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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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package plantpan
panphytotyparasitic activity of an entomophage
particle size distributionpathogen
pedosphereperched water
percolating filterpercolation
perennial streampermeability
persistence of pesticidepest colonization of plants
pest population densitypest population numbers
pest reproduction potentialpesticide
pesticide antagonismpesticide compatibility
pesticide detoxicationpesticide emulsion concentrate
pesticide metabolismpesticide toxicity
photochemical smogphotosynthesis
phreatic surfacephysical geography
physical-geographical regionalizationphysico-chemical treatment
phytopathogene toxinphytoplankton
phytosanitarypiedmont glacier
piestic waterpiezometric surface
planktonplant bacteriosis
plant damageplant damage degree
plant diseaseplant disease diagnostics
plant immunity to diseasesplant immunity to pests
plant infestationplant mycosis
plant nematodosisplant pest
plant protectionplant protective reaction
plant resistance to a noxious organismplant susceptibility to a phytopathogene
plant toleranceplant virosis
plate countplateau glacier
plug-flow systemplumbo-solvent
point source pollutionpollutant
pollutant concentration fieldpollutant fallout
pollutant washoutpollutants
polluting loadpollution of atmosphere
pollution of environmentpollution of hydrosphere
polychlorinated biphenylspolygenic resistance of a plant
polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbonspond
porous rock mediapost-chlorination
potable waterprechlorination
pressing of solid radioactive wastesprimary pollutant
primary productionprimitive water
probability of exceeding the hydrological valuesprobe
profundal zoneProgramme UNESCO «Man and Biosphere» (MAB)
protected areasprotozoa
publicpumped storage plant
pumping testpure race of a phytopathogene
purified gasputrefaction