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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
" 1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
M (energy) levelM- stockline
M-radiationM-shaped contour
M.m. frequency meter
m.&I."M.B.V. process
maceral analysismaceral component
macerals compositionmacerated scrap
machinabilitymachinability index
machine conditionmachine conditions
machine cuttingmachine cutting (blowpipe) barrel
machine cutting blowpipemachine cutting burner
machine directionmachine elements
machine flow sheetmachine for bending test
machine for parting-off rolled sectionsmachine for parting-off solid bars
machine for shearing testmachine for testing
machine forgingmachine hammer
machine heightmachine jigging
machine loadmachine loading
machine machinabilitymachine molding
machine shopmachine the bars
machine to a templatemachine torch barrel
machine wastemachine weld
machine-cast pigmachine-cast pigs
machine-tool steelmachined
machined edgemachinery hall
machinery partsmachinery platform
machinery scrapmachining
machining allowancemachining damage
machining propertymachining strain
machining stressmachinist
macrographic etchingmacrographical etching
macrographymacrohardness test
macroscopic stressmacroscopic stresses
macroscopic structuremacroscopic symmetry
macroscopic symmetry element'smacroscopical forces
macroyield pointMadaras process
made-up troughMadelung constant
Maerz-Boelens designMaerz-Boelens furnace
magazinemagazine elevator feeder
magazine pilermagazine-elevating depiler
magdolitemagnaflux method
magnesia alummagnesia brick
magnesia refractorymagnesia-asbestos
magnesianmagnesian alum
magnesian limestonemagnesioferrite
magnesite brickmagnesite clinker
magnesite liningmagnesite ramming mass
magnesite ramming mixmagnesite refractory
magnesite-chrome roof blocksmagnesium
magnesium aluminatemagnesium apjohnite
magnesium autunitemagnesium diopside
magnesium Mgmagnesium oxide
magnesium reductionmagnesium-aluminum-manganese alloy
magnesium-rare earth-zirconium alloymagnesium-thermic reduction
magnet coremagnet crane
magnet gapmagnet space
magnet steelmagnet-crane depiler
magnetic (energy) levelmagnetic (forming) technique
magnetic anisotropy constantmagnetic annealing
magnetic belt separatormagnetic blow
magnetic blowoutmagnetic character figures
magnetic coatingmagnetic cobber
magnetic concentratemagnetic concentration
magnetic conveyormagnetic discontinuity
magnetic electron lensmagnetic feeder unit
magnetic figuresmagnetic flaw-detection method
magnetic flocculationmagnetic fluid test
magnetic forcemagnetic force welding machine
magnetic forming machinemagnetic grain orientation
magnetic hardnessmagnetic holding device
magnetic imagemagnetic induction flowmeter
magnetic induction fluxmagnetic ink
magnetic inspectionmagnetic iron ore
magnetic lagmagnetic lifter
magnetic lifting devicemagnetic loop control
magnetic measurementmagnetic metal
magnetic metallic ironmagnetic method
magnetic millmagnetic ordering force
magnetic particlemagnetic paste
magnetic pathmagnetic permeability inspection
magnetic plantmagnetic pole
magnetic positionermagnetic powder inspection
magnetic powder patternmagnetic powder technique
magnetic powder testmagnetic powdered flux
magnetic pulleymagnetic recording tape
magnetic retardationmagnetic rougher
magnetic scatteringmagnetic separating belt
magnetic separatormagnetic sheet
magnetic sheet handlermagnetic sheet handling unit
magnetic sheet pilermagnetic sheet-handling unit
magnetic stabilitymagnetic stirrer installation
magnetic stirringmagnetic strip feeding device
magnetic structuremagnetic structure analysis by neutron diffraction
magnetic structure investigationmagnetic test
magnetic tracing devicemagnetic tracing wheel
magnetic transformation temperaturemagnetic transition
magnetic transition temperaturemagnetic welding girdle
magnetic-analysis inspectionmagnetic-field dependence
magnetic-flux gas-shielded weldingmagnetic-hydrodynamic separation
magnetic-particle inspectionmagnetic-pulse forming
magnetic-pulse processmagnetic-separation trash
magnetic-tube concentratormagnetical consolidating of metal powders
magnetical inductive capacitymagnetically hard
magnetically hard alloymagnetically separated ore
magnetically soft alloymagnetite
magnetite concentratemagnetite iron-ore concentrate
magnetizable powdermagnetized condition
magnetizing forcemagnetizing roasting
magnetoconductivitymagnetocrystalline anisotropy
magnetoelasticmagnetoelastic hysteresis
magnetographic inspectionmagnetography
magnetomechanical dampingmagnetometric measurement
magnetonmagnetoresistance coefficient
magnetoresistor multipliermagnetostatic electron microscope
magnetostatic lensmagnetostriction
magnetostriction hysteresis loopmagnetostrictor
magniferousmagnification limit
magnified imagemagnifier
Maier-Mococo processmain
main (combustion) airmain (X-ray) absorption edge
main arbormain arch
main basemain bearing
main charging beltmain circuit
main control deskmain drag conveyor
main drive motormain flue
main gatemain gearbox
main governor valvemain mill
main pipemain press cylinder
main press rammain returns bin
main roofmain runner
main tablemain throttle valve
main-ram crossheadmainstream
maintained wavesmaintenance
maintenance assistent superintendentmaintenance crew
maintenance schedulemaintenance supervision
maintenance workshopmajor axis
major costsmajor defect
major delaymajor impurity
major loadmajor loop
makemake an addition of ... in
make goodmake into bars
make-up claymaker
makeupmakeup clay
makeup heatmakeup mix
making the bottommaking-ready
making-upmal. i
malemale beaded forging
male moldmall
malleablemalleable (iron) scrap
malleable annealingmalleable annealing furnace
malleable cast ironmalleable casting
malleable ironmalleableize
malleablize in sandmalleablizing ore
man-cooling jacketman-hour
managementmanagement charges
management costsmanager
mandrelmandrel bar
mandrel coilermandrel collapse
mandrel cooling tankmandrel crosshead
mandrel diemandrel drawing
mandrel extrusion methodmandrel forging
mandrel holdermandrel manipulator
mandrel millmandrel press
mandrel release crossheadmandrel retractor cylinder
mandrel rodmandrel stripper
mandrel stroke limitermandrel uncoiler
mandrel unitmandrel-type decoiler
manganesemanganese addition
manganese chloridemanganese dioxide
manganese ferritemanganese iron
manganese lossmanganese muscovite
manganese oremanganese ore pellet plant
manganese oxidemanganese peroxide
manganese sparmanganese steel small bell
manganese superoxidemanganese tungstate
manganese-killed steelmanganese-rich slag
manganese-silicate slagmanganesian blende
manganesian dolomitemanganesian fayalite
manganesian magnetitemangangraphite
manganiferousmanganiferous iron ore
manganiferous oremanganin
manganous oxidemanganowolframite
manglingmanhole plate
manifoldmanifold station
manifold-blowing systemmanipulation time
manipulatormanipulator arm
manipulator for turning ingotsmanipulator mechanism
manipulator rackmanipulator slide beam
Mannesman piercerMannesmann mill
Mannesmann piercing millMannesmann plant
Mannesmann powder processmannesmannprocess
mantle pillarmantle plate
mantle ringmanual arc
manual bandingmanual carbon arc welding
manual catchingmanual charge
manual cuttingmanual cutting torch
manual electrodemanual finishing
manual flashingmanual flashing time
manual free spinning operationmanual free spinning process
manual manipulationmanual operation
manual pressing toolmanual pumping unit
manual spinningmanual weld
manual weldormanually inserted consumable steel pipe lance
manually operated dampermanually operated screw
manually operated spray systemmanually set axis
manually welded jointmanufacture by powder metallurgy
manufacture of hard metalsmanufacturer's mark
manufacturing areamanufacturing equipment
manufacturing methodsmanufacturing operation
manufacturing plantmanufacturing practice
many-electron atommany-stage
maragingmaraging steel
maraging steelsmarble fracture
marcasitemarforming process
marginal oxidationmarginal sharpness
Marino processmark
markermarker block
marker shift in diffusionmarket conditions
market grademarket pattern
markingmarking apparatus
marking baymarking pulse
marking tablemarking-our section
marking-outmarking-out fluid
Martens hardnessMartens hardness number
martensitemartensite area
martensite decomposition rangemartensite formation
martensite hardnessmartensite microstructure
martensite rangemartensite tempering
martensite transformationmartensite transformation point
martensitic conditionmartensitic hardening
martensitic ironmartensitic stainless steel
martensitic steelMartin furnace
mash resistance seam weldingmash seam welding
mash spot weldingmash welding
mash-welded jointmashed
mashingmasked cracks
masonrymasonry arch
masonry of wellmasonry stack
masonry workmass copper
mass effectmass flow
mass flowmetermass number
mass peakmass pressure
mass ratiomass scattering coefficient
mass yieldmass-flow rate
mass-production hardeningmass-spectrographic method
mass-spectrographic method of isotope separationmass-spectrometer measurement
mass-spectrometric leak detectormassicot
massive metalmassive plate
massive sulphidemast-and-electrode assembly
mastermaster alloy
master alloy powdermaster die model
master handlemaster instrument
master mandrelmaster mechanic
master patternmaster plate
master schedulemaster solution
master toolmaster-hub
mat drawingmat finishing
mat flotationmat-type cell
matchmatch board
match linematch lines
match platematch-plate molding
match-plate molding machinematch-plate pattern
matchboardmatched edges
matched plane of latticesmatching
matching cutmatching faces
matching operationmatchmark
material and labormaterial breakage
material chargematerial defect
material detectormaterial handling crane
material handling equipmentmaterial handling system
material in solid bulk formmaterial transport mechanism
material under examinationmaterial waves
materials characterizationmaterials handling
materials recoverymatrix
matrix crystal of ironmatrix holder
matrix latticematrix metal
matrix precipitationmatrix recrystallization
matrix representation of lattice pointmatrix structure
matrix-precipitate interfacematte
matte chromium platingmatte dip
matte drawingmatte finish
matte ladlematte smelting
mattedMattiessen's rule
mattingmatting furnace
matured slagmaturity of production
maxima of Debye-Scherrer ringmaximum contact angle
maximum martensitic hardness of steelmaximum permeability
maximum permissible dosemaximum reduction
maximum shear stressmaximum stress
maximum stress intensity factormaximum tensile load
maximum throat depthmaximum value
McKee revolving distributorMcLeod manometer
mcquaid-ehn grain sizeMcQuard-Ehn grain size
memeadow ore
meagre coalmeal
meanmean (energy) level
mean absorption coefficientmean absorption factor
mean height of materialmean lattice constant
mean probable errormean specific heat
mean specific roll pressuremean stress (sm)
mean temperature coefficient of conductivityMeasuray
measuremeasure analysis
measure of contrastmeasure of dispersion
measure of ductilitymeasure of forgeability
measure of hardenabilitymeasure stopper arm
measurementmeasurement of thrust
measurements on stereogrammeasurer
measuring cellmeasuring face
measuring gaugemeasuring gear
measuring headmeasuring hopper
measuring lagmeasuring machine
measuring magnifiermeasuring means
measuring methodmeasuring pocket
measuring surfacemeasuring vessel
mechanical actionmechanical adhesion
mechanical alloyingmechanical analysis
mechanical axismechanical behavior of metals
mechanical beneficiationmechanical calcining oven
mechanical chargermechanical chipping
mechanical cooling bedmechanical damping
mechanical defectsmechanical deformation vacuum gauge
mechanical descalingmechanical digger
mechanical dust collectormechanical effervescive
mechanical engineeringmechanical equivalent of heat
mechanical feed pressmechanical feeder
mechanical gaugemechanical hardening
mechanical hardnessmechanical holdback
mechanical hysteresismechanical levelling
mechanical loopermechanical looping tower
mechanical metallurgymechanical outfit
mechanical peelingmechanical picker
mechanical pilermechanical plating
mechanical polishingmechanical press
mechanical processingmechanical properties
mechanical puddlingmechanical puddling furnace
mechanical rappingmechanical registration
mechanical reversing timemechanical roasting oven
mechanical roller twistermechanical seam welding control
mechanical shockmechanical side guides
mechanical stabilitymechanical stirrer
mechanical stoppermechanical tapping
mechanical test installationmechanical testing
mechanical tubingmechanical twin
mechanical twinningmechanical vibrations
mechanical wire brushingmechanical working
mechanical-airmechanical-air machine
mechanical-discharge gravity-type thickenermechanical-testing hall
mechanically rabbled furnacemechanically suspended
mechanism of graphitizationmechanism of interaction
mechanism of wearmechanized conveyor
mechanized foundrymechanized mill
media quenchmedian fatigue life
median fatigue strength at n cyclesmedium (temperature) annealing
medium alloy steelmedium coal
medium crushingmedium drawing
medium intensitymedium plate
medium sectionmedium sump
medium temperaturemedium-alumina firebrick
medium-burned brickmedium-caking coal
medium-carbon alloymedium-carbon steel
medium-cherrymedium-draining screen
medium-duty machinemedium-hard steel
medium-power objectivemedium-pressure (acetylene) generator
medium-recovery screenmedium-section mill
medium-size castingsmedium-size furnace
medium-speed no-screen filmmedium-strength alloy
medium-temper steelmedium-temperature furnace
medium-width steel stripmedium/fast range of casting speeds
melt dippingmelt formation
melt hoppermelt-down period
melt-grown single crystalmelt-through
melt-thrumelt-thru (weld) symbol
melt-thru weldmeltability
meltbackmelted coat tower
melted ingotmelted steel
meltermelter foreman
melter's matemelting
melting capacitymelting charge
melting compartmentmelting conditions
melting cruciblemelting duct
melting facilitymelting furnace
melting hearthmelting heat
melting lossmelting method
melting operationmelting point
melting potmelting range
melting ratemelting ratio
melting relationshipsmelting scrap
melting shop teeming baymelting stock
melting stock columnmelting temperature
melting timemelting under controlled atmosphere
melting unitmelting with partial oxidation
melting-downmelting-down period
melting-down powermeltout detinning
membermembrane hydrolysis
memorizing metermendelevium
mendermender piler
mercast moldmercast process
merchant barmerchant iron
merchant mill trainmerchant shape
merchant steelmerchantable scrap
mercurial sootmercuric chloride
mercuric iodidemercury
mercury ejector pumpmercury rectifier
mercury testmercury trap
mercury-arc rectifiermercury-vapor detector
mercury-vapor lampmerge
mesh analysismesh filter
mesh fractionmesh length
mesh sizemesh weld
mesh-belt conveyor furnacemesh-welding machine
meshed weldMesnager notch
Mesnager test piecemesomorphic state
met ting-temperature chartmet.
metal (lie) yieldmetal abrasives
metal ammonium compoundmetal arc
metal arc cuttingmetal bath
metal blockmetal body from powder
metal castingsmetal ceramic composition
metal chargemetal chemistry
metal content of oremetal cored electrode
metal cuttermetal deposit
metal drossmetal ductility
metal dustingmetal electrode
metal electrons diamagnetismmetal fall
metal feed rodmetal felt
metal fibermetal forming
metal frettingmetal fume fever
metal gauzemetal in absorption in furnace bottoms
metal inert-gas weldingmetal lattice
metal levelmetal locked-up in furnace bottoms
metal lossmetal manganese
metal meniscusmetal mold
metal notchmetal of high atomic number
metal of normal grain sizemetal paper
metal penetrationmetal pouring temperature
metal powderMetal Powder Association
metal powder cuttingmetal powder industry
metal powder metering apparatusmetal protection
metal pulverizationmetal pulverizer
metal purificationmetal radiography
metal removingmetal reservoir
metal runoutmetal slitting cutter
metal slitting machinemetal slitting saw
metal soapmetal spinning method
metal splashingmetal spray
metal sprayingmetal spraying helmet
metal stockmetal strip flattening
metal surfacemetal tap hole
metal tappingmetal transfer
metal transfer characteristicsMetal Treating Institute
metal turbulencemetal welding
metal with grown-in whiskersmetal-arc electrode
metal-arc gas-shielded (welding)metal-arc gouging
metal-arc inert gas welding processmetal-arc inert-gas weld
metal-arc inert-gas weld shop weldmetal-arc inert-gas welding
metal-arc weldmetal-arc welding
metal-arc welding single weldingmetal-arc-weld tack
metal-atom arrangementmetal-bath hardening
metal-bonded diamond abrasive articlesmetal-cased magnesite brick
metal-cleaning machinerymetal-crystal growth
metal-degassing facilitiesmetal-explosive interface
metal-explosive systemmetal-faced
metal-forming diemetal-forming process
Metal-Imprex processmetal-lined
metal-matrix compositemetal-mold reaction
metal-oxide dispersion compositemetal-plated crystal
metal-powder compactmetal-powder forming
metal-sawing machinemetal-slag reaction
metal-slag reactionsmetal-to-ceramic seal
metal-working industrymetal-working machinery
metalastikmetallic air recuperator
metallic arc-welding methodmetallic bath
metallic beadmetallic burden materials size consistence
metallic charge-to-coke ratiometallic coating by hot-dipping process
metallic constituent of powder mixturemetallic film
metallic forcesmetallic form of binding
metallic glassmetallic impurities
metallic linkagemetallic mixture
metallic phasemetallic reduction
metallic reservoirmetallic resistance
metallic spongemetallic structure
metallic sulphidemetallic tetragonal form of tin
metallic vapormetallics of charge
metallizing gunmetallizing head
metallizing processmetallograph
metallographicmetallographic etchant
metallographic etchingmetallographic evidence for a martensitic transformation
metallographic facilitiesmetallographic grinder
metallographic microscopemetallographic polisher
metallographic specimenmetallographical observation
metallographical polishermetallographical polishing
metallographical testmetallography
metallography laboratorymetalloid
metallothermic processmetallothermic reaction
metallothermic reductionmetallurgical blast cupola
metallurgical coalmetallurgical coke
metallurgical defectsmetallurgical extraction
metallurgical junctionmetallurgical laboratory
metallurgical loadmetallurgical plant
metallurgical treatmentmetallurgy
metallurgy of aluminummetallurgy of copper
metallurgy of light metalsmetallurgy of rare metals
metals and alloysmetamic
metastablemetastable (energy) level
metastable conditionmetastable diagram
metastable equilibriummetastable nucleus
metastable phasemetastable structural condition
metcolizingmetering equipment
metering of supplymetering valve
method of cell determinationmethod of collection prior to cleaning
method of crystal-structure determinationmethod of distorted waves
method of electron microscopical investigationsmethod of explosively compacting powders
method of feedingmethod of grain-size testing
method of manufacturing sintered materialsmethod of metal powder formation
method of mixturemethod of particle-size analysis
method of precipitationmethod of procedure
method of reductionmethod of reusing scrap
method of smeltingmethods of optimal programming
methylated spiritmetl
Meyer hardnessMeyer hardness number
mf temperatureMH
mica crystalmicaceous iron ore
micellar structuremicroadding
microalloy junctionmicroalloying
microbeam methodmicrobiological anaerobic corrosion
microcast processmicrocavity
microcellmicrochemical analysis
microcracked chromiummicrocracking
microdiffraction methodmicroetching
microflawmicrofocus tube
micrographicmicrographic investigation
micrographical etchingmicrographical investigation
microhardness indentationmicrohardness method
microhardness testmicrohardness testing
microindentation hardness numbermicroindenter
microjetmicrometer eyepiece
micrometer microscopemicrometering
micrometric measurementmicronozzles control
microphotometermicrophotometer curve
microscope eyepiecemicroscope lamp
microscope of high magnificationmicroscope of low magnification
microscopicmicroscopic imaging
microscopic metallographymicroscopic observation
microscopic picturemicroscopic stress
microscopic stressesmicroscopic symmetry elements
microscopical observationmicroscopy
microstressmicrostructural examination
microstructuremicrostructure analysis
microtest piecemicrothrowing power
microtwin decorationmicroviscosity
microwave moisture metermicrowave technique
microweightingmicum-drum test
mid-campaignmid-focal length
midband frequencymiddle inwalls
middle of visible spectrummiddle-grade coal
middlings deductionmiddlings tube
Midland-Ross processmidposition of boundary rays
midribmidrib plane
MigMIG weld
migra ironmigration of interstitial impurities
migration of lattice vacanciesMiguet furnace
mildmild abrasives
mild picklemild reducing agent
mild steelmild steel ingot
mild steel platemild steel sheet
millmill ancillaries
mill back mill tablemill bar
mill baymill cinder
mill datamill delays
mill drivemill duty
mill edgemill finish
mill for rolling center disk-type wheelsmill for rolling circular shapes
mill for rolling sectionsmill friction
mill guide shopmill horsepower
mill housingmill layout
mill lengthmill limit
mill operatormill ore
mill packmill personnel
mill pinionmill product
mill productionmill production output
mill productsmill roll
mill rollermill rolls
mill scalemill screw
mill separatormill shoe
mill speedmill stand
mill tablemill tackle
mill tailingmill test
mill trainmill tramway capsule
milled edgemilled powder
Miller indicesmilling
milling cuttermilling machine
milling mediummilling quality
milling slimemilling steel
milling timemilling under protective medium
minemine (drainage) water
mine productionmine-run
mine-run binmineral
mineral coatingmineral constituent
mineral dressingmineral froth
mineral-coated electrodemineral-free matter
mineralogical charactermineralogical hardness number
mineralogical makeupmineralography
minerals separation processminge
miniature castingminimized spangle
minimizing the loss of yieldminimum
minimum bend radiusminimum contact angle
minimum oreing temperatureminimum stress
minimum stress-intensity factorminimum wavelength
miningmining engineer
miniumminor defect
minor maintenanceminor metals
minor phaseminor shrinkage
mint processesmint processing equipment
minusminus material
minus meshminus sieve
mirror (smooth) finishmirror plane of reflection symmetry
mirror reflectionmirror viewing
mirror-finish polishingmirror-finished
misalignmentmisalignment of dies
miscellaneous charging systemmiscellaneous materials
miscellaneous materials fines binmiscellaneous scrap
miscellaneous weigh hoppermischmetal
miscibility gapmiscible in all proportions
misfitmish metal
mismatch of diesmisorientation
misplaced nuggetmisrun
misrun castingmissed heat
missettingmissetting of specimen
misshaped nuggetmist eliminator
miter cutmiter cutting
miter weldingmix
mix materialmixed charging
mixed coke-oven and blast-furnace gasmixed crystal
mixed dislocationmixed gas producer
mixed graded sizemixed ore pellet
mixed ore pelletsmixed ores
mixed potentialmixed-film lubrication
mixed-state thermal conductivity of superconductormixer
mixer departmentmixer ladle
mixer metalmixer settler
mixer tankmixer-agitator tank
mixer-settlermixer-settler apparatus
mixing arrangementmixing bin
mixing bunkermixing condenser
mixing drummixing heap
mixing ladlemixing mill
mixing of powdersmixing plant
mixing proportionmixing section
mixing tankmixing tube
mixing valve controlmixture analysis
mixture binmixture cracking
mixture gasmixture heat
mixture makingmixture of powders
mixture-storing binmky
mobile box chargemobile car
mobile car tippermobile column
mobile dislocationsmobile electrode
mobile ground chargermobile moisture
mobile weighing machinemobile yard crane
modemode of superposition
mode transformationmodel
model ingmodel maker
model techniquemodeling
modellingmoderate corrosion
moderate feedmoderate temperature
moderate-strong interactionmoderate-temperature process
modificationmodification of aluminum-silicon alloys
modified radiationmodifying agent
modulated structuremodulation frequency
modulation of oscillationsmodule
modulus of cubic compressibilitymodulus of dilatation
modulus of elasticitymodulus of elasticity for shear
modulus of elasticity for tensionmodulus of resilience
modulus of rupturemodulus of viscosity
Mohs hardnessMohs hardness number
Mohs' hardnessmoire fringe
moire patternmoisten
moisture contentmoisture content of air
moisture decomposition reactionmoisture injection system
moisture metermoisture release rate
moisture removalmoisture sample
moisture separatormoisture teller
molalitymolar volume
mold additionmold assembly
mold blowermold bottom
mold bottom halfmold box
mold capsulemold car
mold carriagemold castings
mold cavitymold clamp
mold closermold closing
mold conditioning areamold conditions
mold copemold core
mold coupled with crossbarsmold crush
mold cupmold design
mold dilatationmold drag
mold dressingmold drive
mold dryingmold half
mold hardnessmold hydraulic cleaning plant
mold inoculationmold inspection
mold jacketmold joint
mold knockoutmold life
mold lubricating stationmold lubrication
mold movementmold operation
mold oscillationmold performance
mold preparationmold preparation bay
mold preparation linemold preparation stand
mold preparation yardmold punching
mold ratiomold scrap
mold setting platformmold setting-and-stripping bay
mold setting-and-stripping buildingmold splits
mold spray tankmold storage garage
mold strokemold table
mold top halfmold train
mold tubemold turnover
mold washmold weight
mold weldingmold yard
mold yard cranemold-drying oven
mold-hardness testermold-moving mechanism
mold-reciprocating mechanismmoldability
moldedmolded coal
molded cokemolded dolomite
molded sectionmolded-on
moldermolder tool
molder's bellowsmolder's bench
molder's bradmolder's hammer
molder's malletmolder's peel
molder's riddlemolder's rule
molder's shovelmolding
molding apparatusmolding bed
molding boardmolding box
molding diemolding flask
molding forcemolding frame
molding hallmolding in dies
molding inkmolding machine
molding materialmolding of metal powders
molding pinmolding plane
molding pressmolding sand
molding sand mixturemolding sands
molding tablemolding-sand reclamation
molemole concentration
mole fractionmolecular attraction
molecular bindingmolecular mass
molecular pressuremolecular sieve desiccant
molecular sieve generatormolecularity
molecularly sharp interfacemolefraction
molted ironmolten
molten bathmolten charge
molten cratermolten metal carrier
molten metal flame sprayingmolten metal pistol
molten metal pumpmolten state
molten weld poolmolten-cast refractory
moly oremolybdate of lead
molybdenum pentachloridemolybdenum steel
molybdenum trioxidemolybdenum-titanium alloy
moment of overturningmoment of twisting
momentary loadmomentum at the Fermi surface
monad axismonatomic layer
monatomic liquidmond process
monelMonel metal
monitormonitor control
monkey coolermonkey wall
monnier kilnmonoacid
monoblockmonoblock machine
monobromidemonocalcium ferrite
monocarbidemonocarcase welding set
monochloridemonochromatic beam
monochromatic fluxmonochromatic intensity
monochromatic radiationmonochromatic xeroradiography
monochromator cameramonochromator crystal
monochromator-to-focal-point distancemonoclinic (crystal) system
monoclinic cellmonoclinic crystal
monofilmmonophase equilibrium
monorail chargermonorail conveyor
monorail ladlemonorail track
monorail weigh capsulemonorail weigh car
monosilicate slagmonosize powder
monotecticmonotonic stress
monotron hardnessmonotropic
monotropismmonovalent gold
monovalent metalmonovariant equilibrium
monovariant systemmonoxide
monthly inspectionmonticellite
Morgoil bearingmorphological crystallography
morphological symmetrymorphology
morphology of carbidesmorphology of deposit
mortarmortar joint
mortar millmortar mixer
mortisemosaic electrode
mosaic structureMossbauer effect
mossy leadmother metal
mother tubemother water
motor generatormotor load
motor timingmotor-driven truck
motor-driven welding setmotor-generator set
motor-generator weldermotor-operated screw
Mott's dislocation climb modelmottle
mottled cast ironmottled plate
mottled structuremottling
mouldmould box
mould carmould wash
moulding coremount
mounted patternmounting
mounting fixturemounting of mold
mounting pressmounting resin
mouthmouth annealing
mouth of tongsmovable
movable capsulemovable clamp
movable clamping diesmovable die
movable electrode vacuum tubemovable guard
movable hearthmovable hydraulic roll
movable jawmovable mandrel
movable offtakemovable platform
movable side guardsmovable-scale
movable-sieve jigmovable-sieve-type washbox
movement unsharpnessmoving boundary
moving chargesmoving clamping block
moving coilmoving core
moving floormoving platen
moving press platemoving sampler
moving-bar grizzlymoving-boundary method
moving-coil galvanometermoving-film camera
moving-film goniometermoving-film method
moving-mandrel drawingmoving-target generator
moving-target X-ray tubems temperature
mu metalmuck
muck (bar) pilemuck bar
muck bar faggotmuck bar piling
muck ironmuck roll
muck stackmucking
muckpilemud accumulation
mud boxmud collector
mud driermud drum
mud extractormud gun (control) room
mud gun controlmud gun control center
mud gun control consolemud settler
mud trapmud-settling sump
muffle furnacemuffle roaster
muffled multiple-hearth furnacemuffled multiple-hearth-type furnace
mullingmulling machine
mullite brickmullite silica felt
mullockmulti head torch
multiaxial stressesmultiblock machine
multiburner cuttingmulticavity mold
multichamber kilnmulticompartment cell
multicomponentmulticomponent metallic system
multidaylight pressmultideck oven
multideck screenmultidie machine
multidie wire-drawing machinemultidraft machine
multielectrode spot weldermultiflame
multiflame blowpipemultiflame cutter
multiflame tipmultigroaved capstan
multihearth roastermultihole drawing
multihole drawing machinemultihole lance
multijet tipmultimeter
multinozzle cuttermultioperator transformer
multipassmultipassage kiln
multiphase alloymultiple (reflection) echo
multiple castingmultiple cleaning
multiple copper refining systemmultiple core
multiple core boxmultiple determination
multiple diemultiple discharge
multiple drawbenchmultiple glide
multiple ingotmultiple irradiation-annealing cycles
multiple jigmultiple joint weld
multiple linemultiple mold
multiple moldingmultiple nonslip wire-drawing bench
multiple precipitationmultiple pressing tool
multiple refiningmultiple slagging
multiple slipmultiple spalling
multiple spot weldingmultiple thickness joint
multiple valvemultiple wire-drawing machine
multiple(-electrode) weldingmultiple-arc
multiple-arc unitmultiple-arc welder
multiple-batch extractionmultiple-bead deposit
multiple-beam flame planing machinemultiple-burner machine
multiple-cavity diemultiple-cavity mold
multiple-cell flotation machinemultiple-component unit
multiple-core castingmultiple-crucible furnace
multiple-deck tablemultiple-die heavy wire-drawing machine
multiple-electrode furnacemultiple-head torch
multiple-hearth furnacemultiple-heating coil
multiple-hole diemultiple-impression forging
multiple-impulse weldmultiple-impulse weld timer
multiple-impulse weldingmultiple-ionized
multiple-jet nozzlemultiple-operator system
multiple-part moldmultiple-part pattern
multiple-pass checkersmultiple-pass weld
multiple-point imperfectionsmultiple-projection weld
multiple-projection weldingmultiple-purpose
multiple-rotor stranding machinemultiple-seated valve
multiple-slide pressmultiple-slot coiler
multiple-slot dischargemultiple-spot welder
multiple-stagemultiple-stage forming
multiple-stand rolling millmultiple-station drawing machine
multiple-strand millmultiple-theme development
multiple-torch cuttingmultiple-transducer assembly
multiple-transformer machinemultiple-transformer spot-welding machine
multiple-tubed burnermultiple-unit
multiple-unit electric furnacemultiple-valve septum
multipletmultiplet (energy) level
multiplet componentmultiplet of narrow separation
multiplex motoblocmultiplication
multiplicitymultiplying factor
multipoint injectionmultipoint recording potentiometer
multipoint spot weldermultipoint thermocouple
multiport diemultiport tile
multipurposemultipurpose instrument
multipurpose plantmultipurpose shearing machine
multiroll bridlemultiroll crusher
multiroll flattenermultiroll mill
multiroll straightenermultirope skid gear
multirow roller bearingmultirun
multirun weldmultispecimen testing machine
multistandmultistation billet container unit
multistepmultistep control
multistrand machinemultistrand plant
multistrand rollingMultitest
multitransformer spot weldermultitube
multiturn coilmultivalve machine
multiwheel seam weldermundic
Muntz metalmuriate of lead
muriate of potashmuriate of soda
mushrooming of dislocationsmutual indentation hardness apparatus
mutual inductionmutual orientation relationship
mutual solubilitymutually insoluble
muzzle-loading pressmx.