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Замок короля
Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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keenkeen competition
keen criticismkeen demand
keen hungerkeep
keep a check on activitykeep a price
keep a shopkeep a treaty
keep an accountkeep an account at a bank
keep back moneykeep down expences
keep in near balancekeep in store
keep in suspensekeep in touch with
keep informedkeep market
keep one's wordkeep order
keep pace with smb, smthkeep pace with the demand
keep prices downkeep smth at the stage
keep the lawkeep the prices under
keep to the terms of the contractkeep up prices
keep up with the demandkeep within the law
kerbkerb broker
kerb marketkey
key assetskey figures
key industrykey industry duty
key postkey sectors of production
key-notekey-note future year
key-note industry dutykey-note job
key-note yearkick
kick against taxes and high priceskill
kill a billkill the ban on credits
kill the landkilling
kiteknitted goods
knock-downknock-down price
knock-down pricesknocks
know on good authorityknow-how
know-how of labourknowledge