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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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each alternate dayearmark
earmarked goldearn
earn an honest livelihoodearn one's bread
earn one's livingearn one's living by
earn profitearned income
earned rate averageearned surplus
earnest moneyearning
earning assetsearning power
earning retained in the businessearnings from foreign investments
earnings from insurance and brokerageearnings measures
earnings of factors of productionearnings of management
earnings on new capitalearnings per man-hour
earnings summaryearth-moving industry
easeease custom formalities
ease tensioneasier-money policy
easingeasing of market
easing of market of goldeasy
easy circumstanceseasy market
easy moneyeasy money moves
easy termseasy-chair administration
easy-money policyeconomic
economic accountabilityeconomic accounting
economic activityeconomic advancement and social progress
economic affairsEconomic and Social Council
economic and social frameworkeconomic backwardness
economic basiseconomic benefits
economic climateeconomic co-operation
economic conditionseconomic crisis
economic cycleeconomic demography
economic designereconomic development
economic dislocationeconomic forces
economic freedomeconomic goods
economic grievanceseconomic incentives
economic independenceeconomic indexes
economic integrationeconomic intelligence
economic lageconomic laws
economic leveleconomic life of equipment
economic lot sizeeconomic management
economic miracleeconomic mismanagement
economic motivationseconomic opportunities for gainful employment
economic outlook workerseconomic pattern
economic planeconomic planning
economic planning administrationeconomic policy
economic pressureeconomic projections
economic prospectseconomic questions
economic self-sufficiencyeconomic set-up
economic situationeconomic slump
economic statuseconomic survey
economic systemeconomic targets
economic teameconomic ties
economic time serieseconomic unit
economic volume of outputeconomic warfare
economic-size plantseconomical
economicallyeconomically backward
economically exploitable reserveseconomically feasible
economically rationaleconomically sized farm
economically sound projectseconomics
economics of enterpriseeconomics of industrial firm
economics of input and outputeconomies of scale
economyeconomy class
economy driveeconomy in capital charges
economy measureseconomy of labour force
economy of large scaleeconomy undergoing change
economys of bulk transactionseconomys of integration due to common costs
economys of localizationeconomys of standardization
education aideducation grant
education serviceeffect
effect a saleeffect insurance
effect paymenteffect repair
effectiveeffective date
effective demandeffective exchange rate
effective interest rateeffective measures
effective outputeffective value
effects of a saleefficiency
efficiency driveefficiency engineer
efficiency factorefficiency man
efficientefficient planning of the working day
Egyptian poundeight-hour shift
elasticelastic currency
elastic demandelastic supply
elasticityelasticitys between different factors
election depositelection pledges
electoral campaignelectric power
electric supplyelectrical industry
electrical workerelement
elemental forceselementary flow
elementary form of valueelementary school
elementary vocational trainingeligible
eligible companieseliminate war
elimination of postsembodied
embodied labourembodied technology
emergencyemergency communication
emergency fundemergency loan
emergency measuresemergency rates
emergency stockemergency store
emergency workEminent Domain
Empire settlementemplacement
employemploy the skill
employee layoffemployee morale
employees bonussemployees insurance
employees participation fundemployer contributions
employers liabilityemployment
employment agentemployment book
employment exchangeemployment gain
employment layoffsemployment manager
employment of scarce resourcesemployment practices commissions
employment sheetemployment tax
employment taxesemployment-effects of price-level trends
emporiumen route
enact a billencourage trade
encouragement prizeend in failure
end the year in redend war
endogenousendogenous expenditure
endogenous variableendorse
endow insuranceendow plan policy
energyenergy supply
energy-intensiveenergy-output ratio
energy-saving technological progressenergy/output ratio
enforce demandsenforce payment
engageengage in traffic
engagerengender a decline
engineerengineer contractor
engineeringengineering building
engineering departmentengineering design
engineering feesengineering industry
engineering manualengineering preliminaries
engineering productsengineering shop
engineering standardsengineering structure
engineering supervisionengineering survey
engineering techniqueengineering tools
engineering workerengineering workers guild
engross the marketenhancing efficiency
enjoy advantagesenjoy confidence
enjoy independenceenjoy support
enlarged plenary meetingenquiry
ensureensure a profit
entail a lossenter a competition
enter in a listenter into a pact with smb
enter into a treatyenter into an agreement
enter into negotiationsenter into obligations
enter make a protestenter upon office
enterpriseenterprise accounting
enterprise as a factor of productionentitlement
entityentity engaged in economic activity
entranceentrance duty
entrance moneyentrant
enumeration censusenumeration district
enumeration formenumeration sample survey
equalequal franchise
equal national treatmentequal opportunities
equal pay for equal workequal status
equal treatmentequalization
equalization feeequalization plan
equalization taxequalize the difference
equalized fundequilibrium
equilibrium levelequilibrium of supply and demand
equilibrium pointequilibrium price
equipmentequipment examination
equipment investmentsequipment record
equipment spendingsequipment stock
equipment substitution analysisequipment unit capacity
equitable priceequitable treaty
equityequity accumulation
equity capitalequity earnings
equity financingequity investment
equity issueequity joint venture
equity participationequity shares
erodeing valueserror
error of estimateerrors and omissions
escalationescalation clause
escalatorescalator clause
escapeescape clause
escrowessential goods
essential travelsessentials
essentials goodsestablish
establish a blockadeestablish a claim
establish controlestablished facts
established postsestablishment
establishment chargesestate
estate taxestimate
estimate and financial calculationestimate and financial computation
estimate calculationestimate for income
estimatedestimated capacity
estimated dataestimated gross expenditure
estimated incomeestimated market price
estimated on the basis ofestimated proceeds
estimated productionestimated profit
estimated share of overhead costsestimated surplus
estimated totalestimated value
estimateing the size of a marketestimates for travel of staff
estimates of future population growthestimation
estimation of balanceestimation of future population growth
Euro- currency instrumentsEuro- currency market
Euro- currency transactionsEuro-banks
Euro-currency commercial papersEuro-currency debentures
Euro-currency interest ratesEuro-loans
Euro-marketEurocurrency interest rates
EuropeanEuropean Coal and Steel Community
European Currency UnitEuropean Economic Community
European Free Trade AssociationEuropean Monetary Agreement
European Monetary System,European Monetary Unit
European Payment UnionEuropean payment unit
evade taxesevade the law
eventual buyereventual customer
eventual losseseventual result
everrising bill for armamenteveryday work
ex-dividend priceexact
exact feesexact terms of a document
exactingexacting customer
exacting term of loansexacting terms of payment
examinationexamination as to substance of patent application
examination of a claimexceed the demand
exceed the limitexcess
excess capacityexcess equipment
excess of demand over supplyexcess over planned profit
excess profitexcess profit levy
excess profit taxexcess profits duty
excess profits taxexcess value
excess weightexcess-demand inflation
excessive priceexchange
exchange adjustmentexchange adjustments
exchange brokerexchange business
exchange certificate marketexchange clause
exchange controlexchange control authorities
exchange crisisexchange devaluation
exchange earningsexchange fluctuations
exchange fraudexchange list
exchange of notesexchange operations
exchange orderexchange parity
exchange rateexchange rate realignment
exchange relationshipsexchange restrictions
exchange risksexchange sale
exchange shortageexchange transaction
exchange transferenceexchange value
exchangeableexchequer bill
Exchequer Stockexcise
excise dutyexcise taxes
exclusiveexclusive right of establishment
execute an orderexecuting agencies
executive administrative personnelexecutive authority
executive boardExecutive Branch
executive committeeexecutive compensation
executive developmentexecutive duties
executive expensesexecutive-administrative body
exemptexempt from duties
exemptionexemption from all import and capital
exercise controlexercise one's power
exert one's powerexhaust supply
exhausted creditexheridate
exhibit for saleexogenous
exogenous factorexogenous producing sectors
exogenous sectorsexorbitant price
expandexpand production
expanded form of valueexpanded reproduction
expansionexpansion of territory
expansion phaseexpansion rate
expansionaryexpansionary actions
expatriateexpatriate allowance
expatriatedexpatriated employees
expatriationexpatriation of profits
expeditionexpedition of goods
expendable incomeexpenditure
expenditure accountexpenditure appropriation
expenditure estimateexpenditure pattern
expenditure rateexpenses
expenses accountexpenses budget
expenses chargeable directly to the fundexpenses charged against revenue
expenses for administration perexpenses incidental to
expenses ratioexpert
expert's opinionexpertise
explicit rentexploit
exponentialexponential distribution
exportexport availabilities
export bonusesexport bounty
export by countries of originexport by origin and destination
export by provenance and destinationexport demand
export driveexport earnings
export feeexport incentives
export items of contractionexport licence
export marketexport market research
export pricingexport processing zone
export programmeexport quota
export ratioexport revenue
export saleexport subsidies
export surplusexport target
export taxexport value of imported merchandise
export-import bankexport-led growth
exportabilityexportability of production
exportableexportable production
exportable surplusexporting area
exports by countries of destinationexports fob
exports foregoneexports of goods and services
exports of imported merchandiseexposition
expressexpress company
express conditionsexpress delivery
express goodsexpropriation
expropriation guaranteesextend
extend operationextend the term
Extended Bank facilitiesextended facilities
extended serviceextended service man
extensionextension agent
extension of live of absenceextension service
extension workerexternal
external accountsexternal audit
external auditorsexternal deficit
external diseconomiesexternal diseconomy
external drainexternal economic position
external financingexternal imbalance
external liabilitiesexternal loan
external surplusexternal tariff
external tradeexternal trade conversion factor
externalitiesextra and extraordinary costs
extra and extraordinary expensesextra charges
extra dividendextra pay
extra-market factorsextraction
extractiveextractive industries
extractive industryextrapolation
extremeextreme observation
extreme value