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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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salmonid (fish)saltation
sanitary protection zonesanitary-hygienic standard
sanitary-toxic monitoringsaprobic
scavengingscouring organisms
scrubbingsearching capacity of an entomophage
secondary pollutantsecondary pollutants
secondary treatmentsection of complete mixing
sediment dischargesediment transport
seedingselective herbicide
self-purificationseparation of hydrograph
septicseptic tank
septicemiaservice reservoir
setting basinsettled sewage
sewagesewage effluent
sewage fungusshoal
shore iceshort-term forecast of a plant pest (disease)
side-effect of a pesticidesilt content
silting of reservoirssink hole
slope glaciersloughing
sludgesludge age
sludge bulkingsludge conditioning
sludge pressingsludge thickening
small-drop spraying with a pesticidesmog
snow and ice resourcessnow avalanche
snow linesnow melt flood
snowpatchsocial environment
sociospheresoft detergent
soft watersoftening
soilsoil contamination
soil fungistasissoil moisture
soil pollutionsoil water
solid radioactive wastessolidification of radioactive wastes
sootsource of pollution
spargingspecial water use
specific dischargespecific form of a phytopathogene
spray aerationspread of a plant pest (desease)
springspring sloughing
stabilitystability of ecosystem
stability of geosystemstability test
stabilization pondstandard for effluents composition
static ground water levelstationary site
sterilizationstimulant dose of a pesticide
storage facility for radioactive wastesstorage of radioactive wastes
storm sewagestorm water
storm water run-offstratification
streamstream flow measuring station
stream-gauging networksublethal dose of a pesticide
subsurface flowsubsurface water
subsurface water flowsubtidal zone
sulfur bacteriasullage
superchlorinationsupply water
surcharged reservoir levelsurface flow
surface watersurging glacier
surroundingssuspended load
suspended mattersuspended water
sustainable developmentsustainable geosystem use
sustainable tourismswallow hole
swampsystem of water-bearing strata
systemic fungicidesystemic herbicide
systemic insecticide