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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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t savingtable
table of interesttable of ranks
table of ratestable of weights and measures
tabulartabular book-keeping
tabular datatabular presentation
tabulatetabulating machine
tabulating machinerytabulation
Taft-Hartly ActTaft-Hartly law
tainted goodstake
take a good turntake a lease of
take a side with smbtake a start
take a votetake advantage
take advantage of smthtake an offer
take back one's wordtake charge of
take controltake delivery
take dictationtake effect
take from the value of smthtake in taxes
take in the harvesttake interest
take into accounttake measures
take noticetake office
take on discounttake on extra workers
take on saletake on the defensive
take one's degreetake out a licence
take out a patenttake out an insurance policy
take out the liabilities of the firmtake over a business
take part in smthtake place
take possessiontake precedence
take priority oftake shape
take smb into one's servicetake smb off the job
take stepstake stock
take the benefit of the bankrupttake the census
take the chairtake the charge of smth
take the croptake the debt out in smth
take the necessary stepstake the opportunity
take the opportunity oftake the place
take the viewtake time
take up a billtake up a quota
take up sharestake-home pay
talktalk politics
talk shoptalks
tally businesstally trade
tangibletangible assets
tangible propertytape prices
targettarget figure
target for disposal of productstariff
tariff agreementtariff barrier to trade
tariff concessionstariff law
tariff policytariff rank
tariff ratestariff rebates
tariff systemtariff union
tariff valuetariff war
tariff zonetask
task rate with bonustask time
task worktask-work
taxtax abatement
tax allowancetax assessment
tax basetax bearer
tax burdentax collection
tax collectortax concessions
tax credittax dodgers
tax evasiontax excuse
tax exempttax funds
tax in kindtax loss carry-back
tax notestax on land
tax on profitstax on trade
tax payertax proceeds
tax qualifiedtax rate
tax ratestax refund
tax remissionstax reserve certificates
tax returntax revenue
tax revenuestax screw
tax withholdingtax-exempt
taxabletaxable capacity
taxable incometaxable profits
teaching staffteam
technicaltechnical adviser
technical assistancetechnical backwardness
technical conditionstechnical crop
technical cropstechnical difficulty
technical economystechnical guidelines for setting out priorities
technical manpowertechnical personnel
technical programmetechnical progress
technical schooltechnical staff
technical study groupstechnical superiority
technical termstechnically based standard
technologicaltechnological know-how
technological progresstechnological supremacy
technologytechnology evaluation
tempertemper credit expansion
temper the impact of inflationtemperate zone
tempotempo of modern living
temporary investmentstemporary peak
temporary personneltemporary posts
temporary scarcityten-pound note
tenanttenant farmer
tender an offertender cotton
tender for payments and purchasestender for shares
tender of a loantender of cotton
tender of deliverytender of friendship
tender of paymenttender one's resignation
tentativetentative agreement
term lendingterm of a bill
term of a contractterm of delivery
term of officeterm of payment
term of serviceterminable
terminalterminal contract
terminal expensesterminal market
terminal paymentterminal prices
terminal receiptsterminal rent
terminal stationterminal wage
terminateterminate an agreement
terms and conditionsterms of payment
terms of saleterms of settlement
terms to the tradeterritorial waters
testtest ban
test ban treatytesting
textiletextile goods
textile industrytextile iundustry
textile machinerytextile market
textile mergertextile mill
textilesthat is not the case
the affluent societythe agency of a broker
the American way of lifethe arena of politics
the Big FiveThe big Three
the bill amounts to 25the cause of action
the cause of peaceThe Charter of the United Nations
the demand has discontinuedthe findings of the conference
the general law of capitalist accumulationthe genuine text of a treaty
the Great Depressionthe height of the season
the industrial revolutionthe landlord class
the limitthe market advanced last week
the market is dullthe market is heavy
the most abysmal depthsthe offering of a loan
the payments situation and needsthe people of good will
the pointthe prejudice of
the rate of discount was advanced to 5%the state of things
the submerged tenththe sum of
the third housethe velvet
the Welshthe wheels of state
the working classtheory
theory and practicetheory of cognition
therein afterthereof
therewiththermonuclear war
thingthings personal
things realthinly scattered population
thirdthird class paper
third handthird largest
third partythird rate
third-class paperthis is to certify
this scheme will not availthorough
thorough investigationthoroughgoing
thoroughgoing reformsthought
Threadneedle Streetthreat
threat of depressionthreaten
three times as muchthree-per-cents
three-tier tariffthreefold
thriving industryThrogmorten Street
Throgmorton Streetthrough bill of lading
through trafficthroughput
throw obstacles in smb's waythrow out a bill
throw smb on the defensivetick
ticketticket day
ticket officeticket-day
tietie up capital in smth
tie up moneytie up property
tie-intie-in sale
tighttight restrictions
tight situationtight soil
tightentighten credit
tightnesstightness of money
tilltill due
till maturitytill money
tilledtilled crops
tilled soiltilth
timbertimber and paper products
timber industrytimber land
timber milltimber trade
timetime allowance
time bargaintime bill
time contracttime cost
time deposittime discount
time drafttime billtime flows
time lagtime limit
time loantime money
time of maturitytime paper
time plus-bonus wage systemtime policy
time purchasetime sale
time wagestime-proof
time-rate-bonus systemtime-schedule
time-service tablestime-table
tinnedtinned goods
tinned meattip
tip-toptitle deed
title to the goods in the sellerto arrive at a solution
to back smb in businessto be at a standstill
to be divided in opinionto be indicative of smth
to bring to a standstillto collect duties
to commit oneselfto delute labor
to devide the Houseto dig out new facts
to dispense with formalitiesto disregard orders
to divide the profits amongto dock wage
to draft a vice-presidential candidateto draw on reserves
to enter the Houseto fill up the gap
to gather in the cropsto give a definition of the term
to impair creditto increase threefold
to labour for peaceto pay by instalments
to pay scoresto raise a demand
to raise a pointto raise an embargo
to raise objectionsto raise taxes
to relieve distressto run up a score
to scatter fields with seedsto score a success
to score an advanceto score an advantage
to scotch inflationto scramble for one's living
to set a priceto set the pattern
to set up exchange controlto take the initiative
to the benefit ofto the best advantage
toiling massestoken
token cointoken contribution
token desegregationToken Import Scheme
token importstoken inports
token moneytoken payment
token striketolerance quality
tommytommy system
tooltool shop
top notchtop prices
top union leaderstop-priority project
total amounttotal bank credit
total capacitytotal cost
total coststotal disarmament
total energytotal expenditure coefficient
total exportstotal flows
total form of valuetotal income
total industry volumetotal loss
total markettotal money provisions
total outputtotal performance of an economy
total productiontotal profit
total receiptstotal score
total sum set for the budgettotal turnover
total valuetotal wagebill
totally unemployedtouch
touch ontouch-and-go
touch-and-go businesstouching
tourist agencytout
town chequetown council
tradetrade agency
Trade Agency of the USSRtrade agreement
trade allowancetrade and payments agreement
trade associationtrade balance
trade barrierstrade bill
trade boardtrade combination
Trade Commissionertrade council
trade cycletrade deal
Trade Delegation of the USSRtrade directory
trade discounttrade estimates
trade fairtrade flows
trade in outstanding securitiestrade list
trade marktrade name
trade obstructionstrade opportunity
trade papertrade policy
trade pricetrade school
trade statisticstrade surplus
trade unionTrade Union Congress
trade union contracttrade union movement
trade unionisttrade unions
trade-unionisttrade-weighted exchange rate
trading banktrading capital
trading companytrading corporation
trading crafttrading depot
trading housetrading in actuals
trading losstrading market
trading posttrading profit
trading yeartraffic
traffic capacitytraffic in arms
traffic ratestraffic rates,transport ~s
trail balancetrain
train personneltrained
trained stafftrained workmen
trainingtraining and production facilitiess
transacttransact one's business through a bank
transactiontransaction table
transfer linetransfer of assets
transfer of balancetransfer of ownership
transfer of poststransfer of shares
transfer of stockstransfer payments
transferabletransferable account
transferable depositstransferable sterling
transformationtransit tariff
transitiontransitional arrangements
transmission linetransmission of money
transmittransnational merger
transport chargestransport of goods
transportationtransportation charges
transportation facilitiestransportation purchase
transportation salestravel
travel and transportation expensestravel claims
travellertraveller's cheque
travellingtravelling expenses
treasure housetreasurer
Treasurer of the United Statestreasuries
Treasury billtreasury bills
treasury bondstreasury notes
Treasury Statementtreasury stock
treatment of renttreaty
treaty commitmentstreaty obligations
treaty of alliancetreaty of commerce and navigation
treaty of friendshiptreaty of mutual assistance
treaty of neutralitytreaty of peace
treaty provisionstreble
treble the pricetrend
trend adjusted indextrend of affairs
trend of discount ratestrend of events
trialtrial calculation
trial of strengthtrial period
trial-and error methodtribute
trigger pricetrilateral
tripartite conferencetripartite treaty
trivial expensestrivial loss
truck cropstruck farm
truck farmertruck gardening
truck shoptruck system
truck wagestrue
true market valuetrust
trust companytrust territiory
trust territorytrustee
trustee fundstrusteeship
trustworthytuition fees
tumbleTurkish pound
turnturn firm
turn for the betterturn in the market
turn of the yearturn of work
turn one's attention to smthturn smth to one's advantage
turn to advantageturn weak
turn-key projectturn-key-note contract
turn-outturning machine
turning pointturnover
turnover meansturnover of capital
turnover of commoditiesturnover ratio
turnover taxtwo bits
two penny piecetwo-tiered economy
two-way pricetype of farms
t_ downw` drain a drastic