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Англо-русский словарь экономических терминов
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B Stockback
back a billback a loan
back chargesback country
back flowback interest
back landsback out of
back out of a contractback pay
back payerback settlement
back-stage sabotageback-yard
back-yard productionbackbone
backgroundbackground for negotiations
background of developmentbacking
backing of currencybacking of notes
backing of the currencybacklog
backlog in paymentsbacklog of business
backlog of debtsbacklog of demand
backlog of housingbackward
bacterial warfarebad
bad attendancebad debt
bad debt accountbad debt insurance
bad environmentbad financial showing
bad landsbad money
balance accountbalance foreign trade
balance of appropriationsbalance of forces
balance of foreign paymentsbalance of payment account
balance of payment crisisbalance of payment deficit
balance of payments surplusbalance of power
balance of profitbalance of the work
balance of trade deficitbalance of US official reserve assets
balance sheetbalance sheet data
balance the booksbalance-of-payments disequilibrium
balance-sheetbalance-sheet entrys
balanced developmentbalanced trade
balancing itemballot paper
banBan of Empire
ban overtimebancocracy
bankbank accounting
bank billbank book
bank borrowingsbank clearing
bank clearingsbank clerk
bank creditbank currency
bank depositbank discount
bank draftBank for International Settlements
Bank Interestbank loan
bank loansbank notes by denominations
bank of discountBank of England bills
Bank of England notesBank of England/the Bank
bank paperbank rate
bank reserve positionbank shares
bank statementbank stock
bank-billbank-notes based on gold
bankablebanker draft
banker's acceptancebanker's bank
banker's chequebanker-industrialist
bankers' deposit ratebankers' discount
bankers' sightbanking accomodation
banking businessbanking charges
banking departmentbanking facilities
banking failurebanking interests
banking networkbanking operations
banking supportbanking syndicate
banking systembanking transaction
bankrupt in policybanned list
bans on tradebar
bar graphbar to economic development
barebare majority
bare profitbare subsistance wage
bargainbargain sale
bargainingbargaining quotas
bargaining tariffbargaining tool
bargaining transactionbarometer stocks
barterbarter trade
Bartholomew fairbarton
basebase charge
base coinbase data
base magnitudebase metals
base paybase price
base ratebase time
base-ratebased on Central Statistic Office
based on principlesbasic
basic account in balance of paymentsbasic capital
basic commoditiesbasic crops
basic databasic industry
basic issuesbasic mass
basic materialsbasic production assets
basic ratebasic wage
basisbasis point
batch productionbate
bate expensesbe a little account
be above the standardbe ahead of time
be at a premiumbe at feed
be at issuebe at odds
be at stakebe at the back of smth
be at the head of businessbe at the highest level
be at the highest pitchbe at the top of the tree
be at variancebe available for
be bad moneybe behind time
be beyond controlbe bound to a limit
be concerned aboutbe concerned about smth
be concerned in a businessbe confronted by difficulties
be denied the benefitsbe done with
be duebe engaged in politics
be famous for smthbe for sale
be good moneybe idle
be ill provided with smthbe in a position to do smth
be in agreementbe in an office
be in businessbe in charge
be in controlbe in danger of smth
be in deficitbe in difficulties
be in excess supplybe in good demand
be in great favourbe in need of
be in negotiationsbe in office
be in operationbe in opposition
be in possession of smthbe in power
be in progressbe in season
be in short supplybe in supply
be in the chairbe in the majority
be in the marketbe in the movement
be in the redbe in the retail way
be in tradebe in treaty with smb for smth
be in usebe in want
be in/out of dangerbe inclined
be initially estimatedbe liable for smb's debts
be liable to taxbe long
be long of smthbe long of stock
be met with approvalbe no account
be obliged to smbbe of great value
be of little consequencebe of little value
be of no importancebe of no use
be of no valuebe of opinion that
be of servicebe of use
be off the bargainbe off the pay-roll
be on a level withbe on a low level
be on board shipbe on bread-line
be on importancebe on overtime
be on picketbe on strike
be on the advancebe on the bargain counter
be on the bookbe on the defensive
be on the dolebe on the panel
be on the point of doing smthbe on the verge of
be out in one's reckoningbe out of a place
be out of seasonbe out of service
be out of step with societybe out of use
be out of workbe packed to capacity
be pressed for fundsbe pressed for time
be pressed with workbe purchasable
be reprimandedbe saddled with debts
be short of stockbe sold over a bargain
be sought afterbe spoiled in transit
be square with a personbe subject to a condition
be subject to a discountbe subject to call
be subject to market fluctuationsbe subject to quota
be subject to ratificationbe the case
be tied down to the pricebe tied to time
be under an obligationbe under consideration
be under constructionbe under way
be understockedbe up to quality
be within limitsbe worth 1000 a year
be worth littlebe worth mentioning
be wreckedbe/become out of business
bearbear a loss
bear lossesbear market
bear onbear out
bear poolbear pressure upon smb
bear speculationbear sth in mind
bear the marketbear up
bear/stand the testbearer
bearing interestbearish tendency
bearish tonebeat down prices
beat parbeat the target
become lawbecome operative
bed-rock pricebeef-making qualityies
beggarybegger-my-neighbour policy
belongingsbelow cost
below parbelow the average
below the linebelt
benchmark databeneficial
benefitbenefit taxation
benefits derived from voluntary depositsbenefits foregone
benefits of culturebest estimate
best profitbest quality
best sellerbetter the existing conditions
beyond questionbiannual
bidbid a fair price
bid quotationbig
big businessbig stick policy
bilateral clearingbilateral trade
bilateral treatybill
bill bookbill drawn against grain
bill falls due on the 1st of Julybill holdings
bill marketbill matures on the 5th July
bill of chargebill of debt
bill of entrybill of exchange
bill of ladingBill of Rights
bill presentationbill presenter
bills in handbind a bargain
binding treatybipartisan
bipartisan systembipartisanship
bipartitebirth and death rate of businesss
birth controlbirth rank
birth ratebit
blackBlack Belt
black gangblack goods
black marketblack marketeer
Black Poolblack-coated proletariat
blackmailblank bill
blank creditblanket complaint
blanket priceblanket regulation
blighted areablind entrys
blind sellingblind usage
blockaded zoneblocked balances
Blue Bookblue collar worker
blue sky lawblue-sky law
blueprint for a control systemboard
board meetingboard of administration
Board of Agricultureboard of customs
board of Customs and Exciseboard of directors
Board of EducationBoard of Exchequer
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Systemboard of health
Board of Inland Revenueboard of Trade
Board of Trade Returnsboard of Treasury
board wagesboatbuilding
bodybody corporate
bogus companybolster
bonanza farmbonanza farming
bondbond financing
bond holderbond interest charges
bond marketbond of indemnity
bond processing industrial projectsbond rate
bond yieldbondage
bondedbonded debt
bonded goodsbonded warehouse
bondholderbonds outstanding
bonusbonus for overfulfilment of the quota
bonus fundbonus job
bonus paymentbonus plan
bonus schemebonus stock
bonus systembook
book accountbook data
book debtbook of reference
book pricebook value of equipment
booking officebookkeeping
booming businessboomster
boondogglingboost output
boost productionboot
border stationborrow
borrow at high interestborrow money at interest
borrow shortborrowed
borrowingborrowing bank
borrowing costsboss
bottombottom price
boundbound expenses
Brain Trustbrain worker
branchbranch bank
branch businessbranch line
branch managerbranch of business
Branch of Governmentbranch of industry
branch officebranch-wise
brandbranded goods
breach of the lawbread
bread and butterbread buttered on both sides
bread grainbread-basket
breakbreak away
break downbreak free
break fresh groundbreak into
break offbreak one's back
break one's wordbreak smb's back
break stonesbreak the contract
break the deadlockbreak the law
break the strikebreak up a rally
break withbreak with a firm
breedbreed cattle
brewing tradebribe
bridgebridge a gap
bridge over the difficultiesbrigade
bringbring a standstill
bring a suit against smbbring about
bring about an understandingbring accounts to a balance
bring down pricesbring forth
bring in a billbring in balance with
bring into productionbring profit
bring smb to do smthbring smb to terms
bring to a conclusionbring to a stop
bring to an endbring to market
bring to one's noticebring to profit
bring to ruinbring to terms
bring under controlbring within the reach
bring/put smb to the testbrink
brink-of-war policybrisk
brisk biddingbrisk demand
brisk marketbrisk trade
British Commonwealthof NationsBritish Engineering Standards Association
British Iron and Steel FederationBritish owned
British preference countriesBritish subject
broadbroad economic foundations
broad marketbroadcast
broaker's boardbroken
brokeragebrokers' board
brown wareBTN
bubblebubble company
bubble schemeBucket shop
budgetbudget surplus
budget yearbudgetary appropriations
budgetary provisionsbudgeted cash variable expensess
buffer stockbuffer stock financing facilities
buildbuild on
build up a businessbuild up business
buildingbuilding and assembly jobs
building and assembly worksbuilding construction
building licensingbuilding materials
building plotbuilding site
building societybuilding trade
building-societybuilt-in obsolescence
bulk commoditiesbulk of an amount
bulk of the cargobulk purchase
bulk salebulk selling
bull marketbull movement
bull poolbull purchase
bull speculationbull the market
bulletinbullion market
bullion pointbullish tendency
bullish tonebulwark
bumper cropbuoyancy
burdenburden of taxation
burden with expensesburdensome
bureauBureau of Budget
Bureau of CensusBureau of Standards
business bookbusiness centre
business circlesbusiness climate
business conditionsbusiness connections
business contractionbusiness contractions
business cyclebusiness decline
business depressionbusiness disturbance
business economistsbusiness expectations
business failurebusiness firm
business forecastingbusiness groups
business gyrationsbusiness hours
business interestsbusiness investments
business is looking upbusiness is recovering
business letterbusiness manager
business mattersbusiness of the day
business on offerbusiness paper
business populationbusiness proposition
business prospectsbusiness quarter
business quartersbusiness recovery
business salesbusiness savings
business slowdownbusiness solvency
business stocksbusiness structure by industries
business taxbusiness tout
business transfersbusiness trip
business usagebusiness world
business yearbusinesslike character
buybuy a business
buy at a bargainbuy goods wholesale
buy in lotsbuy low
buy on creditbuy on the curb
buy on the kerbbuy-back price of oil
buy-back prices of oilbuy/sell smth on tick
buyer's monopolybuyer's option
buyer's pricebuyer's surplus
buyers' marketbuyers' rate
buying-up centreby a negligible margin
by a solid voteby all means
by any meansby attorney
by cashby force of
by handby implication
by leaps and boundsby means of
by mutual concessionby mutual consent
by no meansby order
by subscriptionby the dozen
by the jobby turn
by virtue ofby way of
by wholesale