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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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calcination of radioactive wastescanalizing of rivers
capillary fringecapillary water
carcinogencarcinogenic substance
carrying capacity of geosystemcartography
cartometrycatalytic converter
catchmentcatchment area
catchment basincauldron glacier
cementation of radioactive wastescentrifugation
channel flowchannel storage
chartchemical coagulation
chemical immunization of plantschemical plant protection
chemical tracerchemical treatment
chemolithotrophic bacteriachemotherapy of plants
chimney effectchronic poisoning of a noxious organism by a pesticide
circulation of a pesticide in the environmentclacierization
classification according to qualityclogging of waters
co-evolutioncoefficient of storage
coefficient of subsurface water flowcoefficient of turbulent diffusion
cofferdamcolony count
comminutioncompetence of stream
complete freezingcomplete well
complex air pollution indexcomplex race of a phatopathogene
components of geosystemcomponents of landscape
components of natureconcentration
condition of the water bodyconditioning of radioactive wastes
cone of depressionconic-summit glacier
connate waterconstructive geography
contact herbicidecontact insecticide
contaminationcontinuous sampling
cooling watercorrie glacier
crankcase emissionscream ice
crease icecritical state of landscape
critical wind velocitycross connection
cross-section of a streamcultured landscape
current metercycle of matter