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Dictionary of ichthyology
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1) an eye like that of a fish
2) a wide-angle lens on a camera covering about 180°
3) a weld defect having a hole or piece of matter surrounded by a circular area of brightness
4) a diamond or other gem cut too thin for proper brilliance
5) a variety of moonstone
6) an imitation diamond
7) a small blemish in finished paper caused by a crushed and glazed particle
8) a cold or suspicious stare
9) blank, expressionless
10) ocular lymphomatosis in fowl
11) in oil drilling fluids, slang for a globule of partly hydrated polymer formed by poor dispersion during mixing. About 0.2-0.5 inches in size, they consist of a granule of unhydrated polymer covered by hydrated polymer and so are impervious to water and do not disperse

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