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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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S/Wsacrificial corrosion
sacrificial protectionsaddening
saddlesaddle stop
saddle-type conveyorsaddling
safe edge heartsafe heating limit
safe range of stresssafe working stress
safeguarding mechanismsafelight illumination
safety engineeringsafety figure
safety filmsafety igniter mechanism
safety interlocksafety lining
safety locksafety measures
safety provisionssafety reasons
safety tapsag
sagged weldsagger
salamander penetrationsalamander run
salamander tappingsaleable material
saleable productsales personnel
salt annealingsalt bath descaling
salt bath heat treatmentsalt drum
salt fog testsalt furnace
salt hardeningsalt mixture
salt outsalt patenting
salt roastingsalt screen
salt settlersalt spray
salt spray testsalt temperature
salt-bath furnacesalt-bath hardening
salt-bath hardening furnacesalt-bath heating
salt-bath quenchingsalt-cake surface
salt-fog resistancesalt-spray (fog) test
salt-spray atmospheresalt-spray chamber
salt-spray methodsalt-water corrosion
saltpeter annealingsalvage
salvage departmentsalvaging
sample cuttersample from the trommel
sample holesample increment
sample of metallic filingssample piece
sample pipesample preparation
sample quantitysample reduction
sample sectionsample size
sample spoonsample test
sample thermocouplesampler
sampling apparatussampling device
sampling facilitiessampling instrument
sampling machinesampling mill
sampling platformsampling procedure
sampling variancesand
sand additivesand adherence
sand aeratorsand as received from the quarry
sand bedsand blasting
sand blendsand bottom
sand boxsand burning
sand castingsand classifier
sand conditionersand conditioning
sand coresand cutting
sand cutting-and-screening machinerysand cutting-oven
sand damsand density
sand dowelssand drop
sand drying platesand dust
sand edgesand feeder
sand filtersand filtering
sand flotation conesand flotation process
sand formulationsand frame
sand friabilitysand galvanizing
sand gripsand hole
sand hoppersand mark
sand maturingsand mix
sand mixersand mixing
sand mixturesand mold
sand moldingsand muller
sand papersand preparation unit
sand pulpsand riddle
sand rollsand scraper
sand screensand separation
sand shopsand sifter
sand slimesand slinger
sand stoppingsand storage
sand storage binsand strength
sand strength testing apparatussand tempering
sand testsand thrower
sand toughness numbersand washer
sand-aerating apparatussand-cast aluminum alloy
sand-cast pigssand-cast sample
sand-conditioning plantsand-drying oven
sand-lime bricksand-line brick
sand-phenolic-resin mixturesand-preparing plant
sand-resin mixturesand-throwing machine
sand-water blastingsand-water cleaning
sandblast barrelsandblast barrel mill
sandblast cabinetsandblast cleaning
sandblast equipmentsandblast finish
sandblast helmetsandblast installation
sandblast machinesandblast rolling barrel
sandblast unitsandblaster
sandblastingsandblasting chamber
sandblasting helmetsandblasting installation
sandblasting sandsandblasting unit
sanding apparatussandpit
sandwich coatsandwich film
sandwich rollingsandwich rolling process
sandwich-type coinsap
saponification numbersappy structure
sapropelic coalsatin finish
satin finishingsaturable reactor
saturated configurationsaturated core
saturated gassaturation (magnetic) induction
saturation curvesaturation magnetic flux density
saturation magnetic momentsaturation steam table
saturator towersausage machine
saving in cokesaving of labor
saw benchsaw gumming
saw steelsaw-teeth cross gate
sawdust purifiersawing
sawtooth crossgatesawtooth punch
saxophone gatesay ladle
scabscabb fracture
scabbingscabbling hammer
scaffoldscaffold-forming material
scale approach tablescale breaker
scale breakingscale bucket
scale capsulescale car
scale factorscale feeder
scale flumescale flushing
scale formationscale hammer
scale handlingscale jacket
scale knockingscale loss
scale lossesscale mark
scale offscale pit
scale removalscale resistance
scale roll tablescale settling tank
scale sumpscale trap
scale-breaking rollsscale-car pulpit
scale-deflector chutescale-free
scale-free hardeningscale-resistant alloy
scale-resisting alloyscalebreaker
scaled annealingscaled off
scalingscaling off
scallopscalloped edge
scalpingscalping bay
scalping launderscalping machine
scalping screenscaly deposit
scanscan unit
scanningscanning edge position control
scanning electron imagescanning electron microscope observation
scanning electron microscopyscanning element
scanning inductorscanning method
scanning specimen holderscanning tank
scanty barscar
scarce nonferrous metalscarf
scarf jointscarf weld
scarf-joint processscarf-joint technique
scarf-weld methodscarf-weld process
scarfedscarfed bloom
scarfed edgescarfer
scarfingscarfing angle
scarfing bedscarfing cinder
scarfing dockscarfing machine
scarfing methodscarfing operation
scarfing processscarfing technique
scarfing torchscarred
scatterscatter index
scattered beamscattered xeroradiography
scatteringscattering atom
scattering electronscattering index
scattering potentialscavenge trunk
scavengerscavenger block
scavenger collectorscavenger jig
scavengingscavenging period
SCAWschedule board
schedule drawingschedule of operating times
schedule panelscheduled maintenance
scheduled timingscheelite
schematic constitutional diagramschistose structure
schluffschoop process
schoopingSchrodinger's wave equation
sciagramscintillation detector
scintillation-counter spectrometerscintillography
scisselsclerometric hardness
scleroscope hardnessscleroscope hardness number
scleroscope hardness testscoop
scoop dischargescoop feeder
scoop outscoop sample
scoop-wheel cellscooped
scoopingscooping-out period
scopescope pattern
scorched ingotscorching
scorifyingscorifying of cinder
scoringScortecci process
scotch club cleanerScotch yoke
scouringscouring barrel
scouring panscouring stand
scoury slagscrap
scrap accumulationscrap bale
scrap ballerscrap balling
scrap binscrap box filling bay
scrap breakerscrap bundler
scrap bunkerscrap capsule
scrap carscrap charge
scrap chargerscrap charging system
scrap chopperscrap cleanup
scrap conveyorscrap cutter
scrap cuttingscrap edge
scrap endscrap handling
scrap heatscrap loading-and-storage lean
scrap materialscrap metal reclamation
scrap of steelmaking gradescrap pen
scrap pickingscrap pile
scrap potscrap practice
scrap preparationscrap preparation shop
scrap returnsscrap shears
scrap shipmentscrap shovelling
scrap stockscrap stockyard
scrap trafficscrap usage
scrap yardscrap yard crane
scrap-and-coke practicescrap-and-hot metal
scrap-and-pig iron practicescrap-and-pig process
scrap-charging bucketscrap-charging capsule
scrap-charging carscrap-delivery track
scrap-grading areascrap-loading conveyor
scrap-loading cranescrap-melting fuel
scrap-ore processingscrap-processing department
scrap-processing equipmentscrap-processing facilities
scrap-reclaiming equipmentscrap-storage area
scrape outscraper blade
scraper bridgescraper conveyor
scraper dewatererscraper knife
scraping bucket transporterscraping tool
scrapped ironscrapping value
scrapworksscrapworks trackage
scratchscratch brush
scratch brushingscratch hardness
scratch hardness numberscratch hardness tester
scratch markscratch marks
scratch resistancescratch test
screenscreen afterglow time
screen analysisscreen blinding
screen clothscreen deck
screen exposurescreen feeder
screen meshscreen overflow
screen riddlescreen separation
screen shakerscreen size
screen sizingscreen tailings
screen testscreen tint
screen underflowscreen unsharpness
screen X-ray filmscreen-bottomed tray
screen-bowlscreen-size gradation
screen-type centrifugescreen-type drier
screen-type secondary coolingscreen-type X-ray film
screenedscreened coke
screened orescreener
screening anglescreening area
screening capacityscreening centrifuge
screening coefficientscreening effervescive
screening efficiencyscreening machine
screening plantscreening washer
screening-outscrew (conveyor) trough
screw boxscrew clamp
screw conveyorscrew diad
screw dislocationscrew dislocation arrays
screw feedscrew feeder
screw hexadscrew load cells
screw orientationscrew press
screw rollingscrew steel
screw triadscrew up
screw washerscrew wire
screw-box entry guidescrew-down control
screw-down gearscrew-down mechanism
screw-down pressscrew-down setting
screw-down structurescrew-down time
screw-plug fusescrew-shaped objects
screw-type classifierscrew-type cooling bed
screw-type cooling tablescrewdown
screwdown arrangementscrewed test bar
scroll centrifugescroll feed
scrubber brush rollscrubber cooler
scrubber filterscrubber wash tower
scrubber zonescrubbing
scrubbing actionscrubbing line
scrubbing liquidscrubbing machine
scrubbing operationscrubbing station
scrubbing tankscrubbing unit
scrubbing-and-drying linescrubbing-and-drying machine
scrubbing-and-drying unitscruff
scuffingscuffing of coil edge
scum formationscum gutter
scum holescum off
scum pumpscum riser
sea metalsea-water corrosion
sea-water magnesiasea-water magnesia clinker
sea-water magnesiteseal
seal ground finishseal loop
seal offseal tank
seal weldseal-welded
sealantsealed container
sealed topsealed-off tube generator
sealingsealing characteristic of bells
sealing fluidsealing liquid
sealing materialsealing run
sealing trapseam
seam hammerseam weld
seam welder condenser discharge welderseam welding
seam welding circumferential seam weldingseam welding control
seam-weldedseam-welding electrode
seam-welding rollerseamed lock joint tube
seamed tubeseamless drawn pipe
seamless liningseamless-tube rolling mill
seamysearch unit
searingseason cracking
seatingseawater magnesia-dolomite refractories
seawater magnesium hydroxidesecator
second annealingsecond blow
second compactionsecond constituent
second helpersecond nearest neighbour
second pressingsecond pressing operation
second reductionsecond-grade
second-harmonic magnetometersecond-order diffracted beam
second-order reflectionsecond-phase particles
second-phase precipitatesecond-stage graphitization
secondary alloysecondary autogenous grinding
secondary branchsecondary busbar
secondary cementitesecondary condenser
secondary coolingsecondary cooling zone
secondary creepsecondary current
secondary extinctionsecondary fabrication
secondary filtersecondary lance
secondary lancing systemsecondary lead
secondary loopsecondary metal
secondary metalssecondary oxygen
secondary pipesecondary raw material
secondary recrystallizationsecondary slip
secondary steelsecondary stress
secondary structuresecondary xeroradiography
sectionsection (size) effect
section dividingsection groove
section ironsection material
section of cooling zonesection of shaped steel
section planesection shape
section steelsection straightener
section stretchersection wire
section with both straight and curved sidessection with curved boundaries
section with straight boundariessection-iron bending machine
section-shapedsection-straightening machine
section-stretching machinesectional groove
sectional ironsectional pattern
sectional planesectional radiography
sectional shapesectional strip
sectionalized borescopesectioning
sector-shaped cablesector-shaped root
securesecuring pin
security against bucklingsediment
sediment boxsediment incrustation
sediment tanksediment trap
sedimentationsedimentation basin
sedimentation testSeebeck effect
seed powderseeding
Seeman-Bohlin focusingSeeman-Bohlin(-type) camera
Seger coneseggar
segment diesegregate
segregated bandsegregated spot
segregationsegregation banding
segregation of powdersegregation range
segregation streamersegregation streamers
segregation zoneseizing
seizing by fusionseizure
sejournet processselected borings
selectiveselective affinity
selective annealingselective crushing
selective etchingselective extraction
selective flotationselective freezing
selective hardeningselective heating
selective leachingselective lining attack
selective nitridingselective oxidation
selective oxide flotationselective precipitation
selective quenchingselective reduction
selective scatteringselective smelting
selective temperingselenium
selenizingself-accelerated electron gun
self-accelerated gunself-acceleration
self-act travelself-acting
self-acting feedself-adjusting arc
self-adjusting arc headself-adjusting arc method
self-adjusting gunself-adjusting squeeze head
self-agglomerating reductionself-annealing
self-bakingself-centering entry guide
self-centering punchself-cleaning filter
self-consistent field methodself-contained furnace
self-contained plantself-contained pump drive
self-contained surfaceself-contained unit
self-contouring squeeze headself-cooled
self-discharging containerself-driven ingot buggy
self-excitation windingself-fluxing
self-fluxing brazing alloyself-fluxing charge
self-fluxing operationself-fluxing ore
self-fluxing practiceself-fluxing sinter
self-gripping jawsself-hardening
self-hardening capacityself-hardening sand
self-hardening steelself-healing film
self-ignition pointself-lubricating
self-lubricating materialself-nucleated precipitation
self-peeling slagself-powered (welding) head
self-priming tankself-propelled buggy
self-propelled ingot buggyself-propelling capsule
self-propelling carself-protected tube
self-regulating arcself-releasing slag
self-set binderself-sintering electrode
self-slaggingself-slagging impurity
self-supporting solid skinself-supporting-type blast furnace
self-supporting-type blast surfaceself-sustained oscillations
self-temperingself-tempering temperature
Seller slitsSeller slits system
selsyn-type blower-control systemsemi-automatic plating
semi-industrial installationsemi-industrial scale
semiacid refractorysemiautogenous grinding
semiautomatic electrodesemiautomatic furnace
semiautomatic gunsemiautomatic handgun
semiautomatic platingsemiautomatic plating plant
semiautomatic surfacesemibatch process
semibrightsemicentrifugal casting
semicircular channelsemicircular depression
semicircular focusingsemicircular path
semiclean gassemiclean main
semiclosed circuit dedustersemicoke
semicoke formation temperaturesemicoking
semicolloidal statesemicommercial alloy
semiconducting alloysemiconducting matter
semiconductorsemiconductor industry
semiconductor rectifiersemiconductor single crystal
semicone anglesemicontinuous
semicontinuous (rolling) millsemicontinuous casting
semicontinuous rolling trainsemicontinuous thickener
semicylindrical reflectorsemideoxidized steel
semiellipsessemifilled (energy) level
semifilled bandsemifinished material
semifinished productsemifinished rolled products
semifinished rolled stocksemifinished section
semifinished section lengthssemifinished steel
semifinishing millsemifree cutting brass
semifusedsemigantry crane
semigatesemigloss coating
semiguided bendsemikilled
semikilled heatsemikilled ingot
semikilled steelsemilogarithmic diagram
semilogarithmic graphsemimanufactured material
semimanufactured productsemimash welding
semioscillationsemipasty slag
semiperiodsemipermanent lining
semipermanent moldsemipermanent mold casting
semipermeabilitysemiportal crane
semiproductsemiproduction experimental plant
semireduced pelletsemisintered
semisolid lubricantsemisolid mass
semisolid metal formingsemistabilized dolomite
semistable dolomitesemistable dolomite brick
semistable dolomite clinkersemisteel
semisteel castingsemitandem rolling
semithin wall-type inwallssemiunderground plant
semivolatile coatingsemiwork-scale plant
sendersendzimir mill
sensible heatsensing roller
sensing transducersensitive emulsion
sensitive layersensitive to air contamination
sensitivity of defects perceptionsensitization
sensitization of stainless steelsensitized condition
sensitized grainsensitizing heat treatment
sentinel plantseparate energy bands
separate moldseparate nozzle cutting torch
separate nozzle gas cutterseparate out
separate trainsseparated doublet
separating bathseparating cone
separating funnelseparating medium
separating plantseparating tank
separation boxseparation by liquation
separation coefficientseparation factor
separation layerseparation of instrumental and intrinsic broadening
separation of returnsseparation of skin
separation of vacanciesseparation size
separation surfaceseparative power
separatorsequence (resistance) welding
sequence casting practicesequence control
sequence etchingsequencer
sequential (multiple) samplingsequestering reagent
series connectionseries copper refining
series manufacturingseries of single strands
series submerged arc weldingseries welding
series weldsseries-arc furnace
series-arc surfaceseries-arc welding
serpentine coolerservice
service conditionsservice experience
service instrumentservice interruption
service lifeservice pipe
service shopservicing of machines
sesquioxide phasesesquioxide-spinel equilibrium
sesquioxide-spinel transitionsessile dislocation
sessile drop methodset
set copperset die
set downset free
set hammerset of bands
set of bendset of bus bars
set of crystal planesset of equivalent faces
set of filmsset of lattice planes
set of rollsset of withdrawal rolls
set punchset screw
set solutionsetoff
setting doorsetting equipment
setting microscopesetting-down
setting-upsetting-up device
setting-up fixturesettle
settle downsettle out
settler partsettler-storer
settlingsettling action of coarse particles
settling basinsettling bath
settling chambersettling classification
settling classifiersettling cone
settling hoppersettling of coarse particles
settling pitsettling tank
settling velocitysettling well
severe atmospheresevere corrosive conditions
severe gougingsevere pass
severe testsevering
severity of quenchsewage
sewage disposalSFSA
shackleshackle bolt
shackle hookshaded area
shadow castingshadow electron image
shadow electron micrographshadow microscopy
shadow photographshadow X-ray image
shadow zoneshadow-cast replica
shadowgraphshadowgraphic electron microscope observation
shadowgraphic electron microscopyshadowing
shaftshaft bearing
shaft centershaft coker
shaft crucible furnaceshaft effervescive
shaft efficiencyshaft hammer
shaft kilnshaft lining
shaft reductionshaft surface
shaft topshaft-coking furnace
shaft-kiln dolomiteshake-out
shake-out tableshaken helicoid
shaker-hearth furnaceshaking
shaking conveyorshaking feeder
shaking grizzlyshaking launders
shaking tableshaking trough
shaking-downshale extractor
shale lockshall core
shallow bathshallow case
shallow crackshallow discontinuity
shallow draftingshallow hardenability
shallow hardeningshallow mixer
shallow passshallow relief die
shallow-hardening steelshank
shank-type cuttershape cutting
shape deteriorationshape die
shape memoryshape memory alloys
shape memory effectshape mill
shape of moldshape of surface
shape of vesselshape rolling mill
shape steelshape steel-rolled stock
shape weldingshape-flame cutting
shape-memory effectshape-straightening machine
shaped blankshaped casting
shaped ingotshaped objects
shaped pieceshaped pressure squeeze board
shaped probeshaped profile
shaped rollshaped section
shaped tubeshaped wire
shapes finishingshapes gagger
shapingshaping groove
shaping millshaping pass
shaping rollshaping stand
shaping-upshaping-up period
sharp cracksharp falloff in intensity
sharp melting pointsharp series
sharp yieldsharp-edged die
sharp-line (X-ray) patternsharply focused reflections
sharpnessshatter cracks
shatter indexshatter mark
shatter marksshatter test
shatter test valueshattering
shavingshaving die
shaving methodshaving operation
shaving processshaving technique
Shaw processsheaf
shearshear angle
shear bandsshear bow
shear cartridge assemblyshear drag
shear forceshear fracture
shear knife changing equipmentshear line
shear lipshear load
shear modeshear modulus
shear planeshear steel
shear strainshear strength
shear stressshear test specimen
shear wave birefringence techniqueshear wave probe
shear zoneshear-feed conveyor
shear-gauge length indicatorsheared blank
sheared boundary methodsheared edge
sheared plate millshearer
shearingshearing area
shearing crackshearing distortion
shearing equipmentshearing line
shearing loadshearing operation
shearing punchshearing steel
shearing stress-strain diagramshearing test
shearing trainshears
shears approach tableshears bay
shears bladesshears delivery table
shears entry tableshears frame
shears gauge tableshears knife
shears pullback tableshears trough
sheathsheath rolling
sheathed electrodesheathed extrusion
sheathed thermocouplesheathing
sheathing by extrusionsheathing plate
sheet alloysheet bar mill
sheet beamsheet building
sheet carriersheet classifier
sheet coppersheet doubler
sheet doubling machinesheet dressing
sheet finishing baysheet forming
sheet gaugesheet iron
sheet iron shellsheet leveler
sheet levelingsheet leveller
sheet levellingsheet lifter
sheet materialsheet metal ductility testing instrument
sheet metal laggingsheet metal working
sheet millsheet mill stand
sheet mill trainsheet pack turnover
sheet pick-up feedersheet pickup
sheet pilesheet piler
sheet pilingsheet piling section
sheet reckoningsheet roll
sheet separationsheet shearings
sheet skin-pass millsheet stampings
sheet steelsheet steel manufacture
sheet straighteningsheet stretch
sheet stretchersheet thickness calibrator
sheet thickness gaugesheet tin
sheet zincsheet-annealing base
sheet-bar shearssheet-bar stacker
sheet-bend ductilitysheet-bending machine
sheet-charge formingsheet-galvanizing equipment
sheet-galvanizing linesheet-iron crane
sheet-iron shearssheet-like
sheet-metal formingsheet-metal rejection
sheet-pack heating furnacesheet-pickling machinery
sheet-reheating furnacesheet-shearing line
sheet-straightening machinesheet-stretch press
sheet-temper millsheeting
sheeting linesheeting pile
sheets finishingsheets in coils
sheets matchingSheffield composition
Sheffield plateshelf
shelf burningshelf drier
shelf elevatorshelf furnace
shelf ovenshelf roughness
shellshell casting
shell coolingshell core
shell hardeningshell mold
shell mold castingshell molding
shell mouldshell occupancy
shell plateshell rupture
shell-likeshell-mold material
shell-supported topshelling-out
sherardizing furnacesherardizing process
Sherwood direct steel processshew-back channel
shieldshielded arc
shielded carbon-arc weldingshielded electrode
shielded inert-gas metal-arc (welding) torchshielded inert-gas metal-arc welding
shielded inert-gas metal-arc welding setshielded metal arc
shielded metal arc weldingshielded metal-arc welding
shielded nucleusshielded stud welding
shielded-arc coatingshielded-arc electrode
shieldingshielding atmosphere
shielding constituentshielding cup
shielding gasshift
shift engineshift fitter
shift foremanshift sample
shifting chuteshiftman
shimshim brass
shingling hammershining ore
shipbuilding steelshipping
shipping buildingshipping department
shipping oreshive
shock bending testshock crushing method
shock crushing testshock front
shock loadshock loading device
shock scaffoldshock stress
shock testshock-bending test piece
shock-crushing operationshock-excited oscillator
shock-moving backshock-resisting steel
shock-wave formingshock-wave front
Shockley's dislocationsshockproof
shoeshoe plate
shop floorshop managerial staff
shop manualshop superintendent
shop ventilatorshop welding
shops conditionsShore (hardness) test
Shore hardnessShore hardness figure
Shore hardness numbershort annealing
short annealing furnaceshort bell branch joint
short intensively hot flameshort pouring
short tapholeshort terneplate
short transverse propertiesshort-brittle
short-circuit diffusionshort-circuiting arc
short-circuiting gunshort-cycle annealing
short-distance ordershort-flame coal
short-range ordered alloyshort-range stress
short-run castingshort-runs forging
short-time propertiesshort-wave end of spectrum
short-wavelength end of spectrumshort-wavelength radiation
shorten the flameshorten the heat
shortened analysisshortening
shortening operationshortening process
shortest interpoint distanceshorting arc
shotshot blasting
shot coppershot cylinder
shot intensifiershot metal
shot peeningshot peening installation
shot tankshot welder
shot-blasting barrelshot-blasting machine
shot-making machineshot-peening
shotblastshotblast cabinet
shotblast cleaning systemshotblast helmet
shotblast installationshotblast machine
shotblast plantshotblast unit
shotblastingshotblasting chamber
shotblasting helmetshotblasting installation
shottedshotted metal
shotted sampleshotting
shoulder filletshove
shovelshovel ing
shovel ing scrapshovelling scrap
shovelling turningsshow color
showershower external cooling
shower gateshower method
shower of metalshower pipe
shower-boxshredded scrap
shreddershrink bob
shrink fitshrink flanging
shrink head casingshrink hole
shrink in cakingshrink on
shrink ruleshrink table
shrink weldingshrink-fit pressure
shrinkage allowanceshrinkage cavity
shrinkage crackshrinkage cracks
shrinkage factorshrinkage fit
shrinkage gaugeshrinkage groove
shrinkage holeshrinkage on sintering
shrinkage ruleshrinkage strain
shrinkage stressshrinkage tendency
shrinkage testshrinker
shrinkingshrinking operation
shroudshrunk dolomite
shuffle barshuffle bars
shuffsshunting operations
shutoff gateshutoff plate
shutting-downshuttle capsule
shuttle capsulesshuttle car
shuttle carriageshuttle conveyor
shuttle trafficshuttling of lattice
sick tinside blow
side camberside casing
side cropsside crust
side dischargeside edge
side feed lockside fusion
side gateside looper
side millingside of vessel
side penetrationside pressure
side rakeside riser
side scrapside shake
side shearingside shears line
side strainside surface
side tippingside trimmer-and-scrap cutter
side trimmersside trimming
side-bend specimenside-bend test
side-blownside-blown Bessemer converter
side-blown converterside-centered
side-charged furnaceside-combustion design
side-cut shearsside-discharge capsule
side-discharge containerside-discharged furnace
side-discharging carside-door furnace
side-dumping hopperside-fired furnace
side-guard repeaterside-guide opening
side-loading kilnside-tip capsule
side-tip carside-tip wagon
side-tipping dump capsuleside-tipping dump car
side-trimming operationside-trimming shears
side-wall frictionside-worked
sidewallsidewall life
sideways extrusionSiemens process
Siemens regeneratorSiemens reversing gas valve
Siemens-Martin furnaceSiemens-Martin plant
Siemens-Martin processSiemens-Martin steel
sieve analysissieve classification
sieve diaphragmsieve fraction
sieve of perforated sheetsieve plate
sieve ratiosieve scale
sieve testsieve-bend screen
sieve-test machinesieving
sieving machinesifter
sight feed gaugesight flow indicator
sight holeSIGMA
sigma phaseSIGMA set
sigma-phase embrittlementSigmaflux
sigmoidal-shaped diesign of absorption of fluxes
signal lagsilchrome steel
silent runningSilesian furnace
silica bricksilica brick-lined furnace
silica contentsilica drip
silica endsilica firebrick
silica fluxsilica oven
silica refractorysilica roof
silica sandsilica tube
silica-alumina-type impuritysilica-bonded magnesite clinker
silicatesilicate inclusions
silicate of ironsilicate slag
silicate-bonded bricksilicate-rich zone
siliceous additivesiliceous calamine
siliceous ganguesiliceous impurity
siliceous limestonesiliceous manganese ore
siliceous materialsiliceous ore
siliceous sandsiliceous sinter
siliceous skinsiliceous slag
silicium killed heatsilicium-treated gray cast iron
silico-manganese steelsilicocalcium
siliconsilicon alloy
silicon blowsilicon dioxide
silicon earthsilicon ferrite
silicon impregnationsilicon junction
silicon manganesesilicon oxide
silicon pickupsilicon reduction
silicon sheetsilicon steel
silicon-carbide saggersilicon-carbon brick
silicon-killed steelsilicone-rubber compound
siliconized coatingsiliconizing
silky fracturesill
sill levelsill plate
silver (alloy) brazingsilver deposit
silver foilsilver radiation
silver refiningsilver removal
silver solderingsilver solution
silver steelsilver-brazed joint
silver-bromide crystalsilver-bromide grain
silver-plated coppersilver-plating solution
silver-solderedsilvering bath
silvering solutionsilverized copper
simple crystal formsimple cubic crystal
simple cylindrical vesselsimple gas
simple glidesimple hardening
simple harmonic motionsimple male punch
simple one-piece female diesimple slip
simple state of stresssimple stationary gas producer
simple steelsimple taphole
simple uniaxial tensionsimulated conditions
simulation techniquesinge-bevel (butt) groove
single (energy) levelsingle 4-strand casting machine
single bouncesingle casthouse blast furnace
single castingsingle coil
single crystal growingsingle crystal X-ray diffractometer
single dislocationsingle draft
single driver assemblysingle emulsion
single formingsingle horizontal block
single J jointsingle ladle
single linkagesingle pressed and sintered blank
single probe systemsingle process flow
single reinforcementsingle sheet rolling mill
single standard seamsingle V
single V-butt jointsingle vertical block
single wavelength beamsingle welded joint
single wire-drawing machinesingle X-ray pattern
single(-step) reduction gear unitsingle-acting hammer
single-action presssingle-action rubber press
single-aisle buildingsingle-arc
single-arc weldersingle-bead deposit
single-beam traveling cranesingle-beam travelling crane
single-beam trolleysingle-bevel butt weld
single-bevel groove weldsingle-bevel tee-butt weld
single-block machinesingle-bubble flotation
single-burnt dolomitesingle-cantilever cutting machine
single-cavity core boxsingle-cavity die
single-chain drawbenchsingle-chain-type bench
single-coat finishsingle-coated film
single-component briquette burdensingle-component burden
single-crucible furnacesingle-crystal camera
single-crystal orientation studysingle-crystal pattern
single-crystal pullingsingle-cylinder blowing engine
single-cylinder machinesingle-deck motobloc
single-die drawbenchsingle-flame
single-flow machinesingle-furnace process
single-glut butt jointsingle-hole symmetric extrusion
single-hole wire-drawing blocksingle-hole wire-drawing machine
single-impeller machinesingle-impulse weld
single-impulse weldingsingle-ingot soaking pit
single-J (butt) groovesingle-J (groove) weld
single-j groove weldsingle-J tee butt weld
single-line mill trainsingle-looping pit
single-operation formingsingle-operator control
single-operator transformersingle-operator welder
single-pass drawingsingle-pass mill
single-phase alloysingle-phase arc furnace
single-phase conditionsingle-phase diffusion
single-phased conditionsingle-pickled sheet
single-piece coresingle-piece die
single-piston explosive presssingle-probe technique
single-product tube millsingle-roll crusher
single-rolled stripsingle-rotor hammer mill
single-row weldsingle-run welding
single-shot methodsingle-sided (hot) bed
single-sided shearssingle-silk covered
single-sinter treatmentsingle-skip
single-skip hoistsingle-slag melt
single-slot mandrel-type coilersingle-spindle motobloc
single-spindle wire blocksingle-split sampler
single-stack basesingle-stack furnace
single-stack kilnsingle-stage nitriding
single-stage processsingle-stage refining
single-stage regulatorsingle-stage replica
single-stage Venturisingle-stand mill
single-strand drag conveyorsingle-strand machine
single-strand millsingle-strand plant
single-strand wiresingle-track hoist
single-track hoist bridgesingle-type shell
single-U (butt) groovesingle-u groove weld
single-U weldsingle-V (butt) groove
single-v groove weldsingle-V weld
singlessinglet interaction
singlet termsingly ionized atom
singly operated drivesink
sink drawingsink float process
sink holesink screen
sink-and-float processsink-and-float test
sink-float conesinkhead
sinking millsinking pass
sinking strainsinking-sizing mill
sintersinter (conveyor) system
sinter breakersinter burden
sinter cakesinter conveyor
sinter conveyor gallerysinter conveyor line
sinter coolersinter exhauster
sinter feedsinter fines
sinter in furnace burdensinter loading bin
sinter machinesinter machine of continuous operation
sinter makesinter mixer
sinter potsinter returns
sinter roastingsinter track
sinter-coke mixturesinter-drum test
sinter-feed mixturesintered
sintered aluminum powdersintered blank
sintered bottomsintered compact
sintered contactsintered density
sintered hard alloysintered hematite
sintered iron oresintered lining
sintered magnesitesintered metal-powder material
sintered propertiessintered-carbide die
sintering areasintering belt
sintering characteristicssintering coal
sintering electric discharge sinteringsintering furnace
sintering gratesintering machine
sintering mixsintering mixture
sintering operationsintering pallet
sintering pansintering plant
sintering plant pug millsintering point
sintering processsintering properties
sintering shopsintering strand
sintering techniquesintering temperature
sintering treatmentsintering zone
sintering-out of cavitiessintermachine
sinterskinsinuous movement
siphonsiphon separator
siphon sizersiphon-pour ladle
site weldsite work
six pronged capstansix-electrode salt-bath furnace
six-fold axissix-high cluster mill
six-roller millsize
size analysissize category
size characteristicssize distribution curve
size distribution indexsize effect
size factorsize fraction
size gradingsize modulus
size of feedsize of material sorted
size of nozzle openingsize of section
size of weldsize range index
size ratiosize reduction
size rollssize scale
size tolerancesized coal
sized feedsized ore
sized scrapsizer
sizingsizing curve
sizing devicesizing diagram
sizing diesizing effervescive
sizing efficiencysizing grid
sizing knockoutsizing mill
sizing of oressizing pass
sizing presssizing punch
sizing screensizing shaker
sizing strippersizing test
sizing-assay testskeleton axes
skeleton crystal formskeleton layout
skeleton patternskeleton pattern molding
skelpskelp blower
skelp feedskelp steel
skew brickskew joint
skew rollskew roller table
skew rollingskew surface
skewbackskewback brick
skewback channelskid
skid bankskid bars
skid pipeskid rails
skid-base crusherskid-type hot bed
skilled helpskillfull
skimskim bob
skim gateskim off
skimmerskimmer arrangement
skimmer gateskimmer spoon
skimmingskimming basin
skimming doorskimming end
skimming gateskimming ladle
skimming machineskimming plate
skimming scrapskimming tank
skimming toolskimming weir
skin (pass) rollingskin annealing
skin decarburizationskin drying
skin flotationskin fracture
skin frictionskin hardening
skin hardnessskin hole
skin inclusionsskin mill
skin of cast sectionskin rolling mill
skin-dried (sand) moldskinhard
skinnedSkinner multiple-hearth process
skip bridgeskip cable
skip capacityskip capsule
skip carskip charge
skip chargerskip charging
skip charging systemskip coke
skip cycleskip cycle indicator
skip fillingskip hoist
skip hoist driveskip hoist engine
skip hoist inclineskip hoist motor
skip houseskip load
skip pitskip pocket
skip procedureskip program
skip sequenceskip tub
skip weigherskip weight
skip weldskip welding
skip-and-bell hoistskip-filled furnace
skip-hoist houseskip-hoist trip
skip-loading chuteskip-type feeder
skivingsklep mill
skullskull breaking tool
skull castingskull cracker
skull formationskull furnace
skull meltingskull-melting process
SL direct reduction processSL-RN metallization process
SL-RN reduction processslab
slab billetslab copper
slab electrodeslab grinder
slab grinding buildingslab ingot
slab markerslab mill
slab milling machineslab mold
slab passslab pile
slab piled faggotslab piler
slab pilingslab reducer
slab shearsslab squeezer
slab transferslab turner
slab turntableslab yard
slab zincslab-casting machine
slab-producing plantslab-turning crane
slab-turning gantryslab-turnover device
slabbed pieceslabbed section
slabbing (mill) rollslabbing action
slabbing headslabbing mill
slack binslack of strip
slack quenchingslackening
slag accumulationslag action
slag adjustmentslag analysis
slag attackslag basin
slag bathslag beading
slag beltslag block
slag bottom pavingslag breakdown
slag breakerslag breakout
slag buggyslag build-up
slag buildingslag bulk
slag cakeslag calculation
slag capsuleslag car
slag casting temperatureslag catcher
slag chamberslag chipper
slag chippingslag cleaning
slag coatingslag composition
slag conditionsslag constitution
slag content ofslag control
slag corrosionslag crust
slag damslag deflector
slag depositsslag depth
slag desulphurizationslag detachability
slag dispenserslag disposal
slag drainslag draining
slag dripslag dump
slag enclosureslag entrapment
slag erosionslag false wall
slag fillslag filter
slag flowslag foaming
slag formationslag from the direct process
slag gantryslag granulation
slag heap conveyorslag hearth
slag holeslag inclusion
slag inclusionsslag input
slag ladleslag ladle spraying installation
slag landerslag launder
slag leadslag level
slag lineslag line region
slag lossesslag muck
slag noduleslag notch
slag notch apertureslag notch tuyere
slag of ordinary basicityslag off
slag panslag patch
slag penetrationslag per ton pig
slag pitslag plate
slag pocketslag pocket floor
slag pocket volumeslag pool
slag potslag pot stand
slag pot weightslag practice
slag processingslag protection
slag protective paddingslag rake
slag ratioslag receiver
slag recovery practiceslag removal
slag resistanceslag riser
slag roastingslag runner
slag sampleslag scrap
slag separationslag separator
slag shortnessslag skull
slag slopeslag smelting
slag specimenslag splashing
slag streakslag stringer
slag surfaceslag tank
slag tapslag tapping standby track
slag testslag thimble
slag tippingslag transfercar
slag trapslag trough
slag tuyereslag utilisation
slag utilizationslag viscosity
slag volumeslag volume effect
slag volume per ton of ironslag yard
slag yieldslag-bearing
slag-covered electrodeslag-drip furnace
slag-dryslag-expanding plant
slag-expansion machine processslag-forming
slag-forming additionslag-forming constituent
slag-forming ingredientslag-forming material
slag-grinding plantslag-handling gantry
slag-ladle road transporterslag-ladle transfercar
slag-line areaslag-making
slag-metal interfaceslag-metal separation
slag-metal surfaceslag-notch cooler
slag-pit shovelslag-pot capsule
slag-pot carriageslag-pot crane
slag-pot transfercarslag-processing plant
slag-removal toolslag-resistant brick
slag-resistant burnt brickslag-screening plant
slag-tap bottomslag-tap furnace
slaggingslagging effect
slagging hammerslagging material
slagging operationslagging practice
slagging reactionslagging test
slagging-bottom furnaceslagging-off
slaked limeslaked particles
slakingslaking effect
slaking propertyslaking resistant brick
slaking slagslaking tendency
slant fractureslant-range condition
slat-type conveyorslate
slate chuteslaty
slaty structureSlavianoff system
sledgesledge hammer
sledge-type roll changersledging
sleekersleeking hammer
sleeper barsleeper pass
sleeveslender core
slender sectionslenderness ratio
slewingslewing crane
slewing hopperslice
slicing latheslicker solder
slide barslide block
slide drawing pressslide guide
slide holdslide of a press
slide railsslide rule
slide valve controlslide-rule dial
slide-type dust valveslideway
slidingsliding arm
sliding basesliding conditions
sliding coresliding damper
sliding fitsliding gate
sliding jawsliding plate
sliding restsliding trap
sliding-box feederslight interaction
slimeslime analysis
slime blanketslime concentrate
slime decantationslime drain line
slime flocculationslime layer
slime pitslime pond
slime pulpslime pump
slime separatorslime sponge
slime tableslime tank
slime thickeningslime treatment
slime washerslime water
slimerslimes centrifuge
slimes concentratorsliming
slimy precipitateslip
slip bandslip bond
slip castingslip cover
slip crackslip direction
slip dislocationslip drawing machine
slip flaskslip forward in advance
slip gastingslip hardening
slip heightslip jacket
slip lineslip over
slip pathslip plane
slip regionslip system
slip tracesslip-line method
slip-line techniqueslip-pole (rotary) converter
slip-type drawing machineslipped area
slippingslipping friction
slipping-downslit arrangement
slit coilslit collimation
slit edgeslit gate
slit selvageslit separation
slit systemslit system scattering
slitterslitter ramp
slittingslitting knife
slitting lineslitting mechanism
slitting millslitting operation
slitting passslitting shears
slitting unitslitting-and-coiling line
slitting-and-shearing lineslitting-and-trimming line
sliverslogging hammer
slopeslope control
slope controllersloped roof
sloping back liningsloping branch
sloping castingsloping floor
sloping hammersloping hearth
sloping hearth furnacesloping loop channel
sloping platformsloping ramp
sloping sectionslopper head
sloppysloppy heat
sloppy tuyereslot furnace
slot weldslot welding
slot-shaped separatorslotted (molding box) pin
slotted gateslotted objects
slotted screenslotted surface
slottingslow blowing
slow cool sectionslow cool zone
slow cooling chamberslow crack growth
slow etching constituentslow run of furnace
slow strain rate techniqueslow test
slow windslow-cooled condition
slow-cooling boxslow-motion dial
slow-wind operationslow/medium range of casting speeds
slower filmSLPM process
sludgesludge (settling) tank
sludge build-upsludge building
sludge cocksludge drilling sampling
sludge extractorsludge formation
sludge liquorsludge mill
sludge outletsludge pan
sludge particlessludge pit
sludge removersludge screen
sludge sievesludge to waste
sludge underflowsludger
slug testslugger punch
sluggingsluggish tuyere
sluggishness of transformationsluiceway
slurry cakeslurry casting
slurry centrifugal separatorslurry clarifier
slurry dischargeslurry flocculation
slurry gunslurry infiltrated fiber castables
slurry mixerslurry pipeline
slurry reuseslurry sampler
slurry sedimentationslurry sump
slurry tankslurry-treatment plant
slury dischargeslush
slush castingslushing compound
small bell cablesmall bell diameter
small bell dumpsmall Bessemer converter
small castingssmall circle
small circle diametersmall coke
small end-upsmall ionization chamber
small prism spalling testsmall section
small vesselsmall-angle die
small-angle scatteringsmall-circle arc
small-gauge wiresmall-lot manufacture
small-scale manufacturesmall-scale plant
small-scale testsmall-scale work
small-section millsmall-section mill train
small-size limesmall-sized coke
small-sized scrapsmall-tonnage plant
smearingsmearing effect
smeltersmelter coke
smelter shopsmeltery
smeltingsmelting bath
smelting capacitysmelting characteristics
smelting chargesmelting furnace
smelting hearthsmelting hematite
smelting lossessmelting operation
smelting parametersmelting point
smelting potsmelting power
smelting practicesmelting process
smelting ratesmelting room
smelting shaftsmelting unit
smelting workssmelting works for nonferrous metals
smelting zonesmelting-down
smithsmith forging
smith weldingsmith's anvil
smith's driftsmith's forge
smith's hammersmith's hearth
smith's shopsmith's tongs
smithingsmithing action
smithing coalsmithing operation
smithing processsmithing snap
smithing techniquesmithing tolerances
smithy slewing cranesmoke (flue) damper
smoke abatementsmoke black
smoke depositionsmoke duct
smoke emissionsmoke flue
smoke helmetsmoke nuisance
smoke particlesmoke-tube boiler
smokeless coalsmokelessness
smoky firesmooth
smooth continuous linesmooth descent
smooth flowsmooth fracture
smooth freezingsmooth furnace operation
smooth rollsmooth solidification
smooth surfacesmooth-tensile properties
smoothening actionsmoothing
smoothing effervescivesmoothing hammer
smoothing oilsmoothing tool
smudgesmudge sump
snagging grinding machinesnail separator
snakessnaky edge
snapsnap flask
snap tempersnap-flask molding
snap-off coilsnaphead
snappy soundsnarfing test
snatch boxsnatching
sniffer testsnifting
snort wheelsnowflake
snuffle valveSO
soaksoak period
soaking heatsoaking period
soaking pitsoaking pit bay
soaking pit cranesoaking time
soaking unitsoaking zone
soaking-pit furnacesoap box
soap bubble modelsoap powder
soap solution methodsoap-bubble method
soap-rolled finishsoaping-out
soaps toneSociety of Die-Casting Engineers
socketsocket-and-spigot joint
soda leachingsoda lime
soda roastingsoda smelting
Soderberg electrodesodium
sodium chabazitesodium chloride type phase
sodium reductionsoft
soft abrasivessoft annealing
soft brushsoft clinker
soft cokesoft ferrite
soft hammersoft image
soft leadsoft magnetic material
soft negativesoft nitriding
soft radiationsoft ramming
soft soapsoft spot
soft steelsoft temper
soft vacuumsoft xeroradiography
soft-drawnsoft-drawn wire
soft-dusty sintersoft-magnetic alloy
soft-rammed moldsoft-soldered
softensoftened lead bullion
softened surfacesoftener
softeningsoftening furnace
softening kettlesoftening point
softening rangesoftening region
soldersolder embrittlement
solder fluxsolder metal
solder powdersolder up
solderable coatingsolderable finish
soldered seamsolderembrittlement
soldering by torchsoldering furnace
soldering pipesoldering temperature
soldering tongssoldering torch
soldering with the copper bitsoldier
soldierssole-heated oven
solenoid coilsolenoidal electromagnet
solenoidal lenssolid
solid additionssolid apron
solid axessolid bar
solid billetsolid block
solid block moldsolid bottom
solid bottom moldsolid bowl centrifuge
solid bridgingsolid carburizing compound
solid castingsolid contraction
solid covalent solidsolid cutters
solid cylindersolid deoxidizer
solid diesolid diffusion
solid drumsolid explosive forming
solid forgingsolid forging method
solid forging operationsolid lubricant
solid lubricant coatingsolid metal
solid metal embrittlementsolid movement
solid outer skinsolid pattern
solid phasesolid phase relationship
solid probesolid rod
solid sectionsolid shrinkage
solid slagsolid solubility
solid solutionsolid solution alloy
solid solution compositionsolid solution lattice
solid solution treatmentsolid steel ingot
solid-drawn sectionsolid-gas transition
solid-immiscibility regionsolid-liquid extraction
solid-liquid transitionsolid-phase sintering
solid-solid interactionsolid-solid transition
solid-solution conditionsolid-solution formation
solid-solution patternsolid-solution range
solid-solution strengtheningsolid-state equilibrium
solid-state image amplifiersolid-state physics
solid-state sinteringsolid-state welding
solidification curvesolidification heat
solidification rangesolidification region
solidification shrinkagesolidification shrinkage crack
solidification-shrinkage effectsolidified front
solidified materialsolidified skin
solidified statesolidifying point
soliditysolids intake
solids pumpsolids-handling pump
solidussolubility coefficient
solubility curvesolubility limit
solubility regionsolubility temperature coefficient
solublesoluble anode electrolysis
soluble oilsoluble oil-rolled finish
solutesolute atmosphere around dislocation
solute diffusionsolute distribution
solute elementsolute lattice
solute metalsolution composition
solution hardeningsolution heat treatment
solution phasesolution potential
solution returnsolution tank
solution treatment annealingsolutions of gases in gases
solutions of gases in liquidssolutions of gases in solids
solutions of liquids in liquidssolutions of solids in liquids
solutions of solids in solidssolvent
solvent cleanersolvent cleaning
solvent degreasingsolvent extraction
solvent latticesolvent selectivity
solvent-solute systemsolvus
solvus curvesolvus line
sonicsonic test
sootblower nozzlesooting
sorbite microstructuresorbitic pearlite
sortingsorting belt
sorting columnsorting conveyor
sorting floorsorting gang
sorting grizzlysorting hammer
sorting machinesorting plant
sorting tablesorting unit
soundsound absorber
sound bafflesound casting
sound channel propagationsound impulse
sound ingotsound panel
sound particle velocitysound rim
sound surfacesound test
sound weldingsounding
sounding devicesounding impulse
sounding rodsoundness
soursour corrosion
sour gassource intensity
source of finite widthsource of power
source of power wastesource of welding current
source-to-crystal distancesource-to-film distance
southern bentonitesow
sow blocksow channel
sow ironsow scrap
space diagramspace lattice
space lattice formspace lattice interference
space metalspace occupied
space principlespace strip
space velocityspace-group symmetry
space-lattice pointspaced butted
spacerspacer plate
spacer stripspacing of superdislocation
spacing washerspade end
spade guidespade half coupling
spallspall fracture
spall ing resistancespalling
spalling propertyspalling-off
spalling-resistant brickspan
spanglespangle conveyor
spangle towerspare
spare piecespare stand
spare unitspare vessel
sparge watersparging
sparkspark arrester
spark boxspark condensing chamber
spark eroding machinespark erosion fabrication
spark extinguisherspark extinguisher contact
spark ignitionspark injector
spark injector unitspark lighter
spark machiningspark oscillator
spark testspark testing
spark trapspark-coil leak detector
spark-discharge methodspark-gap converter furnace
sparkingspatial arrangement
spatial distribution of phasesspatial motion
spatterspatter loss
spatteringspattering drops
spatulaspecial alloy
special bronzespecial features
special inspectionspecial iron
special piecespecial pig
special rolled steel barspecial section
special type anglespeciality metal products
specially shaped molding boxspecials
specialty foundryspecialty rolling mill
specificspecific active conductivity
specific bulk weightspecific cut length
specific dutyspecific effervescive
specific elongationspecific energy
specific energy of blowspecific gravity analysis
specific gravity fractionspecific gravity test
specific loadingspecific mass
specific named alloysspecific power rating
specific production goalspecific surface area of powder
specific surface carbon contentspecific surface energy
specific-gravity assayingspecific-heat curve
specification ingotspecification scrap
specifiedspecified diameter
specified rated loadspecify
specimenspecimen alignment
specimen axisspecimen chamber
specimen for powder workspecimen grips
specimen headspecimen mount
specimen powderspecimen preparation
specimen ringspecimen scattering
speckledspectral analysis
spectral arc breadthspectral background
spectral densityspectral emissivity
spectral line breadthspectral line displacement
spectral line intensityspectral measurements
spectral pyrometerspectral-line profile
spectral-line shiftspectrochemical analysis
spectrographic analysisspectrographic comparator
spectrometric analysisspectrophotoelectric
spectroscopic energy levelspectroscopic instrumentation
spectroscopic techniquespectroscopic term
spectroscopical methodspectrum of magnetic aftereffect
specular ironspecular reflection
specularitespeed of entering
speed of material descentspeed of response
speed of throughputspeed of travel
speed ratiospeed-reducing mechanism
speeding treatmentspeiss
spelter brazingspelter solder
spent atmospherespent electrolyte
spent liquorspent material
spent pickle liquorspent pickling-plant liquor
spent shotsphalerite
sphere in k-spacesphere of reflections
sphericalspherical area of indentation
spherical attenuationspherical coordinates of electron
spherical indentationspherical objects
spherical powderspherical pressure pad
spherical projectionspherical-charge forming
spherically shaped diamond indentorspherically symmetric electron distribution
spherically symmetric probability distributionspheroidal
spheroidal carbide precipitatespheroidal cementite
spheroidal graphitespheroidite
spheroidized structurespheroidizing
spheroidizing annealingspherulitic graphite
spiderspider die
spider die capspider reel
spiegelspiegel cupola
spiegel ironspiegeleisen
spigotspigot-and-faucet joint
spigot-density testspike
spiked bottomspiky surface
spillage binspilled sand
spinspin angular momentum
spin doubletspin doublet separation
spin hardeningspin lattice
spin splittingspin-lattice interaction
spin-lattice relaxationspin-lattice relaxation time
spin-magnetic resonancespin-orbit force
spin-orbit splittingspindle
spindle anglespindle balance
spindle breakerspindle carrier
spindle carrier barspindle jaw half coupling
spindle pressspindle tongue
spindle-type elevating machinespinel ferrite
spinel fieldspinel phase
spinner blockspinner gate
spinner runnerspinning
spinning anodespinning axis
spinning devicespinning electron
spinning motionspinning speed
spinodal decompositionspinodal structure
spinylock processspiral
spiral brickingspiral cast
spiral concentratespiral concentrator
spiral conveyorspiral fracture
spiral growth patternspiral ing
spiral millspiral picker
spiral source of dislocationsspiral-coil separator
spiral-shaped objectsspirally welded tube
spirious pulsespirit of alum
spirit of hartshornspirit of niter
spirit of saltspirit of sulphur
spirit of tinspirit of verdigris
spirit of vinegarspirit of wood
splashsplash core
splash lubricationsplash method
splash scalesplash shield
splasher plate motor controlsplasher plate motor control center
splashingsplashing plate
splattersplice bar
splined objectssplined surface
splint pinsplinters
splintery fracturesplit
split cast-iron moldsplit catchweight coil
split cathweight coilsplit charging
split conductorsplit container holder
split core boxsplit core rod
split diesplit die liner
split gatesplit heat
split jointsplit master die
split patternsplit pole-type machine
split punchsplit runner
split shellsplit shovel
split togglesplit tubing
split windsplit-field colorimeter
splittersplitter box
splitter hoppersplitting fracture
splitting of dislocationspodumene
spoil reclaimingspoiled
spoiled castingsponge
sponge ironsponge iron powder
sponge metalsponge plating
sponge-iron plantsponge-like decay
sponge-like statespongeous mass
spongingsponging agent
spongious corrosionspongy coating
spongy copperspongy lead
spongy materialspongy titanium
spongy topspontaneous adsorption
spontaneous annealingspontaneous combustion
spontaneous crackingspontaneous decomposition
spontaneous deformationspontaneous magnetization domain
spontaneous recombinationspontaneous recrystallization
spoolerspooler block
spoolingspooling device
spooling machinespoon
spoon and squarespoon test
spoon toolspot arc welding
spot drillingspot facing
spot gougingspot hardening
spot lampspot method of flame hardening
spot of weaknessspot segregation
spot sizespot test
spot weldspot welding
spot welding controlspot-welded
spot-welded jointspot-welding machine
spotting-outspotty arc
spotty depositspotty hardening
spotty linespotty pattern
spotty steelspout
spout cranespout hole
spout metalspout plug
spouting bedspray (metal) transfer
spray boxspray campanil
spray catcherspray chamber
spray cleaningspray coating
spray conespray cooled hearth jacket
spray coolerspray cooling
spray formingspray gate
spray gunspray gun process
spray headspray header
spray jetspray metal
spray paintingspray pipe
spray quenchingspray refining
spray solderingspray tank
spray testspray thrower
spray towerspray unit
spray zonespray-cooled shell
spray-type washersprayed band
sprayed collection towersprayed metal
sprayed metal coatingsprayed-on coating
sprayingspraying angle
spraying apparatusspraying conditions
spraying jetspraying machine
spraying methodspraying speed
spread arc weldingspread lens
spread of crystal orientationspread rolling
spread-outspread-to-elongation ratio
spreaderspreader bar
spreading actionspreading effect
spreading methodspreading of groove
spreading of stripspreading operation
spreading processspreading stand
spreading weldsprigging
spring alloyspring bronze
spring bumperspring center punch
spring damperspring factor
spring hammerspring hanger
spring legspring roll
spring roll balancespring steel
spring stripperspring temper
spring-back eliminationspring-balanced guard
spring-loaded rodspring-loaded roller device
spring-loaded skewbackspring-loader roller
spring-mountedspring-mounted mold
spring-pneumatic clampspringback
springing of standsprinkler
sprinkler systemsprinkling basin
spruesprue base
sprue cittersprue cutting
sprue holesprue opening
spruingsprung arch design
sprung bonnetsprung silica bonnet
sprung-arch roofspun casting
spur guardspur-gear speed reducer
spure cupspurious echo
spurious responsesputter
sputteringspy hole
square barsquare bevel
square bloomsquare brick
square drillingsquare end
square groovesquare groove weld
square meshsquare section
square set hammersquare tubing
square-edgedsquare-ended container
square-well potentialsquares
squaringsquaring pusher
squaring shearsquaring shears
squaring-upsquat ingot
squeezesqueeze a mold
squeeze castingsqueeze flask lift machine
squeeze headsqueeze period
squeeze pistonsqueeze pointer
squeeze rollsqueeze time
squeezersqueezer board
squeezer platesqueezer shears
squeezer yokesqueezer-and-dryer table
squeezingsqueezing board
squeezing cylindersqueezing hand lever lift machine
squeezing machinesqueezing operation
squeezing platesqueezing press
squeezing tablesqueezing valve
squirtsquirt gun
stability factorstability region
stability temperature regionstabilized condition
stabilized dolomite clinkerstabilized steel
stabilizing agentstabilizing annealing
stabilizing coatingstabilizing element
stabilizing lipstabilizing treatment
stable arcstable austenite
stable beta alloystable diagram
stable dolomite clinkerstable form
stable hexagonal hydridestable modification
stable nucleusstable phase
stable regionstack
stack batterstack brickwork
stack casingstack casting
stack coolerstack cutting
stack damperstack distribution
stack effectstack friction
stack heightstack lining
stack moldingstack shell
stack weldingstack-gas analysis
stackedstacked tailings
stackerstacking area for bricked roofs
stacking faultstacking fault bundle
stacking fault densitystacking fault energy
stacking hot bedstacking of atom layers
stacking orderstacking trailing conveyor
stacking tripperstacking-fault precipitation in austenite
stage bunkerstage crushing
stage flotationstage grinding
stage of progressstage preheating
stage-wise pH adjustmentstaged
stages of thickenerstagger blanking mechanism
stagger feed pressstaggered intermittent fillet weld
staggered seamstaggered-intermittent fillet welding
staggered-parallel operationstaggered-slot screen
staggered-tooth cuttersstagnant condition
stagnant zonestagnation
stagnation regionstahleisen
stainlessstainless clad steel
stainless claddingstainless electrode
stainless ironstainless steel
stainless steel manufacturestainless steel slab
stainless stripstainlessness
stallstall block
stampstamp battery
stamp hammerstamp in
stamp millstamp milling
stamp pulpstamp rock
stamp shoestamp vat
stamp-mill framingstamped mix
stamped platestamped shot
stamping boardstamping die
stamping millstamping room
stamping toolstamping trim
standard (X-ray) filmstandard 200-mesh screen
standard airstandard bar
standard Bessemer ironstandard conditions
standard copperstandard crystal
standard dutystandard electrode potential
standard fracturesstandard gold
standard ingotstandard inspection
standard instrumentstandard methods
standard of comparisonstandard pattern
standard plate specimenstandard potential
standard powderstandard projection of crystal
standard rammerstandard reference material
standard reinforced weldstandard round test bar
standard solutionstandard spacing
standard temperature and pressurestandard tin
standard volumestandard wire gauge
standby batterystandby losses
standby slag runnerstandby supply
standby unitstanding
standing periodstanding ready for use
standoff high-velocity operationstandoff operation
starstar crater crack
star wheel extractorstardusting
staring-upStark separation
start upstart-and-stop drive
start-up manstartability
started edgestarter bar
startingstarting arrangement
starting barstarting block
starting sheetstarting stock
starting torquestarting-up
state as receivedstate diagram
state of strainstate of stress
state of vibratingstate separation
stathmographstatic (loading) stress
static atomic displacementsstatic casting
static cone indentation hardnessstatic corrosion
static decantationstatic dewatering
static electrode forcestatic fatigue
static frictionstatic output curve
static rammingstatic recovery
static separationstatic tension test
static thickenerstatic welding machine
static welding setstatical test
statifluxstation regulator
stationary anodestationary belt conveyor
stationary clampstationary clamping block
stationary columnstationary cooling bed
stationary couplingstationary crane
stationary cutterstationary cylindrical mandrel
stationary dogsstationary grate
stationary hearthstationary heating
stationary inclined screenstationary jaw
stationary knifestationary layer
stationary method of flame hardeningstationary mold
stationary open-hearth furnacestationary oxygen converter
stationary platenstationary position
stationary single crystalstationary stop
stationary tablestationary target
stationary thermocouplestationary transformer
stationary-film camerastationary-film goniometer
stationary-type cradlestave
stay platestay tube
stay-down timestead's brittleness
steady extrusion pressuresteady motion
steady operationsteady pressure extrusion
steady ratesteady zero
steady-state creepsteady-state diffusion
steady-state flowsteady-state heat losses
steady-state operating conditionssteam addition to blast
steam atomizationsteam blower
steam blowing enginesteam blueing
steam bronzesteam coal
steam coil heatersteam corrosion-resistant alloy
steam descalingsteam drier
steam drumsteam drying
steam ejector systemsteam evaporator
steam generationsteam hammer
steam hoodsteam injection
steam jet blowersteam pipe
steam pipelinesteam plume
steam portsteam pressure test
steam productionsteam ram
steam return linesteam sandblaster
steam spargingsteam supply
steam supply linesteam tempering
steam treatmentsteam-admission valve
steam-assisted filteringsteam-cooled door
steam-driven hammersteam-ejector pump
steam-heated rotary driersteam-jacket filter
steam-jacketed filtersteam-jacketed filtration
steam-jet atomizersteam-jet sandblaster
steam-operatedsteam-operated mud gun
steam-oxygen convertersteam-power forging press
steam-power plantsteam-raising equipment
steam-trap valvesteam-tube drier
steatiteSteckel mill
steelsteel acid Bessemer steel
steel ageingsteel aging
steel airtight shellsteel alloy
steel angle flangesteel backplate
steel ballsteel bar
steel bathsteel belt-apron conveyor
steel blueingsteel body
steel casingsteel castings
steel concretesteel conditioning
steel continuous casting plantsteel degassing
steel deoxidationsteel erecting crane
steel facilitysteel feed
steel forgingsteel founder
Steel Founders' Society of Americasteel founding
steel foundrysteel free from intergranular corrosion
steel free from remanencesteel furnace
steel gradesteel ingot
steel jacketsteel metallurgist
steel microstructuresteel mill crane
steel moldsteel pad
steel pelletsteel plant
steel platesteel plate gate
steel preparation plantsteel quality
steel rodsteel sandwich
steel scrapsteel shape
steel sheetsteel smelter
steel strapsteel teeming crane
steel teeming ladle capsulesteel teeming ladle car
steel trim patternsteel tubular industry
steel volute chambersteel with increased manganese content
steel with special chemical propertiessteel with special electrical and magnetic properties
steel with special magnetic propertiessteel with special mechanical properties
steel with special physical propertiessteel with special thermal properties
steel worksteel works
steel-armoredsteel-cased structure
steel-caststeel-casting foundry
steel-coredsteel-distributing operation
steel-encasedsteel-gray metal
steel-lined flushing flumesteel-making iron
steel-tapping holesteel-teeming ladle
steel-wire indicatorsteeling
steelmaker's operating pulpitsteelmaking
steelmaking operationsteelmaking practice
steelmaking processsteelmaking scrap
steelmaking unitsteelmaking vessel
steelmaking wastesteeloscope
steelworksteely iron
steep barsteeple
Stelling processstem holder
stem radiationstem valve
stepstep aging
step anglestep fracture
step gatestep quenching
step timestep-back method
step-back procedurestep-back sequence
step-by-step methodstep-by-step roller-spot welding
step-rolled millstep-type nozzle
step-type penetrameterstephanite
stepless speed change mechanismstepped annealing
stepped compactstepped drawing cone
stepped fillingstepped grate gas producer
stepped jointstepped ledge
stepped screenstepped section
stepped turnover devicestepwise method
stereo radiographystereogram of crystal
stereographic frequency plotstereographic net of meridiona, type
stereographic polestereomicrography
stereoscopic imagestereoscopic micrograph
stereoscopic micrographsstereoscopic microscopy
stereoscopical imagestereoscopical micrograph
stereoscopical microscopestereoscopical microscopy
stereotype metalsterile creep
sterling silverStern-Gerlach experiment
stethoscopic teststewing
stickstick electrode
stick electrode weldingstick feeder (welding) machine
stick gunstick region
stickersticker box
sticker patchesstickiness
stickingsticking friction
sticking of sheetssticky cinder
sticky oresticky slag
sticky suspensionsticky-type sand
Stiefel disk piercing processstiff furnace operation
stiff millstiff stand
stiffening hoopingstiffening plate
still bathstill pickling
still tank cleaningstilling
stirred tankstirrer
stirrer barstirring device
stirring effectstirring hole
stirring machinestirrup
stitch weldstitch welder
stock bankstock bin
stock columnstock cooling plate
stock cranestock distribution
stock distributorstock guide
stock heapstock house
stock indicatorstock level
stock level visualizerstock material
stock of carriagesstock pig
stock pointstock rack
stock rodstock rod record
stock standstillstock-distributing gear
stock-level controlstock-level controller
stock-level heightstocker
stockhouse trackstocking
stocklinestockline area
stockline depthstockline detection
stockline diameterstockline gauge
stockline indicatorstockline measurement
stockline profilestockline recorder
stockline visualizerstockline wall
stockline winchstockpile extractor
stockyardstockyard bay
stockyard beltstoichiometry
stonestone per ton pig
stone ratestony slag
stool conditioning areastop
stop markstop spindle
stop upstop-off
stop-off corestopoff
stoppagestopped taphole
stopper dryingstopper drying stove
stopper endstopper head
stopper ladlestopper lifting device
stopper nozzlestopper plug
stopper rodstopper rod oven
stopper tubestopper-nozzle ladle
stoppered ladlestoppered pouring basin
stopping materialstopping off
stopping-off agentstopping-up
storage bedstorage bin
storage bunkerstorage cell
storage conditionsstorage hopper
storage injector vesselstorage life
storage loopstorage pile
storage pondstorage room
storage tankstorage tower
storage-bin extractorstore
store cranestore room
store upstored energy (resistance) welding
stored energy welderstored gas
stored-energy welding machinestove
stove blowerstove burner fan
stove burner fuel-air ratio controlstove changing
stove checker systemstove combustion system
stove domestove dome temperature control
stove fuelstove gas main
stove operating sequencestove operator
stove platformstove stack
stove stack temperaturestove system
stove tenderstove-burner shutoff valve
stove-changing operationstove-stack temperature recorder
straddle millingstraddle scan
straightstraight (flange) method of rolling beams
straight barrelstraight cast
straight cup wheelstraight design of finishing passes
straight edgestraight flange design
straight flash weldingstraight grinding wheel
straight lap jointstraight limestone
straight polaritystraight regeneration
straight sheet pilestraight-arm stirrer
straight-away millstraight-edge
straight-line blast temperaturestraight-line cutting
straight-line cutting guidestraight-line dependence
straight-line furnacestraight-line relationship
straight-ore burdenstraight-path sampler
straight-peen hammerstraight-tapered die
straight-through extrusionstraight-trough track
straight-type tuyerestraightaway rolling
straightening gearstraightening hammer
straightening machinestraightening press
straightening rackstraightening roll
straightening shopstraightening-and-cutting machine
straightforward lossesstraightway rolling
straightway valvestrain
strain agestrain age hardening
strain age hardnessstrain age-hardening
strain ageingstrain aging
strain anneal methodstrain annealing method
strain energystrain figure
strain gaugestrain hardening
strain hardnessstrain rate
strain rate dependencestrain resistance
strain rodsstrain roll
strain-age embrittlementstrain-anneal grown single crystal
strain-energy methodstrain-free cutting
strain-free latticestrain-free powder
strain-gauge indicatorstrain-gauge reading
strain-hardeningstrain-hardening coefficient
strain-hardening exponentstrain-hardening metal
strain-hardening rangestrain-induced ordering
strain-measuring equipmentstrain-measuring instrument
strain-rate componentstrain-rate sensivity
strain-relief crystallizationstrain-relief furnace
strain-time datastrained condition
strained structurestrainer
strainer corestraining tie
strandstrand annealing
strand castingstrand heat treatment
strand-type furnacestranded (welding) wire
stranded electrodestranded root
stranderstranding die
stranding machinestrap
strap hammerstrap valve guide
strap weldstrapped coil
strapping machinestrapping plate
strapping the weldStrategic-Udy process
stratified samplestray current
stray transformerstray-current corrosion
stray-light emissionstreaky
stream degassingstream degassing plant
stream hardeningstream temperature
stream tinstream-degassing facility
stream-degassing systemstream-jet blasting
streamline (flow) motionstreamlined flow
streamlined sectionstrength improvement
strength indexstrength joint
strength levelstrength of dislocation
strength reduction through external adsorption extrusion effectstrength seam
strength teststrength testing machine
strength under loadstrength weld
strength-to-weight ratiostrength-weight ratio
strengthened conditionstrengthened core print
strengthening effectstrengthening mechanism
strengthening phasestress
stress agingstress alteration
stress alternationstress amplitude
stress applicationstress concentration
stress concentration factorstress condition
stress corrosionstress corrosion crack
stress corrosion crack propagationstress cycle
stress dependencestress dependence of dislocation configuration
stress diagramstress equalization
stress fatigue strengthstress field
stress raisersstress ratio
stress relaxationstress relieving
stress rupture curvestress rupture data
stress-accelerated corrosionstress-concentration factor
stress-corrosion crackingstress-corrosion fracture
stress-deformation diagramstress-enhanced diffusion
stress-inducedstress-induced movement of twin boundaries
stress-induced orderingstress-induced solute diffusion
stress-intensity factorstress-intensity factor range
stress-relaxation curvestress-relief annealed
stress-relief annealingstress-relief cracking
stress-relief furnacestress-relief heat treatment
stress-relieving furnacestress-rupture characteristics
stress-rupture machinestress-rupture testing machine
stress-strain curvestress-strain diagram
stress-strain plotstress-wave-induced fracture
stress-wave-inducted fractureStresscoat
stressed statestressing
stretch elongationstretch flanging
stretch flattenerstretch former
stretch formingstretch pressing
stretch ratiostretch roll
stretch-mechanical diestretch-reducing mill
stretch-wipe formingstretch-wrap forming
stretcher flatteningstretcher leveler
stretcher levelingstretcher leveller
stretcher levellingstretcher straightening
stretcher strain markingsstretcher strains
stretchingstretching die
stretching forcestretching hammer
stretching machinestretching method
stretching operationstretching press
stretching processstretching punch
stretching strainstretching tool
stretchnig toolstrew press
striation boundarystrickle
strickle boardstrickle molding
strickle molding with gaugesstrictly parallel beam
strikingstriking distance
striking edgestriking end
striking energystriking force
striking solutionstriking surface
striking voltagestring bead
string bead weldingstring beading
string dischargestring forging
stringerstringer bead
stringer bead weldingstringer-bead technique
strip (rolling) millstrip an end
strip annealingstrip baffle
strip barstrip breakage
strip bridlestrip chart
strip coilstrip coiler
strip coiling apparatusstrip copper
strip electrodestrip ends
strip flatteningstrip gage
strip grinding linestrip guiding apparatus
strip handling capsulestrip handling car
strip materialstrip mill capacity
strip mill trainstrip oiling apparatus
strip openerstrip pickler
strip platestrip printer
strip processingstrip reservoir
strip rollsstrip steel
strip steel-rolled stockstrip storage
strip storage equipmentstrip thickness measurement with radionuclides
strip uncoilerstrip-centering device
strip-chart instrumentstrip-chart recording
strip-coiling apparatusstrip-edge scanning equipment
strip-feeding devicestrip-guiding apparatus
strip-oiling apparatusstrip-processing mechanism
strip-slitting machinestrip-storage device
strip-storage equipmentstripped atom
stripped emulsionstripped exothermic atmosphere
stripperstripper head
stripper machinestripper mechanism
stripper platestripper plate mold
stripper punchstripper yard
stripping actionstripping bay
stripping cranestripping device
stripping emulsionstripping machine
stripping patternstripping plate
stripping spiderstripping tongs
stripping-plate molding machinestroboflash
stroke indicatorstroke limiting nut
stroke limiting slidestroke of bell
strong bindingstrong bond
strong coatingstrong coke
strong fieldstrong intensity
strong seamstrong steel
strong-base ion-exchange resinstrongly acidic liquid
strongly coking coalstrongly desulphurizing slag
strongly ionized gasstrongly oxidizing slag
strontian baritestrontium
struck coinstructural alloy
structural alterationsstructural castings
structural compositionstructural condition
structural constitutionstructural diagram
structural energystructural equilibrium
structural imperfectionsstructural integrity
structural interfacestructural limits
structural materialstructural mill
structural modelstructural orientation
structural shapestructural stand
structural steelstructural steel frame
structural studystructural weld
structurally free phosphidestructurally nonequivalent cell distances
structurestructure axis
structure determinationstructure element
structure featuresstructure heterogeneity
structure instabilitystructure of worked metal
structure rearrangementstructure symmetry
structure-amplitude equationstructureless replica
stub effervescivestub end
stub holestub wastage
stub-end lossesstub-end wastage
stuck ingotstuck spot weld
studstud chaplet
stud drivingstud driving equipment
stud holestud riveting hammer
stud weldstud welding
Stuerzelberg rotary furnacestuff
stuffing materialsturdy-type core box
Sturzelberg processstyrian method
styrofoam patternsub-boundary structure
subaerated machinesubaeration
subaeration cellsubaerator
subboundarysubboundary constituent
subcritical annealingsubcutaneous blowholes
subcutaneous defectsubgrain
subgrain boundarysubhearth
subhearth blocksubject contrast
submarine ladlesubmerged arc
submerged arc processsubmerged arc weld
submerged arc weldersubmerged arc welding
submerged lance smeltingsubmerged plunger die-casting machine
submerged quenchingsubmerged-arc furnace
submerged-electrode furnacesubmergence
submicronsubmicron powder
submicron refractory dispersoidssubmicron solids
subordinate seriessubpress
subsequent heatingsubsequent machining
subsidiary arms of dendritesubsidiary sowblock
subsievesubsieve fraction
subsieve powdersubstitute alloys
substitutional alloysubstitutional element
substitutional imperfectionsubstitutional lattice site
substitutional solid solutionsubstitutional-interstitial interaction
substratesubstructural strengthening
subsurface corrosionsubsurface ladling
subsurface pinholessubsurface porosity
subversive gassubversive liquid
subzero hardeningsubzero treatment
succession of passessuccessive work expansion
suckingsucking socket
suctionsuction basket
suction castingsuction cup
suction cupssuction fan
suction filtersuction flue
suction gas producersuction hose
suction liftsuction manifold
suction outputsuction pyrometer
suction wheel compartmentsuction-cup lifting device
sudden alternation of cross-sectionsudden drop in pressure
sudden heatingsuds
suds pumpsuffix number
sulfide stress crackingsulfidizing
Sulfinuz processsulfur dome
sulfur printsulfuric acid
sull coatingsull-coated
sulphatesulphate of copper
sulphatic allophanesulphating roaster
sulphatized oresulphatizing roasting
sulphidesulphide concentrate
sulphide corrosionsulphide corrosion cracking
sulphide inclusionsulphide ore
sulphide stress crackingsulphidization
sulphidizesulphite liquor
sulphite lyesulphocyaniding
sulphursulphur balance
sulphur corrosionsulphur dioxide
sulphur impuritysulphur input
sulphur loadsulphur ore
sulphur partitionsulphur partition ratio
sulphur percentagesulphur print
sulphur printingsulphur removal
sulphur removal in sinteringsulphur remover
sulphur tolerancesulphur transfer
sulphur-bearing fuelsulphur-carrying power of slag
sulphuric acid roastingsulphuric roasting
sulphuric-acid leachingsulphurization
sump strainersump tank
sun-and-planet gearsunk pit
sunken-type plantsuper coal
super-corrosion-resistant stainless steelsuperabrasives
superannealedsuperatmospheric pressure
superclean coalsuperconducting element
superconducting junctionsuperconducting matter
superconducting metalsuperconductivity
supercooled alloysupercooled state
supercoolingsuperdense lining
superduty firebricksuperduty silica brick
superduty steelsuperficial area
superficial expansionsuperficially decarburized
superfine drawingsuperfine fraction
superfine powdersuperfines
superfinishingsuperfluxed sinter
superheatingsuperimposed core
superintendentsuperior quality
superlattice linessuperlattice transformation
superplastic behaviorsuperplastic effect
superplastic formingsuperplasticity
superposed forcesuperpressure
superpurity metalsuperquench oil
supersaturated alloysupersaturated austenite
supersaturated betasupersaturated phase
supersonic solderingsuperstructure lines
superstructure of furnacesuperthickener
supervising worksupervisory lamp
supplementary airsupplementary cooling
supplementary heatsupplementary mill
supplementary symbolsupply
supply headersupply line
supply mainsupply reel
supply tablesupport
support membersupport plate
support rollsupported-spindle gyratory crusher
supporting framesupporting plate
supporting rollsupporting structure
suppressed spreadingsuppressed zero pressure gauge
suppression of second recrystallizationsurface (energy) band
surface activationsurface alterations
surface barrier junctionsurface blemish
surface blowholesurface checking
surface combustionsurface comparator
surface conditionsurface conditioning
surface conditioning grinding machinesurface contamination
surface cracksurface damage
surface darkeningsurface decarburization
surface defectsurface deposit
surface diffusion coefficientsurface drying
surface energy anisotropysurface feet per minute
surface finishsurface flame hardening
surface flowsurface force
surface formingsurface fusion
surface grindingsurface hardening
surface hardnesssurface impregnation
surface induction hardeningsurface lamellation
surface laysurface layer of rust
surface leachingsurface lubricity
surface matchingsurface measurement
surface modificationsurface nonmetallic inclusion
surface nucleationsurface of spherical indentation
surface pinholessurface probe coil
surface resistancesurface roughness
surface scratching hardnesssurface scratching test
surface segregationsurface shrinkage
surface spray coolersurface staining
surface stresssurface structure
surface temperingsurface texture
surface treatmentsurface vitrification
surface wave probesurface wave velocity
surface weldingsurface-active agent
surface-active lubricantsurface-active material
surface-conditioned roundssurface-contaminant film
surface-cooledsurface-hardened steel part
surface-hardening steelsurface-to-core test
surfacingsurfacing weld
surge binsurge injector
surge pointsurge sump
surge tanksurplus
surplus blast-furnace gassurplus operation
surplus productive capacitysurplus valve
susceptibility to crackingsuspend
suspend archsuspended
suspended brickworksuspended core
suspended magnetsuspended material
suspended statesuspending the burden
suspension chambersuspension gasification
suspension hooksustained backfire
Suzuki lockingSW
swage blockswage die
swage downswage hammer
swaged powder metallurgy tungsten rodswaged thermocouple
swaged tubeswaging
swaging coilswaging die
swaging hammerswaging machine
swaging methodswaging operation
swaging processswaging snap
swaging techniqueswaging-type shaper
swan-neckswan-neck press
swan-neck runnerswarf
swarf breakerswarf briquetting
swarf-baling machineswarf-settling tank
sweatsweat ball
sweat furnacesweater dross
sweatingsweating temperature
Swedish processsweep
sweep arm transfersweep molding
sweep of gasessweep tamplet
sweep templetsweeping dislocation
sweeping planesweepings
sweepysweet roasting
sweetener bunkerswell
swellingswelling index
swelling powerswelling pressure
Swift cup testswing
swing bolsterswing bolt
swing craneswing frame grinder
swing grinderswing hammer crusher
swing-frame grinderswing-hammer mill
swing-hammer pulverizerswingable hood
swinging arc-path samplerswinging arm cutting machine
swinging fume hoodswinging jib crane
swinging leverswinging scaffold
swinging-field magnetizationswings in temperature
swirling actionswitch box
switch panelswitching pulse generator
swivel damperswivel ing device
swivel roundswivel scan
swiveling deviceswivelling device
swordingsymbolic panel
symmetric LD furnacesymmetric line broadening
symmetrical (energy) levelsymmetrical arcs of pattern
symmetrical back-reflection focusing camerasymmetrical crystal
symmetrical interactionsymmetrical line broadening
symmetrical line profilesymmetrical line widening
symmetrical modesymmetrical pairs of lines
symmetrical passsymmetrical pot-bellied vessel
symmetrical vesselsymmetry laws
symmetry propertiessymmetry repetition
symmetry systemsyn(c)
synchronic controlsynchronous weld timer
synchronous weld timingsynthetic cold rolled sheet
synthetic ironsyphon
syphon passagesyphon-pour ladle
system of crystallizationsystem of ventilation
system sands—n curve