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Dictionary of American idioms
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mad (at someone or something)mad about
mad aboutmad about someone or something
mad as a hattermad as a hatter
mad as a hornetmad as a hornet
mad as a March haremad as a March hare
mad as a wet henmad as hell
mad as hopsmad as hops
mad enough to chew nails (and spit rivets)mad enough to kick a cat
mad enough to spit nailsmade for each other
made for someonemade for something
made from the same moldmade of money
made of moneymade to measure
made to ordermade to order
made up out of whole clothmade up out of whole cloth
magic carpetmagic carpet
maiden speechmaiden speech
maiden voyagemaiden voyage
mail ordermail order
mail something from some placemail something to someone
main dragmain drag
main squeezemain squeeze
main strength and awkwardnessmaintain someone in something
maintain something at somethingmajor in something
majority leadermajority leader
make something ofmake something of
make (an amount of) headwaymake (both) ends meet
make (good) use of somethingmake (one's) peace with someone
make (oneself) upmake (out) after someone or something
make (out) for someone or somethingmake (out) like something
make (some) sense (out) of someone or somethingmake (too) much of someone or something
make a long story shortmake a long story short
make a (big) stink (about someone or something)make a (kind of) life for oneself
make a beeline formake a beeline for
make a beeline for someone or somethingmake a believer (out) of someone
make a big deal aboutmake a big deal about
make a big deal about somethingmake a bolt for someone or something
make a break for someone or somethingmake a bundle
make a check (out) (to someone or something)make a check over to someone or something
make a check to someone or somethingmake a clean breast of
make a clean breast ofmake a clean breast of something (to someone)
make a clean sweepmake a clean sweep of
make a clean sweep ofmake a clown of
make a clown ofmake a comeback
make a dash for someone or somethingmake a day of doing something
make a day of itmake a day of it
make a deal with someonemake a dent in
make a dent inmake a dent in something
make a differencemake a difference
make a difference in someone or somethingmake a difference to someone
make a facemake a face
make a face (at someone)make a fast buck
make a fast buckmake a federal case out of
make a federal case out ofmake a federal case out of something
make a fool (out) of someonemake a fool of
make a fool ofmake a friend
make a fuss (over someone or something)make a fuss over
make a fuss overmake a go of
make a go ofmake a go of something
make a grab at someone or somethingmake a great show of something
make a guessmake a habit of something
make a hitmake a hit
make a hit with someonemake a killing
make a killingMake a lap!
make a laughingstock of oneself or somethingmake a living
make a livingmake a living bydoing something
make a living from somethingmake a long story short
make a man of someonemake a match
make a matchmake a meal of something
make a mental note of somethingmake a mess of
make a mess ofmake a mess of something
make a mistakemake a mockery of something
make a monkey (out) of someonemake a monkey of
make a monkey ofmake a motion
make a motionmake a mountain out of a molehill
make a mountain out of a molehillmake a move
make a movemake a move on someone
make a name (for oneself)make a name for oneself
make a name for oneselfmake a night of it
make a night of itmake a note of something
make a nuisance of oneselfmake a nuisance of oneself
make a pass atmake a pass at
make a pass at someonemake a pass at something
make a pig of oneselfmake a pig of oneself
make a pilemake a pitch (for someone or something)
make a play (for someone)make a play for
make a play formake a point
make a pointmake a point of doing something
make a point of someone or somethingmake a point ofsomething
make a practice ofmake a practice of
make a practice of somethingmake a quick buck
make a quick buckmake a racket
make a racketmake a reservation
make a run for itmake a scene
make a scenemake a secret of something
make a splashmake a splash
make a stab atmake a stab at
make a standmake a stand
make a start on somethingmake a stink (about something)
make a stirmake a stir
make a touchmake a touch
make a virtue of necessitymake a virtue of necessity
make advances atsomeonemake advances to someone
make aftermake after
make allowancemake allowance
make allowance(s) (for someone or something)make amends (to someone) (for someone or something)
make an appearancemake an appearance
make an appointment (with someone)make an end of
make an end ofmake an entrance
make an example ofmake an example of
make an example of someonemake an exception (for someone)
make an exhibition of oneselfmake an exhibition of oneself
make an honest woman of someonemake an impression on someone
make an issue of someone or somethingmake an uproar
make application (to someone or something) (for something)make arrangements (with someone) (for something)
make arrangements for someonemake arrangements to do something
make as if to do somethingmake away with
make away withmake away with someone or something
make believemake believe
make believe that...make book
make bookmake book on something
make both ends meetmake both ends meet
make bricks without strawmake bricks without straw
make certain of somethingmake change (for someone) (for something)
make chin musicmake conversation
make conversationmake cracks about someone or something
make demands of someone or somethingmake demands on someone or something
make domake do
make do (with someone or something)make ends meet
make ends meetmake every effort to do something
make eyes atmake eyes at
make eyes at someonemake faces (at someone)
make faces atmake faces at
make fast work of someone or somethingmake for
make formake for somewhere
make free withmake free with
make free with someonemake free with someone or something
make free with somethingmake friends
make friendsmake friends with someone
make fun ofmake fun of
make fun of someone or somethingmake good
make goodmake good (at something)
make good as somethingmake good money
make good on somethingmake good time
make good timemake hamburger (out) of someone
make hastemake haste
Make haste slowly.make haste with
make haste withmake hay while the sun shines
make hay while the sun shinesMake hay while the sun shines.
make head or tail ofmake head or tail of
make heads or tails of someone or somethingmake headway
make headwaymake inroads into something
make itmake it (to) some place
make it (until something)make it as far as something
make it bigmake it hot
make it hotmake it hot for someone
make it one's business to do somethingmake it snappy
make it snappyMake it snappy!
make it to somethingMake it two.
make it withmake it with
make it worth someone's whilemake life miserable for someone
make light ofmake light of
make light of somethingmake like a tree and leave
make like someone or somethingmake little of
make little ofmake little of someone or something
make lovemake love
make love (to someone)make mention of someone or something
make merrymake merry
make mincemeat (out) ofmake mincemeat (out) of
make mincemeat (out) of someoneMake mine something.
make mischiefmake money on something
make much ofmake much of
Make my day!make neither head nor tail of
make neither head nor tail ofmake no bones
make no bonesMake no bones about it.
make no difference (to someone)Make no mistake (about it)!
make nonsense of somethingmake nothing of something
make ofmake of
make offmake off
make off with someone or somethingmake one out to be
make one out to bemake one feel at home
make one feel at homemake one tick
make one tickmake one's (own) bed
make one's bed and lie in itmake one's bed and lie in it
make one's blood boilmake one's blood boil
make one's blood run coldmake one's blood run cold
make one's ears burnmake one's ears burn
make one's hair stand on endmake one's hair stand on end
make one's head spinmake one's head spin
make one's markmake one's mark
make one's mind up (about someone or something)make one's money stretch
make one's mouth watermake one's mouth water
make one's pilemake one's pile
make one's waymake one's way
make one's way along somethingmake one's way back (to something)
make one's way in the worldmake one's way through something
make oneself at homemake oneself at home
make oneself conspicuousmake oneself heard
make oneself miserablemake oneself or something a laughingstock
make oneself scarcemake oneself scarce
make or breakmake or break
make or break someonemake out
make outmake out (with someone or something)
make out (with someone)make out like a bandit
make out that...make over
make overmake overtures about doing something
make passes atmake passes at
make pointsmake points (with someone)
make reservationsmake room (for someone or something)
make roundsmake rounds
make sensemake sense
make short work ofmake short work of
make short work of someone or somethingmake sit up
make sit upmake so bold as todo something
make someonemake someone an offer
make someone eat crowmake someone look good
make someone look ridiculousmake someone or something available to someone
make someone or something into somethingmake someone or something tick
make someone overmake someone sick
make someone the scapegoat for somethingmake someone up
make someone's bed (up)make someone's blood boil
make someone's blood run coldmake someone's flesh crawl
make someone's gorge risemake someone's hair curl
make someone's hair stand on endmake someone's head spin
make someone's head swimmake someone's mind up
make someone's mouth watermake someone's position clear
make someone's skin crawlmake something
make something (out) of somethingmake something a practice
make something about someone or somethingmake something against someone or something
make something at someonemake something clear to someone
make something for someone or somethingmake something from something
make something in somethingmake something of someone or something
make something of somethingmake something off (of) someone or something
make something outmake something out of nothing
make something out to be something elsemake something right
make something to ordermake something up
make something up from somethingmake something up out of whole cloth
make something up to someonemake something with something
make sport ofmake sport of
make suremake sure
make sure (of something)make the arrangements
make the bed (up)make the best of
make the best ofmake the best of a bad job
make the best of somethingmake the blood boil
make the blood boilmake the feathers fly
make the feathers flymake the fur fly
make the fur flymake the grade
make the grademake the most of
make the most ofmake the most of something
make the scenemake the scene
make the teammake things hum
make things hummake time
make timemake time (with someone)
make tongues wagmake tongues wag
make tracksmake tracks
make tracks (for something)make trouble
make upmake up
make up (to someone)make up (with someone)
make up a foursomemake up for lost time
make up for someone or somethingmake up one's mind
make up one's mindmake up something
make use of someone or somethingmake war (on someone or something)
make watermake waves
make wavesmake way
make waymake way (for someone or something)
make with somethingMake your mind up.
Make yourself at home.make-believe
make-believemakesomething good
mama's boymama's boy
man about townman after my own heart
Man does not live by bread alone.man in the moon
man in the moonman in the street
man in the streetman is known by the company he keeps.
man of partsman of parts
man of few wordsman of few words
man of his wordman of his word
man of lettersman of letters
man of meansman of means
man of the clothMan proposes, God disposes.
man's best friendman's home is his castle.
man's inhumanity to manman-about-town
man-to-manmanage with someone or something
manage without someone or somethingmaneuver for something
maneuver someone into somethingmaneuver someone out of something
manna from heavenmanner
manymany (and many)'s the time
many amany a
Many a true word is spoken in jest.Many are called but few are chosen.
many hands make light workmany hands make light work
Many hands make light work.many is me
many is memany moons ago
many moons agomap
mapmap out
map outmap something out
mar something upmarble
marchmarch (from some place) (to some place)
march against someone or somethingMarch comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.
march onmarch past someone or something
march to (the beat of) a different drummermare's nest
mare's nestmarine
markmark down
mark downmark my word(s)
mark offmark off
mark one's wordsmark one's words
mark someone downmark someone for life
mark someone or something offmark someone or something out
mark someone or something with somethingmark something as something
mark something downmark something in
mark something upmark time
mark timemarkdown
markdownmarked man
marked manmarket
marketmaroon someone on an island
marriage made in heavenMarriages are made in heaven.
marry above oneselfmarry below oneself
marry beneath oneselfMarry in haste, (and) repent at leisure.
marry into somethingmarry money
marry moneymarry one's way out of something
marry someone off (to someone)marry up (with someone)
marshal someone or something togethermarvel at someone or something
marvel to beholdmash on something
mash something upmash something with something
mask something outmasking tape
masking tapemasquerade as someone or something
master copymaster copy
master keymaster key
master of ceremoniesmaster of ceremonies
match for someone, something, or an animalmatch made in heaven
match someone (up) (with someone)match someone against someone else or something against something else
match someone or something in somethingmatch something (up) (with something)
match upmatch up to something
match wits (with someone)mate an animal withsome other animal
mate someone with someonemate with an animal
mate with someonematter
mattermatter of record
matter of recordmatter of course
matter of coursematter of fact
matter of factmatter of life and death
matter of opinionmatter of opinion
matter to someonematter-of-fact
matter-of-factmax out
maxed outmay
maymay as well
May I be excused?May I help you?
May I see you again?May I speak to someone?
May I take a message?May I take your order (now)?
May I tell him who's calling?May I use your powder room?
Maybe some other time.me
memean (for someone) to do something
mean businessmean business
mean by somethingmean no offense
mean nothing (to someone)mean something (to someone)
mean something as somethingmean something for someone or something
mean streakmean to (do something)
mean wellmean well
meaner than a junkyard dog (with fourteen sucking pups)means
meansmeans to an end
means to an endmeant to be
meant to be somethingmeasure
measuremeasure off
measure offmeasure someone against someone else or something against something else
measure someone up against someone or somethingmeasure something off
measure something outmeasure up
measure upmeasure up (to someone or something)
Mecca for someonemeddle in something
meddle with someone or somethingmediate between someone and someone else
meditate on someone or somethingmedium
mediummeek as a lamb
meet halfwaymeet halfway
meet one's deathmeet one's death
meet one's endmeet one's eye
meet one's eyemeet one's match
meet one's matchmeet one's Waterloo
meet one's Waterloomeet someone halfway
meet the requirements (for something)meet up with
meet up withmeet up with someone or something
meet withmeet with
meet with someonemeet with something
meeting of the mindsmell of a hess
mellow outmelt
meltmelt away
melt downmelt in one's mouth
melt in one's mouthmelt in something
melt into somethingmelt something away
melt something downmelt something into something
melting potmelting pot
Men are blind in their own cause.Men make houses, women make homes.
mend (one's) fencesmend one's fences
mend one's fencesmend one's ways
mend one's waysmental block (against something)
mental telepathymental telepathy
mention someone or something in passingmention someone or something in something
mention something to someonemeow
mercymercy killing
mercy killingmere trifle
merge in(to something)merge someone or something into something
merge something with something elsemerge with someone or something
mergesomeone or something inmerrier
merrymerry as a cricket
merry as the day is longmesh together
mesh with somethingmess about
mess about (withsomething)mess around
mess aroundmess around (with something)
mess someone overmess someone up
mess someone's face upmess something up
mess upmess up
mess with someone or somethingmessage
messagemessed up
metamorphose into somethingmete something out
method in (to) one's madnessmethod in (to) one's madness
method in one's madnessmickey mouse(1)
mickey mouse(1)mickey mouse(2)
mickey mouse(2)midair
middlemiddle ground
middle groundmiddle of nowhere
middle of the roadmiddle of the road
midfield stripemidfield stripe
midnight oilmidnight oil
might and mainmight as well
might as well be hung for a sheep as (for) a lambmight could
Might makes right.might(y) nigh
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.migrate (from some place) (to some place)
migrate between some place and some place elsemile
milemile a minute
mile markersmile markers
miles awaymiles away
milestone in someone's lifemilitate against something
milk of human kindnessmilk someone for something
mill aboutmill around
mill aroundmill cannot grind with water that is past.
million miles awaymills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.
millstone about one's neckmillstone around one's neck
millstone around one's neckmince (one's) words
mince wordsmince words
mind youmind you
mind like a steel trapmind like a steel trap
mind one's own businessmind one's own business
mind one's p's and q'smind one's p's and q's
mind one's p's and q's.mind over matter
mind the storemind you
Mind your own beeswax.Mind your own business.
mine for somethingmine of information
mine of informationmingle in (with someone)
mingle someone with someone elsemingle something with something else
mingle with someoneminister to someone or something
minor in somethingminority leader
minority leadermint money
mint moneyminute something happens
minutes of the meetingminutes of the meeting
miscarriage of justiceMisery loves company.
Misfortunes never come singly.mislead someone about something
misplace one's trust (in someone)miss
missmiss (something) by a mile
miss a trickmiss a trick
miss by a milemiss by a mile
miss is as good as a milemiss is as good as a mile
miss is as good as a mile.miss out
miss outmiss out (on something)
miss the boatmiss the boat
miss the pointmiss the point
missing linkmissing link
mission in lifeMissouri
Missourimist over
mist upmistake
mistakemistake someone for someone else
mistake something for something elsemisty-eyed
misty-eyedmix and match
mix in (with someone or something)mix it up (with someone)
mix someone or something inmix someone or something into something
mix someone upmix someone up in something
mix someone up with someone elsemix something up
mix something up (with something)mix something up with something else
mix upmix up
mix with someone or somethingmix with something
mixed bagmixed bag
mixed blessingmixed blessing
mixed feelings (about someone or something)mixed up
mixed upmixed up in something
mixed up with someone elsemoan about something
moan something outmoan with something
mock something upmodel someone on someone
model something in somethingmodel something onsomething
Moderation in all things.modulate to a (different) key
moist around the edgesmold something from something
mold something out of somethingmolehill
momentmoment everyone has been waiting for
moment of truthMonday
MondayMonday's child is fair of face.
money burns a hole in one's pocketmoney burns a hole in one's pocket
Money burns a hole in someone's pocket.Money does not grow on trees.
money from homemoney is no object
money is no objectMoney is no object.
Money is power.Money is the root of all evil.
Money talks.money to burn
money to burnmonkey
monkeymonkey around
monkey aroundmonkey around (with something)
monkey businessmonkey business
monkey on one's backmonkey on one's back
Monkey see, monkey do.monkey suit
monkey with someone or somethingmonkey wrench
monkey wrenchmonster
monstermonth in, month out
month in, month outmonth of Sundays
month of Sundaysmonths running
mooch (something) from someonemoon
moonmoon about someone or something
moon over someone or somethingmoon something away
mop something downmop something off
mop something upmop something up with something
mop the floor up with someonemop the floor with
mop the floor withmop up
mop upmop up (after someone or something)
mop up the floor withmop up the floor with
mope aroundmopping-up operation
moralize about someone or somethingmore
moremore (to something) than meets the eye
more and moremore dead than alive
more fun than a barrel of monkeysMore haste, less speed.
more often than notmore often than not
more often than notmore or less
more or lessMore power to you!
more someone or something than one can shake a stick atmore something than Carter has (liver) pills
more thanmore than
more than one bargained formore than one can bear
more than one can chewmore than one can chew
more than one can standmore than one can take
more than one could shake a stick atmore than one could shake a stick at
more than you('ll ever) knowmore the merrier
more the merriermore you get, the more you want.
more you have, the more you want.more's the pity
morning aftermorning after
morning after (the night before)Morning dreams come true.
most of allmother
mothermotherhood and apple pie
motion (for) someone to do somethingmotion someone aside
motion someone away from someone or somethingmotion someone to one side
motion someone to the sidemotion to someone
mound something upmount something against someone or something
mount something on somethingmount up
mourn for someone or somethingmourn over someone or something
mouse that has but one hole is quickly taken.mouth
mouthmouth full of South
mouth offmouth on someone
movable feastmove
movemove in on
move in onmove (from some place) (to some place)
move a musclemove a muscle
move aboutmove ahead of someone or something
move alongmove around
move asidemove away (from someone or something)
move back (from someone or something)move down
move for somethingmove forward with something
move heaven and earthmove heaven and earth
move heaven and earth to do somethingmove in (on someone or something)
move in (on someone)move in for the kill
move in with someonemove in(to something)
move off (from someone or something)move on
move on (to something)move on someone
move on somethingmove out (of some place)
move overmove someone or something around
move someone or something away (from someone or something)move someone or something back (from someone or something)
move someone or something downmove someone or something forward
move someone or something inmove someone or something into something
move someone or something off ((from) someone or something)move someone or something off ((of) someone or something)
move someone or something onmove someone or something out (of some place)
move someone or something overmove someone or something to something
move someone or something upmove someone to tears
move someone upmove to some place
move toward someone or somethingmove up
move up (to something)move up in the world
move up into somethingmove up through something
movers and shakersmoving spirit
moving spiritMoving three times is as bad as a fire.
mow someone or something downMr. Nice Guy
Mr. Rightmuch
muchmuch ado about nothing
much asmuch as
much in evidencemuch less
much lessMuch obliged.
much of a muchnessmuch sought after
muck something upmud
mudmud in your eye
mud in your eyemuddle along
muddle aroundmuddle something up
muddle through (something)muddled (up)
muddy something upmuddy the water
muff one's linesmuffle something up
mug shotmug shot
mulct something out of someonemull over
mull overmull something over
multiply by somethingmultiply something by something
multitude of sinsmum is the word
mum is the wordMum's the word.
munch outmung something up
murder on somethingMurder will out.
murmur against someone or somethingmurmur at someone or an animal
muscle in (on someone or something)muscle in on
muscle in onmuscle someone out
muscle someone out of somethingmuscle-bound
muscle-boundmuse over someone or something
mushroom into somethingmusic
musicmusic to one's ears
music to one's earsmusic to someone's ears
musical chairsmusical chairs
muss someone or something upmustard
mustermuster out of something
muster something upmutiny against someone or something
mutter about someone or somethingmutter something about someone or something
My cup runneth over.My foot!
my Godmy God
my gut tells me (that)My house is your house.
my lips are sealedmy lips are sealed
My lips are sealed.my one and only
My pleasure.My(, my).