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Dictionary of American idioms
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each and everyeach and every
each othereach other
eager beavereager beaver
eagle eyeeagle eye
ear to the groundear to the ground
earlyearly bird
early birdearly bird catches the worm
early bird catches the wormearly bird catches the worm.
early onEarly ripe, early rotten.
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.earmark something for someone or something
earn one's keepearn one's keep
earn one's spursearnest
earnestears burn
ears burnearth
easeease (on) out (of something)
ease away (from someone or something)ease back (on something)
ease offease off
ease off (from someone or something)ease off (on someone or something)
ease someone (on) out (of something)ease someone or something along
ease someone or something down (from something)ease someone out
ease someone out of somethingease up (onsomeone or something)
easier said than doneeasily
eastEast is East and West is West (and never the twain shall meet).
East or west, home is best.East, west, home's best.
easy as (apple) pieeasy as A, B, C
easy as duck soupeasy as falling off a log
easy as pieeasy as pie
easy as rolling off a logeasy come, easy go
easy come, easy goeasy does it
easy does itEasy does it.
easy markeasy mark
easy moneyeasy money
easy pickingseasy to come by
Easy, there!easygoing
eateat (a meal) out
eat (away) at someoneeat (away) at something
eat (live) high on the hogeat (live) high on the hog
eat (something) out of somethingeat and run
eat awayeat away
eat away ateat away at
eat croweat crow
eat dirteat dirt
eat high on the hogeat humble pie
eat humble pieeat in
eat in(to something)eat like a bird
eat like a birdeat like a horse
eat like a horseEat my shorts!
eat one out of house and homeeat one out of house and home
eat one's cake and have it tooeat one's cake and have it too
eat one's cake and have it tooeat one's fill
eat one's hateat one's heart out
eat one's heart outeat one's words
eat one's wordseat out
eat outeat out of one's hand
eat out of one's handeat out of someone's hand
eat someone outeat someone out of house and home
eat someone upeat someone's lunch
eat someone's salteat something away
eat something offeat something off (of) something
eat something outeat something up
eat through (something)Eat to live, not live to eat.
eat upeat up
Eat up!eat(en) up with something
Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.eating one
eating oneeavesdrop on someone
eavesdrop on somethingEavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves.
ebb and flowebb away
echo back to somethingecho with something
economical with the trutheconomize on something
edge awayedge away
edge (one's way) across (something)edge (one's way) around something
edge away (from someone or something)edge by (someone or something)
edge inedge in
edge in (on)edge in (on)
edge onedge on
edge on someoneedge out
edge outedge over someone
edge someone out of somethingedge something out
edge something out of somethingedge something with something
edit something outedit something out of something
educate someone for somethingeducate someone in something
egg onegg on
egg someone oneighty-six something
either a feast or a famineeither a feast or a famine
either hide or haireither hide or hair
eject someone from some placeeke out
eke outeke something out
elaborate on someone or somethingelbow
elbowelbow (one's way) through (something)
elbow greaseelbow grease
elbow one's way intoelbow one's way into
elbow roomelbow room
elbow someone asideelbow someone out
elbow someone out of somethingelect someone (as) something
elect someone to somethingelegant sufficiency
elevate someone or something to somethingeleventh hour
eleventh houreleventh-hour decision
elicit something from someoneeliminate someone or something from something
elope with someoneelse
elseemanate from someone or something
emancipate someone from someone or somethingembark for some place
embark on somethingembarrass someone about someone or something
embarrass someone into doing somethingembarrass someone with something
embed someone or something in somethingembed something in something
embellish something with somethingembezzle something from someone or something
emblazon something on(to) somethingemblazon something with something
embody something in somethingembroil someone in something
emerge (from something) (as something)emigrate (from some place) (to some place)
emit something (from something) (into something)empathize with someone or something
employ someone as somethingemploy someone for something
employ someone in somethingempower someone to do something
emptier than a banker's heartempty into something
empty sack cannot stand upright.empty someone out
empty something inempty something into something
empty something outEmpty vessels make the most sound.
en masseen masse
enable someone to do somethingenamored of someone or something
encase someone or something in somethingenchant someone with something
enclose someone or something (with)in somethingencompass someone or something (with)in something
encourage someone in somethingencourage someone to do something
encroach (up)on someone or somethingencumber someone or something with someone or something
end for endend for end
end in itselfend in itself
end in somethingend it (all)
end justifies the means.end of one's rope
end of one's ropeEnd of story.
end of the ball gameend of the line
end of the roadend of the road
end runend run
end something upend up
end upend up (as) (something)
end up (by) doing somethingend up (somehow)
end up (somewhere)end up at something
end up with someone or somethingend with something
end zoneend zone
endear someone to someone or somethingendeavor to do something
endow someone or something with somethingenfold someone in something
enforce something on someoneengage in small talk
engage in small talkengage someone as something
engage someone or something in somethingengage someone to someone
engorge (itself) on someone or somethingengorge (itself) with something
engrave something (up)on somethingengrave something into something
engrave something on(to) somethingengrave something with something
engraved in stoneengross someone in something
engulf someone or something in somethingenjoin someone or something from something
enjoin someone to do somethingenjoy oneself
enjoy oneselfEnjoy your meal.
enlarge (up)on somethingenlarge on
enlarge onenlighten someone (about someone or something)
enlighten someone (on someone or something)enlist (oneself) for something
enlist (oneself) in somethingenlist someone for something
enlist someone in somethingenmesh someone or something in something
enough (something) to go (a)roundenough and some to spare
Enough is as good as a feast.enough is enough
enough is enoughEnough is enough.
enough something to plague a saintenough to keep body and soul together
enrich someone or something with somethingenroll (someone) for something
enroll (someone) in somethingensconce oneself in something
enshrine someone in one's heartenshrine someone's memory in one's heart
enshrine something in somethingensnare someone or something in something
ensue from somethingentangle someone or something in something
entangle someone or something with somethingenter (something) by something
enter (something) through somethingenter (up)on something
enter in somethingenter into something
enter one's mindenter someone or something in(to) something
enter the frayenter the lists
entertain someone with somethingenthrall someone with something
entice someone or an animal into doing somethingentice someone or an animal into something
entice someone or an animal with somethingentitle someone to do something
entomb someone or an animal in somethingentrap someone (in something) (with something)
entreat someone to do somethingentrust someone or something to someone
entrust someone with someone or somethingentry
entryentwine around someone or something
entwine something around someone or somethingenunciate something to someone
envelop someone or something in someone or somethingenvisage someone or something as someone or something
envision someone as someone elseenvision something as something else
envy someone for someone or somethingequal someone or something in something
equal toequal to
equal to the occasionequal to the occasion
equal to someoneequal to someone or something
equate someone or something with someone or somethingequate someone to someone else
equate something tosomething elseequip someone or something (with something) (for something)
equip something with somethingerase something from something
erupt from somethingerupt into something
escalate into somethingescalate something into something
escape (from someone or something) (to some place)escape someone's notice
escort someone or something from somethingescort someone or something to something
establish someone or something as someone or somethingestablish someone or something in something
estimate the cost at some amountestranged from someone
etch something inetch something in(to) something
eternal lifeeternal triangle
evacuate one's bowelsevacuate someone (from something) (to something)
evaluate someone as somethingevaporate into thin air
evaporate into thin aireve
eveneven (with someone)
Even a worm will turn.even as we speak
even breakeven if it kills me
even in the best of timeseven so
even soeven something out
even something upeven steven
evening of lifeevent
everever and anon
ever so muchever so much
ever(y) which wayevery
everyevery inch
every inchevery cloud has a silver lining
every cloud has a silver liningEvery cloud has a silver lining.
every dog has his dayevery dog has his day
Every dog has his day.Every dog has its day.
every fool thingEvery horse thinks its own pack heaviest.
every inch a somethingevery inch the something
Every Jack has his Jill.every last
every lastevery last man
every last manevery last one
Every little bit helps.every living soul
Every man for himself (and the devil take the hindmost).Every man has his price.
Every man is the architect of his own fortune.every man jack
every man jackEvery man to his taste.
Every minute counts.Every moment counts.
every mother's son (of them)every nook and cranny
every now and thenevery now and then
every otherevery other
every other person or thingevery single
every singleevery so often
every so oftenevery time one turns around
every time one turns aroundEvery tub must stand on its own bottom.
every walk of lifeevery which way
every which wayeverybody and his brother
everybody and his uncleEverybody loves a lord.
everything an' alleverything but the kitchen sink
Everything comes to him who waits.everything from A to Z
everything from soup to nutseverything humanly possible
Everything will be all right.Everything will be great.
Everything will be just fine.Everything will be okay.
Everything will work out (all right).Everything will work out for the best.
Everything's coming up roses.Everything's going to be all right.
evict someone from some placeevidence
evidenceEvil be to him who evil thinks.
evolve (from something) (into something)evolve out of something (into something)
exact something from someoneexamine someone in something
examine someone on somethingexamine someone or something for something
Example is better than precept.exceed someone or something by something
exceed someone or something in somethingexcel at something
excel in somethingexcept for
except forexception
exceptionexception proves the rule
exception proves the ruleexception proves the rule.
excerpt something from somethingexchange no more than some number of words withsomeone
exchange something for somethingexchange something with someone
excite someone about somethingexcite something in someone
exciting as watching (the) paint dryexclude someone or something from something
Excuse me.Excuse my French.
excuse oneselfexcuse oneself
excuse someoneexcuse someone for something
excuse someone from somethingExcuse, please.
exemplify something by somethingexempt someone from something
exercise control over someone or somethingexercise influence over someone or something
exercise power over someone or somethingexercise someone or an animal in something
exercised about somethingexert oneself
exert oneselfexhort someone to do something
exile someone (from something) (to something)exit (from something) (to something)
exorcise something outexorcise something out of someone
expand (up)on somethingexpand into something
expand onexpand on
expand one's horizonsexpand something into something
expatiate on someone or somethingexpect someone or something for something
expect something from someone or somethingexpectant mother
expecting (a child)expel someone from something
expel something from somethingexpend something for something
expend something in somethingexpend something on someone or something
Expense is no object.Experience is the best teacher.
Experience is the father of wisdom.Experience is the mother of wisdom.
Experience is the teacher of fools.experiment (up)on someone or something
experiment in somethingexperiment with someone or something
explain awayexplain away
explain oneselfexplain oneself
explain someone or something to someoneexplain something away
explode a bombshellexplode a bombshell
explode a bombshellexplode with something
export something to some placeexport something to someone or something
expose someone or an animal to a diseaseexpose someone or something to someone or something
expose something or oneself to someone or somethingexpostulate about someone or something
expostulate on someone or somethingexpound ((up)on someone or something) (to someone)
express one's angerexpress oneself
express oneselfexpress oneself (to someone) (on something)
expropriate something (from someone or something) (forsomeone or something)expunge something from something
expurgate something from somethingextend (from something) (to something)
extend across somethingextend credit (to someone or a company)
extend one's sympathy (to someone)extend one's sympathy to
extend one's sympathy toextend over someone or something
extend something to somethingextend to someone or something
extendsomeone or a company creditextenuating circumstances
extol someone or something as somethingextort something from someone or something
extract something from someone or somethingextradite someone from some place (to some place)
extrapolate something from somethingextricate someone or something from someone or something
exult at somethingexult in something
exult over somethingeye
eyeeye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth).
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tootheye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
eye of the hurricaneeye of the storm1.
eye outeye out
eye shadoweye shadow
eye teetheye teeth
eye toeye to
eyebroweyeful (of someone or something)
eyes are bigger than one's stomacheyes are bigger than one's stomach
eyes in the back of one's headeyes in the back of one's head
eyes like saucerseyes like two burnt holes in a blanket
eyes openeyes open
eyes pop outeyes pop out