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Dictionary of American idioms
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ugly as a toadugly as sin
ugly ducklingugly duckling
unaccustomed to someone or somethingunbosom oneself
unbosom oneselfunbosom oneself to someone
unburden oneself to someoneuncertain
underunder lock and key
under lock and keyunder (close) scrutiny
under a bushelunder a bushel
under a cloudunder a cloud
under a cloud (of suspicion)under a spell
under ageunder age
under arrestunder arrest
under certain circumstancesunder certain conditions
under constructionunder construction
under controlunder cover
under coverunder false colors
under false colorsunder fire
under fireunder no circumstances
under normal circumstancesunder oath
under one's beltunder one's belt
under one's breathunder one's breath
under one's hatunder one's hat
under one's heelunder one's heel
under one's noseunder one's nose
under one's own steamunder one's own steam
under one's own steamunder one's skin
under one's skinunder one's spell
under one's spellunder one's thumb
under one's thumbunder one's wing
under one's wingunder orders
under ordersunder pain of
under pain ofunder pressure
under protestunder protest
under someone's careunder someone's thumb
under someone's wing(s)under the aegis of someone
under the auspices of someoneunder the circumstances
under the circumstancesunder the collar
under the collarunder the counter
under the counterunder the hammer
under the hammerunder the influence (of alcohol)
under the nose ofunder the nose of
under the sununder the sun
under the tableunder the table
under the thumb ofunder the thumb of
under the weatherunder the weather
under the wireunder the wire
under wayunder wraps
under wrapsunderstand
understandundertake to do something
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.unexpected always happens.
unfamiliar territoryunfold into something
unfold something into somethingunify someone or something into something
Union is strength.unite against someone or something
unite for somethingunite in something
unite someone against someone or somethingunite someone in something
unite someone or something (together)unite someone or something into something
unite someone or something with someone or somethingunite with someone
United we stand, divided we fall.unknown quantity
unknown quantityunleash someone or something (up)on someone or something
unleash someone or something against someone or somethingunload someone or something on(to) someone
unload something from somethingunseen
unseenunsung hero
until all hoursuntil all hours
until hell freezes overuntil hell freezes over
until the last gun is fireduntil the last gun is fired
Until we meet again.unturned
unturnedup against it
up against itup tight
up tightup a blind alley
up a creekup a storm
up a stumpup a stump
up a treeup a tree
up againstup against
up against someone or somethingup against something
up against the wallup and about
up and aboutup and around
up and at 'emup and at them
up and at themup and away
up and did somethingup and running
up before someoneup for auction
up for grabsup for grabs
up for reelectionup for sale
up for somethingup front
up front(1)up front(1)
up front(2)up front(2)
up in armsup in arms
up in the airup in the air
up in the air (about someone or something)up in years
up Northup on someone or something
up one side and down the otherup one's alley
up one's alleyup one's sleeve
up one's sleeveup shit creek
up stakesup the ante
up the creekup the creek
up the creek (without a paddle)up the pole
up the riverup the wall
up toup to
up to no goodup to no good
up to doing somethingup to here (with something)
up to no goodup to one's ears
up to one's earsup to one's ears (in something)
up to one's eyeballs (in something)up to one's knees
up to one's neckup to one's neck
up to one's neck (in something)up to par
up to parup to scratch
up to scratchup to snuff
up to snuffup to someone or something
up to somethingup to speed
up to the chin inup to the chin in
up to the hiltup to the hilt
up to the last minuteup to the last minute
up to the markup to the mark
up to the minuteup with someone
upbraid someone for somethingupdate someone about someone or something
updatesomeone on someone or somethingupgrade someone or something to something
upgrade to somethinguphill battle
uphill struggleupon impact
upon one's headupon one's head
upon oneselfupon oneself
upon the spotupon the spot
upper crustupper crust
upper crustupper hand
upper handupper hand (on someone)
upper storyupper story
uproot someone from some placeuproot something from some place
ups and downsups and downs
upset the applecartupset the applecart
upset someone's plansupset the apple cart
upshot of somethingupside down
upside downupside-down
urban homesteadingurban homesteading
urban legendurge someone along
urge someone forwardurge someone to do something
urge something (up)on someoneuse
useuse every trick in the book
use every trick in the bookuse every trick in the book
use foul languageuse one's head
use one's headuse one's noggin
use one's noodleuse some elbow grease
use someone or something as an excuseuse someone or something as something
use someone or something for somethinguse someone up
use something before somethinguse something by something
use something over (again)use something up
use something with somethinguse strong language
use the bathroomuse the toilet
use upuse up
use your head for more than a hatrackuse your head for more than something to keep your ears apart
used to beused to be
used to do somethingused to someone or something
used to(1)used to(1)
used to(2)used to(2)
user friendlyusher someone or something into some place
usher someone or something out of some placeusher someone to something
ushersomeone or something inushersomeone or something out
utility roomutility room
utilize someone or something for something