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Dictionary of American idioms
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cadge something from someonecadge something offsomeone
Caesar 's wife must be above suspicion.cage someone or something in
cage someone or something up (in something)cahoots
Caincajole someone into something
cajole someone out of somethingcake
cakecake someone or something with something
calculate on somethingcalculate something in
calculate something into somethingcalculated risk
calculated riskcalf love
calf lovecall
callcall girl
call girlcall (all) the shots
call (the) rollcall (up)on someone
call (up)on someone (for something)call (up)on someone (to do something)
call a haltcall a halt
call a halt to somethingcall a meeting
call a meeting to ordercall a spade a spade
call a spade a spadeCall again.
call around (about someone or something)call at some place
call attention to someone or somethingcall back
call downcall down
call forcall for
call for someone or somethingcall hogs
call in (to some place)call in question
call in questioncall in sick
call it a daycall it a day
call it a nightcall it a night
call it quitscall it quits
Call my service.call names
call namesCall no man happy till he dies.
call of naturecall off
call offcall on
call oncall on someone
call on somethingcall on the carpet
call on the carpetcall one's bluff
call one's bluffcall one's shot
call one's shotcall out
call outcall out (to someone)
call someone about somethingcall someone away (from something)
call someone backcall someone by a name
call someone downcall someone forth
call someone forwardcall someone in (for something)
call someone namescall someone on the carpet
call someone or an animal off someone or somethingcall someone or something back
call someone or something incall someone or something into question
call someone or something into somethingcall someone or something out
call someone or something upcall someone out
call someone over (to some place)call someone to account
call someone to attentioncall someone together
call someone upcall someone's attention to something
call someone's bluffcall something (back) in
call something down (on someone)call something down (to someone)
call something forthcall something in
call something offcall something out
call something squarecall something to mind
call something to someone's attentioncall something up
call the dogs offcall the meeting to order
call the rollcall the roll
call the shotscall the shots
call the tunecall the tune
call the turncall the turn
call to accountcall to account
call to armscall to arms
call to mindcall to mind
call to ordercall to order
call to someonecall up
call upcall upon
call uponcalled to straw
calling downcalling down
callsomeone or an animal offcalm after a storm.
calm before the stormcalm down
calm downcalm someone or an animal down
came naturalcame natural
camp followercamp follower
camp it upcamp out
camp outcampaign
campaigncampaign against someone or something
campaign for someone or somethingcan
cancan (just) whistle for something
Can do.Can I help you?
Can I leave a message?Can I see you again?
Can I see you in my office?Can I speak to someone?
Can I take a message?Can I take your order (now)?
Can I tell her who's calling?Can I use your powder room?
Can it!can of worms
can of wormscan take it to the bank
Can we continue this later?Can you excuse us, please?
Can you hold?Can you imagine?
Can you keep a secret?can't
can't call one's soul one's owncan't carry a tune
can't carry a tune in a bucketcan't carry a tune in a bushel basket
can't carry a tune in a paper sackcan't do anything with someone or something
can't find one's butt with both hands (in broad daylight)can't hack it
can't help butcan't help but
can't help but do somethingcan't hit the (broad) side of a barn
can't hold a candle to someonecan't make an omelette without breaking (some) eggs
can't make an omelette without breaking (some) eggscan't make heads or tails (out) of someone or something
Can't say (a)s I do(, can't say (a)s I don't).can't say boo to a goose
can't see a hole in a laddercan't see beyond the end of one's nose
can't see one's hand in front of one's facecan't see straight
can't see the wood for the treescan't see the wood for the trees
can't stand (the sight of) someone or somethingcan't stomach someone or something
can't wait (for something (to happen))can't wait (to do something)
cancel each other outcancel out
cancel outcancel out (of something)
cancel someone outcancel someone out of something
cancel someone's Christmascancel something out
cancer stickcancer stick
candidate for a pair of wingscandle
candlecanned heat
canned heatcanned laughter
canned laughtercanned music
canned musiccannot
cannot carry a tunecannot help doing something
cannot see (any) further than the end of one's nosecannot see the forest for the trees
cannot see the wood for the treescannot stomach someone or something
cap and gowncap the climax
cap the climaxcapable of doing something
capitalize on somethingcapitulate to someone or something
captain of industrycapture someone's imagination
car poolcar pool
card up one's sleevecard up one's sleeve
card-carrying membercards are stacked against one
cards stacked against onecards stacked against one
care about someone or somethingcare for someone
care for someone or somethingcare for something
care nothing about someone or somethingcare nothing for someone or something
care to do somethingcareful (with something)
careful not to do somethingcarp about someone or something
carp at someone (about someone or something)carp at someone or something
carriage tradecarriage trade
carrot and stickcarrot and stick
carry (a lot of) weight (with someone or something)carry --- off one's feet
carry --- off one's feetcarry a secret to the grave
carry a secret toone's gravecarry a torch
carry a torchcarry a torch (for someone)
carry a tunecarry a tune
carry awaycarry away
carry coals to Newcastlecarry coals to Newcastle
carry off the palmcarry off the palm
carry oncarry on
carry oncarry on
carry on (about someone or something)carry on (to something)
carry on (with someone)carry on (with something)
carry on somehowcarry on without someone or something
carry one's (own) weightcarry one's cross
carry one's crosscarry out
carry outcarry over
carry overcarry over (to something)
carry someone along (with someone)carry someone along (with something)
carry someone around (with oneself)carry someone away
carry someone back (to some time)carry someone or something about
carry someone or something aroundcarry someone or something away
carry someone or something incarry someone or something into some place
carry someone or something offcarry someone or something out
carry someone or something over from somethingcarry someone or something over to something
carry someone or something through somethingcarry someone somewhere
carry someone through (something)carry something along (with someone)
carry something around (with one)carry something back
carry something downcarry something forward
carry something offcarry something on
carry something onto somethingcarry something out
carry something overcarry something over (to some time)
carry something over (until some time)carry something with
carry something with onecarry the ball
carry the ballcarry the banner
carry the bannercarry the day
carry the daycarry the torch
carry the torchcarry the torch (forsomeone)
carry the weight of the world on one's shoulderscarry the weight of the world on one's shoulders
carry throughcarry through
carry through (onsomething)carry weight
carry weightcarry weight (with someone)
carrying chargecarrying charge
cart before the horse (to put)cart before the horse (to put)
cart offcart off
cart someone or something offcarte blanche
carve someone or something upcarve something from something
carve something in stonecarve something into something
carve something outcarve something out (of something)
carve something upcarved
carvedcarved in stone
case in pointcase in point
case of mistaken identitycase of something
case of the blind leading the blindcase someone or something out
case the jointcase the joint
cash (one's chips) incash crop
cash cropcash flow problem
cash incash in
cash in (on something)cash in on
cash in onCash is king.
Cash is trash.cash money
cash on the barrelheadcash on the barrelhead
cash on the linecash or credit
cash something incash something in (for something)
castcast (one's) pearls before swine
cast a spell (on someone)cast about
cast aboutcast about for someone or something
cast around for someone or somethingcast aspersions on someone
cast doubt(s) (on someone or something)cast down
cast downcast in one's lot with
cast in one's lot withcast in the same mold
cast offcast off
cast off (from something)Cast one's bread upon the waters.
cast one's eyes downcast one's lot in (with someone or something)
cast one's lot withcast one's lot with
cast one's votecast out
cast outcast pearls before swine
cast pearls before swinecast someone as something
cast someone asidecast someone away
cast someone offcast someone or something up
cast something asidecast something away
cast something back (some place)cast something down
cast something offcast the first stone
cast the first stonecast up
cast upcast-iron stomach
castle in the aircastle in the air
castles in Spaincastles in Spain
cat can look at a king.cat got one's tongue
cat got one's tonguecat has nine lives
cat has nine livescat has nine lives.
cat in gloves catches no mice.cat is out of the bag
cat's meowcat's meow
catapult someone or something into somethingcatch
catchcatch cold
catch coldcatch (a)hold of someone or something
catch (on) firecatch (someone) dead
catch (someone) deadcatch a glimpse of someone or something
catch atcatch at
catch at a strawcatch at a straw
catch coldcatch fire
catch firecatch flat-footed
catch flat-footedcatch forty winks
catch forty winkscatch hell (about someone or something)
catch hell (for something)catch hold of
catch hold ofcatch it
catch itcatch it in the neck
catch it in the neckCatch me later.
Catch me some other time.catch off balance
catch off balancecatch off guard
catch off guardcatch on
catch oncatch on (to something)
catch on (with someone)catch one off (one's) guard
catch one with one's pants downcatch one's death of
catch one's death ofcatch one's breath
catch one's breathcatch one's death (of cold)
catch one's eyecatch one's eye
catch onto somethingcatch red-handed
catch red-handedcatch sight of
catch sight ofcatch sight of someone or something
catch some rayscatch some rays
catch some Z'scatch some Z's
catch some Zscatch someone at a bad time
catch someone at somethingcatch someone by surprise
catch someone doing somethingcatch someone flatfooted
catch someone in the act (of doing something)catch someone napping
catch someone off balancecatch someone off guard
catch someone or something in somethingcatch someone out
catch someone red-handedcatch someone up (on someone or something)
catch someone up in somethingcatch someone up short
catch someone with somethingcatch someone's eye
catch somethingcatch something from someone
catch something on somethingcatch something up in something
catch the next wavecatch to it
catch upcatch up
catch up (on someone or something)catch up (on something)
catch up (to someone or something)catch up (withsomeone or something)
catch wind of somethingcatch with one's pants down
catch with one's pants downcatch-22
cater to someone or somethingcathouse
cathousecaught short
caught shortcaught in the act
caught in the crossfirecaught red-handed
caught shortcaught unaware(s)
caught up in somethingcaught up with something
cause (quite) a stircause (some) eyebrows to raise
cause (some) tongues to wagcause a commotion
cause eyebrows to raisecause eyebrows to raise
cause some raised eyebrowscause tongues to wag
cause tongues to wagcaution
cautioncaution someone about someone or something
cautionsomeone against someone or somethingcave in
cave incave in (to someone or something)
cavil at someonecease and desist
cease firecease fire
cede something to someoneceiling
ceilingcelebrate someone for an accomplishment
cement something oncement something on(to) something
cement something togethercensure someone (for something)
center around someone or somethingcenter of attention
center on someone or somethingcenter something on someone or something
certain partycertain sure
Certainly not!chafe at something
chain gangchain gang
chain is no stronger than its weakest link.chain letter
chain letterchain of command
chain someone or an animal upchain someone or something down
chain something to somethingchain something up
chain storeschain stores
chained to the oarschained to the oars
chalk something outchalk something up
chalk something up (against someone)chalk something up (to something)
chalk upchalk up
challenge someone on somethingchallenge someone to something
champ at the bitchamp at the bit
chance (up)on someone or somethingchance it
chance itchance on
chance onchance something
chances arechange
changechange (of life)
change back ((in)to someone or something)change back (from something)
change colorchange color
change handschange hands
change horses in midstreamchange horses in the middle of a stream
change horses in the middle of a streamchange horses in the middle of the stream
change into someone or somethingchange of heart
change of heartchange of life
change of lifechange of pace
change of pacechange of scenery
change offchange off
change one's mindchange one's mind
change one's tunechange one's tune
change out of somethingchange over (from someone or something) (to someone or something)
change places with someonechange someone or something into someone or something
change someone's mindchange someone's tune
change something backchange something with someone
change the channelchange the subject
change to somethingchange up
change upchannel something in(to something)
channel something offchapter and verse
character assassinationcharge
chargecharge (of someone or something)
charge (something) for someonecharge (something) for something
charge accountcharge account
charge at someone or somethingcharge down on someone or something
charge in(to some place)Charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it.
charge offcharge off
charge out (of some place)charge someone or something (with) something
charge someone upcharge someone with something
charge something against somethingcharge something off as something
charge something on somethingcharge something to something
charge something to somethingcharge something up
charge something up to someone or somethingcharge up
charge upcharge with
charge withcharged up
Charity begins at home.charley horse
charm someone with somethingcharm the pants off someone
charmed lifecharmed life
chart something out (for someone or something)chase
chasechase after
chase afterchase around
chase aroundchase around after someone or something
chase someone or an animal in(to) some placechase someone or something (away) from some place
chase someone or something aroundchase someone or something down
chase someone or something out of some placechase someone or something up
chase someone or something up somethingchasesomeone or an animal in
chat about someone or somethingchatter (away) (at someone or something)
chatter about someone or somethingchatter from something
cheat at somethingcheat on someone
cheat on someonecheat someone out of something
Cheaters never prosper.Cheats never prosper.
check incheck in
check back (on someone or something)check back (with someone)
check in (at something)check in (on someone or something)
check in (with someone)check in(to something)
check offcheck off
check on someone or somethingcheck on someone/thing
check on someone/thingcheck out
check outcheck out (from something)
check out (of something)check out the plumbing
check someone incheck someone or something off
check someone or something outcheck someone or something out (of something)
check someone or something overcheck someone or something through (something)
check someone's bags through (to some place)check someone's luggage through (to some place)
check something incheck something out
check thatcheck through something
check upcheck up
check up (on someone or something)check with
check withcheck with someone (about something)
Check, please.check-up
check-upchecks and balances
cheekcheek by jowl
cheer for someone or somethingcheer on
cheer oncheer someone or something on
cheer someone upcheer up
cheer upcheese
cheesecheese someone off
cheesed offcherry farm
cherry farmcherry-pick something
chew (away) at somethingchew on someone or something
chew one'schew one's own tobacco
chew outchew out
chew someone or something upchew someone out
chew something awaychew something off
chew something off somethingchew something over
chew something upchew the fat
chew the fatchew the rag
chew the scenerychew the scenery
chicken feedchicken feed
chicken outchicken out
chicken out (of something)chicken out on someone
chicken switchchicken switch
chickens come home to roostchickens come home to roost
chickens come home to roost.chide someone for something
chief cook and bottle washerchild
childchild is father of the man.
child is father to the man.child's play
child's playchildren and fools speak the truth
children and fools speak the truthChildren and fools tell the truth.
children should be seen and not heardchildren should be seen and not heard
Children should be seen and not heard.chill
chillchill out
chill someone's actionchilled to the bone
chime inchime in
chime in (with something)chin
chinchin music
china shopchina shop
China syndromeChina syndrome
chink in one's armorchip
chipchip (away) at something
chip awaychip in
chip inchip in (on something)
chip in (with something) (for something) (for someone)chip in (with something) (on something) (for someone)
chip off the old blockchip off the old block
chip on one's shoulderchip on one's shoulder
chip on one's shoulderchip something away (from something)
chip something in (on something)chips
chipschips and dip
chisel in (on someone or something)chisel someone out of something
chisel something from someonechisel something out of someone
chock full of somethingchoice
choicechoke off
choke offchoke on something
choke someone offchoke someone up
choke something backchoke something down
choke something offchoke something up
choke upchoke up
chomp at the bitchoose
choosechoose (up) sides
choose among someone or somethingchoose between two people or things
choose from someone or somethingchoose someone as something
choose someone or something for somethingchoose something for someone
choose up sideschoose up sides
chop someone offchop someone or something (up) (in(to) something)
chop something backchop something down
chop something offchop something off (of) something
chortle about someone or somethingchortle oversomeone or something
chortle with somethingchow (something) down
chow linechow line
Christmas cardChristmas card
Christmas clubChristmas club
Christmas comes but once a year.chuck it in
chuck someone or something awaychuck someone out
chuck someone out of some placechuck someone under the chin
chuck something awaychuck something down
chuck something inchuck something into something
chuck something over somethingchuck something up
chuckle about someone or somethingchuckle oversomeone or something
chuckle with somethingchug along
chum around withchum around with
chum up to someonechum up with someone
chunk of changechunk something
Church ain't out till they quit singing.church key
churn something outchurn something up
cigar-store Indiancigar-store Indian
circle around (over someone or something)circulate among someone or something
circulate something through somethingcirculate through something
circumstances alter casescircumstances alter cases
Circumstances alter cases.circus
circuscite someone for something
city slickercivil
civilCivility costs nothing.
claim a lifeclaim check
claim checkclaim something for someone or something
claim something for somethingclam up
clam upclamber in(to something)
clamber onclamber onto something
clamber up (something)clamor against someone or something
clamor for someone or somethingclamp down
clamp downclamp down (on someone or something)
clamp something onclamp something on(to) something
clap eyes on someone or somethingclap someone in(to) some place
clap something on(to) somethingclap something out
clap something togetherclash (with someone) (over someone or something)
clash against somethingclash with something
clasp someone or something to somethingclass
classclass someone or something with someone or something
clatter aroundclatter something around
claw one's way to the topclaw something off
claw something off someone or somethingclay
clayclay pigeon
clay pigeonclean
cleanclean (up) one's plate
clean as a hound's toothclean as a whistle
clean bill of healthclean bill of health
clean breakclean break
clean handsclean hands
clean one's act upclean out
clean outclean out (of something)
clean slateclean slate
clean someone or something downclean someone or something out of something
clean someone or something upclean someone out
clean someone's plowclean something off and clean something off something
clean something outclean sweep
clean sweepclean the floor up with someone
clean upclean up
clean up (on something)clean-cut
cleaned outcleaners
cleanersCleanliness is next to godliness.
cleansomeone or something outclear
clearclear the air
clear the airclear as a bell
clear as crystalclear as mud
clear of somethingclear off ((of) some place)
clear one's nameclear one's name
clear outclear out
clear out (of some place)clear sailing
clear someone of somethingclear someone or something out of some place
clear someone's nameclear something away
clear something for publicationclear something from some place
clear something offclear something off something
clear something upclear something with someone or something
clear the airclear the decks
clear the decksclear the table
Clear the way!clear up
clear upclear-cut
clear-eyedclearsomeone or something out
cleave to someoneclerk
clerkclick with someone
climb down (from something)climb on
climb on the bandwagonclimb on the bandwagon
climb on(to) somethingclimb out (of something)
climb the wallclimb the wall
climb the wall(s)climb up (something)
cling to one's mother's apron stringscling to one's mother's apron strings
cling to someone or somethingcling together
clinging vineclinging vine
clip jointclip joint
clip one's wingsclip one's wings
clip someone's wingsclip something from something
clip something onclip something on(to) someone or something
clip something outclip something out of something
cloak someone or something in secrecycloak-and-dagger
clockclock in
clock outclock someone in
clock someone or something at somethingclock someone out
clock something upclock watcher
clock watcherclock-watcher
clog someone upclog something up
clog something with somethingclog up
close the booksclose the books
close to homeclose to home
close (in) around someone or somethingclose a deal
close a saleclose as two coats of paint
close at handclose at hand
close callclose call
close chewer and a tight spitterclose down
close downclose enough for government work
close enough to use the same toothpickclose in
close inclose in (on someone or something)
close in for the killclose its doors
close its doorsclose on something
close one's eyesclose one's eyes
close one's eyes to somethingClose only counts in horseshoes (and hand grenades).
close quartersclose quarters
close ranksclose ranks
close ranks (behind someone or something)close ranks (with someone)
close shaveclose shave
close someone or something downclose someone or something in (something)
close someone outclose someone out of something
close someone upclose something down
close something offclose something out
close something to someoneclose something up
close the books on someone or somethingclose the deal
close the doorclose the door
close the door on someone or somethingclose the door tosomeone or something
close the saleclose to home
close to someoneclose to someone or something
close upclose up shop
close up shopclose with someone or something
Close, but no cigar.close-knit
close-upclosed book
closed bookclosed shop
closed shopclosed-door
closed-doorclosefisted (with money)
closet someone with someoneclothe someone in something
Clothes make the man.clothing
cloudcloud over
cloud upclover
cloverclown around (with someone)
cluck and gruntcluck and grunt
clue someone in (on something)clunk down
clunk something downcluster around someone or something
cluster someone or something around someone or somethingcluster together
clutch (up)clutch at someone or something
clutch at strawsclutch someone or something to something
clutter something upco-opt someone into something
coach someone for somethingcoal
coalcoalesce into something
coast alongcoast is clear
coast is clearcoast is clear.
coast-to-coastcoat and tie
coat someone or something with somethingcoat tail
coat tailcoax someone or an animal in(to something)
coax someone or an animal out of somethingcoax someone to do something
cobble something up and cobble something togethercock
cockcock a snook at someone
cock of the walkcock-and-bull story
cock-and-bull storycockeyed
cocksurecocky as the king of spades
coerce someone or an animal into somethingcoexist with someone or something
coffee andcoffee and Danish
coffee breakcoffee break
coffee hourcoffee hour
coffee tablecoffee table
coffee-table bookcoffin nail
coffin nailcog
cogcogitate on something
cohabit with someonecoil (itself) around someone or something
coil (itself) upcoil (itself) up into something
coil something upcoin a phrase
coin moneycoin money
coincide with somethingcold
coldcold as a welldigger's ass (in January)
cold as a welldigger's ears (in January)cold as a welldigger's feet (in January)
cold as a witch's caresscold as a witch's tit
cold as marblecold cash
cold cashcold comfort
cold comfortcold feet
cold feetcold fish
cold fishCold hands, warm heart.
cold shouldercold shoulder
cold snapcold snap
cold sobercold turkey
cold turkeycold war
cold warcold, hard cash
coldcock someonecollaborate with someone or something
collapse into somethingcollapse under someone or something
collar-and-tie mencollate something with something
collect (money) for someone or somethingcollect (money) for something
collect around someone or somethingcollect on something
collect one's thoughtscollect something from someone
collect something upcollective farm
collective farmcollector's item
collector's itemCollege Boards
College Boardscollide with someone or something
collude with someone or somethingcolor
colorcolor guard
color guardcolor scheme
color schemecolor something in
comb something for someone or somethingcomb something out
comb something out of somethingcomb through something
combine something against someone or somethingcombine something with something
come betweencome between
come by honestlycome by honestly
come income in
Come 'n' get it!come (a)round
Come (on) in.come (right) on top of something
come (up) from behindcome (up)on someone or something
come a croppercome a cropper
come a long waycome a long way
come aboardcome about
come aboutcome across
come acrosscome across (to something)
come across (with something)come across as someone or something (to someone)
come across like someone or something (to someone)come across someone or something
come againcome again
Come again.come alive
come alivecome along
come alongcome along (with someone)
Come and get it!come apart
come apart at the seamscome apart at the seams
come aroundcome around
come around (to doing something)come around (to some place)
come as no surprisecome at
come atcome at someone or something
come away (from someone or something)come away empty-handed
come away with someonecome back
come backcome back (from some place)
come back (to someone or something)come back (to someone)
Come back and see me.Come back and see us.
Come back anytime.come back to earth
come back to earthcome back to haunt one
Come back when you can stay longer.come before someone or something
come between someone and someone elsecome between something and something else
come bycome by
come by (some place)come by something
come by something honestlycome clean
come cleancome clean (with someone) (about something)
come close (to someone or something)come down
come downcome down hard on
come down hard oncome down (from something)
come down (hard) (on someone or something)come down in the world
come down in the worldcome down off one's high horse
come down off one's high horsecome down on like a ton of bricks
come down on like a ton of brickscome down to earth
come down to earthcome down to some place
come down to somethingcome down with
come down withcome down with something
come for someonecome forth
come forwardcome forward (with something)
come from behindcome from far and wide
come from far and widecome from nowhere
come from someone or somethingcome full circle
come full circlecome hell or high water
come hell or high watercome home (to roost)
come home from some placecome home to roost
come home to roostcome home to someone
come home to someone or somethingcome in
come in a certain positionCome in and make yourself at home.
Come in and set a spell.Come in and sit a spell.
Come in and sit down.Come in and take a load off your feet.
come in forcome in for
come in for somethingcome in handy
come in handycome in out of the rain
come in usefulcome in(to) contact (with someone or something)
come in(to) heatcome in(to) season
come intocome into
come into (some) moneycome into a (small) fortune
come into beingcome into bloom
come into blossomcome into conflict
come into effectcome into existence
come into fashioncome into one's or its own
come into one's owncome into one's own
come into playcome into prominence
come into seasoncome into service
come into sightcome into the open
come into the worldcome into view
come Mondaycome naturally (to someone)
come ofcome of
come of agecome of age
come offcome off
come offcome off
come off ((of) something)come off it
come off itCome off it!
come off second bestcome off second best
come oncome on
come on (duty)come on (to someone)
come on as somethingcome on in(to) something
Come on in, the water's fine!come on like gangbusters
come on somehowcome on strong
come on strongcome on the scene
come on(to) someone or somethingcome one's way
come one's waycome out
come outcome out (of someone or something)
come out (of something)come out (of) the little end of the horn
come out against someone or somethingcome out ahead
come out at an amountcome out at someone or something
come out badlycome out for
come out forcome out for someone or something
come out in favor of someone or somethingcome out in something
come out in the opencome out in the open
come out in the washcome out in(to) the open
come out in(to) the open with somethingcome out of a clear blue sky
come out of left fieldcome out of one's shell
come out of the bluecome out of the clear blue sky
come out on somethingcome out on top
come out smelling like a rosecome out to an amount
come out to become out toward(s) someone or something
come out wellcome out with
come out withcome out with something
come overcome over
come over someonecome over someone or something
come rain or (come) shinecome rain or shine
Come right in.come round
come roundcome short of something
come someone's waycome through
come throughcome through (for someone or something)
come through (with something)come through something
come through something (with flying colors)come to
come tocome to a bad end
come to a boilcome to a climax
come to a closecome to a conclusion
come to a dead endcome to a dead end
come to a haltcome to a head
come to a pretty passcome to a standstill
come to a stopcome to an end
come to an impassecome to an understanding (with someone)
come to an untimely endcome to attention
come to blowscome to blows
come to blows (about someone or something)come to blows (over someone or something)
come to fruitioncome to grief
come to griefcome to grips with
come to grips withcome to grips with someone or something
come to handcome to hand
come to harmcome to heel
come to heelcome to life
come to lifecome to light
come to lightcome to mind
come to mindcome to much
come to naughtcome to no good
come to nothingcome to nothing
come to one's feetcome to one's senses
come to one's sensescome to oneself
come to passcome to pass
come to restcome to someone's assistance
come to someone's attentioncome to someone's notice
come to someone's or something's rescuecome to something
come to termscome to terms
come to terms (about someone or something)come to terms (on someone or something)
come to terms (with someone or something)come to the fore
come to the job with somethingcome to the point
come to the pointcome to the position with something
come to the same thingcome to the task with something
come to think of itcome to think of it
come to thiscome together
come together (on something)come true
come truecome under something
come under the hammercome unglued
come upcome up
come up a stormcome up for air
come up for somethingcome up heads
come up in the worldcome up in the world
come up smelling like a rosecome up smelling like a rose
come up smelling like rosescome up tails
come up through the rankscome up to
come up tocome up to someone's expectations
come up to someone's standardscome up with
come up withcome up with someone or something
come uponcome upon
come what maycome what may
come with (someone or something)come with the territory
come within a hair('s breadth) of someone or somethingcome within an ace of something
come within an inch of doing somethingcome within an inch of someone or something
come within somethingcome-hither look
comfortable as an old shoecomfortable as an old shoe
coming and goingcoming and going
Coming events cast their shadows before.coming out
coming outcoming out of one's ears
coming out partycoming out party
Coming through(, please).coming up a cloud
comings and goingscomings and goings
command modulecommand module
commence with someone or somethingcommend someone for something
commend someone or something to someone or somethingcomment (up)on someone or something
comment about someone or somethingcommiserate with someone
commit oneself on somethingcommit oneself to someone or something
commit oneself to somethingcommit someone or something for something
commit someone or something to somethingcommit something to memory
commit to someonecommode-hugging drunk
common groundcommon ground
common as an old shoecommon as an old shoe
common as dirtcommon thread (to all this)
common touchcommon touch
commune with somethingcommunicate something to someone
communicate with someonecommute between places
commute from some placecommute something into something
company mancompany man
compare notescompare notes
compare notes on someone or somethingcompare someone or something to someone or something
compare someone or something with someone or somethingcompartmentalize something into something
compel someone to do somethingcompensate for something
compensate someone for somethingcompete against someone
compete against somethingcompete for someone or something
compete in somethingcompete with someone or something
compile something from somethingcomplain about someone or something
complain of somethingcomplain to someone
compliment someone on somethingcomply with something
comport oneself with some mannercomposed of something
compound something with somethingcompress something into something
comprised of someone or somethingcompromise (on someone or something) with someone
compromise on someone or something (with someone)compute something at something
con someone into somethingcon someone out of something
conceal someone or something from someone or somethingconcede something to someone or something
concede to someone or somethingconceited as a barber's cat
conceive of someone or somethingconceive of someone or something as someone or something
concentrate (up)on someone or somethingconcentrate at some place
concentrate someone or something at somethingconcentrate something on someone or something
concern oneself about someone or somethingconcern someone in something
concern someone with someone or somethingconcernoneself over someone or something
concur (on someone or something) with someoneconcur on someone or something (with someone)
condemn someone as somethingcondemn someone for something
condemn someone to somethingcondense something (in)to something
condescend to do somethingcondescend to someone
condition someone or something to somethingconduct someone away (from someone or something)
conduct someone inconduct someone into something
conduct someone outconduct someone out of something
confederate with someone or somethingconfer (on someone or something) with someone
confer (with someone) about someone or somethingconfer on someone or something (with someone)
confer something (up)on someoneconfer with someone (about someone or something)
confess something to someoneconfess to someone
confess to somethingconfide in someone
confide something in someoneconfide something tosomeone
confine someone or an animal to somethingconfine someone or an animal within something
confine something to someone or somethingconfirm someone in something
confiscate something from someone or somethingconflict with something
conform to somethingconform with something
confront someone with somethingconfuse someone about something
confuse someone or an animal with somethingconfuse someone with someone else
confuse something with something elsecongratulate someone (up)on something
congregate housingcongregate housing
conjecture on somethingconjure someone or something up
conk offconk out
conk outconnect (up) to something
connect (up) with someone or somethingconnect (with someone)
connect (with the ball)connect someone or something (up) to someone or something
connect someone or something (up) with someone or somethingconnive (atsomething) with someone
connive at something (with someone)Consarn it!
Conscience does make cowards of us all.conscript someone into something
consecrate someone or something to Godconsent
consentconsent to something
consider someone (as) somethingconsider someone for something
consign something to someone or somethingconsist of someone or something
console someone on somethingconsole someone with something
consort with someoneconspicuous by one's absence
conspire (with someone) against someone or somethingconspire with someone (against someone or something)
Constant dripping wears away a stone.Constant dropping wears away a stone.
constrain someone from doing somethingconstruct something from something
construct something out of somethingconstrue something as something
consult (with) someone (about someone or something)consumer goods
consumer goodscontact with someone
contaminate someone or something with somethingcontend (with someone) for something
contend against someone or somethingcontend with a problem
contend with someone (for something)content
contentcontent oneself with someone or something
contented mind is a perpetual feast.contention
contentioncontinue by doing something
continue with somethingcontract (with someone) for something
contract something outcontract with someone (for something)
contradiction in termscontrary
contrarycontrary to something
contrast someone or something to someone or something elsecontrast someone or something with someone or something else
contrast with someone or somethingcontribute something (to someone) (for someone or something)
contribute to somethingcontrol over someone or something
control roomcontrol room
control the purse stringscontrol tower
control towerconvalesce from something
converge (up)on someone or somethingconversation
conversationconversation piece
conversation piececonverse (with someone) about someone or something
converse with someone (about someone or something)convert (from something) (in)to something
convert from something ((in)to something)convert someone or something (from something) ((in)tosomething)
convey something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)convict someone of something
convince someone of somethingconvulse someone with something
cook (something) outcook one's goose
cook one's goosecook someone's goose
cook something to perfectioncook something up
cook something up (with someone)cook the accounts
cook the bookscook up
cook upcooked up
cooking with gascool
coolcool as a cucumber
cool as a cucumbercool customer
cool customercool down
cool downCool it!
cool offcool one's heels
cool one's heelscool out
cool someone downcool someone off
cool someone outcool, calm, and collected
cooled outcooler heads prevail
coon's agecoon's age
coop someone or something upcoop up
coop upcooperate (with someone) on something
cooperate with someone (on something)coordinate something with something
cop a feelcop a feel
cop a packetcop a plea
cop a pleacop a squat
cop an attitudecop onto something
cop outcop out
cop out (of something)cop out (on someone)
cop out (on something)cop some Zs
cop something from someone or somethingcop-out
cop-outcope with someone or something
copulate with someonecopy cat
copy catcopy something down (from someone or something)
copy something outcopy something out (by hand)
copy something out of somethingcordon something off
cork high and bottle deepcork something up
corn ballcorn ball
corn beltcorn belt
corner the market on somethingcorner the something market
corral someone or somethingcorrelate something with something
correlate with somethingcorrespond to something
correspond with someone (about someone or something) correspond (with someone) about someone or somethingcost a bomb
cost a bombcost a pretty penny
cost an arm and a legcost something out
cost the earthcotton
cottoncotton (on)to someone or something
cotton pickingcotton picking
cotton up to someonecouch case
couch casecouch doctor
couch doctorcouch potato
couch potatocouch something in something
cough one's head offcough something out
cough something upcough up
cough upcould do with someone or something
could fight a circle-saw (and it a-runnin')Could I be excused?
Could I call you?Could I come in?
Could I get by, please?Could I have a lift?
Could I have a word with you?Could I have someone call you?
Could I have the bill?Could I have the check?
Could I help you?Could I join you?
Could I leave a message?Could I see you again?
Could I see you in my office?Could I speak to someone?
Could I take a message?Could I take your order (now)?
Could I tell him who's calling?Could I use your powder room?
Could we continue this later?Could you excuse us, please?
Could you hold?Could you keep a secret?
could(n't) care lesscouldn't be happier
couldn't care lesscouldn't care less
couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddlecouldn't pour water out of a boot (if there was instructions on the heel)
Councils of war never fight.counsel
counselcounsel someone about something
counsel someone against somethingcount
countcount (up)on someone or something
count against someonecount down
count for somethingcount from something (up) to something
count headscount heads
Count no man happy till he dies.count noses
count offcount off
count oncount on
count on someone or somethingcount one's chickens before they hatch
count one's chickens before they're hatchedcount one's chickens before they're hatched
count outcount out
count someone among somethingcount someone in
count someone in (for something)count someone in (on something)
count someone or something as somethingcount someone or something off
count someone or something upcount someone out (for something)
count something against someonecount something as something
count something incount something out
count to tencount to ten
count up to somethingcount with someone
counter someone or something with somethingcounter with something
country milecounty mounty
county mountycouple of
couple someone with someonecouple something (on)to something
couple something oncouple something on(to something)
couple something togethercouple something with something
couple up (with someone)couple with someone
couple with somethingcourage
coursecourse of action
course of true love never did run smooth.course through something
Courtesy costs nothing.cousin
covercover (up) for someone
cover a lot of groundcover a lot of ground
cover for someonecover girl
cover girlcover ground
cover groundcover one's tracks
cover one's trackscover someone in something
cover someone or something against somethingcover someone or something for something
cover someone or something upcover someone's tracks (up)
cover something upcover the territory
cover the waterfrontcover the waterfront
cover upcover up
covered-dish suppercovered-dish supper
cow chipcow college
cow collegecow flop
cow juicecow paste
cow pattycow pie
cow someone into somethingCowards die many times before their death(s).
cower (away) from someone or somethingcower down (from something)
cower down (withsomething)cower from something
cows tailcows tail
cozy upcozy up
cozy up (to someone)crack
crackcrack the whip
crack the whipcrack a book
crack a bookcrack a bottle
crack a bottlecrack a bottle open
crack a jokecrack a joke
crack a smilecrack a smile
crack atsomeonecrack atsomething
crack downcrack down
crack down (on someone or something)crack of dawn
crack of dawncrack open
crack some sudscrack someone or something up
crack someone upcrack something (wide) open
crack something upcrack the door (open)
crack the window (open)crack under the strain
crack upcrack up
crackedcracked up
cracked upcracked up as something
cracked up to becracked up to be something
cradle robbercradle robber
cram for a testcram for an examination
cram someone or something incram someone or something into something
cram someone or something with someone or somethingcramp
crampcramp one's style
cramp one's stylecramp someone's style
crank someone upcrank something out
crank something upcrap out
crap out (of something)crap out (of something) (on someone)
crash and burncrash around
crash course in somethingcrash dive
crash divecrash down (about someone or something)
crash down (around someone or something)crash into someone or something
crash out (of some place)crash something together
crash the gatecrash the gate
crash through somethingcrash to the floor
crash togethercrash with someone
crave to do somethingcraw
crawcrawl across something
crawl along somethingcrawl back to someone
crawl in(to something)crawl out
crawl out (of something)crawl over something
crawl upcrawl up
crawling with some kind of creaturecrawling with someone
crazy about someone or somethingcrazy as a betsy bug
crazy as a looncrazy as a peachorchard boar
crazy bonecrazy for someone or something
crazy in the headcreaking door hangs longest.
creaking gate hangs longest.cream
creamcream of the crop
cream of the cropcrease something up
create a scenecreate a stink (about something)
create an uproarcreature comforts
creature of habitcreature of habit
credibility gapcredibility gap
credit (for something)credit someone or something for something
credit someone or something with somethingcredit something to someone or something
credit to someone or somethingcreek
creepcreep across something
creep along somethingcreep away
creep bycreep in(to something)
creep out (of something)creep over someone or something
creep under somethingcreep up
creep up oncreep up on
creep up on someone or somethingcreeps
crew cutcrew cut
crib something from someone or somethingcrick in one's back
crick in one's neckCrime doesn't pay.
cringe away from someone or somethingcringe before someone or something
cringe fromsomeone or somethingcrinkle up
criticize someone for somethingcrock someone or something up
crocodile tearscrocodile tears
crooked as a barrel of fish hookscrooked as a dog's hind leg
crooked as a fish hookcrop
cropcrop up
crop upcrop out
crop outcrop someone or something out
crop upcropper
crosscross a bridge before one comes to it
cross a bridge before one comes to itcross fire
cross firecross from some place to some place
cross one's fingerscross one's fingers
cross one's heartcross one's heart
cross one's heart (and hope to die)cross one's mind
cross one's mindcross one's path
cross one's pathcross over
cross over into some placecross over something
cross paths (with someone)cross someone
cross someone or something off (of) somethingcross someone or something out
cross someone upcross someone's mind
cross someone's palm with silvercross something with something
cross streetcross street
cross swordscross swords
cross swords (with someone)cross that bridge before onecomes to it
cross that bridge when one comes to itcross the Rubicon
Cross the stream where it is shallowest.cross the wire
cross the wirecross up
cross upcross-check(1)
cross-check(2)cross-examine someone
Crosses are ladders that lead to heaven.crosssomeone or something off
crouch aroundcrouch down
crow about somethingcrow bait
crow before one is out of the woodscrow before one is out of the woods
crow over somethingcrow to pick
crow to pickcrowd around someone or something
crowd incrowd in (on someone or something)
crowd in(to) some placecrowd someone or something in(to) something
crowd someone or something out of somethingcrowd someone or something together
crowd something with someone or somethingcrowd through (something)
crowd togethercrowdsomeone or something in
crowdsomeone or something outcrown jewels
crown jewelscrown someone with something
crown something with somethingcruise around in something
cruisin' for a bruisin'cruising for a bruising
crum something upcrumb something up
crumble awaycrumble into something
crumble something up (into something)crumble up
crumped outcrumple something up
crumple upcrunch someone or something up
crunch something downcrusade against someone or something
crusade for someone or somethingcrush (up) against someone or something
crush on someonecrush someone or something down
crush someone or something to somethingcrush something (in)to something
crush something incrush something out of someone or something
crush something upcrush something up (into something)
crushed by somethingcrushsomething out
crux of the mattercrux of the matter
cry (something) out (to someone or an animal)cry all the way to the bank
cry before one is hurtcry before one is hurt
cry bloody murdercry buckets
cry bucketscry crocodile tears
cry forcry for
cry for someone or somethingcry in one's beer
cry one's eyes outcry one's heart out
cry oneself to sleepcry out
cry outcry out (against someone or something)
cry out (in something)cry out (with something)
cry out forcry out for
cry out for someone or somethingcry over someone or something
cry over spilled milkcry over spilled milk
cry over spilled milkcry uncle
cry unclecry wolf
cry wolfcrying need (for someone or something)
crying shamecrystal ball
crystal ballcrystal gazing
crystal gazingcub scout
cub scoutcucumber
cucumbercuddle up (to someone or something)
cuddle up (with someone)cuddle up with a (good) book
cudgel one's brainscudgel one's brains
cue incue in
cue someone incuff
cuffcull someone or something out
cull someone or something out of somethingculminate in something
culturally advantagedculturally deprived
culturally disadvantagedculture vulture
culture vulturecunning as a fox
cup of teacup of tea
cup one's hands togethercurb service
curb servicecurdle someone's blood
cure someone of somethingcure something of something
curiosity killed the catcuriosity killed the cat
Curiosity killed the cat.curl
curlcurl one's hair
curl one's haircurl someone's hair
curl something upcurl up
curl upcurl up (in(to) something)
curl up (with a (good) book)curl up and die
curl up with someone or an animalcurly dirt
curry favorcurry favor
curry favor with someonecurse at someone or something
curse someone for somethingcurse someone or something with something
curtain something offcurtains for someone or something
curtsy to someonecurve
curvecurve to something
cuss a blue streakcuss someone out
customer is always right.cut
cutcut (oneself) loose (from someone or something)
cut (someone) a checkcut a big swath
cut a classcut a class
cut a dealcut a figure
cut a figurecut a fine figure
cut a long story shortcut a swathe
cut a swathecut a wide swath
cut above averagecut above something
cut acrosscut across
cut across somethingcut along something
cut and driedcut and paste
cut and runcut and run
cut around somethingcut at someone or an animal
cut at somethingcut away at
cut backcut back
cut backcut back
cut back (on something)cut back to someone or something
cut both wayscut both ways
cut classcut corners
cut cornerscut down
cut downcut down (on something)
cut down to sizecut down to size
cut from the same clothcut ice
cut icecut in
cut incut in (ahead of someone or something)
cut in (on someone)cut in (on something)
cut in (with something)cut in(to something)
cut intocut into
Cut it out!cut loose
cut loosecut loose (with something)
cut no icecut no ice
cut no ice (with someone)cut off
cut offcut off one's nose to spite one's face
cut off one's nose to spite one's facecut offs
cut offscut one's (own) throat
cut one's coat according to one's clothcut one's coat to suit one's cloth
cut one's eyes at someone or somethingcut one's eyeteeth on
cut one's eyeteeth oncut one's eyeteeth on something
cut one's lossescut one's losses
cut one's nose off to spite one's facecut one's teeth on
cut one's teeth oncut one's throat
cut one's throatcut one's wolf loose
cut oneself on somethingcut out
cut out (for some place)cut out for someone or something
cut out for somethingcut out to be something
cut out(1)cut out(1)
cut out(2)cut out(2)
cut rate(1)cut rate(1)
cut schoolcut short
cut shortcut some Zs
cut someone a breakcut someone dead
cut someone downcut someone down (to size)
cut someone in (on something)cut someone off at the pass
cut someone off without a pennycut someone or something loose from something
cut someone or something off (from something)cut someone or something off (short)
cut someone or something on somethingcut someone or something out
cut someone or something to somethingcut someone or something up
cut someone or something with somethingcut someone some slack
cut someone to ribbonscut someone to the bone
cut someone to the quickcut someone up
cut someone's water offcut something away (from something)
cut something backcut something down
cut something down to somethingcut something from something
cut something into somethingcut something off
cut something on somethingcut something out
cut something out of somethingcut something to the bone
cut something with somethingcut teeth
cut teethcut the cheese
Cut the comedy!cut the deadwood out
cut the dustCut the funny stuff!
cut the ground from undercut the ground from under
cut the ground out from under someonecut the mustard
cut the mustardcut the pie up
Cut the shit!cut through red tape
cut through somethingcut to pieces
cut to piecescut to someone or something
cut to the bonecut to the bone
cut to the chasecut to the quick
cut to the quickcut two ways
cut two wayscut up
cut upcut up (about someone or something)
cut your peachescut-and-dried
cutbackcute as a bug's ear
cutting edge