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Dictionary of American idioms
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gad aboutgad around
gag on somethinggain dominion over someone or something
gain from somethinggain ground
gain groundgain in something
gain on someone or somethinggain something by doing something
gain something from somethinggallery
gallerygallivant around
gallop through somethinggallows' humor
gallows' humorgalumph around
galvanize someone into actiongamble on someone or something
gamble something awaygame
gamegame at which two can play
game at which two can playgame is not worth the candle
game is not worth the candlegame is up
game is upgame is up.
game that two can playgang
ganggang up (on someone)
gang up ongang up on
gape at someone or somethinggarb someone in something
garbage downgarbage down
Garbage in, garbage out.garbage something down
garden apartmentgarden apartment
garner something ingarner something up
garnish something with somethinggas
gasgas something up
gas upgas up
gasp at someone or somethinggasp for air
gasp for breathgasp something out
gassed (up)gate
gategate crasher
gate crashergather
gathergather a case (against someone)
gather around someone or somethinggather dust
gather ingather in
gather someone ingather someone into something
gather someone or something around (oneself)gather someone or something to oneself
gather someone or something togethergather something from someone
gather something from someone or somethinggather something from something
gather something ingather something up
gather togetherGather ye rosebuds while ye may.
gaudy as a butterflygauntlet
gauntletgawk at someone or something
gay ninetiesgay nineties
gaze around (at someone or something)gaze at someone or something
gaze on someone or somethinggaze out on something
gear someone or something up (for someone or something)gear something to someone or something
gear up for someone or somethinggee whiz
gee whizgeese
generalgeneralize about someone or something
generalize from somethinggeneralize on someone or something
generation gapgeneration gap
Generation XGeneration X'er
generous to a faultgenerous to a fault
Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.
gentle as a lambgenuine article
get credit forget credit for
get one's brains friedget one's brains fried
get rattledget rattled
get the lowdown onget the lowdown on
get the messageget the message
get through toget through to
get (all) dolled upget (all) dolled up
get (all) the breaksget (all) the breaks
get (around) to someone or somethingget (down) off one's high horse
get (oneself) into a stew (over someone or something)get (out) while the gettin(g)'s good
get (out) while the goin(g)'s goodget (some) steam up
get a bang out of someone or somethingget a bead on someone or something
get a black eyeget a black eye
get a breakget a break
get a buzz out of someone or somethingget a charge out of someone or something
get a fixget a fix
get a fix onget a fix on
get a grip onget a grip on
get a head start onget a head start on
get a hurry onget a kick out of
get a kick out ofget a kick out of someone or something
get a laughGet a life!
get a line onget a line on
get a load ofget a load of
get a load of someone or somethingget a lot of mileage out of something
get a move onget a move on
get a raiseget a raise
get a rise from someoneget a rise out of
get a rise out ofget a rise out of someone
get a ticketget a wiggle on
get a wiggle onget a word in
get a word inget a word in edgeways
get a word in edgewiseget aboard something
get aboutget about
get acrossget across
get across (something)get after
get afterget after someone
get aheadget ahead
get ahead (in something)get ahead of oneself
get alongget along
get alongget along
get along (on a shoestring)get along (with someone)
get along on somethingGet along with you!
get along without (someone or something)get an amount of money for something
get an earfulget an earful
get aroundget around
get around someone or somethingget around to
get around toget around to doing something
get atget at
get at someoneget at someone or an animal
get at somethingget away
get awayget away (from someone or something)
get away withget away with
get away with murderget away with murder
get away with someone or somethingget away with something
get axedget back (to someone) (on something)
get back atget back at
get back on one's feetget back on one's feet
get back to somethingget behind
get behindget behind (insomething)
get behind (on something)get behind (with something)
get betterget between someone or something and someone or something else
get busyget busy
get byget by
get by (on a shoestring)get by (on a small amount of money)
get by (someone or something)get by (with something)
get by (without someone or something)get by with something
get carried awayget carried away with
get carried away withget couthed up
get couthed upget cracking
get crackingget down
get down (from something)get down (on all fours)
get down coldget down cold
get down off your high horseget down off your high horse
get down toget down to
get down to (doing) somethingget down to brass tacks
get down to brass tacksget down to business
get down to businessget down to cases
get down to the factsget down to the nitty-gritty
get down to the nuts and boltsget down to work
get down to workget enough courage up (to do something)
get enough guts up (to do something)get enough nerve up (to do something)
get enough pluck up (to do something)get enough spunk up (to do something)
get euchred out of somethingget even
get evenget free from someone or something
get free of someone or somethingget going
get goingget gray hair
get gray hairget hell (about someone or something)
get his or hersget his or hers
get hitchedget hitched
get hold ofget hold of
get home to someone or somethingget in
get inget in deeper
get in onget in on
get in on theget in on the
get in on the ground floorget in on the ground floor
get in one's hairget in one's hair
get in one's wayget in one's way
get in touch withget in touch with
get in withget in with
get in wrongget in wrong
get in(to) the actget in(to) the swing of things
get inside somethingget into
get intoget into a mess
get into an argument (with someone) (about someone or something)get into an argument (withsomeone) (over someone or something)
get into bed with someoneget into line
get into lineget into one's stride
get into somethingget involved with
get involved withget it
get itget it
get itget it (all) together
get it all togetherget it all together
get it in the neckget it in the neck
get it offget it off with someone
get it onget it out
get it wrongget laid
get lostget lost
get mad (at something)get married
get mixed upget mixed up
get movingget next to
get next toget nowhere fast
get offget off
get off (easy)get off (lightly)
get off (of) someone or somethingget off (of) something
get off (something)get off (to something)
get off (with something)get off a few good ones
get off cheapget off cheap
get off easyget off easy
get off itget off it
Get off it!Get off my back!
get off on the wrong footget off on the wrong foot
get off one's caseget off one's case
get off one's assget off one's back
get off one's backget off one's butt
get off one's chestget off one's chest
get off one's rearget off one's tail
get off one's tailget off scot-free
Get off someone's back!Get off someone's case!
get off someone's tailget off the dime
get off the groundget off the ground
get off the hookget off the hook
get off to a flyingget off to a flying
get off to sleepget on
get onget on (in years)
get on (something)get on (with someone)
get on (without someone or something)get on in years
get on in yearsget on one's good side
get on one's good sideget on one's horse
get on one's nervesget on one's nerves
get on someoneget on the ball
get on the ballget on the bandwagon
get on the bandwagonget on the good side of
get on the good side ofget on the stick
get on the stickget on to one
get on to oneget on with something
get on(to) someone (about something)get on(to) the (tele)phone
get on(to) the (telephone) extensionget one down
get one downget one on one's feet
get one outget one out of one's shell
get one right hereget one wrong
get one wrongget one's
get one'sget one's act together
get one's ass in gearget one's back up
get one's back upget one's bowels in an uproar
get one's comeuppanceget one's dander up
get one's dander upget one's ducks in a row
get one's ducks in a rowget one's ears lowered
get one's ears pinned backget one's ears set out
get one's feet on the groundget one's feet on the ground
get one's feet wetget one's feet wet
get one's fingers burnedget one's fingers burned
get one's foot in the doorget one's foot in the door
get one's goatget one's goat
get one's hands dirtyget one's hands on
get one's hands onget one's head above water
get one's head togetherget one's hooks in
get one's hooks in(to) someone or somethingget one's just deserts
get one's just reward(s)get one's kicks (from someone or something)
get one's knuckles rappedget one's lumps
get one's nose out of jointget one's nose out of someone's business
get one's numberget one's number
get one's rear in gearget one's rear in gear
get one's rocks off (on something)get one's second wind
get one's second windget one's shit together
get one's stuff togetherget one's tail in gear
get one's teeth inget one's teeth into
get one's teeth intoget one's teeth into something
get one's ticket punchedget one's tongue
get one's tongueget one's wits about one
get one's [specified by context]get oneself up
get outget out
Get out (of here)!get out in the open
get out in the openget out of
get out ofget out of (doing) something
get out of a jamget out of a mess
get out of handget out of hand
Get out of my sight!get out of one's face
get out of someone's hairget out of the way
get out of the wayget out of the wrong side of bed
Get out of town!Get out with it!
get out with one's lifeget over
get overget over (to some place)
Get over it!get over someone or something
get over somethingget past (someone or something)
Get real!get religion
get revenge against someoneget rid of
get rid ofget right on something
get rollingget screwed
Get serious!get set
get setget shed of someone or something
get shet of someone or somethingget short shrift
get short shriftget shut of someone or something
get smart (with someone)get some kind of mileage out of something
get some weight off one's feetget someone (all) wrong
get someone across (in a good way)get someone around the table
get someone downget someone going
get someone in(to) somethingget someone off
get someone on(to) someone or somethingget someone or something across
get someone or something across somethingget someone or something away from someone or something
get someone or something backget someone or something by someone or something
get someone or something downget someone or something down (from something)
get someone or something down somethingget someone or something free (from someone or something)
get someone or something inget someone or something in(to) something
get someone or something off someone or somethingget someone or something out
get someone or something out of one's headget someone or something out of one's mind
get someone or something out of one's sightget someone or something out of someone or something
get someone or something through (to someone or something)get someone or something together
get someone out of a jamget someone out of one's hair
get someone throughget someone through (to someone or something)
get someone through somethingget someone up
get someone up (for something)get someone's attention
get someone's back upget someone's blood up
get someone's dander upget someone's drift
get someone's eyeget someone's goat
get someone's hackles upget someone's Irish up
get somethingget something across (to someone)
get something downget something down (in black and white)
get something down (on paper)get something for an amount of money
get something for someoneget something for something
get something from someone or somethingget something going with someone
get something home to someone or somethingget something in(to) someone
get something in(to) somethingget something into a mess
get something offget something off (to someone or something)
get something off one's chestget something off the ground
get something outget something out (of someone or something)
get something out of one's systemget something out of one's system
get something out of someoneget something out of something
get something over (to someone)get something over with
get something over withget something past (someone or something)
get something straightget something straight from the horse's mouth
get something through someone's thick skullget something to someone
get something together (for a particular time)get something up
get started on somethingget stoned
get stonedget straight
get straightget stuck
get stuckget the air
get the airget the ax
get the axget the ball rolling
get the ball rollingget the better of
get the better ofget the boot
get the bootget the bounce
get the bounceget the brush-off
get the brush-offget the cart before the horse
get the cart before the horseget the courage up (to do something)
get the draw on someoneget the drift of something
get the drop on someoneget the eye
get the eyeget the facts straight
get the feel ofget the feel of
get the gateget the go-ahead
get the go-aheadget the go-by
get the goods onget the goods on
get the guts up (todo something)get the hell out (of here)
get the hookget the hook
get the inside trackget the inside track
get the jittersget the jitters
get the jump onget the jump on
get the kinks (ironed) outget the last laugh
get the last laughget the lead out
get the lead out of one's pantsget the lead out of one's pants
Get the message?get the most out of someone or something
get the nerve up (to do something)get the picture
get the pictureGet the picture?
get the pluck up (to do something)get the point (of something)
get the runaroundget the runaround
get the sackget the sack
get the shaftget the show on the road
get the show on the roadget the spunk up (to do something)
get the third degreeget the third degree
get the upper hand onget the upper hand on
get the wordget the word
get the worksget the works
get the worst ofget the worst of
get the wrinkles out (of something)get this show on the road
get throughget through
get through (something)get through (to someone)
get through (to something)get through (with someone or something)
get through one's headget through one's head
get toget to
get to first baseget to first base
get to first base (with someone or something)get to one's feet
get to someoneget to something
get to the bottom ofget to the bottom of
get to the bottom of somethingget to the heart of
get to the heart ofget to the point
get to the pointget to the point (of something)
get to the top (of something)get together
get togetherget together (with someone) (on someone or something)
get tough (with someone)get two strikes against one
get two strikes against oneget under one's skin
get under one's skinget under someone's skin
get under somethingget underway
get underwayget up
get upget up
get upget up (from something)
get up (off (of) something)get up a (full) head of steam
get up a thirstget up against someone or something
get up an appetiteget up on one's hind legs
get up on the wrong side of bedget up on the wrong side of the bed
get up on the wrong side of the bedget up something
get up the nerveget up the nerve
get up to somethingget used to
get used toget warmed up
get warmed upget well
get wetget what's coming to one
get what's coming to oneget wind of
get wind ofget wind of something
get wiseget wise
get with itget with it
get with somethingget with the program
Get your ass over here!Get your buns over here!
Get your butt over here!Get your head out of the clouds!
Get your nose out of my business.get-together
get-up-and-gogetaway car
getaway cargetone's hands off (of) someone or something
getsomeone or something bygetsomeone or something off
getsomething into someone's thick headghost
ghostghost of a
ghost of aghost of a chance
gift of gabgift of gab
giggle at someone or somethinggild the lily
gild the lilygild the lily
Gimme a break!gin mill
gin millgird one's loins
gird one's loinsgird up one's loins
girl Fridaygirl Friday
girl friendgirl friend
give (an) ear to someone or somethinggive (one's) notice
give (one) up forgive (one) up for
give (out) with somethinggive a blank check to someone
give a buzzgive a buzz
give a cold shouldergive a cold shoulder
give a good account of oneselfgive a hand
give a handgive a hang
give a hanggive a hard time
give a hard timegive a little
give a paingive a pain
give a wide berthgive a wide berth
give an account of someone or something (to someone)give an ear to
give an ear togive as good as one gets
give as good as one getsgive away
give awaygive birth to
give birth togive birth to someone or something
give cause for somethinggive chase
give chasegive chase (to someone or something)
give color togive color to
give credence togive credence to
give credence to someone or somethingGive credit where credit is due.
give currency to somethinggive evidence of something
give fitsgive fits
give forthgive forth
give forth with somethinggive free rein to
give free rein togive free rein to someone
give gray hairgive gray hair
give groundgive ground
give her the gungive her the gun
Give her the gun.give in
give ingive in (to someone or something)
give it some thoughtgive it some thought
Give it a rest!Give it all you've got!
give it the gungive it the gun
Give it the gun.Give it time.
give it togive it to
give it to one straightgive it to one straight
give it to someone (straight)Give it up!
Give me (some) skin!Give me a break!
Give me a call.Give me a chance!
Give me a rest!Give me a ring.
Give me five!Give my best to someone.
give no quartergive no quarter
give noticegive notice
give of oneselfgive of oneself
give offgive off
give one a (good) going-overgive one a (good) going-over
give one a dressing downgive one a dressing down
give one a free handgive one a free hand
give one a liftgive one a lift
give one a piece of one's mindgive one a piece of one's mind
give one a ringgive one a ring
give one an inch, and he will take a milegive one an inch, and he will take a mile
give one enough rope and he will hang himselfgive one enough rope and he will hang himself
give one one's freedomgive one pause
give one pausegive one short shrift
give one short shriftgive one some of his
give one some of hisgive one the eye
give one the eyegive one the works
give one the worksgive one's best
give one's duegive one's due
give one's ear to someone or somethinggive one's right arm (for someone or something)
give one's right arm forgive one's right arm for
give one's wordgive one's word
give oneself airsgive oneself airs
give oneself awaygive oneself away
give oneself over to someone or somethinggive oneself up
give oneself upgive oneself up (to someone or something)
give oneself up togive oneself up to
give or takegive or take
give outgive out
give out with somethinggive pause
give pausegive place to
give place togive rein to
give rein togive rise to
give rise togive rise to something
give signs ofgive signs of
give some thought to somethinggive someone a (good) bawling out
give someone a banggive someone a blank check
give someone a blank lookgive someone a blank stare
give someone a buzzgive someone a call
give someone a chargegive someone a dig
give someone a liftgive someone a line
give someone a paingive someone a pat on the back
give someone a piece of one's mindgive someone a red face
give someone a ringgive someone an account of someone or something
Give someone an inch and he'll take a mile.give someone away (to someone)
Give someone enough rope and he'll hang himself.give someone free rein
give someone Hail Columbiagive someone his rights
give someone his rightsgive someone no quarter
give someone odds that...give someone or something a wide berth
give someone or something awaygive someone or something back (to someone or something)
give someone or something up (for lost)give someone or something up (to someone)
give someone pause (for thought)give someone some lip
give someone some skingive someone some sugar
give someone staticgive someone the eye
give someone the fingergive someone the gate
give someone the go-bygive someone the raspberry
give someone the shaftgive someone the shirt off one's back
give someone the slipgive someone tit for tat
give someone to understand somethinggive someone up for dead
give something a gogive something a shot
give something a trygive something a whirl
give something away (to someone)give something back (to someone) (with interest)
give something for somethinggive something off
give something one's best shotgive something out
give something over (to someone or something)give something to someone
give something under (the) threat of somethinggive something up
give teeth to somethinggive the glad eye
give the glad eyegive the air
give the airgive the ax
give the axgive the benefit of the doubt
give the benefit of the doubtgive the bounce
give the bouncegive the creeps
give the creepsgive the devil her due
give the devil his duegive the devil his due
give the game awaygive the gate
give the gategive the go-by
give the go-bygive the high sign
give the high signgive the hook
give the hookgive the lie to
give the lie togive the lie to something
give the sackgive the sack
give the shirt off one's backgive the shirt off one's back
give the show awaygive the show away
give the slipgive the slip
give the williesgive the willies
give thought togive thought to
give to understandgive to understand
give upgive up
give up (all) hopegive up (on someone or something)
give up the fightgive up the ghost
give up the ghostgive up the ship
give up the shipgive up the struggle
Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.give vent to something
give voicegive voice
give voice to somethinggive way
give waygive way to
give way togive way to someone or something
give weight to somethinggive with something
given togiven to
given to doing somethinggiven to understand
giveone's eyeteeth (for someone or something)givesomeone a kick
Givesomeone an inch and he'll take a yard.glad hand
glad handglad rags
glad ragsglance
glanceglance around (some place)
glance at someone or somethingglance back (at someone)
glance down (at something)glance off
glance offglance off (someone or something)
glance over someone or somethingglance through something
glare at someone or somethingglare down on someone or something
glass jawglass jaw
glass something inglasses
glassesglaze over
gleam with somethingglean something from something
glide across somethingglide away (from someone or something)
glint with somethingglisten with something
glitter with somethinggloat over something
Glory be!glory in something
gloss overgloss over
gloss over somethingglove
glovegloves are off.
glow with somethingglower at someone or something
glue something downglue something on
glue something on(to) somethingglue something together
glue something tosomethingglued to someone or something
glut on the marketglut someone or something with something
glutton for punishmentglutton for punishment
gnash one's teethgnashing of teeth
gnaw (away) at someonegnaw (away) at someone or something
gnaw on somethinggo
gogo from strength to strength
go from strength to strengthgo like clockwork
go like clockworkgo over one's head
go over one's headgo (a)round in circles
go (out) on strikego (right) through someone
go (someone) one bettergo (straight) to the top
go a long way in doing somethinggo a long way toward doing something
go aboardgo about
go aboutgo about one's business
go about one's businessgo about something
go about with someone or somethinggo above and beyond one's duty
go above and beyond the call of dutygo above someone or something
go across (something)go across something to someone or something
go aftergo after
go after someonego after someone, something, or an animal
go against the graingo against the grain
go aheadgo ahead
go ahead (of someone or something)go ahead (with something)
Go ahead.go all out (for someone or something)
go all the way (with someone)go all the way with
go all the way withgo along
go alonggo along (with someone) for the ride
go along with someone or somethinggo ape
go apego ape (over someone or something)
go aroundgo around
go around (withsomeone)go around doing something
go around in circlesgo around in circles
go around someonego around with someone or something
go as someone or somethinggo astray
go astraygo at
go atgo at it hammer and tongs
go at it hammer and tongsgo at it tooth and nail
go at one another tooth and nailgo at someone
go at someone or somethinggo at something
go at something like a boy killing snakesgo away (for something)
go away empty-handedgo away with someone or something
Go away!go AWOL
go AWOLgo back
go back ongo back on
go back on one's pledgego back on one's promise
go back on one's wordgo back on one's word
go back to someone or somethinggo back to square one
go back to the drawing boardgo back to the salt mines
go badgo badly with someone or something
go bail forgo bail for
go ballisticgo bananas
go before someone or somethinggo begging
go begginggo behind someone's back
go belly upgo below
go berserkgo between someone or something and someone or something else
go beyond someone or somethinggo beyond something
go brokego broke
go bustgo bust
go bygo by
go by (someone or something)go by the board
go by the boardgo by the name of
go by the name ofgo by the name of something
go chase oneselfgo chase oneself
Go chase yourself!Go climb a tree!
go cold turkeygo crazy
go downgo down
go down (in history) (as someone or something)go down fighting
go down for the third timego down in defeat
go down in flamesgo down in history
go down in historygo down on one's knees
go down somethinggo down the chute
go down the draingo down the drain
go down the linego down the tube(s)
go down to defeatgo down to someone or something
go down to somethinggo down with something
go downhillgo Dutch
go Dutchgo easy
go easygo easy on someone or something
go easy on somethinggo fifty-fifty (on something)
Go figure.go fly a kite
go fly a kiteGo fly a kite!
go forgo for
go for a spingo for a spin
go for brokego for broke
Go for it!go for nothing
go for nothinggo for someone or something
go forward with somethinggo from bad to worse
go from bad to worsego from one extreme to the other
Go fry an egg!go great guns
go great gunsgo halfway
go halfwaygo halves
go halvesgo hang
go hanggo hard with
go hard withgo haywire
go haywirego hog wild
go hog wildgo home in a box
go home to mamago hungry
go in a circlego in a circle
go in and out (of something)go in for
go in forgo in for something
go in one ear and out the othergo in one ear and out the other
go in someone's favorgo in the right direction
go in with someone (on something)go into
go intogo into a huddle
go into a huddlego into a nose dive
go into a nose divego into a nosedive
go into a song and dance (about something)go into a tailspin
go into a tailspingo into action
go into detail(s)go into effect
go into hidinggo into hock
go into one's actgo into orbit
go into orbitgo into service
go into somethinggo into the same old song and dance about something
go into the servicego it
go itgo it alone
go jump in the lakego jump in the lake
Go jump in the lake!go legit
go legitgo like clockwork
go nativego native
go near (to) someone or somethinggo nuts
go offgo off
go off half-cockedgo off half-cocked
go off (by oneself)go off (into something)
go off (with someone)go off half-cocked
go off in a huffgo off in a huff
go off like clockworkgo off like clockwork
go off on a tangentgo off on someone
go off the deep endgo off the deep end
go ongo on
go on (and on) (about someone or something)go on (at someone)
Go on (with you)!go on a binge
go on a rampagego on an errand
go on and ongo on before (someone)
go on doing somethinggo on for ages
go on for an agego on record
go on recordgo on something
go on the blockgo on the rocks
go on the rocksgo on to a better land
go on to somethinggo on tour
go on with somethingGo on.
go one's waygo one's way
go or drive to the wallgo or drive to the wall
go outgo out
go out (for something)go out (of something)
go out (on strike)go out (with someone)
go out forgo out for
go out for someone or somethinggo out in search of someone or something
go out of businessgo out of business
go out of fashiongo out of one's way
go out of one's waygo out of one's way (to do something)
go out of servicego out of style
go out the windowgo out the window
go out to someonego out with something
go overgo over
go over (well)go over big (with someone)
go over like a lead balloongo over like a lead balloon
go over someone or somethinggo over something (with someone)
go over something with a fine-tooth combgo over to some place
go over with a banggo over with a fine-tooth comb
go over with a fine-tooth combgo overboard
go past someone or somethinggo places
go placesGo play in the traffic.
go postalgo public (with something)
go scot-freego sit on a tack
go sit on a tackgo sky-high
go so far as to say somethinggo somebody one better
go somebody one bettergo sour
go Southgo stag
go staggo steady
go steadygo steady with someone
go straightgo straight
go the distancego the extra mile
go the limitgo the rounds
go the roundsgo the way of the dodo
go the way of the horse and buggygo the whole hog
go the whole hoggo there
go throughgo through
go through (the proper) channelsgo through hell and high water
go through hell and high watergo through someone
go through someone like a dose of the saltsgo through someone or something
go through somethinggo through the changes
go through the motionsgo through the motions
go through the roofgo through with
go through withgo through with something
go throughsomething with a fine-tooth combgo to
go togo to (the devil)
go to any lengthgo to any length
go to any lengths (to do something)go to bat against someone
go to bat forgo to bat for
go to bat for someonego to bed
go to bed (withsomeone)go to bed with the chickens
go to bed with the chickensgo to bed with the sun
Go to blazes!go to extremes (to do something)
go to great lengthsgo to great lengths
go to great lengths (to do something)go to hell
go to hellgo to hell in a bucket
go to hell in a handbasketgo to it
go to it!go to it!
go to one's (just) rewardgo to one's head
go to one's headgo to pieces
go to piecesgo to pot
go to potgo to press
go to press with somethinggo to prove
go to provego to rack and ruin
go to seago to seed
go to seedgo to show
go to showgo to someone (about someone or something)
go to someone or somethinggo to someone's head
go to the bathroomgo to the bother (of doing something)
go to the bother (to do something)go to the chair
go to the chairgo to the devil
go to the devilgo to the dogs
go to the dogsgo to the expense (of doing something)
go to the lavatorygo to the limit
go to the pollsgo to the toilet
go to the troublego to the trouble
go to the trouble (of doing something)go to the trouble (to do something)
go to the wall (on something)go to town
go to towngo to trial
go to war (over someone or something)go to waste
go to wastego to work (on someone or something)
go to wrack and ruingo to wrack and ruin
Go to your room!Go to!
go togethergo together
go too fargo toward someone or something
go undergo under
go under (someone or something)go under the hammer
go under the hammergo under the knife
go under the name of somethinggo under the wrecking ball
go upgo up
go up against someonego up in flames
go up in smokego up in smoke
go up in the airgo up in the air
go up somethinggo up the wall
go up to someone or somethinggo well with someone or something
go whole hoggo wild
go window-shoppinggo with
go withgo with (someone or something)
go with itgo with someone
go with somethinggo with the flow
go with the territorygo with the tide
go withoutgo without
go without (someone or something)go without saying
go without sayinggo wrong
go wronggo-between
go-gogoad someone into something
goad someone ongoal
goalgoal line
goal linegoal line stand
goal line standgoat
goatgobble someone or something up
gobble something downgobble something up
God forbidGod forbid
God forbid!God helps them that help themselves.
God helps those who help themselves.God knows
God knowsGod only knows!
God rest someone's soul.God takes soonest those he loveth best.
God tempers the wind to the shorn lambGod tempers the wind to the shorn lamb
God willing and the creek don't riseGod willing.
God's gift (to women)God's in his heaven
gods send nuts to those who have no teeth.goggle at someone or something
going and cominggoing and coming
going for onegoing for one
going great gunsgoing on
going ongoing rate
going stronggoing through changes
going through changesgoing to
going togoing to tattle
going to tellgoing, going, gone
gol danggol dern
gold mine of informationgolden
goldengolden key can open any door.
golden opportunitygoldfish bowl
goldfish bowlgolf widow
golf widowgone but not forgotten
gone goosegone goose
gone ongone to meet one's maker
gone with the windgone with the wind
goodgood buddy
good buddygood and ---
good and ---good and something
good asgood as
good as donegood as gold
good as newgood as one's promise
good as one's promisegood as one's word
good as one's wordgood bet
Good Bookgood command
good commandgood day
good daygood deal
good dealgood die young.
good egggood egg
good enough for government workgood enough for someone or something
Good enough.good evening
good eveninggood faith
good faithGood fences make good neighbors.
good forgood for
good for what ails youGood for you!
Good going!Good golly, Miss Molly!
good grief!good grief!
good head on one's shouldersgood head on one's shoulders
good husband makes a good wife.good is the enemy of the best.
good Jack makes a good Jill.Good job!
Good luck!good man is hard to find.
good manygood many
Good men are scarce.good nature
good naturegood night
good nightgood old boy
good old daysgood ole boy
good riddancegood riddance
good riddance (to bad rubbish)good scout
good scoutGood seed makes a good crop.
good show!good show!
good sportGood things come in small packages.
Good things come to him who waits.good time was had by all.
good to goGood-bye and good riddance.
Good-bye for now.good-for-nothing
goodnessgoodness gracious
goodness graciousgoodness knows
goodness knowsgoods
goodsgoods on someone
goof aroundgoof off
goof offgoof on someone
goof someone or something upgoof up (on something)
goofed (up)goose
goosegoose bumps
goose bumpsgoose egg
goose pimplesgopher ball
gopher ballgorge oneself on something
gorge oneself with somethinggorge someone or something with something
gorked (out)gosling
goslinggospel truth
gossip about someone or somethinggot a thing going
got a thing goinggotta get up pretty early in the morning to do something
gouge something outgouge something out of someone
gouge something out of somethinggourd
gourdGovernments have long arms.
grab a chairgrab a seat
grab at someone or somethinggrab bag
grab baggrab for someone or something
grab offgrab off
grab on(to someone or something)grab someone or something away (from someone or something)
grab someone's attentiongrabs
gracegrace period
grace periodgrace someone or something with one's presence
grace something with somethinggraced with something
graceful as a swangracious plenty
grade someone down (on something)graduate (from something)
graduate (in something) (with something)graft something on
graft something on(to) somethinggrain
graingrain of truth
grand slamgrand slam
granddaddy of them allgrandfather clause
grandfather someone or something ingrandstand
grandstandergrant someone no quarter
grant something to someonegranted
grantedgraph something out
grapple (with someone) (for something)grapple with something
grasp at someone or somethinggrasp at straws
grasp at strawsgrasp someone or something by something
grasping at strawsgrass
grassgrass is always greener on the other side (of the fence).
grass is always greener on the other side of the fencegrass is always greener on the other side of the fence
grass widowgrasshopper
grasshoppergrate on someone
grate on someone('s nerves)grate on something
gratify someone's desiresgrave
gravegraveyard shift
graveyard shiftgravitate to(ward) someone or something
gravy traingravy train
gray areagray hair(s)
gray mattergraze against someone or something
graze on somethinggrease monkey
grease monkeygrease one's palm
grease one's palmgrease someone's palm
grease the skidsgrease the wheels
grease the wheelsgrease-ball
grease-ballgreasy spoon
greasy spoongreat
greatgreat Godfrey
great GodfreyGreat balls of fire!
great beyondGreat day (in the morning)!
great dealgreat deal
great gunsgreat guns
great manygreat many
Great minds think alike.great oaks from little acorns grow
great oaks from little acorns growGreat oaks from little acorns grow.
Great ScottGreat Scott
Great Scott!great unwashed
greater the truth, the greater the libel.greatest thing since indoor plumbing
greatest thing since sliced breadGreek to someone
green around the gillsgreen around the gills
green as grassgreen power
green powergreen stuff
green thumbgreen thumb
green with envygreen with envy
green-eyed monstergreen-eyed monster
greet someone or something with somethingGreetings and felicitations!
Greetings and salutations!grief
griefgrieve for someone or something
grieve over someone or somethinggrim reaper
grin and bear itgrin and bear it
grin at someone or somethinggrin from ear to ear
grind away (at someone)grind away (at something)
grind ongrind someone down
grind something awaygrind something down
grind something into somethinggrind something out
grind something to somethinggrind something together
grind something upgrind to a halt
grind to a haltgrindstone
gripgrip on oneself
grip on somethinggrip someone's attention
gripe (to someone or something) (about someone or something)gripe at someone
gripe one's soulgrist for someone's mill
grist for the millgrist to the mill
grit one's teethgroan about someone or something
groan something outgroan under something
groan with somethinggronk (out)
groom someone as somethinggroom someone for something
groove on someone or somethinggrope (about) (for someone or something)
grope (around) (for someone or something)grope after someone or something
grope at someone or somethinggross out
gross outgross someone out
gross-out sessiongross-out session
ground ballground ball
ground floorground floor
ground ruleground rule
ground someone in somethingground something on something
grounded in (actual) factgrounds for something
group someone or something around someone or somethinggroup someone or something together
group something under somethinggrouse about someone or something
grouse at someone or an animalgrovel (about) in something
grovel before someone or somethinggrovel to someone
grow apart (from someone or something)grow away from someone
grow away from somethinggrow back
grow down (into something)grow from something
grow in somethinggrow into something
grow ongrow on
grow on someonegrow out
grow out ofgrow out of
grow out of somethinggrow over something
grow something from somethinggrow to do something
grow togethergrow up
grow upgrow up into someone or something
growing painsgrowing pains
growing youth has a wolf in his belly.growl at someone or something
growl something outgrowth experience
growth opportunitygrub around (for someone or something)
grub around (in something)grudge
grudgegruff as a bear
grumble about someone or somethinggrumble at someone
grunt something outgrunt work
guarantee against somethingguarantee something against something (for something)
guard against someone or somethingguard someone or something from someone or something
guess at somethingGuess what!
guest of honorguffaw at someone or something
guide someone aroundguide someone around something
guide someone awayguide someone away from someone or something
guide someone or something across (something)guide something away (from someone or something)
guilty conscience needs no accuser.gulp for air
gulp something backgulp something down
gum something upgum the works up
gum upgum up
gun forgun for
gun for someonegun someone or an animal down
gung hogung-ho
gung-hogush (forth) (from someone or something)
gush (forth) (out of someone or something)gush (out) (from someone or something)
gush over someone or somethinggush with something
gussied upgussy someone or something up
gut feelinggut feeling
gut reactiongut reaction
gut responsegut talk
gut talkguts
guyguzzle something down
gyp someone out of something