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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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race of a phytopathogeneradioactive wastes
radius of influencerain out
rain waterrainfall run-off
rangerate of streamflow
rate of subsurface water flowraw sewage
raw sludgeraw water
readily biodegradable substancesrecharge area
recreationrecreative evaluation of landscape
recreative resourcesrecultivation of landscapes
Red Data BookRed maps
reduced monitoring programmeregion
regional landscape forecastreleases
reliability of geosystemremote sensing
remote sensing of environmentremote soundings
representative basinreserve of weed seeds in soil
reservoirreservoir bank transformation
residual effect of a herbicideresidual effect of a pesticide
retention efficiencyretention period: detention time
returned activated sludgereuse of water
reversible landscape changesringelmann number
riparian water protection zoneriver
river basinriver bed evolution
river flowriver flow transfer
river headriver system
rock moisture capacityrock permeability
rock porosityrock water yield
rodenticideroughing filter
route siterun-off control
run-off plotrun-off variability
running exhaust emissionrunoff depletion curve
Russian National Committee for UNEP