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Англо-русский металлургический словарь
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A c pointA section
A-B-C-scale Rockwell machinea-c welding machine
A-centered (Bravais) latticea-doublet
ABBFAbel's reagent
aberration arising from horizontal divergenceaberration arising from the use of flat plates
abnormal steelabnormality
about-sledge hammerabradability
Abramsen machineAbramsen straightener
abrasion (testing) machineabrasion coke strength
abrasion indexabrasion-resistant alloy
abrasion-resistant cast ironabrasion-resisting alloy
abrasiveabrasive belt
abrasive blastingabrasive damage
abrasive descalingabrasive disk
abrasive dustabrasive erosion
abrasive flow machiningabrasive for tumbling
abrasive hardnessabrasive jet machining
abrasive machiningabrasive paper
abrasive shotabrasive slurry
abrasive stickabrasive storage hopper
abrasive wearabrasive wheel
abreuvageabrupt taper
absolute (pressure) gaugeabsolute attenuation cross section
absolute densityabsolute electromagnetic unit
absolute electrostatic unitabsolute hardness
absolute intensityabsolute pressurevacuum gauge
absolute temperature scaleabsolute zero
absolute-intensity measurementabsorb the direct beam
absorbed powerabsorbed radiation dose
absorbed striking energyabsorber
absorbing columnabsorbing matter
absorptanceabsorption apparatus
absorption color filterabsorption crossing
absorption edgeabsorption equation
absorption errorabsorption factor
absorption functionabsorption index
absorption limitabsorption of incident beam
absorption of primary beamabsorption of radiation by specimen
absorption of radiation energyabsorption of X-ray beam within the specimen
absorption powerabsorption property
absorption pyrometerabsorption rate
absorption tower plateabstracted heat
abuseabuse coefficient
abutting endabyssinian gold
ACac1, ac3, ac4; accm
academic laboratoryaccelerant
accelerated agingaccelerated bath
accelerated combustionaccelerated corrosion test
accelerated creepaccelerated quenching oil
accelerated solutionaccelerated testing
accelerated-life testaccelerating electrode
accelerating gridaccelerating tube
acceleration anodeacceptance inspection
acceptance numberacceptance test
acceptor (energy) levelacceptor theory
accessoriesaccessory machinery
accessory mineralAccoloy
accomodation bandaccomodation twin
accompanying elementaccounting machine
accreditation of sampleaccretion
accretiveaccumulator capsule
accumulator containeraccumulator insulator
accumulator metalaccumulator station
accuracy to gaugeaccuracy to size
accurate grindingaccurate lattice-parameter determination method
accurate measurementaccurate measurement of interplanar spacings
accurate to gaugeACD
acetylene (pipe) lineacetylene cutter
acetylene drying deviceacetylene feather
acetylene generating roomacetylene lime
acetylene manifoldacetylene purifying device
acetylene supplyacetylene torch valve
acetylene-air flameacetylenic corrosion inhibitor
achromat lensachromatic object glass
achromatism of radiationACI
acicularacicular bismuth
acicular ferriteacicular ferrite steels
acicular ironacicular iron ore
acicular powderaciculite
acidacid anhydride
acid Bessemer converteracid Bessemer process
acid Bessemer steelacid bottom
acid bottom and liningacid bronze
acid capacityacid concentrator
acid constantacid constituents
acid converteracid copper
acid dipacid electric practice
acid embrittlementacid error
acid etchingacid exponent
acid firebrickacid flux
acid fumeacid furnace
acid intensity of solutionacid leaching
acid liningacid liquor
acid mechanismacid open-hearth furnace
acid open-hearth steelacid process
acid rainacid reaction
acid recovery sectionacid refractory
acid resistant metalacid rinsing
acid slagacid solvent
acid steelacid storage tank
acid sulphateacid test
acid-base equilibriumacid-base indicator
acid-leach processacid-lined furnace
acid-lined vesselacid-proof
acid-resistant alloyacid-resistant cast iron
acid-resistingacid-resisting brick
acid-resisting cementacid-resisting fittings
acid-resisting materialacid-resisting pump
acid-resisting steelacid-soluble
acid-to-base ratioacidic nature
acidic solventacidolysis
acidproof castingsacidproof fan
acidproof filteracidproof lining
Acker cellacoustic discontinuity
acoustic emissionacoustic image
acoustic reflection coefficientacoustic resistance
acoustic spectrometeracoustic test
acoustic transmission coefficientacoustical coupling
acoustical imageacoustical impedance
acoustical impedance matchingacoustical propagation constant
acoustical resistanceacross the grain
actinide metalsactinium
action constantaction of blast
action of forceaction of rust
activated bathactivated cyaniding
activated diffusionactivated sintering
activating effectactivating treatment
activationactivation control
activation dippingactivation energy
activation energy of divacancies migrationactivation method
activation polarizationactivation stress
activation timeactivation volume
activeactive corrosion
active crushing memberactive feeder
active metalactive mixer
active nucleusactive potential
active rolls gapactive slip system
active surface areaactive transport
active weightactivity
activity solubility productactual blowing time
actual electrode potentialactual focal area
actual line densityactual mechanical pressure
actual passivating agentactual plate
actual poweractual solution
actual stressactual test
actual throatAcurad
acute hammeracute maximum
Adamantadamantine luster
adamantine sparadamite
Adapti investment casting processadaptive metallurgy
add inadd ore
added heatadded metal
addingaddition agent
addition alloyaddition bunker
addition elementadditional charge
additional heatingadditional lattice points
additional wireadditive
additive binadditivity
additivity principleadherent deposit
adhesionadhesion pressure
adhesiveadhesive bonding
adhesive capacityadhesive strength
adhesive wearadhesiveness
adiabatic calorimeteradiabatic curve
adiabatic flame temperature computeradiabatic line
adjustableadjustable bed
adjustable bin-trap dooradjustable cotter
adjustable dialadjustable die
adjustable electrodeadjustable end stop
adjustable gripadjustable orifice plate washer
adjustable valveadjustable-orifice scrubber
adjustageadjusted curve
adjusting cotteradjusting gear
adjusting screwadjustment gear
adjustment markadjustment of bath
adjustment of rollsadmission gear
admission intakeadmission line
admission of acidadmitting pipe
admixture heatAdnic
adoptionadsorbed monolayer
adsorption chamberadsorption chromatographic separation
adsorption currentadsorption energy
adsorption on active carbonadsorption potential
adsorption potential dropadsorption substance
adsorption theory of passivityadsorption-desorption process
adsorption-type inhibitoradsorptive value
advanced openingadverse furnace condition
ae, ae1 ae3, ae4,aemu
aerateaerated density
aerated salt bath nitridingaerated solution
aeration corrosionaeration tower
aeratoraerial dust
aerobic corrosionaerodynamic structure
aeroseaerosol campanil
aerosol sprayingaerosuspension method
aerosuspension separatoraeruginous
AFAaffected area
affected zoneaffinage
affinage furnaceAFTCOM
after endafter generation
after hardeningafterblow
afterblowing periodafterburner
afterfractionating toweraftergeneration of acetylene
afternoon shiftafterproduct
aftertreatment cellafterworking
AGAP processagaric mineral
agate mortarage at elevated temperature
age hardeningage softening
age-hardening alloyage-hardening element
age-hardening precipitationage-hardening range
age-hardening regionaged bath
aged conditionageing alloy
ageing effectageing hardness
ageing mechanismageing of magnetic materials
ageing of solutionageing phenomena
ageing processageing stability
ageing steelagent of fusion
agglomerate screenagglomerate weigh hopper
agglomeratedagglomerated cake
agglomeratingagglomerating capacity
agglomerating coalagglomerating index
agglomerating plantagglomeration method
agglomeration sinteringaggregate
aggregate of crystal grainsaggressive
aggressive gasaggressivity of soil
agingaging hardness
aging rangeaging, heat treatment
agitated bathagitated crystallizer
agitated tankagitating device
agitating equipmentagitation
agitation levelagitation of bath
agitation quenchingagitation section
agitation-froth processagitation-type flotation machine
agitatoragitator pickling
agitator with scrapersagricultural ply steel
AIMEair acetylene welding
air agitationair atomizer spray nozzle
air bathair bend die
air blastair blasting
air blowerair blowhole
air blowingair bottle
air boxair bubble
air bumperair burn
air carbon arc cuttingair change per hour
air charging valveair checker arch
air checker sidewallair classification
air cleaningair cock
air compartmentair compression
air conditioningair cooling
air courseair cycle
air damperair disk
air distributorair distributor cap
air drainair drying
air duct bendair elutriator
air endair engine
air enrichmentair escape valve
air exhaustair exhauster
air exhausting deviceair extractor
air feederair filter
air flotationair flue
air furnaceair gate
air gunair hammer
air hardeningair hardening steel
air heaterair hoist
air humidifierair impermeability
air ingressair injection
air inletair intake
air interchangeair jet
air jet blowerair leak
air mainair manifold
air ovenair patenting
air pathair piping
air piping diagramair pollution control
air port archair preheater
air preheating chamberair pressure duct
air pulsated jigair quenching
air reactionair register
air regulatorair requirement
air reservoirair reversing valve
air sand blowerair screen
air scrollair seal
air shockair shutter
air sizingair slag arch
air slag wallair spraying
air squeezing core machineair stack
air strainerair stream
air supply arrangementair table
air tapair tempering furnace
air tubeair turnover molding machine
air valveair vessel
air washerair weight controller
air-acetylene torchair-actuated stripper
air-and-coal mixtureair-blast connection pipe
air-blast moisture controlair-blast quenching
air-blast supplyair-blast temperature
air-blown coreair-carbon-arc gouging torch
air-cleaning installationair-coal mixture
air-cooled cathodeair-cooled slag
air-cooling apparatusair-cooling compressor
air-curing binderair-dried coal
air-dried moistureair-dried moisture content
air-dried sand moldair-dry coating
air-dry sand moldair-drying resin
air-drying varnishair-duct tunnel
air-ejector fanair-flow rate
air-fluidized bedair-foam rubber
air-forging hammerair-free solution
air-gap clearanceair-hardening
air-hardening alloyair-hardening steel
air-humidifying equipmentair-lift agitator
air-lift hammerair-lift pump
air-loaded accumulatorair-melted
air-melted alloyair-mineral adhesion
air-operated fixtureair-operated holdback
air-operated ramair-operated slag stopper
air-operated slide gateair-operated taphole drill
air-outlet valveair-placed concrete
air-pocketair-pressure method
air-pressure processair-pressure release valve
air-refining practiceair-sand blower
air-sand mixtureair-sand process
air-set coreair-setting
air-setting oilair-steam
air-washing plantair-water bottle accumulator
air/fuel ratio controlAIRBO
airbondairborne lime powder
Aircraft Material Specificationsaircraft scrap
aircraft structural steelairflow distribution pattern
airflow meterairing
airliftairlift cell
airquench fanairtight
airtight assemblyaisle
ait hardeningAjax furnace
Ajax processAl-Dip process
alcaline intensity of solutionalcaliproof filter
alfa raysalignment
alignment of specimen with respect to film axisaliquation
alkali amalgamalkali battery
alkali dipalkali error
alkali fusion potalkali liquor
alkali lye treatmentalkali metal alloy
alkali metalsalkali process
alkali resistancealkali solution
alkali tankalkali washing
alkali wateralkali-carbonate electrolyte
alkali-insolublealkali-resistant alloy
alkaline attackalkaline cleaner
alkaline cleaningalkaline dry cell
alkaline earth alloyalkaline earth metals
alkaline electrocleaningalkaline element
alkaline erroralkaline film
alkaline hardnessalkaline immersion cleaning
alkaline metalalkaline plating process
alkaline reactionalkaline solvent
alkaline spray cleaningalkaline-earth element
alkaline-earth-metal spectrumalkaliproof
alkalizatedall sliming
all-alpha alloyall-alpha titanium alloy
all-aluminum conductorall-around weld
all-basic furnaceall-beta alloy
all-castall-hydraulic press
all-metal constructionall-position
all-position electrodeall-position welding
all-position-type electrodeall-positional
all-purpose drying unitall-steel
all-still frameall-weld test piece
all-weld-metalall-weld-metal specimen
all-weld-metal test pieceall-weld-metal test specimen
all-weldedall-welded structure
allceramic stepconealligator
alligator crackingalligator skin
alligator wrenchalligatoring
allotriomorphic crystalallotrope
allotropicallotropic change
allotropic formallotropic modification
allotropyallowable concentration
allowanceallowance for contraction
allowance for machiningallowed (energy) band
allowed energy zoneallowed frequency
allowed transitionalloy
alloy additivesalloy ageing
alloy austenitealloy building
alloy carbon martensitealloy cast iron
Alloy Casting Institutealloy coating
alloy compositionalloy dispenser
alloy dustalloy electrode
alloy elementalloy feeder
alloy for thermoelementsalloy hardener
alloy in commercial productionalloy in experimental production
alloy iron rollalloy junction
alloy martensitealloy of high electrical resistance
alloy of low electrical resistancealloy plating
alloy powderalloy steel
alloy steel classalloy storage area
alloy structurealloy system
alloy tool steelalloy transfer effervescive
alloy treatmentalloy wire
alloy with special acoustic propertiesalloy with special chemical properties
alloy with special electrical and magnetic propertiesalloy with special expansion properties
alloy with special physical propertiesalloy-additive storage bin
alloy-dressing flooralloy-free coating
alloy-steel castingsalloy-treated steel
alloyed austenitealloyed grain roll
alloyed ironalloyed junction
alloyed powderalloyed rectifier
alloying basketalloying composition
alloying elementalloying factor of oxidation
alloying metalalloying time
alloys based on chromiumalluvial clay
alluvial jigalni
alnicoalnico magnet
alpha alloyalpha brass
alpha constituentalpha ferrite
alpha fieldalpha form
alpha ironalpha iron alloy
alpha modificationalpha range
alpha structurealpha tin
alpha+ beta-brassalpha+beta alloy
alpha-beta alloyalpha-beta titanium alloy
alpha-brass crystalsalpha-phase alloy
alpha-phase boundaryalpha-phase field
alpha-ray spectroscopyalpha-stabilizer
alpha-stabilizing elementalpha-titanium
alpha-titanium alloyalphatizing
Alplate processalsifer
alteration in length on magnetizationalternate immersion test
alternate motionalternate-immersion test
alternate-stress testalternating force
alternating magnetic fieldalternating magnetization
alternating notch bending testalternating stress testing machine
alternating-current arcalternating-current furnace
alternation of bedsaltogether coal
alumalum stone
alumelalumina distribution system
alumina firebrickalumina refractory
alumina silica firebrickaluminate of glucina
aluminidealuminized coating
aluminized steelaluminizing
aluminosilicatealuminosilicate refractory
aluminothermic method of reducingaluminothermic process
aluminothermic reductionaluminous
aluminous slagaluminum
aluminum alloyaluminum base alloy
aluminum boratesaluminum boride
aluminum cable steel reinforcedaluminum castings
aluminum cellaluminum cold mill
aluminum drossaluminum dust
aluminum foil millaluminum foil window
aluminum foundryaluminum G.-P. zone alloy
aluminum hard coatingaluminum holding capacity
aluminum impregnationaluminum ingot
aluminum nitridealuminum oxide
aluminum phosphatealuminum pig
aluminum sheetaluminum sheet mill
aluminum shotaluminum silicate
aluminum solderaluminum sulphate
aluminum sulphidealuminum titanate
aluminum-alloy drossaluminum-bearing alloy
aluminum-coated steelaluminum-copper alloy
aluminum-copper-magnesium alloyaluminum-copper-magnesium-nickel alloy
aluminum-foil scrapaluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy
aluminum-manganese alloyaluminum-nickel steel
aluminum-nickel-iron alloyaluminum-silicon alloy
aluminum-stabilized steelalumoanthophyllite
amalgam electrodeamalgam pump
amalgam solutionamalgam squeezer
amalgam-decomposition degreeamalgam-forming metal
amalgamableamalgamating barrel
amalgamation panamalgamation process
amenable oreamenable to heat treatment
American Bureau of Metal StatisticsAmerican Die-Casting Institute
American Foundrymen's AssociationAmerican Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers
American malleable (cast) ironAmerican Refractories Institute
American Society for MetalsAmerican Zinc Institute
americiumammonia aqua
ammonia gasammonia leaching
ammonia-base atmosphereammoniacal liquor
amorphousamorphous condition
amorphous dustamorphous powder
amorphous solidamorphous sulphur
amount of exposureamount of order
amount of reductionamount of shrinkage
amount of slipamount of temperature interval
amount of wearampere-turn per meter
amperometric titrimeteramperometrical method
amphionamphoteric compound
amphoteric conductoramphoteric metal
amplample supply of air
amplitude dependence of internal frictionamplitude frequency response
amplitude-dependent internal frictionAMS
an ionanacamptic sound
anaerobic corrosionanalar
analciteanalog device
analog machineanalogue device
analogue machineanalysis
analysis lineanalysis of blast performance
analysis of blast-furnace gasanalysis of spectra
analysis sampleanalytical error
analytical reagent qualityanalyzer
analyzing crystalanastigmat object glass
anchor mixeranchor-ring method
anchorageanchoring accessories
ancillariesancillary equipment
ancillary mineralsanelastic behavior
anelastic deformationanelasticisity
angleangle (flow) tuyere
angle barangle beam transmission inspection
angle bending machineangle between probes
angle braceangle of backing-off
angle of beam spreadangle of bell
angle of biteangle of boom
angle of contactangle of dip
angle of exposureangle of lag
angle of leadangle of neutral plane
angle of nipangle of nonslip point
angle of oscillationangle of outlet
angle of rollingangle of rotation
angle of shear bladesangle of sides
angle of slopeangle of viewing
angle of wedgeangle pass
angle probeangle section
angle shearsangle straightener
angle straightening machineangle-iron bending machine
angle-iron shearing machineangled
angular distortionangular factor
angular fieldangular incidence
angular measureangular measurements
angular wire gaugeangular-grained sand
angularityangulated borescope
anhydroferriteanhydrous paste
anhydrous taranion
anion defectanion exchanger
anion latticeanion transference number
anion vacancyanion-reversible electrode
anionic flotationanionic vacancy
anisotropic diffusionanisotropic magnetostriction
anisotropyanisotropy energy
anisotropy factoranisotropy field
anisotropy of energy gapanneal hardness
anneal to temperannealed copper
annealed in boxannealed sheet iron
annealed steelannealed strip
annealingannealing (temperature) region
annealing bellannealing box
annealing campanilannealing colors
annealing conditionsannealing cycle
annealing furnaceannealing in process
annealing of vacancy agglomeratesannealing operation
annealing out of vacanciesannealing oven
annealing pitannealing plant anodizing plant
annealing practiceannealing rack
annealing spectrumannealing sticker
annealing temperatureannealing temperature-hardness plot
annealing timeannealing tray
annealing twinannealing-in-line plant
annealing-in-line processannivite
annual ingot-making capacityannual output
annual production rateannular crucible
annular furnaceannular groove
annular gunannular hearth
annular heating nozzleannular kiln
annular modesannular slit
annular water-cooling passageanode
anode (potential) dropanode ball
anode baranode cage
anode casting machineanode cavity
anode consumptionanode copper
anode copper productionanode deposit
anode drop regionanode effect
anode effervesciveanode efficiency
anode emissionanode fall
anode filmanode finish
anode headanode layer
anode lifeanode liquor
anode luganode mold
anode mudanode nickel
anode of X-ray tubeanode paste
anode picklinganode polarization
anode portionanode potential
anode processanode reaction
anode remnantsanode riser
anode rodding shopanode shield
anode slimeanode sludge
anode solutionanode sponge
anode streamanode superstructure
anode tail baranode target
anode-bend rectificationanode-to-cathode distance
anodic adsorptionanodic area
anodic baganodic bromination
anodic chlorinationanodic chronopotentiometry
anodic claddinganodic cleaning
anodic coatinganodic component of current
anodic constituentanodic current density
anodic depolarizeranodic diffusion current
anodic etchinganodic fluorination
anodic halogenationanodic iodination
anodic metalanodic phase
anodic picklinganodic polarization
anodic polarization curveanodic polymerization
anodic precipitateanodic product
anodic protectionanodic reaction
anodic shieldinganodic smoothing
anodic strippinganodic surface
anodic treatmentanodic zone
anodically passivated metalanodized coating
anodized layeranodizing
anodizing liquidanolyte
anolyte layeranomalous amplitude effect
anomalous lattice conductivityanomalous skin effect
anosoviteantecedent magnetic concentration
antechamber dieantenna beam
antenna directional patternanthracene scintillation counter
anthracite smallsanti-Schottky defect
antibonding orbitalanticarburizing paint
anticarburizing pasteanticathode element
anticorrosive agentanticorrosive paint
anticorrosive pigmentantiferromagnetic Curie temperature
antiferromagnetic materialantiferromagnetic resonance
antiferromagnetism axisantiferromagnetism phenomenological theory
antifriction alloyantifriction grease
antifriction materialantifriction metal
antimonialantimonial arsenic
antimonial leadantimonial lead ore
antimonial nickelantimonial silver blende
antimonial speissantimoniferous arsenic
antimonyantimony ore
antimony pentachlorideantimony skimmings
antimony sulphideantinode
antiparallel arrangement of crystal monochromatorsantiparallel domains
antiphase domainsantipiping compound
antipit agentantipitting agent
antiprecipitantantireflection coating
antirust paintantirust paper
antirusting paintantiscale
antispattering agentantistick agent
antisymmetric wave functionantisymmetrical (energy) level
antisymmetry operationantitarnish paper
antitypeantivacuum pipe
anvil blockanvil cinder
anvil cinder plateanvil cushion
anvil fulleranvil scale
anvil smithanvil swage
AOD processaperture lens
aperture plateapertured
apex of crackaphrizite
apjohniteaplanatic object glass
apparatus for handling workpiecesapparatus for turning rounds
apparent densityapparent focal area
apparent mold hardnessapparent porosity
apparent resolutionapparent throat
appearance of flameapplied field
apply a washapplying
applying the minor loadapportionment
appreciateapproach angle
approach extension tableapproach lap
approach tableapproximate reading
approximation methodapron
apron plateapron rolls
aprot ic solventaprotonic solvent
aptitude to rollingaqua-cast process
Aquadagaqueous slurry of graphite
Ar pointAr-point
aragonitearbitrary analysis
arbitration bararbor
arbor pressarbor-type cutter
arborescentarborescent crystals
arborescent powderarc
arc (gaseous) columnarc atmosphere
arc blowarc blow compensator
arc brazingarc cleaning
arc controlarc core
arc craterarc current time
arc cuttingarc cutting by fusion
arc damperarc door
arc fanarc feeding
arc forcearc form
arc furnacearc gouging
arc length controlarc line distortion
arc magnetismarc melting
arc of roll contactarc oxygen cutting
arc pistolarc plasma
arc shieldingarc spot weld
arc spot weldingarc stability
arc stabilizerarc stream
arc stud weldingarc time
arc torcharc voltage sensitive control
arc weldarc welder
arc weldingarc weldor
arc-air processarc-burning voltage
arc-castarc-furnace (melting) shop
arc-furnace departmentarc-furnace plant
arc-furnace processarc-furnace steel
arc-furnace steelmakingarc-heated cell
arc-image furnacearc-melt button
arc-meltedarc-oxygen cutting
arc-oxygen torcharc-path sampler
arc-seam weldarc-stabilizing
arc-stabilizing coatingarc-stream voltage
arc-strikingarc-striking voltage
arc-welding circuitarc-welding current
arc-welding generator with self-excitationarc-welding generator with separate excitation
arc-welding gunarc-welding head
arc-welding helmetarc-welding machine
arc-welding operatorarc-welding process
arc-welding seamarc-welding set
arc-welding sourcearch action
arch roofarch-shaped roof
arch-type steam hammerarched-type piling bar
arcingarcing process
arcing time factorarcing voltage
arcm, arl ar3, ar4, arArco microknife
arcs of powder patternArdal
ardometerarea of cup
area of indentationargentometer
argillaceous gangueargillaceous ore
argillaceous sideriteargon
argon arcargon arc furnace
argon castingargon core electrons
argon metal-arc weldingargon oxygen decarburization
argon tungsten-arc weldingargon-arc weld
argon-shielded arcargyrythrose
arm bracearm crane
arm lengtharm mixer
arm pickling machinearm spacing
arm stirrerarmature reaction welding generator
armco ironarmco steel
armor platearmor-plate (rolling) mill
arms of dendritearquerite
arrangements for synchronizing roll positionsarray of dislocations
arrest of running crackarrest point
Arrhenius-type equationarrow side
arsenate of cobaltarsenate of lead
arsenate of nickelarsenic
arsenic acid anhydridearsenic iron
arsenic oxidearsenic pentachloride
arsenic skimmingarsenical antimony
arsenical cobaltarsenical copper
arsenical orearsenical red silver
arsenical speissarsenous anhydride
artefactarticle handling apparatus
artifactartificial abrasives
artificial agingartificial crystal
artificial pitartificially aged condition
as castas drawn
as fabricated productas forged
as rolledas stretched
as-annealedas-cast alloy
as-cast conditionas-cast finish
as-cast grainas-cast hardness
as-cast metalas-cast nodular cast iron
as-depositedas-deposited condition
as-drawnas-drawn condition
as-extrudedas-extruded condition
as-forgedas-forged condition
as-forged metalas-grown
as-hardenedas-hardened structure
as-quenched conditionas-quenched hardness
as-received conditionas-rolled condition
as-rolled metalas-sintered
as-welded conditionasbestine
asbestonasbestos braid
asbestos insulationasbestos jointing
asbestos paperasbestos root
ascending branch of curveascending chromatographic technique
ascending gas currentascending pipe
ash blendingash coal
ash componentash constituent
ash contentash corrosion
ash dischargeash distribution curve
ash errorash fusion furnace
ash removalash tank
ash-forming impuritiesash-free fuel
ash-free matterash-heap
ash-pit waterash-storage tank
ash-unit curveash/density curve
ashlar masonryashless
aspect ratioasphalt felt
aspirating tubeaspiration from powder
assayassay curve
assay furnaceassay mill
assay valueassayer
assayingAssel elongator
Assel millassembling department
assembling dieassembly
assembly of particlesassembly system
assignable causeassignment of indices
Assnassociated equipment
associated mineralsassociation effect
association equilibriumAssociation Internationale pour les Recherches de Base au Haut Fourneau
association linkageAssociation of American Steel Manufacturers
Association of Bronze and Brass Foundersassociation of dislocations
assortingassorting room
ASTastatic magnetometer probe
astatineastern running
Aston processasymmetric double-vee groove
asymmetric line broadeningasymmetric method of film mounting
asymmetrical beamasymmetrical line profile
asymmetrical modeasymmetry of lines
asymmetry potentialasymptotic curve
at makeat.
athermal transformationatmosphere generating plant
atmosphere imbalanceatmospheric (riser) core
atmospheric contaminationatmospheric cooling tower
atmospheric corrosionatmospheric corrosion test
atmospheric moistureatmospheric oxygen
atmospheric pressure feedingatmospheric riser
atmospheric suspension gasificationatmospheric suspension gasifier
atmospheric-controlled tube furnaceatom arrangement
atom coreatom distribution
atom pictureatom population
atomic absorption spectroscopyatomic arrangement
atomic arrayatomic binding
atomic coefficient of emissionatomic concentration
atomic configurationatomic core
atomic crystalatomic diameter
atomic dimensionsatomic displacements
atomic electronatomic energy
atomic fractionatomic furnace
atomic groupatomic grouping
atomic hydrogen weldingatomic hydrogen welding apparatus
atomic ionatomic linkage
atomic mineralatomic mobility
atomic numberatomic particle
atomic percentatomic percentage
atomic populationatomic scattering factor
atomic X-raysatomic-hydrogen arc
atomic-hydrogen flameatomic-hydrogen weld
atomic-size magnitudeatomization
atomization of molten metalsatomized fuel
atomized powderatomized-spray injector
atomizer tipatomizing jet
atoms in general positionsatoms of high scattering power
atoms of low scattering powerattached edger
attached moistureattaching parts
attachmentattachment flange
attackattack polishing method
attenuationattraction field
attractive Coulomb potentialattractive Coulomb potential energy
attrition testattrition testing machine
attritioningattritions wear
attritorattritor grinding
auger extruderAuger transition
augmented core printaugmented-core print
aural detectorauriferous ores
auriferous pyritesaurum
aus-bay quenchingAusforging
austempered ductile ironaustempering
austeniteaustenite composition
austenite conditioningaustenite field
austenite grainaustenite hardener
austenite instabilityaustenite microstructure
austenite recrystallizationaustenite region
austeniticaustenitic alloy
austenitic areaaustenitic condition
austenitic grain sizeaustenitic iron
austenitic manganese steelaustenitic Ni-Cr stainless steel
austenitic steelaustenitic structure
austenizingAustralasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Australian Institute of Metalsauto radiograph ic method
autocrackautocrucible malting
autodiffusionautoelectronic emission
autoepitaxisautogenous bath smelter
autogenous fusingautogenous hardening
autogenous mediumautogenous mill
autogenous smeltingautogenous weld
autographic pyrometerautomated cyclic compacting
automatic (oxygen) cuttingautomatic (welding) wire
automatic amplitude controlautomatic bander
automatic bin gate operatorautomatic blast-furnace control system
automatic bonding unitautomatic buffing machine
automatic butt weldingautomatic card-programmed rolling mill
automatic casing cutterautomatic catcher
automatic catchingautomatic centralized grease system
automatic charging systemautomatic coke charge
automatic coke chargingautomatic control gamma-ray equipment
automatic conveyor-type furnaceautomatic coresetter
automatic discharging deviceautomatic film-processing unit
automatic flashingautomatic flashing time
automatic gas generationautomatic gas-cutting machine
automatic gas-welding machineautomatic gas/air proportioning
automatic gauge controlautomatic generator
automatic grabautomatic hardening installation
automatic inspection data accumulatorautomatic ladling
automatic millautomatic mixing plant
automatic noise limiterautomatic oil-pressure lubrication
automatic operationautomatic operational control
automatic performanceautomatic piler
automatic preset screw-down controlautomatic presetting
automatic pressautomatic pressing tool
automatic program controlautomatic programme control
automatic punching machineautomatic recording of scattered-rays intensity
automatic recording photoelectric spectrophotometerautomatic refuse discharge
automatic refuse dischargerautomatic rejection
automatic remote controlautomatic reversal
automatic reversal systemautomatic roll-forming mill
automatic scanningautomatic scarfing
automatic settingautomatic sheet counter
automatic spot weldingautomatic stabilizer
automatic stamperautomatic station
automatic steelautomatic stock screening
automatic stove changingautomatic strip-straightening machine
automatic taphole drillautomatic temperature recorder
automatic tinning equipmentautomatic tipping
automatic titrating apparatusautomatic titration
automatic trolley returnautomatic weighing
automatic weighing systemautomatic-gauge classifier
automatic-weight classifierautomobile body sheet
automobile steelautomotive battery
automotive scrapautooxidation
auxiliariesauxiliary (roller) table
auxiliary anodeauxiliary bay
auxiliary blast-furnace equipmentauxiliary conveyor
auxiliary electrodeauxiliary facilities
auxiliary instrumentauxiliary labor
auxiliary liftauxiliary power
auxiliary reactionauxiliary starting valve
auxiliary stop valveauxiliary tuyere
av. eff.avalanche of dislocations
avasiteaverage forming pressure
average outgoing qualityaverage rate of creep
average roll pressureaverage X-ray lattice parameter
average-earned rateaverage-size hearth
average-Z elementaveraging method
AvionalAvogadro constant
axial angleaxial constants
axial directionaxial draw
axial intercepts of faceaxial plane
axial reliefaxial rolls
axial sponginessaxial tension
axial transverse laminographyaxial withdrawal
axial-flow bloweraxially symmetric
axisaxis of rolling
axis of strainaxis of stress
axis of weldaxisymmetric deformation
axle bearingaxle box guide
axle guardazeotrope
azimuth of spot around central beamAzincourt process
azoteazure copper ore
azure stone