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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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lag timelake
landland burial
land estimationland evaluation
land reclamationland recultivation
land treatmentlands
lands of countrylandscape architecture
landscape changelandscape comfort
landscape degradationlandscape design
landscape facieslandscape geochemistry
landscape geophysicslandscape geosphere
landscape loadlandscape management
landscape mapslandscape perception
landscape planninglandscape pollution
landscape potentiallandscape productivity
landscape sciencelandscape sphere
landscape uselandscapes protection
landscapes regulationlapse rate
large-drop spraying with a pesticidelarvicide
lethal concentrationlethal dose of a pesticide
life environmentlimiting harmful index
liquid radioactive wasteslitosphere
littoral zonelocal application of a pesticide
local i lowlocality
localization of radioactive wasteslong-term forecast of a plant pest (disease)
losses caused by noxious organismslow-water