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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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nabobnaked contract
named policynarrow
narrow boundsnarrow circumstances
narrow inquirynarrow majority
narrow marginnarrow means
nationnation's total capital
nationalnational accounting aggregates
national accounting flowsnational accounts
national advertizingnational bank
national city bankNational Coal Board
national consumptionnational debt
national defencenational economic development
national economynational education bill
national endownational government
national incomenational income accounting
national industriesnational insurance
national liberation movementnational liberation struggle
national negotiationsnational output
national price levelnational produce
National Savings Certificatesnational security
national servicenational strike
national taxesnational ticket
national treatmentnational walk-out
national wealthnationalist leaders
nationallynatural increase
natural resources endownear position
necessariesnecessaries of life
necessary actionnecessitate
needs for cashneedy
needy countrynegative balance
negative entrysnegotiability
negotiablenegotiable instrument
negotiable papernegotiable quality
negotiable securitiesnegotiate a bill
negotiate a chequenegotiate a loan
negotiate a salenegotiate a settlement
negotiate a treatynegotiate for truce
negotiate tariff concessionsnegotiate with smb for smth
negotiated settlementnegotiation
negotiations at the highest levelnegotiations by the bargaining process
negotiatorneo-orthodox economist
netnet aggregate flow of financial resources
net assetsnet avails
net capitalnet capital movement
net cashnet cash proceeds
net cash returnsnet cost
net datanet efficiency
net factor incomes from abroadnet flows
net foreign liabilitynet gain
net incomenet liabilities
net national productnet operating profit
net pricenet proceeds
net producenet profit
net remunerationnet salaries
net salesnet spendings
net surplusnet total
net weightnet worth
net yieldnetwork
network planningnew breed of cattle
New economic policynew entrants into the labour force
new international economic environmentnew rules are effective beginning
New Zealand poundnformation bureau
night shiftnight work
no lack of smthno par value
no par value stockno purpose
no-claim bonusno-par
no-par value sharesnomadic population
nominal and real wagesnominal capital
nominal costnominal damages
nominal pricenominal quotation
nominal rentnominal retail turnover
nominal sharenominal value
nominal wagesnominator
non-acceptancenon-aggression pact
non-aligned nationsnon-alignment policy
non-commodity sectornon-compliance
non-distributable assetsnon-durable
non-durable goodsnon-equity methods of participation
non-essential goodsnon-exclusive licence
non-farm peoplenon-financial corporation
non-interest-bearingnon-linear functions
non-member banknon-national
non-national statenon-negotiable
non-production accountsnon-productive
non-productive labournon-productive outlays
non-proliferation treatynon-quantitiable factors
non-recurrent expendituresnon-renewable resource
non-renewable resourcesnon-repayable
non-repayable aidnon-repayable grant
non-repayable handoutnon-repayable subsidy
non-reproducible material goodsnon-reproductible tangible assets
non-residentnon-resident holding
non-respondentnon-self-supporting population
non-solvencynon-standard materials
non-sterling countriesnon-transferable
non-unionnon-union closed shop
non-unionismnon-zero entrys
noncommercial farmsnoncorporate establishments
nonequitynonferrous-metals industry
nonfinancial institutionnonfood market
nonincorporated enterprisesnonobjection clause
nonreciprocity provision principlenonremunerative family labour
normalize the situationnormals
Northen rangenotch
notenote a bill
note circulationnote of hand
notes in circulationnotice
notice of appealnotice of receipt
notice of terminationnotification
notifynotion of flow
novelnovel forms of management
nuclear fall-outnuclear tests
nuclear warnull
null and voidnullification
number of farms by tenurenumber of farms by types
number of persons engagednumber of persons engaged in agriculture
numerical treatmentnurture