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Dictionary of American idioms
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ba(t)ch (it)babe in arms
babe in the woodsbabe in the woods
baby boombaby boom
baby grandbaby grand
baby kisserbaby kisser
babysit (with) someonebabysit for someone
back (at someone)back (some place)
back and fillback and forth
back and forthback at it (again)
back awayback away
back away (from someone or something)back door
back doorback down
back downback down (from someone or something)
back down (on something)back down (something)
back Eastback in circulation
back in circulationback in(to) (the) harness
back in(to) circulationback into someone or something
back numberback number
back ofback of
back of the beyondback off (from someone or something)
back on one's feetback on track
back oneself into a cornerback onto someone or something
back outback out
back out (of something)back over someone or something
back seatback seat
back someone for somethingback someone or something into someone or something
back someone or something off (from something)back someone or something onto someone or something
back someone or something out (from something)back someone or something out of something
back someone or something upback someone or something up to someone or something
back someone upback something up
back streetback street
back talkback talk
back the wrong horseback the wrong horse
back to basicsback to square one
back to the drawing boardback to the salt mines
back to the salt minesback to the wall
back to the wallback up
back upback up (to someone or something)
back up (to something)back-order something
backfire on someonebackhanded compliment
backhanded complimentbackroom boys
backseat driverbackseat driver
backsomeone or something outbackward
backwardbackward and forward
backward and forwardbacon
badbad actor
bad actorbad blood
bad bloodbad blood (between people)
bad eggbad egg
bad excuse is better than none.bad hair day
Bad money drives out good.bad mouth (someone)
bad mouth (someone)bad news
bad newsBad news travels fast.
bad paperbad paper
bad pennybad penny always turns up.
bad shitbad shit
bad timebad times
bad tripbad trip
bad-mouth someone or somethingbadger someone into something
badger someone or something to deathbag
bagbag and baggage
bag and baggageBag it!
bag of bonesbag of tricks
bag on someonebag some rays
Bag that!Bag your face!
bail out (of something)bail out(1)
bail out(1)bail out(2)
bail out(2)bail out(3)
bail out(3)bail someone or something out
bail someone outbail someone out of jail
bail something outbait
baitbait and switch
baker's dozenbaker's dozen
balance of powerbalance out
balance something against something elsebalance something with something else
balance the accountsbalance the books
bald as a baby's backsidebald as a coot
baleful as deathbalk at something
ball and chainball game
ball gameball is in someone's court
ball of fireball of fire
ball someone or something upball something up
ball upball up
ballot stuffingballot stuffing
ballpark figureballs of one's feet
ban someone from somethingbanana oil
banana oilband
bandband together
band togetherband together (against someone or something)
bandage someone or something upbandbox
bandwagonbandy about
bandy aboutbandy something about
bandy with someonebang (away) at something
bang against someone or somethingbang for the buck
bang into someone or somethingbang on someone or something
bang one's head against a brick wallbang someone or something around
bang someone upbang something against someone or something
bang something inbang something into someone or something
bang something outbang something up
bang the drum for someone or somethingbang up
bang upbanish someone or something from some place
bank onbank on
bank on somethingbank something up (against something)
banker's hoursbaptism of fire
bar nonebar someone from some place
bar the doorbar the door
bare one's soul (to someone)bare one's teeth
bare somethingbare something to someone
bare-bonesbarf out
barf someone outbargain
bargainbargain (for someone or something) (with someone)
bargain (over someone or something) (with someone)bargain for
bargain forbargain for something
bargain on somethingbargaining chip
barge inbarge in
barge in (on someone or something)barge in(to some place)
barge into someone or somethingbark at someone
bark at someone or somethingbark something atsomeone
bark something out (to someone)bark something out at someone
bark something to someonebark up the wrong tree
bark up the wrong treebark worse than one's bite
bark worse than one's bitebarking dog never bites.
barrel alongbarrel in(to some place)
barrel of funbarrel out (of some place)
barter for somethingbarter over something
barter something awaybarter something for something else
barter something offbarter with someone
base on ballsbase on balls
base one's opinion on somethingbase something (up)on someone or something
bash someone or something aroundbash something against someone or something
bash something inbash something up
bask in somethingbasket
basketbasket case
basket casebat
batbat an eye
bat an eyebat something around
bat the breezebat the breeze
bathe someone or something in somethingbats in one's belfry
bats in one's belfrybatten down the hatches
batter someone or something upbatter something down
batting averagebatting average
battle (with someone) (over someone or something)battle against someone or something
battle for somethingbattle of nerves
battle of nervesbattle of the bulge
battle royalbattle something out
bawl outbawl out
bawl someone outbay
baybay at something
be a fly on the wallbe a fly on the wall
be a good hand atbe a good hand at
be a poor hand atbe a poor hand at
be an itembe an item
be at painsbe at pains
Be careful.be even-Steven
be even-Stevenbe for doing something
be for someone or somethingbe game
be gameBe good.
Be happy to (do something).be hard on
be hard onbe in a stew
be in a stewbe in aid of
be in laborbe in labor
be in someone else's shoesbe in someone else's shoes
be into somethingbe into something
be it sobe it so
be itching tobe itching to
Be just before you're generous.be my guest
be my guestBe my guest.
be nuts aboutbe nuts about
be offbe off
be onbe on
be on the outs withbe on the outs with
be on the rocksbe on the rocks
be on the verge ofbe on the verge of
be on the wagonbe on the wagon
be on tobe on to
be one's agebe one's age
be one's brother's keeperbe one's own man
be one's own masterbe oneself
be oneselfbe out
be outbe out to
be out tobe over
be overBe quiet!
be set onbe set on
be sobe so bold as to do something
be that as it maybe the last person (to do something)
be the making ofbe the making of
Be there or be square.be too
be up to no goodbe up to no good
be up to somethingbe up to something
beach bunnybeach bunny
Beam me up, Scotty!beam someone or something up (to some place)
beam upbean
bearbear (up)on something
bear a grudgebear a grudge
bear a grudge (against someone)bear a hand
bear a handbear a resemblance to someone or something
bear downbear down
bear down (on someone or something)bear down on
bear down onbear fruit
bear fruitbear in mind
bear in mindbear in mind that...
bear in the airbear in the air
bear off (of something)bear off the palm
bear off the palmbear one's cross
bear one's crossbear out
bear outbear someone or something in mind
bear someone or something upbear someone up
bear something outbear the brunt (of something)
bear trapbear trap
bear upbear up
bear up (against something)bear up (under something)
bear watchingbear watching
bear withbear with
bear with someone or somethingbeard
beardbeard someone in his den
beard the lion in his denbeat
beatbeat a (hasty) retreat
beat a dead horsebeat a path to someone's door
beat a retreatbeat a retreat
beat about the bushbeat about the bush
beat against someone or somethingbeat all
beat allbeat all hollow
beat all hollowbeat around the bush
beat around the bushbeat at something
beat downbeat down
beat down (on someone or something)beat hollow
beat hollowbeat into one's head
beat into one's headbeat it
beat itBeat it!
beat on someone or somethingbeat one to it
beat one to itbeat one's brains out
beat one's brains outbeat one's brains out (to do something)
beat one's gumsbeat one's gums
beat one's head against a wallbeat one's head against a wall
beat one's head against the wallbeat oneself up
beat someone downbeat someone down to size
beat someone into (doing) somethingbeat someone into something
beat someone or something backbeat someone or something off
beat someone or something outbeat someone out
beat someone to somethingbeat someone to the draw
beat someone to the punchbeat someone up
beat someone's brains outbeat something down
beat something inbeat something into someone
beat something into somethingbeat something up
beat the drumbeat the drum
beat the (natural) stuffing out of someonebeat the --- out of
beat the --- out ofbeat the band
beat the bandbeat the bushes
beat the bushesbeat the clock
beat the drum for someone or somethingbeat the gun
beat the gunbeat the hell out of someone
beat the living daylights out of someonebeat the meat
beat the meatbeat the pants off
beat the pants offbeat the pants off (of) someone
beat the rapbeat the rap
beat the shit out ofbeat the shit out of
beat the shit out of someonebeat the socks off (of) someone
beat the stuffing out of someonebeat the tar out of someone
beat timebeat time
beat tobeat to
beat to the punchbeat to the punch
beat upbeat up
beat up on someonebeaten path
beaten pathbeaten track
beaten trackBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is only skin-deep.beauty sleep
beauty sleepbeaver
beaverbecause of
because ofbeck
beckbeckon to someone
become ofbecome of
become of someone or somethingbecoming on someone
bed (someone or something) down (some place)bed down (for something)
bed down some placebed of nails
bed of nailsbed of roses
bed of rosesbed of thorns
bed of thornsbed-and-breakfast
bedeck someone or something with somethingbee
beebee in one's bonnet
bee in one's bonnetbeef about
beef aboutbeef about someone or something
beef something upbeef up
beef upbeeline
beelinebeen around
been hadbeer up
before longbefore long
before one can say Jack Robinsonbefore one can say Jack Robinson
before someonebefore someone's time
before swinebefore swine
before you can say Jack Robinsonbefore you know it
before you know itbeg
begbeg the question
beg the questionbeg for someone or something
beg of someonebeg off
beg offbeg off (on something)
beg something from someonebeg something of someone
beg something offbeg the question
beg to differ (with someone)beggar (all) description
beggars can't be choosersbeggars can't be choosers
Beggars can't be choosers.Begging your pardon, but...
begin by doing somethingbegin to see daylight
begin to see the lightbegin with
begin withbegin with someone or something
beginner's luckbeginning of the end
beguile someone into somethingbeguile someone out of something
beguile someone with somethingbehalf
behindbehind the eight-ball
behind the eight-ballbehind bars
behind barsbehind closed doors
behind one's backbehind one's back
behind schedulebehind someone's back
behind the eight ballbehind the scenes
behind the scenesbehind the times
behind the timesbehind time
behind timeBehind you!
behoove one to do somethingbeing
beingbelabor the point
belabor the pointbelch out
belch something upbelfry
believebelieve in someone or something
believe it or notBelieve nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.
believe one's earsbelieve one's ears
believe one's eyesbelieve one's eyes
believe something of someoneBelieve you me!
bell, book, and candlebellow something out
bells and whistlesbelly up
belly upbelly out
belly upbelly up
belly up (to something)bellyache
bellyachebelong to someone or something
belong under somethingbelow average
below parbelow par
below someonebelow someone or something
below the beltbelow the belt
belt a drink downbelt out
belt outbelt someone or something down
belt someone upbelt something out
belt the grapebelt up
bench warmerbench warmer
bend backbend before something
bend downbend forward
bend inbend one's elbow
bend overbend over backward
bend over backwardbend over backwards (to do something)
bend over backwards (to do something) (for someone)bend someone or something back
bend someone out of shapebend someone's ear
bend something out of shapebend the elbow
bend the lawbend the rules
beneath contemptbeneath one
beneath onebeneath one's dignity
beneath someonebeneath something
benefit by somethingbenefit from something
benefit of the doubtbent on
bent onbent on doing something
bent out of shapebequeath something to someone
bereft of someone or somethingberth
berthbeset someone with something
beside oneselfbeside oneself
beside oneself (with something)beside the point
beside the pointbeside the question
besiege someone or something with somethingbesmirch someone or something with something
best bib and tuckerbest bib and tucker
best defense is a good offense.best is the enemy of the good.
best manbest man
best of both worldsbest of someone
best part of somethingbest seller
best sellerbest things come in small packages.
best things in life are free.best-case scenario
best-laid plans of mice and men oft(en) go astray.best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley.
bestow something on someonebet
betbet on someone or something
bet on the wrong horsebet on the wrong horse
bet one's bootsbet one's boots
bet one's bottom dollarbet one's life
bet someone dollars to doughnutsbet something on someone or something
bet the farmbet with someone
betroth someone to someonebetter
betterBetter (be) safe than sorry.
Better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.
better halfbetter half
Better keep quiet about it.Better keep still about it.
better late than neverbetter late than never
Better late than never.better left unsaid
Better luck next time.better of someone
better off (doing something)better off (if one were somewhere else)
better off (if something were done)better off (somewhere)
better thanbetter than
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.between
betweenbetween a rock and a hard place
between a rock and a hard placebetween jobs
between life and deathbetween life and death
between projectsbetween someone and someone else
between something and something elsebetween the devil and the deep blue sea
between the devil and the deep blue seabetween the eyes
between the eyesbetween the lines
between the linesbetween two fires
between two firesbetween two shakes of a lamb's tail
between two shakes of a lamb's tailbetween you (and) me and the bedpost
between you and me and these four wallsbetwixt and between
bevy of beautiesBeware of Greeks bearing gifts.
beware of someone or somethingbeyond a reasonable doubt
beyond helpbeyond me
beyond measurebeyond measure
beyond one's depthbeyond one's depth
beyond one's kenbeyond one's means
beyond one's meansbeyond one's nose
beyond one's nosebeyond question(1)
beyond question(1)beyond question(2)
beyond question(2)beyond reasonable doubt
beyond reasonable doubtbeyond repair
beyond some emotional responsebeyond someone or something
beyond the palebeyond the pale
beyond the shadow of a doubtbeyond the shadow of a doubt
beyond wordsbias someone against someone or something
bicker (with someone or something) (over someone or something)bicker (with someone) (about someone or something)
bid (something) for somethingbid (something) on something
bid adieu to someone or somethingbid fair
bid fairbid something down
bid something upbide one's time
bide one's timebig
bigbig lie, the
big lie, thebig and bold
Big Applebig around as a molasses barrel
big as all outdoorsbig as life
big as lifebig as life (and twice as ugly)
big breakbig bucks
big cheesebig cheese
big daddybig daddy
big dealbig deal
big drink of waterbig eye
big frog in a small pondbig frog in a small pond
big frog in a small pondbig hand
big handbig hand for something
big headbig head
big housebig house
big man on campusbig moment
big mouthbig mouth
big of someonebig picture
big send-offbig shot
big shotbig stink
big stinkbig time
big timebig top
big topbig wheel
big wheelbig with someone
big yawnbig yawn
bigger than life (and twice as ugly)bigger than one's stomach
bigger than one's stomachbigger they are, the harder they fall.
biggest frog in the puddlebiggest toad in the puddle
bilk someone out of somethingbill
billbill someone for something
billow outbind
bindbind someone or something down
bind someone or something togetherbind someone or something up (in something)
bind someone over (to someone or something)bindsomeone or something up (with something)
binge and purgebingo card
bingo cardbird
birdbird has flown
bird has flownbird in the hand is worth two in the bush (a)
bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (a)bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
bird of a different featherbird of a different feather
bird watcherbird watcher
bird's-eye viewbirds and the bees
birds and the bees (the)birds and the bees (the)
Birds in their little nests agree.birds of a feather flock together
birds of a feather flock togetherBirds of a feather flock together.
birthday suitbirthday suit
bit muchbit of the action
bit offbitch
bitchbitch about someone or something
bitch of a someone or somethingbitch someone off
bitch someone or something upbite
bitebite (to eat)
bite back (at someone or something)bite into something
bite off more than one can chewbite off more than one can chew
bite on someonebite on something
bite one's head offbite one's head off
bite one's lipsbite one's lips
bite one's nailsbite one's tongue
bite someone's head offbite something off
bite the big onebite the bullet
bite the dustbite the dust
bite the hand that feeds onebite the hand that feeds one
Bite the ice!Bite your tongue!
bitten by the same bugbitter
bitterbitter pill
bitter pillbitter pill to swallow
blab something aroundblab something out
black and blueblack and blue
black and whiteblack and white
black as a skilletblack as a stack of black cats
black as a sweepblack as coal
black as nightblack as one is painted
black as pitchblack as the ace of spades
black dayblack day
black eyeblack eye
black mark beside one's nameblack out
black outblack sheep
black sheepblack sheep of the family
black something outblack-and-blue
blackmail someone into doing somethingblackout
blameblame for something
blame someone for somethingblame something on someone
blanch at somethingblanch with something
blank checkblank check
blank something outblanket
blanketblanket someone or something with something
blast offblast off
blast off (for some place)blast something off something else
blaze a trailblaze a trail
blaze away (at someone or something)blaze down (on someone or something)
blaze upblaze with something
bleach something outbleed for someone
bleed from somethingbleed someone dry
bleed someone whitebleed to death
bleeding heartbleep out
bleep outbleep something out
blend in (with someone or something)blend in(to something)
blend something inblend something into something else
blend something together (with something)bless one's heart
bless one's heartBless one's lucky star.
Bless one's stars.bless someone or something with something
blessed eventBlessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.
blessing in disguiseblight on the land
blimp outblind
blindblind alley
blind alleyblind as a bat
blind as a bat/beetle/mole/owlblind as a bat/beetle/mole/owl
blind dateblind date
blind leading the blindblind leading the blind
blind luckblind someone to something
blind spotblind spot
blink at somethingblink one's tears back
blip outblip out
bliss outbliss someone out
blitz someone outblitzed out
block someone or something inblock someone or something in some place
block someone upblock something off
block something outblock something up
blood and gutsblood and thunder
blood and thunderblood freezes
blood freezesblood is thicker than water
blood is thicker than waterBlood is thicker than water.
blood runs coldblood runs cold
Blood runs thicker than water.blood turns to ice
blood turns to iceBlood will have blood.
Blood will tell.blood, sweat, and tears
bloody but unbowedblossom forth
blossom into somethingblossom out
blot on the landscapeblot out
blot outblot someone or something out
blot someone outblot something out
blow one's topblow one's top
blow (one's) lunchblow a bundle (onsomeone)
blow a fuseblow a fuse
blow awayblow great guns
blow great gunsblow hot and cold
blow hot and coldblow in
blow inblow in (from some place)
blow in(to some place) (from some place)blow into
blow intoblow into something
Blow it out your ear!blow itself out
blow offblow off (some) steam
blow off steamblow off steam
Blow on it!blow on something
blow one's brains outblow one's brains out
blow one's cookiesblow one's cool
blow one's coolblow one's groceries
blow one's linesblow one's lines
blow one's mindblow one's mind
blow one's noseblow one's own horn
blow one's own hornblow out
blow outblow over
blow overblow someone a kiss
blow someone awayblow someone or something away
blow someone or something downblow someone or something out of the water
blow someone or something overblow someone or something to bits
blow someone or something to kingdom comeblow someone or something to pieces
blow someone or something to smithereensblow someone or something up
blow someone outblow someone over
blow someone to somethingblow someone's brains out
blow someone's coverblow someone's doors off
blow someone's mindblow something
blow something outblow something to bits
blow something to piecesblow something to smithereens
blow something upblow something wide open
blow tapsblow taps
blow the gaffblow the gaff
blow the jointblow the lid off
blow the lid offblow the lid off (something)
blow the whistle (on someone)blow the whistle on
blow the whistle onblow up
blow upblow up in one's face
blow up in one's faceblow up in someone's face
blow-by-blow accountblow-by-blow description
blown (up)blowout
blueblue around the gills
blue around the gillsblue blood
blue collarblue collar worker
blue collar workerblue in the face
blue in the faceblue Monday
blue Mondayblue-pencil
bluff one's way out (of something)bluff someone into something
bluff someone out (of something)blurt out
blurt outblurt something out (at someone)
blush with somethingboard
boardboard someone or an animal out
board something upboard with someone
boast about someone or somethingboast of someone or something
bob upbob up
bode somehow for someone or somethingbodily functions
body blowbody blow
body Englishbody English
body politicbog down
bog downbog down, to get bogged down
bog down, to get bogged downbogged down
boggle at somethingboggle someone's mind
boggle the mindboggle the mind
boil downboil down
boil down to somethingboil over
boil overboil over (with something)
boil something awayboil something down
boil something outboil something out of something
boil something upboil with something
boiling pointboiling point
bold as brassbollix something up
bolster someone upbolster something up
bolt from the bluebolt from the blue
bolt out (of some place)bolt something down
bomb out (of something)bomb someone out
bomb something outbombard someone or something with something
bombard someone with questionsbombshell
bonebone of contention
bone of contentionbone to pick
bone to pickbone up
bone upbone up (on something)
boo someone offboo someone off the stage
booby prizeboogie down (to somewhere)
book (on) outbook someone on something
book someone through (to some place)book something up
boom outboom something out
boost someone upboot
bootboot hill
boot hillboot out
boot outboot someone or an animal out
boot something upboot strap
boot strapboot up
booze it upbooze up
border (up)on somethingborder on
border onbore someone stiff
bore someone to deathbore the pants off of someone
bore through someonebore through something
bore to deathbore to death
bore to tearsbore to tears
bored sillybored stiff
bored to deathbored to distraction
bored to tearsboresomeone to tears
born and bredborn and raised
born on the wrong side of the blanketborn out of wedlock
born out of wedlockborn with a silver spoon in one's mouth
born with a silver spoon in one's mouthborn with a silver spoon in one's mouth
born yesterdayborn yesterday
borrow somethingborrow something from someone
borrow troubleborrow trouble
bosom buddybosom friend
bosom friendbosom pal
boss one aroundboss one around
boss someone aroundbotch something up
botch upbotch up
both --- andboth --- and
both sheets in the windbother about something
bother one's (pretty little) head about someone or somethingbother someone with someone or something
bother with someone or somethingbothered
botheredbothersomeone about someone or something
bottlebottle blond
bottle blondbottle something up
bottle upbottle up
bottom dollarbottom dollar
bottom drop outbottom drop out
bottom fell out (of something)bottom line
bottom linebottom line
bottom linebottom of the barrel
bottom of the heapbottom out
bottom outBottoms up!
bounce alongbounce back (from something)
bounce for somethingbounce off ((of) something)
bounce out (of something)bounce something around (with someone)
bounce something back and forthbounce something off (of) someone or something
bounce up and downbound
boundbound and determined
bound forbound for
bound for somewherebound hand and foot
bound to do somethingbound up with
bound up withbound up with someone or something
bow and scrapebow and scrape
bow before someone or somethingbow down (to someone or something)
bow outbow out
bow out (of some place)bow out (of something)
bow to someone or somethingbow to someone's demands
bow to the porcelain altarbowl of cherries
bowl of cherriesbowl over
bowl overbowl someone over
bowl upbox
boxbox office
box officebox someone in
box someone or something inbox someone up
box something upboxed (up)
boxed inboxed on the table
Boy howdy!boyfriend
boyfriendboys in the back room
boys will be boysboys will be boys
Boys will be boys.brace oneself for something
brace someone or something upbrace up
brag about someone or somethingbrain
brainbrain drain
brain drainbrain bucket
brain bucketbrain someone
brain trustbrain trust
brainwash someone with somethingbrake
brakebranch off
branch offbranch off (from something)
branch outbranch out
branch out (from something)branch out (into something)
brass hatbrass hat
brass someone offbrass tacks
brass tacksbrave it out
brave it outbrave something out
brazen it outbrazen it out
bread always falls on the buttered side.bread and butter(1)
bread and butter(1)bread and butter(2)
bread and butter(2)bread and butter(3)
bread and butter(3)bread and water
Bread is the staff of life.bread-and-butter letter
bread-and-butter letterbread-and-butter letter
break offbreak off
break (someone's) ballsbreak (someone's) stones
break (up) (into something)break a code
break a habitbreak a law
Break a leg!break a record
break a storybreak against something
break awaybreak away
break away (from someone)break bread with someone
break campbreak camp
break downbreak down
break down (and cry)break even
break evenbreak for something
break free (from someone)break ground
break groundbreak ground (for something)
break inbreak in
break in (on someone)break in (on something)
break in(to something or some place)break in(to) tears
break intobreak into
break into a gallopbreak into something
Break it up!break loose (from someone)
break new groundbreak new ground
break off (from something)break off (with someone)
break one's arm patting oneself on the backbreak one's back (to do something)
break one's ballsbreak one's balls
break one's balls to do somethingbreak one's habit
break one's heartbreak one's heart
break one's neckbreak one's neck
break one's neck (to do something)break one's stride
break one's wordbreak one's word
break outbreak out
break out (in pimples)break out (of something)
break out (with a rash)break out in a cold sweat
break out in a rashbreak out in(to) tears
break out with somethingbreak over something
break silencebreak someone down
break someone inbreak someone or something of something
break someone upbreak someone's fall
break someone's heartbreak something away (from something)
break something downbreak something down (for someone)
break something down (into something)break something free (from something)
break something inbreak something loose from something
break something offbreak something off (of) something
break something on somethingbreak something out (of something)
break something to piecesbreak something to someone
break something upbreak something up (into something)
break the back of somethingbreak the bank
break the habitbreak the ice
break the icebreak the law
break the news (to someone)break the record
break the recordbreak the silence
break the spellbreak through
break throughbreak through (something)
break through (to someone or something)break up
break upbreak up
break upbreak up (with someone)
break windbreak with
break withbreak with someone
breaking and enteringbreaking point
breath of fresh airbreathe (up)on someone or something
breathe a sigh of reliefbreathe down one's neck
breathe down one's neckbreathe down someone's neck
breathe easilybreathe easily
breathe easybreathe in
breathe into somethingbreathe one's last
breathe one's lastbreathe out
breathe something (of something) (to someone)breathe something in
breathe something into somethingbreathe something out
bred in the bonebred in the bone
Breeding will tell.breeze
breezebreeze along
breeze awaybreeze in
breeze inbreeze in (from some place)
breeze in(to some place)breeze off
breeze out (of some place)breeze through (something)
Brevity is the soul of wit.brew
brewbrew a plot
brew something upbrew up
bribe someone into doing somethingbrick
brickbrick something up
brick wallbrick wall
brick(s)-and-mortarbricks and mortar
bridge over somethingbridge the gap
bridle at someone or somethingbrief
briefbrief someone about someone or something
brief someone on someone or somethingbright and breezy
bright and earlybright and early
bright as a buttonbright as a new pin
bright ideabright-eyed and bushy-tailed
brighten upbrim over (with something)
brim with somethingbrimming with something
bring downbring down
bring a charge against someone or somethingbring a dog to heel
bring a verdict inbring about
bring aboutbring an amount of money in
bring aroundbring around
bring down about one's earsbring down about one's ears
bring down the housebring down the house
bring homebring home
bring home the baconbring home the bacon
bring inbring in
bring into linebring into line
bring offbring off
bring onbring on
bring one outbring one out of one's shell
bring one to one's feetbring one to one's senses
bring one to oneselfbring out
bring outbring out the best in someone
bring roundbring round
bring someone aroundbring someone back out
bring someone back to realitybring someone before someone or something
bring someone downbring someone down to earth
bring someone in (on something)bring someone into the world
bring someone onbring someone or an animal back
bring someone or an animal back to lifebring someone or something along (to something)
bring someone or something backbring someone or something forth
bring someone or something forwardbring someone or something in(to) some place
bring someone or something into actionbring someone or something into contact with someone or something
bring someone or something into disreputebring someone or something into line (with someone or something)
bring someone or something into prominencebring someone or something into view
bring someone or something out in drovesbring someone or something out of something
bring someone or something to a haltbring someone or something to life
bring someone or something to lightbring someone or something to someone's attention
bring someone or something to trialbring someone or something under one's control
bring someone or something under someone or somethingbring someone or something up
bring someone or something up to somethingbring someone or something up-to-date
bring someone or something within range (of someone or something)bring someone out (on something)
bring someone over ((to) some place)bring someone over from some place
bring someone over to somethingbring someone through something
bring someone tobring someone to a boil
bring someone to accountbring someone to do something
bring someone to heelbring someone to justice
bring someone togetherbring someone up for something
bring someone up on somethingbring someone up sharply
bring someone up shortbring someone up-to-date (on someone or something)
bring something (up)on oneselfbring something about
bring something all togetherbring something around (to someone or something)
bring something away (from something)bring something back
bring something back (to someone)bring something back to life
bring something before someone or somethingbring something crashing down (around one)
bring something downbring something down on one('s head)
bring something down to somethingbring something home to someone
bring something into beingbring something into blossom
bring something into focusbring something into play
bring something into questionbring something into service
bring something offbring something on
bring something on someonebring something out
bring something out (in someone)bring something out of mothballs
bring something out of someonebring something to a boil
bring something to a climaxbring something to a close
bring something to a dead endbring something to a head
bring something to a standstillbring something to a successful conclusion
bring something to an endbring something to fruition
bring something to its feetbring something to light
bring something to mindbring something to rest
bring something to someone's aidbring something to someone's attention
bring something to the forebring something together
bring something upbring something with
bring something within a rangebring suit against
bring suit againstbring the curtain down (on something)
bring the house downbring to
bring tobring to a close
bring to a closebring to a head
bring to a headbring to bay
bring to baybring to heel
bring to heelbring to light
bring to lightbring to one's knees
bring to one's kneesbring to pass
bring to passbring to terms
bring to termsbring up
bring upbring up the rear
bring up the rearbringdown
bringdownbringsomeone or something in
bringsomeone or something outbristle at something
bristle with angerbristle with indignation
bristle with ragebroach something tosomeone
broach something with someonebroad as a barn door
broad in the beambroaden out
broaden something outbroke
brokebroken dreams
broken reedBronx cheer
Bronx cheerbrood about someone or something
brood on someone or somethingbrood over someone or something
browbeat someone into somethingbrown
brownbrown as a berry
brown outbrown paper bag
brown paper bagbrown someone off
brown studybrown study
browned (off)browse among something
browse on somethingbrowse over something
browse through somethingbruit something about
brush (up) against someone or somethingbrush aside
brush asidebrush back
brush backbrush by someone or something
brush offbrush off
brush over someone or somethingbrush past someone or something
brush someone offbrush someone or something aside
brush something away (from something)brush something down
brush something offbrush something off someone or something
brush something upbrush up
brush upbrush up (on something)
brush with deathbrush-off
bubble gum musicbubble gum music
bubble overbubble trouble
bubble troublebubble up (through something)
buck for somethingbuck passer
buck passerbuck someone off
buck stops here.buck up
buck upbucket
bucketbucket of bolts
bucket of boltsbuckle
bucklebuckle down
buckle downbuckle down (to something)
buckle someone inbuckle someone or something down
buckle someone or something upbuckle under
buckle under somethingbuckle up
bud outbudding genius
buddy up (to someone)buddy up (with someone)
budget something for someone or somethingbuff something down
buff something upbuffet someone or something from someone or something tosomeone or something
bug in one's earbug in one's ear
bug offbug out
bug someonebug-eyed
bug-eyedbuggy whip
build (something) out over somethingbuild (something) over something
build (up)on somethingbuild a better mousetrap
build a case (against someone)build a fire under
build a fire underbuild castles in Spain
build castles in the airbuild castles in the air
build downbuild on
build on sandbuild on sand
build on(to) somethingbuild one's hopes on someone or something
build out onto somethingbuild someone in
build someone into somethingbuild someone or something up
build someone or something up (from something)build someone or something up (into someone or something)
build someone up (for something)build something (up)on something
build something inbuild something into something
build something onbuild something on(to) something
build something out of somethingbuild something to order
build something upbuild up
build upbuild up to
build up tobuild up to something
built like a brick outhousebuilt like a brick shithouse
bulge outbulge with something
bull in a china shopbull in a china shop
bull sessionbull session
bulldoze into somethingbulldoze through something
bullet lanebullet lane
bullshit artistbullshit artist
Bully for you!bully is always a coward.
bully someone into somethingbum around
bum aroundbum around (with someone)
bum outbum someone out
bum something off someonebum steer
bum steerbum to a crisp
bum to a crispbum's rush
bum's rushbumble through something
bummed (out)bump
bumpbump (up) against someone or something
bump alongbump into
bump intobump into someone
bump offbump off
bump someone offbump someone or something up
Bump that!bumper to bumper
bunch of fivesbunch someone or something up
bunch upbundle (oneself) up (against something)
bundle from heavenbundle of joy
bundle of laughsbundle of laughs
bundle of nervesbundle off
bundle someone into somethingbundle someone off (to some place)
bundle someone up (against something)bundle someone up (in something)
bundle something off (to someone or some place)bundle up
bundle upbung something in
bung something upbunged up
bungle something upbunk (up) together
bunk (up) with someonebunk down (for the night)
buoy someone or something upbuoy someone up
burden someone or something with someone or somethingburden someone with something
burgeon outburn
burnburn (itself) out
burn (oneself) outburn a hole in one's pocket
burn a hole in one's pocketburn away
burn downburn down
burn for someone or somethingburn in effigy
burn in effigyBurn not your house to fright the mouse away.
burn offburn one's bridges
burn one's bridgesburn one's bridges (behind one)
burn one's bridges in front of oneburn one's fingers
burn one's fingersburn out
burn outburn rubber
burn rubberburn someone at the stake
burn someone downburn someone in effigy
burn someone outburn someone out of something
burn someone upburn something away
burn something downburn something in
burn something into somethingburn something off
burn something off somethingburn something out
burn something to a crispburn something up
burn the candle at both endsburn the candle at both ends
burn the midnight oilburn the midnight oil
burn upburn up
burn up the roadburn up the road
burn with a low blue flameburn with something
burned to a cinderburned up
burning questionburnt child dreads the fire
burnt child dreads the fireburnt child dreads the fire.
burstburst (up)on someone
burst (up)on the sceneburst at the seams
burst at the seamsburst forth
burst in ((up)on someone or something)burst in (on someone or something)
burst in (with something)burst in(to some place)
burst intoburst into
burst into flame(s)burst into flames
burst into flamesburst into sight
burst into somethingburst into tears
burst into tearsburst onto the scene
burst outburst out (of some place)
burst out (of something)burst out crying
burst out doing somethingburst out into something
burst out laughingburst out with something
burst someone's bubbleburst through something
burst with excitementburst with joy
burst with joyburst with pride
bury one's head in the sandbury one's head in the sand
bury oneself in somethingbury someone or something away (some place)
bury someone or something in somethingbury someone or something under something
bury the hatchetbury the hatchet
bush outbushel
bushelbushel and a peck (and some in a gourd)
busiest men find the most time.busiest men have the most leisure.
business as usualBusiness before pleasure.
business end of somethingbusman's holiday
bust upbust up
bust (one's) ass (to do something)bust (some) suds
bust (someone's) ballsbust (someone's) stones
bust a broncobust a gut
bust a gut (to do something)bust a move
bust ass out of some placebust one's butt to do something
bust out (of some place)bust out laughing
bust someone onebust someone out
bust someone out of some placebust someone up
bust someone wide openbust something up
bust something wide openbust up
bustle about doing somethingbustle about some place
bustle aroundbustle off
bustle someone offbustone's nuts to do something
busy as a beaver (building a new dam)busy as a bee
busy as a cat on a hot tin roofbusy as a cranberry merchant (at Thanksgiving)
busy as a fish peddler in Lentbusy as a hibernating bear
busy as a one-armed paperhangerbusy as Grand Central Station
busy as popcorn on a skilletbusy oneself with someone or something
busy someone with someone or somethingbusy work
busy workbut good
but goodbut for
but forbut for someone or something
but goodbut not least
but not leastbutt (up) against someone or something
butt inbutt in
butt in (on someone or something)butt into something
butt of a jokebutt out
butter someone up and butter up to someonebutter up
butter upButter wouldn't melt (in someone's mouth).
butter wouldn't melt in one's mouthbutter wouldn't melt in one's mouth
butterflies in one's stomachbutterflies in one's stomach
button (up) one's lipbutton down
button downbutton one's lip
button one's lipbutton something down
button something upbutton up
buttress something upbuy a pig in a poke
buy a round (of drinks)buy for a song
buy for a songbuy in(to something)
buy itbuy off
buy offbuy one's way in(to something)
buy one's way out (of something)buy out
buy outbuy someone off
buy someone or something outbuy someone's wolf ticket
buy somethingbuy something (from someone) (for something)
buy something at somethingbuy something back (from someone)
buy something on creditbuy something on time
buy something outbuy something sight unseen
buy something upbuy the big one
buy the farmbuy the next round (of drinks)
buy timebuy trouble
buy upbuy up
buzz alongbuzz for someone
buzz in(to some place)buzz off
buzz someone inbuzz someone into a place
buzz with somethingbuzz word
buzz wordby
byby a hair
by a hairby a hair('s breadth)
by a long shotby a long shot
by a mileby a mile
by a show of handsby a thread
by a threadby a whisker
by all accountsby all appearances
by all meansby all means
by all means of somethingby all odds
by all oddsby and by
by and byby and large
by and largeby ankle express
by any meansby any means
by any stretch of the imaginationby brute strength
by chanceby chance
by checkby choice
by choiceby coincidence
By cracky!by day
by dint ofby dint of
by dint of somethingby ear
by earby far
by farby fits and starts
by fits and startsby force of habit
By godfrey!by guess and by golly
by guess and by goshby hand
by heartby heart
by herselfby himself
by hook or (by) crookby hook or by crook
by hook or by crookby inches
by inchesby itself
by leaps and boundsby leaps and bounds
by main strength and awkwardnessby means of
by means ofby means of something
by mistakeby mistake
by myselfby night
by no meansby no means
by one's own bootstrapsby one's own bootstraps
by oneselfby oneself
by ourselvesby return mail
by return postby rote
by shank's mareby storm
by stormby surprise
by surpriseby the board
by the boardby the book
by the bootstrapsby the bootstraps
by the byby the bye
by the byeby the day
by the dozenby the dozen
by the dozensby the end of the day
by the handfulby the horns
by the hornsby the hour
by the hundredby the hundred
by the monthby the nape of the neck
by the noseby the nose
by the numbersby the piece
by the pieceby the same token
by the seat of one's pantsby the seat of one's pants
by the skin of one's teethby the skin of one's teeth
by the sweat of one's browby the sweat of one's brow
by the thousandby the thousand
by the unitby the way
by the wayby the wayside
by the waysideby the week
by the yearby themselves
by turnsby turns
by virtue ofby virtue of
by virtue of somethingby way of
by way ofby way of something
by word of mouthby word of mouth
by yourselfby yourselves
Bye for now.bygone