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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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C sectionC-centered (Bravais) lattice
C-type gunc.c.
Cacabbaging press
cabinet driercable connector
cable driven ingot buggycable scrap
cable tippingcable tunnel
cable wheelcable-covering press
cable-drawn dogscable-drawn scoop
cable-driven capsuleCAC
cadmiumcadmium cell
cadmium oxidecadmium red line
cadmium solutioncadmium sulphide
cadmium-freecadmium-free alloy
cadmium-silver alloycadweld
cage guidescage of bearing
cakecake blow
cake breakercake copper
cake corecake mass
cake removingcaking capacity
caking coalcaking index
caking qualitycaking strength
calcareous filmcalcareous ore
calciccalcic silicate
calcinationcalcination in clamps
calcination in heapscalcination ratio
calcined barytacalcined ore
calcined powdercalcined product
calcined pyritecalcined soda
calcining furnacecalcining kiln
calcining of orecalcining oven
calcining plantcalciovolborthite
calcitecalcite crystal
calciumcalcium (thermic) reduction
calcium aluminatecalcium arsenate
calcium boridecalcium hydrate
calcium limecalcium metal
calcium monoaluminatecalcium nitrate
calcium oxidecalcium silicon
calcium soapcalcium titanate
calcium-manganese-silicon ladle deoxidizercalciumthermic reduction
calculate a chargecalculate a mixture
calculated arc breadthcalculated feed
calculation of chargecalculator
Calderon charging machineCalderon scrap charger
calebassecalender progress chart
calibrantcalibrated absorber
calibrated borescopecalibrating
calibrating materialcalibrating ring
calibrating-metal powdercalibration block
calibration curvecalibration impulse
calibration instrumentcalibration plot
calked seamcalking die
call lampcalling lamp
Calmes processCalmet
calomel electrodeCalomic
caloric radiationcaloric value
calorific balancecalorific effect
calorific effervescivecalorific radiation
calorimeter testCalorite
calorizingcam drawing press
cam hammercam plastometer
cam presscam wheel
cam-and-lever mechanismcamber
camber designcamber of sheet
camberingcambering machine
cambering mechanismcamera alignment
camera calibrationcampaign
campaign lifecampanil
can body making machinecancellation structure
candle coalcandy
canned billetcanned extrusion technique
cannel coalcanning
canopycantilever crane
cap gilding brasscapability to depth-harden
capability to surface-hardencapable of being cast
capacitive impedancecapacity curve
capacity for evaporationcapacity for hardening
capacity lagcapacity of unit
Cape-Brassert processcapillary active substance
capillary coppercapillary detector
capillary dip infiltrationcapillary flowmeter
capillary methodcapillary method of surface tension measurement
capillary moisturecapital charges
capped ingotcapped steel
cappercappilary action
cappilary attractioncapping
capping beadcapping practice
capstancapstan effect
capsulecaptive bubble
capture crossingcapturing medium
car bottom furnacecar casting
car dumpercar hearth furnace
car hearth-type furnacecar piler
car tippercar truck
car weighercar-bottom-type furnace
car-dumper trackcar-type cooling conveyor
car-type tunnel kilncarbide
carbide analysiscarbide basket
carbide cakecarbide constituent
carbide containercarbide die
carbide drumcarbide former
carbide furnacecarbide hopper
carbide layercarbide network
carbide particle distributioncarbide phase
carbide plateletscarbide precipitate
carbide precipitationcarbide precipitation range
carbide shell rollcarbide slag
carbide sludgecarbide sludge pit
carbide toolscarbide tray
carbide whisker reinforced metalcarbide-free slag
carbide-retaining power of ironcarbide-stabilizing element
carbide-strengthened alloycarbide-to-water generator
carbide-to-water methodcarbide-to-water process
carbide-to-water systemcarbides isolation
carbidiccarbon arc cutting
carbon arc weldingcarbon arc-welding head
carbon austenitecarbon black
carbon block runnercarbon block runner lining
carbon boilcarbon bottom
carbon brick breast wallcarbon change
carbon contentcarbon corrugated block
carbon depletioncarbon deposition
carbon dioxide recordercarbon dioxide welding
carbon disulphidecarbon drop
carbon edgescarbon effect
carbon electrodecarbon electrode press
carbon eliminationcarbon equivalent
carbon extrusion presscarbon filament
carbon film techniquecarbon hearth
carbon hearth bottomcarbon in coke
carbon liningcarbon loam
carbon losscarbon martensite steel
carbon mold processcarbon monoxide detector
carbon penetrationcarbon pickup
carbon plantcarbon plastic
carbon potentialcarbon reduction
carbon reduction techniquecarbon refractory sidewall annular
carbon steelcarbon steel slab
carbon testcarbon tool steel
carbon tracercarbon treatment
carbon-arc brazingcarbon-arc electrode
carbon-arc processcarbon-arc torch
carbon-arc weldcarbon-base binder
carbon-bearingcarbon-bearing alloy
carbon-black depositioncarbon-block cell
carbon-dioxide sandcarbon-electrode arc welding
carbon-free alloycarbon-free austenite
carbon-free constituentcarbon-free iron-chrome alloy
carbon-free slagcarbon-free steel
carbon-free surface layercarbon-gas balance
carbon-hydrogen ratiocarbon-iron balance
carbon-lined troughcarbon-silicon ratio
carbonaceouscarbonaceous cement
carbonaceous coalcarbonaceous dressing
carbonaceous pastecarbonaceous runner sand
carbonaceous scumcarbonaceous sludge
carbonaceous taphole claycarbonate flux
carbonate-bicarbonate leachingcarbonate-free burden
carbonating towercarboniferous
carbonisationcarbonisation coal
carbonization coalcarbonizer
carbonizing periodcarbonizing plant
carbonyl ironcarbonyl nickel
carbonyl powdercarbonyl process
carbonyl refiningcarburetted water gas
carburizedcarburized case
carburized layercarburized steel
carburizing additioncarburizing atmosphere
carburizing bathcarburizing box
carburizing compoundcarburizing flame
carburizing furnacecarburizing gas
carburizing machinerycarburizing material
carburizing potcarburizing steel
carburizing temperaturecard programmed automatic screwdown control
card programmed electronic calculatorcard table
card wirecard-punching machine
cardan arched screencargon martensite
carmine sparcarnotite ore
carriage guidescarriage head
carriage return mechanismcarrier
carrier compoundcarrier concentration
carrier diffusioncarrier gas
carrier grid cooling bedcarrier precipitation
carry the sulphurcarry-over
carry-over barcarry-over bed
carry-over tablecarry-over time
carrying tongscarrying-away
carrying-out of creep testscarved fillet
cascade (flotation) machinecascade conveyor
cascade driercascade method
cascade oilingcascade pickling
cascade sectionscascade sequence
cascade teemingcascade welding
cascade zonecascade-type deduster
cascading systemcase
case crushingcase depth
case fancase hardening
case of intense hardnesscase spalling
case toughness of nitrided steelcase-chilled
case-hardenedcase-hardened cast iron
case-hardening boxcase-hardening furnace
case-hardening steelcased tin
casehardening with carboncasing
casing pipecasing stand
cass testCassel process
castCast Bronze Bearing Institute
cast coldcast copper
cast explosive chargecast hardness
cast hollowcast hot
cast in chillscast integral
cast ironcast metal/mold contact
cast productcast product quality
cast seamcast section
cast section dischargecast steel
cast steel diecast steel roll
cast steel shotcast structure
cast test blockcast tuyere
cast weightcast-alloy tool
cast-en-blockcast-in insert
cast-iron aproncast-iron chock
cast-iron cigar coolercast-iron cutting burner
cast-iron electrodecast-iron gas cutter
cast-iron grid columncast-iron guide
cast-iron housingcast-iron mold
cast-iron rollcast-iron shot
cast-iron thermitcast-iron ware
cast-iron weldingcast-on
cast-on test piececast-steel
cast-steel chockcast-steel housing
cast-steel separatorcast-to-size
cast-welded rail jointcastability
castability testcastable
castable alloycastable refractory
castercaster bed
caster cranecaster table
casthousecasthouse cleanup
casthouse control panelcasthouse crane
casthouse crewcasthouse equipment
casthouse floorcasthouse iron runner layout
casthouse lightingcasthouse runner system
casthouse scrapcasthouse structure
casthouse toolcasthouse work
castingcasting alloy
casting baycasting bay floor
casting bedcasting block
casting bogiecasting bottom
casting boxcasting bridge
casting buggycasting by squeezing
casting capsulecasting car
casting characteristiccasting characteristics
casting cleaning machinecasting copper
casting cranecasting defect
casting discharge conveyorcasting hardness
casting headcasting interval
casting into moldscasting ladle
casting lapcasting loam
casting machinecasting method
casting moldcasting oiling
casting patterncasting pit
casting platecasting platform
casting practicecasting rate
casting removal stationcasting schedule
casting scrapcasting shoe
casting shrinkagecasting side
casting speedcasting stand
casting straincasting strains
casting stresscasting stresses
casting temperaturecasting time
casting under counterpressurecasting washing machine
casting yieldcasting-box
casting-centering mechanismcasting-form
casting-ladle transfercarcasting-machine scrap
casting-oncasting-pit crane
casting-withdrawal mechanismcastings dresser
castomatic processcastordag
cat goldCatalan
catalan forgecatalan hearth
catalist furnacecatalon furnace
catalystcatalytic effect
catalytic hydrogenationcatalytic process
cataphoretic coatingcataphoretic deposition
cataphoretic solutioncataracting zone
catastrophic failurecatch
catch pocketcatcher
catcher markscatching
catching conveyorcatchpot
catenary archcatenary kiln
catenary reheating furnacecaterpillar
caterpillar conveyorcathode
cathode (potential) dropcathode cleaning
cathode coppercathode deposit
cathode drop regioncathode effervescive
cathode efficiencycathode electrode
cathode facecathode fall
cathode filamentcathode film
cathode flamecathode focusing structure
cathode glowcathode hook
cathode liquorcathode loop
cathode of X-ray tubecathode portion
cathode stackcathode stream
cathode tipcathode-ray furnace
cathode-to-anode spacingcathode-to-target distance
cathode-to-target spacingcathodic attack
cathodic claddingcathodic cleaning
cathodic corrosioncathodic etching
cathodic picklingcathodic polarization
cathodic protectioncathodic reaction
cation exchangercation lattice position
cation vacancycation-exchange material
cationic brightenercationic conductor
cationic vacancycatolyte
Cauchois-type focusing spectrographCauchois-type monochromator
caughtcauliflower top
caulkingcaulking hammer
caulking ringcaustic
caustic brittlenesscaustic cracking
caustic dipcaustic embrittlement
caustic limecaustic quenching
caustic soda lye treatmentcautery
cav.Cavanaugh process
cave borescopecavern
cavitation corrosioncavitation damage
cavitation erosioncavitation-resistant steel
cavitycavity blemish
cavity dislocationcavity fill
cavity insertcavity wall
cavityless castingCAW
CBBICCT diagram
cell agitatorcell bunker
cell capacitancecell corner
cell dimensioncell edge
cell facecell formation
cell geometrycell grouping
cell shapecell superstructure
cell symmetrycell tank
cell volumecell wall thickness
cell-type soaking pitcellular method
cellular structurecellular wheel
cellulose coatingceltium
cementcement carbide
cement coatingcement copper
cementationcementation agent
cementation furnacecementation metallization
cementation processcementation tank
cemented carbidecemented carbide composition
cemented jointcemented steel
cemented zonecementing bath
cementing boxcementing medium
cementing powdercementing power
cementing processcementite
cementite networkcenter bar
center bucklecenter die casting
center drillingcenter gripping
center line of groovecenter of cell
center of cell facecenter of crystallization
center of Laue photographcenter of pole figure
center of stereogramcenter porosity
center pour weldcenter punch
center risercenter runner
center sectioncenter washer
center weircenter worked
center zero gaugecenter-casting crane
center-discharge millcenter-dot
center-driven mandrel-type downcoilercenter-run mold
centeringcentering cones
centering framecentering machine
centering spoolcenterless grinding
centerline weaknesscenterpunch
central air intakecentral conductor magnetization
central corecentral gate
central haircentral layer line
central loosenesscentral panel
central runnercentral sharpness
central spancentral steel rod
centralized lubricating systemcentralized pressure-grease system
centre-to-center distancecentric
centricalcentrifugal (pendulum-type) tachometer
centrifugal boostercentrifugal casting
centrifugal casting diecentrifugal casting machine
centrifugal casting moldcentrifugal casting process
centrifugal classifiercentrifugal coefficient
centrifugal disintegrationcentrifugal drier
centrifugal dust collectorcentrifugal exhausting fan
centrifugal filtercentrifugal machine
centrifugal millcentrifugal sand mixer
centrifugal sand-throwing machinecentrifugal screen
centrifugal thickenercentrifugal thickening
centrifugecentrifuge casting
centrifuge effluentcentrifuging
centrifuging processcentroid of X-ray diffraction line
centroid positioncentrosymmetric class
centrosymmetrical classcenturium
ceraluminceramic die
ceramic hearthceramic material
ceramic saggerceramic tank
ceramic toolsceramic-faced die
ceriaceric oxide
cesiumCEVAM process
CHchafing fatigue
chain and grid cooling tablechain bucket
chain bucket samplerchain drawbench
chain feedchain feeder
chain scraperchain shot-blaster machine
chain skid bankchain stripper
chain tablechain transfer
chain transfer rackchain-and-dog-type transfer
chain-and-ducking dog mechanismchain-and-flight conveyor
chain-drop hammerchain-intermittent fillet welding
chain-linked conveyorchain-type cooling bed
chain-type dragchalcotrichite
chalking of wirechalky rust
chalybitechamber die
chamber drying ovenchamber filter press
chamber kilnchamber wall temperature
chamferchamfer angle
chamfered-edge lap jointchamfering
chamfering machinechamfering unit
chamositechamotte sand
Chance processchange
change from a- to y-iron on heatingchange in density
change of slagchange of state
change of symmetry on orderingchange of temperature
change pointchange stand
change-over timechangeover
changeover mechanismchanger
changing rigchannel
channel barchannel beam
channel blackchannel coolant
channel coolerchannel cooling
channel cooling arrangementchannel of wavelength
channel ovenchannel porosity
channel sectionchannel thickener
channel-hole zonechannel-type induction furnace
channel-type induction furnaceschannel-type separator
channeled platechanneling
channeling machinechannelled plate
channellingchannelling machine
chaplet nailchapmanizing
charcharacter of ore
character of servicecharacteristic
characteristic ash curvecharacteristic curve
characteristic curve of photographic filmcharacteristic curve of X-ray film
characteristic decay ratecharacteristic feature
characteristic fluorescent wavelengthcharacteristic mode
characteristic spectral linecharacteristic temperature
characteristic xeroradiographycharcoal blast furnace
charcoal hammered bloomcharcoal hearth
charcoal hearth ironcharcoal hearth process
charcoal-base atmospherecharcoal-base atmosphere generator
chargecharge bank
charge bookcharge bridge
charge chromecharge coal collapse
charge cokecharge column
charge distributorcharge downslide
charge droppingcharge end
charge gaugecharge holding bay
charge hoppercharge image
charge indicatorcharge level
charge makeupcharge material
charge materials yardcharge number
charge of fuelcharge of ore
charge orecharge resistance
charge scrapcharge selection
charge sizecharge slag
charge smelted per furnacecharge surface
charge temperaturecharge the matte
charge weightcharge weight selection
charge weight selector panelcharge-discharge machine
charge-preparation plantcharged
charged compositioncharged dislocation
charged particlecharged sulphur
charged weightcharger
charger boxcharger pan
charger peelcharger-reader device
chargingcharging aisle
charging apparatuscharging appliance
charging areacharging bar
charging basketcharging bay
charging boxcharging box-magnet crane
charging bucketcharging capsule
charging carcharging carriage
charging chutecharging controls
charging conveyorcharging cox-magnet crane
charging cranecharging cycle
charging delaycharging device
charging doorcharging door sill
charging floorcharging gear
charging holecharging hopper
charging installationcharging launder
charging levelcharging machine
charging materialcharging mechanism
charging of coke on the bell firstcharging of ore on the bell first
charging openingcharging pan
charging patterncharging peel
charging pipecharging platform
charging positioncharging practice
charging programcharging pulpit
charging pumpcharging rack
charging ramcharging rate
charging roller tablecharging scaffold
charging scalescharging scoop
charging sidecharging spout
charging stagecharging stock
charging systemcharging temperature
charging timecharging track
charging troughcharging-and-drawing crane
charging-buggy trainCharpy impact machine
Charpy notchcharpy test
Charpy test pieceCharpy V-notch bar
Charpy V-notch impact energycharred horn
chart-drive mechanismchart-recording instrument
charting machinechaser
chaser millchasing hammer
chat rollerschats
chatterchatter marks
cheap process stepcheck
check barcheck determination
check markscheck measurement
check test piececheck the dimension
check washercheck weigh hopper dial
checked edgeschecker
checker (bearer) wallchecker bricks
checker chamber archchecker firebrick
checker floorchecker flue
checker passagechecker plate
checker temperaturechecker tile
checker top pavingchecker wicket
checker workchecker-supporting pier
checkerboard roofcheckered brickwork
checkered platecheckered sheet
checkerscheckerwork cell
checkerwork stackchecking by blu ing
checking by blueingchecking machine
checking routinechecking the temperature
cheek platescheek resistance
chelating agentchemag
chemical bathchemical bonding
chemical brighteningchemical coating
chemical concentration methodchemical conversion coating
chemical defectchemical deposit
chemical depositionchemical detector
chemical dip brazingchemical dissolution
chemical effervescivechemical flux
chemical flux cuttingchemical hardening
chemical machiningChemical Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa
chemical millingchemical ore processing
chemical performancechemical plating
chemical polishingchemical precipitation powder
chemical promoterchemical stripping method
chemical treatment of waterchemical vapor deposition
chemical-set corechemical-treating line
chemically active film formerchemically bonded sand
chemically precipitated metal powderchemically uniform burden
chemigold platingchemisorbed film
chemisorptionChenot process
chequerchequer mill
chequer plate millchequer plate rolling
cherrycherry redness
cherry-redcherry-red heat
Chesterfield processchevron pattern
chick-walled cupchief foreman
chief furnacemanchief melter
chillchill arch
chill boxchill casting
chill crackchill mold
chill mouldchill nail
chill nosechill pattern
chill pressingchill ring
chill rollchill test
chill wallchill-cast pig
chill-cast samplechill-cast tuyere
chill-pass rollchilled
chilled cast ironchilled hearth
chilled ironchilled roll
chimney damperchimney effect
chimney emissionchimney flue
chimney gaseschimney hole
chimney intakechimney neck
chimney shaftchimney stack
chimneyingChina clay
chinese-script eutecticchink
chip boxchip breaker
chipless shapingchipping
chipping bedchipping goggles
chipping hammerchips
chloride metallurgychloride of potassium
chloride volatilizationchlorinated lime
chlorinationchlorine metallurgy
chlorine treatmentchock of roll
choice of radiationchoke
choke coilchoke valve
choked screenchoker
christmass candychromadizing
chromansilchromate coating
chromate primerchromate treatment
chrome aluminizingchrome carbide die
chrome firebrickchrome ironstone
chrome oxidechrome pickle
chrome solutionchrome yellow
chrome-magnesia refractorychrome-magnesite brick
chrome-magnesite firebrickchrome-plating plant
chromelchromel-constantan thermocouple
Chrometchromhim silicide
chromic compoundchromic iron
chromic oxidechromiferous
chromitechromite ore
chromite sandchromite-containing refractory
chromium coatingchromium copper
chromium depletionchromium ferrite
chromium firebrickchromium impregnation
chromium orechromium steel
chromium-molybdenum steelchromium-nickel-molybdenum steel
chromium-plated diechromium-vanadium steel
chromized steelchromizing
chronic exposureChronite
chuckholdchucking device
chunk reductionchurly
churn drillchurning
chutechute discharge
chute distributorchute door
cinder capsulecinder car
cinder coolercinder dump
cinder fallcinder granulating tank
cinder granulationcinder granulation pit
cinder inclusioncinder load
cinder loadingcinder mill
cinder monkeycinder notch
cinder notch stoppercinder outbreak
cinder pitcinder pitman
cinder pitmencinder pot
cinder runnercinder runner gate
cinder runner platformcinder runner system
cinder spoutcinder track
cinder yardcinder-notch slag
cinderycine radiography
circle brickcircle cutting machine
circle gridcircle line
circle shearcircle shears
circle-cutting attachmentcircuiting
circuitry applicationcircular bead
circular deck tablecircular field
circular focuscircular form tool
circular furnacecircular gate
circular jointcircular kiln
circular magnetizationcircular path specimen
circular railcircular seam welder
circular shearscircular shears blade
circular slotted lap jointcircular-patch (restraint) test
circular-travel ing grate machinecircular-travelling grate machine
circular-wedge scrubbercirculating hot-air drier
circulating linecirculating oil system
circulating pipecirculating reflux
circulationcirculation line
circulation of a bathcirculation of bath
circulation oilingcircumference of coil
circumferencial straincircumferential bander
circumferential bandingcircumferential welding fixture
circumferentially barcircumferentially notched round bar
clad materialclad metal sheet
clad sheet steelcladding
cladding by rollingcladding of metal
clamp assemblyclamp holding time
clamp openingclamp-off
clamp-type entry guideclamping
clamping boltclamping device
clamping dieclamping fixture
clamping headclamping length
clamping mechanismclampshell bucket
clampshell craneclarification
clarification systemclarified water
clarifierclarifying tank
clarifying thickenerclass
class of crystal symmetryclassical free electron
classificationclassification of ores
classification of powderclassified powder
classified scrapclassifier gate
classifyingclassifying curve
classifying cycloneclassifying screen
classifying tableclassifying washer
claw craneclay barrel
clay bondclay core
clay cupola brickclay cutter
clay firebrickclay hot top
clay iron oreclay mill
clay mixingclay plug
clay storage binclay tamping
clay upclay wash
clay-bond ironstoneclay-bonded
clay-coke mixtureclay-graphite crucible
clay-loading deviceclayed
clean cutclean gas bleeder
clean gas mainclean gas pressure
clean oreclean top gas
clean-annealing furnaceclean-cut separation
clean-scrap conveyorcleaner
cleaner cellcleaner flotation
cleaner sectioncleaner tailings
cleaningcleaning bench
cleaning doorcleaning doors
cleaning drumcleaning equipment
cleaning linecleaning machine
cleaning meanscleaning mixture
cleaning plantcleaning room
cleaning shopcleaning table
cleaning tankcleaning time
cleaning unitcleaning zone
cleaning-and-dressing operationcleaning-up
cleannesscleanout disk
cleanser drumcleansing effect
cleansing millclear
clear lensclear overflow
clear solutionclear-melted
clear-melted bathclearance
clearance angleclearance blade
clearance gaugeclearance leakage
clearance spaceclearer
Clearing Hermescleavability
cleavage crackscleavage facets
cleavage fracturecleavage plane
cleavage stepcleavage surface
cleavage whiskerscleaved crystal
cleveitecliche frame
cliche pattern plateclimb
climb of rigid dislocations over obstaclesclinker
clinker damclinker formation
clinton oreclippers
clippingsclock brass
clock pulse generatorclockhouse
closeclose annealing
close continuous millclose fit
close samplingclose sizing
close textureclose tolerance forging
close-coupled edgerclose-cut fraction
close-grained (pig) ironclose-packed direction
close-packed faceclose-packed hexagonal
close-packed layerclose-packed liquid
close-packed rows of atomsclose-tolerance casting
close-top moldclosed bottom mold
closed box grooveclosed circuit
closed circuit dedusterclosed die
closed die forgingclosed gamma field
closed grooveclosed joint method
closed passclosed population
closed riserclosed root
closed sand moldclosed shell configuration
closed standclosed system
closed v loopclosed-circuit installation
closed-die coiningclosed-die explosive forming technique
closed-die forgingclosed-die method
closed-die processclosed-die tapping
closed-die techniqueclosed-loop recirculation system
closed-shell atomclosed-system separator
closed-tolerance forgingclosed-top furnace
closed-topped housingcloseness of grain
closeness of packingclosing
closing cylinderclosing device
closing forceclosing machine
closing of tapholeclosing plunger
closing valveclosure
closure failure of Burgers circuitcloth bag
cloth bag filterclotting
cloudburst processcloudburst test
cloudburstingclouded slag
clustercluster joint
cluster millcluster of lamellae
cluster of sharp spotsclustered alloy
clusteringclustering in an alloy
clutch mechanismCMD
CMMSSACO 2 content recorder
CO 2-shielded arc weldingCO balance
coagulatecoal brick
coal cakecoal carbonizing process
coal conversioncoal conveyor system
coal degradationcoal derivatives
coal firingcoal forge
coal injectionCoal Mines Board
Coal Mines Departmentcoal mixing
coal processingcoal pulverizer
coal ratecoal washery
coal washingcoal-burning rate
coal-cleaning facilitiescoal-feeding mechanism
coal-fuel oil slurrycoal-gas producer
coal-injection towercoal-oil slurry injector
coal-preparation plantcoal-pulverizing mill
coal-service bunkercoal-sizing analysis
coal-storage bincoal-storage yard
coal-tar oilcoal-tar pitch
coal-to-coke conversioncoal-washing equipment
coal-water slurrycoalesce
coalesced coppercoalescence
coalescence of cementitecoarse crusher
coarse crushingcoarse crushing flow sheet
coarse crystallisationcoarse crystallization
coarse delaycoarse feed
coarse finishcoarse finishing
coarse granulationcoarse grinding
coarse jiggingcoarse mesh
coarse metalcoarse pressure spray
coarse rollscoarse sinter
coarse slurrycoarse subgrain structure
coarse-crushing plantcoarse-crystalline
coarse-grain photographic emulsioncoarse-grain region
coarse-grain zonecoarse-grained
coarse-grained (pig) ironcoarse-grained metal
coarse-grained photographic emulsioncoarse-grained region
coarse-grained structurecoarsen
coarseness of graincoarseness of structure
coarseningcoarsening of grain
coarsening of the graincoarser-grained dispersion
coat-melting towercoated
coated abrasivecoated electrode metallic arc
coated particlecoated powder
coated rodcoated sheet
coated wirecoater
coatingcoating constituent
coating hardnesscoating ingredient
coating materialcoating strengthener
coating thickness gaugecoaxial diffraction cones
coaxial flexible cablecoaxial tube separator
coaxial-cylinder methodcoaxial-cylinder viscometer
coaxial-streams injectorcoaxing
cobaltcobalt ocher
cobalt speisscobalt-bearing alloy
cobblecobble baller
codorouscoefficient of angularity
coefficient of apparent expansioncoefficient of compressibility
coefficient of contractioncoefficient of cubic expansion
coefficient of cubical expansioncoefficient of expansion
coefficient of external frictioncoefficient of friction
coefficient of hardnesscoefficient of increase of pressure
coefficient of internal frictioncoefficient of liquidity
coefficient of magnetic inductioncoefficient of primary spectrum
coefficient of recoverycoefficient of reduction
coefficient of refractioncoefficient of solidification
coefficient of velocitycoefficient of volume expansion
coercimetercoercive field
coercive forcecoexistence region
coextruding diecoextrusion
coffin annealingcog
COGcog down
cog-wheel orecogged
cogged bloomcogged ingot
coggingcogging back
cogging enginecogging hammer
cogging millcogging roll
cogging roll traincogging shears
cogging standcogging-down
cogging-down rollcohenite
coherencycoherency between precipitate and matrix
coherent boundarycoherent intensity
coherent interferencecoherent nucleus
coherent precipitatecoherent precipitation
cohesioncohesive energy
cohesive strengthcoil
coil "opening" machinecoil annealing
coil annealing furnacecoil banding machine
coil basecoil box
coil breakcoil breaks
coil buggycoil build-up
coil build-up linecoil building
coil buildup linecoil capsule
coil carcoil compacting method
coil compactorcoil compressor
coil condensercoil conveyor
coil cooling conveyorcoil cradle
coil cutup linecoil delivery ramp
coil downending machinecoil effervescive
coil ejectorcoil entry ramp
coil feed straightenercoil furnace
coil handling apparatuscoil hoist
coil holdercoil holder head
coil jackcoil joiner
coil layerscoil length
coil lift-and-turn unitcoil lifter
coil loft-and-turn unitcoil magazine
coil magnetizationcoil opener
coil openingcoil preparation
coil preparation linecoil preparation unit
coil pushercoil ramp
coil rodcoil rolling
coil rotating rigcoil rotation rig
coil saddlecoil skin pass mill
coil slitting linecoil storage
coil strapping machinecoil stripper
coil stripping carriagecoil stripping machine
coil support platformcoil tail
coil temper millcoil tilter
coil transfer buggycoil transfercar
coil upendercoil winding
coil winding machinecoil wrapping machine
coil-handling equipmentcoil-spender attachment
coil-stocking baycoil-tailing device
coiled barcoiled electrode
coiled materialcoiled steel
coiled steel wrappercoiled stock
coiled stripcoiler
coiler furnacecoiler gear
coiler kickoffcoiler roll
coiler standcoiler tension
coiler tension rolling millcoiling
coiling apparatuscoiling block
coiling devicecoiling drum
coiling furnacecoiling length of drum
coiling machinecoiling temperature
coincoin blank
coin materialcoin silver
coinagecoinage by powder metallurgy
coinage goldcoinage material
coinage silvercoincidence impulses
coiningcoining die
coining machinerycoining operation
coining press mechanismcoining punch
cokecoke analysis
coke ashcoke base
coke basketcoke bed
coke benchcoke bin
coke blast furnacecoke booster
coke breezecoke breeze bin
coke breeze hoppercoke breeze track
coke bringcoke briquette
coke bucketcoke burned per day
coke buttoncoke cake
coke carboncoke charge
coke charge weightcoke combustibility
coke consumptioncoke conveyor
coke conveyor linecoke crushing
coke crushing under the burdencoke degradation
coke departmentcoke drawing
coke dry-quenching plantcoke dust
coke feedercoke fines
coke gascoke gasification
coke hydrogen fluctuationcoke iron
coke liquorcoke mass
coke matrixcoke microscopy
coke microstrengthcoke moisture
coke ovencoke oven gas flare
coke oven refractoriescoke per charge
coke pig ironcoke producer
coke pushercoke quenching
coke ratecoke ratio
coke reactivitycoke reduction
coke samplercoke saving
coke screencoke size consistence
coke slagcoke stability
coke stability factorcoke stock
coke strengthcoke structure
coke supply beltcoke tower
coke transfercarcoke up
coke wagoncoke weigher
coke weighing hoppercoke wharf
coke yieldcoke-breeze hoist
coke-charging systemcoke-conveyor system
coke-fired crucible furnacecoke-first charging
coke-hardness factorcoke-level detector
coke-oven blockcoke-oven doors
coke-oven effluentcoke-oven gas
coke-oven installationcoke-oven operator
coke-oven plantcoke-oven primary screen
coke-oven pushing schedulecoke-permeability factor
coke-pitch departmentcoke-pushing ram
coke-quenching carcoke-quenching station
coke-reactivity testcoke-screening arrangement
coke-screening plantcoke-screening station
coke-side equipmentcoke-test sample
cokedcoked up
cokingcoking chamber
coking characteristicscoking coal
coking facecoking in heaps
coking in ridgescoking index
coking masscoking plant
coking powercoking properties
coking sectioncoking test
coking upColclad
cold air blastcold anode
cold bendcold bend test
cold bendingcold binder
cold binder extrusioncold blast
cold bondingcold box process
cold brittlenesscold cathode of X-ray tube
cold chamber machinecold charge
cold conveyorcold cracking
cold croppingcold die quenching
cold drawingcold face
cold finishercold finishing
cold formingcold furnace
cold galvanizingcold hammering
cold hardeningcold heading
cold heading machinecold heat
cold inspectioncold isostatic pressing
cold junctioncold junction correction
cold lapcold layer
cold levelingcold levelling
cold lightcold melt process
cold meltingcold mill
cold peeningcold pig iron
cold positioncold powder extrusion
cold pressingcold pressing test
cold quenchingcold reduction department
cold resistancecold roll forming
cold rolled sheetscold rolling department
cold runningcold shears
cold shortnesscold shot
cold shotscold shut
cold shut-down (reactivity) margincold slag
cold spotcold stock
cold straincold straining
cold treatmentcold trimming
cold trimming operationcold upsetting operation
cold wall vacuum furnacecold welding
cold wire feedcold work
cold workabilitycold working
cold-and-hot testcold-blast cupola
cold-blast inletcold-blast main
cold-blast pig ironcold-blast sliding valve
cold-blast valve controlcold-blown pig iron
cold-bound iron-ore pelletscold-cathode gauge
cold-cathode tubecold-charged furnace
cold-charged ingotcold-draw
cold-draw equipmentcold-drawing
cold-drawing benchcold-drawing reduction
cold-drawncold-drawn bar
cold-drawn metalcold-drawn pipe
cold-drawn steelcold-finished
cold-forming propertycold-galvanized
cold-hammercold-pilgering mill
cold-reducing tube millcold-roll ing mill
cold-rolledcold-rolled band
cold-rolled coilcold-rolled mill products
cold-rolled rodcold-rolling load
cold-rolling millcold-rolling practice
cold-rolling propertycold-setting process
cold-shaped metalcold-short
cold-shortnesscold-stamping die
cold-strip millcold-strip reel
cold-strip steelcold-water rinse
cold-water tankcold-worked
cold-worked alloycold-worked metal
cold-worked structurecold-working practice
collapse loadcollapsed
collapsible corecollapsible core box
collapsible diecollapsible drum
collapsible drum coilercollapsible reel
collapsible stripping spidercollapsible winder
collapsingcollapsing force
collarcollar mark
collar markscollar rim
collaringcolleagues of mill
collectcollecting agent
collecting bandcollecting bin
collecting brushcollecting brushes
collecting conveyorcollecting electrode
collecting fluecollecting launder
collecting maincollecting oil
collecting platecollecting roller table
collecting tankcollection effervescive
collection of eluatecollective electrons
collective interactioncollector
collimate the main beamcollimated
collimated parallel beamcollimating aperture
collimating conecollimating slit
collimation arrangementcollimator axis
collision radiationcolloidal graphite
colloidal replicacolloidal solution
colloidal substancecollophanite
color buffingcolor coding
color etchingcolor film
color methodcolor reaction
color sortingcolor temperature
colored filtercolorimetric dosimeter
colorimetric measurementcolorimetric parameters
coloringcolorless light
column alloyscolumn elevator
column of cokecolumn of periodic table
column of tablecolumn-supported top
columnal constructioncolumnar flotation container
columnar grain growthcolumnar shape
columnar structurecomb screen
comb wipercombination
combination core boxcombination die
combination machinecombination mill
combination of blowpipe and cutting torchcombination of coke-oven and blast-furnace gas
combination progressive-spinning method of flame hardeningcombination riffle
combination rolling mill practicecombination-type blast furnace
combinecombined carbon
combined intermediate-and-top pouringcombined stress
combined tensioncombined torch
combined welding-and-cutting burnercombustible electrode arc melting furnace
combustible gascombustible gas-forming method
combustible injectantcombustible value
combustion aircombustion chamber
combustion furnacecombustion gas
combustion lossescombustion properties
combustion ratecombustion ratio
combustion regioncombustion well
combustion-heated furnacecombustion-product gas
comebackcomet tails
command roomcommencement of liquefaction
commensurablecommercial alloy
commercial coppercommercial development
commercial forging steelcommercial forms
commercial foundrycommercial fuel
commercial furnacecommercial grade
commercial ironcommercial iron casting
commercial leadcommercial machine
commercial manufacturecommercial measurement
commercial productcommercial purity stocks
commercial recoverycommercial slag
commercial steelcommercial stock lengths
commercial tincommercial titanium
commercial titanium alloyscommercial tolerance
commercial zinccommercial zinc oxide
comminuted powdercomminution
commissioningcommon duct
common elementcommon steel
commutator-controlled weldingComol
compactcompact (n)
compact (v)compact density
compactability testingcompacted bundle
compacted graphite ironcompacted hematite
compacted powdercompactibility
compactingcompacting crack
compacting machinecompacting method
compacting of powder into stripcompacting press
compacting pressurecompacting properties
compacting settlingcompaction
compactorcomparability testing
comparatorcomparison method
comparison prismcomparison substance
compartmentcompartment bin
compartment driercompartment furnace
compartment kilncompartmented bin
compensating hoodcompensating weights
compensation (metering) methodcompensation lead
competitive stagecomplete (joint) penetration
complete annihilation of reflectioncomplete combustion
complete disordercomplete energy-level diagram
complete freezingcomplete fusion
complete inspectioncomplete miscibility
complete moldcomplete reaction
complete reductioncomplete rotation
complete segregationcomplete twist
completed (electron) shellcompleted weld
completely annealedcompletely ordered phase
completeness of combustioncompletion
completion of transformationcomplex combination
complex conjugate of wave functioncomplex decay
complex gascomplex mineral
complex modescomplex molecular compound
complex orecomplex reduction
complex scale formationcomplex shape
complexity of electron configurationcomplicated die set
component heat treatmentcomponent metal
component of metallic chargecomponent of reflection
compositecomposite absorber
composite billetcomposite coating
composite coilcomposite die
composite electrodecomposite force
composite furnacecomposite joint
composite materialcomposite metal
composite moldcomposite plate
composite powdercomposite rod
composite steelcomposite structure
composite zonecomposition bearing
composition of steelcompositional change
compound bending diecompound compact
compound containercompound crystal
compound diecompound force
compound latticecompound lever
compound steelcompound thermocouple
compound-lever arrangementcompress
compressed air-operated cone valvecompressed gas machine
compressed-air hammercompressed-air piping
compressibilitycompression arrangement
compression axiscompression box
compression curvecompression fatigue test
compression formingcompression fracture
compression linecompression loading application
compression markcompression mold
compression moldingcompression plates
compression pressurecompression ratio
compression standardising boxcompression standardizing box
compression strengthcompression stress
compression stress testercompression stress-deformation diagram
compression stress-strain diagramcompression test
compression-measuring springcompression-testing machine
compressivecompressive creep
compressive load deformationcompressive plastic flow
compressive regioncompressive strength
compressive stresscompressive yield point
compressor housecompressor plant
compressor surge limitCompton absorption coefficient
Compton effectcomputational method
computer controlled machinecomputerised cupola
computerized cupolacomputerized mill
computerized sheet millComsol
Concast-Rossi plantconcave
concave areaconcave barrel
concave camberconcave die
concave filletconcave fillet weld
concave grating spectrographconcave hyperbolic contour
concave reflecting faceconcave reflector
concave roll straightenerconcave spherical aluminum cathode
concavityconcavo-concave lens
concentrateconcentrate burner
concentrate frothconcentrate sampling
concentrate-charging machineconcentrated acid
concentrated oil of vitriolconcentrated sludge
concentrated solutionconcentrating coil
concentrating machineconcentrating reflector
concentrating smeltingconcentration
concentration by weightconcentration cell
concentration dependenceconcentration diffusion
concentration plantconcentration polarization
concentration ratioconcentration table
concentration-cell corrosionconcentrator
concentrator tableconcentric nose section
concentric nozzle gas cutterconcentric(-nose) vessel
concrete load-out binconcrete-pier trestle
concrete-prestressing steelconcrete-reinforcing bar
concrete-reinforcing steelconcrete-steel construction
concurrentconcurrent deformation
concurrent heatingconcurrent separator
condensate centrifugal pumpcondensate film
condensating towercondensation point
condensation testcondensed material
condensed mediumcondenser
condenser-type ionization chambercondition at the arc
condition heat treatmentconditioned billet
conditioned blastconditioner
conditioner heating tankconditioning
conditioning agentconditioning apparatus
conditioning bedconditioning department
conditioning facilitiesconditioning floor
conditioning of scrapconditioning yard
conditions of loadingconditions of reflection
conditions of useconduct
conducting bottomconducting element
conducting hearthconducting rod
conducting saltconducting wire
conducting-hearth furnaceconduction (band) electron
conduction (energy) bandconduction band electron energy
conduction lossesconductive
conductive furnaceconductivity for heat
conductometric titrimeterconduit
conduit tubecone
cone bottomcone classifier
cone crushercone dewaterer
cone impressioncone indentation
cone of diffracted beamcone of diffracted rays
cone separatorcone washer
cone-baffle classifiercone-roll piercing mill
cone-roll shiftercone-sealing die
cone-thrust testcone-type projection
cone-type uncoilercone-worm unit
configurational energyconfined
confined leachingconfining liquid
conformitycongealing point
conglomerationcongruent melting
congruent melting pointcongruent transformation
congruently melting compoundcongruous melting
conical (ball) millconical breaker
conical dieconical indentation
conical indentorconical punch
conical screenconical stationary mandrel
conical wedge-wire sieveconical-ended billet
conical-ended containerconicity
coningconjugate phases
conjugate slipconnecting piece
connecting pipeconnecting piping
connecting slipconnecting vessels
Conpernikconservation laws
conserving agentconsistence
consistentconsistent fat
consistent qualityconsolidation of cast metal by deformation
consolidation of refractory metalsconsolidation of slimes
consolidation settlingconsolute point
constant delivery pumpconstant intensity pyrometer
constant life fatigue diagramconstant maintenance
constant termconstant volume line
constant waveconstant-gap mill
constant-gap systemconstant-load method
constant-load tensile creepconstant-modulus nickel-iron alloy
constant-potentialconstant-pressure pressure welding
constant-strain methodconstant-strain test
constant-stress tensile creepconstant-temperature pressure welding
constant-voltage motor-generator setconstant-voltage welder
constitutionconstitution diagram
constraintconstraint factor
constricted arc torchconstricted-end joint
constriction plateconstructional steel
consumable electrodeconsumable electrode inert arc welding
consumable electrode vacuum arc melting processconsumable pattern
consumable-electrode remeltingconsumed power
consumption indicatorconsumption of power
contact arc weldingcontact bar
contact breakercontact corrosion
contact driercontact electrode
contact endcontact fatigue
contact frictioncontact generator
contact impedance methodcontact infiltration
contact jawcontact melting
contact microradiographycontact operation
contact platingcontact point
contact potentialcontact reduction
contact rollercontact scanning
contact surfacecontact system
contact wheelcontact-type gauge
contact-type generatorcontact-type high-velocity operation
contact-type startcontacting overlap
containercontainer guide bracket
container holdercontainer jacket
container linercontainer support
contaminantcontaminant capacity
contamination hazardcontent
continuity of filmcontinuous aluminizing
continuous annealing furnacecontinuous annealing plant
continuous arccontinuous assorting line
continuous backgroundcontinuous belt-type hardening furnace
continuous billet-heating furnacecontinuous blast
continuous blasting-and-deaning plantcontinuous butt-weld furnace
continuous carbonizercontinuous caster
continuous castingcontinuous casting method
continuous casting moldcontinuous casting of slabs
continuous casting plantcontinuous charge
continuous charge furnacecontinuous coiler
continuous compactioncontinuous conveyor-type furnace
continuous coolingcontinuous cooling transformation
continuous cooling transformation (cct) diagramcontinuous degassing
continuous diffraction ringcontinuous discharge
continuous discharge heating furnacecontinuous drawing
continuous drying ovencontinuous electric smelting
continuous electrodecontinuous feed welding
continuous fibercontinuous flotation
continuous furnacecontinuous gas analyzer
continuous gaugingcontinuous grading
continuous growthcontinuous hardening
continuous heating furnacecontinuous kiln
continuous loopcontinuous medium
continuous meltingcontinuous metal cast process
continuous metallurgical unitcontinuous mill
continuous mill traincontinuous monitor
continuous operationcontinuous phase
continuous picklingcontinuous porosity
continuous process of extractioncontinuous processing line
continuous pusher furnacecontinuous pusher-type furnace
continuous quenchingcontinuous radiation
continuous recuperative bloom repeating furnacecontinuous reheating furnace
continuous resistance annealercontinuous rod mill
continuous rod mill traincontinuous roll-forming machine
continuous roughing traincontinuous sampling
continuous seam weldcontinuous sequence
continuous series of solid solutionscontinuous shaft furnace
continuous sheet bar-and-billet millcontinuous sintering
continuous sintering furnacecontinuous slab heating furnace
continuous slab reheating furnacecontinuous source
continuous splittercontinuous spray cooling zone
continuous strand annealingcontinuous strand-type furnace
continuous strip galvanizingcontinuous strip lacquering
continuous strip picklercontinuous strip-annealing furnace
continuous tank furnacecontinuous tapping
continuous tapping practicecontinuous thickening
continuous vertical drying stovecontinuous washer
continuous wave generatorcontinuous weld
continuous wire millcontinuous xeroradiography
continuous zinc coatingcontinuous-casting bay
continuous-casting machinecontinuous-field method
continuous-gas analysiscontinuous-indicating dew-point meter
continuous-mixture methodcontinuous-motion
continuous-runningcontinuous-type furnace
continuously dislocated crystalcontinuously evacuated tube
continuously variable gearcontorograph
contourcontour heating
contour machiningcontour molding
contour of groovecontour probe
contour rolling millcontour symbol
contour weldingcontoured squeeze board
contracted gamma fieldcontraction
contraction allowancecontraction axis
contraction crackcontraction gauge
contraction in length on coolingcontraction lines
contraction of areacontraction of area at fracture
contraction of cross-sectional areacontraction of stacking faults
contraction ratiocontraction rule
contraction straincontractometer
contrarycontribution to the line broadening
contrivancecontrol board
control chartcontrol electrode
control equipmentcontrol gate
control gaugecontrol gear
control handlecontrol instruments
control laboratorycontrol limits
control mechanismcontrol method
control of focus sizecontrol of fuel rates
control pulpitcontrol rack
control samplingcontrol system for flying shears
controllable registercontrollable-area nozzle
controlled air distributioncontrolled anode-potential oxidation titration
controlled arccontrolled atmosphere
controlled burden distributioncontrolled cathode-potential reduction titration
controlled coolingcontrolled cutting
controlled densitycontrolled dumping mechanism
controlled growthcontrolled leak
controlled porositycontrolled pouring rate
controlled pressure pouringcontrolled pressure pouring process
controlled rollingcontrolled tungsten-arc welding
controlled-atmosphere chambercontrolled-atmosphere chamber welding
controlled-atmosphere furnacecontrolled-energy-rate forming
controlled-expansion nickel-iron alloycontrolled-potential titrator
controlled-pressure cyclecontroller pilot
controlling bucklingcontrolling field
convection lossesconvection pass
convective mixingconventional Debye-Scherrer camera
conventional formingconventional forming equipment
conventional forming methodconventional forming technique
conventional galvanizingconventional grinding
conventional guideconventional mill
conventional quenching oilconventional skip capsule
conventional skip carconventional-grade (iron) ore
convergent Pierce gunconverging shock method
converging shock wavesconverse piezoelectric effect
conversionconversion coating
conversion effervesciveconversion pig iron
conversion treatmentconvert
converted steelconverter
converter (waste) gasconverter additions bunker
converter additions handlingconverter air box
converter blast boxconverter bottom
converter chargeconverter chute
converter cradleconverter department
converter drying burnerconverter flux
converter industryconverter iron
converter liningconverter matte
converter noseconverter of acid lining
converter of basic liningconverter ore
converter plantconverter platform
converter processconverter ring trunnion
converter slagconverter steel
converter steelmaking processconverter tilting mechanism
converter tuyere boxconverter wind box
convex areaconvex barrel
convex beadconvex camber
convex edgeconvex fillet
convex fillet weldconvex program ing problem
convex-face dieconvexity ratio
conveying applianceconveying arrangement
conveying beltconveying capacity
conveying chainconveying device
conveying pipeconveying track
conveying troughconveyor
conveyor belt chargingconveyor bridge
conveyor drierconveyor furnace
conveyor galleryconveyor gantry
conveyor quench tankconveyor rack
conveyor tableconveyor to loading tables
conveyor turning sectionconveyor wheelabrator
conveyor-type driercool time
coolantcoolant guard
coolant systemcoolant temperature
cooled conditioncooled jacket
cooler lossescooler snatcher
cooler washingcooler-outlet temperature
Coolidge tubecooling
cooling apparatuscooling arch
cooling bankcooling bed
cooling bed run-in tablecooling bed run-out table
cooling benchcooling box
cooling coilcooling conditions
cooling conveyer rackcooling conveyor
cooling conveyor rackcooling crack
cooling curvecooling cycle
cooling effectcooling fan
cooling fincooling flue
cooling furnacecooling gallery
cooling gridcooling in packed formation
cooling in spaced formationcooling jacket
cooling machinecooling manifold
cooling meanscooling period
cooling pitcooling plant
cooling platecooling power
cooling rackcooling range
cooling ratecooling roller bed
cooling sectioncooling sprayer
cooling stackcooling strain
cooling stresscooling stresses
cooling tablecooling tower
cooling transformation diagramcooling water discharge box
cooling water pressurecooling water pumphouse
cooling water supplycooling water temperature recorder
cooling-bed transfercooling-down
cooling-down periodcooling-off condition
cooling-plate lossescooper refinery
cooperative scatteringcoordinate copying
coordination number in the meltcoordination weighted number
copecope bob
Copelcoping machine
coping sawcopper alloy
copper ashcopper billet
copper blast furnacecopper blende
copper bondcopper bottom
copper brazingcopper coat
copper coatingcopper concentrate
copper cooling platecopper crucible
copper depositCopper Development Association
copper dross slagcopper electrolysis
copper extractioncopper ingot
copper layercopper leaching
copper manganesecopper matte
copper moldcopper nickel
copper operationcopper ore reserve
copper oxidecopper oxide slag
copper plantcopper precipitate
copper productcopper production
copper productscopper radiation
copper removalcopper scale
copper scumcopper sheet
copper silicatecopper slab
copper smelterycopper smelting
copper solutioncopper stain
copper steelcopper strip
copper vitriolcopper wedge cake
copper wire rodcopper works
copper-accelerated salt-spraycopper-bearing mineral
copper-braid contact padcopper-chromium steel
copper-constantan thermocouplecopper-converting plant
copper-free aluminum-base alloycopper-gold
copper-hardened goldcopper-hydrogen brazing
copper-iron junctioncopper-nickel distance
copper-platedcopper-powder compact
copper-smelting furnacecopper-smelting industry
copper-smelting plantcopper-sulphide ore
copper-zinc soldercopper/brass radiator
copperascopperas stone
copperedcoppering plant
copying templatecopying tool
copying turning toolCor-ten
coracitecord-charge forming
core (drying) platecore assembly
core bakingcore barrel
core bindercore blacking
core blowcore blower
core blowingcore blowing machine
core boxcore breaker
core crabcore cradle
core diametercore dressing
core driercore drying
core extrusion machinecore floating
core forgingcore frame
core induction furnacecore iron
core jarring machinecore jig
core joltercore knockout
core knockout machinecore lathe
core lossescore magazine
core mandrelcore mark
core materialcore mold
core moldingcore of fracture
core of jetcore oiling
core oven truckcore paste
core pastingcore piece
core pincore plug
core printcore print with register
core rackcore raise
core rodcore roll-over machine
core sandcore sand mixture
core saturationcore seat
core settingcore shake
core shootercore strickle
core templatecore ventilation
core vibratorcore wash
core wire straightening machinecore-baking oven
core-drying cradlecore-drying stove
core-making machinecore-pasting fixture
core-sand moldcore-setting gauge
core-turning lathecored bar
cored barscored casting
cored crystalcored die
cored extrusion ingotcored foundry mold
cored induction furnacecoreless casting
coreless induction furnacecoremaker's bench
coring solid solutionCorneous lead
corneous mercurycorner fracture
corner ghostcorner ghosts
corner jointcorner reflector
corner rollingcorner weld
corner-flange weldcornflower blue
coronacorona-type separator
corpuscular emissioncorpuscular flux
correct exposurecorrection
correction for film shrinkagecorrelation coefficient
correlation methodcorrelation-derived curve
corrodecorroded portion
corroding agentcorroding medium
corroding systemcorrodkote test
corrosion at the waterlinecorrosion cabinet
corrosion currentcorrosion damage
corrosion effervescivecorrosion embrittlement
corrosion fatiguecorrosion fatigue crack propagation
corrosion fatigue testcorrosion grooving
corrosion in marine environmentscorrosion inhibition
corrosion inhibitorcorrosion measurement
corrosion potentialcorrosion probe
corrosion productcorrosion protection
corrosion ratecorrosion reaction
corrosion resistancecorrosion stability
corrosion systemcorrosion table
corrosion test couponcorrosion testing apparatus
corrosion testing methodcorrosion testing station
corrosion unitcorrosion velocity
corrosion weakingcorrosion wear
corrosion-fatigue crackscorrosion-resistant anode
corrosion-resistant layercorrosion-resistant steel
corrosion-resisting alloycorrosion-resisting material
corrosion-resisting propertiescorrosion-test piece
corrosionproofcorrosive agent
corrosive atmospherecorrosive effect
corrosive liquorcorrosive power
corrosive resistancecorrosive service
corrosivitycorrugated gauze packing
corrugated ingotcorrugated iron
corrugated moldcorrugated plate
corrugated sheet ironcorrugated sheet metal
corrugated sheet steelcorrugated slag pot
corrugated steel sheetcorrugating
corrugating machinecorrugating roll
corrugating standcorrugation
corrugation rolling millcorrugator
Corsican processcorundum
cosmic ironcost of cleaning
cost of constructioncost of installation
cost of remeltingcost of smelting
cost of transportationcost of upkeep
cost sheetcosts of operating
CottrellCottrell atmosphere
Cottrell atmosphere formationCottrell barrier
Cottrell cloudCottrell hardening
Cottrell lockingcottrell process
Cottrell washercoulability
Coulomb forcesCoulomb interaction
Coulomb wave functioncoulometer
coulometric methodcount
counter armcounter condition
counter diecounter diffractometer method
counter flangecounter motion
counter recording of X-ray diffractionscounter roll
counter spectrometercounter-gravity pouring
counterbalance levercounterblow hammer
counterbored nozzle borecounterboring
countercurrentcountercurrent column
countercurrent decantationcountercurrent decantation system
countercurrent furnacecountercurrent machine
countercurrent reductioncounterdrawing
counterflange methodcounterflow
counterflow furnacecounterflow regeneration
countergravity castingcounterlock
counterweight balancecounterweighted balanced-type spindle carrier
counterweighted lift-type doorcounting indicator
counting losscounting strain gauge
counting-loss errorcouplant
couple corrosioncoupled electrons
coupler blockcoupling
coupling boxcoupling clearance
coupling factorcoupling flange
coupling machinecoupling rod
couponcoupons casted outside casting
coursecourse of melt
course of productioncovalent
covalent bindingcovalent form of binding
covalent linkagecovalent structure
covellitecover annealing
cover capsulecover core
cover diecover furnace
cover halfcover run
cover-type annealing furnacecovered electrode
covered filler rodcovered floor mold
covered floor moldingcovered wire
covered-electrode weldingcovering flux
covering operationcovering power
cowhorn binsCowper blast heater
cowper stovecrab
crab cranecrack
crack depthcrack detector
crack extensioncrack growth
crack lengthcrack nucleus
crack opening displacementcrack size
crack susceptibilitycrack susceptibility factor
crack tip stress intensitycrack-free chromium
crack-free depositcrack-heal process
crack-healing processcracked edge
cracked structurecracker
crackingcracking of developer coating
cracking ratcracking rate
cracking resistancecracking test
cracks formationcradle
crampcramp frame
crane capsulecrane driver
crane gantrycrane ladle
crane railcrane root
crane tippingcrane tracks
crane travel ing gearcrane travelling gear
crane truckcrank
crank presscrank-operated hammer
cratercrater crack
crater eliminatorcrater wear
crateringcraze cracking
crazingCrB-type equiatomic compound
creasingcreasing hammer
creasing machinecreep
creep behaviorcreep buckling
creep curvecreep ductility
creep flowcreep life
creep limitcreep rate
creep rate-stress plotcreep recovery
creep resistancecreep strain
creep strain-time plotcreep strained material
creep strengthcreep stress
creep testcreep testing machine
creep-feed grindingcreep-resistant alloy
creep-resistingcreep-resisting steel
creep-rupture behaviorcreep-rupture embrittlement
creep-rupture strengthcreep-rupture test
creep-test furnacecreep-test installation
Cremona boxCremona furnace
creosote pitchcressing
crevicecrevice corrosion
crevice effectcrimper
crimpingcrimping machine
crimping rollscrippling strain
crippling stresscristobalite
criterion of protectioncritical (thermal) point
critical ageingcritical constant
critical cooling ratecritical current density
critical defectcritical element
critical elongationcritical flaw size
critical heatcritical magnetic field intensity of superconductor
critical pointcritical point with phase change
critical rangecritical resolved shear stress
critical scatteringcritical shear stress
critical straincritical strain grain growth
critical temperaturecritical temperature range
crocodilecrocodile skin
cronic processcroning
Croning processcronite
CronizingCrookes tube
cropcrop and pusher arm
crop bucketcrop chute
crop conveyorcrop disposal
crop disposal bincrop end
crop end bucketcrop end pusher arm
crop endscrop handling
crop pushercrop saw
crop shearscrop skip hoist
crop-end bucketcrop-end pusher
croppingcropping die
cropping machinecropping punch
cropscross break
cross breakingcross breaks
cross flexurecross flue
cross forgingcross girder
cross haircross joint
cross rollingcross rolls
cross slide restcross slip
cross transfer conveyorcross-compound blowing engine
cross-connected generatorcross-contamination
cross-country rolling millcross-fire radiography
cross-hatch tubecross-jointing
cross-pane hammercross-peen hammer
cross-section areacross-sectional area of contraction
cross-sectional viewcross-weave procedure
cross-wire weldcross-wire welder
cross-wire weldingcross-wire welding die
crossfield machinecrossflow tray
crossing for scatteringcrossing of rolls
crossing of test barcrossover track
crossover valvecrowding barrow
crown adjustmentcrown blast
crown brickcrown control
crown gearcrown of roof
crowned barrelcrowned roll
crowningcrozzling coal
crucible bellycrucible charge
crucible furnacecrucible fusion
crucible liningcrucible melting
crucible melting furnacecrucible pedestal
crucible processcrucible skull
crucible steelcrucible stood
crucible tongscrucibleless vacuum melting
cruciform jointcruciform test specimen
crudecrude gas main
crude metalcrude nickel
crude orecrude product
crude solutioncrude steel
crude-ore bincrudes
crush formingcrushability
crushedcrushed porous solids
crushed sintercrushed slag
crushercrusher chute
crusher dischargecrusher jaw
crusher rollcrushing
crushing appliancecrushing cone
crushing departmentcrushing effect
crushing enginecrushing machine
crushing millcrushing mouth
crushing operationcrushing plate
crushing roomcrushing strain
crushing strengthcrushing stress
crushing surfacecrushing test
crushing unitcrushing-and-screening plant
crusted fillingcrusting
cryoformingcryogenic application
cryogenic metalscryogenic properties
cryogenic pumping systemcryogenic quenching
cryogenic runcryogenic treatment
crystal activitycrystal analysis
crystal backingcrystal boundary
crystal combinationcrystal conduction counter
crystal densitycrystal diffraction
crystal dustcrystal face
crystal filtercrystal geometry
crystal goniometercrystal growing
crystal junction linecrystal lattice vibrations
crystal loadingcrystal monochromatized xeroradiography
crystal monochromatorcrystal morphology
crystal mosaiccrystal mounting
crystal of cubic symmetrycrystal of double curvature
crystal of finite sizecrystal of high compressibility
crystal of high symmetrycrystal of low symmetry
crystal of tetragonal symmetrycrystal optic axis
crystal orientationcrystal physics
crystal platecrystal pulling
crystal spectrometercrystal spectroscopy
crystal symmetrycrystal system
crystal wave functioncrystal-growing processes
crystal-pulling furnacecrystal-reflected monochromatic beam
crystal-reflected radiationcrystal-spacing measurement
crystal-to-focus distancecrystalliform
crystallinecrystalline (binding) forces
crystalline bindingscrystalline coating
crystalline diffractioncrystalline field
crystalline formcrystalline fracture
crystalline graincrystalline magnetic anisotropy
crystalline modificationcrystalline potential
crystalline powdercrystalline problem
crystalline transformationcrystallite
crystallizationcrystallization interval
crystallization phasecrystallization region
crystallization vatcrystallize
crystallizedcrystallized ferrite
crystallizercrystallizer pan
crystallizingcrystallographic identity
crystallographic polecrystallographic relationship
crystallographic zone axisct
cube cellcube center
cube diagonalcube face
cube-face reflectionscube-textured
cubic crystalcubic elasticity
cubic foot (per) hourcubic pattern
cubic planecubic substance
cubic zeolitecubical elasticity
cucurbitCull-load run
culm coalcumulative
cumulative damagecumulative float curve
cumulative observationscumulative sink curve
cumulative-type wire-drawing machineCunico
cup fracturecup lifter
cup productcup test
cup-and-ball viscometercup-and-cone
cup-and-cone fracturecup-and-cone top design
cup-drawing testcup-shaped hammer
cup-shaped hearthcup-shaped mold
cupelcupel test
cupel(ling) furnacecupellation
cupelling testcupferron
cupolacupola blower
cupola chargercupola charging
cupola cokecupola column
cupola cruciblecupola forehearth
cupola furnacecupola furnaceman
cupola furnacemencupola hearth
cupola installationcupola lining
cupola malleable ironcupola mantle
cupola meltercupola melting
cupola metalcupola mixture
cupola open topcupola operation
cupola practicecupola receiver
cupola refractorycupola scrap
cupola semiclosed topcupola shaft
cupola shellcupola slag
cupola spoutcupola stack
cupola wellcupolette
cupped blankcuppiness
cuppingcupping (ductility) value
cupping diecupping machine
cupping operationcupping press
cupping processcupping punch
cupping testcuppy wire
cupreous anglesitecupric oxide
cupric saltcuprite
cuprocupritecuprous oxide
cuprous oxide photocellcuprum
curative agentcurie
Curie (change) pointCurie paramagnetic temperature
curie temperaturecuring
curling diecurling round the roll
currentcurrent breaker
current carrying jawcurrent collector
current consumptioncurrent contact jaw
current contact nozzlecurrent control
current cyclecurrent decay
current densitycurrent density distribution
current effervescivecurrent efficiency
current flowcurrent fluctuation
current impulse timecurrent of heat
current offtakecurrent regulator
current settingcurrent source
current supplycurrent tap
current-conducting coatingcurrent-generating plant
current-off timecurtain
curtain archcurtaining
curvaturecurvature of Gothic pass
curvecurve discontinuity
curve downwardcurve line
curve of complete transitioncurve of equilibrium order
curve of incipient transitioncurve-drawing gauge
curvedcurved and ground focusing reflector
curved archcurved crystal
curved crystal cameracurved crystal monochromator camera
curved moldcurved monochromator crystal
curved rockercurved roof
curved spraycurved spray cooling zone
curved sprayscurved-and-ground crystal
curved-crystal monochromatorcurved-mold continuous-casting machine
curved-spray continuous-casting machinecurving machine
custom concentratecustom mill
custom-build machinecut
cut a groovecut edge
cut longitudinallycut plate
cut pointcut through
cut to lengthcut to template
cut to tolerancecut wire
cut-and-try laboratory techniquecut-and-try method
cut-offcut-off gate
cut-off operationcut-off unit
cut-to-length linecutability
cutawaycutaway section
cutdowncutlery-type stainless steel
cutoff gatecutoff operation
cutoff piececutoff pieces
cutoff pointcutoff station
cutoff steamcutoff unit
cutoff valvecutoff wheel
cutout shearscutter
cutter capsulecutter guide
cuttingcutting ability
cutting after preheatingcutting attachment
cutting blowpipecutting burner
cutting burner with concentric nozzlecutting capacity
cutting compoundcutting die
cutting dragcutting edge
cutting effervescivecutting flame
cutting fluidcutting head
cutting linecutting machine
cutting machine with tracercutting nozzle
cutting oil preservativecutting oxygen nozzle bore
cutting oxygen streamcutting oxygen tube
cutting ratcutting rate
cutting ringcutting speed
cutting strokecutting technique
cutting tipcutting to length
cutting torchcutting valve
cutting with water quenchcutting-down
cutting-off machinecutting-out
cutting-out presscutting-oxygen (jet) orifice
cutting-to-lengthcutting-up line
cutup linecwt
cyanic coppercyanidation
cyanidecyanide bath
cyanide carburizingcyanide hardening
cyanide poisoningcyanide slimes
cyanide solutioncyanided case
cyanided steelcyaniding
cybotactic groupingcycle (n)
cycle annealingcycle dependent stress relaxation
cycle lifecycle of turnover
cycle recordercycle varying from zero to a maximum
cycled materialcyclic load
cyclic martensite transformationcyclic sintering
cyclic strain-induced creepcyclic variation of stress
cycling degassingcycling solution
cycloid cleanercycloidal cyclone
cyclonecyclone classifier
cyclone collectorcyclone furnace
cyclone gaswashercyclone method
cyclone millcyclone separator
cyclone washercyclone-type suspension gasifier
Cyclosteel processcyclowash
cylindercylinder cap
cylinder cupcylinder drier
cylinder facecylinder gas
cylinder manifoldcylinder mill
cylinder regulatorcylinder system
cylinder trolleycylinder valve
cylindrical attenuationcylindrical beam
cylindrical curved-rocksalt crystalcylindrical grinding
cylindrical keycylindrical powder camera
cylindrical reflectorcylindrical rotary kiln
cylindrical trommelcylindrical-shaped screen