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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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dead water spacedecantation
degree of qualitydemographic burst
demographydepletion of natural resources
depletion of ozon layer (ozonosphere, ozon screen)depletion of waters
depression of a pest populationdepression of a plant disease
depth of run-offderelict lands
desiccantdesilting work sump
desinfectiondesinfection of waste water
destratificationdetention time
detritusdevelopment of a plant disease
dewateringdifferentiator varieties
digested sludgedigestion
disastrous flooddischarge area
discharge curvedischarge section line
dissolved organic carbondistillation
drainage areadrainage network
drainage network densitydrawdown
drinking waterdroplet
drug landscapesdrying of radioactive wastes
dust contentdynamic ground water level
dynamic ground water resourcesdynamic toxicity test
dynamics of a noxious organism populationdynamics of pesticide in the environment
dystrophic water