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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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abatementability of a noxious organism to damage plants
abiotic components of geosystemabiotic factors
ablationablation area of a glacier
ablation gradientablation period
accumulation area of a glacieraccumulation gradient
accumulation of gravitational wateraccumulation period
acid rainacidic precipitation
acquired resistance of a noxious organismactivated carbon treatment
activated sludgeactivated sludge treatment
active drainage areaactive ingredient of a pesticide
activity indexactual losses caused by noxious organisms
actual pest fecundityacute poisoning of a noxious organism by a pesticide
adaptationadditional feeding of an entomophage
adfadsorption water
aerationaeration of water
aerobic bacteriaaerobic condition
age of landscapeage plant resistance
ageing of radioactive wastesAgenda 21
agglomerationaggressiveness of a phytopathogene
air pollutantair pollution
air pollution controlair pollution index
air pollution networkair pollution potential
air qualityair selfcleaning
algicidealpha factor
alternating double filtrationaltitudinal zonality
ameliorationammonia stripping
anaerobic conditionanchor ice
Anthropogeneanthropogenic air pollution
anthropogenic desertanthropogenic dynamics of geosystems
anthropogenic environmentanthropogenic factors
anthropogenic landscapeanthropogenic load
anthropogenic warming of climateanthroposphere
aphicideaphotic zone
aquatic complexaquifer
areas of virgin naturearrangement of integrated utilization and conservation of water resources
arresterartesian water
artificial groundwater resourcesartificial lowering of groundwater level
artificial recharge of underground water storageash
assimilative capacity of the water bodyatmosphere
atmospheric diffusionatmospheric emissions
automated system of water quality monitoringautomated system of waterprotective complex control
autopurification in landscapesautotrophic bacteria
avalanche nourishmentaverage lethal dose of a pesticide
averaged flow hydrographazonality