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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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O.F.O.G. process
O.R.F. jet-smelting processO.R.F. travelling grate process
objectionable elementobjectionable interference
oblique cutoblique fillet weld
oblique illuminationobliquity of incidence of X-rays
oblong-punched plateobservation
observation directionobservation hole
observation openingobservational data
observed cohesive energy of chromiumobserved intensity
observed lattice parameter curveobserved results
observed X-ray lattice parameterobsolete scrap
OCoccasional moulding pit
occupancyoccupation probability
occupied energy bandoccur
occurrence of surface cracksoccurrence of surface failures
OCP processoctagon bar
octagon ingot areaoctagon steel
octahedral arsenate of copperoctahedral copper ore
octahedral intersticesoctahedral iron ore
octahedron-face reflectionsOD heating coil
odd manodd-order reflections
odd-side boardof M.&M Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy"
of perfect monochromatism lack of uniformityof zero decrement
off gasoff-analysis
off-analysis ironoff-analysis scrap
off-blast periodoff-gas pump
off-gaugeoff-gauge material
off-gauge plateoff-grade iron
off-grade scrapoff-heat
off-ironoff-loading mold
off-site operationoff-size
off-size scrapoff-sulphur
off-sulphur ironoff-time
offhand grindingoffice manager
official testoffscouring
offsetoffset block
offset dieoffset electrode
offset yield strenghtoffside window of housing
offtakeofftake main
oil blackeningoil cellar
oil cooleroil cooling system
oil diffusion pumping systemoil eliminator
oil flotationoil forge
oil fueloil furnace
oil gearoil gilding
oil hardeningoil injection rat
oil injection rateoil injection system
oil lighteroil lubrication
oil mist dust collectoroil quenching
oil retentionoil roll machine
oil sandoil staining
oil straineroil-and-whiting test
oil-bath heatingoil-bath lubrication
oil-buoyancy flotationoil-cooled
oil-firedoil-fired furnace
oil-fog lubricationoil-hardened
oil-hardening steeloil-impregnated bearing
oil-in-water-type coolantoil-mist lubrication
oil-quenchedoil-splash guard
oil-to-coke replacement ratiooildag
oiling machineoiling plate
oiling rollsoiling station
oily scrapoily turnings
OLD converterold sand
old scrapoleum
olive (green) copper oreolivenite
OLP converterolsenductility test
on-gaugeon-gauge plate
on-machinedegassingon-off control
on-off timeon-off valve
on-stream analysison-stream analyzer
on-stream measurementon-time
once-meltedone hundred per cent inspection
one-base silicateone-deck oven
one-degree structureone-dimensional optical grating
one-fold axisone-head
one-leg construction gantry craneone-lip (hand) ladle
one-man molding boxone-motor traveling crane
one-motor travelling craneone-of-a-kind casting
one-operator vertical weldingone-pass operation
one-pass rollingone-pass welding
one-phase alloyone-phase two-electrode furnace
one-pieceone-piece bridge die
one-piece castingone-piece die
one-piece hopperone-piece male punch
one-piece nozzleone-piece pattern
one-piece welded frameone-side transfercar
one-sided nuggetone-step
one-story furnaceone-strand continuous casting machine
one-strand rollingone-way fired (soaking) pit
one-way lubricating systemone-way scoop feeder
ONIA-Novalfer processonset of transformation
opacityopen (sand) casting
open annealingopen area
open boil of bathopen butt weld
open cast miningopen core print
open core print seatopen die forging
open diesopen end
open floor moldopen forging
open gamma fieldopen groove
open heart furnaceopen hollow section
open joint methodopen light
open passopen pipe
open pitopen pit mining
open populationopen position
open rod pressopen root
open ropeopen sand mold
open sand moldingopen side
open square butt grooveopen steel
open textureopen throat shears
open trestleopen up coil
open wagonopen weld
open-back inclinable pressopen-back press
open-bottom moldopen-coil annealing plant
open-die coiningopen-die explosive forming technique
open-die forging.open-die process
open-die techniqueopen-end mold
open-ended forgingopen-ended mold
open-ended workpieceopen-flame furnace
open-gap upset weldingopen-gate knob
open-grained cast ironopen-grid track
open-hearth fuelopen-hearth furnace
open-hearth operationopen-hearth pig iron
open-hearth plantopen-hearth practice
open-hearth processopen-hearth refining
open-hearth rolling furnaceopen-hearth roof
open-hearth roof temperatureopen-hearth scrap
open-hearth sinteropen-hearth slag
open-hearth steelopen-hearth tilting furnace
open-pit miningopen-poured steel
open-top furnaceopen-topped housing
open-type ladleopened coil
openeropenhearth steel
openingopening for evacuation
opening of breakopening of taphole
opening-upopenside feeder
opentop feederoperate
operating characteristic curveoperating characteristic curve of sampling plan
operating characteristics of the tubeoperating conditions
operating crewoperating density
operating effervesciveoperating facilities
operating flexibilityoperating floor
operating fluidoperating house
operating lineoperating margin
operating mechanismoperating motor
operating of blast furnaceoperating period
operating platformoperating principles
operating profileoperating pulpit
operating regionoperating schedule
operating speedoperating temperature
operating thresholdoperating time
operationoperation analysis
operation and maintenanceoperation by hand
operation factoroperation of rolling
operation of tubeoperation on slow wind
operational procedureoperational researches
operational strokeoperational versatility
operator's cageoperator's desk
operator's pulpitopposed extrusion
opposed hydraulic jackopposed striker
opposed-blade shearsopposing ram
opposite polesopposite spin orientation
opposite-flowopposition series generator
optic axis of crystaloptical activity
optical differential dilatometeroptical diffraction grating
optical focusoptical goniometer
optical lengthoptical magnification
optical microscope observationoptical microscopy methods
optical multiplicationoptical pyrometer color pyrometer
optical registrationoptical series
optical strain gaugeoptics filming
optimal cooling conditionsoptimal value
optimalizing controloptimum life
optimum operationoptional equipment
orange peelorange-peel defect
orange-peel effectorange-red
orange-yelloworbital forging
orbital spinorbital-spin crystal pulling
Orcarb processord.
orderorder (superlattice) hardening
order hardeningorder of diffraction
order of packingorder of spectrum
order-disorder phenomenaorder-disorder transformation
order-disorder transformation temperatureorder-of-magnitude agree
ordered regionordered solid solution
ordered structureordered weight
ordered windordering
ordinary cutting steelordinary gas producer
ordinary steelordinary temperature
ordinary tool steelore
ore additionore agglomerate
ore assayingore bed
ore bin gateore blending
ore blocked outore blow-out
ore blowoutore body
ore boilore boundary
ore boxore bridge
ore bridge pierore bucket
ore bucket handling craneore bunker
ore burdenore carrier
ore charge weightore concentrate
ore concentrationore crop
ore crusherore degradation
ore dilutionore distributor
ore dresserore dressing
ore drying machineryore extraction
ore feederore field
ore finesore furnace
ore gantryore handling system
ore hearthore load
ore millore mineral
ore mixtureore pocket
ore preparationore preparation characteristics
ore processore processing
ore pulpore reserve
ore resourceore roasting
ore rockore roughing
ore sampleore sampling
ore separationore separator
ore shipore shipment
ore slimeore sludge
ore slurryore stock yard
ore storage binore testing
ore transfercarore trench
ore trestleore value
ore washingore-bearing
ore-benefication plantore-blending plant
ore-boat unloaderore-boat wharf
ore-breaker plantore-bridge track
ore-concentration plantore-conditioning plant
ore-delivery trackore-dressing plant
ore-drying plantore-grain release
ore-handling bridgeore-loading crane
ore-roasting kilnore-roasting plant
ore-smelting furnaceore-storage bunker
ore-washing plantoreing-down
oreless boilorgan-pipe bin
organ-pipe bunkerorganic coated electrode
organic coatingorientation
orientation densityorientation dependence
orientation of single crystalsorientation polarization
orientation textureorientation texture pattern
oriented silicon ironorifice
orifice areaorifice spud
orifice washeroriginal area
original austeniteoriginal austenite grain
original austenite grain boundariesoriginal beam
original constituentoriginal crack size
original crystalsoriginal gauge length
original radiationoriginal stock
original substanceornamental casting
ornamental moldingorpiment
Orsat analyzerorthodox type
orthogonal systemorthohexagonal
orthorhombic cellorthorhombic lattice
orthorhombic packingorthosilicic acid
osc.oscillating centrifuge
oscillating circuit coiloscillating circular saw
oscillating coiloscillating combustion
oscillating die pressoscillating disk method
oscillating extractoroscillating launder
oscillating moldoscillating motion
oscillating riddleoscillating sampler
oscillating separatoroscillating single crystal
oscillating sphere methodoscillating table
oscillating undercutting nozzleoscillating-base fan
oscillating-crystal (X-ray) patternoscillating-crystal camera
oscillating-crystal methodoscillation mode
oscillation of crystaloscillation of pendulum
oscillation X-ray diagramoscillation X-ray spectrum
oscillatory mode (of motion)oscillographic recording
osmotic termOsmund furnace
Osmund ironout punch
out-of-balanceout-of-balance current
out-of-blastout-of-limit heat
out-of-positionout-of-position welding
outage timeoutboard bearing
outer (energy) levelouter coat
outer electronouter electron configuration
outer flameouter inspection
outer rimouter skin
outer wallouter zone
outer-shell electronoutfeed accumulator
outfeed conveyoroutfit
outflowoutflow opening
outflow rateoutgate
outgoing gaugeoutgoing roller table
outgoing side of rollsoutgoing solution
outgoing thicknessoutlet burden
outlet conveyoroutlet guide
outlet holeoutlet hopper
outlet manifoldoutlet pipe
outlet rolleroutlet table
outlet tensionoutlet trough
outlet tubeoutlet valve
outline sketchoutloading
outloading bunkeroutloading feeder
outputoutput characteristic
output of hearth areaoutput per day
output per houroutput per man-hour
output rateoutput temperature
outside manoutside seam
outside storageoutside-in filter
ovaloval pass
oval turning deviceoval-round guide passes
oval-shaped tuyereoval-square passes
oval-type bastard ovalovalling
ovenoven coal
oven cokeoven decking
over drawingover length
over-and-under current relayover-fired furnace
over-peeningover-reduced steel
overaged conditionoverageing
overagingoverall combustion
overall economicsoverall effervescive
overall elongationoverall gain
overall heat balanceoverall heating value
overall melting timeoverall operating costs
overall vessel volumeoverall view
overannealed brassoverbaking
overbendingoverblown melt
overblown steeloverburdening
overdense mediumoverdone
overexposed Laue filmoverfeeding
overfilloverfill a pass
overfill in the external pipeoverflow
overflow chuteoverflow edge
overflow gutteroverflow launder
overflow lipoverflow method
overflow nozzleoverflow pipe
overflow valveoverflow-and-back tilting spout
overflow-type milloverfrothing
overgroundoverhang roll-type mill
overhanging hammeroverhanging length
overhanging-type steam hammeroverhaul
overheadoverhead (storage) bunker
overhead binoverhead charging machine
overhead conveyoroverhead crane
overhead electrodeoverhead flue
overhead gaugeoverhead hand traveling crane
overhead hopperoverhead ingot turning-and-weighing machine
overhead lapoverhead level ing crane
overhead leveling craneoverhead levelling crane
overhead lineoverhead looping device
overhead positionoverhead rail
overhead shootoverhead stressing
overhead tensionoverhead welding position
overhead-drive pressoverhead-position welding
overheated steeloverheating
overhung cold roll-forming machineoverhung-type belt wrapper
overlapoverlap of bonding orbitals
overlap of knivesoverlapped (joint) weld
overlapping energy bandsoverlapping zones
overlay clad plateoverline
overload meteroverload relay
overload safeguardoverload warning
overloading protectionovermodification
overnight shiftoverpickling
overpoled conditionoverpoled copper
overshootovershot rotary
oversizeoversize coke
oversize particleoversize powder
oversize productoversize sinter
oversize weldoversized material
overstrain ageingoverstress
overstressingovertempered condition
oxidant-rich mixtureoxidate
oxidation behavioroxidation column
oxidation etchingoxidation losses
oxidation poweroxidation rate
oxidation resistanceoxidation stability
oxidation tintoxidation-reduction cell
oxidation-reduction reactionoxidation-reduction system
oxidation-resistantoxidation-resistant alloy
oxidation-resistant coatingoxidation-resisting alloy
oxidation-resisting steeloxidational etching
oxidational lossesoxidationproof
oxidative wearoxide coating
oxide discolorationoxide dispersion strengthened metal
oxide drossoxide film formation
oxide inclusionoxide inclusions
oxide layeroxide phase assembly
oxide replicaoxide scale
oxide scale formationoxide-bearing ore
oxide-free chlorideoxidizable
oxidizable natureoxidize
oxidizedoxidized condition
oxidized metaloxidized steel surface
oxidized surfaceoxidizing
oxidizing agentoxidizing atmosphere
oxidizing boiloxidizing flame
oxidizing fluxoxidizing furnace
oxidizing fusionoxidizing melting
oxidizing periodoxidizing process
oxidizing propertiesoxidizing rate
oxidizing roastingoxidizing salt
oxidizing slagoxidulated copper
oxy-arc cutting electrodeoxy-benzene torch
oxy-city-gas cuttingoxy-electric cutting
oxy-gas cutoff stationoxy-kerosene cutting
oxy-L.-P. gas cuttingoxy-natural gas cutting
oxy-natural gas flameoxyacetylene
oxyacetylene (flame) gougingoxyacetylene boring
oxyacetylene brazingoxyacetylene cut
oxyacetylene cutteroxyacetylene cutting
oxyacetylene cutting torchoxyacetylene deseaming
oxyacetylene heatingoxyacetylene mixture
oxyacetylene pressure weldingoxyacetylene weld
oxyacetylene weldingoxyacetylene welding torch
oxyacetylene-cutting machineoxybenz
oxybenz flameoxybutane flame
oxychemicalsoxycoal-gas flame
oxycuttingoxyfuel gas cutting
oxyfuel gas weldingoxygas brazing
oxygasoleneoxygen (pipe) line
oxygen arc cuttingoxygen blow process
oxygen converter processoxygen converter steelmaking
oxygen cutteroxygen cutting
oxygen cutting equipmentoxygen deficiency
oxygen deseamingoxygen enrichment
oxygen gas analyzeroxygen gasification
oxygen generatoroxygen gouging
oxygen hungry metaloxygen input
oxygen jetoxygen lance
oxygen lance cuttingoxygen lancing
oxygen machiningoxygen nozzle
oxygen orificeoxygen piercing
oxygen probeoxygen steelmaking
oxygen tankoxygen tapping
oxygen tensionoxygen torch
oxygen-absorption corrosionoxygen-acetylene ratio
oxygen-air mixtureoxygen-arc cutting
oxygen-arc derivettingoxygen-blown process
oxygen-blown steelmaking vesseloxygen-blown vessel
oxygen-concentration corrosionoxygen-consumption corrosion
oxygen-containing solventoxygen-converter plant
oxygen-converter processoxygen-cut
oxygen-cut surfaceoxygen-cutting operator
oxygen-cutting processoxygen-cutting torch
oxygen-enriched airoxygen-enriched air production
oxygen-enriched combustion airoxygen-enriched skin layer
oxygen-flow indicatoroxygen-free
oxygen-free copperoxygen-free flux
oxygen-free high-conductivityoxygen-free high-conductivity copper
oxygen-fuel gas ratiooxygen-fuel steelmaking operation
oxygen-lance capsuleoxygen-lance cutting
oxygen-lancing processoxygen-lancing time
oxygen-lime-powder converteroxygen-sensitive
oxygen-steam blastoxygen-steel making process
oxygen-steelmaking processoxygen-type corrosion
oxygenized airoxygraph
oxyhydric torchoxyhydrocarbon cutting
oxyhydrocarbon weldingoxyhydrogen cutting
oxyhydrogen flameoxyhydrogen welding
oxynatural gas cuttingoxynatural gas welding
oxypropane cuttingoxypropane flame
oxypropane weldingoxywelded