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Dictionary of American idioms
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dab at somethingdab something off
dab something off (of) somethingdab something on
dab something on(to) somethingdabble at something
dabble in somethingDad fetch my buttons!
daddy of them alldagger
daggerdaily dozen
daily dozendaily grind
dally over somethingdally with someone
dam something updamn
damnDamn it to blue blazes!
damn someone or something with faint praisedamn someone with something
damned if one does, damned if one doesn'tdamned if one does, damned if one doesn't
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.damp off
damp something downdance
dancedance at someone's wedding
dance on airdance to a different tune
dance to another tunedance to another tune
dance to somethingdance with death
dance with someonedander
dangerousdangle from something
dangle something before someonedangle something from something
dangle something in front of someonedare one to do something
dare one to do somethingdare say
dare saydare someone (to do something)
dark horsedark horse
dark of the moondark of the moon
dark side of someone or somethingdarken one's door
darken one's doordarken someone's door
darkest hour is just before the dawn.darn tootin'
darn tootingdart a glance at someone or something
dart aboutdart across something
dart in and outdart out (of something) (at someone or something)
dash a letter offdash a note off
dash across somethingdash away
dash cold water ondash cold water on
dash lightdash light
dash offdash off
dash out (for something)dash over (for something)
dash someone or something against someone or somethingdash someone's hopes
dash something offdash something to pieces
date backdate back
date back (to someone or some time)date from something
daub something ondaub something on(to) something
daub something with somethingDavy Jones's locker
dawdle aboutdawdle along
dawdle over somethingdawdle something away
dawn (up)on someonedawn on
dawn onday
dayday after day
day and nightday and night
day by dayday by day
day in and day outday in and day out
day in courtday in court
day in, day outday late and a dollar short
day of graceday of grace
day of reckoningday of reckoning
day offday off
day oneday person
daydreamdaydream about someone or something
daylight robberydaylight robbery
daylight saving timedaylight saving time
days are numbereddays are numbered
days runningdazzle
deaddead ahead
dead aheaddead and buried
dead and burieddead and gone
dead as a doornaildead as a doornail
dead as a dododead as a doornail
dead brokedead broke
dead cat on the linedead center
dead centerdead certain
dead drunkdead duck
dead duckdead easy
dead from the neck updead giveaway
dead in someone's or an animal's tracksdead in the water
dead letterdead letter
dead lossdead loss
dead meatDead men tell no tales.
dead ondead on its feet
dead on one's feetdead on one's feet
dead pedaldead pedal
dead ringerdead ringer
dead seriousdead set against
dead set againstdead set against someone or something
dead tireddead tired
dead to rightsdead to rights
dead to the worlddead to the world
dead wrongdead-end
deadbeatdeaden something with something
deader than a doornaildeadhead
deadlinedeadly dull
deaf and dumbdeaf as a post
deal indeal in
deal in somethingdeal someone in
deal someone into somethingdeal someone out
deal someone out of somethingdeal something out
deal withdeal with
deal with someonedeal with someone or something
dear departedDear John letter
Dear John letterdear me
dear meDear me!
Death is the great leveler.death knell
death knelldeath on
death ondeath on something
debate (with someone) about somethingdebate on something
debit something against someone or somethingdebit something to someone or something
debit something with somethingdeceive someone into something
deceive someone with somethingdecide (up)on someone or something
decide against someone or somethingdecide among someone and someone else
decide among something and something elsedecide between someone and someone else
decide between something and something elsedecide for someone or something
decide in favor of someone or somethingdeck
deckdeck someone or something out (in something)
decked outdecked out
decksomeone or something out (with something)declare
declaredeclare (oneself) against someone or something
declare (oneself) for someone or somethingdeclare war against someone or something
declare war on someone or somethingdecorate someone for something
decorate something with somethingdedicate someone or something to someone or something
deduce something from somethingdeduct something from something else
deed something (over) to someonedeem it (to be) necessary
deem that it is necessarydeep
deepdeep water
deep waterdeep-six
deep-sixdeep-six someone or something
deface something with somethingdefault on something
defect from somethingdefect to something
defend someone or something against someone or somethingdefend someone with something
defer to someone or something (on something)defiance
defiancedefine something as something
Definitely not!deflect something away from someone or something
defraud someone out of somethingdegenerate into something
deign to do somethingdelegate someone to something
delegate something to someonedelete something from something
deliberate about someone or somethingdeliberate on someone or something
deliberate over someone or somethingdelight in someone or something
delight someone by somethingdelight someone with something
deliver someone from someone or somethingdeliver someone of something
deliver someone or something to someone or somethingdeliver something up to someone
deliver the goodsdeliver the goods
delta wavedelta wave
delude someone into somethingdelude someone with something
deluge someone or something with somethingdelve into something
demand something from someone or somethingdemand something of someone or something
demonstrate against someone or somethingdemonstrate for someone or something
demonstrate something to someonedemote someone (from something) to something
demote someone from something (to something)demur at something
den of iniquityDennis the Menace
Dennis the Menacedenounce someone as something
denounce someone for somethingdent
dentdent something up
denude someone or something of somethingdeny someone or something to someone
depart for some placedepart from some place
depart this lifedepend (up)on someone or something
depict someone as somethingdeplete something of something
deport someone (from some place) (to some other place)deposit
depositdeposit something in(to) something
deprive someone of somethingdepth
depthdeputize someone as something
derive from somethingderive something from someone or something
derive something from somethingdescend (up)on someone or something
descend from someone or some groupdescend from something
descend into somethingdescend to something
describe someone or something as somethingdescribe someone or something to someone
desensitize someone to somethingdesert a sinking ship
Desert and reward seldom keep company.desert someone or something for someone or something else
desert someone or something to someone or somethingdeserve better from someone or something
deserve credit for somethingdesign something for someone
design something for somethingdesignate someone or something as something
Desires are nourished by delays.desist from something
desk clerkdesk clerk
despair of somethingDesperate diseases must have desperate remedies.
despise someone for somethingdespoil something of something
destine someone for somethingdestined for something
detach someone or something from someone or somethingdetail someone for something
detail someone to someone or somethingdetect something in something
deter someone or something from somethingdetract from someone or something
develop (from someone or something) into someone or somethingdevelop from someone or something (into someone or something)
deviate from somethingdevil
devildevil can cite Scripture for his own purpose.
devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose.devil finds work for idle hands to do.
devil is not so black as he is painted.devil looks after his own.
devil of a jobdevil of a time
devil of itdevil of it
devil someone or an animal for somethingDevil take the hindmost
devil to paydevil to pay
devil's children have the devil's luck.devil's own job
devil's own timedevil-may-care
devil-may-caredevil-may-care attitude
devil-may-care attitudedevil-may-care manner
devolve (up)on someone or somethingdevote oneself to someone or something
devote someone or something to someone or somethingdewey-eyed
dewey-eyeddialogue with someone
diamond in the roughdiamond in the rough
diarrhea of the jawbonediarrhea of the mouth
dibs on somethingdice
Dickdicker with someone (for something)
dicker withsomeone (over something)dictate (something) to someone
did everything he could 'cept eat usDid you hear?
diddle someone out of somethingdiddle something out of someone
diddle with somethingdidn't care a whit
didn't care too harddidn't exchange more than three words with someone
didn't invent gunpowderdie
diedie is cast
die is castdie a natural death
die awaydie away
die backdie behind the wheel
die by one's own handdie by something
die downdie for someone or something
die from curiositydie from something
die in one's bootsdie in one's boots
die in somethingdie is cast.
die laughingdie of a broken heart
die of boredomdie of curiosity
die of somethingdie of throat trouble
die offdie off
die on someonedie on the vine
die on the vinedie out
die outdie with one's boots on
differ (with someone) about somethingdiffer (withsomeone) on something
differ from somethingdiffer in something
different as night and dayDifferent strokes for different folks.
differentiate between someone or something and someone or something elsedifferentiate someone or something from someone or something else
difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer.difficult times
diffuse something through something elsediffuse through something
dig at someone or somethingdig deep
dig downdig down
dig for somethingdig in
dig indig in(to something)
dig one's heels indig one's own grave
dig outdig out
dig out (of something)dig some dirt up (on someone)
dig someone or something in somethingdig someone or something out
dig someone or something out of somethingdig someone or something up
dig something indig something into something
dig something outdig up
dig updig up one's tomahawk
Dig up!digress from something
dilate on somethingdilemma
dilemmaDiligence is the mother of good luck.
dilly-dally (around) with someone or somethingdim
dimdim down
dim outdim something down
dim something updime a dozen
dime a dozendime store
dime storedin something in
din something into someonedine at some place
dine indine off something
dine on somethingdine out
dine outdinged out
dink someone offDinner is served.
dip in(to something)dip into
dip intodip into one's savings
dip something indip something in(to) something
dip to somethingdirect someone's attention to someone or something
direct something against someone or somethingdirect something at someone or something
direct something to someonedirect something to(ward) someone or something
dirt cheapdirt cheap
dirty crackdirty deal
dirty dogdirty look
dirty lookdirty old man
dirty old mandirty one's hands
dirty one's handsdirty something up
dirty storydirty story
dirty trickdirty trick
dirty worddirty work
dis(s) (on) someonedisabuse someone of something
disagree (with someone) (about someone or something)disagree (with someone) (on someone or something)
disagree with someonedisappear
disappeardisappear from something
disappoint someone with someone or somethingdisappointed at someone or something
disappointed in someone or somethingdisapprove of someone or something
disaster of epic proportionsdisbar someone from something
discern between someone or something and someone or somethingdiscern someone or something from something else
discern something from someone or somethingdischarge someone from something
discharge something from somethingdischarge something into something
discipline someone for somethingdisclose something to someone
disconnect someone or something from someone or somethingdiscourage someone from something
discourse (up)on someone or somethingdiscretion
discretiondiscretion is the better part of valor
discretion is the better part of valorDiscretion is the better part of valor.
discriminate against someone or somethingdiscriminate between someone and someone else or something and something else
discuss someone or something with someonedisease to please
disembark from somethingdisengage (oneself) from someone or something
disengage something from somethingdisentangle someone or something from someone or something
disguise someone in somethingdisguise someone or something as someone or something
disgusted at someone or somethingdisgusted with someone or something
dish of teadish of tea
dish on someonedish out
dish outdish something out
dish the dirtdish the dirt
disinclined to do somethingdisk jockey
disk jockeydislodge someone or something from someone or something
dismiss someone (from something) (for something)dismiss something as something
dismount from somethingdispatch someone from some place
dispatch someone or something to someone or somethingdispense something (to someone) (from something)
dispense with someone or somethingdisplay something to someone
dispose ofdispose of
dispose of someonedispose of someone or something
dispossess someone of somethingdispute
disputedispute something with someone
disqualify someone or something for somethingdisqualifysomeone or something from something
dissatisfied with someone or somethingdissent from something
dissociate oneself from someone or somethingdissolve in something
dissolve into somethingdissolve something in something
dissolve something into somethingdissuade someone from something
Distance lends enchantment (to the view).distance oneself from someone or something
distill something from somethingdistinguish between someone or something and someone or something else
distinguish oneself among someonedistinguish someone or something from someone or something else
distract someone from somethingdistribute something (all) around
distribute something among someone or somethingdistribute something between someone
distribute something over somethingdistribute something to someone
dive in with both feetdive in(to something)
dive off ((of) something)diverge from something
diverge to somethingdivert someone or something from someone or something
divert someone or something to someone or somethingdivert something into something
divert something onto somethingdivest someone or something of something
divide and conquerdivide by something
divide someone against someone or somethingdivide something (off) (from something or animals)
divide something (up) (among someone or something)divide something (up) (between someone or something)
divide something between people or thingsdivide something by something
divide something fifty-fiftydivide something into something
divide something with someonedivided between something
divided on someone or somethingdivorce oneself from something
divulge something to someonedivvy something up
divvy something up (among someone)divvy something up (between someone)
do one gooddo one good
do a double takedo a double take
do a fadedo a flip-flop (on something)
do a job ondo a job on
do a job on someone or somethingdo a land-office business
do a number on someone or somethingdo a one-eighty
do a slow burndo a snow job on someone
do a stretchdo a stretch
do a takeoff on someone or somethingdo a three-sixty
do an about-facedo an errand
Do as I say, not as I do.do as something
Do as you would be done by.do away with
do away withdo away with oneself
do away with someone or an animaldo away with something
do business with someonedo by someone or something
do by someone or somethingdo credit
do creditdo credit to someone
do dopedo drugs
do duty fordo duty for
do fordo for
do for someonedo for something
Do I have to paint (you) a picture?Do I have to spell it out (for you)?
Do I make myself (perfectly) clear?Do I need to paint you a picture?
do indo in
do itdo justice to
do justice todo justice to something
Do not let the sun go down on your anger.Do not let the sun go down on your wrath.
Do not wash your dirty linen in public.do one a good turn
do one a good turndo one good
do one gooddo one's (level) best
do one's (own) thingdo one's best
do one's bestdo one's bit
do one's bitdo one's business
do one's dutydo one's part
do one's thingdo one's thing
do one's utmost (to do something)do one's worst
do one's worstdo oneself proud
do or diedo over
do overdo proud
do proudDo sit down.
do sodo some fine coin
do somehow by someonedo somehow for someone
do someone (down)do someone a favor
do someone a good turndo someone a heap of good
do someone a kindnessdo someone a power of good
do someone creditdo someone damage
do someone dirt(y)do someone good
do someone indo someone one better
do someone or something updo someone out of something
do someone out of somethingdo someone over
do someone prouddo someone's bidding
do someone's heart gooddo something about someone or something
do something by handdo something in
do something overdo something the hard way
do something to excessdo something up
do something up browndo something with a vengeance
do something with someone or somethingdo tell
do tellDo tell.
do the businessdo the business
do the dishesdo the honors
do the honorsdo the trick
do the trickdo things by halves
do things by halvesdo time
do timedo to death
do to deathdo too
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.do up
do updo up brown
do up brownDo we have to go through all that again?
do well bydo well by
Do what?do with
do withdo with someone or something
do withoutdo without
do without (someone or something)Do you expect me to believe that?
Do you follow?Do you mind?
Do you read me?do's and don'ts
dock (something) at some placedock someone or something for something
dock something from somethingdoctor
doctordoctor 's orders
Doctor Livingstone, I presume?doctor someone up
doctor updoctor up
dodder alongdodge behind something
Does it work for you?doesn't add up to a can of beans
doesn't add up to a can of beansdoesn't care who knows it
doesn't have enough sense to bell a catdoesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain
doesn't have the sense God gave geesedoesn't have the sense God gave him (or her)
doesn't know beans (about something)doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground
doesn't know his ass from his elbowdog
dogdog and pony show
dog ate my homework.dog days
dog daysDog does not eat dog.
dog in the mangerdog in the manger
Dog my cats!dog one's steps
dog one's stepsdog's age
dog's agedog's life
dog's lifedog-eat-dog
dog-faced liardoggy bag
dole outdole out
dole something out (to someone)doll someone up
doll updoll up
dollar for dollardon't amount to a bucket of spit
Don't ask me.Don't ask.
Don't be gone (too) long.Don't be too sure.
Don't bite off more than you can chew.Don't bother me!
Don't bother.Don't breathe a word of this to anyone.
Don't call us, we'll call you.don't care a whit
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.don't cross your bridges until you come to them
don't cross your bridges until you come to themDon't cry before you are hurt.
don't cry before you're hurtdon't cry before you're hurt
Don't cry over spilled milk.Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Don't even look like something!Don't even think about (doing) it.
Don't even think about it (happening).Don't forget to write.
Don't get your bowels in an uproar!don't give a continental
don't give a hoot (in hell's hollow)Don't give it a (second) thought.
Don't give it another thought.Don't give me any of your lip!
Don't give me that line!Don't give up the ship!
Don't give up without a fight!Don't give up your day job.
Don't give up!Don't hand me that (line)!
Don't have a cow!don't have a pot to piss in (or a window to throw it out of)
Don't hold your breath.Don't I know it!
Don't I know you from somewhere?Don't judge a book by its cover.
Don't knock it.don't know whether to eat it or rub it on
Don't let it go any further.Don't let it out of this room.
Don't let someone or something get you down.Don't let the bastards wear you down.
don't let'sdon't let's
don't look a gift horse in the mouthdon't look a gift horse in the mouth
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.Don't make me laugh!
Don't make me say it again!Don't make me tell you again!
Don't make two bites of a cherry.Don't mention it.
Don't mind me.Don't push (me)!
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.
Don't put the cart before the horse.Don't quit trying.
Don't quit your day job.Don't rush me!
Don't say it!Don't speak too soon.
Don't spend it all in one place.Don't stand on ceremony.
Don't start (on me)!Don't stay away so long.
Don't sweat it!Don't take any wooden nickels.
Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.Don't tell a soul.
Don't tell me what to do!Don't that (just) beat all!
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.Don't touch that dial!
Don't waste my time.Don't waste your breath.
Don't waste your time.Don't work too hard.
Don't worry (about a thing).Don't worry your (pretty little) head about it.
Don't you know it!Don't you wish!
done 'n' diddone and gone
done by mirrorsdone deal
done fordone for
done indone over
done to a Tdone to a turn
done to a turndone told you
done withdone with
done with mirrorsdone with someone or something
doom someone or something to somethingdoomed to something
door must be either shut or open.door-to-door
doors open up (to someone)doorstep
doorstepdope out
dope outdope someone or an animal up
dope something outdork off
dose of one's own medicinedose of one's own medicine
dose outdose out
dose someone or an animal with somethingdoss down (for some time)
dot something with somethingdot the i's and cross the t's
dot the i's and cross the t'sdote (up)on someone or something
double as someone or somethingdouble back
double backdouble back (on someone or something)
double checkdouble check
double datedouble date
double Dutchdouble duty
double dutydouble in brass (as something)
double nickeldouble nickel
double overdouble someone over
double something overdouble up
double updouble up (on someone or something)
double up (with laughter)double up (with pain)
double up (with someone)double whammy
double-cross someonedouble-date
double-datedouble-edged sword
doubting Thomasdouse someone or something with something
dovetail something into somethingdovetail with something
down (with someone)down and dirty
down and outdown and out
down by some amountdown east
down eastdown for something
down for the countdown in the dumps
down in the dumpsdown in the mouth
down ondown on
down on one's luckdown on one's luck
down on someone or somethingdown one's alley
down one's alleydown one's neck
down one's neckdown one's nose
down one's nosedown one's throat
down one's throatdown pat
down paymentdown payment
down Southdown the chute
down the draindown the drain
down the hatch!down the hatch!
Down the hatch.down the line
down the linedown the little red lane
down the roaddown the road a piece
down the road a stretchdown the street
down the tube(s)down to a gnat's eyebrow
down to chili and beansdown to the last bit of money
down to the last detaildown to the wire
down to the wiredown under
down with a diseasedown with a disease
Down with someone or something!down-and-out
down-to-the-wiredowngrade someone or something to something
downhill all the waydownhill from here on
downtimedoze off (to sleep)
draft someone for somethingdraft someone into something
drag (on someone)drag (on something)
drag behinddrag in
drag indrag on
drag ondrag on the market
drag on the marketdrag one's feet
drag one's feetdrag one's feet (on or over something)
drag one's heels (on or over something)drag oneself up by one's boot straps
drag oneself up by one's boot strapsdrag out
drag outdrag race
drag racedrag someone in (on something)
drag someone or something downdrag someone or something in
drag someone or something into somethingdrag someone or something off
drag someone or something off (to someone or something)drag someone or something off of someone or something
drag someone or something ondrag someone or something on(to) something
drag someone or something overdrag someone or something over to someone or something
drag someone or something through somethingdrag someone through the mud
drag someone updrag something away
drag something away (from something)drag something behind one
drag something outdrag something out of someone
drag something updrag strip
drag stripdragged out
dragoon someone into somethingdrain
draindrain away
drain from somethingdrain out
drain someone or something of somethingdrain something away (from something)
drain something from someone or somethingdrain something of something
drain something offdrain something off something
drain something outdrain something out of something
drape oneself over somethingdrape over (something)
drape someone or something in somethingdrape someone or something with something
drape something around someone or somethingdraw
drawdraw (oneself) aside
draw (someone or something) from somethingdraw (someone's) fire (away) from someone, something, or an animal
draw (someone's) fire awaydraw (up) alongside
draw (up) alongside someone or somethingdraw a bead on
draw a bead ondraw a bead on someone or something
draw a blankdraw a blank
draw a conclusiondraw a conclusion
draw a linedraw a line
draw a line between something and something elsedraw a line in the sand
draw a long breathdraw a long breath
draw a paralleldraw a parallel
draw against an amount of moneydraw ahead (of someone or something)
draw and quarterdraw and quarter
draw apart (from someone or something)draw aside
draw asidedraw away (from someone or something)
draw backdraw back
draw blooddraw blood
draw firedraw fire
draw for somethingdraw in one's horns
draw in one's hornsdraw interest
draw interestdraw lots
draw lotsdraw near
draw neardraw off
draw offdraw on
draw ondraw on someone or something
draw oneself up (to something)draw out
draw outdraw people or things together
draw some kind of attention away (from someone or something)draw someone aside
draw someone or an animal out of somethingdraw someone or something in
draw someone or something into somethingdraw someone or something out of some place
draw someone or something to(ward) someone or somethingdraw someone out
draw someone out on someone or somethingdraw someone together
draw someone's attention to someone or somethingdraw something apart
draw something downdraw something forth
draw something off (from something)draw something out
draw something out of someonedraw something over someone or something
draw something todraw something to a close
draw something to someone's attentiondraw something up
draw straws for somethingdraw the fire of
draw the fire ofdraw the line
draw the linedraw the line (at something)
draw the line between something and something elsedraw to a close
draw to a closedraw up
draw updraw upon someone or something
drawing carddrawing card
drawn and quartereddrawn like a moth to a flame
drawsomeone or an animal outdrawsomeone or something out
drawsomeone out about someone or somethingdread
dreaddream about someone or something
dream come truedream of
dream ofDream of a funeral and you hear of a marriage.
Dream of a funeral and you hear of a wedding.dream of doing something
dream of someone or somethingDream on.
dream something awaydream something up
dredge someone or something updrench someone or something in something
drenchsomeone or something with somethingdress (oneself) up
dress (up) as someone or somethingdress a window
dress a windowdress for someone
dress for somethingdress like a million dollars
dress like a million dollarsdress someone down
dress someone or something updress someone or something up (in something)
dress someone up (as someone or something)dress up
dress updressed (up) fit to kill
dressed fit to killdressed fit to kill
dressed like a peacockdressed like a peacock
dressed to killdressed to the nines
dressed to the teethdressing down
dressing downdressing-down
dribs and drabsdribs and drabs
drift alongdrift apart (from each other)
drift away (from someone or something)drift away (from someone)
drift back (to someone or something)drift back (to someone)
drift in(to something)drift off
drift offdrift off to sleep
drift outdrift toward someone or something
drift with somethingdrill down (to something)
drill in(to something)drill someone in something
drill something indrill something into someone or something
drink downdrink down
drink indrink in
drink like a fishdrink like a fish
drink someone under the tabledrink something down
drink something indrink something up
drink to excessdrink to someone or something
drink updrink up
Drink up!drip in(to something)
drip something indrip something into something
drip with somethingdrive
drivedrive a bargain
drive a bargaindrive a coach and horses through something
drive a hard bargaindrive a hard bargain
drive a price downdrive a price up
drive a wedge between someone and someone elsedrive at
drive atdrive at something
drive awaydrive back
drive between something and something elsedrive down (to some place)
drive homedrive home
drive in(to something)drive into someone or something
drive like Jehudrive like Jehu
drive offdrive on
drive one apedrive one ape
drive one out of one's minddrive one round the bend
drive one round the benddrive out (to some place)
drive over (to some place)Drive safely.
drive someone around somethingdrive someone around the bend
drive someone back on somethingdrive someone back to someone
drive someone bananasdrive someone bananas
drive someone battydrive someone bonkers
drive someone crazydrive someone down (to some place)
drive someone insanedrive someone into a corner
drive someone on (to something)drive someone or an animal away (from something or some place)
drive someone or an animal out of somethingdrive someone or something back
drive someone or something offdrive someone out
drive someone out of officedrive someone to despair
drive someone to distractiondrive someone to do something
drive someone to drinkdrive someone to the brink
drive someone to the edgedrive someone to the wall
drive someone up (to some place)drive someone up the wall
drive something around somethingdrive something down (to some place)
drive something homedrive something home (tosomeone)
drive something indrive something into someone or something
drive something into somethingdrive something into the ground
drive through (something)drive to the wall
drive to the walldrive up (to some place)
drivesomeone maddrivesomeone nuts
drivesomeone or an animal outdriving force (behind someone or something)
drizzle down (on someone or something)drone on (about someone or something)
drone something outdrool (all) over someone or something
drop a bomb(shell)drop a brick
drop a bundle (on someone)drop a bundle (on something)
drop a hintdrop a line
drop a linedrop across someone or something
drop around (for something)drop around (sometime)
drop awaydrop back
drop backdrop behind (in something)
drop behind (someone or something)drop below someone or something
drop bydrop by
drop by (sometime)drop by the wayside
drop by the waysidedrop dead
drop deaddrop down
drop down (on someone or something)drop everything
drop indrop in
drop in (on someone)drop in (to say hello)
drop in one's tracksDrop in sometime.
drop in the bucketdrop in the bucket
drop in the oceanDrop it!
drop like fliesdrop name
drop namedrop names
drop offdrop off
drop off (to sleep)drop one's drawers
drop one's teethdrop out
drop outdrop out (of something)
drop out of sightdrop over
drop someonedrop someone a few lines
drop someone a linedrop someone a note
drop someone or something downdrop someone or something from something
drop someone or something indrop someone or something into something
drop someone or something like a hot potatodrop someone or something off
drop someone or something off (some place)drop someone or something off something
drop someone or something on someone or somethingdrop someone or something out of something
drop someone's namedrop something across something
drop something on someonedrop the ball
drop the other shoeDrop the subject!
drop up (some place)drop-dead gorgeous
dropsomeone or something outdrown one's sorrows
drown one's sorrowsdrown in something
drown one's sorrowsdrown one's troubles
drown one's troublesdrown out
drown outdrown someone in something
drown someone or an animal in somethingdrown someone or an animal out
drown someone or something outdrowning man will clutch at a straw.
drug on the marketdrum on something
drum someone outdrum someone out of something
drum something indrum something into someone
drum something intosomeone's headdrum something out
drum something updrum up
drum updrunk and disorderly
drunk as a lorddrunk as a skunk
dry as a bonedry as dust
dry behind the earsdry behind the ears
dry outdry out
dry rundry someone or something off
dry someone outdry something out
dry something updry spell
dry updry up
dry-gulch someonedual highway
dual highwaydub something in
dub something overduck
duckduck and cover
duck downduck out
duck outduck out (of some place)
duck out (of something)duck soup
duck soupduckling
duddydude (oneself) up
duded updue
duedue to
due toduke it out
duke someone outdull
dulldull as dishwater
dull as ditchwaterdumb bunny
dumb bunnydumbwaiter
dumbwaiterdummy up
dump on someone or somethingdump one's load
dump something on someonedumped on
dun someone for somethingdunk someone or something in
dunk someone or something into somethingdust
dustdust bunny
dust kittendust off
dust offdust someone off
dust someone or something offdust someone's pants
dust something outDutch
DutchDutch auction
Dutch couragedutch treat
dutch treatDutch uncle
duty boundduty bound
duty bound (to do something)duty calls
duty callsdwell (up)on someone or something
dwell (up)on somethingdwell on
dwell ondwindle away (to something)
dwindle down (tosomething)dyed-in-the-wool
dyed-in-the-wooldying to
dying todying to do something
dying to know (something)