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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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narkotic landscapesnatural air pollution
natural conditionsnatural disasters
natural enemy of a plant pestnatural environment
natural environment changesnatural environment damage
natural environment managementnatural environment monitoring
natural equilibriumnatural focus of a plant virus
natural goodsnatural monuments
natural pollutionnatural protection of the underground waters
natural resourcesnatural resources cost
natural resourses potentialnatural static ground water resources
natural territorial complexnatural water
natural-technical systemnature
nature conservationnature monitoring
nature protectionnature protection institutions
nature usenature use management
nematicideniche glacier
nitrogen cyclenon-governmental organizations (NGO)
non-organized industrial emissionnon-selective herbicide
noospherenorm for discharge of effluents
normal annual values of discharges, run-off, etc.normal headwater level
noxious organism of plantsnoxious organism resistance to a pesticide
nutrient removalnutritional adaptation of a noxious organism