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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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ice break-upice clearing
ice conditionsice cover
ice damice discharge in a glacier
ice domeice drift
ice edgeice fields
ice formationice jam
ice moundice push
ice sheetice shelf
ice slushiceberg
imhoff coneimmission
immission doseimmission flux
immission rateimpinger
incineration of radioactive wastesincomplete monitoring programme
incomplete wellincorporation into polymer
incubative period of a plant diseaseindicator plant
industrial air pollution sourceindustrial dust
industrial gas cleaningindustrial water
infiltrationinfiltration (into the ground)
inherent plant immunityinhibitor
initial weed infestation of crops (soil, seeds)insecticide
insectoacaricideinsectoacaricide with fumigant action
insectofungicideintegrated assessment
intensity of emissionintensive economy
international environmental safetyInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme «Global Change» (IGBP)
International Human Dimension for Global Change Programme (IHDP)interstitial water
intertidal zoneinundation
invariant of geosystemionic balance
iron bacteriairretrievable water consumption
irreversible landscape changesirrigation
irrigation systemisokinetic sampling