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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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gain a livinggain a majority
gain an advantage of smbgain control
gain momentumgain profit
gain sharinggain smb's confidence
gain the majoritygainful
gainful employmentgainful occupation
gamblegamble on a rise in prices
gamble on a stock exchangegame
game of politicsgang
gapgap in the balance
gap in the balance of paymentsgap in the data
garden plantsgarden-stuff
garnishmentgarnishment of wages
gathergather from facts
gather strengthgather wealth
generalgeneral acceptance
general administrative expensesgeneral agent
general Agreement on Tariffs andgeneral and complete disarmament
General Assemblygeneral body
general censusgeneral census of population
general commission agentgeneral committee
general conditionsgeneral crisis of capitalism
general crop farmgeneral employment
general engineeringgeneral equilibrium of labour market
general estimateGeneral Executive Committee
general expensesgeneral expenses items
general farmsgeneral form of value
general labourergeneral manager
General Meetinggeneral partner
general partnershipgeneral rate
general stagnationgeneral stock
general strikegeneral supervision
general tariffgeneral ticket
general totalitygeneral trade
general turn-outgeneral warrant
general welfaregeneral worker
generalized form of valuegenerally
generategenerating capacity
generationgentlemen's agreement
genuinessgeological examination
germ warfaregerrymander
getget a life sentence
get a month's noticeget benefit from
get in touch withget into debts
get one's libertyget one's ticket
get over the difficultyget the accounts square
get the advantage over smbget the kick
get the knockget the start of smb
get the walking-papersget wages
giant monopoliesgift
gift taxgilt-edged market
gilt-edged securitiesgilt-edged stocks
givegive a problem one's careful consideration
give a stimulusgive an account
give and takegive credit
give informationgive notice
give notice of appealgive occasion to
give oddsgive rise to smth
give securitygive short credit
give smb libertygive support
give the sackgive trust
give up a claimgive way
give women equal pay with mengive-and-take policy
giving countryglass-ware
global communication systemglobal quota
global slumpglobal total
global warglut
glut the marketgo
go a beargo a long way towards
go badgo beyond
go beyond one's commissiongo beyond the limit
go downgo fifty-fifty
go for a certain sum of moneygo halves
go into businessgo into details
go into liquidationgo into service
go offgo on srtike
go on the dolego on the land
go on the relief fundgo out of office
go out of servicego over the quota
go sharesgo to pieces
go to smashgo to the bad
go to the lawgo to the people
go to the pollsgo up
go-slow strikego/run on tick
goalgoing concern
goldgold and monetary parity
gold bullion standardgold certificate
gold draingold exchange standard
gold flowsgold holdings
gold lossesgold outflow
gold par of currencygold reserve
gold standardgold-exchange monetary system
gold-standard stable exchange rategoldsmith
goodgood attendance
good crop prospectsgood offices
good openinggood tender
good tonegood workman
goodsgoods are due tomorrow
goods circulationgoods in process
goods managergoods of first priority
goods of qualitygoods rejection
governinggoverning body
government annuitygovernment assets
government bodiesgovernment investments
government loansgovernment monopoly
government ownedgovernment receiptss
government sectorgovernment securities
government stockgovernment transfer payments
grab public landsgrabbing
gracegrace period
gradegrade of quality
grade testinggraded
graded a taxgrading
graduationgraduation curve
graduation workgrain
grain basisgrain bill
grain cropsgrain deliveries
grain farminggrand
grand peoplegrand problem
grand totalgrange
grantgrant a delay
grant a loangrant a pension to smb
grant a rebategrant an allowance
grant concessionsgrant credit
grant dealershipgrant discounts
grant elementgrant element in development assistance
grant rightsgrant smb's demands
graphgraph of work
graphic presentationgraphical
graphical chartgraphical model
graphical schedulegrass rotation system
grasslandgrassland agriculture
grave newsgrave situation
great demandgreat drop in prices
great levyGreat Powers
green labourgreen-stuff
greetinggrey market
grievancegrievance committee
gripgrip of monopoly
grossgross agricultural output
gross amountgross assets
gross average hourly earningsgross balance
gross capital formationgross coefficient
gross datagross domestic product
gross domestic product at factor costgross domestic product in purchasers'
gross earningsgross error
gross figuresgross grain yield
gross incomegross income and expenditure balance
gross industrial productiongross interest
gross interregional money flowsgross investments
gross liabilitiesgross margin
gross measuregross national product
gross national product deflatorgross of
gross operating incomegross output
gross private domestic investmentgross proceeds
gross productgross profit
gross quotationgross receipts
gross receitsgross remuneration
gross rentgross retention
gross returngross revenue
gross salegross sales
gross social productgross tonnage
gross totalgross value
gross value addedgross weight
gross-profit rateground
ground landlordground rent
grow downgrow in prices
grow into a big businessgrower
growthgrowth of demand
growth of scientific knowledgegrowth of unemployment
growth ratesgrowth recession
guaranteeguaranteed farm prices
guaranteed stockguarantor
guildguild of bank clerks