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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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F latticeF-absorption band
F.O.S. processF.R.A. Drop Forging Research Association
fabric bearingfabric dust collector
fabric filterfabricability
fabricated drumfabricated tuyere
fabricating methodsfabricating plant
fabricationfabrication characteristics
Fabry-Perot interference spectrographface
face indicesface length
face millface milling
face of weldface profile
face reinforcementface shield
face sideface symmetry
face templateface-bend (test) specimen
face-bend testface-centered cube
face-centered cubic copper-gold alloyface-centered cubic cupronickel alloy
face-centered cubic formface-centered cubic modification
face-centered cubic phaseface-centered cubic structure
face-centered positionface-centered sequence of layers
face-hardeningface-type cutters
facing brickfacing material
factory overheadfag ot
fag ot magnetfaggoting
faggoting pressfagot
fagoted iron furnacefagoted steel
fagotingfagoting furnace
fagoting pressfahl ore
fail by neckingfailed test piece
failure by shearfailure in service
failure mechanismfaint casting
faint negativefaintly alkaline reaction
faked patternfall off
fall overfall to powder
falling curtain of penetrantfalling seam
falling slagfalling weight
falling-awayfalling-ball method
falling-sphere methodfalling-tup machine
fallofffalse bottom
false brinellingfalse echo
false imagefalse indication
false measurementfalse pass
false-echo returnfamily of coaxial hollow cones
family of crystal planesfamily of lattice planes
family of mutually parallel linesfan
fan air ejectorfan duty
fan gatefan pressure
fan volumefan-power consumption
fan-shaped arrangementfan-shaped flame
fancy alloysfancy coal
fantailfantail flue
far endfarriery
fashioned brickfast break
fast cool sectionfast cooling chamber
fast cooling zonefast cycle heat treatment
fast millfast no-screen film
fast-actingfast-acting press
fast-and-slow method of castingfast-finishing steel
fast-machine steelfast-quenching oil
faster drivingfat sand
fatiguefatigue behavior
fatigue bending machinefatigue bending test specimen
fatigue breakdownfatigue crack growth rate
fatigue damagefatigue endurance
fatigue failurefatigue fracture
fatigue hardeningfatigue life (n)
fatigue limitfatigue notch factor (kf)
fatigue notch sensitivityfatigue of phosphor
fatigue of photocellfatigue phenomenon
fatigue pointfatigue ratio
fatigue resistancefatigue strength
fatigue strength at n cycles (sn)fatigue strength under pulsating stresses
fatigue stressfatigue striation
fatigue testfatigue test piece
fatigue testing machinefatigue testing machine for alternating torsion
fatigue valuefatigue wear
fatigue-strength reduction factorfatigue-test installation
fatiguedfaucet joint
fault of constructionfault sulphur
faulted dipolesfaulting in cold-worked metal
faultlessfaulty alloying of metal
faulty distributionfaulty fusion
faulty lotfaulty working
fausted orefayalite
faying surfaceFe-Mn furnace
featherfeather alum
feather brickfeather edge
feather shotfeather-edge brick
feathered tinfeature of construction
Federal specificationsfee
feebly magneticfeebly magnetic ore
feedfeed angle
feed apronfeed arrangement
feed augerfeed bin
feed boxfeed check valve
feed chutefeed coal
feed controlfeed control lever
feed cylinderfeed drum
feed floorfeed gear
feed gearboxfeed gearing
feed governorfeed gun
feed hopperfeed injector
feed launderfeed lines
feed liquorfeed main
feed motionfeed ore
feed ore additionfeed ore consumption
feed panfeed per revolution
feed per strokefeed plate
feed ratefeed riser
feed rollfeed rolls screwdown
feed shoefeed sill
feed speedfeed spout
feed stop valvefeed tank
feed trumpetfeed tube
feed unitfeed-control device
feed-headfeed-through coil
feed-trip triggerfeeder
feeder floorfeeder head
feeder potfeeder screen
feeder sidefeedhead
feedingfeeding apparatus
feeding conveyorfeeding device
feeding diskfeeding equipment
feeding gatefeeding hole
feeding installationfeeding of additions
feeding stripfeedstock
feel heapfeeling
FEFFeld washer
feldspathic rockfelting
female beaded forgingfemale die
female moldfemale taper
ferberiteFermi energy
fermiumfern-leaf crystals
Ferraris instrumentferric charge
ferric ferricyanideferric iron
ferric oxideferric oxide monohydrate
ferriferrousferriferrous manganese ore
ferriferrous oxideferriferrous slag
ferrimagnetic materialferrite
ferrite alloyferrite area
ferrite bandingferrite constituent
ferrite crystalferrite ghost
ferrite grainferrite grain boundaries
ferrite hardenerferrite microstructure
ferrite networkferrite number
ferrite-graphite eutectoidferrite-pearlite banding
ferriticferritic ghost
ferritic grain sizeferritic iron
ferritic nodular cast ironferritizing
ferritizing annealferritizing annealing
ferroalloyferroalloy industry
ferroalloy smeltingferroalloy smelting process
ferroalloy smelting shopferroaloy furnace
ferrochromeferrochrome silicon
ferroelectricferroelectric effect
ferromagnetic alloyferromagnetic crystal
ferromagnetic domainferromagnetic material
ferromagnetic nickelferromagnetic powder
ferromagnetic structureferromagnetism
ferromanganeseferromanganese smelting
ferronickelferrosilicon practice
ferrostan processferrostatic head
ferrousferrous alloys
ferrous castingferrous castings
ferrous cokeferrous cyanide
ferrous electrodeferrous iron
ferrous metalferrous metallurgy
ferrous oxideferrous rolling mill
ferrous-ferric oxideferroxplan
ferruginous clayferruginous earth
ferruginous flintferruginous lime
fettingfetting table
fettlefettled casting
fettled casting weightfettler
fettlingfettling bench
fettling dolomitefettling machine
fettling materialfettling room
fettling shopfettling table
fettling timefiber
fiber fracturefiber metallurgy
fiber method of viscosity measurementfiber reinforced metal
fiber stressfiber structure
fiber texturefiber-reinforced composite
fiber-reinforced materialfiber-strengthened composite
fiber-strengthened materialfiber-texture photograph
fibrillationfibrous break
fibrous fracturefibrous structure
fiducial linefield
field densityfield difference probe
field distortionfield distribution
field engineerfield erected tank
field indicatorfield line
field of forcesfield of selection
field of viewfield of vision
field shaperfield shaping insert
field testfield weldor
field zonefield-emission image
field-emission methodfield-emission micrograph
field-emission microscopefield-emission microscopy
field-emission photographfield-ion image
field-ion methodfield-ion micrograph
field-ion microscopefield-ion microscopic observation
field-ion microscopyfield-test
field-weldedfifty-fifty practice
figure outfilaceous
filament characteristicfilament power supply
filamentary shrinkagefile
file hammerfile hardness
file steelfile test
file-hardfiled powder
filiationfiliform corrosion
filing machinefiling table
fillfill out a piece
fill platefill the vee
fill up blow holesfill up blowholes
fill-and-drain coatingfilled (energy) level
filled billet techniquefilled energy band
filled plug weldfilled slot weld
filled statefilled tower
filled zonefiller
filler beadfiller material
filler metalfiller metal feed
filler metal test specimenfiller rod
filler runfiller sand
filler valvefillet (weld) size
fillet weldfillet weld extension
fillet weld guidefillet welding gauge
fillet-weld-break specimenfillet-weld-break test
fillet-weldedfillet-welded slot
fillingfilling brick
filling colorfilling frame
filling funnelfilling hole
filling markfilling mass
filling of energy levelsfilling of scores
filling openingfilling property
filling sequencefilling time
filling vesselfilling-in
film arrangementfilm axis
film badgefilm contrast
film cylinderfilm darkening by X-rays
film emulsionfilm equator
film flotationfilm former
film holderfilm illuminator
film measurementfilm packet
film processfilm repair
film ringfilm rinsing
film sizingfilm test
film theory of passivityfilm-forming capacity
film-measuring rulefilm-reading instrument
film-screen contactfilm-type rectifying column
filmingfilmy precipitate
filterfilter bag
filter bankfilter bed
filter bottomfilter cake
filter corefilter effervescive
filter flaskfilter gate
filter leachingfilter lens
filter overlapfilter paper
filter photometerfilter plant
filter pocketfilter table
filter tankfilter thickener
filter with removable filtering elementsfilter-press cloth washing machine
filterablefiltered dirt
filtered productfiltered radiation
filtered-particle methodfiltering
filtering apparatusfiltering bag
filtering funnelfiltering technology
filtratefiltrate sump
filtratedfiltrated beam
fin flowerfinal
final (energy) levelfinal annealing
final blowfinal capstan
final chemical composition of slagfinal concentrate
final conditionfinal cooling zone
final densityfinal dressing
final extensionfinal finishing
final gasfinal grinding
final meltingfinal melting process
final metal analysisfinal pass
final polishingfinal purification
final shalefinal shape
final sinteringfinal slag formation
final steel temperaturefinal temperature
final testfinal turndown
final valuefinally cleaned gas
finally discharged productfinding
finefine adjustment
fine beamfine cleaning
fine cracksfine crusher
fine crushingfine drawing
fine filterfine finishing
fine flawsfine jigging
fine materialfine mesh
fine orefine pearlite
fine powderfine pulp
fine scrapfine silver
fine sizingfine slip
fine slip linesfine steel
fine structure componentfine structure term
fine tubingfine wire wet drawing machine
fine-crushed orefine-crushing plant
fine-crystallinefine-focus tube
fine-grain photographic emulsionfine-grain X-ray film
fine-grained alloyfine-grained monolith
fine-grained photographic emulsionfine-grained pig iron
fine-grained steelfine-grained structure
fine-grained X-ray filmfine-milling stage
fine-pore layerfine-structural investigation
finely collimated X-ray beamfinely crushed coke breeze
finely dividedfinely ground coke
finely ground dolomitefinely ground fire clay
finely pulverized coalfinely-ground quartz
finenessfineness of grinding
fineness of structurefineness ratio
finery firefinery hearth
finesfines breeze
fines circuitfines deck
fines-free burdenfinger
finger gatefinger guard
finger testfinger tilt mechanism
fining furnacefining process
finishfinish allowance
finish annealingfinish flushing
finish forgingfinish from the rough
finish grindingfinish machining
finish symbolfinish to gauge
finish to templetfinish-machine
finish-polishing benchfinished
finished black platefinished iron
finished materialfinished ore
finished platefinished rolled stock
finished sectionfinished sinter
finished steelfinished-products storage area
finishing additionsfinishing block
finishing coatfinishing department
finishing diameterfinishing die
finishing drawingfinishing drum
finishing equipmentfinishing facilities
finishing floorfinishing groove
finishing layerfinishing mill
finishing mill trainfinishing of workpiece
finishing operationfinishing pass
finishing periodfinishing polish
finishing roil linefinishing roll
finishing roll linefinishing scale breaker
finishing speedfinishing stand
finishing tablefinishing temperature
finishing to gaugefinishing work
finned tubefinned-type heat exchanger
finningFinsider process
fir-tree crystalfir-tree structure
firefire basket
fire blanketfire brick
fire clayfire coat
fire crackingfire cracks in rolls
fire doorfire gases
fire gildingfire grate
fire grate capsulefire grate car
fire lossfire rake
fire reductionfire refining
fire resistancefire room
fire scalefire screen
fire-clay grogfire-cloud furnace
fire-gratefire-hazard regulations
fire-refined copperfire-resistant
fire-resistant hydraulic fluidfirebrick
firebrick departmentfirebrick lined
firebrick liningfirebrick tile
fireclay brickfireclay lining
fireclay mortarfireclay sagger
fireclay tilefirecracking
fired brickfired chrome-magnesite/magnesite checkerboard roof
fired dolomite brickfired flux
fired magnesitefired magnesite brick
firing cyclefiring machine
firing rangefiring rate
firing shrinkagefirm-and-impervious joint
first blowfirst coat
first cut and finish scrap delayfirst draw
first feed ore additionfirst finishing
first harmonicfirst helper
first layerfirst long row elements
first mattefirst nearest neighbour
first operating periodfirst pass
first picklingfirst reduction
first shapefirst slag
first stage of annealingfirst stage of graphitization
first-class weldingfirst-draft drawing
first-order diffracted beamfirst-order lag
first-run slagfirst-stage graphitization
fiscal yearfish eye
fish scalefish-mouth joint
fish-mouth weldfish-tail burner
fish-tail endfisheye
fishmouth clampfishplate
fishplate passfishscale
fishtailfissile element
fitfit over
fit togetherfit up
fit-upfitter's shop
fittingfitting pipe
fitting shopfitting-in
five-roller millfix
fixed (molding box) pinfixed arm
fixed ashfixed beam
fixed bearingfixed bed
fixed bed materialfixed bed reduction process
fixed chargesfixed composition
fixed cranefixed die
fixed electrodefixed furnace
fixed grate-type gas producerfixed grizzly
fixed jawfixed length
fixed mandrelfixed measure
fixed moldfixed mold mounting
fixed open-hearth furnacefixed plug
fixed plug tube drawingfixed point
fixed positionfixed position welding
fixed resistorfixed roof-type furnace
fixed skewbackfixed skewback arch
fixed sprayfixed term
fixed tilting tablefixed water-cooled burner
fixed-bed columnfixed-bed gasification
fixed-bed gasifierfixed-bed reduction
fixed-bed-type reductionfixed-feed grinding
fixed-hearth furnacefixed-mold machine
fixed-movement axisfixed-sieve jig
fixing boltfixing plane
fixing platefixity
fixturefixture wire
flag arrangementflag ore
flake crackflake graphite
flake graphite austenitic ironflake powder
flake tinflaked graphite
flaking millflaky graphite
flameflame annealing
flame blastingflame boring
flame brazingflame chipping
flame cleaningflame cleaning burner for removing rust
flame cleaning of rusty materialflame cleaning torch
flame conditioning torchflame cone
flame curtainflame cut-off
flame cutoffflame cutter
flame cuttingflame derivetting
flame descalingflame emissivity
flame enrichmentflame envelope
flame failure deviceflame furnace
flame groovingflame hardening
flame heartflame impingement
flame jetflame level
flame machiningflame normalizing
flame planerflame plating
flame radiating powerflame ratio
flame resistanceflame safeguard system
flame scarferflame scarfing
flame shapingflame shooter
flame shrinkingflame snaphead
flame spalling torchflame sprayed coating
flame sprayingflame straightening
flame strand annealingflame travel
flame turningflame variables
flame washingflame-contact furnace
flame-cutflame-cutting machine
flame-cutting nozzleflame-cutting speed
flame-cutting tractorflame-gouging torch
flame-resistingflame-sprayed die
flamingflaming slag
flammabilityflammability of magnesium
flammability pointflange
flange beamflange pass
flange stripper guideflange tap
flange testflanged
flanged butt jointflanged edge joint
flanged fittingsflanged nozzle
flanged pipeflanged plate
flanged seamflanged seam riveting
flanged tubeflanged wheel
flanged-joint pipeflanger
flangingflanging machine
flanging operationflanging test
flank wearflannel disk
flapflap gate
flap grinding wheelflapper-seal valve
flareflare opening
flare testflareback
flaredflared flange method
flared-out flangesflash
flash annealingflash baking
flash coatingflash column
flash converterflash drier
flash extensionflash folding
flash gogglesflash heat
flash heaterflash land
flash lineflash lining
flash magnetizationflash mixing
flash offflash plating
flash pointflash radiography
flash roasting furnaceflash sintering
flash smelterflash smelting
flash spatterflash tower
flash trimmerflash upset welding
flash welderflash welding
flash welding (clamping) diesflash welding electrode
flash welding methodflash-back arrester
flash-back checkflash-back tank
flashed eyesflashing
flashing lossflashing period
flashing speedflashing time
flashing travelflashing-off
flaskflask annealing
flask castingflask cope
flask dragflask filler
flask moldflask molding
flask plateflask with flange
flaskless moldingflat
flat (magnetic-pulse-forming) coilflat (mill) products
flat archflat article
flat backflat bar
flat bar copperflat bead technique
flat bladeflat blank
flat blankingflat coining
flat cold-rolled barflat container extrusion
flat dieflat die forging
flat drillflat edge trimmer
flat electrodeflat extrusion die
flat flameflat fracture
flat gateflat gradient
flat hammerflat hot-rolled bar
flat ironflat lapping machine
flat negativeflat region
flat relieved toothflat riffle
flat rollflat rolling
flat rolling millflat screen-printing machine
flat sheetflat spiral objects
flat stockflat suspended roof
flat welding positionflat wire
flat-and-edge method of rollingflat-back pattern
flat-bottom furnaceflat-bottomed bin
flat-bottomed crucibleflat-bottomed furnace
flat-box pilingflat-cassette camera
flat-compound generatorflat-crystal monochromator
flat-die forgingflat-double guides
flat-down methodflat-ended container
flat-faced dieflat-film camera
flat-film Laue type cameraflat-plate camera
flat-plate goniometer cameraflat-position welding
flat-rolled productsflat-rolled steel
flat-shaped ingotflat-type electrode
flat-wire millflatness
flatness inspectionflats
flattenflatten out
flattenerflattener unit
flatteningflattening dies
flattening machineflattening stamping
flattening testflatter
flatter hammerflatting
flatting hammerflatting mill
flawflaw detection sensitivity
flaw detectorflaw echo
flaw inspectionflaw location
flaw location scaleflaw-warning system
flawingflawless weld
Fleissner dryingflex roll
flex rollingflexible bellows
flexible borescopeflexible cable magnetization
flexible camflexible cassette
flexible dislocationflexible filament lead
flexible fuel practiceflexible metal tubing
flexible moldflexible roller bearing
flexible roof systemflexible steel cable
flexible-belt drop hammerflexible-strapping machine
flexing unitflexture test
flexural modesflexural strain
flexural strengthflexural stress
flexure produced by axial compressionflight conveyor
flinger gateflint paper
flint pebbleflint-glass paper
flip-out ejectorflipper
flipper guidefloat
float fractionfloat level indicator
float skimming devicefloat-and-sink analysis
float-and-sink apparatusfloat-and-sink process
float-sink preparationfloat-sink separation
floatation activatorfloatation agent
floatation cellfloatation mill
floatation plantfloatation-leaching plant
floatingfloating bell gasholder
floating control modefloating core
floating diefloating frame
floating headfloating hot top
floating mandrelfloating plug
floating side guardsfloating zone electron bombardment technique
floating zone refiningfloating-charge technique
flocculating chamberflocculation
flocculation agentflocculation scraper
flock coatingflogging
flogging hammerflood
flood basinflooded tuyere
floor areafloor conveyor
floor linefloor mold
floor moldingfloor plates
floor reelfloor space
floor truckfloor welding
floor-type stripper machineflop forging
flossfloss hole
flotability curveflotating plug
flotationflotation blende
flotation cellflotation column
flotation concentrateflotation concentration
flotation machineflotation mill
flotation plantflotation process
flotation pulpflotation rejects
flotation responseflotation sand
flotation slurryflotation tailings
flotation-leaching plantflotative
flow boxflow brazing
flow brighteningflow characteristic
flow chipsflow coating
flow controlflow diagram
flow echoflow feeder
flow gateflow gauge
flow indexflow indicator
flow instrumentflow limit
flow linesflow margin
flow massflow measurement
flow of materialflow of metal
flow of steelflow plating
flow pressingflow rate
flow rate of powderflow sheet
flow stressflow test
flow throughflow turning
flow weldingflow-line network
flow-off ventflow-rate meter
flow-type separatorflowability
flowability of molding sandflowdryer
flowing temperatureflowline principle
flowmeterflowmeter manometer
fludized bedflue
flue cleaningflue damper
flue density meterflue duct
flue dust capsuleflue dust car
flue dust lossesflue dust production
flue gasflue gas balance
flue gas exhausterflue gas oxygen measurement
flue hammerflue hole
flue openingflue shutter
flue systemflue temperature
flue-dust blowoutflue-dust car
flue-dust constituentflue-dust control
flue-dust disposalflue-dust ejection
flue-dust makeflue-dust output
flue-dust pneumatic conveying systemflue-dust separation
flue-dust volumeflue-gas fan
flue-gas temperatureflue-gas tester
fluid bathfluid bed depth
fluid bed furnacefluid chlorination
fluid cinderfluid compression process
fluid contractionfluid corrosion
fluid diskfluid extrusion
fluid flow regulatorfluid forming
fluid frictionfluid medium
fluid meterfluid sand
fluid slagfluid solution
fluid-actuated pressfluid-bed drying
fluid-bed roastingfluid-bed separation
fluid-bed smeltingfluid-cell process
fluid-extruded materialfluid-film lubrication
fluid-flo drierfluid-flow drier
fluid-mold castingfluid-pressure extrusion
fluid-sand processfluid-tight
fluid-to-fluid extrusionfluidic
fluidity moldfluidity spiral
fluidity test castingfluidizability
fluidizedfluidized bed
fluidized bed depositionfluidized bed furnace
fluidized bed heat treatmentfluidized bed production of iron
fluidized bed quenchingfluidized bed reduction
fluidized carbonisationfluidized carbonization
fluidized dense phase bedfluidized drying process
fluidized fixed bedfluidized reduction process
fluidized roasting processfluidized sand
fluidized statefluidized unit
fluidized-bed classificationfluidized-bed coating
fluidized-bed dryingfluidized-bed roasting
fluidized-bed velocityfluidized-packed bed
fluidizingfluidizing gas
fluidizing platefluming
fluorescence X-ray (thickness) gaugefluorescent brilliance
fluorescent inspection lampfluorescent lifetime
fluorescent magnetic particle inspectionfluorescent magnetic particle method
fluorescent magnetic-particle inspectionfluorescent penetrant
fluorescent penetrant inspectionfluorescent xeroradiography
fluoroscopic screenfluoroscopic viewing
fluoroscopyfluorsilicate electrolyte
fluosolids sizer-drier kilnflush
flush (slag) practiceflush finish
flush hole casting setflush out
flush sampleflush-off
flush-off periodflushed scale
flushingflushing cinder
flushing flumeflushing hole
flushing of slagflushing slag
flushing timeflute
flute crackflute length
flutedfluted mold
fluted sectionfluted square pass
fluxflux bath
flux boxflux coating
flux componentflux concentration
flux constituentflux contamination
flux contentflux core
flux cored arc weldingflux cover
flux degassingflux density
flux drying ovenflux envelope
flux feedflux film
flux galvanizingflux handling route
flux handling systemflux hopper
flux inclusionflux lines
flux metalflux migration
flux pasteflux penetration
flux recovery unitflux refining
flux removalflux residue
flux shieldingflux sinter
flux slagflux tank
flux-bearing agglomerateflux-coated electrode
flux-cored CO 2 weldingflux-cored electrode
flux-covered wireflux-encased electrode
flux-free methodflux-oxygen cutting
flux-preparation plantflux/wire ratio
fluxedfluxed additions
fluxed agglomeratefluxed pellet
fluxes in melting scrapfluxing
fluxing agentfluxing compound
fluxing materialfluxing ore
fluxing pastefluxing power
fluxing stonefluxing temperature
fluxionfly cutting
fly sheared sheetsfly-sheared length
fly-wheel circuitfly-wheel reduction gear
flyball tachometerflying micrometer
flying sawflying shear
flying shear lineflying shears
flywheel-assisted reduction gear unitFM beam
foam (plastic) patternfoam deduster
foam flotationfoam-like scum
foam-producing agentfoamed lead
foamed slagfoamer
foamingfoaming agent
foamyfocal area
focal circlefocal distance of the monochromator
focus ringfocus-to-film distance
focusedfocused diffracted beam
focused imagefocused monochromatic X-ray beam
focused reflectionfocusing arrangement
focusing assembly of cathodefocusing camera
focusing capfocusing condition
focusing effervescivefocusing force
focusing hoodfocusing method
focusing monochromatorfocusing reflector
focusing Soller slits systemfocusing spectrograph
focusing tubeFoerster probe
fogfog density of film
fog quenchingfog room
fog testfogged metal
foggingfogging of X-ray film
foilfoil butt-seam welding
foil copperfoil paper
foil rolling millfold
fold crevicefolded filter
folderfolder filter
foldingfolding machine
folding stressfolding test
folding-and-seaming pressfolding-in
foliated fracturefoliated zeolite
foliationfollow board
follow diefollow system
follow-upfollower plate
followingfood-can scrap
fool performancefoot lever press
forbidden (energy) levelforbidden energy range
forceforce a machine
force againstforce fan
force fitforce in
force in airforce of flame
force offtakeforce open
force outforce through the die
force together under pressureforce-distance diagram
force-off timeforced air blast
forced crystallizationforced diffusion
forced draft cooling towerforced feed
forced lubricationforced magnetostriction
forced reversingforced settling
forced-air quenchforced-air quenching
forced-convection flowforced-feed lubrication
forcerforces in the roll throat
fore hammerfore plate
forehand methodforehand technique
forehand weldingforehearth
forehearth mixing ladleforehearth operator
foreign atomforeign coal
foreign impuritiesforeign particle
foreign-ore practiceForen process
foreplateforest of dislocations
forgeforge chimney
forge cinderforge cold
forge finishforge fire
forge furnaceforge hammer
forge hearthforge hot
forge ironforge planer
forge roughforge scale
forge shopforge smithing
forge timeforge weld
forge weldingforge-delay time
forged ballforged finish
forged pieceforged products
forged roll scleroscope hardness numberforged rough
forged spot weldingforged steel
forged structureforged tuyere
forged weldforged-on-mandrel tube
forging (temperature) regionforging alloy
forging billetforging box
forging burstingforging characteristic
forging characteristicsforging coal
forging crackforging die
forging finishforging force
forging furnaceforging grade
forging hammerforging hot
forging ingotforging machine
forging methodforging period
forging planeforging plant
forging pressforging pressure
forging propertyforging quality
forging rangeforging ratio
forging reductionforging rolls
forging roughforging steel
forging stockforging strain
forging testforging time
forging tolerancesforging-grade ingot
fork jointfork tractor
fork weldingfork-shaped coil
fork-shaped coil with probe coilforked joint
form blockform cutter
form dieform grinding
form of bindingform of construction
form of grooveform of section
form of weldform rolling
form symbolform tool
form upform-relieved cutter
formabilityformal time study
formation of cold-rolled textureformation of fatigue striations
formation of finsformation of matte
formation of metal powdersformation of rust
formation of superlatticesformation of vacancies
formation temperature of slagformcoke
formed partformed punch
formed sectionformer
former barformer block
formingforming apparatus
forming applianceforming by closed die technique
forming by open die techniqueforming die
forming effervesciveforming force
forming limit diagramforming machine
forming mediumforming method
forming millforming operation
forming passforming press
forming pressureforming punch
forming rollsforming stand
forming systemforming technique
forming through a magnetic windowforming velocity
forms of corrosionformulation
formvar replicaforsterite refractory
forward creepforward flow
forward forceforward journey
forward pressureforward pull
forward travelforward-and-backward bending tester
fossefossil flour
fossil mealfoul
foul electrolytefouling
foundfoundation buffer
foundation framefounder
foundry alloyfoundry blacking
foundry capsulefoundry car
foundry casting workfoundry coke
foundry coreFoundry Educational Foundation
Foundry Equipment Manufacturers Associationfoundry ferrochrome
foundry flaskfoundry floor
foundry fluxfoundry furnace
foundry handfoundry iron
foundry ladlefoundry loam
foundry machinefoundry machinery
foundry pigfoundry pit
foundry returnsfoundry sand
foundry scrapfoundry work
fountainfountain brick
four post-type blast furnacefour-arm batch pickler
four-arm pickling machinefour-ball machine
four-drawn wirefour-fold axis
four-highfour-high mill
four-high roller levelerfour-high roller leveller
four-high rougherfour-high stand
four-pedestal basefour-piece hopper
four-plate moldfour-point press
four-roll crusherfour-roll set
four-row tapered roller bearingfour-sided section
four-stack basefour-stage steam ejector system
four-stage Venturi washerfour-strand chain conveyor
four-strand continuous casting machinefour-strand mill
four-way loop open top troughfour—high mill
fractionfraction of melt
fractional crystallizationfractional desorption gas analysis
fractional evaporation gas analysisfractional liquid content
fractional makeupfractional roasting
fractionatorfractographic investigation
fracture grain sizefracture initiation
fracture mechanicsfracture propagation
fracture samplefracture strength
fracture stressfracture surface markings
fracture testfracture toughness
fracture transition elasticfracture transition plastic
fracture-rod operationfractured
fracturing behaviorfragility
fragmentationfragmented scrap
frame assemblyframe crane
frame crossheadframe filter
frame pressframe-construction press
framed trestleframework
franciumfrangible disk
Frank-Read sourceFraunhofer region
freak temperaturefreckles
free beamfree bend
free carbonfree cementite
free coalesced cementitefree condition
free crushingfree driving conditions
free electron (energy) levelfree electron concentration
free energy of formationfree energy potential
free energy statefree ferrite
free ferrite constituentfree flame
free flowing sandfree from contamination
free machiningfree of shrinkholes
free playfree pulley
free saddlefree sedimentation
free settlingfree source
free spreadingfree time of flight
free-air dosefree-bend specimen
free-circulation compartmentfree-cutting alloy
free-cutting steelfree-electron model
free-electron theoryfree-ended
free-falling classifierfree-falling velocity
free-forming diefree-forming technique
free-hand guided (flame) cuttingfree-machining addition
free-machining alloyfree-machining steel
free-milling orefree-running
free-running slagfree-running temperature
free-settling hydraulic classifierfree-settling ratio
free-settling tank classifierfreeboard
freedomfreedom number
freely diffusiblefreely movement of burden
freezefreeze a heat
freeze from tofreeze line
freeze selectivefreeze up
freeze uponfreezing
freezing curvefreezing cycle
freezing pointfreezing range
freezing ratefreezing temperature
freight costsfrenching
freq.freq. natural frequency
frequency componentfrequency of load alternations
frequency plotfrequently bunched heats
fresh liningfresh mold surface
fresh slagfresh-water sprays
Fresnel regionfretting
fretting apparatusfretting corrosion
fretting fatiguefretting wear
Fretz-Moon pipe processfriability
friablefriable deposit
frictionfriction conditions
friction forcefriction guide
friction hammerfriction hardening
friction in the bitefriction induced shear stress
friction materialfriction roll
friction weldingfriction-board hammer
friction-roll drop hammerfrictional constraint
frictional dragfrictional flow
frictional workfringe
fringe crystalfringe out
fringing fieldfrit
frittedfritted brick
fritted hearth bottomfritting
fritting zonefromage
frontfront (wall) lining
front auxiliary tablefront bank brickwork
front dump-type ingot buggyfront end
front end cropfront end crops
front main tablefront mill table
front of piecefront pilot
front pullfront screen
front side guardfront table
front tensionfront tilting table
front wallfront-and-back mill tables
front-door furnacefront-loading press
front-to-rear ratiofrost
frosted finishfrosting
frothfroth breakage
froth breakerfroth destroyer
froth flotationfroth flotation process
froth killerfroth overflow
froth pulpfroth recovery
froth separatorfroth skimmer
froth skimmingfroth-floated slurry
froth-overflowfroth-overflow channel
frother cellfrothing
frothing agentfrothing box
frothing oilfrothing quality
frothing reagentfrothing unit
frozen mercury investment casting processfrozen-mercury pattern method
Frue vannerFSG
fuel analysisfuel atomizer
fuel bedfuel burner
fuel burning-up ratefuel consumption
fuel consumption in coke per unit of iron madefuel corrosion
fuel dissolved by CO 2fuel effervescive
fuel flowmeterfuel gas
fuel gas hosefuel gases
fuel injection ratefuel input
fuel nozzlefuel oil
fuel oil injectionfuel practice
fuel ratefuel ratio
fuel supply idlefuel swirler
fuel wastagefuel-and-fertile materials
fuel-ash corrosionfuel-control package
fuel-fired smeltingfuel-firing arrangement
fuel-injection nozzlefuel-injection tuyere
fuel-off periodfuel-preparation plant
fugitive magnetic polefugitiveness
full ageingfull annealing
full automatic weldfull blast
full blowfull blue
full catchweight coilfull cathweight coil
full centerfull coining
full dip infiltrationfull energy band
full flashingfull gantry crane
full hardfull mold
full open corner jointfull pickled sheet
full stocklinefull strength
full teeterfull tempers
full yieldfull-area storage
full-automaticfull-automatic plating
full-bluefull-form casting
full-fusion weldingfull-length bore
full-load needfull-load operation
full-mold processfull-penetration single-pass weld
full-purplefull-scale investigation
full-scale measurementfull-scale plant
full-size furnacefull-strength joint
full-strength weldfull-wing pressure
fuller hammerFuller's earth
fully cooled sinterfully deoxidized steel
fully galvanized wirefully molded-type bearing
fully oxidized mixturefully stabilized condition
fully supported rollsfume
fume cleaningfume effluent treatment plant
fume extractionfume extraction system
fume hoodfume outlet
fume-cleaning plantfume-collecting chimney
fume-collecting hoodfume-collection hood
fume-extraction plantfume-laden gas
fume-removal equipmentfumed powder
fumingfundamental crystal form
fundamental frequencyfundamental harmonic
fundamental intervalfundamental series
fundamental techniquefundamental term
fundamental volumefundamentals
fundamentals of crystallographyfunnel
funnel ingfunnelling
furan binderfurane
furnacefurnace (heat) liberation
furnace (output) capacityfurnace aisle
furnace atmospherefurnace atmosphere control
furnace availabilityfurnace bay
furnace bell operationfurnace bin
furnace blackfurnace bleeder platform
furnace bottomfurnace brazing
furnace bunkerfurnace burden
furnace burden sizingfurnace burdening
furnace capsulefurnace car
furnace carbon blackfurnace carriage
furnace casingfurnace castings
furnace cavityfurnace charge
furnace charging tablefurnace clinker
furnace cokefurnace column
furnace conditionsfurnace control cabin
furnace control systemfurnace control test
furnace coolingfurnace cooling water
furnace cooling water circle pipefurnace cooling water pressure indicator
furnace crewfurnace deoxidation
furnace designfurnace desulphurization
furnace dirty-gas bleederfurnace discharge funnel
furnace dolomitefurnace downtime
furnace draft controlfurnace drive
furnace drynessfurnace dynamics
furnace effervescivefurnace efficiency
furnace enclosurefurnace encrustation
furnace endfurnace filling equipment
furnace firingfurnace firing-up
furnace gasfurnace hearth
furnace heightfurnace hoist
furnace hoisting machinefurnace hood
furnace hopperfurnace installation
furnace liberation ratefurnace life
furnace loadfurnace loading
furnace magnesitefurnace mantle
furnace mouthfurnace movement
furnace operating economyfurnace operating factors
furnace operatorfurnace output
furnace practicefurnace pressure control
furnace production ratefurnace proper
furnace rakefurnace refining
furnace reline periodfurnace repair
furnace rooffurnace roof arch
furnace runfurnace scale
furnace sensitivityfurnace shaft
furnace shellfurnace shutdown
furnace slagfurnace sow
furnace stackfurnace stage
furnace tenderfurnace top
furnace top gasfurnace top platform
furnace top pressure controllerfurnace top seal valve
furnace top temperaturefurnace unit
furnace variablesfurnace waist
furnace wallfurnace yield
furnace zonefurnace-charging capsule
furnace-charging carriagefurnace-charging gear
furnace-cooledfurnace-filling counter
furnace-outage timefurnace-platform stairs
furnace-roof draftfurnace-size coke
furnace-size scrapfurnace-threading machine
furnace-top distributing gearfurnace-top hopper
furniturefurring tile
further blowfurther blowing
fuse offfuse on
fuse togetherfuse-type start
fuse-type temperature meterfused bath channel
fused coatingfused flux
fused hearth bottomfused melt
fused refractoryfused spray deposit
fused-soda desulphurizationfusibility curve
fusible alloyfusible alloys
fusible patternfusible plug
fusible slagfusibleness
fusilfusing temperature
fusionfusion curve
fusion cuttingfusion cutting-off machine
fusion facefusion heat
fusion linefusion mixture
fusion pointfusion pyrometer
fusion rangefusion temperature
fusion weldfusion welding
fusion welding methodfusion zone
fusion-cast brickfusion-welded