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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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half crownhalf gross
halthalt the arms race
hand bookhand in hand a written application
hand workhand-to-mouth
handlehandle the credit
handling agenthandling capacity
handling chargehandling charges
handling equipmenthandling on board
handling operationshandling time
harassing labourhard
hard currencyhard money
hard,losing bargainhard-core
hard-core developing countrieshard-core unemployment
harvest festivalharvest time
have a concern in businesshave a good opinion
have a good presshave a heavy incidence
have a losshave a ready sale
have an account with/in a bankhave an interest in a business
have an option on the goodshave at one's disposal
have complete controlhave money in the funds
have no share in the businesshave smth available
have the callhave the whip of smb
headhead of the teaching department
head of trade delegationhead office
head taxHeads-of-Government Conference
Heads-of-Government meetingheadway
healthhealth fund
health insurancehealth services
heat and power plantheaviness
heavyheavy capital investments
heavy cropheavy debts
heavy duty equipmentheavy engineering
heavy expensesheavy fine
heavy importsheavy industry
heavy lossheavy order
heavy penaltyheavy raid
heavy speculationheavy stocks
heavy taxed societyheavy taxes
heavy unemploymenthectare
hedging patentsheight
highHigh Commissioner
High Contracting Partieshigh employment economy
high farminghigh finance
high position in societyhigh pressure economy
high protectionhigh speed worker
high yielding securitieshigh-capacity plant
high-investment economyhigh-productivity plant
high-yieldinghigher school
highly industrializedhighly organized money market
highly skilled workerhighway-user tax
hirehire purchase
hire-purchasehire-purchase sale
hired labourhiring
hiring of labourhis wages average 60 pounds
historichistorical data
historical eventhit the target
hit/realize the targethoard
hoard of valuehoarder
hoardinghog-breeding farm
holdhold a good post
hold a meetinghold a tender
hold an assemblyhold an election
hold councilhold good in law
hold landhold office
hold powerhold the balance
hold the markethold the spread of unemployment
holderholder for value
holdingholding company
holding of more than one officeholding trust
holdings of securitiesholiday
homehome consumption
home demandhome industry
home investmenthome loan
home marketHome Office
home produceHome Secretary, Secretary of State for Home Affairs
home tradehome value
home-madehomestead land
honorary degreehonour
honour a billhonour a cheque
honour one's commitmentshorticultural
hospitality costshospitality expenditures
hostilehostile air
hostilityhot money
hot treasury billshour
hour jobhourly
hourly earningshourly expenses
hourly payhourly rates
hours of attendancehours of exchange
househouse building
House of Delegateshouse-keeping expenses
household articleshousehold durables
household goodshousehold plot of a collective farmer
housinghousing construction
housing demandhousing development
housing facilitieshuge
huge debtshuman society
humiliationhundred weight
hut taxhydro power
hydro-electrichygiene and disease prevention services
hypothecatehypothecate securities
hypothecationhypothecation of goods
hypothecation value