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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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Pp-C coke operation
P-C coke performancep-n junction
p-n junction rectifierp-p junction
P/M parts moldingpack
pack annealingpack carburizing
pack carrierpack hardening
pack ing machinerypack mill
pack nitridingpack rolling
pack tilterpack-harden
pack-heating furnacepackaged ferroalloy
packaged reducerpackaged rotary drum drier
packagingpackaging conveyor line
packaging machinepackaging machinery
packed (tube) lancingpacked bed
packed columnpacked cooling tower
packed reaction towerpacked scrap
packed systempacked tower
packingpacking agent
packing baypacking bed
packing densitypacking die
packing indexpacking liquid
packing materialpacking plate
packing potpad
pad electrodepad loading unit
pad weldpadding
paddle blade-type mixing machinepaddle jig
paddle mixerpaddle stirrer
paddle-type coilerpaddle-wheel fan
paint barrierpaint burning
paint-spraying pistolpainting
pairpair of diffraction arcs
pair rollingpaired cable
pairing of atomspairing of electrons
pairing of sheet barspaktong
palladic platinumpalladium
palladium amalgampallet
pallet conveyor mold-type plantpallet/conveyor mold machine
palm endpalong
panpan capsule
pan carpan conveyor
pan millpan mill processing
pan mixerpan nodulizer
pan sinteringpan-car train
pancakepancake coil
pancake coilerpancake forging
pancake grane structurepancake test
paning hammerpanoramic borescope
pantograph cutterpaper reel
parabolic contact arcparaffin wax
paragon steelparagonite
parallelparallel bearing
parallel fluxparallel gate
parallel growthparallel land
parallel magnetizationparallel multiple-spot welder
parallel nozzle boreparallel plug
parallel radiationparallel roll profile
parallel Soller slits systemparallel spin orientation
parallel track arrangementparallel track casthouse
paramagnetic materialparamagnetic oxygen gas analyzer
paramagnetic relaxationparamagnetism
paraxial raysparcel plating
parent metalparent metal test specimen
paring hammerParker process
Parkes processParlanti casting process
parolinepart blank
part patternpart-lapped corner joint
parted patternpartial admission
partial annealingpartial combustion
partial dislocationpartial extraction
partial miscibilitypartial pyritic process
partially carbonized coalpartially dried mold
partially filled energy bandpartially miscible
partially occupied bandparticle analyzer
particle coarseningparticle contact area
particle emissionparticle shape
particle sizeparticle size analysis
particle size distributionparticle sizing
particle velocityparticle-bubble contact
particle-shape factorparticle-size distribution
particle-size wideningparting
parting agentparting compound
parting cutparting dust
parting lineparting machine
parting materialparting medium
parting of sheet packparting paint
parting planeparting sand
parting toolparting-down
partition densitypartition factor
partition linepartition of energy
partition platepartition ratio
partition sizepartly spent
passpass contour
pass designpass deterioration
pass linepass outlines
pass schedulepass sequence
pass setuppass template
pass-and-reheating schedulepassage of container
passage of dislocationpassband
passivpassiv-active cell
passivated metalpassivating treatment
passivationpassivation property
passive roll gappassivity
paste fluxpaste lubricant
pastingpasting gauge
pastypasty iron
pasty metalpasty process
pasty slagpasty sludge
pasty statepasty zone
patching materialpatchwork
patentpatent leveling
patented conditionpatented wire
patentingpatenting furnace
patentizingpaternoster elevator
path differencepath of easy corrosion
path-control transducerpatina
patina finishpatronite
patternpattern assembly
pattern blackingpattern cope
pattern draftpattern draft angle
pattern drawpattern grouping
pattern halfpattern holder
pattern linespattern making
pattern matchpattern molding
pattern of calculationpattern of intricate external shape
pattern platepattern plate molding
pattern recordingpattern shop
pattern taperpattern-propagation factor
pattern-shoppatterned section
patternmaker's rulepatternmaking
patterns scrapPauli's exclusion principle
pause timepause-and-pull method of casting
pavingpay dirt
payloaderpayoff cradle
payoff equipmentpayoff reel
payoff standpayoff station
Peach-Koehler equationpeacock copper
peacock orepeak
peak densitypeak design capacity
peak displacement towards low-6 valuespeak flame temperature
peak heightpeak intensity
peak intensity raypeak of curve
peak-load timepear
pearlite areapearlite grain
pearlite grain boundariespearlite growth
pearlite microstructurepearlite region
pearliticpearlitic ferrite
pearlitic ironpearlitic structure
pebblepebble mill
pebblingpedal-operated welding machine
pedestal mounted mud gunpeel
peel barpeel off
peel testpeel test specimen
peelerpeeler centrifuge
peelingpeeling machine
peen hardeningpeen plating
peeningpeening hammer
peening machinepeephole
peephole coverpeg
peg gatepeg rammer
peggingpegging rammer
Peierls mechanismpein
pellet burdenpellet firing
pellet plantpellet shipment
pellet sinterpellet-charge forming
pelletable mixturepelleted charge
pelleting presspelletization
pelletized iron orepelletizer
pelletizingpelletizing disk
pelletizing processPeltier cross
pen-driving mechanismpenalization
pencil gatepencil glide
pencil-type thermocouplepenciling
pendantpendant drop method
pendulum feederpendulum hammer
pendulum hardnesspendulum hardness test
pendulum impact testpendulum table
penetrameterpenetrameter sensitivity
penetrant fluid testpenetrant inspection
penetrant-dye methodpenetrate
penetrating radiation sourcepenetration
penetration beadpenetration hardness
penetration sidepenetration time
penetration weldpenetrativeness
penstockpentagonal section
pepper blisterper unit weight
percent reductionpercentage
percentage compositionpercentage consumption of scrap
percentage extensionpercentage inspection
percentage of elongationpercentage ratio
percentage recoverypercentage reduction
percentage sulphurpercentage test
percussionpercussion figures
percussion tablepercussion test
percussion weldpercussion welder
percussion weldingpercussion welding die
percussion-type air drillperfect dislocation
perfection of crystalperfection of lattice
perfection of structureperfectly monochromatic
perfectly ordered structureperforated bottom
perforated strip-metal chapletperforating
perforating dieperforation
performanceperformance of tube
performing diepericlasite
period of heatingperiod of oscillation
period of serviceperiod of vibration
periodic annealing furnaceperiodic charge
periodic lawperiodic nature of lattice
periodic passperiodic repetition of properties
periodic systemperiodic table
periodical passperiodical weighing
periodicity of latticeperiodicity of properties
peripheral blowholeperipheral distribution
peripheral electronperipheral gas stream
peripheral loadingperished steel
peritecticperitectic alloy
peritectic compositionperitectic halt
peritectic horizontalperitectic phase
peritectic pointperitectic temperature
peritectic transformationperitectoid
peritectoid alloyperitectoid composition
peritectoid phaseperitectoid transformation
permalloypermanent backing
permanent change of formpermanent die
permanent electrodepermanent electrode furnace
permanent flowpermanent linear shrinkage
permanent magnet materialpermanent mold
permanent setpermanent top
permanent-magnet alloypermanent-magnet meter
permanent-magnet steelpermanent-mold casting
permeability meterpermeability number
permeability testing apparatuspermeameter
permendurpermitted (energy) level
permitted energy bandperpendicular magnetization
Perrin processpersistant oscillations
persistent bandpertial annealing
perturbation-sensitive propertiesperturbed (energy) level
perturbed latticepestle
petrographic analysispetrographic constituent
petrographic microscopepetroleum coke
PFSPfund series
pH controllerpH level
pH recorderPH steel
pH valuepH-meter
ph.phantom lines
phantom viewphase
phase (shift) controlphase boundary
phase changephase composition
phase diagramphase diagram liquidus boundaries
phase diagram solidus boundariesphase equilibrium
phase equilibrium conditionsphase field
phase identificationphase of cubic symmetry
phase of high crystal symmetryphase of low crystal symmetry
phase rulephase shift heat controller
phase-contrast condenserphase-contrast image
phase-contrast micrographphase-contrast observation
phase-rule diagramphase-to-phase
phased machine toolphenol corrosion
phenolsulphonic acid processphenomenon of flow
phosphate coatingphosphate of copper
phosphate of leadphosphate of yttria
phosphate treatmentphosphating
phosphide constituentphosphide streaks
phosphor bronze wirephosphoric
phosphoric bandingphosphorization
phosphorized copperphosphorous
phosphorous contentphosphorous-copper alloy
phosphorus contentphosphorus impurity
phosphorus kickbackphosphorus oxide
phosphorus removalphosphorus reversion
phosphorus segregationphosphorus-bearing slag
phosphorus-deoxidized copperphotocell pickling
photoconductive image transducerphotodisintegration
photodisintegration thresholdphotoelastic analysis
photoelastic methodphotoelastic study
photoelastic-coating testphotoelasticity
photoelasticity methodphotoelectric counter
photoelectric imaging devicephotoelectric threshold frequency
photoemissionphotoemissive element
photograph taken with copper radiationphotographic (transmission) density
photographic emulsion layerphotographic film record
photographic film record of X-ray patternphotographic fog
photographic method of X-ray analysisphotographic recording
photographic recording methodphotographic resolution
photographically measured intensityphotomacrograph
photometric measurementphotometric method
photometric titrationphotometrical measurement
photomicrographphotomicrographic apparatus
photomultiplier counterphotomultiplier tube
photoneutron methodphotopyrometer
photoradiographyphotothyratron loop control
phototubephotovoltaic effect
Phragmen focusing cameraphysical crack size
physical growthphysical imperfection
physical kineticsphysical measurements
physical metallurgyphysical properties
physical strength of cokephysical testing
physical vapor depositionphysicometallurgical
pickpick off
pick outpick up
pick up coilPick's law
picking beltpicking conveyor
picking refusepicking shaker
picking tablepickle
pickle housepickle house scratch
pickle liquorpickle patch
pickle stainpickle-line processor
pickled sheetpickled sheet metal
pickling activatorpickling agent
pickling aislepickling bath
pickling beltpickling crate
pickling fluidpickling hooks
pickling inhibitorpickling installation
pickling linepickling machine
pickling machinerypickling section
pickling solutionpickling tank
pickling treatmentpickling vat
pickling wheelpickoff
picral-nital etchpicric etching
picric-hydrochloric acid reagentpicric-nitric acid reagent
picture elementpidgeon process
pie diagrampie-plate (heating) coil
piecepiece system
piecework jobpier
pierce the tapholepierce-smith converter
pierceabilitypierced billet
pierced shellpiercer
piercer barpiercer cylinder
piercer plungerpiercing
piercing by thermal cuttingpiercing die
piercing extrusionpiercing machine
piercing mandrelpiercing mill
piercing pointpiercing point bar
piercing presspiercing stub mandrel
piercing temperaturepiezoelectric axis
piezoelectric effectpiezoelectric generator
piezoelectric oscillatorpiezoelectric phenomena
piezoelectric resonatorpig
pig boilingpig breaker
pig castingpig casting machine
pig casting plantpig copper
pig extractorpig ingot
pig ironpig iron analysis
pig iron brandpig iron carbon content
pig iron gradepig iron output
pig iron producerpig iron production
pig iron productivitypig iron storage
pig iron-ore processpig iron-scrap process
pig leadpig mold
pig strandpig string
pig tinpig tongs
pig-and-ore processpig-and-scrap process
pig-bedpig-casting operator
pig-ironpig-loading track
pig-machine samplepigging
pilepile-irradiated alloy
piled plate cuttingpiled steel
pilerpiler bars
piler bedpileup
pilger (seamless-tube) millpiling
piling (cooling) bedpiling bar
piling baypiling bin
piling boxpiling capsule
piling carpiling cradle
piling cranepiling height
piling pocketpiling pockets
piling tablepiling-up of dislocations
pill heatpill of aluminum
pill presspillar
pillar cranepillar crane with trolley motion
pillar jib cranepillaring
Pilling-Bedworth ratiopillow block
pillow testpillow test specimen
pillow-block bearingpilot casting
pilot flamepilot foundry
pilot installationpilot jet
pilot lightpilot line
pilot machinepilot pin
pilot plantpilot production
pilot tablepilot-controlled hydraulic operated valve
pilot-plant productionpilot-scale
pilot-scale productionpilot-scale work
pinpin bush
pin expansion testpin holes
pin knockoutpin lift
pin-holepincer spot welder
pincer spot-welding headpinch
pinch passpinch roll
pinch roll unitpinch rolling
pinch trimmingpinch welder
pinch-pass millpinch-pass rolling
pine techniquepine-tree markings
pine-tree structurepinhead blister
pinholepinhole aperture
pinhole arrangementpinhole collimation
pinhole detectorpinhole porosity
pinion housingpinion ring
pinion shaftpinion stand
pinion unitpinion wire
pink-phase chromizingpinning of dislocation
Piobert linePiobert lines
Pioneer metalpipe
pipe arrangementpipe bender
pipe castingpipe caulking
pipe cavitypipe chamfering machine
pipe clippipe connection
pipe couplingpipe cutter
pipe diffusionpipe dog
pipe eliminationpipe eradiator
pipe furnacepipe gallery
pipe grippipe hanger
pipe jointpipe laying
pipe losspipe losses
pipe manifoldpipe mill
pipe presspipe sampler
pipe samplingpipe segregation
pipe steelpipe stock die
pipe stovepipe tap
pipe thermocouplepipe threads
pipe-and-tube millpipe-bending machine
pipe-cropping machinepipe-crushing machine
pipe-cutting machinepipe-expanding machine
pipe-fitting shoppipe-flanging machine
pipe-mill machinerypipe-testing machine
pipe-wall gaugepipe-welding machine
piped endpiped metal
piped steelpipeleading
pipelesspipeline regulator
pipingpiping effect
piping planpiping system
pistol pyrometerpiston (rod) guide
piston extruderpiston jig
piston ring castingpiston-type washbox
pitpit (point) corrosion
pit analysispit batch-type furnace
pit castingpit cover
pit cranepit drying stove
pit firepit furnace
pit moldingpit scrap
pit sidepit work
pitchpitch binder
pitch blendepitch line of groove
pitch of weldpitch-on metal
pitchblendepitchel hole
pittingpitting erosion
pitting factorpitting process
plain barplain butt joint
plain butt weldplain carbon steel
plain corner butt seamplain crane truck ladle
plain glassplain jolter
plain lap jointplain steel
plain tube lancingplain-back shovel
plain-frame core boxplain-type electrode
planplanar growth
planar spacingplanchet casting
planchet-cutting pressplane array
plane baffleplane crystal
plane gratingplane monochromator
plane monochromator crystalplane of atoms
plane of fractureplane of greatest reticular density
plane of ruptureplane strain
plane stress stateplane-bottom hammer
plane-crystal monochromatorplane-lithium-fluoride monochromator
plane-polarized radiationplane-strain condition
plane-strain deformationplane-strain fracture
plane-strain fracture toughnessplane-stress
planed edgeplaner
planer-type machineplanes of greatest spacing
planet-gear speed reducerplanetary ball mill
planetary hot millplanetary rolling
planetary stranding machineplanimetric method
planingplaning hammer
planing machineplaning nozzle
planishplanish bumps
planished sheetplanisher
planishingplanishing hammer
planishing millplanishing pass
planishing rollsplanishing rolls screwdown
planishing standPlank's constant
planning problemsplant
plant conditionplant crusher
plant laboratoryplant management
plant residueplant scrap
plant superintendentplant time lag
plant usageplant waste
plant with bending the castingplant-performance figure
plant-use factorplasma arc cutting
plasma arc weldingplasma carburizing
plasma cuttingplasma flame cutting
plasma gougingplasma jet cutting
plasma nitridingplasma oxygen cutting
plasma re furnaceplasma spraying
plasmarc furnaceplasmon
plasterplaster casting
plaster masterplaster mold
plaster mold castingplaster mold process
plaster moldingplaster pattern
plastic bendingplastic chrome ore
plastic clayplastic deformation
plastic dieplastic extension
plastic extruderplastic flow
plastic frontplastic memory
plastic potentialplastic properties
plastic quenchingplastic range
plastic refractoryplastic region
plastic resistanceplastic strength
plastic stress-strain relationplastic yielding
plastic-bulk explosive chargeplastic-coated strip
plastic-faced dieplastic-strain ratio
plastic-wedge angleplasticarve
plasticity conditionplasticity of weld
plateplate coil
plate conveyorplate crane
plate cutterplate cutting machine
plate dieplate edge-bevel ing machine
plate edge-bevelling machineplate effervescive
plate feederplate finishing bay
plate ironplate leveler
plate levelingplate leveller
plate levellingplate marking table
plate martensiteplate mill
plate mill standplate mold
plate patternplate piler
plate power inputplate reaction
plate rollplate rolling train
plate scrapplate shearing machine
plate shearsplate slab
plate standplate steel
plate stretcherplate stripper
plate towerplate turnover
plate weldingplate-and-frame filter
plate-bendingplate-edge planer
plate-flanging machineplate-level ing machine
plate-leveling machineplate-levelling machine
plate-like dendriteplate-mounted mold
plate-straightening machineplate-working machine
platedplated bar
plated coatingplated finish
plateletplatelet eutectic
platelike regionsplaten
platen forceplaten spacing
platen speedplater
plates finishingplatform
platform conveyorplatform truck
platingplating alloy
plating bathplating cell
plating lineplating plant
plating rackplating rate
plating sectionplating-range test
plating-solution filterplating-thickness inspection
platinic crucibleplatiniferous
platinum blackplatinum loop
platinum oreplatinum-platinum-rhodium thermocouple
platy fractureplatynite
playplay for expansion
plenumplenum chamber
plier gunplier spot-welding head
plotplotted results
plotting boardplug
plug a tapholeplug cone
plug cushionplug drawing
plug lap jointplug mill
plug quenchingplug rolling
plug tapplug weld
plug-activation systemplug-bottom ingot mold
plug-rod pusherplugbar change-over unit
plugged tapholeplugging
plugging operationplugging period
plumbagoplumbago crucible
plumbeousplumber's saw
plumbic ocherplumbiferous
plumbum dustplumose ore
plunge grindingplunger
plunger ammeterplunger crosshead
plunger elevatorplunger feeder
plunger jigplunger magnet
plunger-in-cap gripplunger-type
plunger-type gunplunger-type washbox
plunging toolpluramelt process
plusplus mesh
plus sieveplus tolerance
plutoniumplycast process
pneumatic accumulatorpneumatic bumper
pneumatic cellpneumatic chipping hammer
pneumatic concentratorpneumatic descaling hammer
pneumatic drierpneumatic elevator
pneumatic feederpneumatic flotation
pneumatic hammerpneumatic jig
pneumatic liftpneumatic machinery
pneumatic markerpneumatic noncontact gauge
pneumatic peening hammerpneumatic poker
pneumatic presspneumatic pressure device
pneumatic pressure solids injection systempneumatic riveting hammer
pneumatic scaling hammerpneumatic separator
pneumatic snappneumatic steel
pneumatic steelmaking processpneumatic tapping
pneumatic tubepneumatic-mechanical high-velocity forming
pneumatic-mechanical processpOC
pocketpocket feeder
point anglepoint detector
point equivalencepoint feeding system
point gammapoint hardening
point of fracturepoint of inversion
point of magnetic transformationpoint of necking
point of pouringpoint of recalescence
point of rupturepoint row of lattice
point-down methodpoint-focused electron gun
point-focused radiationpoint-focusing arrangement
point-focusing monochromatorpoint-group symmetry
point-pole testpoint-source lamp
pointedpointed (steel) hammer
pointed diamond conepointed soldering copper
points of equal latitudepoints of equal longitude
poising agentPoisson's ratio
poke weldpoke welding
polar axispolar lubricant
polar scatteringpolar stereographic net
polarization curvepolarized-light image
polarized-light micrographpolarized-light microscope
polarized-light observationpolarized-light reflection method
polarized-light transmission methodpole
pole contactpole dislocation
pole figurepole of crystal face
pole of reflecting planepole of sphere
pole platepole tough pitch
pole truckpole-piece
polishpolish attack
polish layerpolish-and-etch technique
polishedpolished blue sheet
polished sectionpolishing
polishing bathpolishing cloth
polishing fluidpolishing hammer
polishing machinepolluted washery waters
polycrystal diffraction patternpolycrystalline
polycrystalline conditionpolycrystalline metal
polycrystalline pole figurepolycrystalline scattering
polycrystalline solidpolycrystalline structure
polycrystalline substancepolydisperse powder
polydomainpolygonal mold
polyhedral grainspolymeric flocculant
polymorphicpolymorphic modification
polymorphic transformationpolyphase alloy
polyphase compactpolyphase region
polysize powderpolystyrene
polystyrene foam patternpolyweld system
pondpond of centrifuge
ponypony ladle
pony rollspony rougher
pony roughingpony roughing stand of rolls
pony-roughing millpool furnace
poorpoor axial soundness
poor combustionpoor draw
poor flushpoor fusion
poor in qualitypoor match
poor orepoor-graded
pop gatepop-in load
pop-offpop-off flask
pop-off ventpop-up
porcelain enamelporcelain enamel ing iron
porcelain enamelling ironpore
pore clusterpore-forming material
pore-freepore-free deposit
pore-size distributionpork pie furnace
porosityporosity test
porousporous bearing
porous bronzeporous chromium
porous cokeporous deposit
porous-diaphragm cellporphyry copper
porphyry depositport
port endport roof
port roof slopeport sidewall
port slopeportability
portable foundryportable mold drier
portable spot welderportable spot-welding head
portable submerged arc welderportable welding gun
portable X-ray stress-measuring apparatusportal crane
porterporter bar
portholeporthole die
portionposition control system
position of fractureposition of load
position of pipespositioned weld
positionerpositioning bolt
positioning fixturepositive closing
positive draft anglepositive emission
positive fusionpositive governing
positive legpositive pressure furnace
positive rakepositive valency
positive-pressure torchpositive-throughflow bunker
post-acceleration gunpost-emulsification fluorescent process
post-irradiation radiographypostflow
postheat controlpostheat pressure time
postheat techniquepostheat temperature
postheat timepostheat treatment
postheatingpostheating current
postheating pressure timepostheating temperature
postheating timepostheating zone
postirradiation creeppostirradiation heating
postplating treatmentposts
postweld heat treatmentpostweld interval
postweld upset forcepostweld upsetting
pot annealingpot cooling
pot die forgingpot fire
pot furnacepot melting process
pot metalpot quenching
pot roastingpot stone
pot tending assemblypot-annealed
pot-type ingot buggypotassium
potassium alumpotassium chabazite
potassium cryolitepotential
potential barrier penetrabilitypotential maximum hardness of steel
potential pitpotential trouble measures
potentiometer recorderpotentiometric circuit
potted ceramic casePotter process
pottering-downpoultice corrosion
pour coldpour from the bottom
pour from the toppour height
pour inpour off
poured shotpoured weld
pouring aislepouring basin
pouring basketpouring bay
pouring boxpouring crane
pouring crewpouring cup
pouring defectpouring delay
pouring elevationpouring floor
pouring gangpouring gate
pouring gate systempouring height
pouring holepouring jacket
pouring ladlepouring ladle drying installation
pouring lippouring nozzle
pouring pitpouring platform
pouring positionpouring pot
pouring practicepouring side
pouring slotpouring spout
pouring standpouring station
pouring temperaturepouring test
pouring timepouring truck
pouring weightpouring-in
pouring-side cranepowder
powder blottingpowder camera
powder compactpowder compacting press
powder compactionpowder compression
powder containerpowder cutting
powder cutting burnerpowder deseaming
powder developerpowder diagram
powder diffraction spectrumpowder diffraction technique
powder dispenserpowder distributing device
powder extraction metallurgypowder film
powder flame cuttingpowder flame spraying
powder fluxpowder forging
powder fractionpowder grading
powder graphitepowder hopper
powder lancingpowder line
powder lubricantpowder lubrikant
powder metallurgical alloypowder metallurgical material
powder metallurgical practicepowder metallurgical technique
powder metallurgypowder metallurgy industry
powder metallurgy partpowder metallurgy parts
powder mixerpowder oxyacetylene welding
powder patternpowder pattern arcs
powder photographpowder photography
powder pistolpowder porosity
powder ringpowder strip
powder washing burnerpowder washing torch
powder-cloud development of imagepowder-cloud method
powder-flow meterpowder-pattern photograph
powderedpowdered carbide electrode
powdered cokepowdered condition
powdered fluxpowdered fuel
powdered graphitepowdered lime
powdered materialpowdered oxyacetylene welding
powdered refractory materialpowdered slag
powdered soappowdered solid
powdered substancepowdered-crystal pattern
powerpower cable
power coilpower correcting capacitor
power effervescivepower engineering
power fluidpower hammer
power levelpower lift truck
power linepower losses
power plantpower production
power riddle shifterpower riddler
power savingpower spinning
power spinning methodpower spinning process
power spinning techniquepower station
power supply unitpower tipping
power yieldpower-driven
power-driven shearspower-driven withdrawal rolls
power-operatedpower-supply circuit
power-tippedpower-tipped slag ladle
poweredpowered conveyor
powerful water jetpractice
praseodymiumpre-baked anode cell
pre-precipitation zonepre-treated blank
prealloyed powderprebevel ing
precalcinationprecalcined clay
precalcined limeprecharge
precious metal collectorprecious metals
precious-metal powderprecipitate
precipitate agglomeratesprecipitate compound
precipitate latticeprecipitate nucleation on dislocations
precipitate-locked dislocation nodesprecipitate-matrix interaction
precipitated copperprecipitated phase
precipitated powderprecipitating agent
precipitating agitatorprecipitation
precipitation age hardeningprecipitation age hardness
precipitation hardeningprecipitation hardening alloy
precipitation heat treatmentprecipitation process
precipitation rangeprecipitation rate
precipitation strengtheningprecipitation tank
precipitation treatingprecipitation unit
precipitation vatprecipitation-hardening
precipitation-hardening steelprecipitator
precise bar mill with rapid roll changeprecision camera
precision castingprecision comparator
precision filmprecision forging
precision grindingprecision lattice parameter measurement
precision levelerprecision leveller
precision measurementprecision monochromator
precision steelprecision tubing
precision weighingpreclarification tank
precoatprecoated metal
precoated metal productsprecoated sand
preconversion periodprecooling (wash) tower
precracked specimenpredetermined
predetermined strength levelpredraining zone
predrilled billetpredryer
predunk tankpreexisting austenite
preferential elemental losspreferential flotation
preferred orientationpreferred orientation maxima on Debye ring
preferred orientation patternpreferred orientation X-ray photograph
preferred-orientation alloyprefill tank
prefill valveprefilling press
pregnant solutionpreheat
preheat controlpreheat cycle
preheat furnacepreheat pressure time
preheat temperaturepreheat time
preheated forehearthpreheating
preheating allowancepreheating current
preheating flame holepreheating force
preheating furnacepreheating gas
preheating oxygenpreheating period
preheating pressurepreheating pressure time
preheating temperaturepreheating time
preheating travelpreheating zone
preignitionpreinfiltrated iron-copper powder
preleader passpreliminary alloy
preliminary crusherpreliminary drawing
preliminary shapingpreliminary slag formation
preliminary washing drumpreliminary-preparatory impression
preparationpreparation concentrate
preparation costpreparation of fuel
preparation plantpreparation time
prepared edgeprepared ore loading station
prereducedprereduced pellet
prereduced pelletsprerefining period
preroasting furnacepreselected scrap
present-day developmentpresent-day mill
preservating coatpreservation coat
preset levelpreset mechanism
preset rangepreset roll gap
preset safety figurepreset screwdown
preset sequence fillingpreset temperature
presettingpresetting apparatus
presetting mechanismpreshrinkage expansion
presinteringpresintering temperature
press brakepress brake forming
press capacitypress control desk
press cyclepress forging
press formingpress mold
press moldingpress mud
press offpress operator
press plungerpress power
press quenchingpress roll
press spot welderpress tension column
press tonnagepress tooling
press welderpress-through die
pressed barpressed brick
pressed densitypressed electrode
pressingpressing area
pressing characteristicspressing crack
pressing diepressing disk
pressing of powderspressing operation
pressing quenchingpressing tool
pressurepressure (adjusting) screw
pressure application timepressure bottle
pressure castingpressure casting die
pressure casting with counterpressurepressure contact area
pressure contact weldpressure cycle
pressure decrease timepressure die
pressure die boxpressure die casting
pressure die-casting machinepressure distribution in contact arc
pressure dryingpressure dwell
pressure filterpressure fluid
pressure gas weldingpressure gauge
pressure headpressure hydrometallurgy
pressure increase timepressure jet
pressure manifoldpressure manometer
pressure meterpressure molding
pressure of rollingpressure of stock column
pressure pickuppressure piping
pressure platepressure pouring process
pressure recording gaugepressure reduction
pressure reduction processpressure roll
pressure rollerpressure sensitive pins
pressure sinteringpressure squeeze board
pressure tankpressure thermit welding
pressure tightnesspressure transmitter
pressure treatmentpressure tube
pressure vacuum gaugepressure weld
pressure welded junctionpressure welding
pressure-controlled weldingpressure-distance curve
pressure-induced phase changepressure-jet burner
pressure-jet jig platepressure-responsive element
pressure-sequencing devicepressure-tight forming
pressure-tight seampressure-volume curve
pressure-wave controlpressure-wave duration
pressure-wave velocitypressure-welded
pressure-welded jointpressuretight weld
pressurized castingpressurized equipment
pressurized leachingpressurized still
pressurizing tankprestrain
prestrain effect during creepprestress
prestressedprestressed liner
prestressed mill housingpretreated blank
pretreatment by air infiltrationprevent coating
preventive-maintenance scheduleprevious pass
prewarming areapreweld interval
preweld treatmentprewetting
prick punchpricker
primary aluminum pigprimary autogenous grinding
primary beamprimary beam breadth
primary beam divergenceprimary blowhole
primary breakdownprimary breaker
primary brightenerprimary busbar
primary cellprimary cementite
primary creepprimary crusher
primary crushingprimary crystal
primary crystalsprimary extinction
primary extinction distanceprimary filter
primary flotationprimary form
primary gasprimary gas cooling
primary graphiteprimary grinding
primary hardeningprimary imperfections
primary injectorprimary jet
primary lanceprimary loop
primary metalprimary mill
primary mixing buildingprimary nozzle
primary oxygenprimary phase
primary pipeprimary recrystallization
primary scale breakerprimary screen
primary shaleprimary slime
primary steelprimary vacuum
primary xeroradiographyprimary-beam energy
prime piling boxprime plate
prime productprime sheet
prime sheet stacking stationprimer
primer (gilding) brassprimes
primitiveprimitive axis
primitive planeprincipal impurities
principal lattice directionprincipal lines
principal stress ratioprincipal weld
prinsipal stressprinting
printing coatprior austenite grain
prior plastic deformationprior structure
prism planesprism spectrometer
prism-face reflectionsprismatic dislocation
prismatic dislocation loop formationprismatic manganese ore
prismatic slipprobability density function
probability interpretationprobable deviation
probable errorprobable performance curve
probe shoeprobe-to-specimen contact
problem of optimal allocation of resourcesproblem of optimal fast action
processprocess alloy
process annealingprocess control technology
process descriptionprocess for powder molding
process gasprocess heating
process inspectionprocess man
process metallurgyprocess monitoring
process of corrosionprocess of dry cyaniding
process of modificationprocess reasons
process scrapprocess stage
process time lagprocess variables
process water treatment plantprocess-specific
process-water pump houseprocess-water pumphouse
processed filmprocessed scrap
processing breakerprocessing conditions
processing costprocessing equipment
processing lineprocessing method
processing of X-ray filmprocessing scale breaker
processing solutionprocessing table
processing uncoilerprocessor
processor levellerprocured scrap
producer fuelproducer furnace
producer gas generatorproduct of breakdown
product of combustionproduct rack
product yieldproduction jobs
production methodproduction of hard-metal bodies
production of powdersproduction of titanium
production plantproduction problem
production scheduleproduction scrap
proeutectoid constituentproeutectoid ferrite
proeutectoid phaseprofile
profile broachingprofile cutting
profile cutting machineprofile iron
profile plateprofile screen
profiled barprofiled iron
program controllingprogram welding
program-controlled chargingprogramme controlling
programme-controlled chargingprogrammed charging automatic-control system
progressive ageingprogressive aging
progressive dieprogressive distillation method
progressive feed heatingprogressive flame hardening
progressive formingprogressive induction hardening
progressive kilnprogressive solidification
prohibitive amountproject ion mass production
projected contact lengthprojected pole
projectionprojection cod
projection methodprojection microscope image
projection microscopyprojection weld
projection welderprojection welding
projection welding dieprojection-welded joint
prolerized scrapprolong
prolonged annealingpromethium
proof loadproof stress
proof/ultimate factorpropagation
propagation differencepropagation length
propagation velocitypropellant forming
propellant powered metal forming methodproperty
property of flocculatingProperzi process
proportional controller actionproportional elongation
proportional limitproportional region
proportioning bunkerproportioning device
proportioning equipmentproportioning feeder
proportioning gateprotactinium
protectatinprotected crystal
protecting agentprotecting grounding
protecting meansprotection by oxide films
protection by paints and lacquersprotection coat
protection coverprotection screen deck
protection tubeprotective atmosphere
protective atmosphere temperingprotective coat
protective finishprotective grating
protective greaseprotective lens
protective lifeprotective property
protectoriteprotogenic solvent
protophilic solventprovision
proximate analysisproximity effect
pry-bar welderpseudo-Kossel lines
pseudobinary systempseudocarburizing
pseudocrystallinepseudoliquid layer
pseudomorphic crystalpseudomorphic growth
pseudosingle crystalPTA
puckeringpudding rock
puddlepuddle ball
puddle barpuddle cinder
puddle millpuddle rolling mill
puddle steelpuddle stick
puddled ballpuddled bar iron pile
puddled brainpuddler
puddlingpuddling basin
puddling cinderpuddling furnace
puddling hearthpuddling of fibrous iron
puddling workspuffed compact
pug millpugging
pullpull back roll table
pull crackpull reel
pull testpull test machine
pull the heatpull-in dogs
pull-off sectionpull-off transfer
pull-on sectionpull-on transfer
pull-through-type triple scale breakerpull-type drawbench
pull-type wire feederpullback chamber
pullback cylinderpullback mechanism
pulled junctionpuller
pulley magnetpulley separator
pulley tacklepulling capacity
pulling devicepulling force
pulling powerpulling stress
pulling testpulling-down
pulling-down methodpulling-in machine
pullout rollspullout-type crucible furnace
pulloverpullover gear
pulppulp density indicator
pulp dilutionpulp distributor
pulp elevatorpulp magnet
pulp thickenerpulp-body process
pulping tankpulpit
pulsafeederpulsated bed
pulsating damperpulsating effect
pulsating screenpulsator deduster
pulsator jigpulse
pulse alloyed junctionpulse current
pulse of holespulse of waves
pulse peakpulse-generating means
pulse-modulated frequencypulse-modulated waves
pulse-spike amplitudepulse-type X-ray tube
pulse-width discriminatorpulsed light
pulsed shaking tablepulses per second
pulverizationpulverized coal
pulverized fuelpulverized powder
pulverized-coal furnacepulverized-coal-fired furnace
pulverized-fuel furnacepulverized-fuel-fired furnace
pulverouspump house
pump mainpump wagon
pump-down timepumping
pumping capacitypumping equipment
pumping plantpumping power
punchpunch arrangement
punch benchpunch holder
punch outpunch press
punch radiuspunch-card system
punch-out gatepunch-out runner
punched platepuncheon
punchingpunching die
punching machinepunching pin
punching stresspunching test
punishmentpure coal
pure copperpure copper lattice parameter
pure covalent bindingpure crystal
pure ferric oxidepure iron
pure semiconductorpure-component pattern
purely magnetic interactionpurge tank
purification circuitpurification electrolyzer
purification furnacepurification plant
purified solutionpurified steel
purifying furnacepurifying method
purifying plantpurifying process
purifying reactionpurifying the ore by magnetic concentration
purifying towerpurity
purity of characteristic radiationpurity of X-ray spectrum
Purofer processpuron
purplepurple blende
pushpush bench
push millpush off
push pointer benchpush rolls
push weldpush welder
push weldingpush-button outflow
push-off armpush-out bar
push-out type shakepush-pull series spot welding
push-pull stripper cranepush-type wire feeder
push-uppush-up allowance
push-up blockpush-up mechanism
pushbench processpusher bar
pusher capsulepusher centrifuge
pusher furnacepusher mechanism
pusher padpusher-side equipment
pusher-type furnacepushing capsule
pushing carpushing device
pushing frequencypushing-off
put on trialput out of service
put throughputty
pyramid columnpyramid imprint
pyramid indentationpyramid indentation test
pyramidal area of impressionpyramidal manganese ore
pyramidal planepyramidal point
pyrite concentratepyrite dross
pyrite dust furnacepyrite dust roaster
pyrite fines roasterpyrite hand-rabbled furnace
pyrite mechanical furnacepyrite shelf furnace
pyrite shelf ovenpyrite shell oven
pyrite sinterpyrites cinder
pyritic (smelting) processpyritic coal
pyritic orepyritic reduction of ore
pyritic slagpyritic smelting
pyritouspyritous copper
pyrogenetic mineralpyrograph
pyrometallurgical methodpyrometallurgical plant
pyrometer recorderpyrometer tube
pyrometric carbon equivalent detectorPyromic
pyromikepyrophoric powder
pyrophorosity of powderpyrorefining