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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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I latticei sampler pulverizer
i sliding plateI-iron girder
IBice die
ice-cold waterICI
ID heating coilIDDRG
ideal axial ratioideal chemical compound
ideal critical diameterideal effervescive
ideal liquidideal solid
ideal structureidealized crystal
identical conditionsidentification
identification by diffraction analysisidentification mark
identification markingidentification of differentially coated electrolytic tinplate
identification particularsidentity distance
identometeridiomorphic crystal
idle hoursidle pass
idle periodidle position
idle pouringidle stand
idleridler roller
igneous concentrationigneous metallurgy
ignitionignition furnace
ignition hoodignition method
ignition pointignition powder
ignition temperatureignitron tube
illuminated by polarized lightilluminated diagram
illuminated indicator boardilluminated magnifier
illuminated obliquelyilluminating lens
illumination arrangementillumination by white light
imageimage (converter) tube
image (photoelectronic) intensifierimage definition
image formationimage frequency
image storage methodimage tenacity
imbibitionimbricated plate
imitation coatingIMM
immediate fluxingImmerscope
immerseimmersed belt
immersed ultrasonic inspectionimmersed-electrode furnace
immersed-electrode salt bathimmersion cleaning
immersion coatingimmersion furnace
immersion heaterimmersion lens
immersion micrographimmersion microscopic image
immersion microscopyimmersion plating
immersion pyrometerimmersion sampler
immersion solutionimmersion test
immersion tubeimmersion-burner furnace
immersion-fired furnaceimmersion-type electrode
immunizeimpact angle
impact anvilimpact area of jet
impact bend testimpact circle
impact coke strengthimpact compression test
impact crusherimpact disk
impact effectimpact energy
impact energy absorptionimpact extrusion
impact forceimpact hammer demolition apparatus
impact hardnessimpact hardness test
impact hardness testerimpact knife edge
impact lineimpact load
impact millimpact number
impact pendulumimpact plate
impact pointimpact pressure
impact pulling testimpact pulverizer
impact screenimpact strength
impact stressimpact tearing test
impact tensile stressimpact tension machine
impact tension testimpact test
impact test pieceimpact testing machine
impact torsion testimpact toughness
impact valueimpact velocity of oxygen
impact wearimpactor
impactor crusherimpedance match
impedance plane for feed through coilsimpediment of dislocation
imperfectimperfect combustion
imperfect crystalimperfect dislocation
imperfection in a solidImperial Standard Wire Gauge
imperial wire gaugeimpermeable bed
impermeable depositimpervious joint
impingement attackimpingement black
impingement corrosionimpingement corrosion test
impingement erosionimpingement scrubber
implatingimportant directions of crystal
impregnating machineimpregnating P/M parts
impregnationimpregnation with carbon
impression-die forgingimprint depth indicator
imprintingimprinting method
imprinting processimprinting technique
improvement in qualityimprovement in rolling
improving furnaceimprovise
impulse frequencyimpulse meter
impulse strokeimpulse velocity
impulse-cutting machineimpulse-type
impulsive loadimpure crystal
impure goldimpure metal
impure stoneimpurities
impurities diffusionimpurity
impurity atmosphereimpurity content
impurity elementimpurity level
impurity mobilityimpurity phases
impurity radiationimpurity scattering parameter
impurity spectrumimpurity zone
in balancein coils
in monocrystalline conditionin polycrystalline condition
in powder conditionin powder form
in smeltingin stages
in work hardened conditionin-and-out furnace
in-going gasin-line
in-line heat treatmentin-line treatment cycle
inaccuracyinaccuracy in construction of camera
inactive gasinadequate exposure
inadequate penetrationincandescence
incandescentincandescent filament
incandescent lampinceptive impulse
incidenceincident energy
incident frequencyincident light intensity
incident planeincident X-ray beam
incipientincipient crack
incipient fusionincipient shrinkage
inclinable pressinclined ball mill
inclined belt conveyorinclined bottom bunker
inclined castinginclined elevator
inclined flat belt-type conveyorinclined flight conveyor
inclined grate-type gas producerinclined pallet conveyor plant
inclined pan conveyorinclined platform conveyor
inclined positioninclined position welding
inclined roller pathinclined roller table
inclined tee jointinclined throat shears
inclined weldinclined zonal bunker
included die angleincluded gas
included slaginclusion
inclusion contentinclusion count
inclusions of molding sandincoherent intensity
Incoloyincombustible mixture
incoming raw-material trackincomplete combustion
incomplete electron shellincomplete fusion
incomplete inter-run penetrationincomplete plane
incomplete quenchingincomplete reaction
incompletely annealedincompletely filled groove
incongruent meltingincongruent melting point
incongruently melting compoundinconvertibility
incorrect contourincorrect flame
incorrect profileincorrodibility
increase in efficiencyincrease in grain size
increase in hardnessincrease in load
increase in resolutionincrease in thickness
increased effervesciveincreased viscosity of slag
increasing temperatureincrement
incremental formerincremental loading
incremental permeabilityincremental portion
incrustincrustated iron ore
incrustationincubation time
indentation depth dial indicatorindentation depth gauge
indentation hardnessindentation hardness test
indentation machineindentation method
indentation resistanceindentation stress
independent arcindependent backdraft
independent backdraft systemindex circle
index diagramindex dial
index numberindex of filtrability
index of plastic deformationindex of size reduction
index the patternindexable insert
indexing borescopeindexing of Laue spots
indexing of reflectionsindexing of X-ray photographs
Indian Institute of Metalsindicate
indicated effervesciveindicating
indicating deviceindicating light
indicating meterindicating transmitter
indicationindicator light
indicator tubeindicatrix
indicatrix of diffusionindice
indices all evenindices all odd
indices of crystal facesindices of plane
indigenous inclusionindirect (backward) extrusion
indirect arc furnaceindirect firing
indirect illuminationindirect measurement
indirect methodindirect rolling action
indirect weldindirect welding
indirect-arc furnaceindirect-heating furnace
indiumindividual measurement
individual spot weldingindividually driven stand
individually driven tableindraft
induced draft cooling towerinduced flux
induced-draft faninduced-draft furnace
induced-roll separatorinductance furnace
induction (electron) acceleratorinduction annealing
induction bar heaterinduction billet heater
induction blockinduction brazing
induction channelinduction crucible furnace
induction furnaceinduction furnace steel
induction hardeninginduction hardening plant
induction heatinduction heating
induction low-frequency furnaceinduction melted titanium
induction meltinginduction melting furnace
induction methodinduction stirrer
induction stirringinduction strain gauge
induction temperinginduction welding
induction work coilinduction-bridge flowmeter
induction-heating installationinduction-heating machinery
induction-stirred furnaceinduction-type strain gauge
inductive heating currentinductive probe
inductorindustrial alloy
industrial atmosphereindustrial diamond
industrial environmentindustrial grade
industrial installationindustrial instrument
industrial personnelindustrial quality control
industrial radiographyindustrial radiology
inertinert additive
inert anodeinert arc torch
inert atmosphere annealinginert content
inert gasinert gas atom
inert gas-shielded tungsten-arc torchinert-atmosphere brazed
inert-atmosphere brazinginert-gas carbon-arc welding
inert-gas degassinginert-gas envelope
inert-gas metal-arc weldinginert-gas shield
inert-gas shielded arc weldinginert-gas spot welding
inertia shakeinertial dust separator
inertial knock-out gridinertial knockout grid
infectioninfeed accumulator
infeed conveyorinferior
inferior coalinferior fuel
infiltrateinfiltrated iron powder
infiltrationinfinite dilution
inflameinflammable cinnabar
infraredinfrared (heat) radiation
infrared analyzerinfrared control
infrared drierinfrared furnace
infrared heatinginfrared illumination
infrared imageinfrared micrograph
infrared microscopeinfrared microscope observation
infrared microscopyinfrared oven
infrared radiation pyrometerinfrared scan
infrared scanning techniqueinfrared test
infrared vidicon television systeminfrasizer
infrasizinginfusible blanket
ingateingoing gauge
ingoing main tableingoing material
ingoing pressingoing side of mill
ingotingot bar
ingot bayingot bleeding
ingot bogieingot bottom
ingot buggyingot buggy track
ingot buttingot capacity
ingot carrieringot casting platform
ingot centeringot chair-tilting frame
ingot chamberingot charger
ingot charging bogieingot charging crane
ingot chariotingot conditioning
ingot cooling campanilingot copper
ingot degassingingot dogs
ingot drawingingot drawing crane
ingot dressingingot ejector
ingot feed lockingot head
ingot heatingingot heating furnace
ingot ironingot metal
ingot moldingot mold bottom plate
ingot mold car trackingot mold conveyor
ingot mold dressingingot mold stood
ingot patterningot pit
ingot pit craneingot puller
ingot receiving tableingot run
ingot samplingingot scales
ingot scumingot segregation
ingot shellingot slab mold
ingot solidificationingot starting stub
ingot steelingot stirrup
ingot storing bayingot stripper
ingot stripper machineingot stripping
ingot stripping craneingot structure
ingot tearsingot tilter
ingot tipperingot tong crane
ingot tongsingot track time
ingot transfer tableingot transfercar
ingot transfercar fer strippingingot turner
ingot turning deviceingot yard
ingot yieldingot-casting bay
ingot-casting methodingot-charging gear
ingot-charging machineingot-forming equipment
ingot-mould caringot-planing machine
ingot-scalping machineingot-slicing machine
ingot-stripping craneingot-withdrawing device
ingredient of mixtureingress
ingress of heatinherent characteristic
inherent filtration of X-ray tubeinherent stress
inherent unsharpnessinhibited paper
inhibitorinhibitor effect
inhomogeneityinhomogeneous condition
inhomogeneous crystalinhomogeneous field
inhomogeneous glideinitial bed
initial chargeinitial cooling action
initial costinitial creep
initial densityinitial distortion
initial extensioninitial filling
initial forceinitial gap
initial latticeinitial level
initial loadinginitial melting temperature
initial mixerinitial overhang
initial powderinitial power
initial pulseinitial pulse indication
initial reductioninitial separatory cell
initial stageinitial stage of martensite decomposition
initial stock heightinitial substance
initially formed skininjected fuel
injection castinginjection cylinder
injection equipmentinjection facility
injection moldinjection molding
injection of minority carriersinjection piping
injection rateinjection tube
injection-molding machineinjector jet
injector mixerinjector set
injector spray tipinjector-type cutter
injureinjurious burden constituent
injurious burden constituentsinkrom process
inlay clad plateinleakage
inleaking gasinlet angle
inlet barrelinlet branch
inlet chamberinlet channel
inlet checkerinlet clack
inlet diameterinlet fan
inlet guideinlet hole
inlet manifoldinlet of pass
inlet spigotinlet tension
inlet troughinmiscible
inner (energy) levelinner coat
inner coaxial electrodeinner electron
inner flame coneinner liner
inner riminner-cased
inner-grooved tubeinner-shell electron
inner-shield weldinginoculant
inoperative passInor
inoxidizing coatinginphase component
inputinput temperature
inreactor creepinsert
insert dieinsert-type stave
inserted bladeinserted piece
inserted-blade cuttersinsertion
insertion gaininset cooler
inside (caliper) gaugeinside bridge
inside coilinside corner weld
inside flask jacketinside probe
inside single-fillet corner jointinside storage
inside wallinside width
inspecting mechanicinspecting of billets
inspection bedinspection bed roller table
inspection beltinspection bench
inspection certificateinspection conveyor
inspection coverinspection door
inspection for hardnessinspection hole
inspection levelinspection operation
inspection platforminspection report
inspection scheduleinspection shaft
inspection stationinspection table
inspection wheelinspection-and-assorting line
instable runninginstallation expense
installed ratinginstalling mechanic
instant inoculationinstant speed-instant load principle
instantaneous ash contentinstantaneous center
instantaneous heatingInstitute of Scrap Iron and Steel
Institution of Mining and Metallurgyinstruction
instrument identificationinstrument lag
instrument panelinstrument tender
instrumental aberrationsinstrumental broadening
instrumental resolutioninstrumentation of mill
instrumented impact testinsufficient cropping
insulantinsulated ingot transfercar
insulating firebrickinsulating layer of slag
insulating lininginsulating packing
insulating plateinsulating refractory
intakeintake manifold
intake pipelineintegral (absorbed) dose
integral breadth of X-ray lineintegral quench furnace
integral-type edgerintegrally stiffened panel
integrated extrusion press plantintegrated intensity measurement
integrated iron-and-steel worksintegrated press
integrated steel plantintegrated theory
integrating blockintegrating time
intense quenchingintense radiation
intense spectrum lineintensifier
intensifier hardeningintensifier tube
intensifying agentintensitometer
intensity measurementintensity measurement by photographic method
intensity of bending stressintensity of Bragg peaks
intensity of combustionintensity of compressive stress
intensity of draftintensity of electrical field
intensity of exchange couplingintensity of powder line
intensity of shearing stressintensity of stress
intensity of tensionintensity of torsional stress
intensity of X-rayintensity ratio
intensive quantityinteratomic binding
interatomic forcesinteratomic linkage
interbell spaceintercept method
interchange currentinterchange energy
interchangeable headinterchangeable mold
interchangeable-target anodeinterchangeable-target arrangement
interconnectedinterconnected pore system
interconnected porosityinterconnecting cable
interconnecting populationsinterconversion table
intercoolerintercritical annealing
intercrystallineintercrystalline brittleness
intercrystalline corrosionintercrystalline corrosion resistance
intercrystalline crackingintercrystalline diffusion
intercrystalline embrittlementintercrystalline failure
intercrystalline fractureintercrystalline oxidation
intercrystalline ruptureintercrystalline segregation
intercrystalline shrinkage crackinterdendritic
interdendritic corrosioninterdendritic porosity
interdendritic shrinkageinterdepartment transport
interdiffusioninteredge angle
interelectrodeinterelectrode leakage
interest chargesinterface
interface expulsioninterface morphology
interface of weld nuggetinterface reaction
interface regioninterfaced
interfacialinterfacial angle
interfacial energyinterfacial failure
interfacial frictioninterfacial resistance
interfacial tensioninterference action
interference conditioninterference effect
interference imageinterference in 100 reflection
interference micrographinterferogram
interferometer measurementinterferometer microscope
interferometer strain gaugeinterferometric dilatometer
interferometric measurementintergranular
intergranular corrosionintergranular cracking
intergranular embrittlementintergranular failure
intergranular fractureintergranular network
intergranular oxidationintergranular penetration
intergranular positionintergranular pressure
intergranular radiationintergranular rupture
intergranular stress corrosion crackinginterheater
interinclusion distanceinterionic distance
interlamellar spacingsinterlattice-point distance
interlattice-point spacinginterlayer
interleafing of busesinterlensing
interlinking of phasesinterlock
interlockinginterlocking device
interlocking particlesinterlocking porosity
intermediate annealingintermediate bin
intermediate blockintermediate bloomer
intermediate bottomintermediate coat
intermediate coatingintermediate crusher
intermediate electrodeintermediate ladle
intermediate materialintermediate mill
intermediate passintermediate phase
intermediate phasesintermediate pouring vessel
intermediate slagintermediate slag removal
intermediate spaceintermediate stand
intermediate strength levelintermediate table
intermediate trainintermediate-carbon
intermediate-strength alloyintermetallic
intermetallic inclusionsintermetallic phases isolation
intermitted lightintermittence
intermittent drierintermittent faults
intermittent flushingintermittent immersion
intermittent life testintermittent load
intermittent processintermittent running
intermittent shock loadintermittent thickener
intermittent thickeningintermittent weld
intermittent-type blast roasterintermittent-type roaster
internal chillinternal energy state
internal fieldinternal fissure
internal frictioninternal friction characteristic
internal friction phenomenainternal grinding
internal hardening stressinternal height
internal measurementinternal oxidation
internal phaseinternal probe
internal Rehbinder effectinternal roll extrusion
internal scrapinternal shrinkage
internal spiral-ribbed tubeinternal stave
internal stressinternal stress widening
internal templateinternal wagon
internally fired furnaceinternally heated rotary drier
internally upset endInternational annealed copper standard
International Association for testing MaterialsInternational Copper Research Association
International Deep-Drawing Research GroupInternational Federation of the National Standardization Associations
International Lead-Zinc Research OrganizationInternational Organization for Standardization
internuclear distanceinterpass annealing
interpass coolinginterpass temperature
interpenetrating latticesinterpenetration
interphaseinterplanar angle
interplane distanceinterpretation of powder patterns
interpulse timeinterracial area
interracial potentialinterrun fusion
interrupted ageinginterrupted aging
interrupted crack growthinterrupted cutting edge
interrupted hardeninginterrupted quenching
interrupted weldinginterrupted-current plating
interruption of coolingintersecting diads
interstage annealingInterstage annealing operation
interstandinterstand tension
interstitialinterstitial alloy
interstitial atmosphereinterstitial atom
interstitial clustersinterstitial compound
interstitial elementinterstitial impurity atoms
interstitial ioninterstitial jog
interstitial lattice siteinterstitial loop
interstitial positioninterstitial solid solution
interstitial volumeinterstitial-dislocation interaction
interstitial-vacancy pairinterstitially dissolved atom
interstratifyintimate mixture
intimate oven mixintracrystalline
intracrystalline crackingintracrystalline failure
intracrystalline ruptureintractable
intragranular failureintragranular structure
intramolecular slippageintraplant trackage
intrarare-earth alloyintricate cored casting
intricate shapeintricate shape die
intrinsicintrinsic broadening
intrinsic fieldintrinsic germanium
intrinsic inductionintrinsic magnetization
introduction solid solutionintroscope
inventoryinverse annealing
inverse diffusion lengthinverse effect
inverse photoelectric effectinverse piezoelectric effect
inverse populationinverse segregation
inverse thermoelectric effectinverse-rate cooling curve
inversioninversion axis of symmetry
inversion castinginversion diad
inversion hexadinversion process
inversion triadinverted extrusion
inverted flowinverted piercing die
inverted positioninverted roller leveller
inverted tube blockinverted V-guide
inverter-operated furnaceinvestigation of properties
investment castingInvestment Casting Institute
investment compoundinvestment mold
investment moldinginvestment pattern
investment processinvestment shell
involatileinwall batter
inwall lininginwall taper
inwall temperatureinwall temperature recorder
iodideiodide chromium
iodide processiodide refining
iodide titaniumiodine
ionion carburizing
ion exchangeion implantation
ion nitridingion plating
ion probeion product
ion pumping systemion-beam probe
ion-core fieldion-exchange material
ion-exchange membraneion-exchange separation
ionic bindingionic compound
ionic concentrationionic conductivity
ionic crystalionic crystal radius
ionic equilibriumionic lattice
ionic pairionic theory
ionic valencyionic-crystal spectrum
ionic-membrane techniqueionitriding
ioniumionization loss
ionization meterionization property
ionized atomionized compound
ionizing constituentionizing element
iridic platinumiridioplatinum
iron alloyiron analysis
Iron and Steel BoardIron and Steel Institute
iron arsenideiron ball
iron bariron base
iron bearing systemiron black sheet
iron blast-furnace slagiron boron
iron castingiron castings
iron chargeiron coke
iron content of burdeniron content of ore
iron coreiron cyanide
iron damiron detector conveyor
iron determinationiron dust
iron earthiron founder
iron foundingiron foundry
iron freeze lineiron froth
iron granulation plantiron ladle spout
iron lossiron make
iron manufactureiron melt
iron micairon mold
iron mouldiron notch
iron notch opening machineiron out
iron oxideiron oxide coating
iron oxides reductioniron oxides reduction speed
iron padiron penetration line
iron phosphateiron phosphide
iron plateiron powder cutting
iron pyriteiron pyrite ore
iron receiveriron recovery from slag
iron rodiron rolling mill
iron rotiron runner
iron runner constructioniron runner maintenance
iron sandiron shield
iron shotiron silicates
iron silicideiron skull
iron smeltingiron spill
iron standiron taphole
iron tappingiron tapping hole
iron turningsiron-and-steel scrap
iron-and-steel wasteiron-base alloy
iron-bearingiron-bearing alloy
iron-bearing burden materialiron-bearing material
iron-bearing oreiron-carbon
iron-carbon alloyiron-carbon diagram
iron-carbon martensiteiron-carbon metal
iron-cementite diagramiron-chlorite ore
iron-cladiron-coke pellet
iron-constantan thermocoupleiron-containing
iron-foundary wasteiron-free
iron-graphite diagramiron-group element
iron-iron carbide diagramiron-iron carbide eutectoid
iron-lead matteiron-melting furnace
iron-mining industryiron-notch closing
iron-notch openingiron-notch tapper
iron-ore agglomerateiron-ore briquetting
iron-ore concentrateiron-ore concentration
iron-ore dressingiron-ore fines
iron-ore impuritiesiron-ore pellet
iron-ore pellet plantiron-ore pellet production
iron-ore pelletizingiron-ore pelletizing plant
iron-ore pelletsiron-ore preparation
iron-ore separatoriron-ore slurry
iron-ore slurry pipelineiron-ore wash
iron-pot furnaceiron-powder electrode
iron-rich corner of systemiron-rich pellet
iron-rich pelletsiron-runner system
ironmaking practiceironstone
irradiated alloyirradiated area
irradiated length of specimenirradiation
irradiation creepirreducible ore
irregular blast-furnace performanceirregular dislocation
irregular powderirregular scrap
irregular sectionirregular stock movement
irregular variationIrregular working
irregular-shaped powderirregularity
irreversibleirreversible magnetic ageing
irreversible steelirrigated precipitator
isentropic processIshikawajima-Nakamura process
ISISisland model
isocorrosion curveisocorrosiondiagram
isodose surfaceisodynamic separator
isohardness curveisohydric indicator solution
isolated atomisolation bell
isolation of phaseIsometer
isosklereisostatic pressing
isostrain curveisostructural
isoth.isothermal annealing
isothermal curveisothermal decomposition
isothermal dissociationisothermal equilibrium
isothermal forgingisothermal growth
isothermal hardeningisothermal quenching
isothermal temperingisothermal transformation
isothermal transformation (it) diagramisothermal transformation diagram
isotope chartisotope thickness gauge
isotope-tracer measurementisotopic gas analysis
isotopic indicatorisotopic mixture
isotopic tracerisotropic
isotropic thermal expansionisotropy
isotropy conditionissue
Izett steelIzod impact test
Izod impact testing machineizod test
Izod test piece