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Англо-русский геоэкологический словарь
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Earthwatchecological architecture
ecological catastropheecological crisis
ecological disasterecological disaster zones
ecological equilibriumecological examination
ecological factors of geographical environmentecological geology (ecogeology)
ecological nicheecological planning
ecological potential of geosystemsecological problem
ecological riskecological state
ecological technologyecological well-being of water body
economic effectiveness of pesticide applicationeconomic threshold of harmfulness
economics of nature useecopolicy
ecosystem dynamicsecotechnoiogy
efficiency of gas cleaningeffluence
effluenteffluent polishing
effluents treated to standard qualityejecta
electronic atlaselectronic map (chart)
elementary landscapeelutriation
emissionemission flux
emission inventoryemission rate
emission reduction systemendemic forms
endemicsendogenetic (endogenous) processes
engine emission dataengine emissions
engine emissions toxicityenglacial nourishment
enlarged firn-basin glacierenphytoty
enteric virusesenteroviruses
entomopathogenic microorganismentomophage
environmentenvironment degradation
environment disturbanceenvironment protection
environment quality indexenvironmental audit
environmental crimeenvironmental culture
environmental damageenvironmental diplomacy
environmental educationenvironmental forecasting
environmental impact assessmentenvironmental legislation
environmental load rationingenvironmental man needs
environmental monitoringenvironmental policy
environmental protectionenvironmental protection management
environmental qualityenvironmental quality standartization
environmental refugeesenvironmental safety
environmental servicesenvironmental voluntarism
ephemeral streamepilimnion
epiphytotyequipment of hydraulic structures
euphotic zoneeutrophication of waters
evaluation of natural objectsevaporation tank
evolution of biosphereevolution of geosystem
exhaust emissionsexhaust gas aftertreatment
exhaust gas recirculationexhaust gases
exhaust smokeexhaust smoke opacity
exogenetic (exogenous) processesexperimental plot for water balance investigation
extended aerationextension of a plants disease
extent of glacierization