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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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fabricatedfabricated materials
fabricated partsfabricateing works
fabricating worksfabrication
face amountface difficulties
face valueface-value
facialfacial account
facilitatefacilitateing marketing agencies
facilities and standards of servicefacilities available for generation of power
facility of absorption of the marketfact
fact of common knowledgefaction
factorfactor combinations
factor costsfactor demand
factor earningsfactor endow
factor endowmentfactor incomes
factor inputsfactor into
factor matrixfactor of merit
factor of proportionalityfactor of safety
factor paymentsfactor pricing
factor remunerationsfactor restrictions
factor returnsfactor services
factor substitutionsfactor-price equilibrium
factor-~ analysisfactors
factors marketsfactory
factory and office workersfactory committee
factory departmentfactory farming
factory of originfactory personnel
factory pricefactory test
factory wastefactual
failfail in plant
failedfailed firm
failure of cropsfailure to appear
failure to deliverfailure to pay
failure to work a patentfair
fair allowancefair balance
fair claimfair deal
fair demandfair offer
fair pricefair quantity
fair rate of exchangefair supply
fair tradefair wear and tear
fair yieldfair-labour-practice acts
fallfall a victim to smth/smb
fall backfall behind
fall duefall in exchange
fall into stagnationfall into want
fall shortfall short of the amount
falling demandfalling market
falsefalse coin
familyfamily farm
family incomefamily pattern
family-size farmfamine
famine pricefamine prices
famine relieffamous
fancy goodsfar-reaching
far-reaching consequencesfar-reaching designs
farm areafarm budget analysis
farm business summaryfarm capital goods
farm commoditiesfarm family
farm handfarm implement stores
farm improvementsfarm income
farm inputsfarm labour
farm labourerfarm leader
farm loanfarm operator
farm parity ratiofarm people
farm policyfarm practice
farm pricesfarm prices support
farm problemfarm production inputs
farm productsfarm receipts,costs and profits
farm resourcesfarm services
farm structuresfarm surpluses
farm tenure statusfarm wage
farm workerfarm's gate-price
farmingfarming class
farming industryfarming plant
farming standardsfarming techniques
fasfascist-like law
fast workerfatten
fattening qualityfavorable development environment
favorable interest ratesfavour
favourablefavourable accounts
favourable balance of tradefavourable credit facilitiess
favourable economic situationfavourable most treatment
favourable passive accountsfavourable trade outlook
favoured treatmentfeasibility
feasibility studyfeasible
featherFederal excise
federal fundsFederal Reserve Bank
Federal Reserve Boardfederal taxes
feed back factorfeed conversion ratio
feed cropfeed grain
feedingfeeding quality
feeding stuffsfeeding-stuff
feedprice levelfellowship
female labourfertile
fertile landfertile territory
fetch a high pricefetch a premium
fictitious capitalfictitious signature
fiduciary standardfield
field cropsfield establishment
field of actionfield of the pound
field officesfield research
figurefigure of merit
figure outfigure up
file one's petition in bankruptcyfilial
final adjustment of plan targetsfinal demand
final productfinal product flows
final productsfinal quotation
financefinance bill
finance commitmentsfinance committee
finance companyfinance department
finances of a statefinancial
financial advantagefinancial and operative ration
financial arrangementsfinancial assets and liabilities
financial balancefinancial capital
financial controlfinancial credit instruments
financial embarrassmentfinancial growth of industries
financial implicationsfinancial inducement
financial investmentfinancial officer
financial oligarchyfinancial panic
financial positionfinancial power
financial pressfinancial pressure
financial ratingfinancial regulations
financial servicesfinancial situation
financial standingfinancial statement
financial strainsfinancial strength
financial stringencyfinancial system
financial yearfinancially autonomous enterprise
financing arrangementsfinancing business
financing of appropriationsfinancing of commodity buffer stocks
financing of investmentfinancing of the deficits of
financing ratingfind
find a marketfind a ready market
find annexedfind industrial application
find outfind ready purchasers
find the necessaryfinding
finefine silver
finishfinished goods
finished productsfinished steel
fire indemnityfireproof
firmfirm is good for L 500
firm pricefirm purchase
first costfirst quality
first-class linesfirst-class paper
fiscal accountingfiscal policy
fiscal relieffiscal year
fitting rebufffive point six
five-year planfix a limit
fix exchange ratesfix the profit
fixationfixed budget
fixed capitalfixed capital investments
fixed capital per workerfixed capital stock
fixed chargesfixed costs
fixed depositfixed equipment
fixed exchange ratesfixed facts
fixed gold parityfixed income
fixed installationfixed liabilities
fixed pensionfixed price
fixed ratefixed wage
flagflat rate
flat-sum taxflatten
floating capitalfloating charges
floating debtfloating exchange rate
floating policyfloating supply
floodfloundering national economys
flourishing firmflow
flow categoriesflow chart
flow dataflow diagram
flow lineflow line production
flow matrixflow of consumption product
flow of funds accountsflow of income
flow of investmentflow of material goods
flow of producers goodsflow of real resources
flow of trafficflow process chart
flow-line productionflow-of-funds table
flow-productionflowing out
flows and stocks of an economyflows between the production
flows from insurance and grantsflows of money income
flows of servicesflows of technological knowledge
flows out of the regionflowsheet
fluctuatefluctuating exchange rate
fluctuationfluctuation movement of personnel
fluctuation of manpowerfluctuation of markets
fluctuation of personnelfluctuation of population
fluctuation of pricesfluid assets
flunkfly a kite
fobfoist onerous terms
follow a policyfollow-up
food aidFood and Agriculture Organization
food departmentfood industry
food marketfood producing capacity
food shortagefood-deficit nation
footfoot the bill
for cashfor good
for instancefor order's sake
for some time pastfor the benefit of smb
for the good offor the public good
for the purpose offor the time being
for want offorce
force down pricesforce of an agreement
force of lawforce the opponent to the background
forced labourforcible
forecastingforecasting error
foregoing estimateforeign
foreign assetsforeign balance
foreign billforeign bill of exchange
foreign bootyforeign commerce
foreign concessionforeign contract assurance
foreign currencyforeign equity
Foreign Exchange Control Committeeforeign exchange cost
foreign exchange earningsforeign exchange market
foreign exchange transactionsforeign exhange permits
foreign fundsforeign going ship
foreign investmentsforeign lending
foreign liabilitiesforeign loan
foreign marketForeign Office
foreign outletforeign policy
foreign productsForeign Secretary, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
foreign securitiesforeign tariff
foreign tradeforeign trade conversion factor
foreign waresforeigner
forestall the marketforestry
forfeitforged deeds
formform a company
form a syndicateformal notice
formal statementformation
fortuneforward bill of exchange
forward businessforward looking indicator
forward planningforward purchase
forward saleforward transaction
forwarding agentfound
fragilityfragility of the gold-exchange standard
fraudulent bankruptcyfraudulent operations
free competitionfree entry
free exchange marketfree market
free of chargefree of cost
free of tariffsfree of tax
free offerfree silver
free surplus of turnoverfree trade
free trade policyfree zone
free-lancefreedom of conscience
freeholdfreehold property
freeholderfreely convertible exchange
freightfreight car
freight collectfreight forwarder
freight ratefreight services
freight settlementfreight traffic
freighterfresh meat
fresh suppliesfriendly greeting
friendly hostile airfriendly society
fringefringe benefits
fringe urban population groupsfrom every quarter
from the position of strengthfrom times immemorial
frontfrontier trade
frozen assetsfrozen credits
frozen meatfrugal
fuel oilfuel target
fulfilfulfil conditions
fulfil obligationsfulfilment
full employmentfull employment bill
full employment policyfull member
full powerfull product
full stockfull time
full time workfull-employment equilibrium
full-time farmingfull-time man equivalent
fully developed exchange economyfully-owned farm
functionalfunctional layout
functional managementfunctional quality
functional specializationfunctional type of organization
fundfund for the expences of administration
fundamentalfundamental techniques
fundedfunded debt
furtherfurther training
future businessfutures deal