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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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N (energy) leveln-fold axis of symmetry
n-fold degenerate (energy) leveln-fold symmetry
n-irradiated metaln-side
N.N. Vickers pyramid number
n.t.h.m.nail punch
nail-making machinenailery
nailingnaked molten metal
nameplatenanohardness test
narrow flamenarrow-mouthed
narrowed gamma fieldnarrowing
natNational Foundry Association
National Oxygen and Acetylene AssociationNational Slag Association
National Welding Supply Associationnative argill
native coppernative element
native ironnative magnesia
native magnetnative metal
natural abrasivesnatural ageing alloy
natural agingnatural blast humidity
natural condition (corrosion) testnatural crystal
natural crystallographic axisnatural element
natural frequency vibration testnatural gas injection
natural hardnessnatural impedance
natural magnetnatural mode
natural periodnatural pitting corrosion
natural powdernatural-water corrosion
naturally bonded molding sandnaturally occurring oxide film
naturenature of injection
near endnear-gravity materials
near-mesh materialsnearby (energy) level
nearest neighbo rs positionsnearest neighbour
nearest neighbour distancenearest neighbours positions
neatneat gas
neckneck break
neck-down corenecked
neckingnecking down
necking effectnecking-down
needleneedle die polishing machine
needle instrumentneedle ore
needle tin oreneedle zeolite
needle-like crystalneedle-like precipitate
needle-slot screenneedled steel
needlelike phaseNeel wall
negative allowancenegative characteristic
negative crystalnegative draft angle
negative hardeningnegative leg
negative polaritynegative proof
negative rakenegative value of sulphur
negatively charged electron cloudneighbo r
neonneon core electrons
neptuniumnerve structure
neshnest die
net effectnet effervescive
net energy of blownet shape
net tons of hot metalnet-size forging
netlike arrangementnetwork
network of dislocationsnetwork of minor cracks
Neumann bandNeumann-Kopp rule
neutral absorptionneutral angle
neutral flameneutral leaching
neutral lineneutral plane
neutral salt bathneutral screw axis
neutral test paperneutralizing
neutralizing agentneutralizing tank
neutron crossingneutron diffraction
neutron diffraction apparatusneutron diffraction investigation
neutron diffraction techniqueneutron embrittlement
neutron flux densityneutron imaging
neutron producerneutron production
neutron radiographyneutron scattering crossing
neutron spinneutron-absorption crossing
neutron-capture crossingneutron-diffraction photograph
neutron-electron interactionneutron-irradiated
neutron-irradiated metalneutron-irradiation damage
neutron-opticalneutron-transmission crossing
newly formed skinnext-to-the-smallest (energy) level
Ni-resist (cast) ironnib
nichromenichrome-constantan thermocouple
nick breaknick break test
nick-break testnickel
nickel austenitenickel bloom
nickel bottomnickel coat
nickel convertingnickel deposit
nickel dust sludgenickel electrolyte
nickel ferritenickel material
nickel mattenickel matte refining
nickel oxidenickel recovery
nickel shotnickel silver
nickel speissnickel steel
nickel sulphatenickel sulphide
nickel vitriolnickel-activated sintering of tungsten
nickel-base alloynickel-clad steel
nickel-containing alloynickel-free alloy
nickel-molybdenum alloynickel-molybdenum-iron alloy
nickel-nickel distancenickel-plate
nickel-plating bathnickelex method
nickelferous iron orenickeliferous
nickeliferous gray antimonynickeliferous iron ore
night gangnimonic
niobiumniobium oxide
niobium pentachloridenip rolls
nipplenis material
nis matteNishiyama process
Nishiyami relationshipnital
nitrate crackingnitrate of potash
nitrationnitration case
nitration processnitric
nitric acid testnitride
nitride casenitride hardening
nitride layernitride precipitate
nitride precipitationnitride process of blueing steel
nitrided steelnitriding
nitriding boxnitriding furnace
nitriding furnace chambernitriding of titanium
nitriding rangenitriding time
nitrogen austenitenitrogen hardening
nitrogen quenchingnitrogenization
no pullno-bake self-curing binder
no-carb lacquerno-draft (draftless) forging
no-draft forgingno-plastic zone in rolled material
no-screen exposureno-screen X-ray film
noble metalnoble metal alloy
noble potentialnoble-gas atom
noblinsnodular graphite
nodular ironnodular iron ore
nodular pearlitenodular powder
nodulizingnodulous cementite
nodulous limonitenoil
noisenominal area
nominal size of pipesnominal stress
non-ferrous castingsNon-Ferrous Founders' Society
non-ferrous melting furnacenon-strain-ageing steel
non-volatile constituentnonabsorbent
nonabsorbing mediumnonaccumulator multidraft machine
nonageingnonageing alloy
nonageing steelnonautomatic gas generation
nonbonding electronsnonbonding orbital
noncakingnoncentrosymmetric class
noncentrosymmetrical classnonclog
noncoking coalnoncondensing
nonconducting hearth furnacenonconnected porosity
nonconnecting populationsnoncontact end
noncontact scanning detectornoncontact thickness gauge
noncontacting nuclear methodnoncorrodible
noncorrosion propertynoncorrosive alloy
noncorrosive steelnoncrack-sensitive
noncrystallinenoncubic crystal
nondeforming steelnondegenerate (energy) level
nondegeneratednondeoxidized heat
nondestructivenondestructive chemical analysis
nondestructive evaluationnondestructive examination
nondestructive inspectionnondestructive measuring
nondestructive testing methodnondiffusing
nonequilibrium freezingnonequivalent planes
nonessentialnonexcited atom
nonexplosive atmospherenonexplosive concentration
nonferrous alloynonferrous castings
nonferrous electrodenonferrous melting furnace
nonferrous metal working lubricantnonferrous metallurgy
nonferrous mill productsnonferrous rolling mill
nonferrous rolling plantnonferrous waste
nonferrous weldingnonfrothing flotation
nonfusible backing stripnongalling property
nonhardening steelnonheat-treatable alloy
nonhomogeneousnonhomogeneous deformation
nonintegrated steel plantnonintegrated steel works
nonintersecting diadsnonionic crystal
nonirradiatednonmagnetic alloy
nonmagnetic cast ironnonmagnetic ore
nonmagnetic steelnonmagnetic taconite
nonmetallic bindingnonmetallic bond
nonmetallic crystalnonmetallic element
nonmetallic inclusionsnonmetallic linkage
nonmetallic orenonmetallic trash
nonmetallicsnonoperate value
nonoriented filmnonorthogonal system
nonoxidizable alloynonoxidizing
nonoxidizing annealing furnacenonoxidizing heat-treatment furnace
nonpiping steelnonpolar axis
nonpolar compoundnonporous
nonporous ferrous metal bringnonpressure die casting
nonpressure thermit weldnonpressure welding
nonpressurizednonprofessional technical staff
nonrecoverablenonrecovery water-cooling system
nonresuperheat machinenonreversibility
nonreversible liner assemblynonreversing mill
nonreversing rolling millnonrusting
nonrusting steelnonsaturated
nonscaling alloynonsealing
nonsegregating binnonshrinking steel
nonslip bull blocknonslip double-drawing capstan
nonslip drawing machinenonsoluble particle
nonsolutenonsparking alloy
nonstationary forcenonstop handling
nonswirl nozzlenonsymmetric
nonsymmetrical sectionnonsynchronous control
nonsynchronous weld timernonsynchronous weld timing
nontransferred constricted arc cuttingnonuniform deformation
nonuniform fieldnonuniform flow
nonvariant systemnonviscous flow
nonvolatile constituentnonvolatile constituents
normal (energy) levelnormal band
normal bend testnormal cast weight
normal conditionsnormal direction
normal electron energy bandnormal forging
normal frequency furnacenormal induction curve
normal ingot makingnormal mode
normal phasenormal potential
normal probenormal segregation
normal solutionnormal state
normal steelnormal stress
normal valency compoundsnormalization constant
normalizingnormalizing annealing
normalizing furnaceNorsk-staal process
nosenose area
nose conenose end
nose radiusnose section
nose-tilting furnacenostril block
notch acuitynotch adjustment
notch breakingnotch brittleness
notch depthnotch ductility
notch factornotch generator
notch groovenotch gun
notch impact strengthnotch rupture strenght
notch sensitivitynotch strenght
notch toughnessnotch-bar cooling bed
notch-bar hot bednotch-break specimen
notch-brittlenotch-tensile properties
notched bar impact testnotched bar tensile test
notched bar toughnessnotched bending test
notched ingotnotched specimen
notched test barnotched test piece
notched-bar impact bending test specimennotching
notching pressnowel
nozzlenozzle brick
nozzle cleanernozzle diameter
nozzle dienozzle friction
nozzle linenozzle liner
nozzle mouthnozzle of magnesite thimble-type
nozzle openingnozzle pocket
nozzle spatternozzle-cleaning tool
nozzle-stopper equipmentnozzle-to-work distance
nozzle-work distanceNSA
nth order reflectionNTHM
Nu-iron processnubs
nuclear burden-level gaugenuclear field
nuclear framenuclear grade
nuclear massnuclear metallurgy
nuclear ray stock gaugenucleation
nucleation catalystnucleation kinetics
nucleation of oxidenucleation of solidifying metal
nucleatornucleonic thickness gauge
nugget thicknessnuisance
null (measuring) methodnull balance
null ductility transitionnull observation
number of lattice-point atoms per cellnumber of reversals
numerical aperture of lens systemnumerically controlled machine manufacturing area
nursingNusselt number
nut pressNWSA
NX atmospherenykrom