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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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T weldingT-beam girder
T-bend jigT-bend test
T-bulb steelT-fillet weld
T-iron girderT-method of gauge control
table apparatustable classifier
table concentratetable concentration
table concentratortable distributor
table feedertable flotation
table rifflestable rolls
table separationtable tailings
table testtable treatment
table worktable-type scales
tablet ing presstablet-compression machine
tabletting presstabling
tabular calculatortabulated value
tack weldstack-welded
tack-welding jigtacking
taconiteTada-Kanosuki process
taggers tintagging
tail armtail board
tail core printtail end
tail fractiontail gas
tail housetail marks
tail milltail rod guide
tail-forming devicetailboard
tailed coiltailing
tailing caketailing dump
tailing elevatortailing launder
tailing losstailing pile
tailing pondtailing sampling
tailing sidetailings
tailings treatmenttailor-made
tailored compositiontailoring
tailout cycletailrace
taketake off for repairs
take up acidtake-off arm
take-off drumtake-off fitting
take-off producttake-off tray
take-uptake-up block
take-up frametake-up method
take-up standtake-up unit
takingtaking of powder diagram
taking of X-ray diffraction photographTalbot furnace
Talbot processtall oil
tally markingTamm (energy) level
tamped bottomtamped lining
tampingtandem blower engine
tandem cold reduction milltandem compound machine
tandem dietandem furnace
tandem milltandem rolling
tandem tin-plate milltandem tube drawing
tandem weldingtandem-drawing machine
tandem-drivetangent bending
tangent formingtangential casting
tangential cuttingtangential gradient probe
tank classifiertank cupola
tank furnacetank gauge
tank housetank plate
tank voltagetank washer
tank-type X-ray unittantalic ocher
tantalum monocarbidetantalum pentachloride
taptap changer
tap changing devicetap degassing
tap densitytap down
tap fittingstap funnel
tap guntap opening
tap steeltap-cut bar
tap-holetap-hole block
tap-out bartap-to-tap
tap-to-tap periodtape butt-seam welding
tape butt-seam welding machinetape probe
tapertaper heating
taper in the mold wallstaper mill
taper of cottertaper rolling
taper sectiontaper trowel
tapered bricktapered edge
tapered extruded shapetapered joint
tapered leadertapered liner
tapered mandreltapered plug
tapered rolltapered tube
tapered-bar testtapered-end joint
tapering machinetapering operation
tapholetaphole area
taphole blocktaphole clay
taphole drilltaphole drill console
taphole drill controltaphole drilling machine
taphole fittingstaphole gun
taphole mixtaphole plate
taphole runnertaphole slaker
taphole troughtaphole-closing clay
tappedtapped-out metal
tapping analysistapping apparatus
tapping arrangementtapping bar
tapping delaytapping die
tapping drilltapping hole
tapping hole leveltapping interval
tapping irontapping ladle
tapping laundertapping of slag
tapping on carbontapping pin
tapping platformtapping position
tapping sampletapping slag
tapping spouttapping temperature
tapping timetapping tool
tartar acid
tar concretetar extractor
tar injection practicetar suspensoid
tar swabtar washer
tar-bonded bricktar-bonded dolomite brick
tar-bonded dolomite-magnesite bricktar-bonded magnesite brick
tar-bonded zonetar-distillation plant
tar-dolomite bricktar-dolomite lining
tar-dolomite masstar-dolomite material
tar-dolomite mixtar-dolomite pressed brick
tar-dolomite rammed mixturetar-dolomite ramming
tar-dolomite stampingtar-magnesite brick
tar-refractory masstare
targettarget area
target assemblytarget atom
target contaminationtarget disk
target electrodetarget face
target overheatingtarget plane
target tiptarget-to-film distance
target-to-film spacingTarn alloy
tarnishtarnish resistance
tarnishingtarred dolomite block
tarry residueTatmo steel
Taylor latticeTaylor process
Taylor-White processTB
TCGtea-pot spout ladle
teapot ladleteapot-spout ladle
tear testtear up
tear-apart testtearing
tearing-offtears of burning
technical datatechnical grade
technical rate settingtechnical regime
technical superintendenttechnical-and-economic indexes
technique of mold reciprocationtechnological scale
technology of metalstedge
teetee joint
tee junctiontee-bend specimen
teed mechanismteed pipe
teeding mechanismteem
teemingteeming aisle
teeming arrestteeming bay
teeming bay ladle craneteeming crane
teeming departmentteeming ladle
teeming ladle capsuleteeming ladle car
teeming ladle standteeming lap
teeming pitteeming platform
teeming practiceteeming speed
teeming tableteeming track
teeming truckteeter
teeter column treatmentteeter water
telebrinellertelefocus gun
telemetering geartelescoped coil
telescopic guidetelescopic-type soaking pit crane
telescopingtell-tale board
Telloytelltale lamp
tellurictelluric (native) iron
telluric ochertellurium
telpher cranetelpher line
temper brittle conditiontemper brittleness
temper carbontemper color
temper embrittlementtemper furnace
temper graphitetemper hardening
temper milltemper pass
temper quenchingtemper rolling
temper timetemper tinting method
temper troostitetemper-rolled
temper-rolled coiltemperature alarm
temperature boundary layertemperature color
temperature conductivitytemperature consistence
temperature dependence of internal frictiontemperature fluctuations
temperature gaugetemperature gradient in heating
temperature historytemperature indicator
temperature intervaltemperature level
temperature limitationtemperature meter
temperature oscillationstemperature pattern
temperature pickuptemperature reading
temperature regiontemperature regulator
temperature resistance coefficienttemperature response
temperature scaletemperature strain
temperature vibrationstemperature-controlled burner
temperature-dependence plottemperature-dependent constant
temperature-independent constanttemperature-indicating crayon
temperature-resistanttemperature-sensitive crayon
temperature-sensitive metalstempered
tempered layertempered martensite
tempered martensite embrittlementtempered steel
tempered-martensite embrittlementtempering
tempering chargetempering furnace
tempering hardnesstempering medium
tempering of martensitetempering oil
tempering sandtempering tank
tempering temperaturetempilstick
templatetemplate casting
template machiningtemplate molding
templating operationtemporary mold
temporary patterntemporary protection
tenacitytendency to absorb hydrogen
tendency to corrodetendency to crack
tendency to fracturetendency to graphitization
tendency to hydratetendency to rust
tenon endtenorite
tensile (strength) testing machinetensile (test) specimen
tensile elongationtensile extension
tensile fatiguetensile fatigue test
tensile forcetensile fracture
tensile impact stresstensile impact test
tensile loadtensile point
tensile regiontensile strain
tensile strengthtensile strength test
tensile stresstensile stress-deformation diagram
tensile stress-strain characteristicstensile stress-strain diagram
tensile yield limittensile-and-compression test
tensile-and-compression testing machinetensile-test piece
tension bartension bridle
tension brittlenesstension cage
tension capacitytension control
tension cracktension device
tension loadtension member
tension metertension rod
tension shear test specimentension test
tension test propertiestension testing
tension unittension-leveling machine
tension-reducing milltension-regulator device
tensioning geartensiostat
tentative constitution diagramtenzaloy
terminal clampterminal connector
terminal solid solutiontermocouple temperature
terms of operating conditionsternary alloy
ternary diagramternary eutectic
ternary eutectoidternary phase
ternary systemterne
terne potterned
terneplatetertiary cementite
tervalent stateTesla coil test
testtest bar
test bar headtest bed
test by bending and unbendingtest by bending in opposite direction
test certificatetest coupon
test desktest equipment
test filmtest for weldability
test frequencytest gauge
test moldtest period
test piecetest plate
test pointtest rod
test rod mechanismtest sample
test specimentest stick
test striptest weld
test worktest-all-around symbol
test-oven coketestblock
testing apparatustesting bath
testing blocktesting direction
testing floortesting instrument
testing jigtesting laboratory
testing machinetesting platform
testing symboltesting technique
testing to destructiontesting-sieve shaker
tetrachloridetetrad axis
tetragonal celltetrahydrate
text benchtextolite bearing
texturetexture hardening
texturedtextured material
textured metalthallium
thallium chabazitethawer
thawing cyclethe Russian National Aluminum-Magnesium Institute
Theisen centrifugal washertheoretical amount
theoretical consumptiontheoretical plate
theoretical researchtheoretical throat
thermal agingthermal analogue computer
thermal analysisthermal arrest
thermal beneficiationthermal boundary layer
thermal breakdownthermal calculations
thermal characteristicsthermal checking
thermal comparatorthermal conductivity
thermal conductorthermal crack
thermal curvethermal cutting
thermal cutting processthermal cycle
thermal cyclingthermal decomposition
thermal diffusion flowthermal diffusivity
thermal dilatationthermal disorder
thermal economicsthermal effervescive
thermal efficiencythermal electromotive force
thermal embrittlementthermal energy flux
thermal excitation of atomsthermal fatigue
thermal fixing of transferred imagethermal fluctuations
thermal growththermal hysteresis
thermal inputthermal inspection
thermal ladlethermal lag
thermal parametersthermal performance
thermal pinch pointthermal potential
thermal recoverythermal reflowing
thermal relaythermal reserve zone
thermal resistivity constantthermal retardation
thermal risethermal shock
thermal shock resistancethermal spalling
thermal sprayingthermal stability
thermal statethermal stresses
thermal studythermal surface impedance
thermal surface impedance methodthermal system
thermal wearthermal wedge effect
thermal-balance sheetthermal-fatigue behavior
thermal-fatigue lifethermal-grooving technique
thermally activated deformationthermally equivalent quantity
thermally operated devicethermally stable chloride
thermionic currentthermionic electron
thermionic emissionthermionic generator
thermionic valve oscillatorthermit crucible
thermit jointthermit metal
thermit mixturethermit mold
thermit pipe weldingthermit pressure welding
thermit reactionthermit reactions
thermit reductionthermit welding
thermit welding processthermit-fusion welding
thermite heatingthermochemical blast-furnace model
thermochemical equilibriumthermochemical machining
thermochemical processthermochemical treatment
thermocouple instrumentthermocouple junction
thermocouple protection tubethermocouple thermometer
thermodynamic equationthermodynamic factor
thermodynamic statethermoelastic coefficient
thermoelectric probethermoelectric pyrometry
thermogalvanic corrosionthermographic powder
thermoluminescent phosphorthermoluminescent radiography
thermomagnetic alloythermomagnetic analysis
thermomagnetic processthermomechanical processing
thermomechanical workingthermometallurgy
thermometalsthermometer probe
thermometer stemthermometric fluid
thermometric instrumentthermometric lag
thermosettingthermosetting material
thermostatic bimetalthick anodizing
thick bandthick dispersion
thick endsthick slag
thick wall-type inwallsthick-gauge plate
thick-section castingsthick-wall construction
thick-walled castingsthick-walled mold
thickenthickened slurry
thickened underflowthickener
thickener traythickener tunnel
thickeningthickening cone
thickening cyclonethickening of slag
thickening tankthickness deviation
thickness gaugethickness indicator
thickness of root facethickness ratio
thimble slag capsulethimble slag car
thin coatingthin permalloy film
thin upthin wall-type inwalls
thin-coatedthin-gauge plate
thin-section castingsthin-sheet mill
thin-wall castingthin-wall channel
thin-wall constructionthin-walled blast furnace
thin-walled castingsthin-walled die
thin-walled moldthin-walled tube
thinner of wallsthinning agent
third helperthird nearest neighbour
third slagthird-order reflection
THMthomas converter
Thomas processThomas slag
Thomas steelThomas vessel
Thomas-Gilchrist processThomson effect
Thomson processthoriated electrode
thoriated-tungsten filamentthorium
thorium orethrashing speed
thread rollingthread sealant
threaded hose connectionthreaded part
threadingthreading carriage
threading machinethreading speed
threading unitthree-arm pickling machine
three-bell systemthree-bell top
three-bells operationthree-circle goniometer
three-component alloythree-component eutectic
three-dimensional arraythree-dimensional grating
three-dimensional heat flowthree-dimensional machining technique
three-dimensional symmetrythree-drawn wire
three-electrode salt-bath furnacethree-field-type precipitator
three-fold axisthree-furnace process
three-highthree-high bloomer
three-high blooming millthree-high blooming train
three-high cogging mill trainthree-high housing
three-high millthree-high mill arrangement
three-high plate trainthree-high rolling stand
three-high roughing stand of rollsthree-hose (gas) cutter
three-hose cutting burnerthree-part flask
three-pedestal coil basethree-phase alloy
three-phase conditionthree-phase electric furnace
three-phase equilibriumthree-phase field
three-phase ore-smelting furnacethree-phased condition
three-point bendingthree-quarters hard
three-rail gravity roller conveyorthree-roll piercer
three-roll unbenderthree-roll-type coiler
three-roller grinding millthree-stage jig
three-stage processthree-stand mill
three-storied furnacethree-strand rod mill
three-way stopcockthree-wire compensator
three-zone-fired furnacethreshing
threshold amount of energythreshold deformation
threshold energythreshold stress
throatthroat area
throat armorthroat armour
throat capacitythroat crack
throat depththroat diameter
throat flamethroat gap
throat of a fillet weldthroat opening
throat platethroat platform
throat sectionthroat spacing
throat stopperthroat temperature
throat weldingthroat-armor segment
throated-type pressthroatless rotary shearing machine
throttle unitthrough
through crackthrough furnace
through hardeningthrough penetration
through productthrough quenching
through railtrackthrough thickness property
through track arrangementthrough track casthouse
through washerthrough-and-through
through-flow methodthrough-hardening
through-hardening capabilitythrough-hardening steel
through-sheet-thickness crackthrough-traffic track
through-transmission systemthrough-transmission technique
through-type furnacethroughing trainer
throughout hardenabilitythroughput
throughput of dry basisthroughput of wet basis
throughput ratethrow
throw outthrow out of solution
throw transporterthrow up
throw-off armthrowaway bit
throwaway cutting tool tipthrowaway indexable insert
throwaway tipthrowing power
throwing shovelthrowing wheel
thrust barthrust collar
thrust loadthulium
tie bandtie bar
tie platetie rod
tie-plate bartie-plate mill
tied-in stovestier
TIG weldtiger stripes
tiger toptight binding
tight blast furnacetight bond
tight coattight coil
tight coiling tabletight connection
tight flasktight flux bath
tight furnace operationtight joint
tight scaffoldtighten up
tightened inspectiontightening
tightening wedgetighter forging tolerances
tightly wound coiltil ting-basket mechanism
til ting-box samplertile assembly
tile furnacetile recuperator
tilt boundarytilt hammer
tilt moldtilt table
tilt-mold billettilt-mold ingot
tilted irontilter
tilting baskettilting box
tilting cap housingtilting car
tilting chairtilting cradle
tilting crucible furnacetilting device
tilting dogstilting finger
tilting forehearthtilting frame
tilting furnacetilting gear
tilting helmettilting ladle
tilting mechanismtilting motion
tilting open-hearth furnacetilting pan filter
tilting pot buggytilting skip
tilting tabletilting trough
tilting wagontilting-basket mechanism
tilting-typetilting-type mixer
timangtimber lining
time at temperaturetime base
time between blowstime constant
time constant of xeroradiographic platetime delay
time diagramtime in rolls
time lapse techniquetime law
time lengthtime of etching
time of impacttime of throughput
time out of rollstime pattern
time quenchingtime relay
time scheduletime temperature transformation
time zerotime-average
time-corrected gaintime-cycle controller
time-deformation curvetime-dependence plot
time-dependent flowtime-killing
time-marking generatortime-premium system
time-sequential routinetime-temperature curve
time-temperature-sensitization diagramtime-tested
timing camtiming range
timing sequencetin
tin adhesiontin alloy
tin bartin bath
tin coatingtin concentrate
tin crytin disease
tin drosstin foil machinery
tin hottin house
tin machinetin metal
tin metal sheettin mill
tin oretin pest
tin picklingtin plague
tin plaquetin refuse
tin skimmingstin tossing
tin yieldtin-base white metal
tin-coatedtin-coated copper
tin-concentrate smeltingtin-foil
tin-free bearing metaltin-lead solder
tin-lined pipetin-plate manufacture
tin-plate milltin-plate patches
tin-platedtin-refining plant
tin-smelting planttinhouse
tinless bronzetinman
tinned platetinned stainless-steel wire
tinned steel sheettinner
tinner's shearstinner's snips
tinningtinning alloy
tinning linetinning machine
tinning planttinny
tinplate cuttingstinplate department
tinplate reflowingtinplate strip
tinttint etching
tinworkstiny crack
tiptip area
tip brazingtip diameter
tip pressuretip pressure gauge
tip renewaltip size
tip skiddingtip up
tip weldingtip-to-work distance
tipped tooltipper
tippingtipping bogie
tipping buckettipping device
tipping forehearthtipping mechanism
tipping pointtipping sling
tipping stagetipping to dumps
titaniatitaniferous melanite
titaniferous slagtitanium
titanium carbide electrodetitanium diboride
titanium metaltitanium sheet
titanium spongetitanium-aluminum-vanadium-chromium alloy
titanium-base materialtitanium-rich corner
titanium-stabilized steeltitanizing
titrimetric analysisto burr up
to coarse the grainto ore down
to underface the moldto-a-finish
to-and-fro motionto-and-fro slip
tocco hardening processtoe crack
toe of weldtoe weld
toggletoggle press
toggle-lever presstoggle-locking die fixture
tolerable fog valuetolerance
tolerance between laboratoriestolerance limits
ton of hot metalton(s) per hour
tong forgetong-type overhead co l handling system
tongue rolltongue-and-groove pass
tongue-and-groove rollingtongue-bend test
tonnage capacitytonnage of furnace
tonnage outputtonnage oxygen plant
tonnage ratetons per day
tooltool normal clearance
tool normal raketool outfit
tool steeltool trolley
tool turrettool work
tool-rest slidetooled
toolingtooling quality
toolmakers' microscopetoolsmith
toothtooth flank flame hardening
tooth pointtooth space flame hardening
toothed-roll producttop
top appliancetop arm
top arrangementtop bell
top bladetop blow
top blowingtop box
top bridgetop cap
top castingtop charging
top charging equipmenttop chock
top chucktop cinder
top closing devicetop construction
top crusttop deck
top designtop diameter
top dietop discard
top electrodetop end
top fired stovetop fuller
top gastop gas cleaning
top gas offtaketop gas pressure
top gas pressure recordertop gas temperature
top gas-cleaning watertop gate
top guardtop guide
top half of vesseltop hoist
top horntop housing
top ingot locktop knife
top knife blocktop knife head
top molding boxtop of band
top of moldtop of stroke
top of upstroketop opening
top parttop pass
top pouringtop pressure
top pressure systemtop ring
top rolltop roll assembly
top roll balancetop roll balance arrangement
top roll counterweight balance arrangementtop roll hydraulic balance arrangement
top roll spring balance arrangementtop roll-balancing mechanism
top scraptop seal
top sectiontop smoke
top structuretop swage
top temperature indicatortop trolley
top-and-bottom fired furnacetop-and-bottom process
top-and-bottom smeltingtop-and-bottomed fired furnace
top-and-downcomer temperature recordertop-blowing technique
top-blown convertertop-blown oxygen
top-blown oxygen vessel planttop-charge furnace
top-charging furnacetop-charging gear
top-fired furnacetop-fired kiln
top-fired pittop-gas pressure
top-grade coaltop-hat section
top-mill separatortop-pour ladle
top-squeeze molding machinetopmost (energy) level
toppingtopping plant
topping-uptorch arm
torch brazingtorch centering
torch deseamingtorch hardening
torch head fittingtorch lighter
torch preheatingtorch pressure
torch scarfingtorch size
torch solderingtorch valve
torch-brazedtorch-cutting station
torch-weldedtorkret process
torn edgetorn surface
toroidal electromagnetic-type X-ray tubetoroidal gun
torpedotorpedo ladle
torquetorque limitation
torque membertorque moment
torque pickuptorque-twist curve
torsion ductilitytorsion magnetometer
torsion modulustorsion properties
torsion resistancetorsion strength
torsion stretchertorsion technique
torsion testtorsion test piece
torsion testing machinetorsional creep
torsional deformationtorsional fatigue fracture
torsional fatigue limittorsional force
torsional fracturetorsional load
torsional momenttorsional strain
torsional strengthtorsional stress-strain diagram
torsional testtossing
total allowancetotal angular momentum
total area of surfacetotal blowing time
total carbontotal coke
total cyanidtotal decomposition
total deformationtotal dislocation
total elapsed timetotal electrode stroke
total elongationtotal extension
total flashingtotal flux content
total heattotal indicator variation
total line broadeningtotal makeup
total number of levelstotal power consumption
total refluxtotal shear stress
total straintotal tankage
total top gastotal tuyere area
total unsharpnesstotal upset
total volume of vesseltotal work of deformation
total-strain theorytotally reflecting surface
tote boxtouch
touch startingtouch time
touch weldingtouch-button control
touch-type electrodetough copper
tough pitch coppertough-pitch copper
toughness testtower pickler
tower scrubbertower top
tower washertower-type furnace
tower-type loopertower-type oven
tower-type planttoxicity hazard
trace concentrationtrace element
tracertracer atom
tracer compoundtracer diffusion
tracer investigationtracer-diffusion coefficient
tracer-isotope atomtraces of metal
tracing devicetracing head
tracing wheeltrack
track-etch methodtracking
traction mechanismtraction test
traction thickenertractive effort
trade marktrade recession
trailer ladletrailer table
trailer trucktrailer-mounted ladle
trailing edgetrailing lead
trailing shieldtrain
train in traintrain of gears
train of rollerstraining idler
tramp alloystramp element
tramp irontramps
transcrystalline crackingtranscrystalline fracture
transcrystalline ruptureTransenergy
transfertransfer (handling) gear
transfer armtransfer arrangement
transfer banktransfer bay
transfer bedtransfer bin
transfer bogietransfer buggy
transfer coefficienttransfer container
transfer gridtransfer hopper
transfer inspection bedtransfer ladle
transfer lagtransfer mechanism
transfer stationtransfer surface
transfer tabletransfer unit
transfercartransfercar track
transference numbertransferred constricted arc cutting
transformation hardeningtransformation range
transformation rangestransformation series
transformation temperaturetransformation twin
transformation-induced plasticitytransformed austenite
transformer aisletransformer busbar
transformer coiltransformer house
transformer load factortransformer regulator
transformer sheettransformer steel
transformer taptransformer-rectifier welding machine
transgranular crackingtransgranular failure
transgranular fracturetransgranular radiation
transgranular stress corrosion crackingtransient flow
transient flow of heattransient heat-flow method
transient periodtransient temperature
transient temperature gradienttransient-creep curve
transistor amplifiertransition alloy
transition heattransition lattice
transition metaltransition metal alloy
transition metal alloys of manganesetransition phase
transition pointtransition range
transition stagetransition step
transition structuretransition temperature
transition zonetransitional element
transitional fittranslation
translation axistranslation lattice
translation operationtranslation period
translational axistranslational movement
translatory movementtranslucent silica
transmissiontransmission diffraction grating
transmission electron micrographtransmission electron microscope
transmission electron microscope examinationtransmission image
transmission methodtransmission method of observation
transmission microscope observationtransmission microscopic image
transmission microscopical imagetransmission microscopy
transmission photographtransmission point
transmission-type spectrographtransmit-receive transducer assembly
transmitted diffracted linetransmitted light intensity
transmitted radiationtransmitting transducer
transparenttransparent safety base
transparent specimentransparent template
transporttransport facility
transport mechanismtransport phenomena
transportabletransportation equipment
transuranium elementtransverse bend specimen
transverse bending strengthtransverse bending test
transverse bending testing machinetransverse crack
transverse deflectiontransverse direction
transverse ductilitytransverse fillet-weld (shearing) specimen
transverse forcetransverse modes
transverse rollingtransverse rupture strength
transverse seam weldertransverse seam welding
transverse shear testtransverse slides
transverse velocitytransverse wave probe
trap presstrapezoidal section
trapped airtrapping level
trapping of dislocationtravel angle
travel cranetravel er
travel ingtravel ing (sound) wave
travel ing bartravel ing electrode
travel ing forge cranetravel ing grate machine
travel ing grizzlytravel ing oven
travel ing roller tabletravel ing tripper
travel ing-bar grizzlytravel ing-belt screen
travel ing-hearth furnacetravel ing-hopper unloader
travel ing-muffle furnacetravel ing-solvent method
traveling bartraveling belt
traveling forge cranetraveling grate machine
traveling grizzlytraveling hopper
traveling oventraveling-bar grizzly
traveling-hearth furnacetraveling-muffle furnace
travelling (loading) hoppertravelling (sound) wave
travelling bartravelling electrode
travelling forge cranetravelling grate machine
travelling grizzlytravelling roller table
travelling solventtravelling support
travelling thermocoupletravelling tripper
travelling-bar grizzlytravelling-belt screen
travelling-hearth furnacetravelling-hopper unit
travelling-hopper unloadertravelling-muffle furnace
travelling-solvent methodtraversable extrusion ram
traversetraversing bundle carriage
traversing cranetray conveyor
tray driertray roaster furnace
tray separatortreadle hammer
treated steeltreating
treatment lossestreatment schedule
treatment solutiontreeing
trench samplingtrepanning
trestle bintrestle track
triadtrial casting
trial planttrial run
trial striptrial type
trial-and-error testingtriangular section
triaxial stresstriboelectric reaction
tricling irontriclinic (crystal) system
triclinic celltriclinic crystal
triclinic structuretriclinic symmetry
trigger gatetrigger molecule
trigonal axistrigonal cell
trigonal crystaltrigonal structure
trim bronzetrimmer
trimmer bladetrimmer die
trimmer punchtrimmers
trimmingtrimming line
trimming machinetrimming operation
trimming presstrimming punch
trimming roundtrimming shears
trimming shoetrimming to flat pattern
trimming to sizetrimorphous element
trimorphous metaltrio mill
triod symmetrytriode deflection system
trip hammertrip indicator
trip limittrip steel
tripetriple bounce
triple pointtriple scale breaker
triple temperingtriple-action press
triple-fired furnacetriple-point cracking
triple-point crackstriple-tube drawbench
triplet interactiontriplex process
triplex sheettriplexing
triply degeneratetripoli powder
trippertripper belt
tripper conveyortripper device
tripping coaltritium
triturating machinetrivalent gold
trolley blocktrolley car
trolley conveyortrolley ladle
trommeltrommel screen for washing
Tromp error curvetroostite
troostite formation rangetroostite microstructure
troostite networktroostite-sorbite quenching
Tropenas convertertropicalization test
trough cleaningtrough conveyor
trough rollertrough-charging crane
trough-like guidetrough-shaped
trough-shaped hoppertrough-type machine
trough-type tiltertrowel hour
troy ouncetrt
trucktruck ladle
truck with hydraulic jacktrue absorption coefficient
true annealingtrue area of contact
true ashtrue centrifugal casting
true liquidtrue porosity
true relationshiptrue resistance
true sizetrue strain
true stresstrue stress-true strain behavior
true stress-true strain curvetrue tailings
true uptrue valency
true watttrue-stress diagram
trueness to gaugetruing
trumpettrumpet assembly
trumpet belltrumpet cooler
trunk sewertrunking
trunniontrunnion bed
trunnion ringtrunnion-discharge mill
truss frametry hole
tubetube anode
tube assemblytube axis
tube banktube block
tube brasstube cutter
tube cutting burnertube design
tube diaphragmtube draw press
tube drawbenchtube drawing
tube driertube entering
tube expandertube expanding press
tube extrusiontube focal area
tube for diffraction worktube for radiographic work
tube furnacetube gauge
tube hardnesstube holder
tube makingtube mill
tube phosphortube push bench
tube reducingtube rolling
tube roundtube shell
tube shieldtube stability
tube standtube steel
tube stocktube straightening press
tube stretch-reducing milltube stretching machine
tube striptube wall thickness
tube wall thickness gaugetube window
tube wiretube-bending machine
tube-cutting machinetube-cutting torch
tube-drawing benchtube-drawing machine
tube-expanding tooltube-feeding crosshead
tube-forming milltube-reducing machine
tube-rolling milltube-rolling train
tube-storage racktube-straightening machine
tube-type furnacetube-type mold
tube-type oscillatortube-welding machine
tube-welding milltubercular corrosion
tuberculationtubing inventory
tubular (electrostatic) precipitatortubular air preheater
tubular billettubular body
tubular dedustertubular drier
tubular dust collectortubular mill
tubular moldtubular press
tubular splittertubular stranding machine
Tufftriding processtulip converter
tumbing milltumble
tumble drumtumbled coke
tumbler indextumbler-test method
tumblingtumbling ball
tumbling barreltumbling body
tumbling chargetumbling device
tumbling drumtumbling mass
tumbling mediumtumbling mill
tumbling mixertumbling scrubber
tundish designtundish ladle
tundish nozzletungsten
tungsten arctungsten carbide die
tungsten disktungsten disk anode
tungsten ferritetungsten filament
tungsten radiationtungsten shadow casting of electron microscopical specimens
tungsten-arc cuttingtungsten-arc inert-gas (welding)
tungsten-arc inert-gas cuttingtungsten-arc inert-gas weld
tungsten-arc weldingtungsten-molybdenum thermocouple
tungsten-rhenium alloytungstic ocher
tunnel conveyortunnel drying oven
tunnel furnacetunnel ing distance
tunnel ing probabilitytunnel kiln
tunnel-type bakertunnel-type furnace
tunnelling distancetunnelling probability
tuptupping machine
turbine drierturbine-type unit
turbulenceturbulence of stream
turk's-head rollsturkey stone
turkey-fat oreturn down
turn head dieturn loss
turn onturn up
turn-around machineturn-buckle device
turn-key pattern equipmentturn-out core with loose sides
turn-round timeturn-table press
turnaround charging craneturndown
turndown rangeturned ball
turning arrangementturning crane
turning deviceturning process
turning rollsturning shop
turnoutturnout core box
turnoverturnover board
turnover deviceturnover gear
turnover jigturnover molding
turnover molding machineturnover rig
turntable molding machineturntable pillar crane
turnupturret-type vertical mill
turtle-back archtuyere
tuyere actiontuyere apparatus
tuyere archtuyere arch cooler
tuyere areatuyere belt
tuyere belt constructiontuyere block
tuyere bottomtuyere breast
tuyere burnouttuyere connections
tuyere coolertuyere cooler housing
tuyere designtuyere elbow
tuyere failuretuyere feed pipe
tuyere gastuyere gate
tuyere glasstuyere hole
tuyere inserttuyere jacket
tuyere jacket ringwalltuyere level
tuyere lossestuyere melting
tuyere mouthtuyere nose
tuyere notchtuyere nozzle
tuyere offtaketuyere opening
tuyere pipetuyere plane
tuyere plugtuyere region
tuyere remotenesstuyere ring
tuyere sectiontuyere snatcher
tuyere stocktuyere system
tuyere temperaturetuyere velocity
tuyere with elongated outlet porttuyere-blast distribution
tuyere-cooler castingtuyere-cooling plate
tuyere-zone temperaturetuyering
TV metallographytwelve-high reversing cluster mill
twenty-high rolling milltwin
twin bandtwin bands
twin carbon-arc brazingtwin carbon-arc welding
twin drivetwin drum
twin extruded tubetwin mixing-heap bunker
twin molding machinetwin mosaic transducer
twin rotating furnacetwin travel ing crane
twin traveling cranetwin travelling crane
twin-arc welding settwin-carbon arc
twin-chambered furnacetwin-electrode welding
twin-flame torchtwin-nozzle distribution
twin-pot cinder cartwin-screw conveyor
twin-strand machinetwinned-regenerator valve
twinning machinetwinning phenomenon
twist boundarytwist in torsion
twisted objectstwisted root
twister plugtwisting
twisting forcetwisting guard
twisting straintwisting strength
twisting stresstwisting test
two casthouse blast furnacetwo iron-notch installation
two sets of rollstwo taphole casthouse
two taphole furnacetwo-bar guide
two-bell systemtwo-circle goniometer
two-compartment furnacetwo-component alloy
two-component burdentwo-component eutectic
two-conductor shielded cabletwo-deck oven
two-dimensional arraytwo-dimensional diffraction grating
two-dimensional flowtwo-dimensional grating
two-dimensional heat flowtwo-dimensional lattice
two-dimensional network of atomstwo-dimensional nucleation
two-dimensional nucleation kineticstwo-girder crane
two-gun oscilloscopetwo-handed hammer
two-hightwo-high bloomer
two-high blooming milltwo-high blooming mill train
two-high cogging mill traintwo-high mill
two-high mill standtwo-high reversing mill train
two-high roller levellertwo-high rougher
two-high roughing stands in traintwo-high scale breaker
two-high universal mill traintwo-hose (gas) cutter
two-hose cutting burnertwo-level shop
two-lip (hand) ladletwo-man ladle
two-motor winchtwo-operator vertical welding
two-parameter objective functiontwo-part container
two-part moldtwo-pass design
two-phase alloytwo-phase condition
two-phase fieldtwo-phased condition
two-piece nozzletwo-piece pattern
two-race milltwo-roll crusher
two-stagetwo-stage attack
two-stage centrifugal pumptwo-stage electrolytic treatment
two-stage jigtwo-stage melting process
two-stage pumpdown boostertwo-stage reducibility test
two-stage replicatwo-stand mill
two-station die slidetwo-station fixture
two-steptwo-step control
two-stopper ladletwo-strand coil conveyor
two-strand linetwo-strand mill
two-strand rollingtwo-surface screen
two-throw crankshafttwo-tip torch
two-way fired (soaking) pittwo-way stopcock
two-way-fired soaking pittwo-zone fired furnace
twofold axistype
type metaltype of defect encountered
type of irontype of pulses
typemetaltypical dimensions
tyre ingottyre mill
tyre presstyre rolling mill
tyre steeltyre-bending machine
Tysland-Hole process