyfor no man
for no manfor one
for onefor one thing
for one thingfor one's sake
for one's sakefor one's (own) part
for one's (own) sakefor one's money
for one's moneyfor one's part
for one's partfor openers
for peanutsFor Pete's sake!
For pity's sake!for real
for real(2)for real(2)
for safekeepingfor sale
for shamefor shame
For shame!for short
for shortfor someone or something's sake
for startersfor sure
for that matterfor that matter
for the askingfor the asking
for the bestfor the best
for the betterfor the better
for the birdsfor the birds
for the booksfor the books
for the devilfor the devil
for the devil of itfor the duration
for the fun of itfor the good of someone or something
for the heck of itfor the hell of it
for the hillsfor the hills
for the life of mefor the life of one
for the life of oneFor the love of Mike!
for the momentfor the moon
for the moonfor the most part
for the most partfor the nonce
for the noncefor the record
for the ridefor the ride
for the sake offor the sake of
for the sake of someone or somethingfor the time being
for the time beingfor the world
for the worldfor the worse
for the worsefor to
for toFor want of a nail the shoe was lost
for want of a shoe the horse was lostfor what(ever) it's worth
for youfor you
for your informationforage (around) (for something)
forbidden fruitforce
forceforce one's hand
force one's handforce play
force playforce someone or an animal from something
force someone or something (off) on someoneforce someone or something down
force someone or something down someone's throatforce someone or something in(to) something
force someone or something off (of) somethingforce someone or something out of something
force someone or something through somethingforce someone out
force someone out of officeforce someone to the wall
force someone's handforce something down
force something through somethingforce something up
force to be reckoned withforcesomeone or something in
forcesomeone or something offforcesomeone or something out
fore and aftforeclose on something
foregone conclusionforemost
forestforever and ever
forever and everforever and a day
forever and a dayforever and ever
forewarn someone about somethingforewarn someone of something
Forewarned is forearmed.forget
forgetforget oneself
forget oneselfForget (about) it!
forget about someone or somethingforget one's manners
forget oneselfForget you!
forgive and forgetforgive and forget
Forgive and forget.forgive someone for something
fork overfork over
fork over a lot of moneyfork over a lot of money
fork some money out (for something)fork something out (to someone)
fork something over (to someone)forked tongue
forked tongueform
formform (up) into something
form an opinionform and substance
form from somethingform someone or something into something
form something out of somethingfort
forthfortify someone or an animal (against something) (withsomething)
Fortune favors the bold.Fortune favors the brave.
forty winksforty winks
forward something from some place (to someone or some place)forward wall
forward wallfoul ball
foul ballfoul line
foul linefoul one's own nest
foul outfoul out
foul out (of something)foul play
foul playfoul shot
foul shotfoul someone or something up
foul upfoul up
fouled upfound money
found something (up)on somethingfoundation garment
foundation garmentfour
fourfour bits
four bitsfour corners
four cornersfour sheets (to the wind)
four sheets in the windfour-eyes
four-eyesfour-leaf clover
four-leaf cloverfourth class
fourth classfourth world
fourth worldfourth-class(1)
fowlfox and geese
fox and geesefraidy cat
frame of mindframe of mind
frame something in somethingframe something out
frankly speakingfraternize with someone or something
fraught with dangerfreak
freakfreak out (atsomeone or something)
freak out (on something)freak out (over someone or something)
freak out(2)freak out(2)
freak someone outfreak-out(1)
freak-out(1)freaked (out)
free agentfree agent
free and clearfree and easy
free and easyfree as (the) air
free as a birdfree ball
free ballfree enterprise
free enterprisefree gift
free handfree hand
free hand (with someone or something)free lunch
free reinfree rein
free ridefree someone or something from someone or something
free throwfree throw
free translationfree-for-all
freezefreeze (on)to something
freeze on doing somethingfreeze one's blood
freeze one's bloodfreeze one's tail off
freeze outfreeze out
freeze overfreeze over
freeze someone or something in one's memoryfreeze someone or something to death
freeze someone outfreeze someone's wages
freeze something into somethingfreeze up
French fried potatoFrench fried potato
French leaveFrench leave
fresh (with someone)fresh and sweet
fresh as a daisyfresh blood
fresh fromfresh from
fresh out (of something)fresh pair of eyes
fresh startfreshen someone or something up
freshen upfret about someone or something
Fret not!fret over someone or something
friction tapefriction tape
friend in need is a friend indeed.friend or foe
friends withfriends with
friends with someonefrighten one out of one's mind
frighten one out of one's witsfrighten someone or an animal into doing something
frighten someone or an animal into somethingfrighten someone or an animal to death
frighten someone or something awayfrighten someone or something off
frighten someone out of a year's growthfrighten the hell out of someone
frighten the living daylights out of someonefrighten the pants off someone
frightened out of one's witsfrightened out of one's wits
frightened to deathfrightened to death
fritter awayfritter away
fritter something away (on someone or something)fro
frogfrog in one's throat
from time to timefrom time to time
from (the) git-gofrom --- to ---
from --- to ---from A to Z
from all corners of the worldfrom bad to worse
from bad to worsefrom dawn to dusk
from day to dayfrom door to door
from far and nearfrom giddy-up to whoa
from gracefrom grace
from hand to handfrom hand to hand
from hand to mouthfrom hand to mouth
from head to toefrom hell to breakfast
from here on (in)from here on (out)
from here till next Tuesdayfrom little acorns
from little acornsfrom Missouri
from Missourifrom mouth to mouth
from mouth to mouthfrom my perspective
from my point of viewfrom near and far
from overseasfrom pillar to post
from pillar to postfrom rags to riches
from rags to richesfrom rags to riches
from scratchfrom scratch
from sea to shining seafrom side to side
from start to finishfrom stem to stern
from the bottom of one's heartfrom the bottom of one's heart
from the cradle to the gravefrom the door
from the doorfrom the four corners of the earth
from the ground upfrom the ground up
from the heartfrom the heart
from the old schoolfrom the outset
from the sublime to the ridiculousFrom the sublime to the ridiculous is only a step.
from the topfrom the word "go"
from the word "go"from the word go
from this day forwardfrom this day on
from time to timefrom tip to toe
from top to bottomfrom under
from underfrom way back
from way backfrom where I stand
front and centerfront and center
front courtfront court
front for someone or somethingfront off (about something)
front officefront office
front on somethingfront someone some amount of money
front-runnerfrost over
frosted (over)froth something up
froth upfrown at someone or something
frown on someone or somethingfrown upon
frown uponfruitcake
fruitcakefruits of one's labor(s)
fry something upfuck around
fuck aroundfuck off
fuck offfuck up
fuck upFuck you!
fudge factorfuel
fuelfuel something (up)
fuel upfull
fullfull as a tick
full blastfull blast
full of oneselffull of oneself
full of beansfull of beans
full of bullfull of holes
full of hot airfull of it
full of itfull of Old Nick
full of oneselffull of prunes
full of prunesfull of the devil
full of the moonfull of the moon
full of the Old Nickfull of the Old Nick
full platefull steam ahead
full tiltfull tilt
full upfull-bodied
full-fledgedfulminate against someone or something
fumble for somethingfume about someone or something
fume at someonefume over someone or something
fun and gamesfun and games
fun housefun house
funked outfunny as a barrel of monkeys
funny as a crutchfunny bone
funny bonefunny business
funny ha-hafunny money
funny peculiarfur
furfur piece
furnish something for someone or somethingfurnish something for something
furnishsomeone or something with somethingfurtive glance
fuse something with somethingfuse with something
fuss and feathersfuss and feathers
fuss (around) with someone or somethingfuss about
fuss about someone or somethingfuss and feathers
fuss aroundfuss at someone or something
fuss over someone or somethingfutz around
futz something up